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Los Angeles DUI Attorney
 Los Angeles DUI Defense Lawyer

Operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol, controlled substance, medication, or
prescription that impairs the driver's ability to operate the vehicle.

 Consequences for the conviction of Driving Under the Influence may
potentially include :

   1.   Loss of driver's license
   2.   Probation or parole
   3.   Loss of auto insurance
   4.   Court ordered driving school
   5.   Impound of vehicle
   6.   Court ordered ignition device
   7.   Significant fines
   8.   Other

 Likelihood of any of the above consequences depends on the following

   1.   Prior similar convictions
   2.   Any other prior convictions
   3.   Currently on probation or parole
   4.   Attitude of the community and court toward this type of crime
   5.   Degree of media attention on case
   6.   Mitigating/aggravating circumstances
   7.   Accident involved
   8.   Blood alcohol content
   9.   Other

 Defenses for Driving Under the Influence may potentially include :

   1.   Insufficient evidence
   2.   Factual innocence
   3.   Illegal traffic stop
   4.   Improper testing
   5.   Other

 What can you do to improve the outcome of your case?

   1. Gather documentation of your good character (reference letters, employment
history, community service, etc.)


   2. Exercise your right to remain silent
   3. Retain qualified counsel as soon as possible
   4. Keep a diary of all significant events and potential witnesses (this information will
help your attorney prepare the best possible defense)
   5. DO NOT investigate your own case

 What can we do to help?

  1. Early preparation, including legal research and defense identification
  2. Early investigation and identification of all facts helpful to your defense
  3. Interview police to minimize or eliminate the case
  4. Interview the prosecutor to minimize or eliminate the case
  5. Interview all witnesses
  6. Reduce or eliminate bail requirements
  7. Provide emotional support to loved ones and ensure that they are continually
updated as to the status of your case
  8. In appropriate cases, negotiate jail alternatives
  9. Obtain an evaluation report from a court approved psychologist (to show
counseling may be a better alternative to jail)
  10. Coordinate a private lie detector test
  11. Develop appropriate motions to dismiss the case
  12. Develop appropriate motions to suppress evidence

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