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									                           UPDATED 07/01/09                                                              CITY OF COOS BAY
                                                                                                     BUSINESS LICENSE LIST

PERMIT #      BUSINESS NAME                    BUSINESS DESCRIPTION                                                          BUSINESS ADDRESS

BUS-0007349   1031, INC.                       Central Building Apartments - 7 Units & Commercial                            262 CENTRAL AVE

BUS-0007349   1031, INC.                       Central Building Apartments - 7 Units & Commercial                            262 CENTRAL AVE

BUS-0007350   1031, INC.                       American Building - 4 Units.                                                  190 CENTRAL AVE

BUS-0007350   1031, INC.                       American Building - 4 Units.                                                  190 CENTRAL AVE

BUS-0007351   1031, INC.                       Call Center Building - 1 Unit.                                                180 N 2ND ST

BUS-0007351   1031, INC.                       Call Center Building - 1 Unit.                                                180 N 2ND ST

BUS-0007352   1031, INC.                       2nd Street Building - 3 Units.                                                140 N 2ND ST

BUS-0007352   1031, INC.                       2nd Street Building - 3 Units.                                                140 N 2ND ST

BUS-0007353   1031, INC.                       Restaurant - 1 Unit                                                           1175 NEWMARK AVE

BUS-0007353   1031, INC.                       Restaurant - 1 Unit                                                           1175 NEWMARK AVE

BUS-0007354   1031, INC.                       Commercial & Apt Rentals (1 Apt + 3 Retail Businesses)                        1195 NEWMARK AVE

BUS-0007354   1031, INC.                       Commercial & Apt Rentals (1 Apt + 3 Retail Businesses)                        1195 NEWMARK AVE

BUS-0005698   1ST STOP JAVA                    Espresso Bar                                                                  1900 WOODLAND DR

BUS-0000892   2ND STREET FOREIGN CAR           Foreign automobile repair service                                             801 S 2ND ST

BUS-0007153   2ND STREET STUDIO                Beauty Salon                                                                  945 S 2ND ST

BUS-0007695   2ND STREET STUDIO                Skin Care                                                                     945 S 2ND ST

BUS-0001575   3 BRANCHES CLINIC                Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine                                             320 CENTRAL AVE 304

BUS-0000414   3 B'S NURSERY                    Garden center/nursery                                                         755 S EMPIRE BLVD

BUS-0000657   315 SOUTH 2ND STREET             Apartment building                                                            315 S 2ND ST

BUS-0000896   7-ELEVEN #2353-17090C            Convenience grocery store                                                     1075 NEWMARK AVE

BUS-0008390   A & B JANITORIAL                 Janitorial Service                                                            64686 WASHINGTON RD

BUS-0007359   A & B PLUMBING                   Plumbing- CCB#132350 "Limited Contractor" 02/07/2010                          938 N 9TH

BUS-0001462   A & S JANITORIAL SERVICES        Home Occupation - Janitorial services                                         409 WHITTY ST

BUS-0005405   A D T SECURITY SERVICES, INC     Electronic security (special contractor CCB# 59944)                           PO BOX 3042

BUS-0005510   A FIRE EXTINGUISHER SERVICE CO   Limited Contractor CCB#66414 - Fire extinguisher sales & service              94540 HWY 241

BUS-0008140   A MOTHER'S TOUCH                 Janitorial                                                                    1695 GARFIELD STREET

BUS-0008324   A VAN CALLING INC                Non-Emergency Medical Wheelchair Transport                                    435 TEAKWOOD DR

BUS-0006913   A&T TILLING                      Rototilling business - Limited Contractor - CCB #170241                       93554 MCCULLUM LANE

              A.T. COLLIER, INC.                                       148019-Plumbing/Heating
                                               Special Contractor CCB# 148019 Plumbing/Heating                               791 N FRONT ST

BUS-0005836   A-1 CLEAN-OPS.                   Clean & Rental Prep see also zon2001-00047                                    1465 SHERMAN AVE
                      UPDATED 07/01/09                                                                  CITY OF COOS BAY
                                                                                                     BUSINESS LICENSE LIST

PERMIT #      BUSINESS NAME                    BUSINESS DESCRIPTION                                                          BUSINESS ADDRESS

BUS-0007117   AA TESTING SERVICES, INC         Concrete & Soils Testing                                                      1780 SHERIDAN

BUS-0005604   AAA OREGON / IDAHO               Automobile Club                                                               1705 OCEAN BLVD

BUS-0001137   ABBY'S LEGENDARY PIZZA           Restaurant                                                                    997 S 1ST STREET

BUS-0007607   ABEE'S YARD MAINTENANCE          Home occupation - Lawn care/service (ZON2007-00052)                           480 S WASSON

BUS-0005094   ABEL INTERPRISE GROUP CO         General contractor CCB#112789                                                 2558 STANTON

BUS-0007862   ABSOLUTELY CLEAN PRESSURE WASH   Specialty Contractor CCB#175374 - Pressure Washing & Janitorial               815 NE CHRISTIAN ST

BUS-0006481   ACME GORILLA                     Retail sales - used furniture, collectibles                                   893 NEWMARK AVE

BUS-0000110   ACTION AUTOMOTIVE                Automotive repair shop                                                        160 KRUSE AVE

BUS-0001151   AD CONSTRUCTION & REMODELING     General Contractor-CCB #153365                                                PO BOX 958

BUS-0001335   ADAM & EVE'S GARDENING           Gardening service                                                             64209 BRALEY RD

BUS-0007161   ADAM'S LANDSCAPE DESIGN          Landscape Design Business - Home Occupation                                   1668 COTTONWOOD AVE

BUS-0007236   ADVANCED PROPERTY MANAGEMENT     Property Management                                                           320 CENTRAL STE.222

BUS-0007527   ADVANCED PROPERTY MANAGEMENT     Hall Building - 33 Units                                                      320 CENTRAL

BUS-0007529   ADVANCED PROPERTY MANAGEMENT     The Ghlynn Building - 10 Units                                                109 S 9TH ST

BUS-0007004   ADVANTAGE RENTAL-PURCHASE        Retail Furniture and Electronics                                              217 S BROADWAY

BUS-0001793   AGM                              Apartment building                                                            230 S WASSON

BUS-0005107   AGRI-TECH DESIGN                 Landscape maintenance service Limited contractor #10353                       778 S 2ND ST

BUS-0005615   AIRGAS NOR PAC, INC              Retail welding supplies & gas                                                 600 KOOSBAY BLVD

BUS-0000816   AL PEIRCE COMPANY                Timber management company                                                     375 N 4TH ST

BUS-0000117   ALDER ACRES                      Mobile home and RV park. See Business Details for split in units              1800 N 28TH CT

BUS-0006950   ALISON WASSON PHOTOGRAPHY LLC    photography                                                                   PO BOX 3521

BUS-0007322   ALISON'S PET PALACE, LLC         Boarding kennel & Grooming                                                    1195 NEWMARK SUITE A

BUS-0000109   ALL COAST SAW AND GARDEN         Retail saw and small-engine repair shop                                       1127 S BROADWAY

BUS-0007286   ALL PRO RESTORATIONS             General Contractor CCB# 169566                                                1120 SANFORD ST

BUS-0008126   ALL TANGLED UP                   Hair Salon                                                                    455 S 4TH STREET, STE 2

BUS-0005387   ALL WEATHER HEATING, AIR C INC   Specialty Contractor/All Heating and air conditioning ccb#166837              95297 MATTSON LANE

BUS-0007126   ALLAN SHEPARD                    Parking Lot Sale                                                              741 NEWMARK AVE

BUS-0001078   ALLEGANY DOORS WINDOWS & MORE    Retail sales of doors and windows                                             63098 BARRY ROAD

BUS 0008286
BUS-0008286   ALMOST HOME AFC                  Adult Foster Home (3 Adults)                                                  539 S MORRISON

BUS-0000289   ALPHA GENERATION HEATING & RV    Appliance sales and service                                                   282 S BROADWAY
                         UPDATED 07/01/09                                                                CITY OF COOS BAY
                                                                                                      BUSINESS LICENSE LIST

PERMIT #      BUSINESS NAME                    BUSINESS DESCRIPTION                                                           BUSINESS ADDRESS

BUS-0006267   ALSCO AMERICAN LINEN DIVISION    linen supply                                                                   1831 W BROADWAY

BUS-0001291   ALTERNATIVE ACTIONS MASSAGE      Massage therapy                                                                2550 WOODLAND DR

BUS-0005955   ALTERNATIVE HEALING CENTER       Chiropractic and Nutrition Clinic                                              585 S 7TH ST

BUS-0008142   ALTERNATIVES UNLIMITED           Mediation/Dispute Resolution                                                   1795 HAYES

BUS-0006751   ALWAYS BEAUTIFUL BY STACEY G.    Permanent Cosmetics - Beauty Salon                                             1165 NEWMARK AVE SUITE C

BUS-0007069   AMERICAN GENERAL FINANCIAL SER   Financial Services Company                                                     210 S 4TH ST

BUS-0000801   AMERICAN PROMOTIONAL EVENTS      Fireworks sales                                                                PO BOX 836

BUS-0000417   AMERICAN PROMOTIONAL EVENTS,     Seasonal fireworks stand/tent                                                  1020 S 1ST ST

BUS-0000409   AMERIGAS                         Retail sales and delivery of LPG                                               425 VIRGINIA AVE

BUS-0005672   AMY LEVIN                        Yoga classes                                                                   320 CENTRAL AVE

BUS-0006418   ANA'S JANITORIAL HOUSEKEEPING    housekeeping and cleaning service See ZON2003-00073                            265 NORMAN AVE

BUS-0007367   ANDERSON ST VILLA APARTMENTS     Anderson St Villa - 7 units                                                    884 ANDERSON

BUS-0006633   ANGELO BARILLARI                 General Contractor CCB#147011                                                  1037 LAKESHORE DR

BUS-0000608   ANN KEIZER INTERIORS             Home Occupation - Interior decorating service/silver and furniture             2300 N 14TH STREET

BUS-0007891   ANNIE'S COTTAGE                  Vacation Rental                                                                489 NICHOLLS AVE

BUS-0001742   APARTMENT BUILDING               Apartment building                                                             1075 S 8TH ST

BUS-0008287   APARTMENTS                       Apartments                                                                     234 S MILL STREET

BUS-0008239   APPLESEED ENTERPRISES, LLC       Economic and Resource Development                                              320 CENTRAL AVE 506

BUS-0007043   APPLIED REFRIGERATION TECH INC   general contractor CCB#133020                                                  1029 NARREGAN ST

BUS-0000163   APRIA HEALTHCARE, INC            Medical supplies sales and rentals                                             3164 OCEAN BLVD

BUS-0008283   AQUA-AIR SERVICES                Boat Tours                                                                     778 S 2ND ST

BUS-0006249   ARAMARK UNIFORM SERVICES         Industrial Laundry Service                                                     1850 W 6TH AVE

BUS-0000590   ARBE'S RV PARK                   RV Park (15) Units                                                             2625 OCEAN BLVD 11

BUS-0000130   ARBYS ROAST BEEF                 Restaurant                                                                     1165 EVANS BLVD

BUS-0000175   ARCTIC ICE COMPANY               Ice distributor                                                                925 N FRONT ST

BUS-0005172   AREA GLASS & MIRROR, INC         Window and glass subcontractor       CCB#35882                                 PO BOX 488

BUS-0000131   AREE'S BEAUTY SALON              Beauty salon                                                                   192 NORMAN AVE

BUS-0000825   ARIELA'S                         Restaurant                                                                     673 D STREET

BUS 0001751   ART CONNECTION                   Retail picture framing and art supplies                                                  ST,
                                                                                                                              165 S 5TH ST SUITE B

BUS-0005133   ART SIGNS, INC                   Sign installation and mfg -Specialty Contractor-CCB #76598                     63066 HWY 101 SOUTH
                        UPDATED 07/01/09                                                                     CITY OF COOS BAY
                                                                                                         BUSINESS LICENSE LIST

PERMIT #      BUSINESS NAME                    BUSINESS DESCRIPTION                                                              BUSINESS ADDRESS

BUS-0000771   ARTIC BROS                       Heavy equipment service                                                           1525 SOUTHWEST BLVD

BUS-0007591   ARTISAN ENGINEERING, LLC         Engineering                                                                       325 W 13TH

BUS-0001951   ARTWORKS UNLIMITED               Retail sign sales                                                                 646 6TH AVENUE "D"

BUS-0000861   ASTRO WESTERN STATIONS           Retail gas station                                                                997 NEWMARK AVE

BUS-0007899   AT EASE HOME CARE, INC           In-Home Care                                                                      320 CENTRAL AVE, SUITE 501

BUS-0008237   ATLANTIC INSTALLATIONS SERVICE   Hotel furniture, carpet and wall vinyl install and painting                       28 SE 23RD AVE, STE 25

BUS-0008260   ATLAS LEASING, INC               Employee Staffing and Leasing                                                     340 N FRONT ST

BUS-0000264   AUCTION COMPANY OF SOUTHERN OR   Auctions Antiques, gems, collectibles, tools, auction, estates                    347 S BROADWAY

BUS-0001910   AUDIO VIDEO SPECIALISTS, INC     Home consumer electronic repair service                                           810 CENTRAL AVE

BUS-0006013   AUTOMATIC & MANUAL DOORS, INC.   Storefront/Automatic & Manuel Doors/Glass Sales & Service- General CCB#85506      1055 DILLON WAY

BUS-0000141   AUTOMOTIVE MACHINE SERVICE       Automotive machine shop                                                           1131 S BROADWAY

BUS-0007000   AUTOWORKS, INC                   Auto parts and repair                                                             140 S SCHONEMAN

BUS-0000654   AVON PRODUCTS, INC               Home Occupation - Avon (door to door cosmetic sales)                              2565 KOOSBAY BLVD

BUS-0007908   AYALA'S                          Maintenance - Home Occupation (ZON2008-00035)                                     1395 N 8TH ST

BUS-0006573   A-Z PLUMBING                     General Contractor CCB# 163540                                                    PO BOX 368

BUS-0005002   AZALEA ACRES, INC                Landscape contractor (Specialty contractor CCB# 66370, LCB# 5832)                 62608 W CATCHING ROAD

BUS-0000568   B & B JANITORIAL & JLR CARPET    Janitorial service                                                                2091 STATE STREET

BUS-0000527   B J'S METAL AND LUMBER PRODUCT   Metal and lumber products (General Contractor CCB# 80872)                         62848 MILLINGTON FRONTAGE RD

BUS-0000922   BACKMAN/GEDEROS CONSTRUCTION     General contractor - CCB#101147                                                   43 E 5TH STREET

BUS-0000207   BANK OF AMERICA #2871            Commercial bank                                                                   245 S 4TH ST

BUS-0001373   BARGAIN CORNER AUTO SALE         Retail used car lot                                                               1399 NEWMARK AVENUE

BUS-0006627   BARNEY WHITE CONSTRUCTION        General Contractor CCB#49224                                                      284 MERCHANT ST

BUS-0000359   BARRETT BUSINESS SERVICES, INC   Employee leasing service and temporary staffing                                   455 S 4TH ST

BUS-0006012   BARRETT REPORTING SERVICE        Home Occupation of "Court reporting" See Land Use File #ZON2002-00028.            2076 N 11TH ST

BUS-0000159   BASSETT-HYLAND ENERGY CO         Fuel distributor                                                                  425 LOCKHART AVE

BUS-0005061   BATEMAN PLUMBING, INC            Plumbing contractor Speciality Contractor CCB #56443                              2025 MAPLE STREET

BUS-0000161   BATTERY X-CHANGE                 Retail battery shop                                                               1000 S BROADWAY

BUS-0000135   BAUGHMAN CHILD CARE              Day care center                                                                   274 N WALL ST

BUS 0000301   BAY APPLIANCE & TV                                                       appliance,
                                               General Contractor CCB# 184579 - Retail appliance furniture and electronics       253 S BROADWAY

BUS-0000164   BAY AREA ATHLETIC CLUB           Athletic and health club                                                          985 NEWMARK AVE
                         UPDATED 07/01/09                                                               CITY OF COOS BAY
                                                                                                     BUSINESS LICENSE LIST

PERMIT #      BUSINESS NAME                    BUSINESS DESCRIPTION                                                                       BUSINESS ADDRESS

BUS-0007812   BAY AREA BODY JEWELRY            Retail Store                                                                               184 MARKET AVE

BUS-0007749   BAY AREA CHIROPRACTIC CENTER L   Chiropractic clinic                                                                        632 ANDERSON AVE

BUS-0000168   BAY AREA DENTAL LAB              Dental laboratory                                                                          320 CENTRAL AVE

BUS-0007762   BAY AREA FIRE SERVICE, LLC       Fire extinguisher & first aid sales                                                        540 W ANDERSON AVE

BUS-0006307   BAY AREA HOSPITAL                Hospital - Non-profit                                                                      1775 THOMPSON RD

BUS-0005850   BAY AREA HOT SPRING SPAS         Retail sales of spas                                                                       526 S EMPIRE BLVD

BUS-0000171   BAY AREA HYDRAULICS, INC         Hydraulic equipment sales                                                                  1135 S BROADWAY

BUS-0005911   BAY AREA KARATE CLUB             Shotokan karate instruction (Bay Area Karate Club) operated at Millicoma Jr. High School   260 2ND AVE

BUS-0005936   BAY AREA MOBILE AUTOMOTIVE SER   Mobile auto repair                                                                         94289 OREGON LANE

BUS-0007294   BAY AREA NUTRITION & WELLNESS    Nutrition & Counseling                                                                     320 CENTRAL AVE 214/216

BUS-0000173   BAY AREA PLAN EXCHANGE           Building plan review service - 2nd business (see BUS-0005004)                              2744 WOODLAND DRIVE

BUS-0008403   BAY AREA SMILE CARE, PC          Dental Practice                                                                            650 ANDERSON AVE

BUS-0007139   BAY AREA STORE & LOCK            Storage Rental Units - 62 Units                                                            270 E LOCKHART

BUS-0000179   BAY BURGER INN                   Restaurant                                                                                 1175 NEWMARK AVE

BUS-0007320   BAY CITY LAWN & GARDEN           Home Occupation - Lawn & garden maintenance (ZON2006-00094)                                1631 S 15TH

BUS-0000183   BAY CLINIC, LLP                  Medical clinic                                                                             1750 THOMPSON RD

BUS-0001480   BAY JANITORIAL SERVICE           Janitorial services                                                                        98395 STIAN SMITH LANE

BUS-0000187   BAY PRINTERS                     Commercial print shop                                                                      565 S 4TH ST

BUS-0005386   BAY WATCH SECURITY               General Contractor All- Security systems installation CCB # 75932                          PO BOX 936

BUS-0005639   BAYCREST MEMORY CARE             Residential care facility                                                                  955 KENTUCKY AVE

BUS-0006993   BAYSHORE AUTO REPAIR             Auto repair and part sales                                                                 1887 N BAYSHORE DR

BUS-0005708   BAYSHORE CHEVRON                 Home occupation-food preparation site for Bayshore Chevron. -business license #1290        650 MARKET AVE

BUS-0001290   BAYSHORE CHEVRON/MAPYER CORP.,   Service station                                                                            600 N BAYSHORE DR

BUS-0000190   BAYSHORE MOTEL                   Motel                                                                                      1685 N BAYSHORE DR

BUS-0007066   BAYSHORE PAINTS, INC.            Paint & Sundries (Supplies) Retail Sales.                                                  1026 N BAYSHORE DR

BUS-0000511   BAYWAY MOBILE HOME AND RV PARK   Mobile home and RV park - 37                                                               917 S EMPIRE BLVD

BUS-0007868   BCMS INC                         Billing & Corp Office (Bus-0007386)                                                        172 ANDERSON ST

BUS-0007327   BDLD INVESTMENTS, LLC            Home Occupation -Purchase, Refurbish-Sale Properties (ZON2006-00098)                       785 S 12TH ST

BUS 0007227
BUS-0007227   BEARHOUSE HOMES                  Property Management                                                                        3696 BROADWAY #140

BUS-0007122   BEAVER HILL PRO MAINT LLC        Janitorial                                                                                 92910 GARDEN LN
                      UPDATED 07/01/09                                                                    CITY OF COOS BAY
                                                                                                         BUSINESS LICENSE LIST

PERMIT #      BUSINESS NAME                    BUSINESS DESCRIPTION                                                                   BUSINESS ADDRESS

BUS-0006677   BEEBE ENTERPRISES                General Contractor CCB# 157696                                                         94991 HWY 241

BUS-0007907   BELISLE'S DENTURES BY DESIGN     Denturist; Provides dentures and partials to the public                                965 S 1ST ST

BUS-0000206   BENETTI'S ITALIAN RESTAURANT     Restaurant                                                                             260 S BROADWAY

BUS-0001469   BERGESON-BOESE & ASSOC. INC.     General Contractor CCB #76509                                                          PO BOX 71158

BUS-0000216   BEST WESTERN HOLIDAY MOTEL       Motel                                                                                  411 N BAYSHORE DR

BUS-0007778   BETTENCOURT TRANSPORTATION SER   General Freight Trucking--See BUS-0007776 & BUS-0007775                                1084 S 5TH ST

BUS-0000546   BEV'S YARD & GARDEN              Yard and lawn maintenance service                                                      329 2ND AVENUE

BUS-0007166   BEYER EXCAVATING                 Specialty Contractor CCB #158296                                                       2187 16TH ST

BUS-0000612   BICOASTAL CB, LLC                Radio broadcasting service                                                             320 CENTRAL AVE 519

BUS-0007225   BIG TENT RENTS & EVENTS          Rental (uses storage building for supplies, uses home as office outside city limits)   455 DUNN ST

BUS-0006330   BILLETER MARINE                  Tugboat company CCB# 166653 - General Contractor                                       520 3RD COURT

BUS-0005826   BI-MART #668                     Retail department store                                                                550 S 4TH ST

BUS-0000226   BIMORE STATION #10               Retail gas station                                                                     392 S 4TH ST

BUS-0006636   BLACK MARKET GOURMET, LLC        Food Manufacturing and Catering                                                        495 CENTRAL AVE

BUS-0007626   BLACKBERRY BOBS YD MAINT LLC     Yard Maintenance                                                                       94991 HWY 241

BUS-0006001   BLACKWELL CONSTRUCTION           General contractor; CCB #167878                                                        94131 SHUTTERS LANDING

BUS-0000227   BLACKWELL'S COMPANY HAIR         Beauty salon                                                                           153 N BROADWAY

BUS-0007736   BLAES ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT   Environmental Consulting                                                               1433 N 3RD AVE

BUS-0006911   BLONDIES & CO                    Hair Salon                                                                             620 COMMERCIAL AVE

BUS-0000231   BLOSSOM COURT                    Apartment building                                                                     1295 W ANDERSON AVE

BUS-0000556   BLUE HERON BISTRO, INC           Restaurant                                                                             100 COMMERCIAL AVE

BUS-0000232   BLUE MOON RESTAURANT & LOUNGE    Tavern restaurant                                                                      871 S BROADWAY

BUS-0007142   BNT PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS         Embroidery, Screenprint and Promotional Products                                       310 S BROADWAY

BUS-0000235   BOB'S APPLIANCE SALE & SERVICE   Major appliance sales and service                                                      550 NEWMARK AVE

BUS-0001285   BOLETUS WILD FOODS               Mushroom buying                                                                        245 S 2ND ST

BUS-0000377   BONK & BONK INVESTIGATIONS       Investigation service                                                                  92094 CAPE ARAGO HIGHWAY

BUS-0008296   BONNIE JEAN SMITH, PHOTOGRAPHY   Home Occupation - Freelance Photography - (see ZON2009-00021)                          854 ANDERSON

BUS-0000239   BOYD COFFEE COMPANY              Wholesale food distributor                                                             710 COMMERCIAL ST. #4, 5, 6

BUS 0001055   BOYS & GIRLS CLUB OF SW OREGON                 non profit
                                               Club for kids non-profit                                                               3333 WALNUT AVE

BUS-0005983   BRAD J. MICHAUD CONSTRUCTION     General contractor CCB# 56055                                                          93902 JENSEN LANE
                       UPDATED 07/01/09                                                               CITY OF COOS BAY
                                                                                                   BUSINESS LICENSE LIST

PERMIT #      BUSINESS NAME                    BUSINESS DESCRIPTION                                                        BUSINESS ADDRESS

BUS-0000531   BRIGGS & THOMPSON, LLC           Certified public accountants                                                519 S 7TH ST

BUS-0000754   BROCK CONSTRUCTION               Specialty contractor CCB#78161                                              2149 UNION

BUS-0000245   BROWN RENTALS, LLC               Various rental units                                                        93654 E EAGLE

BUS-0007182   BRYAN DARLING LAWN SERVICE       Home Occupation - Lawn Service (ZON2006-00041)                              1229 EMBARCADERO CIRCLE

BUS-0007174   BURGER KING #11066               Burger King #11066                                                          881 S 1ST ST

BUS-0007173   BURGER KING #7704                Burger King #7704                                                           2021 NEWMARK AVE

BUS-0000201   BUSINESS CENTER PARTNERSHIP      Legal office                                                                243 COMMERCIAL

BUS-0006568   BUTCH SCHROEDER DESIGNER         Builder Designer                                                            67505 N BAY RD

BUS-0001758   BUTLER'S PRONTO PRINT            Commercial print shop                                                       862 S BROADWAY

BUS-0007691   BYWATER DIESEL REPAIR            Home Occuaption - Diesel Repair (ZON2007-00050)                             612 HARRIS AVE

BUS-0005160   C & C LANDSCAPING                Landscape contractor lic #11741                                             90883 WILSHIRE LANE

BUS-0006108   C&S FIRE SAFE SERVICES           Fire equipment                                                              4019 HOOKER ROAD

BUS-0000255   C. J. O'NEIL & COMPANY           Automobile radiator and glass repair                                        905 N BAYSHORE DR

BUS-0000372   C. Z. DEMETZ COMPANY             Bookkeeping service                                                         413 INGERSOLL AVE

BUS-0001352   CAMPBELL JANITORIAL CO. INC      Janitorial service                                                          2044 MCPHERSON ST

BUS-0000628   CANDYLAND PLAYCARE               Daycare center                                                              355 2ND AVE

BUS-0001456   CARDINAL SERVICES, INC           Labor contractor                                                            110 ACKERMAN ST

BUS-0000262   CARLSON APARTMENTS               Carlson Apartments - 5 units                                                151 S 9TH STREET

BUS-0007526   CARLSON TESTING, INC.            Special Inspections                                                         4060 HUDSON AVE NE

BUS-0006976   CAROL L YOUNG                    HOP for internet business (gardening books) (See ZON2005-00104)             319 N 8TH APT #7

BUS-0007447   CAROL TUCKER, SLP                Home Occupancy - Speech Language Pathologist (See ZON2007-00013)            836 FULTON AVE

BUS-0006387   CAROLE HAUG ACCOUNTING           Home Occupation - Accounting                                                1311 CENTRAL AVE

BUS-0006951   CARPET TECH                      carpet cleaning (see zon2005-00083)                                         668 D ST

BUS-0000367   CARSON-DAVIS OIL COMPANY         Fuel oil distributors                                                       280 NEWMARK AVE

BUS-0000331   CARSON-DAVIS OIL COMPANY         Retail gas station                                                          1064 S 1ST ST

BUS-0000707   CARSON-DAVIS OIL COMPANY         Retail gas station                                                          1670 OCEAN BLVD

BUS-0008243   CARSON-DAVIS OIL COMPANY         Retail Gas Station                                                          525 N BROADWAY

BUS-0007410   CASCADE TEL INC DBA BOS TELEPH   Telephone Sales & Service - CCB#69691 Specialty Contractor                  1275 OCEAN BLVD

              CASELLE,                         Software                                                                    1656 S EAST BAY BLVD SUITE 100

BUS-0001034   CASH & CARRY #538                Wholesale grocery outlet                                                    751 S 2ND ST
                      UPDATED 07/01/09                                                                  CITY OF COOS BAY
                                                                                                     BUSINESS LICENSE LIST

PERMIT #      BUSINESS NAME                    BUSINESS DESCRIPTION                                                          BUSINESS ADDRESS

BUS-0006565   CASTLE CONSTRUCTION & MAINT      General Contractor CCB#159466                                                 3449 PINE ST

BUS-0007033   CATHERINE A. GRUCHACZ, M.D.      Medical office                                                                833 ANDERSON AVE #1

BUS-0000744   CBS OUTDOOR INC.                 Maintain and post billboard advertising service                               135 SILVER LANE STE 230

BUS-0005008   CEDAR ELECTRIC & CONSTRUCTION    General Contractor - Electrical (CCB #49251)                                  2356 BROADWAY

BUS-0000785   CENTRAL COAST PUBLISHING, INC.   Newspaper/Printing                                                            742 KOOSBAY BLVD

BUS-0006805   CENTRAL COAST VAC                Vacuum sales & service                                                        110 E CENTRAL

BUS-0000275   CENTURY 21-BEST REALTY, INC      Real estate sales                                                             605 N BAYSHORE DR

BUS-0005141   CHAMBERS PLUMBING & HEATING      General Contractor/All Retail plumbing supplies and installation/CCB #371     225 W LOCKHART AVE

BUS-0001173   CHARLES W KORANDO, DDS           Dentistry                                                                     833 ANDERSON AVE #6

BUS-0000281   CHARLIE'S TRUCK SERVICE          General truck repair service                                                  1131 S BROADWAY

BUS-0001517   CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS           cable company                                                                 1400 NEWMARK AVE

BUS-0000283   CHECKERBERRY'S FLOWERS & GIFTS   Retail flower shop                                                            169 N 2ND

BUS-0001371   CHEM-FREE                        Cleaning service                                                              63638 ANDREWS ROAD

BUS-0005533   CHIROPRACTIC HEALTH              Chiropractic                                                                  455 S 4TH STREET STE 1

BUS-0007400   CHOKES UNLIMITED                 Home Occupation - Manufacture/Distributor (ZON2007-00003)                     525 S MARPLE ST

BUS-0001367   CHRISTENSEN ELECTRIC, INC        Special Contractor - Electrical CCB# 458                                      111 SW COLUMBIA SUITE 480

BUS-0005637   CHRISTIAN SCIENCE READING ROOM   Church                                                                        444 S WALL ST

BUS-0008265   CHRISTINE VACATION RENTAL        Vacation rental                                                               245 S 9TH ST

BUS-0000202   CIRCLE H MINI-STORAGE            Mini-storage rentals                                                          121 N SCHONEMAN ST

BUS-0001631   CITY SUBS                        Sandwich shop                                                                 149 N 4TH ST

BUS-0008127   CIVIL WEST ENGINEERING SERVICE   Engineering Consulting                                                        486 E ST. SUITE 8

BUS-0007009   CLASSIC IMAGES & PORTRAITS       Home Occupation - Wedding Photography (#ZON2005-00102)                        273 N 12TH ST

BUS-0007834   CLEAR SKY WINDOW CLEANING        Window cleaning (See original Bus-0007726).                                   540 CLARK

BUS-0007207   CLIFF WOODRUFF CONSTRUCTION      General Contractor CCB# 34277                                                 PO BOX 1057

BUS-0006753   CMH HOMES, INC                   Retail mobile home sales - General Contractor CCB# 166990                     PO BOX 9790

BUS-0001197   COAST CONCRETE & CONSTRUCTION    Special Contractor #124938                                                    63334 FLANNAGAN RD

BUS-0000296   COAST METAL WORKS INC            Commercial machine shop                                                       2710 WOODLAND DRIVE

BUS-0000794   COASTAL CENTER, LLC              Counseling                                                                    125 CENTRAL AVE 290

BUS 0007058   COASTAL CREATIONS                                                 (ZON2005-00014)
                                               HOP for Fabric Art & Photography (ZON2005 00014)                              1093 FERGUSON AVE

BUS-0007184   COASTAL FITNESS CENTER           Fitness Center                                                                540 S 4TH ST
                       UPDATED 07/01/09                                                                  CITY OF COOS BAY
                                                                                                     BUSINESS LICENSE LIST

PERMIT #      BUSINESS NAME                    BUSINESS DESCRIPTION                                                          BUSINESS ADDRESS

BUS-0007672   COASTAL FLOORS                   General Contractor CCB# 157636-John Hamilton (Carpet & Flooring)              1889 N BAYSHORE DR

BUS-0007356   COASTAL GRIND                    Restaurant / coffee shop                                                      190 CENTRAL AVE

BUS-0008138   COASTAL HOT DOGS                 Mobile Hot Dog Cart - Working out of Oregon Connection Parking Lot            1125 S 1ST ST

BUS-0006855   COASTAL PROPERTY MAINTENANCE     General Contractor CCB#175727                                                 1956 MEADE ST, NB

BUS-0007135   COASTAL WEB INNOVATIONS          Web Design                                                                    93575 LOOKOUT LN #16

BUS-0007426   COASTWIDE LABORATORIES           Distributor-Janitorial Products                                               10000 SW COMMERCE CIRCLE

BUS-0000987   COHO DISTRIBUTING                Coho Distributing (Previously Thomas & Sons)                                  840 S FRONT ST

BUS-0007473   COINSTAR ENTERTAINMENT SERVICE   Vending & Amusement machines (12 total)                                       397 SOUTH TAYLOR AVE

BUS-0000773   COLLEEN BARBEES BOOKKEEP/TAXES   Bookkeeping and tax service                                                   162 N 2ND ST

BUS-0007823   COLLINS-CAUBLE INVESTMENTS       Real Estate Business                                                          400 SO MAIN ST, SUITE 2

BUS-0000722   COLT SIGNS, INC                  Specialty Contractor/All Sign installation subcontractor-CCB #111682          310 S ADAMS

BUS-0007687   COLUMBIA CARE SERVICES, INC      Bay Apartments (10 Studio + 1 Managers Apt)- Non Profit                       1123 ANDERSON

BUS-0006657   COMFORT FLOW HEATING             General Contractor (CCB# 460)                                                 1951 DON STREET

BUS-0007538   COMPASS BUILDING                 Compass Building - Units                                                      455 S 4TH STREET

BUS-0008048   COMPLETE CELEBRATIONS            Party & event planning                                                        94218 BOONE CREEK LN

BUS-0001145   COMP-U-TALK                      Retail computer sales and services                                            2561 BROADWAY

BUS-0001361   CONEY STATION, INC.              Restaurant                                                                    295 S BROADWAY

BUS-0001282   CONNIE J LEWIS                   Home Occupation - Biometics distributor                                       1350 COOS RIVER HWY

BUS-0005329   CONRAD DEBERT HARDWOOD FLOORS    Hardwood floor subcontractor-special contractor-CCB #163008                   840 N 2ND ST

BUS-0008405   COOS BAY AREA HABITAT FOR HUMA   Non-profit restore, home construction                                         3959 SHERIDAN

BUS-0000322   COOS BAY CHAPEL                  Funeral parlor and burial services                                            685 ANDERSON AVE

BUS-0000160   COOS BAY CHEVRON                 gas station                                                                   1059 EVANS BLVD

BUS-0001581   COOS BAY GROCERY OUTLET          Retail discount grocery store                                                 1385 NEWMARK AVE

BUS-0000325   COOS BAY IRON WORKS, INC.        Misc repair shop                                                              896 N FRONT STREET

BUS-0000327   COOS BAY MARINE, INC.            Marine mechanical services and sales                                          1201 OCEAN BLVD

BUS-0008128   COOS BAY MOTORSPORTS             On-Line Tech & On-Line Sales - Home Occupation (ZON2008-00079)                1906 COTTONWOOD

BUS-0000493   COOS BAY NISSAN                  Retail new and used Automobiles                                               1475 OCEAN BLVD

BUS-0007722   COOS BAY PLAZA                   Rental Property - 1 unit                                                      522 S 4TH STREET

BUS 0005722
BUS-0005722   COOS BAY SANITARY SERVICE        Garbage Company                                                               60648 HWY 101

BUS-0007938   COOS BAY SEAPLANES               Sightseeing Flights                                                           200 S BAYSHORE DR
                      UPDATED 07/01/09                                                                  CITY OF COOS BAY
                                                                                                     BUSINESS LICENSE LIST

PERMIT #      BUSINESS NAME                    BUSINESS DESCRIPTION                                                          BUSINESS ADDRESS

BUS-0005258   COOS BAY TIMBER OPERATORS, INC   General contractor/Timber-CCB #73852                                          92423 KENTUCK WAY LANE

BUS-0007795   COOS BAY TOWBOAT COMPANY         Tug boat                                                                      686 N FRONT ST.

BUS-0001109   COOS BAY TRANSFER                Trucking                                                                      1890 N 7TH

BUS-0000521   COOS BAY VISION CENTER, INC.     Retail optical services                                                       986 CENTRAL AVE

BUS-0008292   COOS CURRY TRANSITIONAL HOUSE    Main office - Non-profit                                                      320 CENTRAL AVE #201

BUS-0001221   COOS CYCLE SUPPLY                Retail motocycle partsand service                                             995 S 2ND STREET

BUS-0005633   COOS EDUCATORS FEDERAL CREDIT    Credit union                                                                  185 N 4TH ST

BUS-0000341   COOS GRANGE SUPPLY               Retail farm and garden supplies                                               1085 S 2ND ST

BUS-0006189   COOS LEGAL PROCESS SERVICE INC   Processing service (shares office space with Western Mercantile).             165 S 5TH SUITE "C"

BUS-0005506   COOS MANUFACTURED HOME SERVICE   General contractor-CCB #126586                                                2069 MONROE

BUS-0007725   COOS RIVER BAND                  Rock & Roll Band - Recording Studio "Coos River Studios, Inc."                47693 S HWY 101

BUS-0005048   COOS RIVER CONSTRUCTION          General Contractor CCB #42808                                                 66055 SUNSHINE LANE

BUS-0005010   COQUILLE SHEET METAL             General Contractor - Sheet metal (CCB #157138)                                PO BOX 749

BUS-0006446   CORONA TAXIDERMY                 Home Occupation - Taxidermy (ZON2003-0082)                                    965 SANFORD ST

BUS-0006254   CORPORATE EXPRESS OFFICE PROD.   Office Product Sales                                                          500 STAPLES DRIVE

BUS-0000792   CORRIGALL & MCCLINTOCK, LLP      Legal offices                                                                 936 CENTRAL AVE

BUS-0007434   COURTESY AUTOMOTIVE SERVICES     Automotive Repair Shop                                                        175 INGERSOLL AVE

BUS-0000343   COURTESY MOTORS, INC             Retail used car dealership                                                    175 INGERSOLL AVE

BUS-0008203   CRAFTERS CO-OP                   Crafter's Co-Op - Year round indoor crafters (see BUS-0007965)                187 CENTRAL AVE

BUS-0005641   CRANBERRY SWEETS, INC            Candy factory and retail store                                                1005 NEWMARK AVE

BUS-0000349   CREATIVE INTERIORS               Home Occupation - Mary Kay Cosmetics & Interior design and gift.              745 S 12TH ST

BUS-0007383   CRITTER SITTERS                  Home Occupation-(ZON-00120)                                                   297 N 2ND CT

BUS-0000437   CROW/CLAY AND ASSOCIATES, INC    Architectural services firm                                                   125 CENTRAL AVE

BUS-0005028   CROWN ROOFING                    General contractor-CCB #32620                                                 92582 CAPE ARAGO HWY

BUS-0006757   CROY CONSTRUCTION                General Contractor - 142519 (HOP see ZON2005-00006)                           541 N WALL

BUS-0000948   CUP OF JOE TO GO                 Drive thru coffee/espresso shop                                               882 S 1ST STREET

BUS-0000353   CURT'S BARBER SHOP               Barber shop                                                                   801 S BROADWAY

BUS-0000621   CURVES FOR WOMEN                 Fitness                                                                       367 ANDERSON AVE

BUS 0000434
BUS-0000434   D STREET MINI STORAGE            Kenneth Joubert: Mini storage                                                 540 D ST

BUS-0001207   D.F.W. SERVICES                  Home Occupation - Handyman                                                    1420 COMPASS CIR
                       UPDATED 07/01/09                                                                CITY OF COOS BAY
                                                                                                    BUSINESS LICENSE LIST

PERMIT #      BUSINESS NAME                    BUSINESS DESCRIPTION                                                         BUSINESS ADDRESS

BUS-0000682   D.H. MCCOWAN MEDICAL LAB         Medical Lab                                                                  178 COMMERCIAL AVE

BUS-0007701   DA VI NAILS                      Nail Salon                                                                   2051 NEWMARK AVE

BUS-0000323   DAIRY QUEEN OF COOS BAY          Restaurant                                                                   670 CENTRAL AVE

BUS-0001449   DALE WEBBER CONSTRUCTION         General Contractor. CCB #64540 (See ZON2001-00025)                           936 S 10TH ST

BUS-0007116   DAN CZERNY HANDYMAN INC.         General Contractor CCB#166175 - Handyman - Repair                            63928 WALLACE RD

BUS-0001200   DANIEL J HANDRAN, P.C.           Certified public accountant office                                           375 PARK AVE 3

BUS-0001079   DANIEL M HINRICHS, PC            Law offices                                                                  590 COMMERCIAL AVE

BUS-0000315   DARIGOLD, INC                    Wholesale dairy products distributor                                         1300 COURT ST

BUS-0000842   DAUGHERTY'S HOME APPLIANCE       Appliance repair service & sales                                             1890 VIRGINIA

BUS-0001930   DAVE SMITH SIGNS & GRAPHICS      Sign construction and sales                                                  714 N 8TH ST

BUS-0000732   DAVE TAYLOR AUTOMOTIVE INC       Auto repair/Transmissions/Towing                                             339 N BROADWAY

BUS-0008367   DAVENPORT ECOVISION              Lawn Service - Home Occupation                                               927 NOBLE AVE

BUS-0001075   DAVID A. DORSEY, PC              Attorney office                                                              243 COMMERCIAL

BUS-0006133   DAVID BAKER DRYWALL              Specialty Contractor                                                         93491 MAUD LAKE LN

BUS-0007519   DAVID C OR CATHY J HEROLD        Building Owner - 171 S Broadway                                              171 S BROADWAY

BUS-0008391   DAVID G THOMPSON SR RENTALS      Property Rental                                                              1147 MICHIGAN AVE

BUS-0000822   DAVID ORR                        Rental Property - E L Edwards Realty II, Inc                                 391 N 2ND ST

BUS-0007011   DAVID SMITH PAINTING             Home Occupation - Painting; interior & exterior (ZON2005-00101)              1724 N 14TH ST

BUS-0007859   DAVID WILLHITE PROMOTIONS        Festival Promoter - (second business) Home Occupation (ZON2008-00015)        179 2ND AVE

BUS-0000450   DAWSON'S STEIN ROOM              Sports bar and tavern                                                        295 CENTRAL AVE

BUS-0000369   DAY SHIP SUPPLY, INC.            Ship supplier                                                                602 W HEMLOCK AVE

BUS-0000665   DBA PEPSI COLA BOTTLING CO       Pepsi distributor                                                            715 9TH AVE

BUS-0008146   DBA SUPER 8                      Hotel/Motel                                                                  1001 N BAYSHORE DR

BUS-0008146   DBA SUPER 8                      Hotel/Motel                                                                  1001 N BAYSHORE DR

BUS-0007714   DEBORAH MANDERS, L.AC            Accupuncture                                                                 320 CENTRAL AVE 304

BUS-0006408   DEBRA TODD-LAL PERSONAL TRAINE   Personal Training / Fitness (see ZON2003-00068)                              889 OCEAN BLVD

BUS-0005822   DEB'S HAIR HOUSE                 Beauty salon                                                                 1662 OCEAN BLVD

BUS-0007305   DELTA FIRE, INC                  Special Contractor CCB #64174                                                14795 SW 72ND AVE

BUS 0000518   DESIGN RENAISSANCE                                        Contractor;
                                               Interior design service -Contractor; CCB #132841                             160 S 2ND ST

BUS-0000461   DESIGN.LAND                      Landscape design service - Home Occupation                                   598 N 4TH CT
                        UPDATED 07/01/09                                                              CITY OF COOS BAY
                                                                                                     BUSINESS LICENSE LIST

PERMIT #      BUSINESS NAME                   BUSINESS DESCRIPTION                                                                                                    BUSINESS ADDRESS

BUS-0005403   DEXTER CONSTRUCTION, INC.       General contractor; CCB #70711                                                                                          69231 SANDBUG RD

BUS-0005480   DIRTY WORK                      Special Contractor -Handyman (CCB # 136846); Land Use file #ZON2001-00030                                               93709 HARRIET ST

BUS-0001244   DIVERSIFIED INSPECTIONS         Aerial lift safety inspections                                                                                          PO BOX 39669

BUS-0005165   DLB CONSTRUCTION INC.           General Contractor; CCB #49813                                                                                          93856 PICKETT LANE

BUS-0006301   DOC'S DISCOUNT LOCKSMITH        Locksmith - located outside city limits                                                                                 63705 ELLEN RD

BUS-0007739   DOLLAR TREE STORE #3801         Retail Variety Store                                                                                                    522 S 4TH STREET

BUS-0001213   DOMESTIQUE TOUCH                Home Occupation - Handyman Sewing Bookkeeping                                                                           1410 COMPASS CIR

BUS-0001484   DOMINO'S PIZZA                  Pizza restaurant                                                                                                        3440 OCEAN BLVD

BUS-0000961   DON GILLISPIE                   Apartment building - 28 units                                                                                           151 NORMAN AVE

BUS-0007200   DON SCHRAG CONSTRUCTION INC     General Contractor CCB#96706                                                                                            1395 OREGON AVE

BUS-0007027   DONALD H LANDES, ATTY           Law office                                                                                                              971 COMMERCIAL AVE

BUS-0005033   DONALD W. THOMPSON, INC         General contractor-CCB #00266                                                                                           1714 HAMILTON

BUS-0006735   DONNA L BISHOP                  Cleaning vacant rentals                                                                                                 63108 LILAC DRIVE

BUS-0007667   DOUBLE DRAGON DETAIL            Auto detail                                                                                                             135 S EMPIRE BLVD

BUS-0001027   DOUGLAS R. DUNHAM CONTRACTOR    General contractor CCB#96535                                                                                            PO BOX 1110

BUS-0007222   DOWNTOWN HEALTH & FITNESS LLC   Fitness Center                                                                                                          440 CENTRAL AVENUE

BUS-0000469   DR. SAM E. SCOTT                Dental office                                                                                                           833 ANDERSON AVE

BUS-0007985   DRAGONFLY GARDEN CARE           Yard maintenance - Home occupation (ZON2008-00056)                                                                      925 PLYMOUTH AVE

BUS-0000386   DRIFTWOOD BARBER SHOP           Barber shop                                                                                                             402 COMMERCIAL AVE

BUS-0007494   D'S MEDI TANZ & BODY BOUTIQUE   Sunless Tanning - Massage - Distribution - Teeth Whitening "Sacred Skin Enterprises" is a subsidary (see bus-0007495)   320 CENTRAL AVE SUITE 317

BUS-0007601   DUBISAR LANDCARE LLC            Home Occupation - Handyman (ZON2007-00051)                                                                              926 S 4TH

BUS-0008313   DUPLEX RENTALS                  Duplex Rentals for 318-324 S 6th                                                                                        318 S 6TH STREET

BUS-0005818   DUTCH BROS. COFFEE              Drive through coffee shop                                                                                               149 S 7TH ST

BUS-0007384   E & L AUTO SALES                Auto Sales - See also BUS-0001164                                                                                       1351 OCEAN BLVD

BUS-0007420   E L EDWARDS REALTY II, INC      Property Managment                                                                                                      2707 BROADWAY

BUS-0007414   E L EDWARDS REALTY INC.         Rental Units Triplex (1810-1812-1814)                                                                                   1810 THOMAS AVE

BUS-0008137   E Z INC                         Equipment Maintenance-2nd Business on same tax Lot-Scrape Metal                                                         425 LOCKHART AVE

BUS-0005602   E Z MINI STORAGE                Storage units - 98 units                                                                                                1293 OCEAN

              E. C.                           Recycling used restaurant grease; Special contractor                                                                    30400 TOSTA DR

BUS-0007558   EAGLE FUNDING                   Residential Mortgage Lender                                                                                             290 S 4TH ST
                       UPDATED 07/01/09                                                              CITY OF COOS BAY
                                                                                                 BUSINESS LICENSE LIST

PERMIT #      BUSINESS NAME                    BUSINESS DESCRIPTION                                                      BUSINESS ADDRESS

BUS-0005819   EASTSIDE COMMERCIAL CLEANING     Janitorial                                                                922 SPRUCE

BUS-0000208   EASTSIDE TRAILER COURT           Mobile home park - 7 units                                                519 BESSIE ST

BUS-0000876   ECONO-ROOTER SERVICES INC        Drain Service; Special contractor; CCB #143577                            1742 W CENTRAL

BUS-0006113   ED BUFORD AND SONS CONSTRUCTIO   Limited Contractor CCB#83083                                              69127 WILDWOOD RD #28

BUS-0001847   EDGEWATER INN                    Motel                                                                     275 E JOHNSON AVE

BUS-0000306   EDWARD D. JONES & CO. (#5610)    Stockbrokerage services                                                   135 N BROADWAY

BUS-0000203   EHLIN GENERAL CONSTRUCTION       General Contractor; CCB #137613                                           587 WEBSTER AVENUE

BUS-0001270   EL SOMBRERO                      El Sombrero Restaurant                                                    252 S BROADWAY

BUS-0000402   ELECTRIC HOSPITAL                Retail vacuum sales and services                                          988 S BROADWAY

BUS-0006610   ELEGANT ECCENTRICITY             Home Occupation - Crafts & Quilts See ZON2004-00047                       790 S WASSON ST

BUS-0007288   ELISA KLOSTER CERT SHRTND RPRT   Certified Shorthand Reporter & Notary Public                              63689 AHILL RD

BUS-0005691   EMDEC R & D LABS                 Bio-technology consulting                                                 1475 N 10TH CT

BUS-0005676   EMERSON'S R/C HOBBYS             Hobby retail See also ZON2001-00036                                       520 TAYLOR

BUS-0001097   EMILY K. WYNN, LTC               Tax and bookkeeping service - Home Occupation                             970 S 7TH ST

BUS-0006836   EMMA & FRIENDS                   Home Occupation - Wholesale books by mail (ZON2005-00041).                587 WEBSTER AVENUE

BUS-0008174   EMPIRE BARBER SHOP               Barber Shop                                                               895 NEWMARK

BUS-0007127   EMPIRE BEAUTY SALON              Hair Salon                                                                810 NEWMARK AVE

BUS-0007273   EMPIRE CAFE                      Cafe                                                                      525 NEWMARK AVE

BUS-0005840   EMPIRE CAR WASH                  Car wash                                                                  1109 NEWMARK AVENUE

BUS-0007885   EMPIRE CITY METALLIC ART         Home Occupation - Restore damaged/corroded art objects (ZON2008-00027)    175 S MILL

BUS-0000407   EMPIRE CLEANERS                  Dry cleaners                                                              982 NEWMARK AVE

BUS-0000410   EMPIRE DOG GROOMING              Dog grooming service                                                      130 S WALL ST

BUS-0007643   EMPIRE FLEA MARKET               Flea Market                                                               1070 NEWMARK

BUS-0000746   EMPIRE MERCANTILE                Variety store                                                             640 NEWMARK AVE

BUS-0006687   EMPIRE MINI STORAGE              Mini Storage                                                              227 S EMPIRE BLVD

BUS-0000696   ENCORE COMPUTER & ESPRESSO       Computer store                                                            2570 OCEAN BLVD

BUS-0006199   ENGLEWOOD AFH                    Adult Foster Home                                                         1310 CALIFORNIA AVE

BUS-0000517   ENGLEWOOD AUTO                   Automotive repair service                                                 1220 DAKOTA AVE

BUS 0000481
BUS-0000481   ENGLEWOOD MARKET                 Retail grocery store                                                      1434 SOUTHWEST BLVD

BUS-0001312   ENTERPRISE RENT A CAR            Car rental/service                                                        455 N BROADWAY
                        UPDATED 07/01/09                                                                 CITY OF COOS BAY
                                                                                                     BUSINESS LICENSE LIST

PERMIT #      BUSINESS NAME                    BUSINESS DESCRIPTION                                                                                  BUSINESS ADDRESS

BUS-0006351   EPUERTO                          Information technology                                                                                2420 MARION ST

BUS-0000536   ES&A, INC.                       General Constractor- CCB 163470 All Sign/Awning Fabrication/Installation                              89975 PRAIRIE RD

BUS-0001871   EVA AHUNA                        **Home Occupation - Retail Bonsai supplies                                                            1434 N 10 CT

BUS-0007924   EVANS GLASS INC                  Retail window, door and siding sales/door to door sales                                               900 POPLAR PLACE SOUTH

BUS-0001120   EVERETT PETITT CONTRACTING       General contractor; CCB #105137                                                                       64905 WINDY WILLOW RD

BUS-0000992   EXPRESS BLINDS & BEYOND, LLC     Window covering sales                                                                                 147 S BROADWAY

BUS-0007238   EXPRESS CARE MOBILITY            Wheel Chair Van Service                                                                               2600 MAIN ST SUITE A

BUS-0008347   EZ THAI RESTAURANT               Thai Restaurant                                                                                       274 S BROADWAY

BUS-0006934   F.M.K. ROOFING                   Specialty Contractor CCB#91438 (See ZON2005-00078)                                                    1687 N 8TH ST

BUS-0008392   F/V GOLDEN GLO                   Seafood sales - from Coos Bay docks                                                                   PO BOX 5812

BUS-0007291   FARIAS MASONRY                   Handyman (ZON2006-00085)                                                                              1755 S 19TH ST

BUS-0005625   FARMER'S INSURANCE AGENCY        Insurance Agency L.L.C.                                                                               355 ANDERSON AVE

BUS-0000425   FARR'S TRUE VALUE HARDWARE       Specialty Contractor CCB #49282 08-30-2009 / AllRetail hardware store and electrical subcontractor-   880 S 1ST ST

BUS-0000193   FARWEST TIRE, INC                Tire sales and service                                                                                1595 N BAYSHORE DR

BUS-0006901   FASTENAL COMPANY                 Sales of Fasteners                                                                                    1195 NEWMARK STE B

BUS-0006862   FEDEX GROUND, INC                Package Delivery                                                                                      3140 OCEAN BLVD

BUS-0000921   FERGUSON ENTERPRISES, INC        Plumbing wholesale - CCB#157743                                                                       1875 N 6TH STREET

BUS-0000429   FERGUSON TRANSFER CO, INC        Trucking service                                                                                      1690 NW OCEAN BLVD

BUS-0000249   FERRELLGAS                       LPG distribution service                                                                              750 CHAPPELL PARKWAY

BUS-0007743   FICTION 101 BOOKS & LIBRARY AN   New and used books                                                                                    235 N BROADWAY

BUS-0005651   FIDELITY NATIONAL TITLE CO.      Title and escrow company                                                                              215 CURTIS AVE

BUS-0001001   FIRESIDE RESTAURANT              Restaurant and lounge                                                                                 275 N BROADWAY

BUS-0005638   FIRST AMERICAN TITLE INS CO      Title insurance and excrow                                                                            454 COMMERCIAL

BUS-0005509   FISHER BROADCASTING-OREGON TV    Television station (KCBY)                                                                             3451 BROADWAY

BUS-0008160   FITNESS 007                      Personal Fitness Training                                                                             945 S 2ND ST #2

BUS-0001316   FLASHBACK TEES                   Retail t-shirts and hats                                                                              510 NEWMARK AVE

BUS-0007567   FLETCHER ENTERPRISES             6 unit commercial building                                                                            117 ANDERSON AVE

BUS-0000796   FOOD SERVICES OF AMERICA         wholesale food distributor                                                                            350 SOUTH PACIFIC HIGHWAY

BUS 0006970
BUS-0006970   FOSTER APPRAISALS                Home Occupation - Real Estate Appraisal                                                               1865 COTTONWOOD AVE

BUS-0000691   FOUR C'S JANITORIAL              Janitorial service                                                                                    62126 ROSS INLET ROAD
                      UPDATED 07/01/09                                                                   CITY OF COOS BAY
                                                                                                        BUSINESS LICENSE LIST

PERMIT #      BUSINESS NAME                    BUSINESS DESCRIPTION                                                             BUSINESS ADDRESS

BUS-0007070   FRANCISCO SANCHEZ                Handyman and Furniture building                                                  93603 W HOWARD LANE

BUS-0000770   FRANK'S LEATHER PRODUCTS         Leather tooling company                                                          93694 BUCHANAN

BUS-0007728   FRANZ FAMILY BAKERIES            Wholesale bakery depot and outlet store                                          2775 OCEAN BLVD

BUS-0006767   FRANZ M. HASTRICH                Bank courier                                                                     93738 HOLLOW STUMP LN

BUS-0006167   FRED MEYER JEWELERS #00050       Retail - fine jewelry & related products in Fred Meyer                           1020 S 1ST ST

BUS-0000456   FRED MEYERS, INC                 Department store                                                                 1020 S 1ST ST

BUS-0006668   FREEDOM WASH-N-FOLD A-LOT        Laundry mat                                                                      1155 NEWMARK AVE

BUS-0006646   FREESTYLE GRAPHICS               Home Occupation, Graphic Design Studio (see Zon2004-00060)                       1594 SOUTHWEST BLVD

BUS-0007716   FRONT STREET AUTO BODY           Front Street Auto Body                                                           390 N FRONT

BUS-0007892   FRONTIER UNLIMITED, LLC          General Contractor CCB#179283                                                    93877 LAMONT LN

BUS-0008307   FULL MOON TAXI - CLYDINE LANE    Taxi driver for Full Moon Taxi                                                   1468 UNION

BUS-0008303   FULL MOON TAXI - DAVE CARILLO    Taxi driver for Full Moon Taxi                                                   1468 UNION

BUS-0008310   FULL MOON TAXI - DON ESCH        Taxi driver for Full Moon Taxi                                                   1468 UNION

BUS-0008308   FULL MOON TAXI - DONALD KELLY    Taxi driver for Full Moon Taxi                                                   1468 UNION

BUS-0008299   FULL MOON TAXI - DONALD TUCKER   Taxi driver for Full Moon Taxi                                                   1468 UNION

BUS-0008304   FULL MOON TAXI - JEFF JAEHNIG    Taxi driver for Full Moon Taxi                                                   1468 UNION

BUS-0008301   FULL MOON TAXI - JOHN HOUSE      Taxi driver for Full Moon Taxi                                                   1468 UNION

BUS-0008302   FULL MOON TAXI - JOHN MORGANTH   Taxi driver for Full Moon Taxi                                                   1468 UNION

BUS-0008300   FULL MOON TAXI - KIM DEW         Taxi driver for Full Moon Taxi                                                   1468 UNION

BUS-0008309   FULL MOON TAXI -DEXTER GIPPERT   Taxi driver for Full Moon Taxi                                                   1468 UNION

BUS-0008298   FULL MOON TAXI INC               Taxi company - 5 vehicles                                                        1468 UNION

BUS-0008305   FULL MOON TAXI-ROBERT LINDSTRO   Taxi driver for Full Moon Taxi                                                   1468 UNION

BUS-0007372   FULLER INVESTMENTS               Rental Investments 8 plex plus 2 houses                                          330 S CAMMANN ST

BUS-0001065   FYFES AUTO DETAIL                Auto detailing at Willsey Auto Detail                                            135 S EMPIRE BLVD

BUS-0005032   G.B.REESE ELECTRIC INC           Electricial limited contractor-CCB #23563                                        1750 SHERMAN AVENUE

BUS-0005546   GAMER'S GALAXY, INC              Computer software                                                                970 S BROADWAY

BUS-0006816   GARCIA'S MAINTENANCE             Yard maintenance                                                                 63636 ANDREWS RD

BUS-0000165   GARDA CL NORTHWEST, INC          Armored transportation services                                                  301 N LAKE AVE 600

BUS 0007087
BUS-0007087   GARDEN ELEMENTS                  Garden Center outdoor display                                                    599 N BROADWAY

BUS-0000693   GARETH B. DANIELSON, DDS         Dental office                                                                    650 ANDERSON AVE
                        UPDATED 07/01/09                                                                CITY OF COOS BAY
                                                                                                    BUSINESS LICENSE LIST

PERMIT #      BUSINESS NAME                    BUSINESS DESCRIPTION                                                                                                                BUSINESS ADDRESS

BUS-0005169   GARY W LONG CONSTRUCTION, INC.   General contractor-CCB #12569                                                                                                       92799 ANDERSON LANE

BUS-0000471   GARY'S AUTO ELECTRIC             Automobile electric repair service                                                                                                  405 NEWMARK AVE

BUS-0008147   GASTECH, LLC                     Gas Systems Service & Plumbing with addition of sale of used stoves (see BUS-0007792/ZON2008-00102) General Contractor CCB#179615   1069 CENTRAL AVE

BUS-0000473   GATEWAY APARTMENTS               Apartment building                                                                                                                  135 S CAMMANN ST

BUS-0000474   GATEWAY TRAILER PARK             Trailer park                                                                                                                        135 S CAMMANN ST

BUS-0007030   GAYLE GOLDBLATT LCSW             Psychotherapy                                                                                                                       1957 THOMPSON RD, STE.C

BUS-0008393   GEN-CON, INC                     Specialty Contractor CCB#55820                                                                                                      PO BOX 25553

BUS-0006241   GENEVIEVE'S                      Restaurant / Banquet Hall / Retail Sales                                                                                            1088 NEWMARK AVE

BUS-0006427   GEO ENGINEERS                    Engineers                                                                                                                           15055 SW SEQUOIA PARKWAY STE #140

BUS-0005326   GEORGE'S GARDENING SERVICE INC   Landscape subcontractor; LCB #11276/6427                                                                                            93647 BAY PARK LN

BUS-0006791   GET BIG JESS                     Home Occupation - Murals, signs, faux finish painting (See ZON2005-00014)                                                           700 N 9TH STREET

BUS-0007339   GET-R-DONE, RIGHT                Handyman                                                                                                                            63442 CAPITOL ROAD

BUS-0000482   GIB'S RV'S. INC.                 RV sales and service                                                                                                                1845 OCEAN BLVD

BUS-0000718   GLENN OLSON                      Apartment building- 10 units + 5 Commercial Units.                                                                                  289 S BROADWAY

BUS-0007448   GLENN OLSON                      5 - Plex Apartments                                                                                                                 736 S 2ND ST

BUS-0007709   GLENNA PATNODE                   Manicurist                                                                                                                          945 S 2ND ST

BUS-0006162   GODDARD ENERGY CO.               General Contractor CCB#141105                                                                                                       PO BOX 247

BUS-0007158   GODFREY & YEAGER EXCAVATING IN   General Contractor CCB#162722                                                                                                       93355 OAKWAY RD

BUS-0000443   GOLD COAST JANITORIAL            Janitorial services                                                                                                                 90761 WILSHIRE BLVD

BUS-0000492   GOLD COAST SECURITY              Security systems sales and service                                                                                                  1710 SOUTHWEST BLVD

BUS-0000841   GOLD FORM & LABEL COMPANY        Business forms                                                                                                                      4460 MAIN ST, BLDG B, STE 360

BUS-0006233   GOLDEN RETREAT                   Adult Foster Home                                                                                                                   950 GARFIELD AVE

BUS-0001115   GOLDER'S COOS BAY NAPA           Napa Auto Parts-retail auto parts store                                                                                             957 S FRONT ST

BUS-0007623   GOODE ELECTRONICS                Electronics repair                                                                                                                  1522 HAYES ST

BUS-0000404   GOONEY'S SPORTS BAR              Bar/restaurant                                                                                                                      3290 OCEAN BLVD

BUS-0001762   GORDON A JOELSON, PC             Law office                                                                                                                          243 COMMERCIAL

BUS-0000198   GRAND MANAGEMENT SERVICES        Property Management-2nd Business-No Charge (see BUS-0005646)                                                                        420 PARK AVE

BUS-0007955   GRANT WALDING, C.P.A., L.L.C.    Certified Public Accountant (see previous BUS-0005605)                                                                              220 S 4TH ST

BUS 0006983
BUS-0006983   GREAT WHITE CHEM DRY             Carpet & Upolstery Cleaning                                                                                                         92827 PERSIMMON LN

BUS-0005224   GREG GULSETH CONSTRUCTION, INC   General Contractor.CCB #163727 See #ZON2002-00006                                                                                   92098 ALDERWOOD DR
                        UPDATED 07/01/09                                                                CITY OF COOS BAY
                                                                                                    BUSINESS LICENSE LIST

PERMIT #      BUSINESS NAME                    BUSINESS DESCRIPTION                                                         BUSINESS ADDRESS

BUS-0005366   GREG STEVENS ROOFING & INSULAT   Roofing and insulation subcontractor (special) CCB #59516                    63183 OLIVE BARBER ROAD

BUS-0007656   GUARDIAN ANGEL ADULT FOSTER      Adult Foster Home                                                            1033 PLYMOUTH AVE

BUS-0001081   GUIRADO'S HAULING                Brush hauling                                                                1011 INGERSOLL AVE

BUS-0007904   GUIRADO'S HAULING & GRANITE      Hauling: Sand, Brush and Granite - second business (ZON2008-00034)           1011 INGERSOLL AVE

BUS-0007976   GUNNELL INSURANCE AGENCY INC     Insurance Sales & Investments                                                170 S 2ND ST

BUS-0001470   GVH BIKES, INC.                  Mail Order Bicycles                                                          813 S 5TH ST

BUS-0005313   GWS SUBSTRUCTURAL CONTRACTOR     General Contractor; CCB #93849                                               1055 OHIO ST

BUS-0000504   H & R BLOCK TAX SERVICES         Tax preparation service                                                      281 S BROADWAY

BUS-0000501   H.G.E. INC.                      Engineering and planning services                                            375 PARK AVE, STE #1

BUS-0008171   HAIR COMPANY                     Beauty Salon                                                                 196 S 2ND ST

BUS-0008075   HAIR SHACK                       Hair Salon - Home Occupation (ZON2008-00068)                                 282 S CAMMANN

BUS-0000478   HAMPTON'S CONSTRUCTION LLC       General contractor-CCB #114874                                               3821 EDGEWOOD DR

BUS-0001637   HANDSAKER UPHOLSTERY             Upholstery service                                                           975 S 2ND STREET

BUS-0000510   HANSON ANIMAL HOSPITAL           Veterinary hospital                                                          25 E LOCKHART

BUS-0007155   HARDER, WELLS, BARON & MANNING   Law Firm                                                                     598 ANDERSON AVE #102

BUS-0005018   HARGENS CONSTRUCTION COMPANY     General contractor-CCB #71961                                                1448 N 11TH ST

BUS-0005052   HARMON CONSTRUCTION COMPANY      General contractor-CCB #92916                                                61393 HWY 101 SOUTH

BUS-0007836   HARMONY HOMECARE LLC             In Home Caregivers-Domestic Aides                                            668 W ANDERSON AVE

BUS-0006814   HARVEST OF FAITH FAMILY CHURCH   Church - Non Profit                                                          131 N 3RD ST

BUS-0005325   HATFIELD CEILING & ACOUSTICS     General Contractor All- Acoustical drywall -CCB #88217                       90048 PRAIRIE ROAD

BUS-0006059   HAVE COMPUTER - WILL TRAVEL      Home Occupation of computer tutoring in people's homes. ZON2002-00037        1101 FULTON AVE

BUS-0000333   HAWTHORNE ENTERPRISES, INC       Retail new and used automobiles                                              2001 N BAYSHORE DR

BUS-0000321   HEARTHSIDE REHAB&SPECIALTY CAR   Live-in health care facility                                                 2625 KOOSBAY BLVD

BUS-0008388   HELERIN MARGUS                   Door-to-door sales - for 8 weeks                                             785 N 4TH CT

BUS-0006929   HENDERSON SHORIN RYU             Karate School                                                                1165 NEWMARK AVE SUITE A

BUS-0006219   HENKLES & MCCOY, INC             General contractor CCB# 63699                                                P.O. BOX 20009

BUS-0001343   HERITAGE HOUSE APARTMENTS        Apartment building - 6 units                                                 864 S 5TH ST

BUS-0007571   HICKS RESTORATION SERVICES, LL   General Contractor CCB #CCB 167958                                           3005 NE DIAMOND LAKE BLVD STE 140

BUS 0001161               HARLEY-DAVIDSON
              HIGHWAY 101 HARLEY DAVIDSON      Motorcycle dealership                                                        536 S 2ND ST

BUS-0007068   HIRE CALLING                     EMPLOYMENT SERVICES                                                          200 S 4TH
                       UPDATED 07/01/09                                                                  CITY OF COOS BAY
                                                                                                        BUSINESS LICENSE LIST

PERMIT #      BUSINESS NAME                    BUSINESS DESCRIPTION                                                             BUSINESS ADDRESS

BUS-0007331   HMW DBA BAY CITIES AMBULANCE     Ambulance Service                                                                3505 OCEAN BLVD SE

BUS-0006478   HOLE IN THE WALL GUNSHOP         Retail gun shop & sporting goods.                                                818 S BROADWAY AVE

BUS-0008057   HOME SAVINGS OF AMERICA          Mortgage Lender                                                                  126 MARKET AVE

BUS-0007630   HOMEMAIDS OF OREGON              Home and Office Cleaning                                                         1956 MEADE ST

BUS-0000515   HONDA WORLD                      Retail automobile dealership                                                     1350 OCEAN BLVD

BUS-0000947   HONER TIMBERLAND MANAGEMENT      Forestry                                                                         729 D ST

BUS-0000551   HOT STUFF CAR WASH               Car wash service                                                                 1545 N BAYSHORE DR

BUS-0007418   HOWARD ALLEN                     Rental Units - 8 Plex                                                            145 LACLAIR

BUS-0008184   HOWARD WILLETT                   Rental property                                                                  343 N MARPLE

BUS-0005645   HUGGINS INSURANCE OF COOS BAY    Insurance agency                                                                 445 ELROD

BUS-0006740   HUSH                             Salon                                                                            700 S 2ND STREET

BUS-0006745   HWM HEAVY EQUIPMENT              Mobile equipment repair                                                          1912 HAYES AVE

BUS-0006354   HY-SIGN FLAGGING, INC            Flagging contractor                                                              1905 KELDAN LN

BUS-0000423   HYSSOP PRODUCTIONS               Home Occupation - Video production service                                       429 MERRILL ST

BUS-0007471   IKON OFFICE SOLUTIONS, INC       Retail office supplies and copy service                                          810 GEARS RD

BUS-0007086   IMPACT CONSTRUCTION              General Contractor CCB #165698                                                   2257 BROADWAY

BUS-0000335   INDUSTRIAL SOURCE                Retail welding supply outlet                                                     594 S BROADWAY

BUS-0001143   IN-LINE RESTORATION              Home Occupation - Sewing services                                                1363 ILLINOIS AVE

BUS-0006401   INSPIRE DESIGNS                  Web Design                                                                       675 S MARPLE ST

BUS-0007872   INTEGRA TELECOM                  Telecommunications CCB#147030 Specialty Contractor                               125 W CENTRAL AVE, SUITE 210

BUS-0000558   INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINE   Office used for storage of computer parts and supplies                           150 KETTLETOWN RD MD 306

BUS-0006872   J & J COURIER SERVICE            Courier Service                                                                  2677 SHERMAN

BUS-0000566   J D & M MUFFLER                  Muffler and automobile repair shop                                               1930 OCEAN BLVD

BUS-0006722   J. MONSEBROTEN,ATTRNY AT LAW     Attorney at Law                                                                  375 CENTRAL AVE 101

BUS-0007248   J. STEPHENS PERSONAL TRAINING    Home Occupation - Personal Training (ZON2006-0007248)                            1735 IDAHO DR

BUS-0007637   J.E.T. HOME CARE                 Home Occupation (ZON2007-00060)                                                  441 HALL AVE

BUS-0005039   J.W. WHITE PAINTING              Specialty Contractor/All Painting subcontractor; CCB #13115                      75637 CRANNOG

BUS-0005058   JACK T. MCANALLY CONSTRUCTION    General contractor; CCB #57648 expiration 9-06-2009                              1488 SOUTHWEST BLVD

BUS 0001141
BUS-0001141   JACQUES P DEPLOIS ATTORNERY AT   Attorney at Law                                                                  650 NEWMARK AVE

BUS-0005220   JAMCO CONTRACTING                General Contractor CCB #96365                                                    93492 COAL BANK LANE
                       UPDATED 07/01/09                                                                  CITY OF COOS BAY
                                                                                                   BUSINESS LICENSE LIST

PERMIT #      BUSINESS NAME                   BUSINESS DESCRIPTION                                                                                              BUSINESS ADDRESS

BUS-0001046   JAMES M. WAHL, PHD              Psychology                                                                                                        320 CENTRAL SUITE 418

BUS-0008256   JANI'S SALON                    Salon (Two hair stations + two other stations).                                                                   514 N BROADWAY

BUS-0007840   JAN'S BEADS                     Jewelry Design                                                                                                    95221 UPPER SUN LANE

BUS-0007378   JAVA JONES COFFEE HOUSE         Coffee house                                                                                                      757 NEWMARK

BUS-0007293   JBS CONSTRUCTION INC            Construction - underground utilities; Specialty Contractor CCB#11100                                              641 6TH AVE

BUS-0007765   JCA TRANSCRIPTION SERVICE       Transcription                                                                                                     62560 SHELLHAMER RD

BUS-0000576   JENNIE'S FASHIONS               Retail clothing store                                                                                             262 CENTRAL AVE

BUS-0008289   JENNIFER L BRIGGS, LAC          Accupuncture                                                                                                      2550 WOODLAND DR

BUS-0007928   JENNIFER ROSSI, PH.D.           Clinical Psychologist, Private Practice                                                                           2550 WOODLAND DR

BUS-0007833   JEREMY BOURELL CONSTRUCTION     Home Occupation- General Contractor #172891. (ZON2008-00024) (See original license Bus-0007358 / ZON2008-00010)   1304 OCEAN CT

BUS-0007874   JEREMY BOYD                     Landscape Maintenance - Home Occupation (ZON2008-00020)                                                           176 N WASSON

BUS-0005560   JERRY FEDLER CONSTRUCTION INC   General contractor-CCB #29373                                                                                     68260 RIDGE ROAD

BUS-0005635   JERRY'S 4 CYCLE SHOP            Small motor repair                                                                                                308 D ST

BUS-0000582   JERRY'S TAX AND BOOKKEEPING     Bookkeeping service                                                                                               2420 WOODLAND DR

BUS-0008205   JESSE SCHAEFER CONSTRUCTION     Home Occupation - General Contractor CCB#154030                                                                   2555 KOOS BAY BLVD

BUS-0007546   JGM CLEANING LLC                Preventative Maintenance, Service and Repair of Wal-Mart                                                          1585 VZCR 1224

BUS-0000476   JIM VICK AUTO SALES             Retail automobile sales and rentals                                                                               1297 OCEAN BLVD

BUS-0007275   JIM'S TRANSMISSION              Transmission Repair                                                                                               PO BOX 480

BUS-0006847   JND FIRE SPRINKLER              Special Contractor #64395                                                                                         960 WILSON STREET

BUS-0000513   JOANN HANSEN REALTY             Real estate office                                                                                                506 N BROADWAY ST

BUS-0001026   JOHN M UNO,MD PC                Medical office - business office only; MD retired                                                                 620 COMMERCIAL AVE

BUS-0008187   JOHN RAIBLEY                    Duplex                                                                                                            1540 SPRUCE

BUS-0001302   JOHN'S AUTO & RV                Auto & rv repair                                                                                                  95109 MYRTLEWOOD LANE

BUS-0001412   JOHN'S CUSTOM FABRICATION       Welding shop                                                                                                      1515 NEWMARK AVE

BUS-0005020   JOHNSON ROCK PRODUCTS, INC      Paving general contractor-CCB #34185                                                                              62157 HWY 101

BUS-0007809   JOKER RACE WEAR, LLC            Home Occupation - Internet Clothing Sales (ZON2008-00004)                                                         825 CROCKER

BUS-0001128   JON BIGMAN                      Apartment building Owner business license                                                                         562 NEWMARK AVE

BUS-0005021   JONART BUILDING & REMODELING    General contractor-CCB #17654                                                                                     62874 RED DIKE ROAD

BUS 0005145                    HEATING,
              JONES PLUMBING & HEATING INC    General contractor/Plumbing CCB #134719                                                                           255 HIGHWAY 42 EAST SUITE B

BUS-0007476   JOSIE'S ON BROADWAY SALON       Hair Salon                                                                                                        224 S BROADWAY
                        UPDATED 07/01/09                                                              CITY OF COOS BAY
                                                                                                    BUSINESS LICENSE LIST

PERMIT #      BUSINESS NAME                    BUSINESS DESCRIPTION                                                                     BUSINESS ADDRESS

BUS-0006419   JOYERIA TECNICARTE               Jewlery maker - to repair/fix for re-sale                                                64656 E BAY RD

BUS-0000441   J'S CLEANING                     janitorial service                                                                       1335 NEESE ST

BUS-0008206   JUST 4 YOU                       Jewelry making and sales                                                                 68239 IRIS RD

BUS-0001403   JUSTROM & STROMME, INC, REALTO   Real estate sales                                                                        543 S 4TH ST

BUS-0000598   K & C SWPNG, STRPNG & SLNG INC   General Contractor CCB #87385 EXP11/20/2011 "K & C Sweeping, Striping & Sealing, Inc."   3432 B CEDAR

BUS-0001660   KAFFE' 101 INC.                  Coffee house                                                                             171 S BROADWAY

BUS-0000996   KAREN MCGUIRE, LICENSE MASSAGE   Massage therapy                                                                          2550 WOODLAND DR

BUS-0008419   KARSEN HOUSE                     Senior Shared Housing                                                                    690 N MORRISON ST

BUS-0007520   KATRINA KATHLEENS HOME DECOR     Home decor and gifts                                                                     201 S BROADWAY

BUS-0007867   K-DOCK RADIO                     Radio Station 2nd Business See BUS-0007868                                               172 ANDERSON ST

BUS-0001820   KELLEY'S RV PARK                 RV park - 39 units                                                                       555 S EMPIRE BLVD

BUS-0005562   KEVIN NELSON CONSTRUCTION        Kevin Nelson: General Contractor CCB# 135000                                             62943 E CATCHING SLOUGH ROAD

BUS-0007901   KILLER PIRATE JEWELRY            Body Jewelry-Home Occupation (ZON2008-00033)                                             246 S WASSON

BUS-0007199   KIMCO PROPERTIES LTD             General Contractor - CCB#110832                                                          22060 SE 442ND

BUS-0000798   KIM'S ORIENTAL MARKET & GIFTS    Retail oriental groceries and gift shop                                                  270 S 2ND CT

BUS-0005311   KINYON'S PAINT AND REMODELING    General Contractor CCB# 91412                                                            172 N 14TH ST

BUS-0006645   KIT O'CALLAGHAN                  Home Occupation Sewing and Lessons (See Zon2004-00059)                                   3045 KNOTT TERRACE

BUS-0008421   KL&M MAINTANCE                   Handyman maintance and landscaping                                                       62612 ROSS INLET RD

BUS-0005628   K-LIGHT                          Radio station - (1) Apartment                                                            580 KINGWOOD AVE

BUS-0005628   K-LIGHT                          Radio station - (1) Apartment                                                            580 KINGWOOD AVE

BUS-0000618   K-MART CORPORATION               Retail department store                                                                  3111 OCEAN BLVD

BUS-0007267   KMTR NEWS SOURCE 16              Television Broadcasting & Advertising Sales                                              3825 INTERNATIONAL COURT

BUS-0000740   KNC PLUMBING & REPAIR LLC        Plumbing subcontractor (Specialty) CCB #160040/expires 5/28/2008                         94209 WILLANCH LANE

BUS-0000620   KNECHT'S COOS BAY                Retail automobile parts house                                                            1517 N BAYSHORE DR

BUS-0000623   KNOLL REPORTING SERVICE          Court reporting service                                                                  95687 SITKUM LANE

BUS-0000625   KNUTSON DIESEL & MACHINE         Machine shop                                                                             580 NORTH FRONT STREET

BUS-0000626   KNUTSON TOWBOAT COMPANY          Marine towing service                                                                    400 NORTH FRONT STREET

BUS-0005162   KNUTSON'S CARPET HUT, INC        General Contractor/All Floor covering subcontractor-CCB #1068                            1900 VIRGINIA

              KOBI-TV CA OR BROADCASTING,INC   TV broadcasting service                                                                  490 N 2ND ST

BUS-0001410   KONE INC.                        All Elevator/escaltor inspection service and sales                                       4265 SE INTERNATIONAL WAY
                       UPDATED 07/01/09                                                                  CITY OF COOS BAY
                                                                                                   BUSINESS LICENSE LIST

PERMIT #      BUSINESS NAME                    BUSINESS DESCRIPTION                                                                              BUSINESS ADDRESS

BUS-0000627   KOONTZ MACHINE & WELDING, INC    Machine shop                                                                                      600 N FRONT ST

BUS-0001508   KOOS BAY MIXER                   Retail Liquor Store                                                                               784 CENTRAL AVE

BUS-0007177   KOOS ENVIROMENTAL SERVICES INC   General Contractor - Environmental testing (CCB#135210)                                           242 E STREET

BUS-0007101   KOZY KITCHEN                     Restaurant - Kozy Kitchen                                                                         581 N BAYSHORE DR

BUS-0007579   KOZY WOOD HEATING CENTERS, INC   General contractor CCB# 40822. All propane handling must be done under Kozy Wood's CCB license.   2257 BROADWAY

BUS-0007775   KUSTOM TRUCK & RV INC            Motor Vehicle & Car Body Mfgs--See BUS-0007776 & BUS-0007778                                      1084 S 5TH ST

BUS-0005164   KUZNITSKY & RUBIN CONSTRUCTION   General contractor CCB#45939                                                                      455 S MARPLE

BUS-0005072   KYLE ELECTRIC INC                General Contractor CCB #34802                                                                     400 VIRGINIA AVENUE

BUS-0007371   L & R PROPERTY MANAGEMENT        Home Occupation - Property Management (ZON2006-00117)                                             1110 MICHIGAN AVE

BUS-0006896   L. GROVE, LLC                    Apartment Building                                                                                208 PARK AVE

BUS-0000916   LAIDLAW EDUCATION SERVICES       School transportation                                                                             190 N WALL ST

BUS-0000638   LAKE EMPIRE APARTMENTS           Apartment building - 28 units                                                                     1660 NEWMARK AVE

BUS-0006616   LAMCO INDUSTRIES, INC            General Contractor CCB # 39199                                                                    1612 SHERMAN

BUS-0007541   LANCASTER ENGINEERING            Transportation Engineering                                                                        321 SW 4TH AVE SUITE 400

BUS-0008020   LARRY & GEORGIANA DODD           4 Rental Units                                                                                    1568 COOS RIVER HWY

BUS-0001887   LARRY PLOV WINDOW WASHING        Commercial window cleaning service                                                                1862 ELM

BUS-0001586   LARRY'S TIRES, INC               retail tire sales and repair                                                                      1049 S BROADWAY

BUS-0000530   LASKEY-CLIFTON                   General contractor-CCB #68659                                                                     75355 HIGHWAY 101

BUS-0007428   LASKEY-CLIFTON CORP              Sand Sales (On Site)                                                                              1880 LAKESHORE DR

BUS-0000128   LBS PLUMBING                     Plumbing contractor (special) CCB #0057016                                                        68218 POUNDS ROAD

BUS-0000393   LDS-DMS SERVICES #1              Home occupation. Mobile mechanic service & driver (zon2005-00074)                                 422 HALL AVE

BUS-0007830   LEAF'S TREE HOUSE                Flea Market; Estate Sales                                                                         175 S 3RD ST

BUS-0005036   LEE WEBSTER EXCAVATING           General Contractor All Excavation subcontractor; CCB 31369                                        62061 ROSS INLET ROAD

BUS-0007124   LEISURELAND HOMES INC            Speciality Contractor - CCB#23333                                                                 33964 OAKVILLE RD SW

BUS-0006843   LEN'S HOME CENTER                Retail manufactured home sales/General Contractor CCB #108695                                     62524 HWY 101

BUS-0005613   LES' SANITARY SERVICE, INC       Hauling garbage                                                                                   1225 S 1ST ST

BUS-0000945   LES SCHWAB TIRE CENTER #252      Retail tire sale and repair                                                                       579 S BROADWAY

BUS-0000655   LESAN & FINNERAN                 Law office                                                                                        405 N 5TH ST

BUS 0007449
BUS-0007449   LET ME HOOK YOU UP               Home Theater Installation                                                                         627 1/2 MARYLAND ST

BUS-0000661   LIFECARE CENTER                  Skilled nursing facility                                                                          2890 OCEAN BLVD
                        UPDATED 07/01/09                                                                CITY OF COOS BAY
                                                                                                     BUSINESS LICENSE LIST

PERMIT #      BUSINESS NAME                    BUSINESS DESCRIPTION                                                                                                                    BUSINESS ADDRESS

BUS-0000247   LIFESTYLE PORTRAITS              Photographic studio                                                                                                                     595 S 7TH STREET

BUS-0007201   LIGHTHOUSE CONSULTING, INC       Home Occupation - consulting (#ZON2006-00045) - 2nd business (See BUS-0007404)                                                          440 14TH AVE

BUS-0000586   LIGHTHOUSE GROCERY & DELI        Retail grocery store and deli                                                                                                           705 S EMPIRE BLVD

BUS-0005583   LIGHTHOUSE LANDSCAPE INC         Home Occupation -Specialty Contractor CCB #169882-exp 05/08/2010 / -ZON2003-00016 (2nd Business )Sediment & Erosion Control Services.   1655 N 15TH ST

BUS-0008394   LIGHTHOUSE TEMPLE                Non-profit church                                                                                                                       303 N CAMMANN

BUS-0008394   LIGHTHOUSE TEMPLE                Non-profit church                                                                                                                       303 N CAMMANN

BUS-0007609   LIL STINKER                      Portable restrooms and service                                                                                                          63859 WALLACE RD

BUS-0001737   LINCARE, INC                     Retail sales of medical oxygen and rental of durable medical equipment                                                                  2705 KINNEY ROAD

BUS-0001964   LINDA HUNTLEY DAY CARE CENTER    Day care center                                                                                                                         475 W FINK ST

BUS-0006424   LINE-X OF COOS COUNTY            Spray on Truck Bed Liners                                                                                                               270 E LOCKHART

BUS-0006783   LISA BARRINGTON CDT              Dog training                                                                                                                            500 CENTRAL AVE

BUS-0000464   LLOYD FLORA WINDOW CLEANING      Window cleaning                                                                                                                         1770 OCEAN BLVD

BUS-0007026   LOCATORS REALTY INC              Real estate sales                                                                                                                       371 N 2ND ST

BUS-0000379   LOGISTIX PRODUCTIONS, INC        Audio production/software development                                                                                                   923 F ST

BUS-0001622   LON L. SAMUELS ARCHITECTURE      Architecture and planning services                                                                                                      960 CENTRAL AVE

BUS-0000248   LORI LEMIRE, DMD                 Dental office                                                                                                                           470 HIGHLAND AVE

BUS-0007832   LQ SOLUTIONS, LLC                Professional organizer                                                                                                                  63726 ROSS INLET

BUS-0005006   LTM INCORPORATED                 Excavation and trucking company-General Contractor-CCB #56603                                                                           3055 OCEAN BLVD

BUS-0007479   LTM INCORPORATED                 Ready Mix Concrete/Construction Materials (60688 Hwy 101)                                                                               62155 HIGHWAY 101

BUS-0005871   LTM TRUCK & RV REPAIR LLC        Truck, RV & heavy equipment repair                                                                                                      62684 SHINGLEHOUSE SL ROAD

BUS-0001818   LUCKY LOGGER RV PARK, INC        RV park - 78 Units                                                                                                                      250 E JOHNSON

BUS-0000677   LUIGI'S                          Sandwich shop                                                                                                                           801 NEWMARK AVE

BUS-0000313   LUMBERMAN'S OF WASHINGTON, INC   Retail lumber yard and hardware outlet                                                                                                  1221 N BAYSHORE DR

BUS-0001014   LYNNAE BIASCA                    Home Occupation - Medical transcription                                                                                                 1448 BIRCH AVE

BUS-0006454   LYNNE MEININGER, LCSW            Social worker living out of city limits.                                                                                                PO BOX 142

BUS-0007183   M.C.E.                           Home Occupation - Handiman repairs (#ZON2006-00054)                                                                                     715 N 8TH ST

BUS-0006936   M.R. RICHARDS ENGINEERING        Structural Engineering                                                                                                                  100 W 13TH AVE SUITE 210

BUS-0008389   MAARIKA KAUS                     Door-to-door sales - For 8 weeks only                                                                                                   785 N 4TH CT

BUS 0007231   MACRO TECHNOLOGY LLC                                                              (ZON2006-00056)
                                               Home Occupation - Software Publishing & Services (ZON2006 00056)                                                                        603 S 10TH ST

BUS-0007096   MAD INDUSTRIES, INC              Automotive Fabrication & metal works                                                                                                    1866 SHERMAN AVENUE
                      UPDATED 07/01/09                                                                   CITY OF COOS BAY
                                                                                                    BUSINESS LICENSE LIST

PERMIT #      BUSINESS NAME                    BUSINESS DESCRIPTION                                                         BUSINESS ADDRESS

BUS-0001655   MAIN ROCK PRODUCTS               Rock Quarry/Delivery. - General Contractor CCB# 129529                       96521 KENTUCK WAY LN

BUS-0007650   MAK'S OLD CITY HALL LOUNGE       Bar/Restaurant                                                               375 CENTRAL #202

BUS-0006977   MALIGLIG CONSTRUCTION            Manufacture Home Install ID #1710 CCB#155473                                 2315 BROADWAY

BUS-0005067   MARCA ELECTRIC                   General Contractor - CCB #46575                                              184 W 2ND ST

BUS-0006904   MARIA'S BEADED JEWELS            Home Occupation - Jewelry Sales (see ZON2005-00065)                          135 FINK

BUS-0007202   MARILYN'S GLASS                  Home Occupation Stained Glass (ZON2006-00046)                                479 N 12TH ST

BUS-0000698   MARINEAU & ASSOCIATES            Real estate appraisal service                                                510 HIGHLAND AVE

BUS-0006297   MARKET STREET PROPERTIES LLC     Apartments- 15 apt & 6 store fronts.                                         176 MARKET AVE

BUS-0008181   MARKETING SOLUTIONS              Door to Door Sales - Promotions for Bayshore Auto Repair                     1810 N COLUMBIA BLVD

BUS-0007409   MARQUESS & ASSOC. INC.           Consulting Engineering                                                       1120 E JACKSON

BUS-0000701   MARSHFIELD BARGAIN HOUSE, INC    Retail appliance store                                                       790 N BAYSHORE DR

BUS-0005654   MARSHFIELD SUN PRINTING MUSEUM   Museum-contact person Tom Hull Non-Profit)                                   1049 N FRONT ST

BUS-0006664   MARTIN'S UPHOLSTERY & MORE       Upholstery & Wood Refinishing (see ZON2004-00070)                            1607 S 17TH ST

BUS-0001678   MAST BROTHERS ENTERPRISES, INC   Automobile Towing Service & Collision Repair                                 175 W HALL AVE

BUS-0000412   MAYA GRAPHICS INC.               Graphic art services                                                         973 S 1ST ST

BUS-0005636   MCCABE INSURANCE PC              Insurance (Allstate)                                                         1609 N BAYSHORE DR

BUS-0007831   MCCAFFREE ELECTRIC INC           Electrical Contractor - Specialty CCB#180057                                 2650 CEDAR ST

BUS-0006288   MCDONALDS                        McDonald's located in Wal-Mart                                               2051 NEWMARK AVE

BUS-0007767   MCKAYS FRESHMART                 Grocery store                                                                149 S 7TH ST

BUS-0000685   MCKAY'S MARKETS                  Retail grocery outlets - Cammann                                             130 N CAMMANN

BUS-0000405   MCMURRAY & SONS INC              General Contractor/All Roofing & insulation; CCB #75780                      P.O. BOX 547

BUS-0007197   MCPHERSON SHEET METAL WORKS LL   Special Contractor CCB #180838                                               PO BOX 368

BUS-0000688   MCSWAIN & WOODS ARCHITECTS       Architectural Office in WH Zone                                              800 N BAYSHORE DR

BUS-0005999   MDK CONSTRUCTION & DEVELOPMENT   General contractor CCB # 140403                                              2185 GARFIELD ST

BUS-0000101   MDR (MOBILE DIESEL REPAIR)       Diesel engine repair service                                                 1620 COOS RIVER HIGHWAY

BUS-0006236   MEADOW OUTDOOR ADVERTISING       Specialty Contractor - Outdoor Advertising (CCB#118370)                      P.O. BOX 331

BUS-0000713   MELODY LANE APARTMENTS           Apartment building-4 units                                                   1301 W ANDERSON AVE

BUS-0000719   MEMORIES OF TIME                 Scrap booking and crafts                                                     300 CENTRAL AVE

BUS 0000569
BUS-0000569   MENTAL HLTH SER OF MIDCOAST OR   Counseling service                                                           2550 WOODLAND DR

BUS-0000895   META MESSAGE                     Home Occupation - Massage Therapy                                            301 OCEAN BLVD
                      UPDATED 07/01/09                                                                  CITY OF COOS BAY
                                                                                                    BUSINESS LICENSE LIST

PERMIT #      BUSINESS NAME                    BUSINESS DESCRIPTION                                                                                     BUSINESS ADDRESS

BUS-0001663   METRIC MOTORWORKS, INC.          Foreign automotive repair service                                                                        3500 OCEAN BLVD

BUS-0006829   MHK PLUMBING LLC                 Special Contractor - Plumbing CCB#163858 Exp 3/30/2011                                                   1280 CROCKER ST

BUS-0005599   MICHAEL A. GORDON, CPA,LLC       Certified Public Accountant                                                                              290 S 4TH ST

BUS-0007499   MICHAEL L DADO SURVEYING, INC    Surveying                                                                                                2047 GRANT

BUS-0008189   MIKE MAGUIRE                     Rental property                                                                                          1127 S 10TH

BUS-0001398   MIKE'S 20TH CENTURY IRON         Motorcycle parts & sales                                                                                 63726 ROSS INLET RD

BUS-0007316   MIKE'S HOBBY SHOP                Home Occupation - Gun Cleaner (ZON2006-00092)                                                            1245 CROCKER ST

BUS-0005591   MILLENNIUM TRANSPORT SERVICES    Wheelchair transportation                                                                                PO BOX 1088

BUS-0001212   MILLER CUSTOM WOODWORKING        General Contractor/All Cabinet/ woodworking, CCB #133364                                                 131 N SCHONEMAN ST

BUS-0005571   MILLER'S FURNITURE RESTORATION   Furniture repair, refinishing & restoration                                                              194 N MAIN ST

BUS-0005512   MILT'S WALLCOVERINGS             Specialty Contractor/ All-Paper hanger & painter (CCB# 114274)                                           56234 TOM SMITH ROAD

BUS-0007485   MINNESOTA STORAGE LOCKERS        Mini Storage Units - 32                                                                                  1147 MINNESOTA

BUS-0001170   MIRASTAR #62001                  Service station                                                                                          2053 NEWMARK AVE

BUS-0000725   MOBILE ANIMAL HOSPITAL           Mobile veterinarian hospital                                                                             61739 ROSS INLET RD

BUS-0008353   MOBILE CARE INC.                 Non-Emergency Medical Transportation                                                                     3374 TABLE ROCK RD

BUS-0007475   MOBILE HAIRCUTTING SERVICE       mobile haircutting service - Home Occupation (ZON2009-00003)                                             635 VILLAGE PINES AVE

BUS-0000645   M'OCEAN MOBILE HOME PARK         Mobile home park                                                                                         2550 OCEAN BLVD

BUS-0000500   MODERN FLOOR COVERING CO         Floor covering - General Contractor #132430                                                              1910 OCEAN BLVD

BUS-0000873   MOE'S SUPERLUBE #1, INC.         Automobile lubrication service                                                                           330 S BROADWAY

BUS-0005430   MONARCH MINI STORAGE, LLC        Mini storage                                                                                             1785 OCEAN BLVD

BUS-0000143   MONICA'S GOURMET COFFEE CO       Restaurant and coffee house                                                                              273 CURTIS AVE

BUS-0007503   MONKEY BUSINESS CONCESSION       Concessions                                                                                              PO BOX 5819

BUS-0000726   MOORE WALLACE RR DONNELLEY CO    Distributor of business forms                                                                            900 BUFFALO AVENUE

BUS-0008327   MORENOS LAWN & LANDSCAPE MAINT   Home occupation - Lawn and landscape maintenance (ZON2009-00031)                                         317 N EMPIRE BLVD

BUS-0007764   MORGAN ENTERPRISES               Furniture and cabinet making                                                                             91503 KELLOGG

BUS-0000905   MORGAN STANLEY SMITH BARNEY LL   Securities Brokerage Firm                                                                                276 W COMMERCIAL AVE

BUS-0001786   MORGAN VETERINARY CLINIC         Veterinary Hospital                                                                                      230 MARKET AVE

BUS-0007861   MOSSY ROCK POTTERY               Pottery, making of & selling at festivals, lessons- (primary business) Home Occupation (ZON2008-00017)   179 2ND AVE

BUS 0006908
BUS-0006908   MOSSY ROSE                       Dried Floral Arrangements and Antiques                                                                   340 CENTRAL AVE

BUS-0000870   MOTEL 6 OPERATING LP#1244        Motel - 94 units                                                                                         1445 N BAYSHORE DR
                      UPDATED 07/01/09                                                                  CITY OF COOS BAY
                                                                                                    BUSINESS LICENSE LIST

PERMIT #      BUSINESS NAME                    BUSINESS DESCRIPTION                                                                                                            BUSINESS ADDRESS

BUS-0001319   MOUNTAIN MAN NUT & FRUIT CO      Retail mobile candy sales                                                                                                       55446 BATES RD

BUS-0008153   MOVIES 4 LESS                    Movie DVD Sales                                                                                                                 263 N BROADWAY

BUS-0008294   MT. VIEW HOME                    Residential Care Facility                                                                                                       1338 N 8TH ST

BUS-0007376   MULKINS & RAMBO, LLC             Service                                                                                                                         3438 BROADWAY AVE

BUS-0005497   MY YARN SHOP                     Yarn Sales                                                                                                                      264 S BROADWAY

BUS-0006201   MYRTLE GROVE FUNERAL SERVICE     Funeral Service: Undertaking only                                                                                               2645 WOODLAND DR

BUS-0000741   MYRT'S BEAUTY SHOP               Beauty salon                                                                                                                    194 MARKET AVE

BUS-0005453   NALZ BY CC                       Home Occupation - Nails                                                                                                         384 N MARPLE ST

BUS-0007134   NANCY JOHNSON                    Beauty Salon inside Ocean Ridge Assisted Living                                                                                 1855 OCEAN BLVD

BUS-0005026   NAPIER'S EXCAVATING              Limited Contractor -(Limited) CCB #114912                                                                                       261 W D ST

BUS-0005644   NASBURG AND COMPANY              Insurance Agency                                                                                                                375 S 4TH ST

BUS-0007962   NATHAN MCCLINTOCK                Rental Property: 1860 & 1860A and 823 Garfield                                                                                  1860 COTTONWOOD

BUS-0008246   NATHANIEL D JAEGGLI              Home Occupation - Technology Services - see(ZON2009-00012)                                                                      518 S WALL ST

BUS-0001741   NATIONAL VISION EYECARE CENTER   Retail vision dept in Wal-Mart                                                                                                  2051 NEWMARK AVE

BUS-0005559   NATIVE AMERICAN TECHNOLOGY       Administrative services                                                                                                         377 LACLAIR ST

BUS-0006886   NATURE BY DESIGN                 Landscape Design & Maintenance                                                                                                  1130 FENWICK ST

BUS-0000742   NCR                              Retail computer sales and service                                                                                               2136 SW 6TH AVENUE

BUS-0006040   NELSON & PYLE WOODWORKING CO.    General Contractor CCB # 5226 - Architectural Millwork                                                                          868 SE PARROTT ST

BUS-0000775   NELSON'S BAY AREA MORTUARY       Funeral home                                                                                                                    405 ELROD AVE

BUS-0006892   NEW BEGINNINGS                   Jewelry construction and sales                                                                                                  95122 MYRTLEWOOD LANE

BUS-0005649   NEWMARK MANOR APTS               Apartment complex-24                                                                                                            1650 NEWMARK AVE

BUS-0006776   NICK PALICA                      Courier service                                                                                                                 69671 CASCARA RD, NORTH BEND

BUS-0006784   NO BULL CONSTRUCTION             General contractor - CCB#174489                                                                                                 63447 CAPITOL DRIVE

BUS-0007808   NO WORRIES TRAVEL                Home Occupation - Travel agency (ZON2008-00003) **VEHICLES ASSOCIATED WITH THE HOME OCCUPATION SHALL NOT CAUSE A DISTURBANCE.   675 F ST

BUS-0000760   NORTH BEND MEDICAL CENTER, INC   Medical services provider                                                                                                       1900 WOODLAND DR

BUS-0007442   NORTH BEND TOWING LLC            Home Occupation - Towing (ZON2007-00020)                                                                                        795 PATRICK ST

BUS-0000830   NORTH COAST ELECTRIC             Electrical supplies distributor                                                                                                 1075 S 5TH ST

BUS-0000763   NORTH PACIFIC SECURITY, INC      Security services                                                                                                               63778 MULLEN ROAD

BUS 0001203         POINT,
              NORTH POINT INC                  Real estate services                                                                                                            100 CENTRAL AVE

BUS-0000767   NORTHWEST RADIATOR & AUTOMOTIV   Automobile radiator and auto repair services                                                                                    595 N BAYSHORE DR
                         UPDATED 07/01/09                                                                 CITY OF COOS BAY
                                                                                                      BUSINESS LICENSE LIST

PERMIT #      BUSINESS NAME                    BUSINESS DESCRIPTION                                                                                                                                BUSINESS ADDRESS

BUS-0005677   NORTHWEST TRAFFIC CONTROL, LLC   Flagging and pilot car ZON2001-00037                                                                                                                608 12TH CT

BUS-0001490   NORTHWESTERN MUTUAL LIFE         Insurance brokerage                                                                                                                                 598 ANDERSON AVE

BUS-0006467   NUTEK PLUMBING, INC              Special Contractor CCB#165079                                                                                                                       1344 BAYVIEW

BUS-0006063   NW NATURAL                       Natural gas distribution company                                                                                                                    1625 N 7TH ST

BUS-0000204   O, BRADI                         tavern restaurant                                                                                                                                   702 NEWMARK AVENUE

BUS-0006210   OAK BROOK FINANCIAL              Check Cash NW                                                                                                                                       845 S BROADWAY

BUS-0001808   OAK HARBOR FREIGHT LINES #18     Trucking firm                                                                                                                                       460 E LOCKHART AVE

BUS-0007323   OAKRA / GANTNER                  Home Occupation - Business assistance w/research and administration (see ZON2006-00095)                                                             1620 N 16TH ST

BUS-0007971   OCE IMAGISTICS INC               Sales, Rentals, Service of Fax & Copier Machines                                                                                                    1020 KNUTSON AVENUE

BUS-0001241   OCEAN BOULEVARD VETERINARY LLC   Veterinary hospital                                                                                                                                 1710 OCEAN BLVD

BUS-0007963   OCEAN BREEZE LANSCAPE MAINT.     Home Occupation - Landscape maintenance (ZON2008-00053)                                                                                             813 FULTON AVE

BUS-0000614   OCEAN CREST RETIREMENT           Retirement and assisted living residence                                                                                                            192 NORMAN AVE

BUS-0007136   OCEAN RIDGE RETIREMENT & A L     Assisted Living Facility - 81 Units                                                                                                                 1855 OCEAN BLVD

BUS-0007136   OCEAN RIDGE RETIREMENT & A L     Assisted Living Facility - 81 Units                                                                                                                 1855 OCEAN BLVD

BUS-0000777   OCEAN VIEW MEMORY GARDEN         Cemetery                                                                                                                                            1525 OCEAN BLVD NW

BUS-0007829   OIL RE REFINING CO               Used Oil Collection Service See previous BUS-0000882 Special recycler                                                                               4150 N SUTTLE RD

BUS-0000765   OLD TOWER HOUSE BED&BREAKFAST    Bed and breakfast rentals                                                                                                                           476 NEWMARK AVE

BUS-0006863   OMA'S MEATS AND SWEETS           Retail sale of food items from home in County - Seasonal                                                                                            63956 WALLACE RD

BUS-0000779   OMLID & SWINNEY FIRE SPRINKLER   Specialty Contractor All Fire protection supplies and services 62730                                                                                157 S 47TH STREET

BUS-0000781   ON STAGE                         Dance instruction and disco                                                                                                                         255 PARK

BUS-0005998   O'NEILLS OVERHEAD DOORS          General Contractor Doors and gutter installation CCB#175813                                                                                         625 H ST

BUS-0007044   OPAC SEAFOODS DBA STARVIN MARV   Seafood Wholesale                                                                                                                                   63275 CHARLESTON RD

BUS-0005659   OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT INTL       Consultant                                                                                                                                          680 IVY AVE

BUS-0006282   ORCOAST MUSIC                    Music Store                                                                                                                                         787 NEWMARK AVE

BUS-0007405   OREGON ANTIQUE MACHINES          Retail antique furniture and collectibles.                                                                                                          270 S BROADWAY

BUS-0008232   OREGON BEVARAGE RECYCLING COOP   Recycling                                                                                                                                           840 S FRONT ST

BUS-0007848   OREGON COAST BILLING             See previous Bus#0005596 - Billing service "Oregon Coast Billing Service" is second business. Primary business is "Western Mecantile" BUS-0001069   165 S 5TH SUITE "C"

BUS-0007193   OREGON COAST DEVELOPMENT         Real Estate Development (second business, primary business OR Spine Institute)                                                                      1957 THOMPSON RD

BUS 0007192
BUS-0007192   OREGON COAST SPINE INSTITUTE     Medical Practice                                                                                                                                    1957 THOMPSON RD

BUS-0001185   OREGON FIRST COMM CREDIT UNION   Financial Institute                                                                                                                                 150 E JOHNSON AVE
                      UPDATED 07/01/09                                                                   CITY OF COOS BAY
                                                                                                      BUSINESS LICENSE LIST

PERMIT #      BUSINESS NAME                    BUSINESS DESCRIPTION                                                                        BUSINESS ADDRESS

BUS-0005449   OREGON HELICAL PIERS LLC         General contractor-CCB #41125                                                               2734 KALMIA STREET

BUS-0008183   OREGON INSPIRATION, LLC          Retail clothing and gifts                                                                   191 S BROADWAY

BUS-0001020   OREGON LINEN                     Linen and uniform laundry service                                                           608 SE LANE AVE

BUS-0008323   OREGON PACIFIC BANK              Bank                                                                                        915 S 1ST ST

BUS-0007204   OREGON RANCH MEATS               Butcher Shop                                                                                723 S 2ND ST

BUS-0000588   OREGON SATELLITE HOME ENTERTAI   Satellite sales and service                                                                 810 S BROADWAY

BUS-0005466   OREGON TOOL & SUPPLY INC         Retail tool sales                                                                           705 S BROADWAY

BUS-0007445   OREGON WEST MANAGEMENT LLC       Property Management                                                                         350 S 8TH ST

BUS-0001318   OREGON WINE CELLARS, ECT.        Retail wine and cheese shop                                                                 155 S BROADWAY

BUS-0005806   OREGON-AIRE, INC                 General contractor-CCB #64235                                                               7715 NE 33RD DRIVE SUITE A

BUS-0006798   ORGANIZE IT!                     Home Occupation - Event Planning & personal organizing (See ZON2005-00017)                  759 N 9TH ST

BUS-0000591   OSCAR JOHNSON ENTERPRISES        3 rental houses-780 Fenwick, 63314 Idaho and 63275 Idaho                                    63299 IDAHO DRIVE

BUS-0007403   OUT OF THE OFFICE                Home Occupation - Administrative Services (ZON2006-00005)                                   965 CROCKER

BUS-0005454   OUTDOOR-IN, INC                  Mixed use, indoor playground, deli and expresso                                             305 S 4TH ST

BUS-0007847   PACIFIC COAST AMUSEMENT          Coin-op Games (17 devices)                                                                  2910 FOOTHILL BLVD

BUS-0007847   PACIFIC COAST AMUSEMENT          Coin-op Games (17 devices)                                                                  2910 FOOTHILL BLVD

BUS-0001706   PACIFIC EMPIRE MOTEL             Motel - 41 Units                                                                            155 S EMPIRE BLVD

BUS-0001232   PACIFIC EXTRUDED CURBS           General contractor-CCB #171505                                                              PO BOX 584

BUS-0008133   PACIFIC HOME HEALTH & HOSPICE    Home Health & Hospice (See # BUS-0007324 for prior location).                               455 S 4TH ST, STE 3

BUS-0000595   PACIFIC LAW & MEDIATION CENTER   Law offices                                                                                 895 COMMERCIAL AVE

BUS-0001204   PACIFIC MOBILE SERVICES, INC     General contractor-CCB #112434                                                              62948 RED DIKE ROAD

BUS-0001683   PACIFIC OFFICE SYSTEMS, INC      Retail copier and facsimile service and xerox sales agency.                                 598 N BROADWAY

BUS-0008234   PACIFIC PAINTBALL                Home Occupation - Sales via internet - see ZON2009-00017 (previous bus. lic. BUS-0007411)   834 ARAGO AVE

BUS-0001740   PACIFIC PROPERTIES               Real estate office                                                                          791 COMMERCIAL AVE

BUS-0006030   PACIFIC PULMONARY SERVICE        Respiratory Equipment Rental & Sales                                                        486 E ST

BUS-0000802   PACIFIC TRAILER PARK             Mobile home park - 85 mobiles & 8 RV'S                                                      3420 OCEAN BLVD

BUS-0005097   PALLO CONSTRUCTION               General contractor-CCB #95045 11/9/2010 expiration                                          761 DENISE PL

BUS-0006380   PALM HARBOR HOMES                Mobile Home Sales, General Contractor CCB#129552                                            2839 AVIATION DRIVE

BUS 0000244
BUS-0000244   PAPA MURPHY'S TAKE & BAKE        Pizza restaurant                                                                            88 E INGERSOLL AVE

BUS-0000811   PAPE' MACHINERY, INC             Heavy equipment sales and service                                                           PO BOX 10527
                      UPDATED 07/01/09                                                                   CITY OF COOS BAY
                                                                                                     BUSINESS LICENSE LIST

PERMIT #      BUSINESS NAME                    BUSINESS DESCRIPTION                                                          BUSINESS ADDRESS

BUS-0001558   PAPE` MATERIAL HANDLING, INC     Retail equipment sales                                                        29485 AIRPORT ROAD, EUGENE

BUS-0007911   PARIS FLEA MARKET                Flea Market/2nd Hand Store                                                    125 ANDERSON AVE

BUS-0000917   PARK AVENUE APARTMENT            Apartment building                                                            544 N 2ND ST

BUS-0000694   PARK AVENUE DERMATOLOGY CLINIC   Medical office                                                                375 PARK AVE, SUITE 5

BUS-0001487   PARK WEST APARTMENTS             Apartment building                                                            1055 ANDERSON AVE

BUS-0005891   PARKER'S RESIDENT & COM'L SERV   Janitorial, carpet cleaning                                                   1075 LEWIS STREET

BUS-0001005   PARKSIDE VILLAGE                 Apartment building                                                            324 ACKERMAN

BUS-0006671   PAT TRANCE                       Hypnosis                                                                      2550 WOODLAND DR

BUS-0006208   PATRICK MYERS TREE SERVICE       Tree Service                                                                  2580 PONY CREEK RD

BUS-0007315   PATRICK SHEA INTERIORS           Interior Design                                                               2712 BRUSSELLS ST

BUS-0007303   PAULS AUTOMOTIVE                 Automotive and used cars                                                      589 N BAYSHORE

BUS-0006003   PD DESIGNS                       Home Occupation - Web developement & desktop publishing (#ZON2002-00025).     868 BLANCO AVE

BUS-0008293   PEDESON HOUSE                    Residential Care Facility (Since 1973)                                        994 N 9TH ST

BUS-0006912   PEPPERS PIERCING                 Percing facility                                                              620 COMMERCIAL AVE

BUS-0005646   PEREGRINE GROUP, INC.            General Contractor CCB #107629                                                420 PARK AVE

BUS-0006328   PEREZ EVERGREENS                 Brush picking and cleaning                                                    825 S EMPIRE BLVD

BUS-0007102   PETE & DANNA STYS                Apartment Building                                                            276 9TH ST

BUS-0001125   PHIL'S LOCK AND KEY              Locksmith shop; Specialty contractor CCB #177550                              884 S BROADWAY

BUS-0007895   PICTUREME PORTRAITS STUDIO       Portrait Photography - Photographic portrait studio in Wal-Mart #1880         2051 NEWMARK AVE

BUS-0000826   PINE COVE ESTATES                Apartment building and trailer park - 15 units                                1432 NEWMARK AVE

BUS-0007596   PINNACLE WESTERN, INC            Material Testing & Special Inspection                                         3329 NE STEPHENS

BUS-0005273   PLM ENTERPRISES                  Special contractor-CCB #89264/expires 2/16/05 - Landscape maintenance         64170 SOLARI ROAD

BUS-0007844   PORCELLO ESTATE BUYERS           Appraisal/purchase of jewelry, silver and coin (secondhand)                   10222 N E 8TH STREET

BUS-0001498   PORTER PROFESSIONAL CORP         Certified public accountant services                                          439 N 2ND ST

BUS-0000364   PORTER'S RV'S                    RV sales and service                                                          971 S BROADWAY

BUS-0007919   PREIFFER ENGINEERING             Consulting Engineering                                                        1310 COBURG RD, SUITE 10

BUS-0007645   PREMIER FINANCE COMPANY          Consumer Finance.                                                             789 S BROADWAY

BUS-0001272   PREMIER SERVICES GROUP           Food services                                                                 1988 NEWMARK AVE

BUS 0008100
BUS-0008100   PRESTIGE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT     Property Rental                                                               837 ZANNA PL

BUS-0008103   PRESTIGE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT     Duplex - 1140 & 1150 E Park Rdwy                                              1140 E PARK ROAD WY
                       UPDATED 07/01/09                                                                  CITY OF COOS BAY
                                                                                                      BUSINESS LICENSE LIST

PERMIT #      BUSINESS NAME                    BUSINESS DESCRIPTION                                                                             BUSINESS ADDRESS

BUS-0008106   PRESTIGE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT     Property Rental - 740 & 742                                                                      740 JOHNSON

BUS-0008107   PRESTIGE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT     Property Rental (Owner: Peter Martin, 1872 Patrick's Point Rd, Trinidad,CA 95570)                250 S MARPLE

BUS-0008108   PRESTIGE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT     Property Rental                                                                                  1075 MARYLAND

BUS-0008110   PRESTIGE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT     Property Rental: 283 & 285, 295 & 297 S Wall St                                                  283 S WALL ST

BUS-0008111   PRESTIGE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT     Property Rental                                                                                  460 S CAMMANN

BUS-0008112   PRESTIGE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT     Property Rental: 1580 & 1582 (Owner: Orrin R Ormsbee, 21037 NE 138th Place, Kirkland,WA 98034)   1580 HILLSIDE CT

BUS-0008117   PRESTIGE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT     Property Rental                                                                                  894 S 12TH

BUS-0008118   PRESTIGE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT     Property Rental                                                                                  515 S 12TH

BUS-0008121   PRESTIGE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT     Property Rental                                                                                  1375 CENTRAL AVE

BUS-0008290   PRESTIGE PROPERTY MGMT INC       Property Rental                                                                                  2650 KOOSBAY BLVD

BUS-0007561   PRESTIGE PROPERTY MGMT INC       Property Managment - Coos Bay Properties- 35 units                                               1810 MONROE STE 22

BUS-0006173   PROFESSIONAL REFORESTATION       Reforestation and logging                                                                        555 LOCKHART AVE

BUS-0008086   PROPERTY RENTAL                  Property rental                                                                                  472 N CAMMANN

BUS-0008036   PROPERTY RENTAL                  Property Rental                                                                                  865 GARFIELD

BUS-0008245   PROPERTY RENTAL                  Property Rental                                                                                  435 N MAIN

BUS-0008355   PROPERTY RENTAL                  Property Rental                                                                                  908 S 8TH ST

BUS-0008314   PROPERTY RENTALS                 Property Rental                                                                                  487 S 4TH

BUS-0008315   PROPERTY RENTALS                 Property Rental                                                                                  342 S 6TH ST

BUS-0000104   PROTECTION ONE ALARM MONITORIN   Alarm service, installation and repair (special) CCB #116325                                     15500 SW 72ND AVENUE #100

BUS-0000890   PRUDENTIAL SEABOARD PROPERTIES   Earlene Brown: Real estate services                                                              556 N BAYSHORE DR

BUS-0000318   PUERTO VALLARTA                  Restaurant                                                                                       230 S 2ND ST

BUS-0008074   PUERTO VISTA MHC LLC             Mobile Home Park - 135 units                                                                     528 PUERTA VISTA DR

BUS-0000836   PUPPY LOVE LLC                   Dog grooming facility                                                                            237 S 7TH ST

BUS-0000835   PURKEY'S FURNITURE, INC          Retail furniture store                                                                           250 S 2ND ST

BUS-0001124   QUALICENTERS COOS BAY LTD 2103   Medical services                                                                                 465 ELROD AVE

BUS-0007296   QUALITY HOMES CENTER LIMITED     Manufactured Home Dealer                                                                         1150 S FRONT ST

BUS-0006739   QUIZNOS - STORE#8284             Fast food restaurant                                                                             134 S BROADWAY

BUS-0006558   R & E HOUSE CLEANING             House and office cleaners                                                                        63618 ANDREWS RD

              R. C.                            Photography                                                                                      62196 CROWN POINT RD

BUS-0005027   R. E. NOAH AND CO.               General contractor-CCB #018980                                                                   241 NE IVAN STREET
                      UPDATED 07/01/09                                                                CITY OF COOS BAY
                                                                                                     BUSINESS LICENSE LIST

PERMIT #      BUSINESS NAME                    BUSINESS DESCRIPTION                                                          BUSINESS ADDRESS

BUS-0008021   R/R&M MAINTENANCE                Cleaning & Maintenance                                                        63374 FLANAGAN RD

BUS-0001975   RAINDANCE LAUNDRY & DIAPER SRV   Incontinent health products and commercial laundry                            350 LACLAIR

BUS-0000338   RANDY'S APPLIANCE REPAIR         Mobile appliance repair service                                               63614 ANDREWS ROAD

BUS-0000462   RAY L. FRENCH,DMD PC             Dental office                                                                 470 HIGHLAND AVE

BUS-0007813   REALM OF THE RUBY KING           Retail, Handmade Clothing                                                     340 CENTRAL AVE

BUS-0000993   RED LION HOTEL COOS BAY          Hotel 145 units                                                               1313 N BAYSHORE DR

BUS-0000994   RED LION HOTEL COOS BAY          Restaurant in motel                                                           1313 N BAYSHORE DR

BUS-0006263   RED NECK MOTORS                  Used Auto Sales                                                               777 N BAYSHORE DR

BUS-0007676   REDBOX AUTOMATED RETAIL, LLC     Amusement Device - (2) Automated kiosks for DVD rentals at McDonalds          772 S BROADWAY

BUS-0000852   REGISTER-GUARD                   Newspaper distributor                                                         PO BOX 10188

BUS-0007023   RESTORATION & BUILDING SERVICE   General Contractor CCB# 53055                                                 1415 OCEAN BLVD

BUS-0001628   REX MILLER                       Bark mulch product sales                                                      778 S 2ND ST

BUS-0000274   RICH & DONNA RAYBURN RENOVATIO   General contractor - CCB#97906                                                63265 RICE ROAD

BUS-0000857   RICHARD'S BARBER SHOP            Barber shop                                                                   148 MARKET AVENUE

BUS-0006483   RICKEY WILEY CONSTRUCTION        General Contractor CCB# 104993                                                68276 COLLIER RD

BUS-0006654   RIDGE RUNNER AUTO                Used car sales                                                                729 S BROADWAY

BUS-0007407   RIFE'S HOME FURNITURE            Retail furniture store                                                        187 S 2ND ST

BUS-0007982   ROBERT HENDRIKS LIVING TRUST     Rental house                                                                  815 HARRIS AVE

BUS-0001837   ROBERT LEMASSON                  Yard maintenance service                                                      3389 VISTA

BUS-0005523   ROBERT MAUER CONSTRUCTION        General contractor; CCB #134998                                               93188 COAL BANK LN

BUS-0006047   ROBERT REED WOODWORKING          Woodworking                                                                   93690 STADDEN STREET

BUS-0001493   ROBERT VANDERVELDEN CONSTRUCT    General Contractor, CCB 141370                                                93713 SPALDING LANE

BUS-0006259   ROBIN BISHOP NAILS               Home Occupation of nail service (see ZON2003-00025)                           1306 LAKESHORE DR

BUS-0001757   ROBIN PELC                       Contract hair stylist at Blackwells                                           153 N BROADWAY

BUS-0001458   ROBIN'S ROADKILL                 Handcrafted jewlery                                                           8418 CAPE ARAGO HWY

BUS-0007948   ROCK-GRAVEL-SAND                 Dump Truck                                                                    62839 ISTHMUS HEIGHTS RD

BUS-0008318   RODRIGUEZ GARDENING              Gardening and lawn care (2nd Business, see BUS-0006558)                       63618 ANDREWS RD

BUS-0000863   ROD'S ANYTHING V-DUB-U           **Home Occupation** Automobile repair shop                                    1731 S 20TH STREET

BUS 0000990         DIXON,
              ROGER DIXON DMD                  Dental office                                                                 470 HIGHLAND AVE

BUS-0001759   ROGER GOULD                      Law office                                                                    243 COMMERCIAL
                          UPDATED 07/01/09                                                             CITY OF COOS BAY
                                                                                                    BUSINESS LICENSE LIST

PERMIT #      BUSINESS NAME                    BUSINESS DESCRIPTION                                                                                        BUSINESS ADDRESS

BUS-0001223   ROGER SIMS, DDS, LLC             Dental office                                                                                               833 ANDERSON AVE #4

BUS-0006497   ROHRER PHOTOGRAPHY               Photography (2nd Business no fees, see BUS-0001371)                                                         63638 ANDREWS ROAD

BUS-0005344   RON KAUFMANN-BUILDER             general contractor-CCB #34183                                                                               120 WESTWOOD COURT

BUS-0005970   RON'S JANITORIAL                 Janitorial service                                                                                          100 CENTRAL AVE

BUS-0001475   RON'S OIL #4                     Fuel oil distributor                                                                                        962 S 1ST ST

BUS-0000269   RUSSELL CLARK INSURANCE AGENCY   Insurance sales                                                                                             272 PARK AVE

BUS-0005863   S & B INC                        Eng and Mfg of Control & Instrumentation Systems for Water and Wastewater Treatment Facilities. CCB#80565   13200 SE 30TH STREET

BUS-0007103   S & K PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT       Trustors                                                                                                    869 TOWER

BUS-0007424   S ANDERSON CLEANING              Residential rental cleaning                                                                                 88917 HWY 42S

BUS-0000929   S O S ALARM                      Speciality Contractor CCB# 51127 - Security system installation CCB# 51127                                  3273 BIDDLE RD

BUS-0000259   S. LOANNE FITZHUGH TRANSCRIPTI   Home Occupation - Medical transcription service                                                             1249 N 8TH

BUS-0007223   SABRE COMMUNICATIONS CORP        Tower manufacturer                                                                                          PO BOX 658

BUS-0000877   SAFEWAY #1556                    Retail grocery store                                                                                        230 JOHNSON AVE

BUS-0008195   SAFEWAY #4711                    Pharmacy doing business inside North Bend Medical Center                                                    1900 WOODLAND DR

BUS-0006438   SAH SYSTEMS                      TV Cable System for Shore Pines (ZON2003-00078)                                                             495 SHOREPINES VISTA

BUS-0000879   SAINT'S TRAILER PARK             Mobile home park (21 MH + 10 RV)                                                                            255 KRUSE AVE 7

BUS-0000766   SANDERSON SAFETY SUPPLY CO       Safety supply; CCB #64969, Exp. 03/29/10                                                                    1101 SE 3RD AVE

BUS-0000885   SAUSE BROTHERS OCEAN TOWING      Ocean towing service                                                                                        155 MARKET AVE

BUS-0001549   SCHWANS HOME SERVICE, INC        Retail mobile sales of frozen food products                                                                 211 RIFLE RANGE RD

BUS-0007406   SCOTT MCNUTT                     Law Firm                                                                                                    1052 SOUTHWEST BLVD

BUS-0000888   SCOVILLE & REIBER, P.C.          Certified public accountants                                                                                391 N 2ND ST

BUS-0006599   SD RECYCLING                     scrap metal pick up                                                                                         1498 E MAIN ST SUITE 103

BUS-0000756   SEA BREEZE APARTMENTS            Apartment building (6 Units)                                                                                825 S 4TH ST

BUS-0008295   SEA COVE NORTH                   Training Facility for developmental disabilities                                                            180 N 2ND ST

BUS-0007937   SEA WINDS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT    20-unit Apartment Complex (Hewitt Apartments)                                                               1864 THOMAS AVE

BUS-0008026   SEA WINDS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT    Property Rental                                                                                             307 & 311 S WASSON

BUS-0008027   SEA WINDS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT    Property Rental (Owner: Thomas & Erika Bedford, PO Box 983, Medford, OR 97501)                              260 N WALL STREET

BUS-0008028   SEA WINDS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT    Property Rental (Owner: Thomas & Susan Nowlin, 1570 Woodland Dr, Coos Bay, OR 97420)                        640 N MORRISON

BUS 0008029   SEA WINDS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT                                           Kleoni,            Ave         Park,
                                               Property Rental (Owner: Chris & Stacia Kleoni 8807 Canoga Ave, Canoga Park CA 91304)                        1311 IDAHO

BUS-0008030   SEA WINDS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT    Property Rental to include 585 Michigan (Owner: High Tide, LLC, 93280 Bramble Lane, Coos Bay, OR 97420)     208 S WALL
                      UPDATED 07/01/09                                                                  CITY OF COOS BAY
                                                                                                       BUSINESS LICENSE LIST

PERMIT #      BUSINESS NAME                   BUSINESS DESCRIPTION                                                                                                                         BUSINESS ADDRESS

BUS-0008031   SEA WINDS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT   Property Rental (Owner: Kent Bennett, 1255 E 2nd Street, Long Beach, CA 90802)                                                               1392 N 8TH ST

BUS-0008032   SEA WINDS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT   Property Rental                                                                                                                              934 AUGUSTINE AVE

BUS-0008037   SEA WINDS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT   Property Rental                                                                                                                              1095 SALMON

BUS-0008038   SEA WINDS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT   Property rental                                                                                                                              675 HEMLOCK

BUS-0008039   SEA WINDS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT   Property Rental                                                                                                                              1615 KINGWOOD

BUS-0008040   SEA WINDS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT   Property Rental                                                                                                                              1446 SOUTHWEST BLVD

BUS-0008041   SEA WINDS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT   Property Rental                                                                                                                              226 S WASSON ST

BUS-0008042   SEA WINDS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT   Property Rental                                                                                                                              429 9TH AVE

BUS-0008043   SEA WINDS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT   Property Rental                                                                                                                              777 HEMLOCK

BUS-0008044   SEA WINDS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT   Property Rental                                                                                                                              815 FENWICK ST

BUS-0008045   SEA WINDS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT   Property Rental                                                                                                                              789 HEMLOCK AVE

BUS-0008046   SEA WINDS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT   Property Rental                                                                                                                              1657 OCEAN TERR

BUS-0008047   SEA WINDS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT   Property Rental - 1045-1075 Garfield                                                                                                         1045 GARFIELD AVE

BUS-0008050   SEA WINDS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT   Property Rental (Owner: Sandy Myers, 1685 N 8th, Coos Bay, OR 97420)                                                                         166 S 10TH ST

BUS-0008051   SEA WINDS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT   Property Rental - "Armadillo Heated Storage" (Owner: Lynn R Daniels {Beatrice M Daniels Family Trustee} PO Box 210588, Auke Bay, AK 99821)   1580 OCEAN BLVD

BUS-0008070   SEA WINDS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT   Property Rental (Owner: Gerald & Diane Evans, 67609 East Bay Rd, North Bend, OR 97459)                                                       770 S 4TH ST

BUS-0008071   SEA WINDS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT   Property Rental (Owner: Cheryl Davis, 1544 Hillside Ct, Coos Bay, OR 97420)                                                                  1544 HILLSIDE CT

BUS-0008191   SEA WINDS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT   Property rental - Duplex                                                                                                                     877 BLANCO

BUS-0008192   SEA WINDS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT   Property rental                                                                                                                              1333 MONTANA

BUS-0008193   SEA WINDS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT   Property Rental - Duplex                                                                                                                     832 N MORRISON ST

BUS-0008194   SEA WINDS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT   Property Rental                                                                                                                              1250 CROCKER ST

BUS-0007918   SEAFAWN ENTERPRISES, LLC        On-Line Sales - Home Occupation (ZON2008-00039)**see bus-0005206 **NO RETAIL SALES FROM PROPERTY**                                           575 N CAMMANN ST

BUS-0008338   SECOND ST. CAR WASH             Self Serve Car Wash                                                                                                                          862 S 2ND ST

BUS-0007435   SECURE YOUR MAIL, LLC           Mail box sales                                                                                                                               95923 KENTUCK WAY

BUS-0007780   SERENITY LANE                   Outpatient Chemical Dependency Counseling - Non-profit                                                                                       490 N 2ND ST

BUS-0008024   SHARKBITES BROADWAY THEATER     Venue, Concert Hall, Theater (third business - no fee)                                                                                       226 S BROADWAY

BUS-0008035   SHARKBITE'S SEAFOOD CAFE        Restaurant (second business no fee)                                                                                                          240 S BROADWAY

BUS-0000355   SHARP POINT                     Home Occupation - Writing & editing (Secondary Business)                                                                                     852 S 12TH ST

BUS 0007696           LEMERT, DDS,
              SHAWN L LEMERT DDS PC           Orthodontics                                                                                                                                 375 PARK AVE SUITE 7

BUS-0006651   SHEDS-R-US                      Shed Manufacturer                                                                                                                            283 BREEZY LANE
                      UPDATED 07/01/09                                                                    CITY OF COOS BAY
                                                                                                       BUSINESS LICENSE LIST

PERMIT #      BUSINESS NAME                    BUSINESS DESCRIPTION                                                                                                       BUSINESS ADDRESS

BUS-0000906   SHEILD'S MOBILE HOME PARK        Mobile home park- 4 spaces                                                                                                 2110 N 28TH ST

BUS-0000902   SHELTON-TURNBULL PRINTERS, INC   Shelton-Turnbull Printers, Inc; Print services and office forms                                                            3403 W 7TH

BUS-0000875   SHIRLEY GITCHELL                 Rental units at various locations                                                                                          2214 N 14TH ST

BUS-0001175   SHIU MISHRA                      Home Occuptation - Janitorial service                                                                                      760 N 10TH STREET

BUS-0007468   SHLESINGER DEVILLENEUVE          Law Firm                                                                                                                   598 ANDERSON AVE

BUS-0007488   SHN CONSULTING ENGINEERS & GEO   Consulting Engineer                                                                                                        275 MARKET AVE

BUS-0000268   SHOJI PLANNING LLC               Consulting service/land use planning                                                                                       598 ANDERSON AVE

BUS-0000907   SHOREPINES BAY VILLAGE           Mobile home park                                                                                                           1691 OCEAN BLVD

BUS-0007165   SIEMENS BUILDING TECHNOLOGIES    General Contractor CCB#133041                                                                                              3025 SW CORBETT AVE

BUS-0008330   SILAS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT        Property Rental                                                                                                            654 ELROD AVE

BUS-0008331   SILAS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT        Property Management - HSE W BSMT/ATTIC APT OR 2 SFD                                                                        1657 SOUTHWEST BLVD

BUS-0000911   SILVER DOLLAR                    Amusement devices in tavern                                                                                                479 NEWMARK AVE

BUS-0000912   SILVER DOLLAR                    Restaurant in tavern                                                                                                       479 NEWMARK AVE

BUS-0005087   SIMPLEX GRINNELL LP BRNCH #448   Alarm & Detection Systems General Contractor CCB#149921                                                                    6305 SW ROSEWOOD ST STE A

BUS-0007402   SINCERELY YOURS ! ANTIQUE MALL   General Retail and Service Business Antique sales                                                                          270 S BROADWAY

BUS-0007842   SIREN SONG                       Retail - See Bus-0006495                                                                                                   135 ANDERSON AVE

BUS-0000780   SIXTO CONTRERAS JR. DMD PC       Dental Office                                                                                                              1835 OCEAN BLVD

BUS-0005597   SKIP SERVICES, LLC               General Contractor CCB#144341                                                                                              64586 E BAY ROAD

BUS-0006287   SMART STYLE #3706                Beauty salon services and retail sales of beauty salon products                                                            2051 NEWMARK AVE

BUS-0000195   SMITH'S BAYWAY MARKET            Retail grocery store                                                                                                       325 S BROADWAY

BUS-0001071   SNUFFY'S QUICK CASH PAWN SHOP    Second hand store pawnshop                                                                                                 1023 B S. BROADWAY

BUS-0000388   SOL COAST CONSULT &DESIGN LLC    Environmental consulting services, alternative energy design, & general contrator CCB#164208                               65431 MILLICOMA

BUS-0007662   SOLAR SYNTHETIC FUEL INC         Energy Data - 3rd Business                                                                                                 375 CENTRAL AVE 101

BUS-0007663   SOLAR THERMAL ELECTRIC COMPANY   Solar Power Data - 2nd Business.                                                                                           375 CENTRAL AVE 101

BUS-0007304   SOMERVILLE LLC                   Resturant                                                                                                                  772 S BROADWAY

BUS-0007816   SOUTH COAST AUTO SALES           Auto Sales and displays portable car storage for American Carports Inc- 2nd business for address no fee. See BUS-0007815   1252 NEWMARK AVE

BUS-0007814   SOUTH COAST AUTOMOTIVE           Auto Repair & Service and auto detailing - first business for address                                                      1242 NEWMARK AVE

BUS-0001494   SOUTH COAST BLIND CLEANING       Window accessory cleaning service                                                                                          50419 HWY 101

BUS 0001323               CONSTRUCTION, INC.
              SOUTH COAST CONSTRUCTION INC     General contractor; CCB #102952 - expiration 11/02/2011                                                                    94218 BOONE CREEK LN

BUS-0001235   SOUTH COAST DEVELOPMENT, LLC     Real estate holding                                                                                                        2699 N 17TH ST
                      UPDATED 07/01/09                                                                   CITY OF COOS BAY
                                                                                                        BUSINESS LICENSE LIST

PERMIT #      BUSINESS NAME                    BUSINESS DESCRIPTION                                                             BUSINESS ADDRESS

BUS-0001306   SOUTH COAST EAR, NOSE & THROAT   Medical practice                                                                 2695 N 17TH ST

BUS-0007634   SOUTH COAST FIRE EXTINGUISHER    Fire Extinguisher Installer                                                      643 FRONT ST

BUS-0007510   SOUTH COAST INVESTIGATIONS       Private investigations                                                           64709 WASHINGTON

BUS-0000926   SOUTH COAST OFFICE SUPPLY, INC   Retail office equipment and supplies                                             199 N BROADWAY

BUS-0001233   SOUTH COAST ORTHOPAEDIC ASSOC    Medical practice                                                                 2699 N 17TH ST

BUS-0000751   SOUTH COAST PRINTING & GRAPHIC   Commercial print shop                                                            625 COMMERCIAL AVE

BUS-0000927   SOUTH COAST RADIOLOGY            Radiology Services/Laboratory - non profit                                       2650 N 17TH ST

BUS-0000886   SOUTH COAST SAW GARDEN, INC.     Retail garden equipment and supplies                                             1120 S BROADWAY

BUS-0001236   SOUTH COAST SURGERY CENTER LLC   Ambulatory surgery                                                               2699 N 17TH ST

BUS-0007164   SOUTH COAST SURPLUS              Army/Navy Surplus Retail                                                         530 N BROADWAY

BUS-0007815   SOUTH COAST TOWING               Towing and Salvage - (first business for address)                                1252 NEWMARK AVE

BUS-0008361   SOUTHER OREGON MEDICAL BILLING   Home Occupation - Medical Billing - (see ZON2009-00040)                          1631 OCEAN TERR

BUS-0000928   SOUTHERN OREGON MARINE, INC      Ship building operations                                                         40 ROSS INLET ROAD

BUS-0007776   SOUTHERN OREGON STERLING PARTS   Motor Vehicle & Bar Body Mfgs--See BUS-0007775 & BUS-0007778                     1084 S 5TH ST

BUS-0000930   SOUTHRIDGE APARTMENTS            Apartment building- 48 units                                                     355 S 8TH ST

BUS-0007446   SOUTHRIDGE APARTMENTS            8-Plex Sourthridge Apartments Annex                                              151 N 8TH ST

BUS-0000932   SOUTHSIDER MOTEL                 Motel (11 units)                                                                 1005 S BROADWAY

BUS-0001485   SOUTHWEST OREGON IPA, INC        Physicians' association                                                          750 CENTRAL STE 202

BUS-0000931   SOUTHWEST PHYSICAL THERAPHY      Physical thereapy services                                                       1650 THOMPSON RD

BUS-0001850   SOUTHWEST REHABILITATION         Speech and hearing therapy                                                       490 N 2ND ST

BUS-0001094   SOUTHWESTERN OR PUBLISHING CO    Daily newspaper publisher                                                        350 COMMERCIAL AVE

BUS-0005617   SOUTHWESTERN OREGON PUBLIC DEF   Law office - non profit                                                          390 S 2ND ST

BUS-0008348   SPEAR AUTO DETAIL                Auto Detailing - doing business at Willsey Auto Detail                           135 S EMPIRE BLVD

BUS-0001387   SPECTRUM PROSTHETICS LLC         Prosthetics                                                                      1963 THOMPSON RD

BUS-0006281   SPIRITSTAR SOLUTIONS             DUII Information Program                                                         351 ANDERSON AVE

BUS-0000941   SPRINGTIDE TRAILER PARK          Mobile Home Park - 40 Units                                                      718 F ST

BUS-0000705   SPUD'S CUE STICK REPAIR          Cue stick repair services                                                        410 N WALL ST

BUS-0000378   SQUEEKY CLEAN WINDOW CLEANING    Janitorial service                                                               63439 FLANAGAN RD

BUS 0000952       PACIFIC,
              SSA PACIFIC INC                  Stevedoring services                                                             2275 N 8TH ST

BUS-0005399   STAN/LEA & SON ELECTRICAL INC.   Electrical subcontractor (special) CCB #152999                                   63208 SHINGLEHOUSE RD
                       UPDATED 07/01/09                                                                  CITY OF COOS BAY
                                                                                                        BUSINESS LICENSE LIST

PERMIT #      BUSINESS NAME                    BUSINESS DESCRIPTION                                                             BUSINESS ADDRESS

BUS-0005587   STAPLES THE OFFICE SUPER STORE   Retail office supplies                                                           500 STAPLES DRIVE

BUS-0006553   STAR OF HOPE                     Training of developmentally disabled adults.                                     657 NEWMARK AVE

BUS-0007022   STATON COMPANIES                 Speciality Contractor (demolition & environmental) CCB#3371                      PO BOX 7515

BUS-0005357   STEMMERMAN CONSTRUCTION          General Contractor-CCB #48897                                                    61717 EDWARDS MILL ROAD

BUS-0007964   STEPHEN J LUCERO CONCRETE CREA   Home Occupation - Manufacture Concrete Planters & Figurines - (ZON2008-00054)    1268 COMMERCIAL AVE

BUS-0001068   STERLING SAVINGS BANK            Commercial Bank                                                                  212 S 5TH STREET

BUS-0006441   STEVE HENDERSON CONST.           General Contractor CCB#156443                                                    55758 FINLEY LOOP

BUS-0001763   STEVE WILGERS, PC                Attorney at law                                                                  243 COMMERCIAL

BUS-0000858   STEVEN RICHARDSON, DMD           Dental office                                                                    1835 OCEAN BLVD

BUS-0007981   STEVE'S BBQ                      BBQ Vendor - Farmers Market May thru Oct                                         93924 KIRKENDOLL

BUS-0005189   STEVE'S DRYWALL                  (General) CCB #71150                                                             61528 COLD STREAM ROAD

BUS-0001505   STEWART'S CUSTOM WINDOW TINTIN   window tinting service                                                           475 MERRILL ST

BUS-0007480   STEWART'S LOCK & KEY             Home Occupation - Locksmith (ZON2007-00017)                                      1438 JUNIPER AVE

BUS-0006986   STILL ISLAND SUN                 DAY/SPA                                                                          383 ANDERSON AVE

BUS-0001502   STITCH & NAIL                    Home Occupation - Woodworking and sewing                                         831 S MARPLE

BUS-0006264   STONE FOR DECORATION             Stone for decoration (2nd Business, see BUS-0007963)                             813 FULTON AVE

BUS-0000635   STONER ELECTRIC                  General Contractor CCB #44823                                                    1904 SE OCHOCO

BUS-0000957   STOR-N-LOK #21                   Personal mini-storage rentals                                                    1330 NEWMARK AVE

BUS-0000959   STUNTZNER ENGINEERING & FOREST   Forestry, land surveys, planning and civil engineering                           705 S 4TH ST

BUS-0000782   STYLE SHOP                       Body shop                                                                        1505 PENNSYLVANIA AVE

BUS-0007785   SUBWAY                           Restaurant                                                                       950 S 1ST ST

BUS-0000958   SUMINS RESTAURANT                Restaurant                                                                       298 S BROADWAY

BUS-0007900   SUN WAH RESTAURANT               Restaurant                                                                       840 S BROADWAY

BUS-0007903   SUNDANCE LANDSCAPE, INC          Landscape Contractor LCB#8628                                                    61888 DOUBLE EAGLE RD

BUS-0008319   SUNNYSIDE LAUNDRY                Laundrymat                                                                       1060 NEWMARK AVE

BUS-0000965   SUNSET BARBER SHOP               Barber shop                                                                      562 NEWMARK AVE

BUS-0007189   SUNSET LOGISTICS LLC             Rental Property-Real Estate                                                      1055 KENTUCKY AVE

BUS-0000455   SUNSET MEMORIAL PARK             Cemetery                                                                         63060 MILLINGTON FRONTAGE ROAD

BUS 0001032
BUS-0001032   SUNSET PUB                       One pool table                                                                   165 N EMPIRE BLVD

BUS-0000714   SUNSET PUB                       Restaurant in tavern                                                             165 N EMPIRE BLVD
                       UPDATED 07/01/09                                                                 CITY OF COOS BAY
                                                                                                      BUSINESS LICENSE LIST

PERMIT #      BUSINESS NAME                    BUSINESS DESCRIPTION                                                                                             BUSINESS ADDRESS

BUS-0000276   SWANSON'S PEST MNGT, INC         Exterminator- General Contractor CCB#79884                                                                       90405 PRAIRIE ROAD

BUS-0007450   SWANTON INVESTMENTS              Property rentals                                                                                                 506 N BROADWAY

BUS-0007597   SWEENEY'S AUTOBODY & PAINT       Auto Body Repair                                                                                                 920 NEWMARK AVE

BUS-0007287   SYIL AMERICA                     Storage (Equipment/supplies) for Bayshore Auto on Bayshore in lower level of building. No sales from property.   486 E ST

BUS-0007194   SYNERGY MEDICAL SYSTEMS, INC     Prosthetics & orthotics                                                                                          2130 THOMPSON RD

BUS-0008250   T & N PROPERTY 1, LLC            Property Rental                                                                                                  418 4TH AVE

BUS-0008251   T & N PROPERTY 1, LLC            Property rental                                                                                                  206 N SCHONEMAN

BUS-0008252   T & N PROPERTY 1, LLC            Property rental                                                                                                  227 S MARPLE

BUS-0008253   T & N PROPERTY 1, LLC            Property rental                                                                                                  1034 FLANAGAN

BUS-0008254   T & N PROPERTY 1, LLC            Property rental                                                                                                  1151 CENTRAL AVE

BUS-0008255   T & N PROPERTY 1, LLC            Property rental                                                                                                  436 8TH AVE

BUS-0008172   T & T WEST COAST                 Consulting/Distributing - Home Occupation - (ZON2008-00092) Multiple Business no fee                             831 S MARPLE

BUS-0000973   T N T MARKET                     Retail grocery store                                                                                             899 D ST

BUS-0001594   T R M CUTTING, INC               Tree cutting service                                                                                             1760 PENNSYLVANIA AVE

BUS-0007652   T. MILLS CONSTRUCTION EST SERV   Home Occupation - Construction Estimating Service - (ZON2007-00064)                                              1650 SE OCEAN

BUS-0005572   T. S. N. ENTERPRISES             Home Occupation - Internet service                                                                               705 TRICIA PL

BUS-0008428   T.H.E. HOUSE, INC.               Non-profit                                                                                                       745 KOOS BAY BLVD

BUS-0008173   T.L.C. CAREGIVING QUILTS         2nd business - non-profit - Quilting (ZON2008-00093)                                                             831 S MARPLE

BUS-0008406   T.N.T. HANDYMAN & JANITORIAL     Home Occupation - Handyman & Janitorial Service - (see ZON2009-00048)                                            384 1ST AVE

BUS-0000975   TACO BELL #20901                 Restaurant                                                                                                       1015 S 1ST ST

BUS-0001195   TAEGU FOODS LLC DBA KUM YON'S    Restaurant                                                                                                       835 S BROADWAY

BUS-0000984   TED JAY TERRY, DMD               Dental office                                                                                                    470 HIGHLAND AVE

BUS-0000978   TED'S TRANSMISSION SERVICE       Automobile transmission repair service                                                                           727 S 2ND ST

BUS-0000979   TELETRON COMMUNICATIONS          Retail electronic equipment sales                                                                                1072 S 2ND ST

BUS-0006659   TERRA HYDR INC.                  General Contractor CCB#101128                                                                                    P.O. BOX 3616

BUS-0006785   TERRACE APARTMENTS               Terrace Apartments                                                                                               804 8TH TERRACE

BUS-0000982   TERRACE MOTEL                    Terrace Motel - 16 Units.                                                                                        1109 S 1ST ST

BUS-0001278   TERRY DRAKE CONSTRUCTION CO,     General contractor CCB #52467                                                                                    93473 WEST MILL LANE

BUS 0007671           TOYHOUSE
              TERRY'S TOYHOUSE, LLC                                                        (ZON2007 00069)
                                               Home Occupation - Online Sales/Gift Baskets (ZON2007-00069)                                                      106 D ST

BUS-0006715   THE BEAN FORGE COFFEE ROASTING   Coffee Roasting, wholesale, online                                                                               92724 COALEDO HEIGHTS LANE
                       UPDATED 07/01/09                                                                 CITY OF COOS BAY
                                                                                                     BUSINESS LICENSE LIST

PERMIT #      BUSINESS NAME                    BUSINESS DESCRIPTION                                                                                              BUSINESS ADDRESS

BUS-0007270   THE BITE'S ON                    Sporting Goods                                                                                                    750 NEWMARK AVE

BUS-0001315   THE COACH HOUSE                  amusement devices in restaurant lounge                                                                            604 6TH AVE

BUS-0000552   THE COACH HOUSE                  Restaurant                                                                                                        604 6TH AVE

BUS-0007576   THE COPPER GOOSE NURSERY         Nursery                                                                                                           95115 HWY 42 SO

BUS-0007531   THE DUNES COASTAL GIFT SHOP      Retail Gift Shop                                                                                                  115 ANDERSON AVE

BUS-0000391   THE DYER PARTNERSHIP             Engineering service                                                                                               1330 TEAKWOOD

BUS-0000261   THE FIRE EXTINGUISHER CO. NW     Fire extinguisher sales and service                                                                               93540 MCCULLUM LANE

BUS-0007032   THE FORTRESS SELF STORAGE        Self storage facility                                                                                             1503 NW OCEAN

BUS-0005098   THE FREYDEEN CORP                Painting, cabinet making/ installing-special contractor CCB#110547                                                484 10TH CT

BUS-0006123   THE FURRY GODMOTHER              Pet sitting, Mobile Grooming, and Pet Taxi.                                                                       95342 HAYNES WAY

BUS-0008182   THE GREEN SPOT ENTERTAINMENT     Music, Art and Cultural events; Festivals; Fundraising; Gym; Eating establishment; Limited youth/adult meetings   181 ANDERSON AVE

BUS-0008358   THE LAWN RANGER                  Home Occupation - Yard Care - (see ZON2009-00037)                                                                 1189 ELROD AVE

BUS-0001206   THE MYRTLE ARMS APARTMENTS       Apartments-33 units                                                                                               613 CENTRAL AVE

BUS-0006545   THE NANCY DEVEREUX CENTER, INC   Non-Profit                                                                                                        1200 NEWMARK AVE

BUS-0008162   THE ODOM CORPORATION             Wholesale Beverage Distribution                                                                                   460 WEST LOCKHART

BUS-0007045   THE OREGON CONNECTION            Manufacturing and Sale of Wood Prouducts-Non Profit                                                               1125 S 1ST ST

BUS-0007217   THE PEREGRINE GROUP              4th Street Apartments - 14 Units                                                                                  852 S 4TH ST

BUS-0000724   THE PEREGRINE GROUP, INC         Mingus Park Apartment Building - 13 Units                                                                         503 COMMERCIAL AVE

BUS-0007396   THE PEREGRINE GROUP, INC         Apartment complex - 8 Units                                                                                       335 ACKERMAN

BUS-0008202   THE POOPER TROOPERS              Canine Waste Removal                                                                                              90968 BEACON LN

BUS-0005598   THE POTTERY CO                   Retail contemporary pottery studio                                                                                145 ANDERSON AVE

BUS-0007012   THE QUIET CIRCLE THRIFT          2nd Hand Store                                                                                                    254 S 2ND ST

BUS-0000729   THE REPAIR SOURCE, INC           Appliance repair service                                                                                          776 S 2ND ST

BUS-0006703   THE SHERWIN-WILLIAMS COMPANY     Sale of paint and related products                                                                                358 S 2ND ST

BUS-0005723   THE WATER SHOP                   Wholesale water sales                                                                                             395 6TH AVE

BUS-0006845   THE WATERING CAN                 HOP for crafts and plants, sell at Wednesday Market                                                               1024 S 5TH

BUS-0007756   THERAPEUTIC TOUCH /M'S BEADED    Massage service / Jewelry Designer                                                                                632 ANDERSON AVE

BUS-0007502   THERESA C. ASPER, DDS.PC         Dental Office                                                                                                     328 S 2ND ST

BUS 0001473
BUS-0001473   THIS OLDE HOUSE BED&BREAKFAST    Bed and breakfast rentals                                                                                         202 ALDER AVE

BUS-0005223   THOMAS EHLIN CONSTRUCTION, INC   general contractor-CCB #141172 Exp:3/3/2010                                                                       705 EDWARDS AVE
                      UPDATED 07/01/09                                                                 CITY OF COOS BAY
                                                                                                    BUSINESS LICENSE LIST

PERMIT #      BUSINESS NAME                    BUSINESS DESCRIPTION                                                         BUSINESS ADDRESS

BUS-0005056   THOMAS GREIG SMITH               General contractor-CCB#16319                                                 92620 KNOB HILL LN

BUS-0005463   THOMAS HOLLE PAINTING            Painting & drywall, special contractor CCB #120362                           1107 6TH STREET NE

BUS-0000375   THOMAS J HOLT DDS, P.C.          Dental office                                                                199 N 9TH ST

BUS-0007991   THOMPSON PROPERTY MANAGEMENT     Duplex                                                                       995 S 10TH ST

BUS-0008320   THOMPSONS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT    Tri-plex                                                                     409 9TH AVE

BUS-0007984   THOMPSON'S PROPERTY MANAGEMENT   Rental house (Owner: Denise Cole)                                            921 S 4TH

BUS-0007987   THOMPSON'S PROPERTY MANAGEMENT   Fourplex (Owner: K.I. Investments)                                           1037 VINE

BUS-0007988   THOMPSON'S PROPERTY MANAGEMENT   Rental house                                                                 312 S 10TH ST

BUS-0007989   THOMPSON'S PROPERTY MANAGEMENT   Rental house                                                                 850 ELROD

BUS-0007990   THOMPSON'S PROPERTY MANAGEMENT   Rental house                                                                 426 10TH CT

BUS-0007992   THOMPSON'S PROPERTY MANAGEMENT   Duplex                                                                       410 S MORRISON

BUS-0007993   THOMPSON'S PROPERTY MANAGEMENT   Rental house                                                                 557 S CAMMANN

BUS-0007994   THOMPSON'S PROPERTY MANAGEMENT   Rental house (Owner: William Weldon, 296 Heron Dr., Pittsburg, CA 97565)     642 N 3RD ST

BUS-0007996   THOMPSON'S PROPERTY MANAGEMENT   Rental house                                                                 1189 PARK AVE

BUS-0007997   THOMPSON'S PROPERTY MANAGEMENT   Rental house                                                                 665 S 9TH

BUS-0007998   THOMPSON'S PROPERTY MANAGEMENT   Rental house                                                                 383 S 6TH ST

BUS-0007999   THOMPSON'S PROPERTY MANAGEMENT   Rental house                                                                 393 S 6TH ST

BUS-0008000   THOMPSON'S PROPERTY MANAGEMENT   Duplex                                                                       1367 ILLINOIS AVE

BUS-0008001   THOMPSON'S PROPERTY MANAGEMENT   Rental house                                                                 135 N MARPLE

BUS-0008002   THOMPSON'S PROPERTY MANAGEMENT   Rental house                                                                 970 AUGUSTINE

BUS-0008003   THOMPSON'S PROPERTY MANAGEMENT   Rental house                                                                 1156 CROCKER ST

BUS-0008004   THOMPSON'S PROPERTY MANAGEMENT   Rental house                                                                 410 RADAR RD

BUS-0008005   THOMPSON'S PROPERTY MANAGEMENT   Rental house (owner Susan Plisskin)                                          169 N CAMMANN ST

BUS-0008006   THOMPSON'S PROPERTY MANAGEMENT   Rental house                                                                 878 GARFIELD AVE

BUS-0008007   THOMPSON'S PROPERTY MANAGEMENT   Duplex                                                                       931 FENWICK ST

BUS-0008008   THOMPSON'S PROPERTY MANAGEMENT   Rental house                                                                 1221 S 8TH CT

BUS-0008010   THOMPSON'S PROPERTY MANAGEMENT   Rental house                                                                 389 N CAMMANN ST

BUS-0008011   THOMPSON'S PROPERTY MANAGEMENT   Rental house                                                                 325 S 9TH CT

BUS 0008013
BUS-0008013   THOMPSON'S PROPERTY MANAGEMENT   Duplex                                                                       421 7TH AVE

BUS-0008016   THOMPSON'S PROPERTY MANAGEMENT   Rental house                                                                 863 CROCKER ST
                       UPDATED 07/01/09                                                                    CITY OF COOS BAY
                                                                                                       BUSINESS LICENSE LIST

PERMIT #      BUSINESS NAME                    BUSINESS DESCRIPTION                                                            BUSINESS ADDRESS

BUS-0008017   THOMPSON'S PROPERTY MANAGEMENT   Rental house                                                                    1076 S 8TH ST

BUS-0000633   THREADS THAT BIND                Retail quilts and supplies and rental of knitting machine                       120 CENTRAL AVE

BUS-0005627   TICOR TITLE INSURANCE COMPANY    Real Estate, Title & Escrow                                                     300 ANDERSON AVE

BUS-0008244   TIFFANY GRAY                     Jewelry making and sales                                                        63442 CAPITOL ROAD

BUS-0001519   TIM WHITE                        General Contractor /Res. repair service CCB#148953                              63534 S OLIVE ROAD

BUS-0000490   TIOGA APARTMENTS                 Hotel - 51 units                                                                275 N BROADWAY

BUS-0001002   TOM AND GIGS INC                 Automobile repair shop                                                          135 S SCHONEMAN

BUS-0005015   TOM E. GAYEWSKI CONSTRUCTION     General construction; CCB #102177                                               62995 OLIVE BARBER RD

BUS-0001004   TOM'S LOCK & KEY                 Locksmith services- Specialty Contractor CCB #141565                            2125 BROADWAY

BUS-0000221   TOP LINE COUNT BY LFS            Home Occupation - Medical transcription service                                 1145 AUGUSTINE STREET

BUS-0001007   TOP SERVICE BODY SHOP, INC       Automotive body shop                                                            180 W INGERSOLL

BUS-0001010   TOWER MOTOR COMPANY              Retail new and used car dealership                                              505 S BROADWAY

BUS-0001013   TOWN HOUSE STUDIO OF HAIR DESI   Hair salon                                                                      248 COMMERCIAL AVE

BUS-0001329   TRANS FIX                        Automobile repair service                                                       960 NEWMARK AVE

BUS-0005034   TRI-COUNTY PLUMBING CONTRACTOR   Specialty Contractor CCB #134771                                                1195 NEWMARK AVE STE C

BUS-0007944   TRISH'S GREEN THUMB LWN & GRDN   Gardening - Yard Maintenance - Home Occupation (ZON2008-00047)                  1540 N 15TH ST

BUS-0006517   TUBE ART SIGNS                   Special Contractor, Sign installation CCB #70956                                4243-A S.E. INTERNATIONAL WAY

BUS-0005044   TURMAN ELECTRIC                  Electrical subcontractor (special) CCB #44428                                   62179 OLIVE BARBER ROAD

BUS-0001478   TUXEDO GALLERY                   Tuxedo rental & sales                                                           131 N SCHONEMAN ST

BUS-0007884   TWO BIG BOYS                     Yard Maintenance                                                                63701 FLANAGAN

BUS-0008291   U K KUSTOMS                      Automotive Repair & Custom Work                                                 127 E INGERSOLL AVE

BUS-0006089   U.S. CELLULAR                    Telecommunications                                                              783 S BROADWAY

BUS-0001030   U.S. TRANSFER COMPANY, INC       Trucking firm                                                                   1890 N 7TH

BUS-0001021   U-HAUL CO. OF OREGON             Equipment rental service                                                        763 S BROADWAY

BUS-0006889   UMPQUA BANK                      Mobile ice cream truck - (see Bus-0000362)                                      700 S BROADWAY

BUS-0000362   UMPQUA BANK                      Community Bank - (see Bus-0006889)                                              700 S BROADWAY

BUS-0007954   UMPQUA BANK                      Vacated bank and leasing out four office spaces.                                170 S 2ND ST

BUS-0001022   UMPQUA DAIRY PRODUCTS COMPANY    Dairy products distributor                                                      2640 OCEAN BLVD

BUS 0006922
BUS-0006922   UMPQUA SHEET METAL INC           General Contractor CCB#50586                                                    PO BOX 872

BUS-0005900   UNDER THE SON ENT., INC.         Auto Sales (1/04 chg from Equipment and Auto repair)                            127 1/2 INGERSOLL
                       UPDATED 07/01/09                                                                CITY OF COOS BAY
                                                                                                    BUSINESS LICENSE LIST

PERMIT #      BUSINESS NAME                    BUSINESS DESCRIPTION                                                         BUSINESS ADDRESS

BUS-0007751   UNDER THE SUN TANS               Tanning Salon                                                                106 HALL AVE

BUS-0000230   UNISOURCE SHARED SERVICES CENT   Wholesale printing products                                                  7016 A.C. SKINNER PARKWAY

BUS-0000252   UNISYS CORPORATION               Retail computer sales                                                        7668 SW MOHAWK STREET

BUS-0005864   UNITED HOMECARE SERVICES         Non-profit at home senior care                                               320 CENTRAL AVENUE #314

BUS-0005089   UPPER VALLEY BUILDERS, INC       General contractor-CCB #50394                                                52899 BIG CREEK ROAD

BUS-0006794   URS CORPORATION                  Engineering Services General Contractor CCB#151284                           111 SW COLUMBIA STE 1500

BUS-0001029   US NATIONAL BANK OF OREGON       Commercial bank                                                              400 W ANDERSON AVE

BUS-0005632   USF REDDAWAY                     Trucking                                                                     520 LINDY LANE

BUS-0000878   V.I.P. SERVICES                  Home Occupation - Bookkeeping and office services                            1695 N 17TH ST

BUS-0007082   VALENTINES BY RITA               Flower & Gift Sales - Seasonal                                               PO BOX 806

BUS-0000140   VEND WEST SERVICES, INC          Vending machine servicing                                                    1175 S 7TH ST

BUS-0000528   VERGER CHRYSLER DODGE-JEEP INC   New and used car dealership                                                  1400 OCEAN BLVD

BUS-0007388   VERIZON NORTHWEST                Telecommunications                                                           276 LACLAIR ST

BUS-0007330   VERIZON WIRELESS                 Wireless Communications                                                      12815 133RD PLACE NE

BUS-0001039   VIKING WEST                      Gift shop and used car lot                                                   228 S EMPIRE BLVD

BUS-0000351   VILLA LAWN CARE                  lawn care                                                                    93417 ALABAMA

BUS-0000717   VILLA'S GARDENING                Lawn care - Home Occupation                                                  1064 CROCKER ST

BUS-0006560   VILLA'S LAWN MAINTENANCE         Gardening service                                                            63616 ANDREWS RD

BUS-0007395   VIRGIL STEMMERMAN                Rental - 4 Units                                                             61717 EDWARDS MILL RD

BUS-0008198   VOCALEYES                        Home Occupation - Photography (ZON2008-00102)                                149 S 11TH

BUS-0000370   VOELLINGER AND HILL, CPA'S, PC   Certified public accountants                                                 598 ANDERSON AVE

BUS-0001048   WALL & WALL, PC                  Certified public accountants                                                 750 CENTRAL AVE

BUS-0001753   WALMART SUPERCENTER #1880        Retail department store                                                      2051 NEWMARK AVE

BUS-0007952   WALT'S POURHOUSE                 Restaurant                                                                   1880 N 7TH

BUS-0000977   WANDA'S FOOD & BEVERAGE          Restaurant in tavern                                                         740 KOOSBAY BLVD

BUS-0005377   WARBIS EXCAVATING                Excavation - General Contractor; CCB #102570                                 236 N SCHONEMAN

BUS-0001050   WARDROBE CLEANERS                Dry cleaning service                                                         246 COMMERCIAL AVE

BUS-0001052   WASHTUB LAUNDRY                  Coin operated laundromat                                                     225 GOLDEN AVE

BUS 0005384   WATER WHEEL LANDSCAPE COMPANY                                                LCB#12166
                                               Special Contractor Landscape subcontractor -LCB#12166                        56601 ROTH ROAD

BUS-0006974   WATERFALL CLINIC                 School based health center - Non Profit                                      755 S 7TH ST
                         UPDATED 07/01/09                                                                 CITY OF COOS BAY
                                                                                                         BUSINESS LICENSE LIST

PERMIT #      BUSINESS NAME                    BUSINESS DESCRIPTION                                                                                          BUSINESS ADDRESS

BUS-0006125   WATKIN'S                         Specialty foods, health & nutrition products, personal & home care.                                           P.O. BOX 4207

BUS-0006175   WATSON COMPUTER TECH             Home Occupation of computer repair service "Watson Computer Tech" see ZON2002-00072                           571 16TH

BUS-0000680   WAVECREST DISCOVERIES            Home Occupation - Interpretive guiding services                                                               852 S 12TH ST

BUS-0006741   WAXER'S SURF & SKATE             Surf & skate shop                                                                                             242 S BROADWAY

BUS-0005070   WAYNE SCHRUNK CONSTRUCTION       General contractor; CCB #166526                                                                               1944 SHERMAN AVE SUITE 102

BUS-0001043   WAYNE'S COLOR CENTRE             Retail home decoration supplies                                                                               1000 N BAYSHORE DR

BUS-0007099   WB PAINTING                      Special Contractor CCB #56484                                                                                 PO BOX 990

BUS-0005424   WEB MARKETING, INC.              Internet development/marketing                                                                                620 COMMERCIAL AVE

BUS-0001059   WEGNER & CO. CPA'S PC            Certified public accountant                                                                                   225 N 2ND ST

BUS-0005037   WELDON & SONS BUILDING           General contractor; CCB #24985                                                                                68582 NORTH BAY DRIVE

BUS-0005700   WELLS FARGO BANK                 Bank                                                                                                          200 N BROADWAY

BUS-0006915   WELLS FARGO INVESTMENTS, LLC     Security Broker                                                                                               200 N BROADWAY

BUS-0005029   WENBOURNE & SONS, INC            General contractor; CCB #40507                                                                                180 N MORRISON ST

BUS-0001062   WENDYS OLD FASHIONED HAMBURGER   Restaurant                                                                                                    925 S BROADWAY

BUS-0005120   WEST COAST FENCING               Specialty Contractor/ AllRetail fencing supplies/installations; CCB #36430                                    3425 OCEAN BLVD

BUS-0007219   WEST COAST METAL BUILDINGS       Speciality Contractor - CCB #161581                                                                           5073 DALLAS HWY W

BUS-0007002   WEST COAST MONUMENT              Speciality Contractor - CCB#154861                                                                            PO BOX 73

BUS-0001167   WEST COAST RECYCLING & TRANSFE   Solid waste recycling center                                                                                  1210 S BROADWAY

BUS-0001491   WEST COAST REFRIGERATOR          Refrigerator and appliance repair                                                                             2237 MCPHERSON

BUS-0000683   WESTERN BEVERAGE, LLC            Wholesale institutional food products                                                                         1195 S 2ND ST

BUS-0001069   WESTERN MERCANTILE AGENCY        Collecting agency. Second business Oregon Coast Billing (BUS-0005596 is void and BUS-0007848 is new case #)   165 S 5TH ST

BUS-0001295   WESTERN SECURITY & INVESTIGAT.   Security and investigation services                                                                           62199 CROWN POINT ROAD

BUS-0001072   WESTSIDE AUTO SALES              Used car sales                                                                                                2895 OCEAN BLVD

BUS-0000446   WHITTY, LITTLEFIELD, ET AL       Law office: Whitty, Littlefield, McDaniel & Bodkin, LLP                                                       444 N 4TH ST

BUS-0006046   WILHELMSEN SHIPS SERVICE INC     Shipping agency (Administrative service)                                                                      2275 N 8TH ST

BUS-0000151   WILLIAM H. BACON, DMD PC         Dental office                                                                                                 1250 THOMPSON RD

BUS-0001006   WILLIAM J. LYNASS, MD, OD        Optometry                                                                                                     2051 NEWMARK AVE

BUS-0005462   WILLIAM WINSOR DRYWALL           Specialty Contractor/All Drywall & Painting -CCB #55286                                                       702 N BIRCH

BUS 0001386
BUS-0001386   WILLOUGHBY HEARING AID COMPANY   Retail hearing aid sales                                                                                      1939 E BURNSIDE

BUS-0000793   WILLSEY AUTO DETAIL/JANITORIAL   Car detailing                                                                                                 135 S EMPIRE BLVD
                       UPDATED 07/01/09                                                                 CITY OF COOS BAY
                                                                                                     BUSINESS LICENSE LIST

PERMIT #      BUSINESS NAME                    BUSINESS DESCRIPTION                                                                                                            BUSINESS ADDRESS

BUS-0007346   WILSON CHO                       Property rental                                                                                                                 898 NEWMARK AVE

BUS-0007401   WINO DISTRIBUTING                Home Occupation - Wino Distrubuting(ZON2007-00004)                                                                              525 S MARPLE ST

BUS-0006697   WOMENS SAFETY & RESOUCE CTR      Non Profit                                                                                                                      1681 NEWMARK

BUS-0001089   WOODLAND APARTMENTS              Apartment building                                                                                                              245 S SCHONEMAN ST

BUS-0005924   WOODWORKS & FINISHES, INC        General contractor - CCB #151653                                                                                                89988 W SOUTH BAY LANE

BUS-0007385   WOODWORTH APARTMENTS             Apartment Building 11 Units                                                                                                     537 JOHNSON AVE

BUS-0001096   WRIGHT'S ELECTRIC MOTOR          Electric motor rewinding service/General Contractor/Well Driller - CCB#85085 (1/2/09-CCB suspended as inactive)                 1023 S BROADWAY

BUS-0001098   XEROX CORPORATION                Office equipment sales and service signer on renewal: Christine A. Hillery                                                      XEROX SQUARE 040A

BUS-0000516   Y MARINA, INC                    Retail boat sales and service                                                                                                   1307 NEWMARK AVE

BUS-0006578   YELLOW CAB - CURTIS DIXON        Taxi cab driver for Yellow Cab                                                                                                  2756 WOODLAND

BUS-0006527   YELLOW CAB - DAWN LINDSEY        Taxi Driver                                                                                                                     2756 WOODLAND

BUS-0006347   YELLOW CAB - JOSHUA L. DEERE     Taxi driver                                                                                                                     2756 WOODLAND

BUS-0006529   YELLOW CAB - KENNETH ABBOTT      Taxi Driver                                                                                                                     2756 WOODLAND

BUS-0006107   YELLOW CAB - LARRY MCCONNELL     Taxi driver for Yellow Cab Taxi                                                                                                 2756 WOODLAND

BUS-0006533   YELLOW CAB - ORVILLE HARTMAN     Taxi Driver                                                                                                                     2756 WOODLAND

BUS-0001743   YELLOW CAB - PEOPLE FIRST, INC   Yellow cab dispatch service                                                                                                     2756 WOODLAND

BUS-0006758   YELLOW CAB - SHERIDAN            Yellow cab driver                                                                                                               2756 WOODLAND

BUS-0001368   YELLOW CAB DRIVERS ASSOCIATION   Personal transportation service/Yellow Cab Company-see BUS-0005739 for employees and taxi cab ordinace requirements - 18 Cars   2756 WOODLAND

BUS-0005758   YELLOW CAB TAXI - ALAN TYMN      Taxi driver for Yellow Cab Taxi                                                                                                 2756 WOODLAND

BUS-0005755   YELLOW CAB TAXI - JAMES ALLEN    Taxi driver for Yellow Cab Taxi                                                                                                 2756 WOODLAND

BUS-0006029   YELLOW CAB TAXI - MARTIN SHER    Taxi driver for Yellow Cab Taxi                                                                                                 2756 WOODLAND

BUS-0005910   YELLOW CAB TAXI-LORENNA DEVOE    Taxi driver for Yellow Cab                                                                                                      2756 WOODLAND

BUS-0005766   YELLOW CAB TAXI-PHILLIP MURRAY   Taxi driver for Yellow Cab Taxi                                                                                                 2756 WOODLAND

BUS-0005741   YELLOW CAB TAXI-RAYNOLD RANGEL   Taxi driver for Yellow Cab Taxi                                                                                                 2756 WOODLAND

BUS-0006579   YELLOW CAB-GEORGE HARTSELL       Taxi driver for Yellow Cab                                                                                                      2756 WOODLAND

BUS-0006491   YONNA'S NAIL BOUTIQUE            Home Occupation - Nail Salon (see ZON-2003-00099)                                                                               1585 N 19TH ST

BUS-0005969   ZEN JANITORIAL                   Janitorial service                                                                                                              90765 HOLLYWOOD

BUS-0007878   ZOMERSCHOE P.T. PC               Physical Therapy                                                                                                                2626 N 17TH ST

BUS 0007876
BUS-0007876   ZOMERSCHOE SPINE & NEURO         Physical Therapy                                                                                                                1957 THOMPSON RD

BUS-0005069   ZYTA CONSTRUCTION                General contractor CCB#79991                                                                                                    PO BOX 83

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