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         The Seven Generations

Ontario Aboriginal HIV/AIDS Strategy
Three Common Hurdles to AIDS
   Fear of AIDS (AIDS-phobia)
   Fear of “Homosexuality” (Homophobia)
   Fear of talking about sex (Sex-phobia)

       (But not necessarily in that order)
So where did all this fear come


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Europe in Turmoil

Homo   Erotic          Europe
             Ancient Greece
             Roman Art
             Statue of “David”
             Stained Glass
              Windows and
              paintings in Churches
So why did it change?
   Europe was in turmoil
   Resources were being used-up
   Competition for land and resources
   Ancient rivalries and warring
   Populations were dwindling
   Some societies were more advanced than
A Focus on Spain
   Were warring with North Africa for 700
   The Muslims were superior
   War and plague were having their toll
   The Spanish had to find a way to become
   Spanish technology & intellect hadn’t
Spain finds its “cause”
   Increasing their population was a “must”
   Spirituality became a way to gain that
    much needed superiority
   With “God” on their side now, Spain had a
    renewed sense of purpose
   They were now able to fight the Muslims
    with a new “superior” conviction
Spain wins the war.
Now what?
   Armed with a new belief system that was against
    any sex that didn’t ensure procreation;
   Still needing to acquire resources
   A population that didn’t know much more except
    how to war
   The “New World” offered much needed
    resources and allowed the Spanish to apply
    their skills of 700 years of war with the Muslims
The Eagle and the Condor
   What is now North and South America were
    buzzing with, agriculture, sciences, commerce,
    psychology, advanced medicine, etc.
   For Native North and South Americans religion
    was not ONE component of life, rather a way of
   Everything was holistic and inclusive, not
    dichotomous or black and white
   Ancient prophecies warned of the coming of a
    “Pale-skinned Brother”
“Clipping” the wings of the Eagle
and the Condor
   Gold, silver, gems, medicines and lands
    that seemed to stretch on forever
   Foreign disease and mass executions
    swept over the lands
   Executions were justifiable according to
    Spain’s newly found value systems
   The naked heathen sodomites were
    simply in the way of this new wealth
The Spirit OR the Flesh
   Third, fourth, fifth genders?
   The newcomers came from a world where
    everything was black or white
   European sexuality was separate from
   Why were these “sodomites” so honored?
   These Two-Spirited people gave strength,
    guidance, vision and traditional adaptability
   Conquering meant removing what gave these
    Peoples strength and stability
The Eagle and the Condor go
   The face of Native tradition had to change
   The bible was being imposed
   Armed persecutions swept the continents
    “in the name of God”
   Entire generations and Peoples were
   Generations of “traditional memory” were
    quickly erased
We become the abusers
   Our circles were forced into squares
   We began to believe and perpetuate the
    rhetoric of our oppressors
   True to peace, we turned in on ourselves
   We emulated our persecutors
   We became our own worst persecutors
    and forgot how or why
The Sleeping Giant stirs
   We are becoming inclusive again
   We are finally asking the hard questions
   We are moving beyond old taboos
   We are reasserting our circle
   Our wisdom allows us to work towards
    inclusiveness and compassion
   We are re-awaking and we remember