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									?Cape Town, like many other major cities around the globe, is undergoing massive
construction, renovation and restoration projects. People are taking notice of how
striking the mixture of old and new buildings within a metropolis look, and how
valuable and impressive a building's heritage is, especially when it is centuries old.

Scaffolding enables workers, architects and construction engineers to perform their
tasks safely and reliably, without danger. New makes of scaffolding allow for extra
safety and allow workers to assemble and dismantle the equipment quickly without
compromising safety.

With South Africa, and especially Cape Town, establishing itself as one of the world's
favourite holiday destinations and a favourite spot to buy property, a lot of
restorations are being undertaken.

Cape Town is rich with history, but the CBD and many other areas were starting to
look a little dilapidated, until now. Major restorations are occurring all over the city
and old architecturally beautiful buildings are being restored to their previous state of
glory and aesthetic beauty whilst retaining their historical identities.

Scaffolds are contracted to help with the restorations, helping the construction teams
to perfect every inch of the structures. Sky high or medium rise, scaffolding reaches
the necessary locations and allows the building and construction workers to reach all
the areas necessary with the highest safety standards. Scaffolding systems allow safe
and quick assembly to reach every part necessary without risk of injury. Therefore the
job can be done quickly and efficiently.

Building and Construction
With the 2010 Football World Cup being hosted by South Africa, the race is on to
build massive sports stadiums and increase the capacity of existing stadiums in every
major city within the set time constraints of the event preparations. New roads are
also being constructed to manage the increased traffic in the cities and hotels are
being up-sized to cope with the influx of fans needing accommodation.

Construction teams are making use of modern and technologically advanced scaffold
and formwork techniques to achieve brilliant results in less time. With these new
developments, less labour is needed and projects can be completed is less time than
normal. This cuts costs dramatically.

Access Scaffolding
Access scaffolding is scaffolding which is often erected at construction sites for the
easy passage of workers and equipment. In most construction sites, the terrain is
uneven and littered with obstacles which could prove harmful if a collision of some
sort were to occur. For example, steel reinforcements for concrete could cause
grievous harm to a person's body if they overbalanced on an uneven surface and fell
on the pins.

Equipment such as wheel barrows and heavy tool containers are allowed easier access
to a construction site with the use of scaffolding and the safe passage it allows to the
most hard-to-reach places of a project.

Scaffolding at a construction site is also a time saving tool. Without having to
navigate the dangerous parts of the site and having a short, safe passage to the part of
the project where they are working, workers cut a considerable amount of time out of
their tasks.

At locations where construction is a potential injury hazard to passersby, access
scaffolding can be constructed to provide a safe passage over the construction work.
For example, if a building is being renovated and the pavement is inaccessible, a ramp
can be built above the construction for people to pass over the top of the danger.
Scaffolding can also be used as a protective cover above people in the danger zone,
protecting them from any objects or dust which could fall from above them.

Scaffolding can be used in many ways to aid construction efforts. Scaffolding
provides a way for builders to reach every spot on a building, as well as remain safe.
Bystanders are also kept safe and work is completed more reliably and quickly as new
scaffolding is easy to assemble. The many benefits of scaffolding keep it a well-used
and popular construction aid.

Author Bio:
CFC is a scaffolding and formwork company based in Cape Town whose products
include scaffolding for building and formwork, as well as for large events, access
requirements, film sets and restorations. CFC is committed to adhering to stringent
health and safety standards in compliance with OHS Act & SANS 10085 and prides
itself on getting the job done right, first time.

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