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									                  GOVERNMENT OF INDIA
                   Revised Guidelines on
       Credit Linked Capital Subsidy Scheme (CLCSS)
                  Technology Upgradation
                 Small Scale Industries (SSI)
                   (As on April 20, 2006)

      Office of the Development Commissioner (SSI)
             Ministry of Small Scale Industries
                    Government of India
            Nirman Bhavan, New Delhi-110011

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1.    Guidelines of the Credit Linked Capital Subsidy Scheme(CLCSS)

2     Appendices:-
      a) Approved list of Well Established and Improved Technologies under the
      CLCSS (Appendix - I )
        i) Bio-tech Industry
        ii) Common Effluent Treatment Plant
        iii) Corrugated Boxes
        iv) Drugs and Pharmaceuticals
        v) Dyes and Intermediates
        vi) Industry based on Medicinal and Aromatic plants
        vii) Plastic Moulded/ Extruded Products and Parts/ Components
        viii) Rubber Processing including Cycle/ Rickshaw Tyres
      ix) Food Processing (including Ice Cream manufacturing)
      x) Poultry Hatchery & Cattle Feed Industry
      xi) Dimensional Stone Industry (excluding Quarrying and Mining)
      xii) Glass and Ceramic Items including Tiles
      xiii) Leather and Leather Products including Footwear and Garments
      xiv) Electronic equipment viz test, measuring and assembly/
      manufacturing, Industrial process control; Analytical, Me dical, Electronic
      Consumer & Communication equipment etc.
      xv) Fans & Motors Industry
      xvi) General Light Service(GLS) Lamps
      xvii) Information Technology (Hardware)
      xviii) Mineral Filled Sheathed Heating Elements
      xxix) Transformer/ Electrical Stampings/ Laminations /Coils/C hokes
      including Solenoid coils
      xx) Wires & Cable Industry
      xxi) Auto Parts and Components
      xxii) Bicycle Parts
      xxiii) Combustion Devices/ Appliances
      xxiv) Forging & Hand Tools
      xxv) Foundries – Steel and Cast Iron
      xxvi) General Engineering Works
      xxvii) Gold Plating and Jewellery
      xxviii) Locks
      xxix) Steel Furniture
      xxx) Toys
      xxxi) Non-Ferrous Foundry
      xxxii) Sport Goods
      xxxiii) Cosmetics
      xxxiv) Readymade Garments
      xxxv) Wooden Furniture
      xxxvi) Mineral Water Bottle
      xxxvii) Paints, Varnishes, Alkyds and Alkyd products
      xxxviii) Agricultural Implements and Post Harvest Equipment
      xxxix) Beneficiation of Graphite and Phosphate
      xxxx) Khadi and Village Industries
      xxxxi) Coir and Coir Products
      xxxxii) Steel Re-rolling and /or Pencil Ingot making Industries
      xxxxiii) Zinc Sulphate
      xxxxiv) Welding Electrodes
      xxxxv) Sewing Machine Industry
      xxxxvi) Industrial Gases
      xxxxvii) Printing Industry
      xxxxviii) Machine Tools
    b) List of Primary Lending Institutions (PLI) (Scheduled Commercial Banks,
    State Financial Corporation (SFC) & the NSIC Ltd, Cooperative Banks,
    Regional Rural Banks and North Eastern Development Financial Institution,
    other nodal banks / agencies participating in the scheme (Appendix II).

    c) Agreement for Financial Assistance under the CLCSS (Appendix III)

    d) Application Form for Assistance under the CLCSS (Appendix IV).

    e) Addresses of the SIDBI Head Office and its branches.

    f) Addresses of the NABARD Head office and its field offices.

Credit Linked Capital S ubsidy Scheme (CLCSS) for Technology Upgradation of the
                               Small Scale Industries
1. Background

  1.1 The Ministry of Small Scale Industries (SSI) is operating a scheme for technology
      upgradation of Small Scale Industries (SSI) called the Credit Linked Capital Subsidy
      Scheme (CLCSS). The Scheme aims at facilitating technology upgradation by
      providing upfront capital subsidy to SSI units, including tiny, khadi, village and coir
      industrial units, on institutional finance (credit) availed of by the m for modernisation
      of their production equipment (plant and machinery) and techniques. The Scheme
      (pre-revised) provided for 12 per cent capital subsidy to SSI units, including tiny
      units, on institutional finance availed of by them for induction of well established and
      improved technology in selected sub-sectors/products approved under the Scheme.
      The eligible amount of subsidy calculated under the pre -revised scheme was based on
      the actual loan amount not exceeding Rs.40 lakh.

  1.2 Due to insufficient investment and lack of awareness of both the quality standards and
      access to modern technologies, a large percentage of SSI units continue with outdated
      technology and plant & machinery. With increasing competition due to liberalisation of
      the economy, the survival and growth of the SSI units are critically dependent on their
      modernisation and technological upgradation. Upgradation of both the process of
      manufacture and corresponding plant and machinery is necessary for the small
      enterprises to reduce the cost of production and remain price competitive at a time
      when cheaper products are easily available in the global market.

  1.3 It is in this background that the Finance Minister made an announcement in the Budget
      Speech of 2004-05 to raise the ceiling for loans under the Scheme from Rs. 40 lakh to
      Rs. 1 crore and rate of subsidy from 12 per cent to 15 per cent. Further, in the light of the
      experience gathered in implementing the Scheme, certain other modific ations were also
      required to make it more useful to the SSI units, including tiny, khadi, village and coir
      industrial units, in taking up technology upgradation on a larger scale.

  1.4 After considering these issues, the CLCSS has been amended as follows :
      (a). the ceiling on loans under the Scheme has been raised from Rs. 40 lakh to Rs. 1
      (b). the rate of subsidy has been enhanced from 12 per cent to 15 per cent;
      (c). the admissible capital subsidy is to be calculated with reference to the purchase
           price of plant and
          machinery, instead of the term loan dis bursed to the beneficiary unit;
      (d). the practice of categorisation of SSI units in different slabs on the basis of their
           present investment
          for determining the eligible subsidy has been done away with ; and
      (e). the operation of the Scheme has been extended upto 31 st March, 2007.

      The above amendments are effective from September 29, 2005.

2. Objective

  2.1The revised scheme aims at facilitating technology upgradation by providing 15 per
     cent upfront capital subsidy with effect from the 29 th September, 2005 (12 per cent
     prior to 29.09.2005) to SSI units, including tiny, khadi, village and coir industrial units
     (hereinafter referred to as SSI units), on institutional finance availed of by them for
     induction of well established and improved technologies in the specified sub -sectors /
     products approved under the scheme.

3. Scope of the Scheme

  3.1The scheme would cover the following technology needs / products/sub - sectors:
i)        Bio-tech Industry
ii)       Common Effluent Treatment Plant
iii)      Corrugated Boxes
iv)       Drugs and Pharmaceuticals
v)        Dyes and Intermediates
vi)       Industry based on Medicinal and Aromatic plants
vii)      Plastic Moulded/ Extruded Products and Parts/ Components
viii)     Rubber Processing including Cycle/ Rickshaw Tyres
ix)       Food Processing (including Ice Cream manufacturing)
x)        Poultry Hatchery & Cattle Feed Industry
xi)       Dimensional Stone Industry (excluding Quarrying and Mining)
xii)      Glass and Ceramic Items including Tiles
xiii)     Leather and Leather Products including Footwear and Garments
          Electronic equipment viz test, measuring and assembly/ manufacturing,
xiv)      Industrial process control; Analytical, Medical, Electronic Consu mer &
          Communication equipment etc.
xv)       Fans & Motors Industry
xvi)      General Light Service(GLS) lamps
xvii)     Information Technology (Hardware)
xviii)    Mineral Filled Sheathed Heating Elements
          Transformer/ Electrical Stampings/ Laminations /Coils/Cho kes including
          Solenoid coils
xx)       Wires & Cable Industry
xxi)      Auto Parts and Components
xxii)     Bicycle Parts
xxiii)    Combustion Devices/ Appliances
xxiv)     Forging & Hand Tools
xxv)      Foundries – Steel and Cast Iron
xxvi)     General Engineering Works
xxvii)    Gold Plating and Jewellery
xxviii) Locks
xxix)     Steel Furniture
xxx)      Toys
xxxi)     Non-Ferrous Foundry
xxxii)    Sport Goods
xxxiii) Cosmetics
xxxiv) Readymade Garments
xxxv)     Wooden Furniture
xxxvi) Mineral Water Bottle
xxxvii) Paints, Varnishes, Alkyds and Alkyd products
xxxviii) Agricultural Implements and Post Harvest Equipment
xxxix     Beneficiation of Graphite and Phosphate
xxxx)     Khadi and Village Industries
xxxxi) Coir and Coir Products
xxxxii) Steel Re-rolling and /or Pencil Ingot making Industries
xxxxiii) Zinc Sulphate
xxxxiv) Welding Electrodes
xxxxv) Sewing Machine Industry
xxxxvi) Industrial Gases
xxxxvii) Printing Industry
xxxxviii) Machine Tools
      A list of Well Established and Improved Technologies is enclosed at Appendix-I. The
      cost of plant and machinery mentioned in Appendix – I is only indicative. Actual cost
      may be taken for the purpose of calculation of subsidy

   3.2As the Scheme progresses, the list of products / sub -sectors may be expanded by
      inducting new technologies / products / sub-sectors with the approval of the
      Competent Authority, i.e. the Governing and Technology Approval Board (GTAB) /
      Technical Sub-Committee(TSC) of the CLCSS.

4. Nodal Agencies
   4.1 The Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) and the National Bank for
       Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) will continue to act as the Nodal
       Agencies for the implementation of this scheme.

   4.2 As decided in the 5 th meeting of the Governing and Technology Approval Boa rd
       (GTAB) of the Credit Linked Capital Subsidy Scheme (CLCSS) held on February 17,
       2006 the following nine Public Sector Banks/ Government Agencies have also been
       inducted as nodal banks/agencies for implementation and release of capital subsidy
       under the CLCSS:

       S. No.                              Name of Bank/Agencies
         1.     State Bank of India
         2.     Canara Bank
         3.     Bank of Baroda
         4.     Punjab National Bank
         5.     Bank of India
         6.     Andhra Bank
         7.     State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur
         8.     Tamil Nadu Industrial Investment Corpor ation
         9.     The National Small Industries Corporation Ltd.

   4.3 The inclusion of above-mentioned nodal banks/agencies will be in addition to the
       existing nodal agencies, namely, the Small Industries Development Bank of India
       (SIDBI) and the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) under
       the CLCSS. These nodal banks/ agencies would consider proposals only in respect of
       credit approved by their respective branches, whereas, for other Primary Lending
       Institutions (PLI), the SIDBI and the NABARD would continue to be the nodal agencies
       for release of subsidy under this scheme.

   4.4 The cut-off date for implementing the above decision is April 04, 2006 . No proposals
       after this cut off date will be sent to the SIDBI or the NABARD, as the case may be, by
       these banks/agencies and the new nodal banks/agencies would start processing
       proposals directly after this cut-off date for release of subsidy under the CLCSS.

   4.5 Other modalities for implementing the above decision will remain the same as are
      currently in practice in the case of the SIDB I and the NABARD.

5. Eligible Primary Lending Institutions (PLI)

   5.1 All Scheduled Commercial Banks , Scheduled Cooperative Banks [including the urban
       cooperative banks co-opted by the SIDBI under the Technological Upgradation Fund
       Scheme(TUFS) of the Ministry of Textiles], Regional Rural Banks (RRBs), State
       Financial Corporations (SFCs) and North Eastern Development Financial Institution
       (NEDFi) are eligible as PLI under this scheme after they execute a General Agreement
       (GA) with any of the nodal agencies, i.e., the Small Industries Development Bank of
       India (SIDBI) and National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD).

   5.2 Details of eligible Scheduled Commercial Banks, SFC, Cooperative Banks [including
       urban cooperative banks co-opted by the SIDBI under the Technological Upgradation
       Fund Scheme(TUFS) of the Ministry of Textiles]/ and RRBs under this scheme are
       provided at Appendix II.

6. Eligible Beneficiaries

   6.1 The eligible beneficiaries include sole Proprietorships, Partnerships, Co -operative
       societies, Private and Public limited companies in the SSI sector. Priority shall be given
       to Women entrepreneurs.

7. Type s of units to be covered under the Scheme

   i). Existing SSI units registered with the State Directorate of Industries, which upgrade
       their existing plant and machinery with the state - of -the -art technology, with or
       without expansion.

   ii). New SSI units which are registered with the State Directorate of Industries and which
        have set up their facilities only with the appropriate eligible and proven technology
        duly approved by the GTAB/TSC.

8. Eligibility Criteria

   i). Capit al subsidy at the revis ed rate of 15 per cent of t he eligible investment in plant and
      machinery under the Scheme shall be available only for such projects, where terms loans
      have been sanctioned by the eligible PLI on or after September 29, 2005 . Machinery
      purchased under Hire Purc hase Scheme of the NS IC are also eligible for subsidy under
      this Scheme .

   ii). Industry graduating from small scale to medium scale on account of sanction of additional
      loan under CLCSS shall be eligible for assistance.

   iii). Eligibility for capital subsidy under the Scheme is not linked to any refinance Scheme of
      the Nodal A gency (ies). Hence, it is not necessary that the PLI will have to seek refinance
      in respect of t he t erm loans sanctioned by them from any of the refinancing Nodal

   iv). Labour intensive and/or export oriented new sectors/ activities will be considered for
      inclusion under the scheme.

9. Definition of Technology Upgradation

   9.1Technology upgradation would ordinarily mean induction of state-of-the-art or near
      state-of-the-art technology. In the varying mosaic of technology obtaining in more than
      7500 products in the Indian small scale sector, technology upgradation would mean a
      significant step up from the present technology level to a substantially higher one
      involving improved productivity, and/or improvement in the quality of products and/or
      improved environmental conditions including work environment for the unit. It would
      also include installation of improved packaging techniques as well as anti-pollution
      measures and energy conservation machinery. Further, the units in need of introducing
      facilities for in-house testing and on-line quality control would qualify for assistance, as
     the same is a case of technology upgradation.

  9.2Replacement     of    existing     equipment/technology        with    the   same
     equipment/technology will not qualify for subsidy under thi s scheme, nor would the
     scheme be applicable to units upgrading with second hand machinery.

10.Duration of the Scheme

  Presently, the scheme is in operation up to March 31, 2007 or till the time sanctions of
  aggregate capital subsidy disbursed by the Nodal A gencies reaches Rs.600 crore,
  whichever is earlier.

11.Ceiling on eligible loan amount and capital subsidy

  11.1The maximum limit of eligible loan under the revised scheme is Rs. 100 lakh.
      Accordingly, the ceiling on subsidy would be Rs.15 lakh or 15 per cent of the
      investment in eligible plant and machinery, whichever is lower.
          In calculating the value of plant & machinery, the following shall be excluded,
          namely :
          • the cost of equipments such as tools, jigs, dies, moulds and spare parts for
          maintenance and the cost of consumable stores;

         • the cost of installation of plant & machinery;

         • the cost of research & development equipment and pollution control equipment (
         except where these have been approved for specific product/sub sector by the
         GTAB ;

         • the cost of generation sets and extra transformer installed by the undertaking as
         per the regulations of the State Electricity Board; (except where gas based
         generation sets have been approved for specific product/sub - sector by the GTAB).

         • the bank charges and service charges paid to the National Small Industries
         Corporation Ltd or the State Small Industries Corporation;

         • the cost involved in procurement or installation of cables, wiring, bus bars,
         electrical control panels (not those mounted on individual machines), oil circuit
         breakers or miniature circuit breakers which are necessa rily to be used for
         providing electrical power to the plant & machinery or for safety measures;

         • the cost of gas producer plants ( except where these have been approved for
         specific product/sub sector by the GTAB) ;

         • transportation charges (excluding of sales-tax and excise) for indigenous
         machinery from the place of manufacturing to the site of the factory;

         • charges paid for technical know -how for erection of plant & machinery;

         • cost of such storage tanks which store raw materials, finished products only and
         are not linked with the manufacturing process; and

         • cost of fire fighting equipment.
        ii). The amendments to the existing CLCSS are applicable with effect from 29.9.2005.
             The revised rates are applicable only in cases where the loans have been
             sanctioned/ approved on or after September 29, 2005 . Cases where the loans
             were sanctioned/ approved prior to September 29, 2005 will be governed by the
             pre-revised guidelines regarding ceiling on subsidy (Rs.4.80 lakh), method of
             calculation of subsidy, etc.

        iii). Units which have already availed subsidy under the pre -revised CLCSS scheme
              (before 29.9.2005), cannot claim additional subsidy on account of difference in the
              rate of subsidy which is now permissible under the revised guidelines.

12.Working Capital Requirements

  12.1Since success of the technology upgradation scheme, to a large extent, depends upon
      the availability of adequate working capital, lending institutions would like to be
      assured that the borrowing units have made adequate arrangements for meeting the
      working capital requirements. Commercial banks should also accord priority in
      providing adequate working capital support to the assisted units.

13.Other conditions for loans

  i). Promoters' contribution, security, debt-equity ratio, up-front fee, etc. will be det ermined by
        the lending agency as per its existing norms.

  ii). Units availing subsidy under the CLCSS shall not avail any other subsidy for technology
        upgradation from the Central/State/UT Government. However, cases covered under
        National Equity Fund (NEF) Scheme, which are otherwise eligible under the CLCSS can
        also be covered under this scheme.

  iii). Units in the North-Ea stern Region which are availing financial incentives/ subsidy
        under any other scheme from the Government in the Region would, however, be
        eligible for subsidy under the CLCSS.

  iv). One of the main requirements for s anction of assistance under the technology
        upgradation scheme will be availability of competent management in the unit concerned
        to carry out the upgradation programme and t o manage the operation of the unit
        efficiently. Towards this end, the lending agencies may stipulate conditions as may be
        considered necessary.

14.Procedural Aspects

  i).   All the eligible PLI (excluding the new nodal banks / agencies) will have to execute a
        General Agreement (GA) for availing capital subsidy under the scheme, irrespective of
        the fact whether refinance is availed by them or not.

  ii). The PLI may have the flexibility to execute the GA with eit her of the nodal agencies or
        with both the nodal agencies for providing subsidy to the eligible beneficiaries under the
        scheme. However, in the latter cas e, while claiming the subsidy from one nodal agency,
        the PLIs will have t o give the undertaking to the nodal agency that they have not claimed
        subsidy under CLCSS in respect of the beneficiary unit from the other nodal agency (as
        the case may be).

  iii). After sanction of the assistance, the eligible PLI will get an agreement exec uted with the
        concerned SSI unit on behalf of Government of India (GoI). Format of the agreement to
        be executed by the eligible PLI with the SS I unit is provided in Appendix III.
  iv). The eligible P LI would obtain application for assistance under t he CLCSS in the
        prescribed form provided in Appendix – IV.

  v). The eligible P LI shall furnish subsidy forec ast on quarterly basis, through their Head
        Office (HO), which will act as a nodal office, to the Regional Office (RO)/Branch Office
        (BO) of the SIDB I or the NABARD (as the case may be) located in the region. The
        subsidy forec ast information for every quarter on or before 1 st March for April -June
        quarter, on or before 1 st June for July-September quarter, on or before 1 st September
        for October-December quarter and on or before 1 st December for January -March
        quarter, may be furnished as per prescribed format.

  vi). The eligible PLI would release the subsidy amount with each installment of loan in a
       manner proportionate to the amount of term loan disbursed (on pro - rata basis),
       subject to the ceiling of the term loan/ subsidy amount as per applicable guidelines of
       the CLCSS.

  vii). The eligible PLI shall furnish details of release of subsidy to the beneficiary units,
        together with the request for replenishing advance money placed with PLI for release of
        subsidy, on quarterly basis on March 1, June 1, Sept ember 1 and December 1. The
        requests of PLI for replenishment of advance money for s ubsidy, however, would be
        entert ained by the nodal agencies only on receipt of complete details of subsidy released
        to the beneficiary units.

  viii).The eligible P LI shall be responsible for ensuring eligibility for sanction of subsidy to the
        SSI units in terms of Government of India guidelines under this scheme and also for
        disbursal and monitoring of the assisted units.

15.Other Parameters

  i).   The Governmental assistance cannot be utilised for the purposes other than for which
        it has been sanctioned. The eligible PLI shall have to strictly follow this norm and no
        deviation would be permitted.

  ii). In case, it is found that capital subsidy from the Government has been availed of on
       the basis of any false information, the industrial unit shall be liable to refund the
       Government the capital subsidy availed, along with interest to be charged from the
       date of disbursal to the date of refund. The rate of interest shall be the prime lending
       rate of the PLIs concerned at the time of invoking this penal clause.

  iii). The eligible PLI shall, therefore, incorporate suitable conditions in respect of point at
        (ii) above in their security documents entered into with the unit, which would give
        necessary authorisation to proceed legally in such eventualities.

  iv). The credit risk under the Scheme will be borne by the eligible PLI and as s uch, they will
        have to make their own commercial judgement while appraising the project. The credit
        decision of the eligible PLI will be final.

  v). There shall not be any binding obligation on the part of the nodal banks/ agencies to
        obtain sanction from GoI for the government assistance in res pect of the proposals which
        are covered under the CLCSS.

  vi). Both the S IDBI and the NABA RD shall have the right to inspect the books of eligible PLI
        and the loan accounts irres pective of whether refinance is availed or not from the Nodal
        Agency (ies) under this Scheme and/ or call for any other information as may be required
        by GoI from time to time.

  vii). Both the SIDBI and the NABARD shall have the right to recall from eligible PLI the
         entire amount of the capital subsidy in respect of their assisted units irrespective of
         whether or not the eligible PLI have recovered the said subsidy from their units, if
         they come to the conclusion that any of the accounts do not conform to the policies,
         procedures and guidelines laid down under the CLCSS guidelines and as stipulated by
         the GoI/the Nodal Agencies from time to time.

  viii).The beneficiary unit shall remain in commercial production for a period of at least three
         years after installation of eligible plant and machinery on which subsidy under CLCSS
         has been availed.

16.Monitoring of the scheme

  16.1The scheme is monitored by the Governing and Technology Approval Board (GTAB of
      the CLCSS. The Secretary (SSI) is the Chairperson of the Board and the Additional
      Secretary & Development Commissioner (SSI) is its Member-Secretary. The GTAB
      would also periodically review the functioning of the scheme. There is a Technical
      Sub-Committee under the GTAB to consider inclusion of new sub -sectors/products
      and Well Established and Improved Technologies under the Scheme

  i.         Bio-tech Industry.
                                                          (Cost mentioned is only indicative)
              Sl. No.       Activity        Technology Need              Cost (Rs.      Advantages
                                                                          in lakh)
              1         Manufacturing    Fermentation               or       50        Technology for
                        & Processing.    Bioreactor.                                   new emerging
                                         Lyophilizer.                        15
                                         Refrigerated centrifuge.            5
                                         Thermocycler..                      20
                                         DNA/Micro       organism          50 -80
                                         Sterlisation and autoclave
                                         Incubators.                     Variable as
                                         High  Pressure   Liquid            -do-
                                         Spectrophotometers(UV              -do-

  ii.        Common Effluent Treatment Plant.

  iii.       Corrugated Boxe s.

              Sl.       Activity        Technology Need       Cost (Rs.              Advantages
              No.                                             in lakh)
                  1   Manufacturing Automatic corrugated 35 for 3 ply 3 – 5 ply can be
                      & Processing. making plant         and 60 for made without any
                                                         5 ply        manual pasting on
                                                                      automatic machine,
                                                                      automatic    drying
                                                                         facilities,  improves
                                                                         productivity      and
                                                                         quality of board.
                               Thermic fluid boiler or 7 - 10            Heats    up     entire
                               steam boiler using agri                   length of the roll
                               residue.                                  uniformly,        more
                                                                         thermal efficient
                               Web based coating 75             Larger     size    of
                               machine     for water (Imported) printing and faster
                               based coating                    drying of the printed
                               Folder gluer - semi- 4 - 10               Rust    free  pasting
                               automatic/-automatic.                     suitable           for
                                                                         packaging of food
       2.    Printing.         Multi    colour     flexo 7               processed
                               printer    slotter     for                products.Web based
                               flexographic printing                     coating     is  echo-
                                                                         friendly, food grade,
                                                                         recyclable and being
                                                                         water based, free
                                                                         from fire hazard.
       3.    Testing        & Micro processor based 2                    Equipment for testing
             Quality          bursting strength tester                   strength of the box.
                               Micro processor based 3                   Equipment for testing
                               compression strength                      compression strength
                               tester.                                   of the box.
                               Micro processor based 1.75                Equipment for testing
                               crust tester.                             edge crush, flat crush
                                                                         and   pin    adhesion
                                                                         strength of the box.

iv)   Drugs and Pharmaceuticals.

      Sl.        Activity          Technology Need           Cost (Rs. in      Advantages
      No.                                                       lakh)
      Tablet and capsule section .
      1.    Dispensing.          Reverse laminar flow 1.50                   Safety           of
                                 equipment.                                  personnel.
      2.    Weighing.            Automatic    electronic 0.50-               Accurate
                                 balance 300 kg.; 150 2.depending            weighing of raw
                                 kg. and 1 kg.           on the model.       materials;
      3.    Mixing          and Rapid mixer granulator 3 to 4                Increased
            granulation .       200 L capacity.                              productivity;
                                                                             better      quality
      4.    Dry granulation.     Roller compactor.           1.50 to 3       Increased
      5.    Drying.              Fluidized bed       dryer 3 -50             Increased
                                 200 L capacity.                             productivity.
6.   Size reduction.        Clitzmill or Cadmill.        0.40        Increased
                            Oscillating granulator.      0.15        Increased
7.   Sifter.                Vibrating  sift er      24               Increased
                            inches diameter                          productivity.
8.   Coating                Colloid mill                 0.80        Increased
     suspension.                                                     productivity.
10. Compression.            16 station rotary tablet 2               Increased
                            machine.                                 productivity.
                            27 station rotary tablet 3.25            Increased
                            machine.                                 productivity.
11. De-dusting           of On-line de-duster.           0.25        Improved product
    tablets.                                                         quality.
12   Caps ule filling.      Semi-automatic           6               Increased
                            capsule filling machine.                 productivity.
13. Caps ule polis hing. Automatic           polishing 2             Increased
                         machine.                                    productivity.
14. Printing             of Semi-automatic.              2           Increased
    packaging                                                        productivity.
Liquid oral section
15. Water generation. RO water plant.                    6
16. Mixing vessel.          Variable speed stirrer.      0.50        Increased
17. Homogenization..        Colloid mill.                0.75        Increased
                                                                     Better     product
18. Bottle washing.         Automatic rotary line.       4           Increased
                                                                     better     product
19. Liquid trans fer.       Trans fer pump.              0.20        Increased
20. Filling machine.        4-     head    automatic 2               Accurate         fill
                            filling machine.                         volumes.
Injectable Section
21. Filtration.             Filter cartridges.           0.50 to 1   Increased
22. Integrity of the Bubble                      point 0.75          Better      product
    membrane filter. apparatus.                                      quality.
23. Vial            filling Automated      filling 5                 Increased
    machine.                machine with sealing                     productivity;
                            facility.                                better control on
                                                                     product sterility.
24   Equipment           for S.S.           Horizontal 1.70          Increased
     Sterilisation     by Autoclaves     (Steam,             productivity
     Moist Heat.          Sterilizers),    Double            better control on
                          Door with automated                the        product
                          control and monitoring             quality        and
                          systems as electronic              sterility.
                          timer     with    Digital
                          indicator,    automatic
                          Low Water cut off
                          device,     temperature
                          (Thermograph)       and
                          pressure gauges.
25   Equipment         for S.S.      Dry       Heat 10 -11   Increased
     Sterilisation     by Sterilizer (Class 100              productivity
     dry Heat.             with HEPA filter, Fully           better control on
                           automatic S.S. Control            the        product
                           Panel     with    Printer         quality        and
                           memory circuit, fixed             sterility.
                           probes and Thermo-
                           graph for recording
                           each sterilization cycle
                           S.S. Cooling system,
                           sealed         Dampers,
                           motorized        internal
                           Baffles, S.S. Loading
                           trolley, S.S. Carriage.
Dry Syrup Section
26. Filling machine.       Automated            auger 2      Increased
                           filling machine.                  productivity.
27. Labeling.              Automated          labeling 2     Increased
                           machine.                          productivity.
Lactum Tab/Cap Machine .
28. Acetum      Tab/Cap 1)Blister                Pack 3.80   These machines
     Machine.              Machine.                   2      are required to
                           2)    Strip        Packing        avoid
                           Machine.                          contamination
                                                             with ot her non-B -
                                                             Lactum       group
Quality Control Department
29. Drug assay.            High       performance 12         Accurate        drug
                           liquid chromatograph.             analysis.
30   Pollution cont rol.   Effluent      Treatment 10 – 15   Biochemical
                           Pollution        Control          treatment     of
                           machinery.                        effluent removes
                                                             90 to 95% of
                                                             soluble organic
                                                             matter in the
31. Microbiological        1) B.O.D. Inc ubators.     1      These machines
     Lab in Quality                                          are required to
     Cont rol                                                improve     the
     Department.                                             quality of the
                           2) Incubators.            0.45              finished products
                                                                       by way of testing.
                           3) Laminar Air Flow.      0.75
Environment Control Devices.
32   Air   conditioning    Air      conditioning.    0.20    –0.30     Improve product
     and       humidity    Humidity        control   per ton 0.10 -    stability,
     control    of   all   equipment                 0.25 per ton      enhance
     types of areas.       (Dehumidifier).           for Desiccant     personal
                                                     based;    0.06    comfort.
                                                     to 0. 10 per
                                                     ton for Chiller
     Air handling    for Air handling unit with 0.20 per ton           Improves
     parenteral        ( HEPA filters, Ducting 0. 30 - 0.35            product quality,
     Sterile)area.       with insulation; Chilled per ton.             enhanced
                         water piping; electrical                      personal safety.
                         cabling and panels;
                         chilled water pump;
                         chilled water control.
     Air handling other Air handling unit with 0.15 per ton            Improves
     for     parenteral 5 micron filters.                              product quality,
     area.                                                             enhanced
                                                                       personal safety.
     Miscellaneous         Ducting            with 0.20 - 0.25
     fittings.             insulation;      chilled per ton.
                           water piping electrical
                           cabling and panels;
                           chilled water pump;
                           chilled water control.
.    General               1) Reverse Laminar Air 0.60                 To          avoid
                           Flow.                                       contamination
                                                  1                    during dispensing
                           2) Dust Extractors.                         of raw materials.
                                                     0.50 per unit.
                           3) Non A.C.-A.H. U. in                      To         control
                           Terms of C.F.M.                             environment     at
                                                                       section     where
                                                                       dust            is

                                                                       To          control
                                                                       environment      at
                                                                       section      where
                                                                       dust is generated
                                                                       and             Air
                                                                       conditioning     is
                                                                       not required, only
                                                                       filtered   air   is
N 2 O Gas for Hospital use.
33. Testing          and Gas      Chromatograph Variable         as For       cont rolling
    quality control.     and Moisture Meter for per actual.        the purity of N 2
                         On-line Quality Control                   O gas.
                         for Purity of N 2 O Gas
                         used for anesthetic

b).Antacid Bulk Drugs like Aluminum                Hydroxide     Gel,   Magnesium
   Hydroxide, Magnesium Trisilicate etc .
   Sl.       Acti vity      Technology Need         Cost (Rs.       Advantage s
   No.                                               in lakh)
    1    Reaction.        S.S. Reactor.            4        for 1.Tremendous
                                                   capacity of improvement in the
                                                   15000 litre. quality.
                                                                2. Teak wood trees
                                                                are saved res ulting
                                                                in           better
                                                                environment        &
    2    Reaction.        Glass lined Reactor.     40       for 1.Tremendous
                                                   capacity of improvement in the
                                                   10000 litre. quality.
                                                                2. Teak wood trees
                                                                are saved res ulting
                                                                in           better
    3    Filtration.      P.P. Filter Press.       8 for    60 1.            Quality
                                                   pairs.      improvement.
                                                               2.   Time      s aving
                                                               3.Saving of wat er
    4.   Drying.          S.S.     Dryer      with 40           1. Anti Air pollution
                          modern         facilities             devic e.
                          Spray/Flash.                          2. Improves       the
                                                                quality    of     the
                                                                3.Free from foreign
    5.   Cent rifugation. Cent rifuge (S.S.      or 10          1. Quality of the
                          Rubber Lined).                        product    improves.
                                                                2. No corrosion.
                                                                3. Saving of time.
                                                                4. Saving of labour.
    6.   Raw material Electronic          Weighing 0.15         1. Saving of time.
         and     finished Machine.                              2. Saving of labour.
         product                                                3.    No       loss of
         weighing.                                              material.
                                                                4.Increase in the
    7.   Quality control. Laboratory Equipment 10               1. To get the best
                                       of latest technology,                 possible    precise
                                       spectrophotometer,                    results.
                                       Gas Chromatograph &                   2.     Less    time
                                       others.                               consuming          &
                                                                             immediat e   results
             8.     Pulverisation.     Latest      technology 4              1.Quality           of
                                       pulverisers     Impact                products improves
                                       Type.                                 due      to     finest
                                                                             2.Physical loss of
                                                                             material is very less.

v).   Dyes & Intermediates.

       Sl.            Acti vity      Technology Need         Cost             Advantage s
       No.                                                  (
       1.         Filtration         Membrane Filtration 10.-12        Improved filtration system
                  System.            System.                           prevents      formation of
                                                                       hard cake and improves
                                                                       filtration by reducing tot al
                                                                       dissolved solids (TDS ) .
       2.         Ice Flaker.        Flaker with Silo and 8 -10        -Ice could be made from
                                     Screw conveyer.                   soft water so that less
                                                                       insoluble in products has
                                                                       better             solubility.
                                                                       -Ease in charging ic e
                                                                       since it is automatic.
                                                                       -No s pillage and loss of
                                                                       -No water losses and
                                                                       latent    heat    loss     as
                                                                       compared       to   present
                                                                       -Better process control.
       3.         Reactors.          Closer vessels with   Depends     -Better      mixing  of
                                     planetary gears and   on    the   reactants,
                                     high speed turbine    batch       -Low power consumption,
                                     stirrers.             size.       -Better yields.
       4.         Product Drying Flash   dryers  or 10 -12             -Low cost drying wit h
                  System.        Rotary     Vacuum                     minimum or no handling.
                                 Dryers-RV D.                          -Instant drying with no
                                                                       -RV D effective for heat
                                                                       sensitive        products.
                                                                       Low initial investment as
                                                                       compared to the Spray
       5.         Incinerat or.      Use of Gasifier with 5 -7         -Alternate fuel like rice
                                     slurry economizer.                husk, saw mill waste etc.
                                                                 could    be   used    so
                                                                 -Heat recovery leads to
                                                                 low         temperature
                                                                 emissions and less cost
                                                                 and no corrosions to the
                                                                 chimney .
         6.   Blenders.       Naut a Mixers.         12 -13      -Energy    E fficient,   No
                                                                 breaking     of      Grains.
                                                                 Less dusting and no
                                                                 manual charging         and

vi).   Industry based on medicinal and Aromatic Plants.

        Sl.       Acti vity        Technology Need        Cost (Rs.       Advantage s
        No.                                                in lakh)
         1.   Extraction    of Solvent extraction unit 40             Proper utilization of
              resinoid   from attached with stripping                 refuse waste material
              refused          unit Extractor capacity                for        improving,
              material .       – 500 kg. Stripping                    economy      of   the
                               unit Capacity – 100                    process.
         2.   Menthol      B old Deep freezers and 25                 Used bulk drugs, pan
              Crystal.           extraction unit deep                 massala, Tobacco &
                                 freezer cap. 250 kg.                 Flavour products.
                                 Extraction unit cap
                                 180 kg.
         3.   Manufacturing 1.Glass lined reactor 30                  Used in Fragrance &
              of      Aroma cap 60 liters.                            Flavour industries.
                            2. Chilling plant cap
              • Hydroxycit- 2.5 tones.

              Ronellal.           3. Fractionation unit
                                  cap 180 kg.

              3.Rose crystals

         4.   Extraction     of   Cold press expeller 2.50            To obtain Neem oil of
              Good      Quality   for extraction of Neem              improved quality for
              Neem oil using      oil     with      higher            preparation        of
              cold       press    Azadirachtin content.               pesticide and other
              expeller.           (Capacity of expeller –             pharmaceutical
                                  9 Bolts).                           preparation.
         5.   Quality       Establishment      of 10                  Proper         quality
              assessment of modern (accreditated)                     assessment          of
                   essential oils.     equipped         with                 essential oils.
                                       equipment lab.

        Plastic Moulded/ Extruded Products and Parts/ Components including
        reinforced plastic/composite material.

        (a)Plastic Moulded/ Extruded Products and Parts/ Components.

               Sl.        Acti vity       Technology Need Cost (Rs. in             Advantage s
               No.                                                  lakh)
                1.    Moulding.          a) fully automatic 10 - 20            Very high rat e of
                                         Micro      processor                  production , cost
                                         controlled    Plastic                 effective,        no
                                         Injection   Moulding                  wastage,       better
                                         machines.                             and        consistent
                2.    Tool making.       b)   CNC      Milling 33              For production of
                                         Machine    for     In-                quality dies and
                                         house Tool room.                      moulds.

              Plastic Moulded /Extruded products and Parts/components ( products
              based on reinforced plastic/ composite material).

              Sl.          Acti vity           Technology            Cost           Advantage s
              No.                                 Need
                                                                (Rs. in lakh)
               1       Manufacturing.       Hydraulic Press.          45         PLC c ontrolled-
                                                                                 for constant and
                                                                                 fast cycle time.
                                                                                 Unit can get 8
                                                                                 batches instead
                                                                                 of 6 batches per
               2                            Filament winding         0.50        This is advanced
                                            machine.                             technology    for
                                                                                 making       FRP
                                                                                 pipes by using
                                                                                 low          cost
                                                                                 Rovings are used
                                                                                 instead of woven
                                                                                 fabrics to save
               3                            Pultrosen                1. 50       Latest
                                            machine.                             technology
                                                                                 machine    w ith
                                                                                 reverse       of
                                                                                 moulding    for
                                                                                 moulding      of
                                                           section      for
                                                           provided with 3

                                                           3 times product
                                                           can be made with
                                                           3 different dies at
                                                           a time.
     4                        Impregnating        3. 50    To    make     „B'
                                machine.                   stage – prepeg
                                                           material      for
                                                           constant quality
                                                           of      industrial
     5                     Boiler.               13. 50    High     pressure
                                                           250 psi-3.0 ton
                                                           integral furnace
                                                           boiler with fuel
                                                           recovery system.
     6                     Oven.                    1      Infra red heat ers
                                                           to save electrical
                                                           energy      30% -
     7                     Resin Kettle.          0.50     Normal     good
                                                           plant for making
     8                     Guillotine Jointer.      2      Hydraulic
                                                           clamping     and
                                                           hydraulic cutting
                                                           to          avoid
                                                           rejection   while
     9                     Plastic extruder       1.64     Increased
                           machine with                    production
                           cutter.                         capacity,
                                                           efficiency, less
    10                     Plastic pulviriser     1.65
                                                           rejection   rate
                           with screen.
                                                           and less cost of

c). Fibre glass Reinforced Products.

    Sl.      Acti vity    Technology Need         Cost       Advantage s
                                                 (Rs. in
              1.         Trimming      of Pneumatic          hand 0.05                Less maintenance
                         formed   plastic tools.                                      and      breakdown
                         components.                                                  cost. Uninterrupted
                                                                                      warming         less
                                                                                      rejection     since
                                                                                      operating at higher
                                                                                      speed          t han
                                            Receiver, Pneumatic 6.20                  electrical    tools.
                                            piping           &                        Energy
                                            Dehumidifier.                             conservation.
              2          Plastic            Electronic    vibration 2.25              Friendly
                         components         welding &     pressing                    environment,    less
                         bonding.           machine.                                  cycle time,     cost
              3          Slots       for Power press with 0.85                        Cost saving due to
                         components.     interchangeable dies                         less rejection.
              4          Painting       on Air           handling 0.90                Superior finish with
                         plastic &     FRP equipment.                                 glass.
                         product.          Dehumidifier.          0.20

         d). Thermocol packaging.

              Sl.        Activity            Technology           Cost                Advantages
              No.                            Need                 (Rs.           in
                   1     Manufacturing.      Fully    aut omatic As      per Increased
                                             PLC hydraulically prevalent     productivity             and
                                             operated Moulding market rate. efficiency.

viii).   Rubber Processing including Cycle/ Rickshaw Tyres.

             Sl.           Acti vity       Technology Need               Cost            Advantages
             No.                                                       (Rs. in
         1             Small    Rubber Injection         moulding 25                  Very high rate of
                       Mouldings, such Machine.                                       production,
                       as, oil seals,                                                 minimum wastage,
                       washers etc.                                                   better          and
                                                                                      consistent quality.
         2             Continuous         Roto-cure machine.      75 -100             Continuous
                       vulcanisation                                                  production of high
                       system.                                                        quality     rubber
                                                                                      mats. Wastage is
                                                                                      minimum,    out put
         3             Rubber mixing.     Kneader/       Banbury 10- 15               Suggested for   the
                                          internal mixer.                             units where     soft
                                                                                      compounds       are
                                                                                      used    for     the
                                                                                      manufacture       of
                                                       products like hawai
                                                       sheets, mats etc.
                                                       Relatively      high
                                                       output,         less
                                                       pollution due to
                                                       avoidance     flying
4   Extruded         Clod feed extruder.     20 - 25   By     using    this
    products.                                          machinery,      the
                                                       operation         of
                                                       warming of rubber
                                                       compound prior to
                                                       extrusion can be
                                                       avoided.       This
                                                       increases out put
                                                       of the unit as this
                                                       eliminates     one
5   Rubber bands.    Multi            channel 8-10     Presently        the
                     extruder.                         rubber bands are
                                                       manufactured from
                                                       latex by dipping
                                                       technology.       By
                                                       using multi channel
                                                       extruder,     rubber
                                                       bands      can    be
                                                       manufactured from
                                                       dry          rubber.
                                                       Advantages       are
                                                       high out put, no
                                                       pollution, minimum
                                                       cost of production.
6   Items such as Sheeting line.             20-30     High    out      put,
    hawai                                              minimum wastage,
    sheet/rubber                                       uniform quality.
    mats. etc.
7   Rubber           De flashing system.     15-20     High       output,
    mouldings.                                         minimum rejection.
8   Heating system. Thermic fluid .          5 - 10    Uniform     heating
                                                       and more thermal
9   Hydraulic press. Vacuum     c hamber 30 - 40       Eliminate bumbing
                     type       hydraulic              operation for the
                     moulding machine.                 removal            of
                                                       entrapped air in the
                                                       product. Minimum
                                                       rejection       high
10         Testing        1.Rheometer.               20- 25         Introducing state-
           equipment.                                               of-the art t esting
                          2.Tensile        testing 15.- 20          facility for in-house
                          machine.                                  testing and online
                                                     15 - 20        quality control.
                          3.Mooney viscometer.
                          5.De-Mattia      Flexing
                          Flexometer.                5

                          7.Ross           Flexing 4

                          8.MST Apparatus for 3

                          9.Viscometer         for

b). Latex Based Male Condoms.

     Sl.    Acti vity    Technology Need                  Cost   Advantage s
                                                      (Rs. in
     1.     Sealing    & Sealing Machine with 5.50               Saving in laminate
            packaging.   facility for sealing both               consumption,       higher
                         square                and               yield, on line printing of
                         rectangular          type               individual stripes by
                         formats with on line                    means of hot foil
                         printing and v notch                    stamping       as      per
                         cutting facility.                       statutory requirement
                                                                 for exports.
     2.     Testing.     Burst Volume Burst 5                    Increase of efficiency
                         Pressure Equipment                      in testing, accurate
                         fully automatic with                    results , batch results
                         electronic     sensors                  are generated by the
                         software          and                   system automatically.
                         computer – wit h 2
                         testing stations.
     3      Testing.     Conductivity      Tester 5.50           Products are tested
                         with soft ware.                         electronic ally and test
                                                                 results are recorded in
                                                                 the    comput er    with
     4      Pollution    Pressurized                 12          Reduction in pollution
                   Cont rol.       Ventilation      System           by reducing dust in
                                   with     filtered    air,         manufacturing    area,
                                   temperature         and           better        working
                                   humidity control.                 conditions. To obtain
                                                                     required humidity for
                                                                     improvement in quality
                                                                     of product.

       c) Rubber Proce ssing – Crumb Rubber.

          Sl.      Activity        Technology          Cost          Advantage s
          No.                                          (Rs. in lakh)
          1        Rubber       Bio-mass         8 to 10            1        Saving           of
                   processing- Gasifier based                       conventional            fuel
                   crumb rubber drying furnac e.                    (diesel/electricity).
                                                                    2 Reduction of wood
                                                                    consumption up to 50%.

                                                                    3. Environment friendly

                                                                    4 Easy to operate and

ix).   Food Proce ssing (including Ice cream Manufacturing).
       a). Food Proce ssing.

           Sl.         Acti vity       Technology Need           Cost        Advantage s
           No.                                                 (Rs. in
              1.   Pickles, Sauces Automatic        fruits and 20        Improvement       in
                   and     Chutney bottles              washing          sanitary        and
                   manufacturing. machine                    with        hygienic conditions,
                                     conveyor,           blower,         micro
                                     pump and agitator,                  contamination,
                                     fruit    and      vegetable         quality         and
                                     cutting            machine,         productivity.
                                     stainless steel double
                                     walled steam jacketed
                                     kettles (tilting type),
                                     boiler, pulper/crusher,
                                     sterilizing tank/retort,
                                     spice       roaster-cum-
                                     grinder,     filling     and
                                     sealing            machine
                                     (crown and corking
                                     machine),             shrink
                                     wrapping,,        strapping
                                     machine,         laboratory
                                     equipment,          effluent
                                     treatment system.
 2.   Spice grinding.      Cryogenic       grinding, 20             Improves     sensory
                           automatic           FFS                  qualities,
                           packaging.                               productivity as well
                                                                    as shelf life of the
 3.   Bakery products Shifting    from    semi- 40                  Improves       quality
                      mechanis ation           to                   and shelf life of the
      Manufacturing.  mechanis ation,                               product,     reduces
                      replacement               of                  smoke nuisance.
                      coal/wood fired oven to
                      oil fired/ electric oven,
                      Bio       mass        fired
                      multipurpose         drier,
                      energy efficient low
                      cost bakery oven (wood
                      fired) installation       of
                      quality            testing
 4.   Cashew               Boiler, heat exchanger 20                Recovery of cashew
      Processing .         with          complete                   nut    shell    liquid,
                           accessories, packaging                   enhancement          of
                           machine,      electronic                 shelf life of cashew
                           weighing machine, etc.                   nuts, less pollution.
 5.   Rice Milling wit h   Paddy               cleaner, 90 to 100   Better polished, less
      rubber      roller   destoner, rubber roller                  breakage and high
      cum        sheller   cum Sheller, paddy                       yield of rice, bran
      (without             separator, boiler, par                   suitable    for    oil
      parboiling) and      boiling system, dryer,                   recovery,       good
      modern       ric e   colour     sort er,    cone              export opportunity
      milling      wit h   polisher, quality control                for scented/B asmati
      parboiling           lab      and       pollution             rice.
      system.              control.
Wheat Flour Mill
 1.   a)     Cleaning 1) All Metal Aspirator 0.70                   Modern             mill
      Section.        Vibro Separator.                              producing         atta,
                                               0.55                 maida,    suji     and
                      2)     Scourer      with                      bran.
                      Aspiration Channel.      1.20

                           3) D'Stoner with Fan & 0.08
                           4)   Water         Wheel

                           5) Low Pressure Fan.

                           6) Air Lock with Glass & 0.70
                           7) Cyclone.
                8) Warm Conveyor.            0.42

                9) Elevator-Bucket size. 0.80

                10) Air Ducting.

                11) Gravity Spouting
                Cleaning System.
b)       Milling 12)      Roller  Mills 6.80
Section.         including Grooving &
                 Grinding.              1.70

                13) Wooden Plan Sifter 0.50
                & Feed 16 Sieves.
                14) All Metal Purifiers.
                15) Bran Finisher.
                16) Low P ressure Fan.
                17)     Low    Pressure
                Cyclone.                 0.40

                18) Air Lock with Stand. 0.70

                19) Air Conducting for
                Pnumatic & Purifier.
                20) Warm Conveyor
                8'size      for     Milling 1.40
                Section         Pneumatic
                System           including
                Cyclone,          Feeder, 0.16
                Rubber, Glasses, H.P.
                Fan, Lifet.                 0.24

                21) Pipe Bend etc.

                22) Gravity Spouting of
                Milling Section with 0.40
                Hoopers, Packing ,
                Stand etc.              0.30

                23) Magnets.                 0.15

                24) Reduction        Gear
                25) S wiss Bolting Clot h,
                Sifter, Purofier, Pad,

                         26) V'Belt for complete

                         27) V'Belt Motor, P ully
                         for all machines.

                         28)      Motor     Rail
                         Fabricat ed Fabrication
                         Material-Plan    Sifter,
                         Cyclone, Air Ducting,
                         Warms,      H.P.  Fan,
                         Stand, Pneumatic.

                         29) System Fitting etc.
   7.    Ice      cream 1. Homogeniser.         Variable Improved       quality
         Manufacturing.                         as     per and productivity of
                        2.Continous freezers.   actual.    ice    cream     and
                                                           maintenance        of
                                                           sanitary         and
                         3. Automatic ice cream
                         bar freezer.                      hygienic conditions.

                         4. Automatic       rotary

                         5. Hardening Chamber.

                         6. Automatic wrapping

                         Quality control lab.

b). Namkeen.

   Sl.    Acti vity   Technology Need              Cost     Advantage s
   No.                                             (
   1      Namkeen     Bio-mass        Gasifier 3 -4         1. Replacement of 10-
          making.     based furnac e.                       15 litre/hour diesel
                                                            with local biomass.
                                                            2         Eco-friendly.
                                                            3 Cost effective.

c). Sweet meat .

   Sl.    Acti vity   Technology Need              Cost     Advantage s
   No.                                             (Rs.  in
   1      Sweet meat Bio-mass Gasifier based 1              1. Replacement of 5-6
          making.    Furnace.                               litre/hour diesel with
                                                                       local          biomass.
                                                                       2.         Eco-friendly.
                                                                       3. Cost effective.

x).   Poultry Hatchery & Cattle Feed Industry.

       Sl.      Acti vity      Technology Need                 Cost          Advantage s
       No.                                                    (
        1    Poultry        1.      Fully   controlled Variable          • Quality hatched
             Hatching.      sanitation and              as     per       with more disease
                                                        actuals.         resistance capacity.
                            hygienic  conditions     of
                            employees and premises.                      •     Better    value
                                                                         addition     through
                            2. Vaccination      to     new               export of day old
                            hatched                  chicks              chicks.

                            3.Fully    automatic   and
                            controlled      incubation
                            system with quality control
                            labs .

                            4.Pollution           control
        2    Cattle   feed 1.Cleaning operation of Variable More demand of
             manufacturing. raw material by using as      per cattle/poultry   and
                            machine.               actuals.   fish      feed     in
                                                              palletized form.
                            2.Automatic         control
                            grinding of raw material.                    High value addition
                                                                         and            export
                            3.      Fully     automatic                  opportunities.
                            controlled    blender   for
                            mixing of vitamins and

                            4. Complete       P alletising

                            5 .Automatic      packaging

                            6. Quality control testing

                            7.    Pollution       control

                            8.                 Energy
                                saving system based on
                                energy audit report.

xi).   Dimensional Stone Industry ( excluding quarrying and mining)

       Sl.    Activity            Technology Need          Cost    Advantages
       No.                                                 (Rs. in
                                                           lakh )
       1.     Stone               Blocks           Cutting 20     Capacity
              Processing.         Technology:       (Block        Enhancement,
                                  squaring        machine,        Uniform quality.
                                  block cutters).
                                  Slab           Cutting 85       Capacity
                                  Technology:     (Gang           Enhancement,
                                  saws, Granite cutters,          Uniform quality.
                                  Sandstone cutters).
                                  Tile             cutting 95     Better       quality
                                  Technology:       (Tiling       Capacity
                                  Plant,          Splitting       Enhancement.
                                  Surface            Finish 95    Better      quality,
                                  Technology (Automatic           Capacity
                                  Polishing          Lines,       Enhancement.
                                  Continuous      Polishing
                                  Lines, Bush Hammers,
                                  Flame     Jets,   Ageing
                                  machines,           Edge
                                  Polishing      Machines,
                                  Grinding and Lapping
                                  Resin     Impregnation 65       Higher        rec overy
                                  Technology for stone            percentage capability
                                  strength enhancement            to process newer
                                  (resin coating plants,          varieties            to
                                  ovens,    compressors,          international norms.
                                  resin guns etc.).
                                  Technology         for 90       Capability to mass-
                                  Integrated                      produce       int ricate
                                  manufacturing : (CNC            product      patterns,
                                  operated         Work           high precision.
                                  Centres,     sculpting
       2.     Products Design. Laser           Technology 90      Capability to mass-
                                  Duplicating Machines,           produce        int ricate
                                  Pantographs, etc. for           product      patterns,
                                  sculpting           and         maintain             high
                                  duplicating artwork and         precision            and
                                  monuments.                      introduce            new
                                                                  product lines.
       3.     Edge Profiling.     Chamfering machines, 75         Capability to mass-
                                  profiling   machines,           produce       intricate.
                                  contouring machines.            profiles and introduce
                                                                  new product lines.
        4.        Packaging.          Tile      Packaging 20               Packaging for export
                                      Machines Segregation                 market so as to
                                      & Sorting Machines,                  enhance value and
                                      Foam       Packaging                 reduce breakage in
                                      machines.                            transit.
        5.        Environment         Water    Recovery      & 20          Recovery of wat er,
                  Cons ervation     & Waste          Disposal              reduction in waste
                  Management.         Technologies (including              volume, improvement
                                      filter            press,             in ambient air, soil
                                      sedimentation      tank,             and water quality.
                                      overhead/ underground
                                      tank,    piping      and
                                      channeling etc.).
        6.        Waste Utilization. Machines using slurry 50              Reduction           in
                                      as a raw material.                   environmental
        7.        Testing       and In house     Testing 10                Quality control.
                  Standardization Technology (sizing &
                                      calibration equipment.

xii).   Glass and Ceramic Items (Insulator ceramic, electrical ceramics, porcelain,
        Bone china ware, Stone ware, earthen ware, Terra -cotta ceramic ) including
        a). Glass Products

              Sl.       Acti vity      Technology Need          Cost          Advantage s
              No.                                              (Rs. in
             1.      Melting.          Improved Gas Fired 30             The improved version
                                       12-P ot Furnace.                  will have better fuel
                                                                         efficiency and longer
                                                                         life as compared to the
                                                                         conventional one.
                                       Day Tank Furnace. 15              Operation of Day Tank
                                                                         Furnace is intermittent
                                                                         like that of a Pot
                                                                         Furnace without the
                                                                         hassles      of      Pot
                                                                         breakage. It may be
                                                                         employed in case of
                                                                         demand of a particular
                                                                         kind of glass is 500 kg.
                                                                         to 5 T/day.
             2.      Pot-              Improved      Single 1.50         In the conventional Pot
                     Preheating.       Pot Arch.                         Arch, pots can be
                                                                         preheated properly and
                                                                         also    the   maximum
                                                                         achievable temperature
                                                                         is 950°C as against the
                                                                         required    temperature
                                                                         (1200°C) chances of
                                                                         developing cracks in
                                                                         pot are higher. The
                                                improved version of Pot
                                                Arch overcomes these
3.   Pot making.       Set up of different 10   The     improved      Pot
                       machines.                making facility will have
                                                the machines lik e Jaw
                                                Crus her, Blender, Pug
                                                – Mill, Edge Runner
                                                etc. for processing of
                                                raw mat erials and also
                                                temperature           and
                                                humidity       controlled
                                                room for molding and
                                                drying      of        Pot.
                                                Conventional          Pot
                                                making facilities lack
                                                these things and do not
                                                yield good quality Pots.
4.   Glass Forming. IS-Machine     (10-12 50    IS-Machines        have
                    Tons/day).                  much              higher
                                                productivity than Press
                                                Machines and Mouth
                                                Blowing.        Product.
                                                Quality will be much
5.   Testing       & Small          Scale 15    A small in house
     Quality Contro Laboratory.                 laboratory to meet the
                                                need for simple and
                                                routine tests will prove
                                                very helpful in quality
                                                control and improve
6.   Energy            Insulation,  heat 15     Its implementation will
     Cons ervation     Recovery System,         improve           thermal
     and               Modification   of        efficiency of the furnace
     Improvement       Furnace.                 along with the working
     in      working                            environment            by
     condition.                                 reducing heat losses
                                                through           furnace
                                                structure,      recycling
                                                waste       heat      and
                                                improving furnace life
                                                and ease of furnace
7.   Heat              Improved    Muffle 1     Gas      fired  muffle
     Treatment.        Furnace.                 furnace will improve
                                                productivity,      the
                                                working condition and
                                                the            working
8.   Raw material Improved      Batch 10        Conventional system of
     handling.    Hous e and B atch             Firozabad        Glass
                  handling system.              Industry creates lot of
                                                      dusting    and    health
                                                      hazards to the workers.
                                                      A properly designed
                                                      system will be free from
                                                      dusting and will reduce
                                                      health    hazards      by
                                                      providing      improved
                                                      working conditions.
    9.    Combustion       Automatic            50    Automatic Control will
          Cont rol for gas Cont rollers      &        improve
          fired furnaces. Recorders         for       energy/efficiency   and
                           Furnace                    productivity         by
                           Temperat ure. On-          optimizing          the
                           Line         Oxygen        Combustion      process
                           Analyzer.                  and minimizing the
                                                      energy and production
    10.   Glass Forming Spinning Machine       1.50   Flat and round items
          Techniques.                                 like Bowls, Plates etc.
                        1-Head,                2      can be produced in this
                                                      machine with better
                          2-Head,                     surface finish than the
                                                      same products of Press
                                                      Machines. Presently, in
                          4-Head.                     Firozabad, t hese are
                                                      produced mostly by
                                                      Press machine.
    11.   Glass Forming Injection     Molding 2       Solid items like stem
          Techniques.   Machine.                      wares,    which    are
                                                      produced manually, can
                                                      be produced in this
                                                      machine with much
                                                      better   accuracy    &
    12.   Glass   Beads LPG fired B ead 0.50          Multi coloured Glass
          making.       making Furnace.               Beads have very good
                                                      export value. These are
                                                      mostly          produced
                                                      domestically in rural
                                                      areas using Coal fired
                                                      ovens which create
                                                      very      dirty      and
                                                      unhygienic atmosphere.
                                                      LPG fired Bead making
                                                      furnace developed by
                                                      CGCRI, Khurja is clean,
                                                      simple and easy to
                                                      operate. It consumes
                                                      250 to 300 grams of

b). Ceramic Items (Insulator ceramic, electrical ceramics, porcelain, Bone
   china ware, Stone ware, earthen ware, Terra -cotta ceramic ) including
 Sl.     Acti vity       Technology Need               Cost        Advantage s
                                                      (Rs. in
1.     Raw material Ball    mill    wit h   high 2 -10          • Improve grinding.
       processing. alumina tile lining, high
2.                  alumina balls of different 0.50-3           • Reduce time of
       Fabrication. size.                                       grinding.
3.                                               0.50-
       Drying.      Ball Mill with silex stone / 1.50           •            Lower
4.                  porcelain       lining    of                contamination   in
                    different size.                             the batch.
       Glazing.                                  0.25-2
                     Blunger/Agitator           of              •    High abrasion
       Firing                                        0.80-
                     different size.                            resistance of tiles &
       Section.                                      1.50
                     Magnet of different size.
                                                     1.80       • Longer life.
                     Filter press different si
                     ze.                                        • Suitable for very
                                                     2.50       fine grinding below
                     Pug Mill different Size.                   10 micron.
                     Vibro energy mill for colur                • Saving of colour.
                     grinding. (different size). 3-5
                                                                • Uniform contrast.
                     Vibro finishing mill.           60-80.
                                                                •       Easy       in
                     De-airing    pug     mill, 7-18            application.
                     capacity, 250-350 Kg/hr.
                                               8-15             • Lower wastage.
                     Isostatic Press, Fettling
                     machine,        Stacking            • Lower pollution
                     equipment.                45-60
                                                         due t o washing as
                                                         all the washing may
                     Fully automatic vertical            be easily collected
                     copying m/c for Insulator.          where as in the ball
                                                0.50-1   mill the washing is
                     Roller Head machine for             left in the drainage.
                     cup & saucer.              0.40-1
                                                         • To remove air
                     Pressure casting plant..   31       pockets inside t he
                     Piller Jolley                   16-25
                                                                •     Helpful     to
                                                                improve strength.
                     Semi     automatic      Jigger 0.50-1
                                                     3-10       •            Reduce
                     Universal jigger jolly.                    Breakage          &
Humidity             Driver 80-100    • Improve quality.
                              35-40   • Reduce rejection
Glazing plant.                        & wastage.

Spray gun & compressor.               •    Homogeneous
Spray dry er plant
                                      •    Defect      free
Gas/Oil fired roller hearth           product.
                                      •      Complicat ed
                                      shapes   can     be

                                      • No requirement
                                      of Plaster of Paris

                                      • Higher strength
                                      and quality product.

                                      • Higher handling

                                      • Low rejection and

                                      • Easy operation.

                                      • Suitable for long
                                      size Insulator.

                                      • Low wastage of
                                      material and time.

                                      • Higher strength.

                                      • Easy operation.

                                      • Quality product.

                                      • Low wastage.

                                      • Large Production.

                                      • Time saving.

                                      • Uniformity.

                                      •   Thin   &    Thick

                                                        Tested technology,
                                                        developed, quality
                                                        of tiles much better,
                                                        less drying time,
                                                        less warpage and
                                                        breakage of tiles.

                                                        •     Homogeneous

                                                        • Time saving.

                                                        • Uniformity.

                                                        •   Thin   &     thick

                                                        • Easy Operation.

                                                        • Quality product.

                                                        • Low Wastage.

                                                        • Large Production.

                                                        • Quality Product.

                                                        • Lower breakage.

                                                        • Easy handling.

                                                        • Low wastage.

                                                        • Time saving.

                                                        •             Uniform

                                                        • Fast production.

                                                        •     Low          fuel
6.   Firing     Gas/oil fired tunnel kiln.    20-25     • Low rejection.
                Gas/oil fired shuttle kiln.   0.1     – • Easy operation.
                “Queen” Coal/ Wood fired                •               Lower
pottery kiln.                       2-4       maintenance
Temperat ure      indic ator 0.10-
(radiation type).            0.30             • Continuous type
Temperat ure        Thermo 8-20
couple & indicat or.                          • Low pollution.
a.    Refractory     decker                   • Energy efficient
plat/kiln furniture etc for 3-5               kiln.
Tunnel Kiln.
                                    2-4       • Large production.
b. Shuttle Kiln.
                                    17-25     •     Batch        type
Auto On/ Off burner.                          furnace.
                          5 -8
Electric furnace, 1400°C,                     •   Medium         fuel
size 1 cft.               3 -5                consumption.

Electric furnace /1600°C            20-25     • Easy operation.

Gas fired 1600° C, 1 Cu. 2-4                  Queen pottery kiln
ft.                                           sinters all kinds of
                                              pottery         and
                                    1.50 -7
Granulating machine                           terrac otta        at
                                    2         temperature of 800
Automatic Tile pressing
unit                                          to 900 celsius using
                                    2-3       low grade c oal or
                                              wood. It is low cost
Hydraulic / friction Press
                                    1.50      permanent
                                              structure kiln made
Generat or Set         of   diff.             of red brick and
capacity.                           0.50-
Distill water plant.                          •        Accurate
Cont rol instruments for
firing system.                                • Lead/wire less.

Instrument for routine test                   • Can be used like
(Balance, B.D. Balance,                       torch           for
hot     plate       sieves,                   measurement      of
viscometer etc.).                             temperature.

Sanitary    /    drainage                     • No requirement
system in industry                            for     fixing t he

                                              • Easy operation &
•     Suitable  for
inside Temperature

• Easy judgment.

•       Productivity

• Fuel consumption

• Long life.

• Easy for loading
of ware.

•       Easy  in
replacement   of
homogeneous heat

• Lower wastage of
refractory material.

•    Lower        fuel

• Easy operation.

•     Reduction      in

•     Suitable    for
testing of sample.

• Quality control for
body & glaze.

• Measurement of
firing range.

• Testing of raw
material & product.

• Easy operation.

• Lower pollution.

• Easy operation
for making    of

•              Higher

•    Homogeneous
granules size.

• Lower wastage.

• Fast production.

• Easy making of

• Quality granules

• Easy operation.

• Low wastage.

• Time saving.

• Lower wastage
due     to  pre-

•      Homogenous

•    Higher    green

• Lower rejection.

•     Drying      not

• Back up power

• Quality product.

• Lower wastage.

• High production.

• Time saving.

•   Better     control
                                                               over       furnace

                                                               •    Better   quality

                                                           • Better working
    Note : Pri ce of the machines depend upon the quality, capacity, company,
    model etc. and also variable from time to time.

c). Interlocking pavement blocks and cement concrete blocks

     S.        Acti vity      Technology Need         Cost        Advantages
     No.                                             (Rs. in
      1    Interlocking    HDM-1000          DLX 6.60
           pavement blocks machine high density
                           stationery        type
                           interlocking     block
                           making mac hine with
                           4 nos. vibrators (5 hp
                           each) hydraulic pump
                           (5 hp) along with
                           conveyor belt, penal
                           board etc.
      2    Cement concrete a) 10/ 7 CFT capacity 0.42
           blocks          cement       conc rete
                           mixture                0.42

                            b) 75 kg capacity face 0.84
                            c) Earth compactor (2

                            d)   Block     cutting
                            machine (2 nos.)

                            e) Pallet truck

                            f)         Laboratory
                            equipment    for  in-
                            house testing like
                            equipments, verniner,
                            caliper,  micrometer,
                            screw         gauges,
                            compression testing

d). Building Bricks – Clay & Flya sh.
S.        Acti vity    Technology Need           Cost          Advantage s
No.                                             (Rs. in
1     Building bricks – 1. Vertical Shaft 9               The building brick
      Clay and Fly ash Brick Kiln (VSBK) 2                industry in the small
      manufacture.      Shafts.            0.40           scale       is     using
                                                          traditional bull trench
                       2. Jaw Crusher.         3          kiln and clamp kiln
                                                          which      are    highly
                       3. Auger Mill.                     energy intensive and
                                               4.50       polluting,     poor    in
                                                          providing        uniform
                       4. Pug Mill/Extruder. 0.80         temperature          and
                                                          occupy lot of space.
                       5.     Wire      cutting 0.20      The V ertical Shaft
                       table.                             Brick Kiln is highly
                                                          energy efficient and
                       6. Shaping press                   consumes less than
                                                          50% fuel. Dried bricks
                                                          can be fired and
                                                          taken out in 24 hours.
                                                          The land requirement
                                                          for one kiln is only
                                                          2000 sq. meters.

                                                          Jaw crusher is used
                                                          for crushing coal to
                                                          size 0-15 mm and
                                                          also used for crushing
                                                          large size clay bolder.
                                                          It is essential for
                                                          crushing the clay and
                                                          also reducing t he size
                                                          of    the    coal     for
                                                          charging in the kiln.

                                                          Mixing clay and other
                                                          raw materials (waste
                                                          material like fly ash
                                                          etc.) intimately with
                                                          clay to produce a
                                                          homogeneous mass.

                                                          The mixer from auger
                                                          mill is passed on to
                                                          pug mill for pugging
                                                          and for mixing and
                                                          extruding the material
                                                          in required size.

                                                          The equipment is
                                                          used for cutting the
                                                          extruded mass in to
                                                          required length for

                                                                           The machine is used
                                                                           for repressing the
                                                                           wire c ut clots in to
                                                                           required final size and

xiii).   Leather and Leather Products including Footwear and Garments.

         a).Leather Products including Footwear and Garments.

            Sl.      Activity          Technology Need           Cost (Rs. in      Advantages
            No.                                                     lakh)
            Designing Department.
            1.    Pattern Grading Mechanic al                    10 - 12           Faster   and
                  machine.                                                         more
                                  pantograph/grading                               accurate
                                  machine.                                         grading.
            Cutting Department.
            1.    Clicking press Hydraulic      press   of    all 1          -7    Accuracy and
                  of all types types.                             depending on     higher
                  including                                       model    and     productivity
                  traveling head/                                 origin.          will offs et the
                  sewing      arm/                                                 cost.
                  fixed head.
            2.    Cutting           Multi layer reciprocating 1                    Very       high
                  machine       for knife    textile  cutting                      production &
                  textile.          machine.                                       productivity.
            3.    Skiving.         Electronically/computerised 1                   No need to
                                   controlled        aut omatic                    adjust
                                   skiving machine.                                manually the
                                                                                   types        of
                                                                                   skiving again
                                                                                   and     again.
                                                                                   Very       fast
            4.    Stamping.        All types    of Aut omatic 1-3                  Clean,
                                   stamping      &   printing                      accurate      &
                                   machine.                                        fast.
            5.    Textile          a. Textile fusing press.      1-2               Gives control
                  attaching.                                                       over      the
                                                                                   and pressure
                                                                                   at which the
                                                                                   clothes   are
                                                                                   resulting   in
                                                                      bonding and
                                                                      better quality.
                      b. Latex spray booth.          1                Same        as
                                                                      above      but
                                                                      applicable to
                                                                      clothes which
                                                                      does not have
                                                                      self adhesion.
6.   Stitch Marking. Automatic             marking 1                  Faster
                     machine.                                         production.
7.   Splitting,       Automatic     band        knife 2-5             Accurate and
                      splitting machine.                              bulk
8.   Clicking board Electronically   controlled 10-15                 Accurate
     leveling.      board leveling machine.                           thickness
                                                                      increases the
                                                                      life of clicking
                                                                      dies        and
9.   Strap cutting.   Electrical   machine      for 1-2               Better
                      cutting and slanting straps.                    utilisation of
                                                                      raw materials
                                                                      and       faster
10. Leather           Electro-pneumatic weaving 3-6                   For      mass
    Weaving.          machine for leather.                            production of
11. Embossing.        Automatic        embossing 3-4                  For      mass
                      machine.                                        production.
12. Strap folding .   Automatic strap folder.        1-3              Accurate
13. Box stamping.     Box stamping machine.          0.50-1           For      mass
Closing Department.
1.   Convey or.       F.O.F/F.O.O.                   1-3              For     better
                                                                      supervision /
2.   All types of Automatic/Computer                 0.05-3.          Faster,
     post, flat and controlled sewing machine.       depending        uniform,
     cylindrical bed,                                upon    origin   accurate and
     single/double                                   and              easy
     needle sewing                                   advancement.     operation.
     machine       for
     upper stitching.
3.   Hand stitching. Automatic hand stitching/ 10-12        High
                     apachi/ san-crispino and               productive,
                     moccasin          stitching            less    labour
                     machine.                               intensive and
4.   Strobling.      Strobling machine.            2.50-4   Can eliminate
                                                            operation and
                                                            gives      very
                                                            flexible shoe.
5.   Toe forming.    Automatic/Hydraulic/   1-4.50          Quality
                     pneumatic toe moulding                 improvement
                     machine.                               and
                                                            is apparent.
6.   Toe-puff        Hydraulic/pneumatic           2-3      Faster
     attaching.      automatic machine.                     production
                                                            and       less
7.   Counter         Hydraulic/pneumatic           5-10     Faster
     moulding        automatic machine.                     production
     machine with or                                        and       less
     without                                                messy.
8.   Eyeleting.      Automatic          eyeleting 1-3       Faster     and
                     machine.                               secured
9.   Folding         Automatic folding machine. 3-4         Very     quick
     machine with or                                        production.
     without                                                Less messy.
     hammering                                              Gives clean
     attachment.                                            look.
10. Upper / topline Automatic       hammering 2-3           Effective and
    Hammering.      machine.                                uniform
                                                            improves the
                                                            look of upper.
11. Crimping.        Automatic            crimping 5-6      Quality
                     machine.                               improvement
                                                            and     faster
12. Boot-leg         Automatic boot leg ironing 4-5         Essential for
    ironing.         machine.                               bootie shoe.
                                                            Improves the
13. Bar tacking.     Automatic    bar      tacking 1.50-2   Clean      and
                     machine.                               accurate
                                                            Faster     and
                                                             less messy.
Lasting & Finishing Department.
1.   Forepart lasting Automatic    toe lasting 10-25         Most
     machine.         machine wit h or without               important
                      micro-processor.                       machine for
                                                             shoe making.
                                                             faster,   and
                                                             less spacey.
                                                             Requires less
                                                             people    and
2.   Combined Seat Automatic seat & side 10-25               Most
     and side lasting lasting machine with or                important
     .                without microprocessor.                machine for
                                                             shoe making.
                                                             faster,   and
                                                             less spacey.
                                                             Requires less
                                                             people    and
3.   Side      lasting Automatic   seat  lasting 3-7         Accurate,
     machine         of machine both tack and                faster    and
     various types. combodian types.                         less spacey.
                                                             Requires less
                                                             people    and
4.   Heal          seat Automatic   seat       lasting 4-8   Accurate,
     lasting.           machine.                             faster,   and
                                                             less spacey.
                                                             Requires less
                                                             people    and
5.   Pounding.         Automatic           pounding 3-5      Improves
                       machine.                              quality of the
                                                             final products.
6.   Heel-Seat         Automatic           crowning 4-6      Improves
     crowning.         machine.                              quality of the
                                                             final products.
7.   Forepart          Automatic humidifier.          1-2    Far superior
     humidifier.                                             method,
                                                             faster  and
                                                          restore     the
                                                          quality      of
8.   Backpart         Automatic          backpart 1-2     Far superior
     humidifier.      humidifier.                         method,
                                                          faster   and
                                                          restore   the
                                                          quality    of
9.   Lasting          Automatic            running 1-2    for      faster
     conveyor.        conveyor.                           production,
                                                          better control
10. Buffing.          Automatic    Buffing    & 5-10      Precision
                      roughing machine with               buffing   and
                      microprocessor     control          faster
                      mechanism.                          production.
11. Heat setter.      Heat setter with steam 2-3          Correct heat
                      equipped with conveyor              setting,
                      belt.                               reduces the
12. Buffing      and Automatic       combined 10-12       Both        the
    adhesive         rougher and cementer.                operations
    application.                                          are done by
                                                          one machine,
                                                          results in less
                                                          messy       and
                                                          Also reduce
                                                          the adhesive
13. Last     pulling Automatic last puller.        3-4    Reduces the
    machine.                                              damage
                                                          during     de-
                                                          lasting     of
                                                          Increases the
                                                          speed       of
14. Drying        and Cement dryer &          flash 7-8   Reduce the
    reactivation.     activator machine.                  space
                                                          required      of
                                                          the workshop.
                                                          Increases the
                                                          production by
                                                          several fold.
15. Cementing         Thermo         cementing 7-8        Reduce the
    machine       for machine wit h or without            wastage   of
    upper & sole.     brush.                              adhesive,
16. Chiller.            Chiller.                    4-5      Increase the
                                                             sole bonding.
                                                             Reduce the
                                                             sole delasting
17. Side          wall Side     wall       roughing 1-2      Accurately
    roughing.          machine.                              bond the sole
                                                             with high side
18. Heel nailing .      Heel nailing machine.       7-8      Accurately
                                                             nail the heel.
                                                             Increases the
                                                             quality     of
19. Mackey        sole Mackey sole stitcher         10-11    Faster
    stitching.                                               production.
20. Top           line Top-line forming machine.    4-5      Correctly set
    forming.                                                 the top-line.
                                                             Increase the
                                                             value of the
                                                             final product.
21. Adhesive         re- Adhesive re-activators with 2-3     Precisely
    activators.          time     and  temperat ure          reactivates
                         controller.                         both        the
                                                             upper      and
                                                             sole.     Sole
22. Entire     upper Steaming machine of the 2-3             Humidifies
    humidifier.      upper.                                  entire upper.
                                                             Enhance the
                                                             speed       of
23. Performing.         Moccasin         performing 1-2      Humidifies
                        machine.                             and gives the
                                                             shape        of
                                                             types of shoe.
                                                             Enhance the
                                                             quality    and
                                                             productivity of
24. Air blast dust Air    blast           removing 1-1.50    Clean
    removing.      machine.                                  technology.
25. Insole              Insole attaching machine.   1-1.50   Faster    and
    attaching.                                               accurate
26. Insole covering. Insole covering machine.       1-1.50   Faster    and
27. Upper                Upper roughing machine.     1-20    Faster    and
    roughing.                                                accurate
Last & Other Components.
1.   Chain slotting . Chain slotting machine.        2-3     Add to the
                                                             speed      of
                                                             production of
2.   Rough t urning Rough turning machine.           10-15   Increase the
     machine     for                                         production of
     last.                                                   last
3.   Fine    turning Fine turning machine.           10-15   Increase the
     machine      for                                        production of
     last.                                                   last
4.   Roughing          Roughing     machine     for 3-5      Increase the
     machine       for plastic blocks.                       production of
     plastic blocks.                                         last
5.   Computerised        Last making CAD/CAM 30-40           Essential for
     last      turning   CNC controlled turning              last
     machine             machine       including             development,
     including           designing and interface             accurately
     software.           software.                           copy of any
                                                             last sampling.
                                                             A major boon
                                                             to        new
6.   CNC       sole Sole     mould   making 120-150          Essential for
     mould          software, CNC MILLING                    right  quality
     development.   MACHINE with 3/5 Axis &                  sole mould.
7.   Insole              Automatic/hydraulic insole 2-3      Without this
     moulding.           moulding machine.                   machine the
                                                             moulding of
                                                             insole    can
                                                             never       be
                                                             Increase the
                                                             rate         of
8.   Edge beveling. Automatic edge beveling 3-4              Gives
                    machine.                                 Accurate
                                                             beveling. Also
                                                             increase the
                                                             pace        of
9.   Shank               Automatic shank attacher.   10-15   Increases the
     attachment.                                             accuracy and
10. Automatic      Convey or assembly and 5-8                   Clean
    insole & shank automatic combined insole                    production
    pasting.       &     shank     attaching                    not    to   be
                   machine.                                     mentioned
                                                                that         it
                                                                increases the
                                                                production by
                                                                almost     ten
11. Shank               Shank grooving machine         1-2      Increase the
    grooving.                                                   production
                                                                and accurate
12. Injection            8/12/16/20/24/32            15 - 300   Essential
    moulding         for workstation      injection             machine for
    sole.                moulding    machine     for            huge
                         PU/TP U/PVC/ TPR/EVA.                  production.
                                                                demand      of
                                                                the    market.
                                                                New breed of
13. Finishing.          Multi finisher.                2-4      Enhance the
                                                                appeal of the
                                                                shoe and in
                                                                turn        the
14. Spray booth.        Spray booth with spray gun 2-4          Enhance the
                                                                appeal of the
                                                                shoe and in
                                                                turn        the
15. Last finishing      Last finishing machine.        8-10     Accurately
                                                                finish    and
                                                                polish     the
16. Channel             Channel closing machine.       2-3      Automatically
    closing                                                     closer      the
                                                                sole channel.
                                                                Improves the
                                                                look and also
                                                                enhance the
17. Channeling and Channeling machine.                 2-3      Faster    and
    grooving.                                                   accurate
18. Coupling     and Edge                 pre-trimming 2-3      Accurate and
     edge        pre- machine.                            clean
     trimming.                                            production.
                                                          Less      time
19. Edge buffing .     Edge buffing machine.        1-2   Accurate and
                                                          faster buffing.
20. Edge inking.       Edge inking machine.         1-2   Clean     and
21. Edge setting.      Edge setting machine.        1-2   Faster
                                                          sets the edge
                                                          and       thus
                                                          improves the
22. Edge trimming.. Edge trimming machine.          2-3   Accurate final
                                                          Gives     even
                                                          and uniform
                                                          Improves the
23. Heel attaching . Heel attaching machine.        3-5   Faster
24. Heel      breast Heel   breast       roughing 3-5     Faster    and
    roughing.        machine.                             accurate
25. Heel breasting. Heel breasting machine.         4-6   Faster
26. Heel building.     Heel building machine.       3-5   Faster    and
27. Heel covering . Heel covering machine.          5-6   Faster    and
28. Recessing and Recessing and roughing 3-4              Faster
    roughing    of soles machine.                         production.
29. Recessing welt. Recessing welt machine.         3-4   Faster
30. Sole stamping Sole    stamping              and 3-4   Faster
    and embossing embossing machine.                      production.
Standardisation Machine.
1.   Testing         & Soling A brasion Machine 3-10      Standardise
     standardization. Complete.                          the process/
                                                         product and
2.   Testing       & Drum         Abrasion/Snag 3 -10    Standardise
     standardization. Tester.                            the process/
                                                         product and
3.   Testing       & Martindale          Abrasion 3-10   Standardise
     standardization. Machine.                           the Process/
                                                         product and
4.   Testing       & Shoe     Lace     Abrasion 3-10     Standardise
     standardization. Machine Lace to Eyelet.            the process/
                                                         product and
5.   Testing       & Shoe      lace      Abrasion 3-10   Standardise
     standardization. Machine.                           the process/
                                                         product and
6.   Testing       & Leather S oling Materials 3-10      Standardise
     standardization. Abrasion Machine.                  the process/
                                                         product and
7.   Testing       & Creep      Cabinet/Adhesive 3-10    Standardise
     standardization. Test.                              the process/
                                                         product and
8.   Testing       & Dome Heat Reactivator.       3-10   Standardise
     standardization.                                    the process/
                                                         product and
9.   Testing       & Compression       Apparatus- 3-10   Standardise
     standardization. Stress.                            the process/
                                                         product and
10. Testing       & Dynamic           compression 3-10   Standardise
    standardisation Tester.                              the process/
    .                                                    product and
11. Testing       & Conductivitay Tester.         3-10   Standardise
    standardization.                                     the process/
                                                         product and
12. Testing       & Thermal Conductivity-Less 3-10       Standardise
    standardization. Disc.                               the process/
                                                         product and
13. Testing       & State of Cure Apparatus.     3-10    Standardise
    standardization.                                     the process/
                                                         product and
14. Testing       & Repeat     Extension     S et 3-10   Standardise
    standardization. Apparatus.                          the process/
                                                         product and
15. Testing       & Eyelet   Security    Test-PM 3-10    Standardise
    standardization. 150.                                the process/
                                                         product and
16. Testing       & Slide Fastener        Testing 3-10   Standardise
    standardization. Machine.                            the process/
                                                         product and
17. Testing       & Velcro Closing Machine.      3-10    Standardise
    standardization.                                     the process/
                                                         product and
18. Testing       & Crockometer.                 3-10    Standardise
    standardization.                                     the process/
                                                         product and
19. Testing       & Rub       Fastness     Tester 3-10   Standardise
    standardization. (Veslic).                           the process/
                                                         product and
20. Testing       & Rub      Fastness     Tester- 3-10   Standardise
    standardization. Circular.                           the process/
                                                         product and
21. Testing       & Backpart        Fatigue-M/S 3-10     Standardise
    standardization. Type.                               the process/
                                                         product and
22. Testing       & Velcro Fatigue Tester.      3-10    Standardise
    standardization.                                    the process/
                                                        product and
23. Testing       & Shank Fatigue Tester.       3-10    Standardise
    standardization.                                    the process/
                                                        product and
24. Testing       & Universal Fatigue Flexing 3-10      Standardise
    standardization. Machine.                           the process/
                                                        product and
25. Testing       & Finish Heat     Resistance 3-10     Standardise
    standardization. Tester.                            the process/
                                                        product and
26. Testing       & Bally Style     Flexomet er- 3-10   Standardise
    standardization. NStn.                              the process/
                                                        product and
27. Testing       & BATA     Belt       Flexing 3-10    Standardise
    standardisation Machine.                            the process/
    .                                                   product and
28. Testing       & Fibreboard Flexing M/ C-6 3-10      Standardise
    standardization. Stn                                the process/
                                                        product and
29. Testing       & Midsole Flexing Machine.    3-10    Standardise
    standardization.                                    the process/
                                                        product and
30. Testing       & Ross Flexing Machine.       3-10    Standardise
    standardization.                                    the process/
                                                        product and
31. Testing       & Rubber Mat erial    Flexing 3-10    Standardise
    standardization. Machine.                           the process/
                                                        product and
32. Testing       & Upper Material Flexing M/C 3-10      Standardise
    standardization. N stn                               the process/
                                                         product and
33. Testing       & Whole    Shoe         Flexing 3-10   Standardise
    standardisation Machine.                             the process/
    .                                                    product and
34. Testing       & Whole      S ole      Flexing 3-10   Standardise
    standardization. Machine (PFI).                      the process/
                                                         product and
35. Testing       & Bally Style Flexometer-N 3-10        Standardise
    standardization. stn.                                the process/
                                                         product and
36. Testing       & Ross Flex      Machine     in 3-10   Standardise
    standardization. freezer.                            the process/
                                                         product and
37. Testing       & Bata Belt Flexing Machine. 3-10      Standardise
    standardization.                                     the process/
                                                         product and
38. Testing       & Sole Leather Grain Crack 3-10        Standardise
    standardization. Test.                               the process/
                                                         product and
39. Testing       & Plastimeter           Without 3-10   Standardise
    standardization. Micrometer.                         the process/
                                                         product and
40. Testing       & Heel Impact Tester.          3-10    Standardise
    standardization.                                     the process/
                                                         product and
41. Testing       & Heel Fatigue Tester.         3-10    Standardise
    standardization.                                     the process/
                                                         product and
42. Testing       & Heel Pin Pull Out-PM96.        3-10   Standardise
    standardization.                                      the process/
                                                          product and
43. Testing       & Heel Pull-Off machine.         3-10   Standardise
    standardization.                                      the process/
                                                          product and
44. Testing       & Impact machine for Rigid 3-10         Standardise
    standardization. Sole Unit.                           the process/
                                                          product and
45. Testing       & Digital lastomot or.           3-10   Standardise
    standardization.                                      the process/
                                                          product and
46. Testing       & Instant lastomet er.           3-10   Standardise
    standardization.                                      the process/
                                                          product and
47. Testing       & Absorption      of     surface 3-10   Standardise
    standardization. water.                               the process/
                                                          product and
48. Testing       & Permeability/absorption        3-10   Standardise
    standardization. machine.                             the process/
                                                          product and
49. Testing       & Water vapour absorption 3-10          Standardise
    standardization. tester.                              the process/
                                                          product and
50. Testing       & Water vapour permeatility. 3-10       Standardise
    standardization.                                      the process/
                                                          product and
51. Testing       & Break/pipiness       scale   & 3-10   Standardise
    standardization. mandrel.                             the process/
                                                          product and
52. Testing        & Pressure measurement of 3-10         Standardise
    standardization. presses.                              the process/
                                                           product and
53. Testing       & Cold       conductivity     of 3-10    Standardise
    standardization. footwear.                             the process/
                                                           product and
54. Testing       & Heat       conductivity     of 3-10    Standardise
    standardization. footwear.                             the process/
                                                           product and
55. Testing       & Lacquer resistance test c/w 3-10       Standardise
    standardization Meter.                                 the process/
                                                           product and
56. Testing       & Nail penet ration apparatus. 3-10      Standardise
    standardization.                                       the process/
                                                           product and
57. Testing       & Safety      foot wear   impact 3-10    Standardise
    standardization. tester.                               the process/
                                                           product and
58. Testing       & Chisel scuff tester.           3-10    Standardise
    standardization.                                       the process/
                                                           product and
59. Testing       & Impact scuff tester.           3-10    Standardise
    standardization.                                       the process/
                                                           product and
60. Testing       & Seam durability         testing 3-10   Standardise
    standardization. machine.                              the process/
                                                           product and
61. Testing       & Shock absorption tester.       3-10    Standardise
    standardization.                                       the process/
                                                           product and
62. Testing       & Leather             shrink age 3-10    Standardise
    standardization. apparatus.                            the process/
                                                          product and
63. Testing       & Satra slip resistance tester. 3-10    Standardise
    standardization.                                      the process/
                                                          product and
64. Testing       & Sole adhesion tester.         3-10    Standardise
    standardization.                                      the process/
                                                          product and
65. Testing       & Heat resistance tester for 3-10       Standardise
    standardization. sole.                                the process/
                                                          product and
66. Testing       & Tensile tester.               3-10    Standardise
    standardization.                                      the process/
                                                          product and
67. Testing       & Density         det ermination 3-10   Standardise
    standardization. balance.                             the process/
                                                          product and
68. Testing       & Grey scale colour.            3-10    Standardise
    standardization.                                      the process/
                                                          product and
69. Testing       & Grey scale staining.          3-10    Standardise
    standardization.                                      the process/
                                                          product and
70. Testing       & Toe      puff     compression 3-10    Standardise
    standardization. tester.                              the process/
                                                          product and
71. Testing       & Toe puff dome formers.        3-10    Standardise
    standardization.                                      the process/
                                                          product and
72. Testing       & Toe puff-t oggle press.       3-10    Standardise
    standardization.                                      the process/
                                                          product and
   73. Testing       & Bally penetromet er.            3-10           Standardise
       standardization.                                               the process/
                                                                      product and
   74. Testing       & Bally stiffness meter.          3-10           Standardise
       standardization.                                               the process/
                                                                      product and
   75. Testing       & Maser with water detection. 3-10               Standardise
       standardization.                                               the process/
                                                                      product and
   76. Testing       & Sole       leather         water 3-10          Standardise
       standardization. penetration.                                  the process/
                                                                      product and
   77. Testing       & Wrinklometer.                   3-10           Standardise
       standardization                                                the process/
       .                                                              product and
   78     Testing       & Laboratory     P ress     for 3-10          Standardise
          standardization. Adhesives.                                 the process/
                                                                      product and
   79. Testing       & Upper                 leat her 3-10            Standardise
       standardization. waterproofness test.                          the process/
                                                                      product and

b).Items for Leather Industry:

   S. No.      Acti vity     Technology Need           Cost        Advantage s
                                                      (Rs in
   Pre-Tanning Section
     1.     Aluminum        Aluminum Drum of 1.50-10 Wood is becoming
            Drum.           Different shapes and     scarce    and   also
                            Dimensions.              chemicals leak.
     2.     Fleshing        Single/Double      width 10 – 15 Accuracy and higher
            machine.        fleshing machi ne.               productivity will offset
                                                             the cost.
     3.     Unhairing       Single/double     width 10 - 15    Accuracy and higher
                     machine.         unhairing machine.                  productivity will offset
                                                                          the cost.
           Tanning Section (Wet Blue & E.I.)
               1.    Splitting.       Double width through 15-35          Split    the     leather
                                      feed splitting machine.             uniformly.
               2.    Shaving.         Through feed double 20 – 25 Speed of production
                                      width machine.              and final quality of
                                                                  leather improves.
               3.    Setting.         Through feed double 20 – 25 Speed of production
                                      width machine.              and final quality of
                                                                  leather improves.
           Finishing Section
               1.    Vacuum           Vacuum Dryer.             20 – 35 Uniform and quick
                     Dryer.                                             drying. Improves the
                                                                        quality of leather.
               2.    Toggling         Toggling chamber with 5 – 10        Quick production and
                     machine.         or without aut omation.             also helps achieving
                                                                          uniform quality.
               3.    Molissa type Molissa                staking 10 – 15 For     milder   and
                     staking      machine.                               uniform action. Also
                     machine.                                            enhance the safety of
                                                                         work ers.
               4.    Buffing          Combined       Through 10 – 15 Accurate              buffing
                     machine.         feed      single/double        action.
                                      width buffing machine
                                      with dusting operation.
               5.    Contilux.        Contilux.                 15 – 20 Uniform      and    faster
               6.    Roto-Press.      Roto press and Roto 25 – 30 Uniform pressing
               7.    Hydraulic        Hydraulic Press with 15 – 20
                     press.           Automatic time and
               8.    Polishing.       Polishing machine         3–5       Uniform polishing
               9.    Spray booth .    Auto Spray with Dryer     3–5       Uniform   spraying    &
               10.   Finiflex.        Finiflex.                 10 – 25 Uniform effect.
               11.   Curt ain         Curt ain Coater.          10 – 25 For patent & brush off
                     Coat er.                                           leather
               12    Roller coater.   Roller coater.            10 – 25 For patent & brush off

xiv).   Electronic equipment viz test, measuring and assembly/ manufacturing ,
        Industrial proce ss control; Analytical, Medical, Electronic Consumer &
        Communication equipment etc.

         Sl.         Acti vity         Technology Need             Cost         Advantage s
            No.                                                  (Rs in
                                                                 lakh )
             1.   Testing      & Test     &      Measuring Up to 15         Long              term
                  measurement.   equipments,                                reliability, accuracy
                                 Oscilloscope/Digital                       ensures        product
                                 Storage     Oscilloscope,                  quality, consistency
                                 Spectrum        analysers,                 and          improved
                                 Digital Multimeter High                    productivity,
                                 frequency counters &                       product as per the
                                 dedicated                                  national           and
                                 microprocessor       bas ed                international
                                 equipment/ software etc.                   standards.
                                 Test Jigs & fixtures

xv).    Fans & Motors.

            Sl.        Acti vity       Technology Need         Cost           Advantage s
            No.                                               (Rs. in
                                                              lakh )
        1          Manufacturing & •     Automatic     coil Up     to Material       saving,
                                   winding mac hine.        15        Improved    insulation,
                   Testing.                                           Improved performance
                                     •              Vacuum            and increased energy
                                     Impregnation plant.              efficiency.

                                     • Hydraulic press for
                                     stacking and s haft

                                     • Surface grinder for
                                     finishing the rotor

                                     • Dynamic balancing

                                     • Testing equipment
                                     as per BIS

xvi).   General Light Service (GLS} Lamps.

         Sl.          Acti vity        Technology Need        Cost(Rs. in        Advantage
         No.                                                    lakh)
        1.        Manufacturing    & i) Exhaust tube (lead 20 - 25          Improves
                  Testing.           glass cutting machine).                productivity quality
                                                                            and better output.
                                     ii)  Flare     Machine
                                     (Score cut/hot cut).

                                     iii) Automatic stem
                                     making machine with
                                   annealing facilities.

                                   iv) Filament mounting

                                   v) Sealing machine.

                                   vi) V acuum and gas
                                   filling machine.

                                   vii) Capping machine
                                   and          s oldering

                                   viii)  Bas e       Filling
                                   Machine            (Fully

                                   ix) Cement Mixture
                                   machine with motor.

                                   x)  Sleeve    making
                                   Machine with motor.

                                   xi) Packing Machine
                                   Automatic with one

                                   (xii) Testing equipment
                                   as per


xvii).    Information Technology (Hardware).

           Sl.       Acti vity       Technology Need            Cost (Rs        Advantage s
           No.                                                  in lakh)
            1.   IT Hardware.     Digital          Storage 25- 30           Long term reliability,
                                  Oscilloscope,   Spectrum                  accuracy      ens ures
                                  analyzers,                                product        quality,
                                                                            Consistency       and
                                  Digital multi meters ,                    improved
                                  Dedic ated                                productivity, product
                                  microprocessor      based                 as per the national
                                  equipment/software, Test                  and     international
                                  Jigs & Fixtures, Soldering                standards.

xviii).   Mineral Filled Sheathed heating Element.

           Sl.        Acti vity      Technology Need            Cost (Rs.       Advantage s
           No.                                                  in lakh )
        1.        Manufacturing.      i)  Automatic       filling Up      to i)Increas e          in
                                      machine   for       MgO 15.0           Insulation         and
                                      powder .                               dielectric
                                      ii) Swaging mac hine.
                                                                             ii)Inc reas e in life of
                                      iii)Thermostatically                   the element.
                                      temperature controlled
                                      oven for annealing.                    iii)Reduced

xix).   Transformer/ Electrical Stampings/             Laminations/Coil s/Choke s including
        Solenoid Coils, Assemblies.

         Sl. No.          Acti vity       Technology Need         Cost          Advantage s
                                                                (Rs. in
                                                                 lakh )
             1.      Manufac uring     & i) Use of vac uum Up          to Improvement in quality
                     Testing.            impregnated plant, 10            and           reliability.
                                         automatic/CNC coil               Improvement             in
                                         winding mac hine,                productivity. Product
                                         temperature control              as                    per
                                         drying oven, CNC                 National/International
                                         Winding mac hine,                Standards. Reduced
                                         Cylindrical Grinding             rejection.
                                         machine,       Pulse
                                         welding mac hine,
                                         Digital     Storage
                                         Oscilloscope       &
                                         analyzer       (PLC
                                         based) etc.
                                          (ii)     Amorphous 34           Reduction               in
                                          Metal         Core              transmission loss       of
                                          Trans formers      28           electrical energy.

                                          (a)    CNC     Core 5           Reduction in electricity
                                          Cutting Machine of              expenses, man-power
                                          high efficiency to              reduction          and
                                          cut brittle glassy              accurate.
                                          metal of t hickness
                                          less     than    50             To    soften    metals
                                          microns.                        during working.

                                          (b)      Annealing              Improvement in quality
                                          furnace     having              and reliability.

                                          (c)        Testing
                                          equipments      for
                                          testing  electrical
                                         and        magnetic
                                         losses,      power
                                         supply etc.
                                         iii)      Electrical 10           Reduction in no load
                                         Stampings/                        losses,       Increased
                                         Laminations.                      efficiency of the end
                                                                           product         mat erial
                                         Natural Gas based                 saving in rejection .


                                         based      Electric

xx).    Wires and Cable.

         Sl.        Acti vity         Technology Need           Cost (Rs.        Advantage s
         No.                                                    in lakh )
          1.    Manufacturing        (i) Extruder with proper 25             Improved      coating
                and Testing.         temperature      control,               resulting in better
                                     pre-heating etc., speed 10              insulation properties
                                     control , spark tester                  and meeting other
                                     for dielectric strength                 quality paramet ers.
                                     control, accurate dies
                                     and proper back up

                                     (ii) Testing and quality
                                     control equipm ents as
                                     per B IS mark.

xxi).   Auto parts and components including re -refining of Lubri cating oils

         Sl.      Acti vity          Technology Need             Cost            Advantage s
         No.                                                    (Rs. in
                                                                lakh )
          1    Testing.         Laboratory          Testing
                                                              1.50 – 3.50 Quality     assurance
                                a)          Metallurgical                 &quality       control,
                                Microscope with image                     Defects       analysis,
                                analyzer, photographic                    process        control,
                                attachment.      sample                   Greater         market
                                preparation machines.         1           acceptability, quality
                                                                          check, meeting ISO
                                b) Stroh lien apparatus,                  certification
                                Muffle    furnace,    hot     5
                                plate, Glassware etc.
                                                              up to 0.75
                                c)     U. T.S.   Hardness
                    Tester .
                                               up to 3
                    d) Izod & Charpy Impact
                    testing machine.        up to 1.50

                    e) Ultrasonic testing m/c 12-20
                    f) Manaflux testing m/c
                                                             A testing equipment
                    g) Spectrometer .                        to test the friction
                                                             behaviour of disc
                    h) Dimensional control                   brake     pads/brake
                    equipments,        surface 7             linings,        while
                    plate     for    marking,                stimulating normal to
                    Height gauge, Micro- As                  extreme conditions
                    meter,      Verniers     & prevalent     on a braking system.
                    Profile Projector.
                    i) CNC operated Brake                    Testing equipment
                    Shoe Dy namometer.                       for testing the friction
                                                             behaviour of Disc
                    j)   Brake          shoe                 brake      pads/brake
                    Dynamometer.                             linings.

2.   Design       & Computers       &   CAD 1.50 - 15        Computerization of
     development.   Software,      Simulation                design & dev. to
                    software             with                gain efficient & fast
                    Printers/Plotter.                        working,       greater
                                                             market acceptability,
                                                             cost saving, quality
                                                             assuranc e, process
3.   Manufacturing. Productive Equipment : 2.-50             Upgrading facility &
                    Gas fired/oil crucible                   Modernization       on
                    melting furnac e, Drop                   result            and
                    hammers,                                 diversification
                    Stamping/Forging                         towards forward &
                    Presses,         Electric                backward int egration
                    furnace/ Gas      based                  to gain efficiency &
                    reheating furnace, Band                  higher profit margin,
                    saw, Billet shear, CNC                   Greater         market
                    wire cut EDM, CNC                        acceptability,    skill
                    Milling, CNC Lathe,                      improvement       and
                    Cylindrical grinding &                   better         working
                    Hobing machine, Tool                     environment.
                    grinder,        Surface
                    Grinder, Radial drill,
                    Shaper/planner, Vertical
                    turret boring machine,
                    Special         purpose
                    component machining
                    machine for high rate of
                    production       (SPM),
                                    Polishing & Coating
                                    machine,             Heat
                                    treatment     equipment,
                                    Gas         fired/Electric
                                    furnace for annealing,
                                    normalizing, hardening,
                                    Tempering, Gas based
                                    Gen set.
              4.   In mould Label 1)    High    pressure 18.50                - To form foil of
                   for Automobile forming machine,                            required shape in
                   industry                                                   imd technique of
                   technology.                                                decorating     3d
                                  2)    High    pressure 8                    surfaces.
                                                                              - To give 3d shape
                                                                              to the plain foil which
                                                                 20           requires 90vars to
                                    3) Injection moulding                     300 vars.

                                                                              Quality   products,
                                                                              avoid the use of
                                                                              adhesive tape for
                                                                              sticking       the
                                                                              component, recycle
         5.        Surface          a) Autophoretic Painting 46               Better           paint
                   treatment.       Plant.                                    durability,       cost
                                                                              saving, consistency
                                                                              in quality, better
                                                                              productivity and eco-
                                                                              friendly process.
         Re-refining of lubricating oil.
         6         Re-refining of a)       Falling       film As       per    Eco-friendly
                   lubricating oil. evaporation system.       prevalent       technology.
                   Testing      and b)     Wiped         film rate.           For         enhanced
                   Quality control. evaporation system.                       quality control.
                                    Equipment for testing
                                    and quality control.

         * Cross references of technologies approved for Forging, Foundry and
         General Engineering Industry under the guidelines can be taken w hich
         are also applicable for Auto parts and components.

xxii).   Bicycles Parts.

          Sl.         Acti vity        Technology Need            Cost (Rs.       Advantage s
          No.                                                     in lakhs)
         1.        B.B. Axle,      a) P roduction Machines & 5-55             Quality
                                   Equipments                                 Improvement,
                                                                              Increased durability
     B.B. Cup,      Cold Forging Plants and         of     the product,
                    Forging/Forming Tools for       Higher productivity,
     Pedal Axle,    B.B. Axle, Pedal Axle,          Better       working
                    Hub Cone, Head Ball             environment,
     Pedal Cone,    Race      Fittings,   Pedal     Minimized air/Water
                    Cone, Five-Station Nut          pollution,    Better
                    Formers, Knuckle Joint          Market acceptability.
     Hub Cups,      Presses, , Computerized
     Pedal Cups,    Electroplating/ Zinc Plants,
                    Effluent Water Treatment
     Hub Cone,      Plant,     Air      Pollution
                    Cont rol Equipments etc.
                    b) Tool Room Machines :
                      CNC Wire Cut Machine,
     Cent re-B ody, CNC Milling Machine,
                      Hydraulic       Surface
                      Grinder,  CNC/Precision
     Head        Ball
                      Tool Room Lathe
     Race, Fittings.
2.   Front   Fork, a) Production Machines : 5-55    Quality
     Frame,                                         Improvement,
     Handle.       Tube S waging (Tapering          Increased durability
                   Machine), Tube B utting          of     the product,
                   Machine,           Electric      Higher productivity,
                   Resistance         Brazing       Better       working
                   Machine, Cam Operated            environment,
                   Profile   MIG      Welding       Minimized         air
                   Machine, Hydraulic Pipe          pollution,    Better
                   Bending           Machine,       market acceptability.
                   Hydraulic   Fork     Blade
                   Bending Machine, Dip
                   Brazing/      De-brassing
                   Plant,      Computerized
                   Automatic Electroplating
                   Plant, Powder Coating
                   Plants, Electrostatic Disc
                   or Bell Type Paint Plants
                   for    mass     production,
                   Gas/Electrically    heated
                   paint    baking      ovens
                   including continuous line
                   production ovens, Fork
                   Truing & Straight ening
                   Machine, Impact Test
                   (Frame      and       Fork
                   Assembly falling Mass),
                   Impact Test (Frame &
                   Fork Assembly of Falling
                   Assembly), Static Load
                   Test on Frame with
                   Pneumatic Cylinder, Front
                   Fork Fatique test with
                       Computer         Interface,
                       Handle     fatique      and
                       Vibration            testing
                       equipment,           Frame
                       Dynamic             Testing

                       b) Tool Room machines:

                       CNC Milling Machine,
                       CNC/Precision         Tool
                       Room Lathe, CNC Wire
                       Cut    Machine,      E DM
                       (Spark Erosion machine),
                       CAD/ CAM facilities.
3.   Rims,             • Production Machines & 5-55        Quality
     Mudguards.        Equipment                   :       Improvement,
                       Simultaneous Rim hole               Increased durability
                       punching           Machine          of     the product,
                       (Mechanical),                       Higher productivity,
                       Simultaneous Rim Hole               Better       working
                       Punching           Machine          environment,
                       (Hydraulic),     P rojection        Minimized         air
                       Computerized                        pollution,    better
                       Electroplating        Plant,        market acceptability.
                       Power Coating Plant,
                       Electrostatic Disc or B ell
                       Type Painting Plant for
                       mass            production,
                       Gas/Electrically Operated
                       Paint    baking      Ovens,
                       Automatic rim making
                       machine,            profiling
                       machine,     Multi     head
                       Seam welding machine
                       and Semi automatic flash
                       welding mac hine.

                       • Tool Room Machines :

                       CNC      Wire      Cutting
                       Machine, CNC Milling
                       Machine,             CNC/
                       Pneumatic Tool Room
                       Lathe, Spark       Erosion
                       Machine            (EDM),
                       CAD/ CAM facilities etc.
4.   Bicycle    life   All types       of t esting 1 -10   Quality
     Test, Fatigue     equipment for fatigue test,         Improvement,
     Test, Gadgets/    accelerat ed life testing as        Increased durability
     Equipment.        per        IS/ISO/ JIS/ DIN/        of    the    product,
                       BS/FR Standards.                    Better         market
xxiii).   Combustion Device s/Appliances.

xxiv).    Forging & Hand Tool s.

           S.        Acti vity        Technology Need       Cost            Advantage s
           No.                                              (
          1.     Stock Cutting.    Automatic Band saw 3-5 each.         Higher          cutting
                                   machine with indexing                accuracy,
                                   & circular sawing.
                                                                        Preferred for Alloy
                                                                        steel cutting,

                                                                        recommended          for
                                                                        upset forging
                                   Mechanic al pneumatic 40-70          High productivity
                                   clutch operat ed Crank each
                                   type Billet shearing                 Low cutting loss.
          2.     Material          Fork lift.               2-10 each   Quick    &          safe
                 handling.                                              material &         tools
                                   Overhead crane/swing                 movement          inside
                                   frame crane.                         shop.

                                   Automatic     conveyor               Facilitate     better
                                   systems.                             house keeping.

                                                                        Clean               work
          3.     Heating.          Oil/Gas fired energy 2.50-5          Energy efficient.
                                   efficient furnaces with
                                   recuperator           &              Consistent Quality.
                                   temperature controls.
                                   Continuous Electrical 10-30          Eco-friendly, Fast &
                                   billet  heaters    with              uniform heating, less
                                   temperature control .                space requirement,
                                                                        automation possible.
          4.     Forge shop.       Pneumatic      double 30-80          High production rat e,
                                   acting hammer.                       reduced
                                                                        maintenance cost
                                   High energy     forging 20-80        High production rat e,
                                   presses.                             Production of close
                                                                        tolerance    forging,
                                                                        less             skill
                                   Micro processor based, 10-30         High production rat e,
                                   Energy      controlled,              controlled      blow
                                   pneumatic        clutch              pattern,         low
                                   operated,        Screw               investment, less skill
friction presses.                 requirement.
Knuckle joint presses.   10-25    Improved         press
                                  stiffness, less space
                                  requirement,     good
                                  off    ualit   loading
Cold and warm forging 25-80       Precision     forging,
mechanic al      presses          complete
with eccentric drive.             automation, less tool
                                  changeover       time,
                                  high productivity.
Fully          automatic 20-35    Suitable    for   high
electrical upsetter.              value items such as
                                  rear axle shaft, dead
                                  axle shaft, etc., high
                                  productivity, less skill
Hydraulic double acting 50-100    Precision    forging
hammer.                           with high production
                                  rate    &   reduced
                                  maintenance cost.
Modified K nuckle joint 40-100    Precision     forging
presses for cold/warm             with post forging
forging.                          operations minimized
                                  less raw mat erial
                                  wastage,          high
                                  production       rat e,
                                  automation feasible.
Multi station horizontal 40-100   Cold     forging    of
formers.                          socket      wrenc hes,
                                  driving, accessories,
                                  screw driver blades
                                  with bolsters.

                                  Precision     forging
                                  with post forging
                                  minimized, less raw
                                  material    wastage,
                                  high production rat e,
                                  automation feasible.
Material       gathering 5-20     To reduce the raw
machines            with          material     wastage
electrical heaters.               during manufacture
                                  of items such as
                                  wheel      wrenc hes,
                                  extension      bars,
                                  handles etc.
Hot S hearing automats 30-60      Microprocessor
forging presses.                  control,       high
                     Wide Ram Trimming, 10-20        Allows large ram
                     Presses.                        area sustain high
                                                     degree of off center
                                                     loading,   precision
                     Reduce           rolling 5-15   Higher     production
                     machine.                        rate,    less     skill
                                                     Capable of making
                                                     performs of various
                                                     cross sectional areas
                                                     and lengths, high
5.   Heat Treatment Gas         fired/High 2.50-5    Eco-friendly, reduced
     section.       temperature    furnace           scale           losses,
                    with        automatic            facilitate aut omation,
                    temperature controller           quality improvement.
                    & recorder.
                     Fludised    bed    heat 20-80   Eco friendly, highly
                     treatment    line  with         energy        efficient,
                     controlled atmos pheres         requiring    minimum
                     and recuperators for            time/energy to come
                     preheating.                     on     line.   Flexible
                                                     operations          with
                                                     adaptability to handle
                                                     small         batches,
                                                     minimizing           de-
                                                     carburisation as well
                                                     provides flexibility to
                                                     carry out process
                                                     such as carburizing,
                                                     carbonitriding      and
                                                     cyaniding      without
                                                     use of polluting salts.
                                                     No                  pre-
                                                     required,          post
                                                     treatment     cleaning
                     Medium      Frequency 10-20     For controlled depth
                     Induction Heaters.              surface hardening of
                                                     tools such as pipe
                                                     wrenches       jaws,
                                                     hammers,       pliers
                                                     teeth etc. improved
                     Electrical   resistance 2-5     Eco-friendly uniform
                     furnace.                        heating,     precise
                     Forced air circulation 1-3      Uniform heating.
                         Forced     air     low 1-3                Requirement          for
                         temperature furnace.                      tempering.
6.   Electroplating.     Electrostatic      powder 50              Automatic       heating
                         coating plant.                            spray and       coating
                         Electro less       plating 5-10           For improved flake
                         equipment.                                less, hard and wear
                                                                   resistance coating.
                         Manganese                    2-10         A            hydrogen
                         phosphating plant.                        embrittlement     free
                                                      90-200       process for providing
                         Automatic                                 a corrosion resistant
                         Electroplating Plant.                     black finish suit able
                                                                   for impact tools.
                         Vibrator/Barrels    along
                         with media.
7.   Finishing         & Shot blasting machine. 3-5                Faster          scale
     Cleaning.                                                     removal,      Improve
                                                                   surface finish.
                         Aluminium Oxide Grit 1-5                  Hydrogen
                         Blasting Machine.                         embrittlement    free
                                                                   pre-cleaning process
                                                                   required before Mn.
                                                                   Phosphating         of
                                                                   Impact Tools.
                         Tumb blast machine.          As per the   Low cost, suitable for
                                                      prevailing   small         forging,
                                                      market       Improved      surface
                                                      rate.        finish.
8.   Quality Control & Metallurgical Testing :                     Quality     assurance,
     Testing.                                                      Defect         analysis,
                       Metallurgical           1.50-3.50           Diversific ation    e. g.
                       Microscope with image                       S.G. Iron production
                       analyzer, photographic                      equipment essential
                       attachment,     sample                      to meet         process
                       preparation machines.                       control requirements.
                         a)Strohlien Apparat us,
                         Muffle furnace, Hot
                         plate, Glass ware etc.
                                                      upto 3       Quality       control,
                                                                   Defect investigation,
                         b) Universal       Testing                Quality   assurance,
                         Machine.                     12-20        Consistency         in
                                                                   quality,     Reduced
                         c) Spectrometer.             upto 1       defective     casting,
                                                                   Cost control.
                         d) Hardness tester.          upto 0.75

                         e) Izod     &      Charpy
                         Impact             testing upto 3.00
                           machine.                        upto 1.50

                           f)Ultrasonic         testing 50-100

                           g)Magnetic           particle
                           testing m/c

                           h) Tongue testing and
                           life  cycle     testing
                           equipment for hand
9.    Inspection.          Surface    plate     for 0.50               Quality   assurance,
                           marking, Height gauge,                      Defect analysis.
                           Micrometer, Vernier.
10.   Design             & Computers       & CAD 1.50-15               Computerization of
      Development.         Software,      simulation                   design            &
                           software             with                   development to gain
                           Printers/Plotter.                           efficient &     fast
11.   Utility Section.     Gas    fired generating 15-40               Eco-friendly,      low
                           set.                                        power cost.
12.   Tool room.           CNC turning center.             10-20       Improved      quality,
                                                                       high      productivity,
                                                                       Precision machining,
                           CNC milling machine.            15-50       Improved      quality,
                                                                       high      productivity,
                                                                       Precision machining,
                           Electro    Discharge 3-8                    Improved      quality,
                           machine (EDM).                              high      productivity,
                                                                       Precision machining,
                           CNC Wire cut machine. 10-20                 Improved      quality,
                                                                       high      productivity,
                                                                       Precision machining,
                           Profile projector.              0.50-2      Easy to understand
                                                                       drawing and make
                           3   D    co-ordinating 2-5                  Accurate
                           machine.                                    dimensional
                           Plastic Blow Moulding 25-75                 For     manufacturing
                           Machine.                                    tool kits.
                           Fully Automatic CNC 15                      Modern version , for
                           Injection   Moulding                        making handle of
                           machine.                                    srew drivers and
                                                                       sleeves of pliers.
                                Special       P urpose 5-25              Special purpose.
                                machines Welding S ets
                                (for making special
                                steel vices).
                                Special        P urpose 50-100           Special Purpose.
                                machines             for
                                finishing     Spanner,
                                Wrenches and other
                                Packing Machine.          25-50          For packing.

xv).   Foundries – Steel and Cast Iron .
       a). Foundries – Steel and Cast Iron.
            Sl.    Acti vity   Technology Need            Cost (Rs in         Advantage s
           No.                                              lakh)
           1.    Melting Section. Divided blast cupola. 3-5               15 per cent coke
                                                                          saving, Better melt
                                                                          quality,     Higher
                                                                          temperature, Lower
                                                                          Reduced          air
                                  Gas fired cupola.       12-15           Eco friendly, Higher
                                                                          temperature, Better
                                                                          melt quality.
                                  Gas      fired      Pit 0.75-1.50       Eco friendly, Higher
                                  furnace.                                tapping
                                                                          temperature, Better
                                                                          melt quality.
                                  Oil    fired     rotary 37              Pollution     control,
                                  furnace.                (imported),     Better         quality
                                                                          product,         cost
                                                          3               effective.
                                  Induction     Furnace 10 - 25           Flexibility        to
                                  with cooling tower &                    produce      ferrous
                                  water       treatment                   castings    of    all
                                  plant.                                  grades, Flexibility
                                                                          for    charge    mix
                                                                          selection, Best melt
                                                                          quality,         Eco
                                  Induction         ladle 30-40           Value          added
                                  refining furnace.                       casting,         eco
                                  D.C. Arc Furnace.       30-40           Special        grade
                                                                          castings,        eco
                       Oil    fired      rotary 37.40           It     is     proven
                       furnace.                 (imported).     technology,
                                                                reduced          air.
                                                  30            pollution,     better
                                                  indigenous.   quality      product,
                                                                cost effective .
                       Metal           Refining 40              Value         added
                       Converter.                               castings,       eco
                       Skip charger         for Up o 1.50       Ease of charging,
                       cupola.                                  reduced       labour
                                                                cost, better control.
                       Pouring/treatment    Up to 1             Quality assurance,
                       ladles as per Indian                     increased safety for
                       standard       4475,                     workmen.
2.   Utility Section   Gas           bas ed Up to 30            Reduced           air
                       Generating set.                          pollution,    energy
3.   Quality   Control Metallurgical              1.50-10       Quality assurance,
     Lab.              Testing:                                 Defect       analysis,
                                                                Diversific ation e.g.
                       Metallurgical                            SG Iron Production
                       Microscope       with                    equipment
                       image       analyzer,                    essential to meet
                       photographic                             process        control
                       attachment, sample                       requirements.
                       Laboratory Testing / 1                   Quality      control,
                       Quality      Cont rol                    defect
                       equipment.            Up to 3            investigation,
                                                                Quality assurance,
                       Stroholien           15-25               Consistency        in
                       Apparatus,    Muffle                     quality,    Reduced
                       furnace, Hot Plate, Up to 1              defective casting,
                       Glass ware etc.                          Cost control.

                                                  Up to 0.75
                                                  Up to 3
                       Spectrometer / Mass
                                                  Up to 1.50
                       Hardness tester.

                       e) Izod &       Charpy
                       Impact          testing

                       Ultrasonic       testing

                g) Magnaflux testing
                Sand           Testing 2 to 8       Reduced defective
                equipment Moisture                  casting,
                Teller,      Universal              consistency       in
                Sand          St rength             quality, Reduction
                testing      machine,               in additives cost,
                Sieve          shaking              Better    as    cast
                devic e,                            surface finish.
                scale,            Rapid
                Moisture          Teller,
                Permeability Meter,
                Mold        Hardness
                Tester,           Muffle
                furnace,          Wash
                Hotplate,        Vortex
                shaker,     Centrifuge
                etc., Shatter index
                machine,       Scratch
                Hardness         Tester,
                Stick     point,     hot
                tensile, peel back
                Dimensional              Up to 10   Quality assurance,
                Inspection                          Defect analysis.

                Surface plate for
                marking,       Height
                gauge, Micrometer,
                Vernier,       Profile
                projector with Digital
                Reading       system,
                Dial & Micro snap
                gauges,      Floating
                careage            dia
                measuring machine,
                3-Co-ordinat e
                Process        Cont rol 0.75-1.75   Consistency     in
                Equipment:                          quality,  Reduced
                                         0.20       defective casting,
                a) Carbon equivalent                Cost saving.

                b) Pyromet er (dip
                type immersion).
4.   Design   & Computers & CA D 1.50 - 15          Computerisation of
     Development     Software's,                         design              &
                     simulation soft ware                development        to
                     with Printers/Plotter.              gain efficient & fast
5.   Molding/Core.   Intensive mixers.        2.50 - 5   Reduced defective
                                                         casting, Better as
                                                         cast surface finish,
                                                         Reduction         in
                                                         additive       cost,
                                                         Reduced          air
                     Simultaneous             3-10       Higher productivity,
                     Jolt/Squeeze                        dimensional
                     moulding machine.                   accuracy, less skill
                     Shell          Moulding 3-5         Higher productivity,
                     Machine.                            dimensional
                                                         accuracy, less skill
                     Cent rifugal    casting 1.50-3.50   Liner       castings
                     machine.                            exclusive process,
                     Spun pipe casting up to 40          Export     potential,
                     machine.                            higher productivity,
                                                         eco friendly.
6    Investment      Wax            Injection up to 10   Requirement      for
     Casting         Machines.                           modern investment
                                                         casting process.
                     Sand            Raining up to 4     Requirement      for
                     Machine.                            modern investment
                                                         casting process.
                     Slurry Mixtures.         Up to 2    Requirement      for
                                                         modern investment
                                                         casting process.
                     Dewaxing Oven.           Up to 2    Requirement      for
                                                         modern investment
                                                         casting process.
                     Burt out furnace.        Up to 2    Requirement      for
                                                         modern investment
                                                         casting process.
                     Belt Polishless.         Up to 1    Requirement      for
                                                         modern investment
                                                         casting process.
                     Sand    reclamation Up to 20        Cost         saving,
                     system.                             pollution   control,
                                                         reduced     binders
                     Continuous mixer for Up to 15       Reduced additive
                     no bake sand.                       cost,      Quality
                                                      Pollution  control,
                                                      Improved quality.
                    Shot         blasting Up to 8     Better    surface
                    machine.                          finish & Quality
                    CO    2      Gassing Up to 0.50   Cost       saving,
                    machine.                          pollution control,
                    Moulding boxes as Up to 3         Better dimensional
                    per Indian Standard               accuracy,    higher
                    1280 & 10518.                     productivity
                    Core shooter-shell or 2 - 5       Higher P roductivity,
                    no bake sand.                     Consistency         in
                                                      quality,   Narrower
                                                      as                cast
                                                      Excellent finish.
7.   Heat Treatment Induction Hardening 10 - 15       Higher P roductivity,
     Section.       Equipment                         Consistency        in
                                        3–5           quality,        eco
                    100 KW, 500Hz to                  friendly.
                    3KHz.               1-3
                                                      Cost          saving,
                    Removable Hearth 0.75             Consistency        in
                    type chamber F/C                  quality,       Better
                    upto 1200 C moving 1.50           productivity.
                    with        computer
                    compatible     temp.              Reduced       labour
                    controller.          0.30         cost,         Higher
                    Handling equipment-               Consistency       in
                    overhead crane- 2                 quality.
                    ton capacity.
                    Quenching.                        requirement        to
                                                      achieve quality.
                    Water     quenching
                    tank-with       Heat              Process
                    exchanger unit.                   requirement        to
                                                      achieve quality.
                    ii. Oil Quenching
                    tank-fitted with oil              Process
                    heating     &    heat             requirement        to
                    exchanger to obt ain              achieve quality.
                    desired & cooling
                    rates for hardening.

                    iii. Air   quenching
   8.     Machine Shop.      CNC              Milling 25-30           Higher productivity,
                             machine.                                 dimensional
                                                       10-15          accuracy, less skill
                             CNC Lat he Machine.                      requirement,
                                                  up to 3             Consistency       in
                             Capstan lathe/Turret                     quality.
                             lathe.               up to 5

                             Radial Drill.             up to 3

                             Planner.                  up to 3

                             Shaper.                   up to 5

                             Jig Boring Machine.       up to 3

                             Hydraulic       Hooning
   9.     Pattern Shop.      CNC Milling.              30-50          Higher P roductivity,
                                                                      Consistency        in
                             Pentograph.               Up to 2        quality,   Narrower
                                                                      as               cast
                             Drilling.                 Up to 1.00     dimensions,
                                                                      Excellent     finish,
                                                                      Better productivity.
                             Disc and bobino Up to 3
                             sand grinder.
   10.    Fettling Section. Shot             Blasing up to 5          Higher P roductivity,
                            Machine.                                  Process
                                                       up to 0.50     requirement        to
                             Pedestal Grinder.                        achieve quality.
                                                       up to 0.25
                             Swing            Frame
                             Grinder.                  up to 0.50

                             Painting Booth.

   Pollution Control.
    S.        Acti vity      Technology Need              Cost          Advantage s
    No.                                                 (Rs. in
   1       Pollution         Wet       Scrubber, Variable up Reduction         of
           Cont rol          Cyclone,   Ventury to 15        suspended
                             Scrubber,      Bag              particulat e  matter
                             Filter.                         (SPM) emissions.

b). Foundry chemicals.

    S.           Acti vity           Technology Need          Cost       Advantages
    No.                                                     (Rs. in
                1          Resin.              Stainless steel         25    By      using      SS
                                               kettle or reactor             reactor         vessel
                                               complete plant                replacing Mildseel
                                                  assembly.                  vessel eliminates
                                                                             iron content from
                                                                             resin      improving
                                                                             quality of resin
                                                                             eliminating casting
                                                                             defects due to iron
                                                                             content in the resin
                                                                             which results int o
                                                                             surface        defects,
                                                                             blow holes, pin
                                                                             holes.       It    will
                                                                             productivity, quality
                                                                             of product and
                                                                             work environment
                                                                             in the unit.
                                             Thermic       Oil          4    It saves energy
                                             Heating System,                 considerably and is
                                             3000 Kcal/hr.                   absolutely
                                                                             friendly and there
                                                                             is no pollution.
                2   Exothermic/insulating Oven for B aking             25    It           reduces
                         Sleeves.         Sleeves, Molding                   requirement        of
                                          Machines,                          molten metal for
                                          Vacuum system.                     risers          thus
                                                                             increasing yield of
                                                                             castings to the
                                                                             level of sometimes
                                                                             more than 20%.
                                                                             Highly        energy
                                                                             saving,          cost
                                                                             reduction system
                                                                             thus       improving

xxvi).   General Engineering Works.

          S.         Acti vity        Technology Nee d              Cost        Advantage s
          No.                                                      (
          1.    General               General Engineering 5 - 55            Modernisation and
                Engineering      for Works     for Multiple                 results in efficiency
                Multiple use:-        Use.                                  gain, greater market
                                      CNC       wire    cut                 acceptability,    skill
                                      machine, EDM, CNC                     improvement       and
                                      lathe    along  with                  better,        working
                                      rotary         table                  environment.
                                      attachment,     CNC
                                      milling, CNC drilling
                                      machine etc.          Prevailing
                Hand         tools,                          market
                 Surgical                            price.                     Better design, faster
                 equipment,        b) Inverter based                            response          time,
                 Bicycle    parts, Welding Mac hine.                            extremely low ripple,
                 Auto       parts,                                              smaller in size &
                 Machine    tools.                                              lighter    in   weight
                 Precision                                                      hence         portable,
                 machined parts.                                                more efficient during
                                                                                welding, better weld
                                                                                quality and energy
                                                                                efficient operation.
          2.     Heat treatment.        Induction furnaces,         up to 30    Enhancement          of
                                        Gas       Carborizing                   mechanic al
                                        furnace,    QC       &                  properties.
                                        Testing equipments
                                        such     as   Vickers
                                        hardness       testing
                                        equipment etc.
             3   Skill upgradation. Modern      software            Up to 40
                                    driven   equipments
                                    such as CNC trainer
                                    mill,      CAD/CAM
                                    software and modern
                                    audio          visual
xxvii). Gold Plating Industry and jewellery.

        a)Gold Plating Industry and jewellery.

         Sl.            Acti vity             Technology Need          Cost         Advantage s
         No.                                                          (Rs. in
        1.       Automatic          plating Automatic                2–5        Increased production
                 operation.                 Electroplating unit.                in conditions safe for
                                                                                handling and better
                                                                                control of quality.
        1.       Power supply.              Pulse Rectifier.         1- 2       Better Quality       in
        3.       Polishing.                 Polishing machine.       0.50       Better finish    after
        4.       Cleaning           before Ultrasonic cleaner.       1          For         effective
                 plating.                                                       cleaning of int ricate
        5.       Demineralising.            Demineraliser          or 0.50      For preparation of
                                            Deioniser unit.                     plating solutions of
                                                                                better standard.
        6.       Lacquering Unit.           Electrophoretic          4          For increased life of
                                            Lacquering Unit.                    plated product.
        7.       Baking.                    Oven             with 0.50          For increased life of
                                            temperature control.                plated product.
        b) Gold melting and refining.
1.   Gold melting.          a)Induction   Melting 5        Pollution       free,
                            furnace with Crucible.         quicker        time,
                                                           Reduced      Melting
                                                           losses,     reduced
                                                       8   consumption        of
                            b)Gas fired melting            energy/unit wt. of
                            furnace with crucible.         melting      highest

                                                           Flexibility of handling
                                                           different sizes of
                                                           crucibles, less fuel
                                                           cost/unit      wt.    of
                                                           melting & highest
2.   Gold refining.         High             quality 49    More superior than
                            Borosilicate      glass        existing plant with
                            reaction V essel, non-         highest      possible
                            rusting non corrosive          recovery           of
                            fitting   and     joints       gold/totally
                            double             fume        environmental
                            condensation                   friendly     meeting
                            columns & scrubber             standards.
                            highly efficient for
                            absorbing      reaction
                            gases,       automatic
                            charging     of     acid
3.   Scrubbing & filtration. High P ower water jet 3.50    High          capacity
                            vacuum             pump        vacuum and water
                            specially    built   for       jet pumps for faster
                            chemical plants with           and efficient water
                            security valves etc.           circulation for heat
                                                           transfer and acid
                                                           fume neutraliz ation,
                                                           reduced       pollution
                                                           free      air     from
4.   Recovery    of   bye- Electrolytic       silver 8     Recovery of High
     products.              refining          plant        Purity Bye Products,
                            complete            with       environment friendly,
                            stabilized      power,         pollution & dust free.
                            power           current
                            rectifier,       anode
                            preparation moulds, 12
                            Hot air drying and
                            washing      centrifuge
                            and accessories &
                            wheeled filtering unit.

                            Electrolytic    silver
                            refining        tank,
                            recycling tank     for
                            silver solution with
         5.     Drying.                 Thermostatic     stove 4          Reduces losses due
                                        dryer for Gold grains             to        evaporation,
                                        powder crystals.                  reduces        melting
                                                                          losses and hazards,
                                                                          removes unwanted
                                                                          volatile matters.
         6.     Filtration            & Dual           column 2           In    house     quality
                Demineralisation.       automatic        water            control on desired
                                        demineralisers    with            purity necessary to
                                        holding       metallic            wash refined Gold
                                        structure and inlet               for       maint aining
                                        filters.                          desired purity.
         7.     Precipitation         / Storage               & 3         Totally Pollution free
                Reduction.              sediment ation tanks              no evaporation of
                                        for    gold    chloride           gold           chloride
                                        solution coming from              solution,      reduces
                                        Aquaregia          gold           losses      of     fine
                                        refining plant after              gold/particles.
                                        gold Precipitation.
         8.     Flue gas outlets.       Plenum        Chamber 2.50        Sucks heat fumes &
                                        complete with hopper              fine particles of gold
                                        & flanged connection              reduces temperature
                                        for pipelines                     in melting area &
                                                                          improves          work
         9.     Fume           Particles Steel cyclone for 3.50           Preventing precious
                recovery     plant for washing & recovery                 metal          losses
                melting.                of fume    particles              improving
                                        coming from melting               profitability.

xxviii). Locks.

          Sl.         Acti vity       Technology need             Cost        Advantage s
          No.                                                   (Rs. in
         1.       Locks-Lever type Three Axis CNC Drilling 11.25          Enhance            and
                  & Pin cylinder Machine for Multiple                     consistent      quality,
                  type.            Drilling in Brass Body/                improves
                                   Tumbler.                               productivity.
                                    Three Axis-CNC K ey 12.75
                                    Indent or for Dimple
                                    Type keys.
                                    Automatic    Key Serial 3
                                    number         Stamping

                                    Pin Making Machine -     6.50
                                  Automatic Pin Cutting.
                                  Broaching Machine -       12.50

                                  Semi Automatic plug
                                  keyway     broac hing
                                  Machine  wit h  Auto
                                  Key Slotting Machine -    6

                                  Auto Key camshaft side
                                  milling Machine     for
                                  Keyway Milling.
                                  Key Biting Machine -      9

                                  Key Biting Face Milling
                                  Automatic       Cutting 5               These        aut omatic
                                  Machine for Lock Body.                  machines            are
                                  3-Spindle   Automatic 21                designed             for
                                  Drilling Machine for                    assembly      of pin-
                                  Lock Body.                              tumblers,     constant
                                                                          length drivers and
                                  Automatic Drilling & 21                 spring    into     lock
                                  Tapping Machine for                     cylinders, and t hen
                                  Lock Body.                              seal the cylinder.
                                  Automatic    Pin-Hole 14.50
                                  Drilling Machine for
                                  Lock Body.
                                  Automatic    Pin-Hole 10
                                  Drilling Machine for
                                  Automatic Drilling & 9.50
                                  Milling Machine    for

xxix).   Steel furniture.

          S.          Acti vity      Technology Need             Cost          Advantage s
          No.                                                   (Rs. in
           1.    Manufacturing.     Electrostatic    Powder Up to 20      i)Quality
                                    Coating       equipment               improvement.
                                    along      with     pre
                                    treatment tanks and                   ii)Reduction        in
                                    curing chamber.                       material      wastage
                                                                          (Paint) t hus reduced

xxx).    Toys.

          Sl.        Acti vity     Technology Need              Cost           Advantages
          No.                                                    (Rs. in
         1.     Toys-Soft toys.      Garnetting Machine. 3.50              A voids bunching of
                                                                           the     fiber     fill,
                                                                           increases fluffiness
                                                                           and softer feel.
                                     2) Metal Detector-       3.50         Assists in detecting
                                     Tunnel type       with                parts       specially
                                     conveyor belt                         broken needles from
                                                                           soft toys.
                                     1.5mm, Non-ferrous-
                                     3)        Hydraulic 5.50              Can cut upto 6
                                     Gear/Press cutting                    layers of fur fabric
                                     machine Aut omatic /                  and 30-50 layers of
                                     Semi automatic type.                  velour fabric.
                                     4) Sewing machines 0.12~

                                     Type     –    Single 0.18
                                     needle     lockstitch
                                     machine, medium to
                                     heavy type fabrics.
                                     4)           Stuffing Approx. 0.70    To increase speed
                                     machines.             for a single    and consistency of
                                                           point           stuffing in a toy, a
                                                           machine   to    stuffing machine is
                                                           1.25 for a      used. In this the
                                                           double point    carded/opened PSF
                                                           machine.        is     filled  using
         2.     Plastic Moulded /    1)   CNC        Milling 18 –33        Improves
                extruded             Machine.                              productivity, quality
                products & parts /   2)  CNC      Wirecut 8                and reduces time in
                components           Machine.                              manufacture of dies
                including toys.                                            & moulds.
                                     3) Electric Discharge 10
                                     4)         CAD/ CAM 10
                                     Software :

                                     Scanner / Digitiser
         3      Making of Board From   manual     to 15- 20 for            A proven technology
                Games, puzzles automatic operation indigenous              ensures      product
                and educational                      machine.              quality, consistency,
                games.                                                     cost effiectiveness
                                                                           and       productivity

xxxi).   Non-ferrous foundrie s.
Sl.       Activity           Technology Need                Cost          Advantages
No.                                                       (Rs. in
1     Meeting        & i) Oil fired pit furnace/LPG 0.75 to 2 Eco-friendly, higher
      Casting section. or CNG fired pit furnace.              tapping, temperature
                                                              better melt quality,
                                                              lower melting losses.
                                                    up to 15
                       ii) Mobile de-gassing unit.            Faster degassing of
                                                                      molten       metal,
                                                         15- 80       process
                         iii) Pressure die casting                    requirement.
                         chamber).                                    i) Faster production
                                                   0.20            to rate.
                                                   0.25               ii) High dimensional
                         v) Dip type temp. indicat or.
                                                                      i)    Liquid    metal
                                                                      temperature can be
                                                         up        to measured      quickly.
                                                         0.50         ii) Better control on
                         v) P ouring ladles as Indian                 pouring
                         Standard 4475- 4476                          temperature.

                                                                      Quality   assurance,
                                                                      increased safety for
2     Quality   control i) Thermal analyzer for 4 - 10                Quality    assurance,
      Lab.              Aluminum.                                     essential to
                                                   2 - 10
                        ii) Electrolytic analyzer.                    meet process control
                                                   4 - 10             requirement.
                         iii) Met Microscope with
                         image           analyzer,                    Quality        cont rol,
                         photograph    attachment 15 - 25             defect investigation,
                         sample        preparation
                                                                      Quality   assurance,
                         iv)  Ultrasonic      testing                 Consistency          in
                         machine.                                     quality       Reduced
                                                                      defective      casting,
                         v) Radiography       testing                 cost control.

                         vi) Spectrometer
3     Utility Section.   i) Gas fired Gen-set.           10 - 20      Reduced             air
                                                                      pollution,      energy
4     Heat Treatment i) Forced Air Circulation 3 -10                  Eco-friendly, energy
      Section.       electric furnace.                                saving furnaces.
                                                 0.50 - 1
                     ii)    Low      temperature                      Process requirement
                    electric furnace.              1.-3      to achieve quality
                                                             safety to workmen
                    iii)    Quenching-water
                    Quenching tank with heat 3 -5            Higher productivity,
                    exchanger unit.                          process

                    iv)  Material       handling             requirement          to
                    equipment.                               achieve quality.

                    v) Sand testing machine.
5   Design      & Dimensional     inspection up to 10        Quality   assurance,
    development   instruments.       Surface                 Defect      analysis.
    Section.      plate for marking, Height                  Computerization of
                    gauge,         Micrometer,               design&
                    Vernier, Profile projector               development to gain
                    with    Digital    Reading               efficient  &     fast
                    system, Dial & Micro snap                working.

                    Floating   careage   dia
                    measuring machines, 3
                    coordinate     measuring

                    Computers        &     CAD
                    software's       simulation
                    software               with
6   Machine/ Die    CNC Milling machine            25-3      Higher productivity,
    shop                                                     dimensional
                    CNC Lat he machine.            10-14     Accuracy, less skill
                                                             consistency       in
                    Capstan lathe/ Turret lathe. 3.          quality.

                    Radial Drill.                  up to 5

                    Planner.                       up to 3

                    Shaper.                        up to 3

                    Jig Boring machine.            up to 5

                    Hydraulically         Honing up to 3
7   Pattern Shop.   CNC Milling.                   30 50     Higher productivity,
                                                             consistency           in
                    Pantograph.                    up to 2   quality, narrower as
                                                             cast      dimensions.
                    Drilling machine.              up to 1   excellent        finish,
                                                             better productivity.
                    Disc and bo bino sand up to 3
        8       Cleaning       & i) Grit blasting machine     up to 5      Higher productivity,
                Fettling Section.                                          Process requirement
                                  ii) Pedestal Grinder        up        to to achieve quality.
                                 iii) Belt Grinder
                                                              up        to
                                 iv) Painting Boot h          0.50

                                 v) Acid Pickling & cleaning up         to
                                 plant                       0.50

                                                              1 -3

xxxii). Sports Goods.

       a). Sports Goods.
            Sl.       Activity      Technology Need         Cost (Rs. in        Advantages
            No.                                               lakhs )
            1      General         Auto drive conveyors 1.70 c onveyor For       uniform
                   stitching       in finishing,        for finishing. material
                   finishing                                           movement without
                   purpose         stitching & packing                 personnel
            2      For packaging Auto puch & shrink 0.70 c onveyor            Electronically
                   & wrapping of packaging machines for packaging.            controlled system
                   smaller       for                                          for   uniform   &
                   components.                                                faster output of
                                 football, tennis ball,                       packaging.
                                 hockey balls.
            3      Printing of all 1.Conveyors       for 0.70 c onveyor       Man          power
                   sports goods material t raveling and basic type.           saving         with
                   and balls.      drying at controlled                       uniform      quality
                                   temp and speeds.                           output.
                                                          4.50 per single
                                   2. Automated pad head with full            Improved
                                   printing on balls and automation           technology
                                   other components.
                                                          1.20 per single     For printing than
                                   3. Thermal & foil                          conventional
                                   transfer printing (PLC platform    wit h   manual      printing
                                                          pneumatic           with          better
                                   controlled           & automation.         productivity.
                                   automat ed).
                                                          1.20 per single     New concept to
                                   4.          Pneumatic                      match the final
                                   embossing              platform    wit h   goods          with
                                   machines.                                  international style.
                                                          automation .
                                                                              New technology
                                                                              of printing than
                                                                              manual    printing
                                                              with          better
4    Leg guards,      1. Mechanized & 0.40 per single         Uniform      stitch
     gloves & other   specialized single & needle machine     density,    Higher
     sports                                 1.60 per double   production. More
     protective       double        needled needled
     gears            stitching   machines machine            Versatility on new
                      for                                     machines.

                      leg guards & mat                        Safer        than
                      1. Electronic fabric 0.03         basic Higher      output,
                      cutting machine for     handy           lower rejection.
                      artificial    leat her. cutter          No skill required.
                      PVC, PU, cotton and

                      polyester fabrics
                      1. Hydraulic checkers 1.50 to 2 per     Material saving,
                      for PVC leather,                        Lower down
                      rubber sheets for foot depends          time, Non skilled
                      balls etc. instead                      labour
                                          on the area
                      of hand cutting for size        required .
                      mechanic al power   of the head

5.   For balls        1. Thermal welding New techno-          Latest technology
                      machines as per                         in ball
                                             logy, can
                      latest technology of                    Making.
                      balls.                 vary from 1.50
                                             to 3 for PLC     Latest technology
                      2. Single needled type machine          with            more
                      stitching     machines                  productive
                      for                    1.50       per   method per man
                                             machine(heavy    in ball stitching.
                      ball stitching.        durty)
6    For moulds & 1. CNC machines for 10 to 12 for            Accurate moulds
     dies         in house die                                &
                                      milling type
                  making & repairing                          dies     as     per
                  for balls etc.      with 3 axis             international

                      2. Imported CNC machine for in          trends & wider
                      dies & o moulds                         acceptability.
                                             house working
                                                 mould cost for

                                                 balls 25000/set

                                                 0.75 to 1 for

                                                 plastic         leg

   7     Cart on       1.Stitching machines 2 to 1.50                  Time      saving
         packaging     for packaging                                   packaging
                       2.          Automatic                           technique.
                       strapping machines    on carton size.

b). Rubber, leather, plastic based sports goods

   Sl.      Activity    Technology Need          Cost             Advantages
   No.                                          (Rs. in
                                                lakh )
   1     Rubber,         1. Tensile Testing 0.50 to Testing of raw material
         Leather Plastic Machine (Indian)   10      /product. -Better Quality
         based S ports 2.                           Control.
         goods.                                     -Quality
                         Rheomet er(Indian)
                        3.Din       Abrasion 0.30          -Indirect contribution in
                        Tester (Indian)                    boosting exports.
                        4. Ross type Flex 0.30
                        Tester (Indian)
                        5. Hot     Air    Oven 0.15
                        6. Leather Colour 0.90
                        Fastness Tester
                        7.Mini Flexomet er      0.75
                        8.Martindale        1
                        Abrasion     Tester
                        9.        Shooting 2.50
                        Apparatus Foot Ball
                        Testing             0.75


                        10. Water-Uptake-
                        Tester Foot Ball

   2     Rubber based 1.                 Rubber 2.50   - Higher productivity.
    Sports goods.   compounding          4        Better quality of product.
                    2. Rubber Injection 4 - 10
                    Moulding machine.
                    3. PID Temperature 1 - 2


                    4.           Thermal 2.50    - To     ensure          cleaner
                    Fluid/Petroleum fuel 5         environment.
3   Cricket Ball    1. Cricket Ball Panel 1       More production 2 or 3
                    Angle         Cutting         times;

                                                  Low cost of production;

                                                  No t rained      man     power
4   Protective     1. Foam, Leather & 2           -Low cost of production.
    equipment for Cloth etc. Cutting
    Cricket    and Clicking                       -High      production        (10
    Hockey                                        times).
                                                  -No damage of dies.

                                                  -No t rained man power
5   Wood     based 1. Crack detector 1           - 1. Better quality product.
    Sports goods   (Ultrasonic)      1.50
                                                  2. Better quality control.

                                                  3. Higher productivity.

                                                  4. Contribution in boosting
                    2. Moisture Meter    0.05
                    3. Glass Tester for 0.05
                    4. Wood hardness 5
                    5. Wood Seasoning 6.50
                    Plant (Non Steam)
                    6.        Pressure -
                    Sensitive Hydraulic
                                 Cricket        Bat
                                 Pressing Machine
                                 7.   Semi      Auto 1.50      -
                                 Lacquering Plant    2
                                 8. Wood      Boiling
                                 9. Wood Engravi ng 1 - 2
                                 10. Copying Lathe      1.50   -
           6.     Leather based 1.      Auto   spray 20 -25        1. Maximum production 5
                  sports goods  coating      machine               to 6 times repeatability.
                                 2. Roller Coaster 15 - 20 2. Maximum output 5 to 6
                                 machine (Italian)         times repeatability.
                                 3. Auto Toggling 30 - 40 3. Low cost of production.
                                 machine (Italian)
                                 4. Vacuum Drying 25 - 35 4.   Better               quality     of
                                 Machine  (Incoma         production.

                                                                   6. Better quality control.
                                                                   7. Higher productivity.
                                                                   8. Contribution in boosting

xxxiii). Cosmetics

xxxiv). Readymade Garments:

        a). For Knitting
            Sl.      Activity         Technology Need               Cost (Rs     Advantages
            No.                                                     in lakh)
           1      Mfg. of Knitted High speed circular knitting 20 - 50          Improvement
                  fabric          machine with a minimum                        in quality and
                                  speed of 23 revolutions per                   efficiency.
                  Mfg. of knitted Computerised       seamless 20 - 65                 -do-
                  Seamless        garment knitting machine
                  garment         and Gloves knitting machine
                                  different size and gauge for
                                  under & outer garment (New
                  Mfg. of knitted High speed socks knitting 3 - 7                     -do-
                  socks       and machine and Gloves knitting
                  gloves          machine with or without
                                  electronic jacquard.
          Mfg. of Knitted Computerized      flat  bed 45 - 75              -do-
          fabric     and knitting     machine     with
          garment panel minimum speed of 11
                          revolutions per minute.
          Mfg. of Knitted •  Warp/Raschel         knitting 20 - 35         -do-
          fabric          machine
                                                           45 -75
                           • High speed computerized
                           warping M/c for knitting
          Manufacture      Computerizes label making 10 - 18               -do-
          of Label         machine
          Mfg. of Knitted Circular knitting machine of 2 - 4               -do-
          fabric          different size and gauge
   2      Cont rolling     Modern               industrial 5 - 8           -do-
          relative         humidification system for
          humidity         controlling relative humidity
                           & temperature.

b). For stitching of knitted/Woven RMG & Made ups:

   Sl.    Acti vity            Technology Need                Cost   Advantages
   No.                                                      (Rs. in
   1     Garment      Single/multi needle power operated 0.15 - Improvement in
         Mfg.         industrial lockstitch sewing mac hine 10      quality  and
         activity     with       or      without      trimmer        efficiency.
                      overedging/seaming       and banding
   2        -do-      Blind stitch machine / Chain stitching                Do
   3        -do-      Power operated linking/loop making                    Do
                      sewing Machine
   4        -do-      Power operated flat lock/overlock                     do
   5        -do-      Zigzag flat bed sewing machine                        do
   6        -do-      Button stitch sewing machine                          do
   7        -do-      Label/elastic inserting machine                       do
   8        -do-      Button hole sewing machine                            do
   9        -do-      Belt attaching machine                                do
   10       -do-      Zip attaching machine                                 do
   11       -do-      Bar tacking machine                                   do
   12       -do-      Hemstitch machine                                     do
   13       -do-      Smocking M/c. Automatic multi needle                  do
                      shirring machine
   14       -do-      Pattern maker/grader/marker mac hine                  do
                      /laser marker
   15       -do-      Power       driven      cloth    cutting              do
                      machine/laser fabric of label cutting
   16       -do-      Band knife-c utting machine                           do
   17       -do-      Collar and cuff turning and blocking                  do
            machine and pressing machine
18   -do-   Pocket       creasing   and     welding   do
            machine/Aut o pocket making machine
19   -do-   Industrial steam iron with vacuum         do
            table and/or buck press
20   -do-   Boiler for steam press/ vacuum press,     do
            Steam cabinet/ vacuum press, Steam
            cabinet/ vacuum table
21   -do-   Button and revet/snap fasteners fixing    do
22   -do-   Fusing press                              do
23   -do-   Collar contour trimmer                    do
24   -do-   Automatic spreading & cutting t able      do
            with vacuum and/or air blowing device
25   -do-   Shoulder pad-attaching machine            do
26   -do-   Pocket cutting machine                    do
27   -do-   Computerised          CA D/CAM/cutting    do
28   -do-   Round knife cutting mac hine               do
29   -do-   End cutter with cloth press track         -do-
30   -do-   Cloth drilling machine                    -do-
31   -do-   Collar point trimmer/gear knotcher        -do-
32   -do-   High speed fully fashioned knitting       -do-
33   -do-   Whole garment making M/c for knitting     -do-
            garment or power operat ed garment
            panel forming knitting machine with
            linking machine
34   -do-   Power driven socks and gloves             -do-
            knitting machine
35   -do-   Automatic thread trimming/sucking         -do-
36   -do-   Shirt folding machine                     -do-
37   -do-   Stain/spot removing machine               -do-
38   -do-   Pear/Beads/Sones/Glassete/Hook            -do-
            and Bar attaching machine
39   -do-   Quilting mac hine                         -do-
40   -do-   Fabric inspection/checking mac hine       -do-
41   -do-   Needle/Metal detector machine             -do-
42   -do-   Multi bead computerized embroidery        -do-
43   -do-   CAD/ CAM pattern maker with plotter       -do-
            and software including software
            equipment for embroidery machine
44   -do-   Computerised Label making machine /       -do-
            Computerised Label printing machine
45   -do-   Button wrapping/shanking machine          -do-
46   -do-   Feed –off-the arm industrial sewing       -do-
47   -do-   Automatic dart/pleat making machine       -do-
   48      -do-      Automatic label/ply picking mac hine                  -do-
   49      -do-      Pin tucking machine                                   -do-
   50      -do-      Mechanis ed fabric pinning table                      -do-
   51      -do-      Single needle basting M/c                             -do-
   52      -do-      Single needle post bed sleeve setting                 -do-
   53      -do-      Hanging production conveyor system                    -do-
   54      -do-      Croc het mac hine for laces and bands                 -do-
                     with electronic bar operation
   55      -do-      Shring thrusting M/c                                  -do-
   56      -do-      Plastic staple attacher                               -do-
   57      -do-      Sand Blasting/Brushing machine                        -do-
   58      -do-      Colour matching machine                               -do-
   59      -do-      Automatic machine for making knit                     -do-
                     shirt center plaits
   60      -do-      Belt loop attaching machine                           -do-
   61      -do-      Button Packer                                         -do-
   62      -do-      Collar Heat Notcher                                   -do-
   63      -do-      Spot welding machine                                  -do-

c). For knit & Woven Proce ss House (Fabric/Garment/Made Up):

   Wet processing
   Sl.   Acti vity      Technology Need              Cost        Advantage s

   No.                                               (Rs.   in
                                                     lakh )
   1     Dyeing         Wet fabric spreading and 0.25-100        Improvement        in
         activity       squeezing machine                        quality          and
   2          -do-      Knit tubular mercerizing                        -do-
                        or    bleaching     cum
                        mercerizing machine
   3          -do-      Knit fabric continuous                          -do-
                        bleaching plant
   4          -do-      Soft flow dyeing machine                        -do-
   5          -do-      Jet dyeing machine                              -do-
   6          -do-      Cabinet type hank yank                          -do-
                        dyeing machine
   7          -do-      Printing/curing   machine                       -do-
                        for garments
   8          -do-      Automatic flat bed screen                       -do-
                        printing machine Rotary
                        screen printing machine
   9          -do-      Ink jet printing machine                        -do-
   10         -do-      Star        Ager/ pressure                      -do-
                        ager/loop     ager/steam
   11         -do-      Roller                                          -do-
12         -do-        Washing    range     with                        -do-
                       arrangement of tension
                       free fabric drying and
                       reduced            wat er
                       consumption/wat er reuse
13         -do-        Hydro extractor                                  -do-
14         -do-        Industrial      garment                          -do-
                       washing/drying machine
15         -do-        Tumble dryer                                     -do-
16         -do-        Rope opening Line with                           -do-
                       open    width     squeeze
                       mangle for knitted fabric

Wet Finishing Machines:
Sl.    Acti vity       Technology Need               Cost        Advantage s

No.                                                  (Rs.   in
                                                     lakh )
1      Finishing       Multi chamber stenter 1-50                Improvement        in
                       (minimum 4 chambers)                      quality          and
                       with arrangement of                       efficiency.
                       oil/gas heating
2           -do-       Radio frequency/infrared                         -do-
                       radiant gas fired/micro
                       wave/loop/relax dryer
3           -do-       Form finisher                                    -do-
4           -do-       Sue ding machine                                 -do-
5           -do-       Precision   flock   cutting                      -do-
6           -do-       Sieving machine                                  -do-

Dry proce ssing/Fini shing Machine s:
Sl.         Activity               Technology Need                Cost Advantages
No.                                                               (Rs.
1     Processing/Finishing Fabric reversing machine              0.50 Improvement
                                                                 - 20 in quality and
2             -do-           Slit opening machine                          -do-
3             -do-           Pile cutting machine                          -do-
4             -do-           Singeing machine for tubular                  -do-
5             -do-           Dry to dry cleaning mac hine                  -do-
6             -do-           Compacting mac hine                           -do-
7            -do-           Curing/Polymerising machine                     -do-
8            -do-           Coating/Laminating/Embossing                    -do-
9            -do-           Computer controlled fabric                      -do-
                            inspection   machine      /Fault
                            analyzer/ Report generat or

Effluent Treatment plant:
  Sl.    Acti vity   Technology Need               Cost          Advantage s
 No.                                              (Rs. in
                                                  lakh )
1     Effluent water Effluent        Treatment 5 - 25        To      save          the
      treatment      plant     wit h     primary             environment.
                     secondary            and/or
                     tertiary         treatment
                     facilities (for unit linked
                     to common effluent
                     treatment plant with
                     primary          treatment

Utilities and Others
Sl.      Acti vity       Technology Need         Cost (Rs.       Advantage s
No.                                              in lakh )
1     Steam            Oil fired boiler, coal 2-15           Improvement          in
      heating          fired     boiled    with              quality and efficiency.
      system           pneumatically
                       controlled         filter
                       precipitat or and micro
                       dust collector
2          -do-        Thermo       Pac/Other                         -do-
                       high       temperature
                       heating system
3     Goods            Automatic       packing                        -do-
      packing          machine
4     Weighing and Automatic         dye                              -do-
      dispensing   weighing          and
                   dispensing system
5     Colour           Computer         Colour                        -do-
      matching         matching
6     Quality          Light fastness tester                          -do-
7                      Thin hydro carbon                              -do-
                       vapors recovery plant
                       for textile printing
8     Power            Diesel Gen set (low                            -do-
      generation       fuel consumption with
                       pollution      control

          Quality Control Equipment
           Sl.     Acti vity     Technology Need            Cost           Advantage s

           No.                                              (Rs.      in
                                                            lakh )
           1       Quality       PH Meter                   0.10-0.75      To     maintain    the
                   testing                                                 quality.
           2            -do-     Wash fastness tester                                -do-
           3            -do-     Perspiration    fastness                            -do-
           4            -do-     Rubbing         fastness                            -do-
           5            -do-     Grey scales                                         -do-
           6            -do-     Electronic balance                                  -do-

          Textile Processing.
            S.      Acti vity      Technology Need            Cost             Advantage s
           No.                                              (Rs. in
           1       Textile        Bio-mass     Gasifier 1               Operated by natural
                   Processing     based water boiler.   machine         fuel, advantageous in
                                                                        comparis on      to  the
                                                                        diesel fired boiler.

                                                                        Environment   friendly
                                                                        and easy to operate.
                                                                        Small investment and

xxxv). Wooden furniture

xxxvi). Mineral Water Bottle

xxxvii) Paints, Varnishes, Alkyds and Alkyd products

       a) Paints

           Sl.        Activity       Technology Need             Cost           Advantages
           No.                                                  (Rs. in
                                                                lakh )
           1     Manufacturing     Basket Mill                 1.50         Faster production;
                                                                            Fast         shades
                                                                            Less         energy
                                   Twin Shaft Disperser        5            Lower maintenance

                                                                            Faster    production;
                      Tinter       Dispencing 7.50    Less         energy
                      System                          consumption;

                                                      Quick response to
                                              0.75    orders;
                      Electronic balances             Consistent quality;
                                                      Better           shade
                                              2.25    reproducibility;
                      Automatic       Filling         Accurate
                      machines                0.75    weighment,
                                                      consistent    quality
                                                      improved yield.
                      D.M. Water Plant
                                              1.65    Accurate
                                                      weighment,      faster
                      Trans fer Pumps                 improved yield.

                                                      Improved        quality;
                                                      Better shelf-life;

                                                      Reduce wastages;
                                                      Reduce          cost;
                                                      Faster production;
2   Technology        Powder Coatings         25.00   Eco-friendly product;
                                                      Better       corrosion
                                                      No          fire/health
                      Electrode position      15.00   hazards;

                                                      Eco-friendly product;
                                                      Better       corrosion
                                                      No          fire/health
3   Quality control   Computerised    Colour 6.50     Consistent quality;
                      matching system                 Faster production;
                                                      Optimum pigments
                                                      Cost      reduction;
                                                      Faster        shade
                                                      Better     customer
                      Electronic balances
                                              2.50    Accurate       and
                      Replacement by more             quicker weighment.
                      accurate instruments
                                                      Overall      improved
                                                                                 Overall      improved

        b). Varnishes, Alkyds and Alkyd products

               Sl.              Activity          Technology           Cost          Advantages
               No.                                                    (Rs. in
                                                                      lakh )
               1        Manufacturing & Reaction              kettle 2.40       a) Lower       Proc ess
                        Process         (closed) with                           Losses.
               2.                                                     0.60
                        Settling of un temperature                              b)   Lower   Energy
                        reacted particles controller,                           consumption.

                                              pressure controller &             c) Better quality while
                                              agitator                          low heating avoids
                                                                                decomposition        of
                                              Settling Tank                     material.

                                                                                d) Economics will be
                                                                                better   &   viability

                                                                                e) Un-reacted material
                                                                                settles      down     &
                                                                                separated         from
                                                                                bottom, quality will be
                                                                                better finally.

                                                                                f)      P roduct      is
                                                                                comparable         with

                                                                                i.e.   low    cost  of
                                                                                production & Better
                                                                                quality of product.

xxxviii).Agricultural Implements and Post Harve st Equipment.
         Cross-referencing of technology for this sub-sector may be taken from General
         Engineering Works at Sl. No. XXVI, Forging and Hand Tools at Sl. no. XXIV,
         Foundry at Sl. no. XXV and Auto parts and components at Sl. no. XXI.

xxxix). Beneficiation of Graphite and Phosphate.

xxxx). Khadi & Village Industrie s.

        a) Palm based Industry.

         Sl.        Acti vity              Technology Need        Cost             Advantage s

         No.                                                      (Rs. in lakh )
1     Neera Processing Poly-packing        and 14.50             Increase of self-life
                       quality           control                 of    Neera     and
                       machines.                                 hygienic

                                                                 To avoid spoilage
                                                                 of Neera.

                                                                 To increase        the

                                                                 Ready to serve
                                                                 natural nutritional
                                                                 product of palm to

                                                                 To continue the
                                                                 sale   of   Neera
                                                                 during off-season
2     Palm sugar        Stainless          steel 3.50            Increase             of
                        crystallisers                            productivity       and
                                                                 quality/purity       of
3     Palm              Cutting     Dies/auto 4.50               Quality
      confectionery     wrapping machine                         improvement,
                        with             design                  diversification,
                        intervention (cylinder                   consumer

b) Khandsari Industry

Sl.      Activity        Technology Need          Cost (Rs. in      Advantages
No.                                                 lakh )
1     Jaggery making Boilers/power operated 1.50                 Uniform boiling of
                     crushers,     temperature                   juice, time saving,
                     sensing         E quipment                  avoid wastage, and
                     incorporating                               quality end product.
                     thermocouple,        reader
                     and buzzer.                                 To know the exact
                                                                 striking temperature
                                                                 of the end product
                                                                 and      to    avoid
                                                                 spoilage of quality
                                                                 of product.
2     Cane sugar      Boilers    (diesel fired), 6               Uniform boiling of
                      purification plant, packing                juice, time saving,
                      machinery                                  avoid wastage and
                                                                 quality end product
c) Village Oil Industry

Sl.       Activity         Technology Need          Cost (Rs. in      Advantages
No.                                                   lakh )
1     Edible       oil (Improved 10 bolt expeller, 10              To increase the oil
      extraction and 20        plates      filtration              extraction
      oil        cake machine,       poly       pack               production.
      manufacturing machine         wit h    quality               To increase shelf
                       control Laboratory)                         life of oil and
                                                                   sanitary production,
                                                                   moisture and fat
                                                                   protection, re-seal
                                                                   feature and ease of

d) Fruit & Vegetable Processing/Milk Based Products Industry

Sl.          Activity              Technology Need              Cost     Advantages
No.                                                           (Rs. in
                                                               lakh )
1     Processing of fruits Juice        pasturizers      and 18       To improve the
      and        Vegetables, deaerators/ evaporation                  productivity and
      canning,          juice and      Aroma      recovery            quality         to
      processing Jam, jelly, units/exhausting            and          compete in the
      tomato products and retorting                                   market.
      dehydration.            equipments/aseptic
                              processing      and     filling
                              units       /cabinet         or
                              continuous band driers.
2     Beverages/preserves Automatic can             closing 24        To improve the
                              machines,          hydraulic            productivity and
                              press, reforming unit,                  quality as well as
                              volumetric filter and food              value addition of
                              beverages        Machineries            the product. The
                              and colloid mill and fully              packing technique
                              automatic packing and                   will satisfy the
                              sealing         (Pouch/tetra            customer     needs
                              pack) machines, etc.                    and increase the
                                                                      self-life of the
3.    Milk Based products     Oil fired boilers,              18      To maintain the
                              centrifuges (power                      quality and purity
                              operated), auto packing                 of       the   end
                              equipment, pasteurizing                 products as well
                              unit with cooling cabinet               as increase the
                              and quality control lab                 productivity and
                                                                      compete        the
                                                                      market        with
                                                                      updated packing

e) Pulses & Cereals Processing Industry.
Sl.      Activity             Technology Need                   Cost       Advantages
No.                                                            (Rs. in
                                                               lakh )
1     Papad, Masala Drier (sun or electrical), Peeling 10                To    serve    the
      making,      dal machine, screen machine and                       product       with
      processing,      balancing machine with ab                         100% purity as
      spices and flour equipment/pulverisers      and                    per      consumer
      mill, etc.       packing unit.                                     need          and

f) Consumer and Chemical based Industry.

Sl.       Activity            Technology Need                  Cost        Advantages
No.                                                           (Rs. in
                                                              lakh )
1     Toilet    soap Duplex Plodder (125 kg Per 1.45                     Better     phase
      machinery      hr.-two Worms in senes)                             conversion    of
                                                                         soap        with
                                                                         improved finish-
                                                                         air trapping in
                                                                         soap           is

g) Mineral- based Industry.

Sl.        Activity             Technology Need                 Cost       Advantages
No.                                                            (Rs. in
                                                               lakh )
1     Mineral     based    1.     Mechanized        Brick,                Increased    the
      industry     Brick   making                machine                  production,
      manufacturing        2. Roller, Execution cutter                    quality
      Units                etc.                                           strength,
      Pottery/Ceramic      3.    Deairing      Pug     Mill   12          durability Socio-
                           4.            Ball         Mill                economic
                           5.         Filter        Press                 improvement
                           6.                     Grinder
                           7.                    Blunger                  -do-
                           8.         Jigger         Jolly    25-30
                           9.    Kiln,     Heavy     duty                 -do-
                           10. Hand Opened wheel
                           11.Electric operated wheels                    -do-
                           12.      Glaze      equipment
                           13.       Air      compressor      25
                           14.     Spray-Gun,       Both,     10
                           Decoration plant machines          15
                           15. Gasfired/Oil fired &           15
                           Electric Furnance Tunnel
                           16. Stone Crusher Machine
                           17. Glass cutter, Gas fired
                           kiln                       etc.
                           18. Cement Block making
                           19.      Brick/Tiles     Press
h) Forest-based Industry.

Sl.        Activity           Technology Need                Cost      Advantages
No.                                                        (Rs. in
1     Beekeeping           Bee hive ISI „A' type 0.01                For maintaining
                           standardized                              Apis cerana bee
                                                                     colonies in south
2     Beekeeping           Bee hive ISI „B' type 0.012               For maintaining
                           standardized                              Apis cerana bee
                                                                     colonies in north
3     Beekeeping           Bee hive ISI „C' type 0.18                For maintaining
                           standardized                              Apis    mellifera
                                                                     bee colonies.
4     Honey extraction     Honey           extractor 0.08            To extract honey
                           Tangential type                           from Apis cerana
                                                                     bee colonies in
                                                                     south India.
5     Honey extraction     Honey extractor Radial 0.01               To extract honey
                           type                                      from Apis cerana
                                                                     bee colonies in
                                                                     north India.
6     Honey extraction     Honey           extractor 0.02            To extract honey
                           Tangential type                           from         Apis
                                                                     mellifera    bee
7     Beekeeping           Hive stands folding type    0.0015        To keep t he Hive
8     Honey Processing Modern            Honey 1                     To         process
                       Processing plant 300 kg                       honey
                       per 8 hr shift                                scientifically for
                                                                     marketing under
9     Honey Processing     Honey Processing plant      5             To         process
                                                                     scientifically For
                                                                     marketing under
10    Royal           jelly Freez drier                2             To dry the Royal
      collection                                                     jelly   collected
                                                                     from          bee
11    Royal           jelly Royal   jelly  collecting 0.50           To collect Royal
      collection            equipments,       frame,                 jelly from the
                            cups, spoon, etc.                        bee colonies.
12    Powder/ Churna       Supper      Mill    (size 2               Operator safely
                           reduction mill)                           feature;
                                                                     Easy      clean
                           Multiple application: dry                 design; Sturdy
                        milling,        controlled              construction for
                        grinding,   dry    mixing               long         life;
                        dispension, wet material                Low         heat;
                                                                Low     dust-Low
                        Deduction, raw material
                        milling, wet granulation
                                                                particular size;
                        sizing, dry granulation
                        sizing     tablet   and                 capacity: 200 to
                        capsules reclaim.                       2000     Kg   per
                                                                Power: 5       HP
                                                                Weight: 160 kg
13    Tablet (pills)    Mini     Tablet    Press 1.70           Operator safely
                        Output: 40 Tablets per                  feature;
                        minutes                                 Precise product
                        Motor: ¼ HP 3 phase                     output;
                        Weight: 100 kg. approx                  Automatic
                                                                Fine adjustment
                                                                of pressure And
                                                                Tablet   weight.
                                                                Easy changeable
14    Paste/Ointment    Single Head                  2.25       25 to 30 tubes
                                                                per minutes with
                        Rotary Tube (Paste filling              one       operator;
                        and closing (crimping)                  No tube-No fill
                        machine                                 devic e;
                                                                Clean      elegant
                                                                sturdy compact
                                                                design for all
                                                                standard      tube
                                                                size for different
                                                                No       dropping;
                                                                Injection of filled
                                                                and sealed tube;
                                                                Attachment       for
                                                                cleaning of tube
                                                                by         vacuum
                                                                systems           for
                                                                All     operations
                                                                fully automatic;

i) Rural Engineering and Bio-technology.

Sl.       Activity       Technology Need               Cost      Advantages
No.                                                   (Rs. in
                                                      lakh )
1.     Wooden              Lacquer             Polishing 2           1.Better finishing.
       product             equipment                                 2.Quality
                                                                     Intensive. 4.Time
                                                                     saving in mfg.
2.     Wooden              C.A.D. equipments            0.50         -do-
       furrnit ure

j) Black Smith.

Sl. Activity               Technology Need                   Cost    Advantages
No.                                                          (Rs. in
                                                             lakh )
1     General              Powder coating                    5       Better     finishing,
      fabrication                                                    quality
                                                                     labour    intensive,
                                                                     time    saving     in

2     Agriculture          Forging mac hine                  2               -do-

k) Copper & Bell Metal.

Sl.         Activity           Technology Need           Cost (Rs.      Advantages
No.                                                      in lakh )
1     Ethnic products Polishing             arrangement 1            Improved get up.

• Aluminum

1     Utensil          and Anodizing machine             5           Improved get up.

m) Electroni cs

1     Crout    designing Designing software        along 1           1. Better finishing.
      for          home with accessories
      accouliance items                                              2.Quality

                                                                     3.             Labour

                                                                     4. Time saving.

n) Paper & Fibre Industry
1.   Introduction of   Individual effluent treatment     10.75       The        pollution
     effluent          plant (as per the design                      supposed to be
     treatment plant   suggested by NEERI,Nagpur)        Cost        generated by a
     at the existing   details of the machinery and      estimates   handmade paper
     handmade          equipments required for a 3 Cu.   given    by unit is treated.
     paper unit        Mt./Day                           NEERI
2    Usage of Agro            1.      Boiler             3            1.     New   raw
     residues                                                         materials   such
     including the                                                    as jute, banana
     natural fibres                                                   fibre,   grasses,
     in Handmade                                                      sun hemp are
     Paper Industry                                                   used           in
                                                                      handmade paper
                              2.      Diges er                        industry
                                                                      2.    The      new
                                                                      types of papers
                                                                      can be produced
                                                                      which         have
                              3.     Poucher                          national       and
                              Washer                                  international
                                                         1.50         demand

                                                                      3.           Water
                                                                      (Banana        fibre
                                                                      extracted     from
                              4.      Hydrapulper                     waste       banana
                                                                      trunks)         and
                                                         1.50         making the eco-
                                                                      friendly products

                                                                      4. Productivity is
                                                                      increased usage
                                                                      of agro wastes
                                                                      likely to bring the
                                                                      cost down.
3.   Hot     drying A small drying equipment to dry 8                 1. The present
     process        the Paper with the help of                        major problem of
                    electricity/small boiler                          drying the paper
                                                                      sheets     during
                                                                      winter and rainy
                                                                      seasons will be

                                                                      2. The quality
                                                                      and stiffness) of
                                                                      the paper will be

                                                                      3.           The
                                                                      productivity will
                                                         be      increased.
                                                         The paper is
                                                         dried          and
                                                         so that the cost
                                                         of t he drying and
                                                         calendaring will
                                                         come down .
4.   Solar drying   A solar drier                 5      1. The present
                                                         major problem of
                                                         drying the paper
                                                         sheet     during
                                                         winter and rainy
                                                         season will be

                                                         2.        Effective
                                                         utilization      of
                                                         freely available
                                                         solar energy.

                                                         3. The quality
                                                         and stiffness) of
                                                         the paper will be

                                                         4.             The
                                                         productivity will
                                                         increase.      The
                                                         paper is dried
                                                         and calendared
                                                         so that the cost
                                                         of t he drying and
                                                         calendaring will
                                                         come down.
5.   Fibre          Fibre extraction machine( can 0.50   1. Presently fibre
     extraction     be used for speedy work and in       is extracted by
                    remot e areas also due t o which     hand      met hods
                    productivity could be inc reased     due to which it is
                    @ Rs.25000/ - per machine).          probably limited.
                                                         The machine will
                                                         increase       the
                                                         production and
                                                         increase       the
                                                         earnings of the
                                                         engaged in the
                                                         fibre extraction.

                                                         2. For quantity
                                                         production newly
                                                                developed fibre
                                                                machine       will
                                                                increase      the
6    Conversion of Due to in- house conversion 2.40             1.      Presently
     Paper         facility for handmade paper                  handmade paper
     products      products units could convert                 units has to get
                   the handmade paper in value                  the work done
                   added products                               from      outside
                                                                resources      for
                                                                value      added
                                                                products      like
                                                                photo      frame,
                                                                Dairies, etc.

                                                                2. Due to in
                                                                house as per
                                                                facilities it would
                                                                be easy for the
                                                                units to make
                                                                value         added
                                                                items as per
                                                                requirements of

o ) Khadi Industrie s-Handloom

1.   Replacement      of 8 spindle charkha         1.25 (1 unit Increased
     NMCs                                          of       25 productivity,
                                                                Better quality of

2.   Jacquard looms     Loom with the Jacquard 3 (1 unit of Better design ,
                        devic es               10 looms )



                                                               Operational ease.
3.   Cotton processing Semi   automatic      Jigger 2          Higher
     Dyeing            machines                                productivity,
                                                                    Assured quality,


                                                                    Low     production
4.   Cotton processing Screen developing devices         2.50       Inclusion of new
     Printing                                                       design range,

5.   Pre-spinning     Improved LMW type mini 15                     Improved quality
     Equipments       carding                                       of raw material.
     (Replacement of
     carding machine)                                               Reduces cost of
                                                                    raw material.

                                                                    Less overheads
6    Quality   Control Quality testing Equipments 3                 Quality assurance
     Equipments        for                                          at       production
                                                                    level, low product
                       -Fibre testing for maturity,                 rejection.
                       staple length etc.

                       -Yarn testing for strength,
                       twist, count,hairiness etc

                       -Clot h testing for threads per

                       strength, fastness etc.

xxxxi. Coir Board

 Sl.      Activity        Technology Need            Cost (Rs. in      Advantages
 No.                                                   lakh )
1      Semi automatic • Semi automatic Loom 1.5      for    one Higher
       Loom           fitted with a motor      meter, 5 for four production    of
                                               meter       wide improved quality
                      • Bobbin winding machine loom,             with       least
                      • cops winding mac hine

2      Anugraha Loom Improved        mild    steel 0.20 for one Women          can
                     handloom                       meter   wide operate       with
                                                    loom         least effort.
3      Quality of the PH    meter,       analytical 33.5         To         ensure
       raw material   balance,            moisture               products      with
                         balance,       conditioning                   improved      and
                         chamber, UTM and glass                        uniform quality.
4      Motorized         Traditional Ratts fitted with 0.35 each       Uniform      twist
       Traditional Ratts 0.25 HP mot or                                with reduction in
       (MTR)                                                           drudgery,
                                                                       enhanced daily
5      Manufacture of Mixing units, compressor, 6.5                    Diversified uses
       softened   coir moulds,         stitching                       like cushioned
       products        equipment                                       seats for school
                                                                       children      and
                                                                       other         new
6      Garden articles Sheeting             machine, 22.50             Environment
       from     coir    & compressor,        hydraulic                 friendly    plant
       natural rubber press, moulds, mixing                            growing media.
                           units  for   lat ex    and
                           chemicals with ball mill,
7      Coir          pit h Coir   pit h   processing 4                 Large
       products            machine                                     accumulation of
                                                                       coir pith gets
                                                                       value addition.
8      Coir yarn spun Slivering         machine, 10                    Modernisation of
       on     automatic spinning machine                               the     spinning
       spinning                                                        sector.
9      Rubberized Coir Rubberized           Coir 100                   Value addition in
       Manufacturing Manufacturing Machine                             Rubberized Coir
10     Curled Coir      Hackling machine, curling 15                   Value addition at
                        machine                                        raw     material

xxxxii . Steel Re rolling and/or Pencil Ingot making Industrie s.

 Sl.      Activity         Technology Need             Cost (Rs. in     Advantages
 No.                                                     lakh )
1.     Reheating       Improved design of oil         50-125           Saving in fuel
                       fired pusher hearth re-                         for     reheating,
                       heating furnace (RHF)with      (Depending   on  electrical
                       high efficiency recuperat or   level         of energy          in
                       using       latest    CFD      revamping)       rolling, reduced
                       (Comput ational       Fluid                     burning      loss,
                       Dynamics)            based                      and         better
                       software.                                       quality of rolled
2 (a) Reheating        Pulverized   Coal   fired 25-35                 Reduction    in
                       Reheating furnace using                         specific   coal
                       recuperator   for    pre-                       consumption,
                       heating combustion air                          reduced
                       with   improved   burner                        dust/SPM
                           design and coal handling                        generation and
                           facility.                                       better operating
2(b)      Reheating        Producer      gas      fired 50-75              Clean        coal
          with      the    reheating furnace with                          combustion will
          facility   for   high             efficiency                     improve
          producing        recuperator.           Gas                      environment.
          „producer        Producers can be set up                         Enhanced
          gas'             at unit level without                           efficiency of gas
                           removal of tar.                                 combustion in
                                                                           comparis on to
                                                                           lump         coal
                                                                           combustion on
3         Material         Hot charging of Ingot/Billet 150-160 (total)    More than 50%
          handling         in RHF for rolling having                       saving           in
                           facility such as                                thermal energy
                                                                           for reheating of
                           • Transfer t ables/transfer                     steel for rolling.

                           • Overhead crane
4         Melting          New design of Induction 80-100                  Saving in cycle
                           furnace having two coils                        time and power
                           with independent cont rol                       consumption
                           panel, heat exchanger                           due            to
                           equipment with provision                        preheating     of
                           for additional burners and                      charge, facility
                           application of harmonic                         to       produce
                           filters.                                        clean      steels
                                                                           equivalent     in
                                                                           quality        to
                                                                           electric arc and
                                                                           ladle    furnace
                                                                           improved        p
                                                                           ower factor up
                                                                           to 1.0 (unity)
                                                                           with saving in
                                                                           specific energy
                                                                           consumption for

xxxxiii. Zinc Sulphate

    Sl.      Activity         Technology Need            Cost (Rs.        Advantages
    No.                                                   in lakh)
01.        Zinc             Spray Dryer              50              Energy        Saving,
           Sulphate                                                  Quality improvement
           Mono                                                      & environment friendly
02.        Zinc             Flash Dryer (With or 30                  Energy          efficient
        Sulphate          Without agitator)                       reduces   processing
        Hept a                                                    losses,         Quality
        hydrate                                                   improvement          &
                                                                  environment friendly

xxxxiv. Welding Electrodes

S.No.          Activity       Technology Need         Cost (Rs.        Advantages
                                                      in lakh)
1       Manufacturing Complete          copper 25                  Waste minimization,
        of      Welding coating    line    with                    Energy         saving,
        Electrodes      annealing spooling &                       Quality improvement
                        drawing capabl e to                        and       environment
                        produce     continuous                     friendly. There is a
                        welding wires                              global trend to shift
                                                                   to         continuous
                                                                   welding     wires   to
                                                                   reduce        wastage
                                                                   (unused end pieces
                                                                   in the      case    of
                                                                   welding electrodes).
                                                                   Wires     also    save
                                                                   „changing time of

xxxxv. Sewing Machine Industry.

Sl. Acti vity        Technology Need                         Cost Advantage s
1.   Melting         Divided blast copula with pollution Up to 15% coke saving,
     Section         control devices and electrical.       50    better melt quality,
                                                                 higher          tapping
                                                                 temperature, lower
                                                                 emissions, reduced
                                                                 air pollution.
                     Induction furnace with cooling t ower Up to Flexibility            to
                     and water t reatment plant with or 25       produce          ferrous
                     without computerised control panel          castings       of     all
                                                                 grades, flexibility for
                                                                 charge               mix
                                                                 selection, best melt
                                                                 quality,            eco-
                     Induction ladle refining furnace      Up to Value             added
                                                           40    casting,            eco-
                     Skip charger for copula               Up to Ease of charging,
                                                           1.50 reduced labour c ost,
                                                                 better control.
                     Pouring / treatment ladles as per IS: Up to Quality assurance,
                     4475, 4476                              1     increased safety for
                     Carbon         Manganese,       Silicon Up to Quality assurance,
                     Apparatus for testing on shop floor     5     control on elements.
                     Continuous casting conveyor system Up to Improved
                                                             10    productivity, better
                                                                   quality castings.
                     Gas fired pit furnace                   Up to Eco- friendly, higher
                                                             1.50 tapping
                                                                   temperature, better
                                                                   melt quality.
                     Hydraulic- P neumatic devices for Up to Quick knocking of
                     knocking out cores.                     5     cores, cleaning and
                                                                   smoothening          of
                     Overhead Crane                          Up to Quick      and    safe
                                                             10    material handling.
                     Aluminum Pressure Die casting Up to High                 production,
                     machine along with tooling.             30    improved       quality,
                                                                   low machining cost.
                     Investment Casting Plant                Up to High       Production,
                                                             60    improved       quality,
                                                                   low machining cost
                                                                   and             higher
2.   Utility Section Gas based generating set                Up to Reduced             air
                                                             30    pollution,     energy
3.   Quality         Metallurgical testing:                  1.50 Quality Assurance,
     Cont rol Lab,                                           – 10 Defect         analysis,
     i..e.           Metallurgical Microscope with image           diversification e.g.
     Metallurgic-al analyzer, photographic attachment              SG Iron production
     testing / lab sample preparation mac hine                     equipment essential
     testing       / Stroholien apparatus, Muffle furnace, Up to to meet process
     quality         Hot plate, glass ware etc.              1     control
     control                                                       requirements.
                     UTS                                     Up to
                     Spectrometer /mass spectrometer         Up to
                     Profile projector                       Up to
                     Hardness Tester                         Up to
                     Izod & charpy Impact testing machine Up to
                     Ultrasonic testing machine              Up to
                     Magnaflux testing machine               Up to
                     Sand testing equipment                  2- 8 Reduced defective
                                                                   casting, consistency
                     Universal Sand Strength testing               in quality- reduction
                   machine, sieve shaking device,                    in additives cost,
                   compatibility scale, rapid moisture               better cast surface
                   teller, permeability meter, mold / core           finish.
                   hardness tester, muffle furnace, wash
                   bottles, Stirrer / shaker, hotplate,
                   vortex shaker, centrifuge etc. shatter
                   index machine high tensile peel back,
                   scratch hardness tester, stick point .
                   Metal Graphic Laboratory                Up   to
                   Dimensional inspection instruments, Up       to Quality assurance,
                   surface Plate for making height 50              Defect analysis
                   gauge, Micromet er, Vernier, P rofile
                   projector with Digital reading system,
                   Dial & Telescopic Gauges, Floating
                   care age dia measuring machine, 3
                   co-ordinate measuring machine
                   Gauges and testing equipments i.e. Up        to Quality assurance,
                   Snap, Plug, Ring, Thread plug 25                defect analysis.
                   gauges, Test Rigs and receiver
                   gauges as per BIS standards
                   Process control equipment' Carbon Up     to Consistency           in
                   equivalent meter                        2   quality,      reduced
                                                               defective      casting,
                    B) Pyrometer (Optical)              Up to cost saving.
4.   Design      & Computers and CAD Software, Up to Computerisation of
     development simulation software wit h printers / 25       design              and
     Section        plotters / pro-engineering / Catia.        development to gain
                                                               efficient and fast
5.   Moulding     / Intensive mixers.                   Up to Reduced defective
     Core section                                       5      casting, better cast
                                                               surface          finish,
                                                               reduction in additive
                                                               cost, reduced air
                    Wax Injection Machines              Up to Requirement           for
                                                        10     modern investment
                                                               casting process.
                    De-waxing oven                      Up to Requirement           for
                                                        2      modern investment
                                                               casting process.
                    Moulding boxes as per Indian Up to Better dimensional
                    Standard 1280 & 10518.              3      accuracy,       higher
6.   Heat           High Frequency Induction            Up to Higher productivity,
     treatment                                          10     consistency           in
`    Section        Hardening Machine / Equipment              quality,           eco-
                    Case Carburising unit               Up to Enhancement in life
                                                        5      of                parts,
                                                               upgradation           of
                   Rotary retort muffle furnace.         Up to Enhancement in life
                                                         5     of             parts,
                                                               upgradation        of
                  Handling equipment overhead crane 1.30- Reduced            labour
                                                         3     cost,          higher
                                                               consistency         in
     6.1          i) Water quenching tank-with Heat Up to Process
     Quenching. exchanger unit                           0.75 requirement         to
                                                               achieve quality.
                  ii) Oil quenching tank-fitted with oil Up to Process
                  heating and heat exchanger to obtain 1.50 requirement           to
                  desired cooling rates for hardening.         achieve quality.
                  iii) Air quenching fans.               Up to Process
                                                         0.30 requirement         to
                                                               achieve quality.
7.   Machine      CNC Milling machine                    Up to Higher productivity,
     Shop       /                                        30    dimensional
     Production   CNC Lathe Machine                      Up to accuracy, less skill
     shop / Tool                                         15    requirement,
     Room         Capstan lathe / Turret lathe           Up to consistency         in
                                                         3     quality.
                  Radial Drill                           Up to
                  Planner                                Up to
                  Shaper                                 Up to
                  Jig Boring machine.                    Up to
                  Hydraulically Honing machine.          Up to
                  Hydraulic/Pneumatic       feed    CNC Up to Higher productivity,
                  Cylindrical/grinder machine.           25    dimensional
                                                               accuracy, less skill
                                                               consistency         in
                  Hydraulic or pneumatic feed Center Up to Higher productivity,
                  less grinding machine.                 30    dimension
                                                               accuracy, less skill
                                                               consistency         in
                  Hydraulic or pneumatic feed internal Up to
                  bore grinding machine.                 30
                  Automatic Special purpose machine Up to Higher productivity,
                  (SPM) for turning, boring, grinding, 20      dimension
                  multi hole drilling, tapping, thread         accuracy, less skill
                  rolling mac hine, milling and double         requirement,
                  stroke heading machine                       consistency         in
                  CNC machining Centre                 Up to
                  VMC & HMC Machining Centre           Up to
                  Numerical Control Welding machine Up to
                  SPM Impression rolling mac hine (for Up to
                  decorative purposes )                15
                  Power press with automatic feeding Up to
                  arrangement                          20
                  Knuckle Joint Press                  Up to
                  Toggle joint press                   Up to
                  Hydraulic press                      Up to
                  CNC wire Cut machine                 Up to
                  EDM machine                          Up to
                  Deep hole drilling machine           Up to
                  Optical Profile grinder              Up to
                  Plastic injection Moulding machine   Up to
                  Automatic Mixture machine            Up to
                  Universal wood working machine       Up to Higher productivity,
                                                       0.50 improved quality
                  Chain Mortisers                      Up to Higher productivity,
                                                       2     improved quality.
                  Surface Polishers                    Up to Higher productivity,
                                                       1     improved quality
                  electrically operated.
                  Belt Sander machines.                Up to Better        surface
                                                       5     finish,           high
8.   Pattern shop Drilling machine                     Up to Higher productivity,
                                                       1     consistency          in
                                                             quality,     narrower
                                                             casting dimension,
                                                             excellent       finish,
                                                             better productivity.
                  Pantograph                           Up to
                  Disc and Bobino Sand Grinder         Up to
9.   Fettling     Shot, blasting machine.              Up to Better surface finish
     Section                                           5     and            quality
                                                                     Requirement        to
                                                                     achieve quality.
                   Pedestal grinder.                       Up to
                   Swing frame grinder.                    Up to
                   Painting booth.                         Up to
10. Electroplating Rotomatic Electroplating Plant.         Up to Higher productivity,
    / painting.                                            25    better quality.
                   Computerised Electroplating plant.      Up to Higher productivity,
                                                           70    better quality.
                   Cent rifugal finishing machine.         Up to Higher productivity,
                                                           20    better quality.
                   Vibrator finishing machine.             Up to Higher productivity,
                                                           5     better quality.
                   SPM surface finishing machine.          Up to Higher productivity,
                                                           5     better quality.
                   SPM Surfac e lapping machine.           Up to Higher productivity,
                                                           5     better quality.
                   Electro polishing machine.              Up to Higher productivity,
                                                           10    better quality.
                   Electrostatic powder coating plant with Up to Higher productivity,
                   conveyors.                              50    better quality, and

                                                                             APPENDIX –II

              Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI )

List        of            Primary         Lending              Institutions          (PLI )
1.                                                                               BANKS
A.                        State                        Bank                         Group
1.                State                 Bank                    of                 India**
2.                State                 Bank                    of                 Indore
3.                State                 B ank                  of                 Mysore
4.        State          Bank            of         Bikaner              &          Jaipur
B.                     Public                       Sector                        Banks
1.                                     Andhra                                        Bank
2.                        Bank                         of                         Baroda
3.                         Bank                          of                          India
4.                                    Canara                                         Bank
5.                Central                Bank                      of                India
6.                                  Corporation                                      Bank
7.                     Indian                     Overseas                           Bank
8.                     Punjab                      National                          Bank
9.                 Punjab                 &                 Sind                     Bank
10.                 Union                 B ank                of                    India
11.                                    UCO                                           Bank
12.                                    Vijaya                                        Bank
13.                     Bank                      of                          Maharashtra
14.                United                 Bank                     of                India
15.               Oriental              Bank                  of               Commerc e
16.                                    Indian                                        Bank
17.                                    Allahabad                                         Bank
C.                     Private                           Sector                        Banks
1.                City                   Union                     Bank                   Ltd.
2.                      Karnataka                            Bank                          Ltd.
3.          Tamil              Nadu             Mercantile               Bank             Ltd.
4.                Bank                   of                   Rajasthan                   Ltd.
5.                     Bharat                           Overseas                         Bank
6.                Karur                   Vysya                    Bank                   Ltd.
7.              J                &                  K                Bank                  Ltd.
8.                      United                          Western                          Bank
9.                       ING                             Vysya                           Bank
10.                        UTI                             Bank                            Ltd.
11.                       Federal                            Bank                          Ltd.
12.                      Cat holic                         Syrian                        Bank
D.                                                                                      SFCs
1.           Gujarat                State                 Financial              Corporation
2.                  Haryana                        Financial                     Corporation
3.        J          &           K          State             Financial          Corporation
4.           Madhya                Pradesh                 Financial             Corporation
5.          Maharashtra                 State              Financial             Corporation
6.            Orissa                Stat e               Financial               Corporation
7.                  Punjab                        Financial                      Corporation
8.    Tamil       Nadu        Industrial     &        Investment       Corporation        Ltd.
9.           Uttar               P radesh                 Financial              Corporation
10.            West                Bengal                 Financial              Corporation
11.           Karnataka                State               Financial             Cor poration
12.       Andhra           P radesh           Stat e           Financial         Corporation
13. Rajasthan Stat e Industrial Development & Investment Corporation
E.                                    Other                                      Institutions:
The      Small       Industries        Development           Bank        of     India(S IDB I)
**SBI has been exempted from executing the GA. However, it furnishes an
undertaking    in    the     form     of    certific ate    along     with    each      claim.
• Urban Co-operative Banks co -opted by the SIDBI under the TUFS operated
by the Ministry of Textiles

 Sl. No.       Name of the Urban Co-operative Banks*                      Head Office
    1.     Shamrao Vithal Co-operative Bank                          Mumbai
    2.     Rupee Co-operative Bank                                   Pune
    3.     Sangli Urban Co-operative Bank Ltd.                       Sangli
    4.     Surat People's Co-operative Bank Ltd.                     Surat
    5.     Kalupur Commercial Co-operative Bank Ltd.                 Ahmedabad
    6.     Rajkot Nagarik Sahakari Bank Ltd.                         Rajkot
    7.     Cosmos Co-operative Bank Ltd.                             Pune
    8.     Abhyudaya Co-operative Bank Ltd.                          Mumbai
    9.     Saraswat Co-operative Bank Ltd.                           Mumbai
   10.     Mumbai Mercantile Co-operative Bank Ltd.                  Mumbai.
   11.     The A.P. Mahesh Co-operative Urban Bank Ltd.              Hyderabad
   12.     The Ahmedabad Mercantile Co-operative Bank Ahmedabad
    13     The S urat Textiles Traders Co-operative B ank Surat
   14.    Janata Co-operative Bank Ltd.                      Nasik
   15.    Textile Co-operative Bank Ltd.                     Bangalore
   16.    Ichalkaranji Janata Sahakari Bank Ltd.             Kolhapur
   17.    The Sarvodaya Sahakari Bank Ltd.                   Surat
   18.    Surat National Co-operative Bank Ltd.              Surat
   19.    Solapur Nagari Audy ogik Sahak ari Bank Niy.       Solapour
   20.    The Bharat Co-operatives Bank (Mumbai) Ltd.        Mumbai
   21.    The Gujarat Industrial Co-operative Bank Ltd.      Surat
   22.    Prime Co-operative Bank Ltd.                       Surat
   23.    The Nasik Merchants Co-operative Bank Ltd.         Nashik
   24.    Apna Sahakari Bank Ltd.                            Mumbai
   25.    Dombivili Nagari Sahkari Bank Ltd.                 Mumbai
   26.    The Surat District Co-operative Bank Ltd.          Surat
   27.    The Zoroastrian Co-operative Bank Ltd.             Mumbai
   28.    Parasik Janata Sahakari Bank Ltd.                  Thane
   29.    The Varc hha Co-operative Bank Ltd.                Surat
   30.    Shree Warana Sahakari Bank Ltd.                    Warnanagar
   31.    Jalgaon Janata S ahakari Bank                      Jalgaon
   32.    The Kapol Co-operative Bank Ltd.                   Surat
   33.    The Shirpur Peoples Co-operative Bank Ltd.         Shirpur((Dhule)
   34.    Rajkot Nagarik Sahakari Bank Ltd.                  Surat
   35.    Shri Veershaiv Co-operative Bank Ltd.              Kolhapur
   36.    The P anchsheel Mercantile Co-operative B ank Surat
   37.    The Dhule Vikas Sahakari Bank Ltd.                 Dhule
   38.    The Ichalkaranji Urban Co-operative Bank Ltd.      Ichalkaranji(Kolhapur)
   39.    The Udhna Citizen Co-operative Bank Ltd.           Surat
   40.    The Vita Merchants Co-operative Bank Ltd.          Vita(Sangli)

* The above Urban Co -operative Bank s will have to sign a “General
Agreement” with either of the nodal agencies i.e. the SIDBI or the NABARD for
claiming reimbursem ent of capital subsidy under the CLCSS.

• Other Govt. Agencies

The National Small Industries Corporation Ltd. (NS IC)

         National Bank for Agricul ture & Rural Development( NABARD)

                 List of Primary Lending Institutions for the CLCSS

 Sl.      Name of the       State                  Name of the PLI
    No         State        Serial
1        Haryana            1        Hary ana State Cooperative Apex Bank Ltd.
2        ( 1 SCB, 5 CCBs,   2        Hary ana S CARDB, Ltd, Chandigarh
         1 SCARDB, 1
                            3        The Panipat Central Cooperative Bank Ltd,
3        PCARDB, 2
         RRBs)                       Panipat

4                           4        The Kaithal PCARDB Ltd, Kaithal
                            5        Karnal DCCB Ltd.
5                           6        Bhiwani DCCB Ltd.
                            7        Sangrur DCCB Ltd.
                            8        Yamunanagar DCCB Lt d.
7                           9        Hissar Sirsa Kshetriya Gramin Bank
                            10       Gurgaon Gramin Bank


11       Punjab             1        The Punjab State Cooperative Bank Ltd,
12       (1 SCB, 6 CCBs, 1 2         The Punjab State Cooperative Agri
         SCARDB, 1                   Development Bank, Ltd, Chandigarh
13       PCARDB, 2
                           3         The Nawanshahr Central Cooperative Bank
                                     Ltd, Nawans hahr
                            4        Patiala Central Cooperative Bank
15                          5        Sangrur Dist Central cooperative Bank Ltd
                            6        Jalandhar Dist Cent ral Cooperative Bank Ltd
16                          7        Amritsar Dist Central Cooperative Bank, Ltd
                            8        Ludhiana Dist Central Coop Bank Ltd
                            9        The Ghannaur PCA RDB, Ltd, Ghannaur
18                          10       Malwa Gramin Bank
                            11       Punjab Gramin Bank (merger of Gurdaspur
19                                   Amritsar Kshetriya Gramin Bank, Shivalik
                                     Kshetriya Gramin Bank, Kapurthala -Ferozepur
20                                   Kshetriya Gramin Bank )

22       Himachal           1        The Kangra Central Cooperative Bank, Ltd,
         Pradesh                     Kangra
23                          2        The Kangra PCARDB Ltd, Kangra
         (1CCB, 1
                            3        Himachal Gramin Bank
24       PCARDB, 2
         RRBs)              4        Parvatiya Gramin Bank
26       Jammu &            1        The Baramulla Central Cooperative Bank Ltd,
     Kashmir               Baramulla

     (1 CCB)
27   Uttar Pradesh     1   UP Sahakari Gram Vikash Bank, Ltd
                       2   The Muzaffarnagar Dist Central Cooperative
28   (1 SCA RDB, 1         Bank, Ltd,
     CCB, 6 RRBs)
                       3   Vidur Gramin Bank
                       4   Shahjahanpur Kshetriya Gramin Bank
30                     5   A vadh Gramin Bank
                       6   Bareilly Gramin Bank
                       7   Prathama Gramin Bank
32                     8   Kashi Gomti Samyut Gramin Bank


35   Uttaranchal       1   Pithoragarh Kshetriya Gramin Bank
                       2   Alaknanda Gramin B ank
36   (3 RRBs)
                       3   Nainit al Almora Kshetriya Gramin Bank

38   Jharkhand         1   The Dhanbad Dist Central Cooperative Bank

     (1 CCB)
40   West Bengal       1   The Vidyasagar Central Cooperative Bank Ltd,
41   (4CCBs, 1         2   Bankura Dist Central Coop Bank Ltd, Bankura
     PCARDB, 2
                       3   Burdhaman Dist Central Coop Bank Ltd,
42   RRBs)

43                     4   Hoogly DCCB Ltd
                       5   The Ghatal PCA RDB, Ltd, Ghatal
44                     6   Gaur Gramin Bank
                       7   Sagar Gramin Bank

47   Ori ssa           1   The Orissa State Cooperative Bank, Ltd,
                           Bhubanes war
48   (1 SCB, 1 CCB)    2   The Koraput Central Cooperative Bank, Ltd,
49   Andhra Pradesh    1   The Eluru Dist Central cooperative Bank, Eluru
                       2   Shri Venkateshwar Gramin Bank
50   (1 CCB, 8 RRBs)
                       3   Chait anya Gramin Bank
                       4   Pinakini Gramin Bank
51                   5    Rayalseema Gramin Bank
                     6    Sree Anantha Graeen Bank
                     7    Kanakdurga Gramin Bank
53                   8    Manjira Gramin Bank
                     9    Godavari Gramin Bank



58   Rajasthan       1    The Sikar Central Cooperative Bank, Ltd, Sikar
                     2    The Chittorgarh PCARDB, Ltd, Chittorgarh
59   (1 CCB, 1
                     3    Jaipur Nagaur Anchalik Gramin Bank
     PCARDB, 2
60   RRBs)           4    Baroda Rajasthan Grameena Bank

62   Gujarat         1    Shri Rajk ot Dist Central Cooperative Bank Ltd,
63   (2 CCBs, 2 RRBs) 2   The Amreli Jilla Madhya Sahakari bank,
                          Maryadit, Amreli
64                   3    Jamnagar Gramin Bank
                     4    Dena Gujarat Gramina Bank ( new RRB formed
                          by amalgamation of Kutch Gramin Bank,
                          Banaskantha- Mehsana GB, Sabarkant ha
                          Gandhinagar GB )
66   Maharashtra     1    The Satara Dist Central Cooperative Bank

     ( 1 CCB)
67   Madhya Pradesh 1     The Khargone Jilla Sahakari Bank, Maryadit,
68   (1 CCB, 1       2    The Indore Jilla Krishi aur Gramin Vikas Bank
     PCARDB, 1 RRB )      Maryadit
69                   3    Vidisha Bhopal Kshetriya Gramin Bank
70   Karnataka       1    The Kodagu Dist Central Cooperative Bank Ltd,
71   (2 CCBs, 2      2    The Bijapur Dist Central Cooperative Bank
     PCARDBs, 4
     RRBs)           3    The Honnavar PCARDB ltd, Honnavar
                     4    The Channagiri PCA RDB ltd, Channagiri
73                   5    Krishna Gramin Bank
                     6    Pragati Gramin Bank(new RRB formed by
74                        amalgamation of TungabhadraGrameena
                          Bank, Chitradurga Grameena Bank, Sahyadri
                          Grameena Bank, Kolar Grameena Bank )
75                   7    Karnataka Vikas Grameena Bank (new RRB
                          formed by amalgamation of Malaprabha
76                        Gramin Bank, Netravati Gramin Bank, Bijapur
                          Gramin Bank, Varada Gramin Bank )
77                   8    Visves varaya Gramin Bank
78   Tamil Nadu      1    The Dharmapuri Central Cooperative Bank,
                          Ltd, Dharmapuri
79   (1 CCB, 1       2    The Perundurai PCA RDB, Ltd
     PCARDB, 2
                     3    Adhiyaman Gramin Bank
80   RRBs)
                     4    Pandyan Gramin Bank
82   Pondicherry     1    The Pondicherry State Cooperative Bank Ltd,
     (1 SCB)
83   Kerala          1    The Kerala State Cooperative Agri & Rural
                          Development Bank Ltd, Thiruvananthapuram
84   (1 SCA RDB, 1   2    The Kannur Dist Central Cooperative Bank, ltd,
     CCB, 21              Kannur
85   PCARDBs, 2
                     3    The Irinjalakuda PCA RDB Ltd, Irinjalakuda
86                   4    Neyyattinkara PCARDB Ltd
                     5    Kilimanoor PCA RDB Lt d
87                   6    Palode PCARDB Ltd
                     7    Kottayam PCARDB Ltd
                     8    Meenachil PCA RDB Ltd
89                   9    Malanad PCA RDB Ltd
                     10   Peerumade PCA RDB Lt d
                     11   Thodupuzha PCA RDB Ltd

91                   12   Muvvathupuzha PCA RDB Ltd
                     13   Ernakulam PCA RDB Ltd
92                   14   Kayayannur PCA RDB Ltd
                     15   Palakkad PCA RDB Ltd
                     16   Alathur P CARDB Ltd
94                   17   Chittur P CARDB Ltd
                     18   Ottapalam PCARDB Ltd
                     19   Mannarkkad P CARDB Ltd

96                   20   Mozhikode PCARDB Ltd
                     21   Badagara PCA RDB Ltd
97                   22   Quilandy PCARDB Ltd
                     23   Thaliparamba PCARDB Ltd
                     24   Nort h Malabar Gramin Bank
99                   25   South Malabar Gramin Bank







         108   Chhati shgarh      1    Durg Rajnandgaon Gramin Bank

               ( 1 RRB)
         109   Goa (1 SCB)        1    Goa State Cooperative Bank
         110   Commercial         1    Allahabad Bank
               Banks              2    Indian Bank
                                  3    Punjab National Bank
         112                      4    Punjab & Sind Bank
                                  5    State Bank of India
         113                      6    State Bank of Patiala
                                  7    The Nainital Bank Ltd


         117                      8    The Sout h Indian Bank Ltd
         118                      9    Karnataka Bank Ltd.
         119                      10   United Bank of India
         120                      11   Syndicate Bank

                                                                       APPENDIX –III

(To be stamped as an Agreement)

Agreement for Financial Assistance under Credit Linked Capital S ubsidy Scheme for
Technology Upgradation of the Small Scale Industries (CLCSS)

This   Agreement   made   at………………………………………..on                 this   ……………. day
of………………… in the year Two thousand…………………………………. between
M/s……………………………………a Public/Private Limited Company/Propriet ary concern,
incorporated under the Companies Act of 1956 and having its Registered O ffice
at………………….and being an industrial concern hereinafter called the Beneficiary(which
expression shall unless repugnant t o the c ontext or meaning thereof include its successors
and assigns) of the One Part:



(i)    Shri…….son of……….aged……..                                        years            residing

(ii)   Shri…….son of……….aged……..                                        years            residing

(iii) (i) Shri…….son of……….aged…….. years residing at…………………………………………

carrying on business in partnership in the firm name and style of……………..and having their
office at…..(herinafter referred to as „Beneficiary' which expression shall, unless it be
repugnant to the subject or context thereof, include its/his/her/their legal representatives,
heirs, administrators, successors and assigns ) of th e One part.


……………………………………………….(hereinaft er                       referred t o as      the  financing
institution/bank/which expression shall unless repugnant to the context or meaning thereof
include its successors and assigns) of the Other part.


1. The Government of India appointed _____________________ as Nodal Agency
(hereinafter referred to as the A gent ) for channelising Credit Linked Capital S ubsidy for
Technology Upgradation of the Small Scale Industries under Ministry of SSI & ARI, Govt. of
India (hereinafter referred to as “ the Scheme”) and permitting the financial institution/ bank
under t he scheme for claiming capital subsidy on the term loan sanctioned and disbursed by
financing institution/ bank to the beneficiary.

2. The beneficiary has requested the fina ncing institution/bank for providing assistance under
the Scheme to the extent of Rs…….(Rupees……………….only) for setting up a project under
small scale industries, whic h the financing institution/bank has agreed to lend in proportion t o
the investment made or to be made in purchas e of machineries for technology upgradation
programme by the Beneficiary as per terms and conditions provided in the Agreement
executed between the financing institution/bank and the Beneficiary.

3. The Agent has agreed to act as nodal agency for Government of India for channelising
disbursement of capital subsidy sanctioned to the Beneficiary by the financing institution
/bank, and the parties hereto desire to enter into an agreement for the said purpose, being
these presents providing for the terms hereinafter appearing.


1. The Beneficiary, hereby , covenants:

a) That the Beneficiary will comply with and faithfully observe all terms and conditions of the
said Scheme and also all the subs equent amendments and modifications and additions
theret o together with the conditions of the sanction of the said financial assistance.

b) That the Beneficiary will allow the officers of the Agent and/ or the Government of India or
any other person or persons authorized, by the A gent or by Government of India or by the
Governing & Technology Approval B oard(GTAB) to inspect the work for which t he capital
subsidy has been granted and also the machines, plant, appliances, tools, equipments, etc.
for the procuring of whic h the subsidy has been granted and will furnish such information
concerning the machines, plant implements, etc., for procuring of which the capital subsidy
has been granted or concerning th e matter connected with t he capital subsidy or incidental
theret o as the Agent or the GTAB or their nominees may, from time to time require.

c) That the Beneficiary will not change the place or location of the industrial unit entirely or
partly, nor ent er into partnership wit h any one, or change its constitution by merger,
amalgamation or in any manner nor the Beneficiary effect disposal of fixed capital investment
without the express prior permission of the Agent in writing.

d) The Beneficiary unit shall remain in commercial production for a period of at least three
years after installation of eligible plant and machinery on whic h subsidy under CLCSS has
been obtained, otherwise, the entire amount of subsidy along with the interest to be charged
from the date of disbursal t o the date of refund will have to be refunded by the Beneficiary
unit. This is except in cases where the unit remains out of production for short periods not
exceeding three mont hs due to reasons beyond its control such as short age of raw material /
power, etc. to the satisfaction of the lending institution / concerned PLI.

2. It is further hereby agreed and declared by and between the parties hereto, that in any of
the following cases, namely,

a) where the Beneficiary has obtained the capital subsidy by misrepresent ation as to an
essential fact, or by furnishing of false information; or,

b) where the Beneficiary fails to furnish the prescribed statement or information which it is
called upon to furnish,

If the Beneficiary commits breach of any one of the covenants herein contained or of the
terms and conditions of the Scheme as amended from time t o time, the Beneficiary shall
refund the same forthwith to the financing institution/bank together with interest at the then
prevailing prime lending rat e of financing institution/bank.

3. The interpret ation/clarification/decision of agent or GTAB regarding the eligibility, subsidy
and any other benefits of a unit/borrower under the Scheme, either before or aft er release of
the loan facility by the financing institution/ bank shall be binding on the beneficiary and the
beneficiary will not raise any objection either against agent/financing institution/ bank.

4. It is hereby furt her agreed and declared that the stamp duty chargeable on these presents,
shall be paid and borne by the Beneficiary and that the Beneficiary will also be liable t o bear
the expenses, if any, incurred by enforcing the terms and conditions of these presents.
IN WITNESS WHE REOF the Beneficiary has caused its common seal to be affixed heret o
and to duplicate hereof on the day, month and year first hereinabove written and the financing
institution/bank has caused these presents and the said duplicate to be executed by the hand
of Shri……………(Name & Designation) of bank, as hereinafter appearing.

THE                COMMON                                                               SEAL

LIMITE D has pursuant to the Resolution of its B oard of Directors passed in that behalf on
the… of ….hereunt o been affixed in the presence of Shri ……….and S hri…….Shri……,
Director   who     have     signed     these     presents     in   token    thereof     and
Shri…….Sec retary*/Authorised* person who has signed/countersigned the same in token

SIGNED A ND DELIVERE D BY the within named bank by the hand of Shri……..(Name &
Designation), an authorized official of financing institution/bank.


IN W ITNESS WHE REOF the partners of the B eneficiary have set their respective hand
hereto and to a duplicate hereof on the day, month and year first hereinabove written and
bank has caused these presents and the said duplicate to be executed by the hand of
Shri……..(Name & Designation) of financing institution/Bank as hereinafter appearing.

1)* S IGNE D A ND DE LIVE RED BY the within named Shri…………………….Partner
of……………..the within named Partnership Firm.

2)* SIGNE D AND DE LIVERED BY the within named …………By the hand of
Shri…………….in pursuance to the Board Resolution dated and common seal has been
affixed in presence of Shri…………..who has signed in token thereof.

SIGNED A ND DE LIVE RED BY t he within named FI/ NSIC/Bank/SFC by the ha nd of
Shri……………..authorised official.

(*whichever is applicable).

Note: Relevant Board Re solution authorizing the person(s) to execute the document
on behalf of the Beneficiary has to be submitted with the Agreement.


Application form for assistance under Credit Linked Capital Subsidy Scheme for Technology
Upgradtion of the Small Scale Industries(CLCSS)

(To be submitted in triplicat e, Photocopies may be used)

1. Name of the firm/company…………………………………………………………………………

2.Constitution (Proprietary concern, partnership firm, P vt. Ltd. Co., Public Ltd. Co., Co-op.

3.Name(s) of      sole    propriet or/partners/directors………………………………………………
…………………                  ……………………………………………………                     ……………………

4. Category of borrower(women entrepreneur, SC/ST, Physically handic apped, Ex-
servicemen, etc.)

5.Registered        Office               Address

Phone No.……………………………………………………….Fax……………………………….

E-mail…………………………… …………………………… ………………………………….

6. Factory Address…………………………… …………………………………………….Pin………

Phone………………………………… …………………… Fax……………………………….

E-mail……………………………… ………………… …………………………………………

7. Location of factory – Backward or Non-backward area…………………………………….

8. Date of incorporation/commencement of production………………………………………..

9. Product(s)/Sub-sector…………………………………… ……………………………………..

10.Installed capacity………………… ………… …………………………… …………………….

11. Past Performance (for last three years on the basis of audited balance sheets – in respect
of existing units. In respect of new units projections for next three y ears may be given).
(a) Financial position

                                                                                 (Rs. In lakh)

                                   Financial Year    Financial Year Financial Year

                                   (Y-1)             (Y-2)            (Y-3)
I      Net block
II     Current assets
III    Current liabilities
IV     Term Loan
V      Share Capital
VI     Reserve & Surplus

       (less accumulated losses)
VII    Networth-(V+V I)

(b) Working re sults
                                          (Rs. In Lakh)

                                        Financial Year    Financial Year     Financial Year

                                        (Y-1)             (Y-2)              (Y-3)
I        Total Sales
II       Gross profit(Before interest
         & depreciation)
III      Depreciation
IV       Interest
V        Operating Profit
VI       Net Profit(after tax)

12. Total cost of scheme(as approved by Bank/FI)(Rs. in lakh)

13. Total Sources of funding (as approved by Bank/FI) (Rs. in lakh)

Term Loan………………………………………………………

Add share capital ……………………………………………….

Internal accruals…………………………………………………

Capit al Subsidy …………………………………………………

14. Time frame for completion of the project……………………….

15. Incremental benefits from implementation of the project(indicate in terms of capacity
utilization, increased sales, exports, reduction in cost of production, increase in productivity,
quality upgradation, attainment of pollution standards – give quantitative results).

16. List of eligible plant and machinery along with their detailed specifications, rates,
quantities and total value for which subsidy under CLCSS is claimed.


I/We, hereby declare that the information given above and the statement and other papers
enclosed are to the best of our knowledge and belief are true and correct.

Place:                           Signature(s)
                                 Name            and
                                 Seal of the company


                                 ADDRESS ES OF OFFICES
                                     HEAD OFFI CE

                                     SIDB I TOWER,

                                   15, ASHOK MARG,

                                   LUCKNOW – 226 001

                             TEL : (0522) 2288547 / 2288550


Kolkata                                        Guwahati
11,    Dr.   U.N.    Brahmachari    Street,    IDBI Building, 2 nd & 3 rd Floor,
8                 th                  Floor,   Opp.            Sentinel        Press,
Opp.     La    Martiniere  Girls    School,    G.S.                            Road,
Kolkata         –         700          017.    Tel.      :      252     4020/2457102
Tel.   :    2280    1382,   2280,    1228,     Fax: (0361) 2529545
2240            4183,            22404228,
Fax: (033) 22404093
New                                 Delhi
                                               480,              Anna              Salai,
Ground      Floor,    Videocon     Tower,
                                               P.B.              No.               1312,
E-1,        Rani       Jhansi       Road,
Jhandewalan                     Extension,
                                               Chennai         –        600          035
New        Delhi     –      110       055
                                               Tel.      :     24361893,        24330286
Tel.     :       23682473       –       77
                                               24330964,                        24342176
Fax: (011) 23682461, 23682464
                                               Fax : (044) 24340348
SME                                  Development                                  Centre
C-11,             G-Block,              Bandra                 Kurla             Complex
Mumbai                         –                         400                         051.
Tel.               :                  (022)                    55531100                }
Fax : (022) 55531202
Agartala                            Ahmedabad
B.K.                    Chowmuhani, Navijivan      Amrit           Jayanthi      Bhawan
Krishna Nagar, 1 & 11 Floors, Post                 Bag                 No.           10,
Harish          Thakur        Road, Navjivan                                         PO,
Agartala       –       799      001 Ahmedabad            –                380        014
Tripura                             Tel              :                      27543062-67}
Tel:        2323320,        2311632 Fax : (079) 27541086
Fax: (0381) 2323320

Aizawl                                Aurangabad
Mardin                 Tuikhuahtiang, Jeevan         Suman,            LIC        Building
Aizwal – 796 001, Mizoram Ist Floor, Plot             No.               3,            N-5,
Tel      :     2323424,     2311504 Near        CIDCO     Office         Town     Centre,
Fax : (0389) 2323424                  Post            Box              No.           675,
                                      Aurangabad          –              431          003
                                      Tel                 :                      2472494
                                      Fax : (0240) 2472266
Andheri                               Baddi
Samruddhi         venture      park, No.     32-36,   Basanti  Bagh,   Sai   Road
Upper           Ground         Floor, Baddi-        Distt.      Solan(        HP)
MIDC          Industrial       Area, Tel-              (01795)             247385
Andheri                       (East) Fax-(01795) 247385
Mumbai-                      400093
Tel. 28353062, Fax(022- 28329602)

207 A IEMA Tower, 2 nd Floor,
Ist            Main         Road
Ambattur       Industrial  Estate,
Ambattur, Chennai -600 058

Bangalore                              Baroda
Khanija                       Bhavan, Ist         Floor,      Landmark       Building,
5      th     Floor,   East     Wing, Race                  Course             Circle,
49,            Rac e           Course, Post            Box          NO.         3711,
Bangalore        –       560      001 Baroda             –           390          007
TEL       :     22207227     –      30 Tel     :     2338679,     2338611,   2310797
Fax : (080) 22207179                   Fax : (0265) 2338680

Bhopal                                Bhubaneswar
Shikhar           Varta      Building OCHC      Building    (4       th        Floor),
3    rd    Floor,     Press Complex, Near        Ram        Mandir,          Janpath,
Maharana Pratap Nagar, Zone – 1, Bhubaneswar             –          751           001
P.B. No. 24, Bhopal – 462 011. Tel              :        2404854,            2405278
Tel      :     2760393,     2552491 Fax : (0674) 2404476
Fax : (0755) 2555838

Chandigarh                          Coimbatore
SCO 145-146, 1, 11 & 111 Floors, Gowtham                                      Centre,
Sector    17C,     P.B.   No.   92, 1055/7,             Avanashi               Road,
Chandigarh       –      160     017 Post           Box         No.             4033,
Tel            :            5000654 Coimbatore          –        641             018
Fax : (0172) 5000650                Tel     :    2213684,    2210279,        2213896
                                    Fax : (0422) 2211926

Dehradun                            Dimapur
International     Trade     Centre, IDC         House,           Kohima        Road,
2 nd Floor, 59/4, Rajpur Road, Post                Box              No.          45,
Dehradun        –      248     001 Dimapur            –             797          112
Tel            :           2743119 Tel                   :                    225641
Fax : (0135) 2742288                Fax : (03862) 225641

Faridabad                             Gangtok
NH-5,                            R/2, Ragasha                                Building,
Neelam      Badshah     Khan   Road, Nam              –           Nam           Road,
N.I. T.,  Faridabad    –   121   001 Gangtok              –         737           101
Tel              :           2414419 Sikkim
Fax : (0129) 2414392                  Tel                  :                  203028
                                      Fax : (03592) 203028

Udyog                            Minar
Ground                           Floor,
Vanijya                         Nikunj,
Udyog          Vihar,         Phase-V,
Gurgaon             122            001
Tel-                          2349487
Fax- ( 0124) 2349487

Hyderabad                           Imphal
101,                                Hermitage Office Complex Imphal Urban Co -op.
Saifabad,                 Building, Bank
Post        Box      No.       130, M.G.                                 A venue,
Hyderabad       –     500       004 Post           Box          No.            14,
Tel : 23234454, 23210247,23231344 Imphal             –         795            001
Fax : (040) 23236870                Manipur
                                          Tel                  :                 2221878
                                          Fax : (0385) 2221878

Indore                                 Itanagar
Commerce        House,     Ist  Floor, Injo's         Complex,          Ist         Floor,
7,       Race       Course      Road, VIP            Road,          Bank            Tinali,
New                            Palasia Itanagar            –           791            111
Indore         –        452       001  Arunachal                                 Pradesh.
Tel       :      2435337,      435338 Tel          :           2211822,          2214749
Fax : (0731) 2538025                   Fax : (0360) 2211822
Jaipur                                 Jammu
Ist & 2 nd Floors, Umrao Complex, OB-26,                     “Grid              Bhawan”.
Sansar           Chandra        Road, Ground      Floor,      Post    Box      No.    21
Post         Bog         No.       46, Rail                Head                 Complex,
Jaipur         –       302        001 Jammu              –            180           012.
Tel : 2364792, 2363860, 2364614 Tel                          :                  2474306
Fax : (0141) 2363890                   Fax : (0191) 2474305

Jamshedpur                     Kanpur Kanpur
Shantiniketan   Building, Ist    Floor, Krishna         Tower,          Ist         Floor,
Main          Road,          Bistupur, 15/63,                 Civil                Lines,
Jamshedpur       –       831       001 Kanpur            –            208            001.
Tel:2                         426140 Tel        :    2303069,      2303324,      2303325
Fax : (0657) 2426140                    Fax : (0152) 2303294

Uppar          Ground            Floor,
Hotel          Centre            Point,
BMC          Chowk,          Jalandhar
Tel                           5061241
Fax(0181) 5061241

Kochi                               Ludhiana
Mercy     Estate,    2    nd Floor, SCO      16    &    17,        1    ST      Floor    ,
Ravipuram, P ost Box No. 1672, Dholewai              Chowk,            G.T.         Road,
M.G.                         Road, Opposite       Ludhiana          Stock       Exchange,
Kochi         –        682     015 Ludhiana            –               141            001
Tel : 2366367, 2366688, 2382493 Tel                    :                      2775760-61
Fax : (0484) 2374994                Fax : (0161) 2535766
SIDB I                         Tower,
Ground                          Floor,
No.        15,      Ashok       Marg,
Lucknow- 226 001
Nagpur                                 Panaji
6     th    Floor,  Usha    Complex, EDC          House,       6      th         Floor,
345,                       Kingsway, Dr.          Atmaram        Borkar          Road,
Nagpur          –      440        001 Panji        –       403       001,         Goa,
Tel               :          2553201   Tel                 :                  2462939
Fax : (0712) 2553202                   Fax : (0832) 2461900

Nashik                                   Noida
Ist    Floor,      Pingle     Complex, C-60,     Sector-2,      Noida       201301(UP)
Opp           kulkarni         Garden, Tel                                    2545790
Sharanpur                       Road, Fax(0120) 2545790
Nashik              422           002
Tel 5607853
Patna                                     Pondicherry
Hotel    Minar    Building,   Part    II, Ist                                    Floor,
2    nd    Floor,   Exhibition     Road, 99, Ambalathadayar Madam Street, Post Box No.
Post        Bag          No.        220, 113,
Patna         –         800         001. Pondicherry          –         605        001
Tel      :      2230053,       2230054 Tel            :        2332324,       2221006
Fax : (0612) 2230915                      Fax : (0413) 2339040

Pune                                  Raipur
Suryakiran        Hotel     Building, 2       nd     Floor,     Chawla        Complex,
Ist             Floor,           C-8, Devendra               Nagar                Road,
Mumbai            P une       Road, Sai                                          Nagar,
Chinc hwad,    Pune     – 411   019. Raipur            –           492              009
Tel : 7474333, 7476043, 7463230 Tel               :         2527797,           2523733
Fax : (020) 7474555                   Fax : (0771) 2523732

Ist       Floor,     “Nirmal”
17 Ram Krishna Nagar Corner
Opp    Commissioner Bangalow
Off        Yagnik       Road

Ranchi                                Shillong
1         st         Floor,       20, Chabaya                Main                Road,
Near          Rajender         Chowk, Doranda                M.G.                Road,
Ranchi         –        834       002 Post           Box            No.           101,
Tel              :            2308686 Meghalaya
Fax : (0651) 2308433                  Tel          :         222639,           502267
                                      Fax : (0364) 222639

Megh             Mayur           Plaza
Surat-           Dumas           Road
Parle Point, Surat 395007
Shimla                                   Tirupur
Jeevan     Jyoti    Block    No.   1&2, 1                    st                    Floor,
Lala       Lajpat       Rai      Chowk, Tirupur         Regulated         MarketComplex
The                                Mali, P.B.      No.     58,      Palladam      Road,
Shimla         –         171        001 Tirupur           –           641            601
Tel      :       2812582,       2811970  Tel          :         241894,          208073
Fax : (0177) 2811392                     Fax : (0421) 241891

102, R.M. Pride Building, Ram Murti
Thane(West)-                 400602
Tel            –           25391298
Fax (022) 25391298

Varanasi                               Visakhapatnam
3    rd     Floor,     Anant  Complex, Door                No.                      47-15-5,
D-64/132          –       K.    Sigra, Gupta      Buildings,    2              nd      Floor,
Varanasi          -       221     010 Daimond                Park                      Road,
Tel       :         223948,    223465 Visakhapatnam          –            530            016
Fax : (0542) 224193                    Tel                 :                        2568946
                                         Fax : (0891) 2540303.


                                       HEAD OFFI CE

                    Plot No.C-24, 'G' Block, Bandra-Kurla Complex,

                              Post Box No.8121, Bandra (E),

                                     MUMBAI - 400 051 .

                            Tel 022-26530004, Fax-022-26530082

                      Addre sse s of Regional Offices / Sub Office

Tripura              R.O.             (Agartala)  Gujarat       R.O.         (Ahmedabad)
General                                  Manager  Chief         General          Manager,
Palace Compound (East), Uzirbari Road,            Gujarat Regional Office, NABARD Tower,
Tripura Regional Office, Post Box No. 9,          Opp. Municipal Garden, P.B. No. 8,
                                                  Usmanpura, Ahmedabad – 380 013
Agartala         –           799             001. Tel:       079         -      27551959
Tel:     0381     -      2224125,        2202378 Fax: 079 – 27551584
Fax: 0381 – 2224125
Mizoram              R.O.               (Aizawal) Karnataka       R.O.          (Bangalore)
Officer-in-Charge,                                Chief        General            Manager,
Mizoram Regional Office,                          Karnataka Regional Office,

Ramhlun Road (North), Bawngkawn,                   113/1, Jeevan Prakash Annexe,

Aizawal      –     796        012,      Mizoram.
Tel:         0389           –           2340815 J.C. Road, P.B. No. 29,
Fax: 0389 – 2340815
                                                    Bangalore       –     560      002.
                                                    Tel:       080      –     22223125
                                                    Fax: 080 – 22222148
Madhya       Pradesh       R.O.        (Bhopal) Ori ssa      R.O.            (Bhubane swar)
Chief           General                Manager, Chief         General              Manager
Madhya P radesh Regional Office,                Orissa Regional Office,

E-5,    Arera   Colony,  Bittan   Market,           Ankur, 2/1, Nayapalli,    Civic    Centre,
P.O Ravishankar Nagar, P.B. No. 513,                P.B.             No.                 179,
Bhopal         –        462          016.           Bhubanes war      –       751        015.
Tel:                        0755–2464775            Tel: 0674–2553884
Fax: 0755–2466188
                                                    Fax: 0674–2552019
Punjab and Haryana R.O. (Chandigarh) Tamil              Nadu      R.O.              (Chennai)
Chief           General              Manager, Dr.           Prakash                    B akshi
Punjab and Haryana Regional Offic e,          Chief General Manager,

Plot. No. 3, Sector       34-A, P.B. No. 7, Tamil Nadu Regional Office,
Chandigarh        –            160        022.
Tel:                             0172–5046700 105–106, 48 Mahatma Gandhi Road,
Fax: 0172–5046702
                                                    P.B.   No.    6074,   Nungambakkam,
                                                    Chennai        –       600      034.
                                                    Tel:       044      –      28276088
                                                    Fax: 044 – 28275732
Uttaranchal            R.O.           (Dehradun)    Nagaland        R.O.          (Dimapur)
Chief General Manager, Uttaranchal Regional         Deputy General Manager,
2nd Floor, Hotel S unrise Building, 113/2, Rajpur   Nagaland           Regional         Office
Road,                                               Nagaland State Co-op. Bank          Bldg.,
Dehradun                 -                248001    Opp. Fire Station,
Tel:                               0135-2748611
Fax: 0135-2748610
                                                    Dimapur    –   797    112,      Nagaland.
                                                    Tel: 03862 – 227040

                                                    Fax: 03862 – 227040
Sikkim             R.O.            (Gangtok)        Assam          R.O.         (Guwahati)
Deputy General Manager, Sikkim Regional Office      Chief General Manager, Assam Regional
Om Niwas, Church Road, P.B. No. 46,                 Office
Gangtok          -          737          101.       Lakshmi Bhawan, Dr J C Das Road,
Tel:         03592          –         203015        Panbazar.       P.B.      No.      81,
Fax: 03592 – 203015                                 Guwahati        –       781       001.
                                                    Tel:       0361       –       2540873
                                                    Fax: 0361 – 2541131
Andhra      Pradesh       R.O.     (Hyderabad) Manipur         R.O.                   (Imphal)
Chief General Manager,                         Deputy General Manager,

Andhra       P radesh       Regional       Office Manipur          Regional             Office
1-1-61,          R. T.C        „X'         Road 89/686,       Lalambung,    RIMS        Road,
Musheerabad,       P.B.          No.     1863 Lamphelpat,    Imphal   –                795     004,
Hyderabad         –            500        020. Manipur.
Tel:                             040–27612640 Tel:        0385      –                    2410706
Fax: 040–27611829                              Fax: 0385 – 2416191
Arunachal     Pradesh      R.O.          (Itanagar) Rajasthan         R.O.               (Jaipur)
General                                    Manager Chief         General                Manager,
Arunachal Pradesh Regional Office,                  Rajasthan Regional Office,

VIP         Road,    Bank                    Tinali,   3,    Nehru   Place,      Tonk   Road,
P.B. No. 133, It anagar –               791    111,    P.B.             No.               104,
Arunachal                                 Prades h.    Jaipur       –          302        015.
Tel:         0360     –                   2215967      Tel:                      0141–2740821
Fax: 0360 – 2212675                                    Fax: 0141–2742161
Jammu       &     Ka shmir     R.O.    (Jammu)         West    Bengal       R.O.        (Kol kata)
Chief General Manager, J&K Regional Office             Chief        General             Manager,
B-2, 4th Floor, South Block Bahu Plaza Complex,        West Bengal Regional Offic e,
P.B.                     No.                 2,
Jammu             –           180          012.        Abhilasha,       2     nd    Floor,
Tel:                0191              –2472355         6, Roy d Street, P.B. No. 9083,
Fax: 0191 –2472337                                     Kolkata        –      700      016.
                                                       Tel:       033      –     22267943
                                                       Fax: 033 – 22494507
Uttar      Pradesh         R.O.         (Lucknow) New     Delhi    R.O.          (New         Delhi)
Chief General Manager,                            General Manager,

Uttar      Pradesh      Regional       Office          New       Delhi     Regional    Office
Commerce       Hous e,  Habibullah    Estate,          24,           Rajendra          Place,
11,    M     G    Marg   P.B.     No.    364,          New       Delhi     -     110     008
Hazaratganj,    Lucknow    –     226     001.          Tel:        011       -      51539353
Tel:         0522        –           2623644           Fax: 011 - 51539187
Fax: 0522 – 2627256
Goa                R.O.                    (Panaji) Bihar           R.O.                     (Patna)
General Manager,                                    Chief General Manager,

Goa Regional Office,                               Bihar           Regional       Office
                                                   Maurya Lok Complex, Block "B", 4 & 5
302,              Nizari                  Bhavan, Floors,
Menezes            Braganza                 Road, Dak Bunglow Road, P.B. No. 178,
Panaji,      Goa         –        403         001.
Tel:         0832          –              2420053 Patna          –         800      001.
Fax: 0832 – 2223429                                Tel:       0612        –     2223985
                                                   Fax: 0612 – 2238424
Jharkhand            R.O.                 (Ranchi) Meghalaya          R.O.             (Shillong)
Chief General Manager,                             Officer-in-Charge,

Jharkhand           Regional          Office           Meghalaya        Regional    Office
Kali    Babu     Street,     Upper    Bazar,           Dipu Cottage, Upper Lachaumiere,
Ranc hi              -               834001            Shillong          –        793001.
Tel:                           0651-2208647            Tel:       0364       –   2501518
Fax: 0651-2209107                                      Fax: 0364 – 2227463
Himachal       Pradesh       R.O.        (Shimla) Kerala         R.O.   (Thiruvananthapuram)
Chief            General                 Manager,
Himachal Pradesh Regional Office,                Chief General Manager,

Block No.32, S D A Commercial Complex, Kerala            Regional          Office
Dev            Nagar,         Kusumpti, Post         Box        No.        5613,
Shimla         –      171          009, Punnen      Road,     Statue    Junction,
Himachal                       Prades h. Thiruvananthapuram     –    695    039.
Tel:                      0177–2622258 Tel:         0471        –       2323859
Fax: 0177–2622271                        Fax: 0471 – 2324358
Sub Office
Port                                   Blair     Srinagar                     Cell
Officer-in-Charge,                               Officer-in-Charge,
Kannada Sangha Building, Ground Floor,           Main Gat e of Amar Singh College,
18,    Tagore     Road,   Head  Post  Offic e,   Gogjibagh,
Port        Blair       –      744      101.     Srinagar        –  190       008.
Tel:          03192          –       233308      Tel: 0194 –2310280
Fax: 03192 – 237696
                                                 Fax: 0194-2310280 / 2310479

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