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					                                       Curriculum Vitae

                                    Kimberly Webster

               M.S. Developmental Psychology, May, 2004

               NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY, Evanston, IL
               M.A. Speech-Language Pathology, June, 1991
               Seminar Paper: Selected Features of First and Second Phonological Systems.

               BOSTON COLLEGE, Chestnut Hill, MA
               B.A. Cum Laude, May 1988
               Major: Romance Languages (French, Spanish)
               Concentration: Speech-Language Pathology

9/99-present JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY, Baltimore, MD
             Faculty Appointment: Assistant in Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery
             (Speech Pathology Division). Outpatient diagnostic and treatment services for
             adult and pediatric patients, inpatient services for adult H&N cancer patients.
             Specialized responsibilities: videofluoroscopic swallow studies, T.E.P.,
             SpeechEasy™ fluency device for stutterers, supervising graduate students,
             lecturing to residents, nurses and faculty, member JHU Swallowing Center, JHU
             Tumor Board conference.

12/07          Consultant for the Maryland Board of Examiners for Audiologists, Hearing Aid
               Dealers and Speech-Language Pathologists.

9/01-present   Disability Determination Services, Baltimore, MD
               Perform occasional home visit speech-language evaluations.

3/03-9/03      Kennedy Krieger Institute‟s Center for Research on Autism and Related
               Disorders, Baltimore, MD
               Research assistant for Rebecca Landa, PhD. 8 hr./wk. affiliation between JHU
               and KKI. Assisted with studies of pragmatics and discourse analysis.

9/98-8/99      MARYLAND GENERAL HOME HEALTH, Baltimore, MD (affiliate of UMMS)
               Provided home-based diagnostic and treatment services, primarily to
               adult/geriatric population.

3/96-10/99     BERMAN, PEVERLEY AND ASSOCIATES, Baltimore, MD
               Responsibilities included providing assessments and treatment to elementary
               school children, regular ed and special ed. including autism, LLD populations;
               articulation, language, voice and fluency; five days per week from 3/96-6/96,
               three days per week beginning 9/97.

6/96-4/05      Contractual Hospital-based SLP, part-time up to two days per week, short-term
               MARYLAND GENERAL HOSPITAL. Responsibilities include(d) wide variety of
               inpatient/outpatient diagnostic and treatment services including trauma patients,
               laryngectomy and glossectomy, dysphagia, aphasia, dysarthria, neuromotor
               speech disorders, voice and developmental delay.

2/97-8/97      Independent home-based SLP, provided diagnostic and treatment services for
               articulation to 5 y/o child.

               Provided diagnostic and treatment services as primary SLP for adult inpatient
               (acute care) and pediatric and adult outpatients. Populations included neurologic
               disorders, voice disorders, head and neck cancer, brain injury, speech-language
               delay. Specialized responsibilities included performing modified barium swallow
               studies; treating T.E.P. patients; supervising graduate students; providing
               inservices. Initiated development of pediatric rehab program with speech, O.T.
               and P.T. depts. in conjunction with pediatric clinic, later became Just For Kids
               comprehensive pediatric outpatient rehab center. Employed FT until 3/96; PT
               from 2/97-8/98.

8/91-11/92     COOK COUNTY HOSPITAL, Chicago, IL
               Provided diagnostic and treatment services for inpatient trauma and acute care,
               and outpatient adult neurologic and head and neck cancer patients as well as for
               patients with voice disorders. Additionally, provided outpatient pediatric
               intervention (ages 0-5) with a strong focus on interdisciplinary treatment.

8/88-8/89      JAPAN EXCHANGE AND TEACHING (J.E.T.) PROGRAM, Shizuoka, Japan
               Team-taught high school English classes, coordinated English club and ESL
               seminars for Japanese teachers of English to foster improved English education
               and multi-cultural relations in general.


      Taught at Towson University and University of Maryland, College Park, 2007, 2008
       wintermester elective: Speech Pathology for Head & Neck Cancer Patients.

      Adjunct faculty for Loyola College in Maryland, dept. of speech pathology. Taught
       Dysphagia, 2004-2006 and 2002, 2006 elective: Speech Pathology for Head & Neck
       Cancer Patients.

      Inservices to SLP staff: provide(d) 30-60 minute inservices on various topics, such as:
       voice disorders, myofunctional therapy, dysphagia, etc. several times per year at Cook
       County Hospital, Maryland General Hospital (MGH) and currently at Johns Hopkins
       Medical Institutions(JHMI).

      Inservices and Grand Rounds to medical residents: Organized and presented 60 minute
       inservices on dysphagia and rehab referral process several times per year throughout
       employment at MGH. Inservices and Grand Rounds presentations to medical faculty at
       JHMI to date have included Communication after Laryngectomy, Ankyloglossia and
       Effects on Speech and Swallowing, The SpeechEasy:a therapy option for stutterers,
       Pediatric Speech and Language Development, Management of Dysphonia and
       Dysphagia in Organ PreservationTreatment.

      Inservices to nursing and other hospital staff: Organized and presented inservices on
       dysphagia, aphasia, dysarthria several times per year throughout employment at MGH.
       Organized inservice on Passy-Muir tracheostomy speaking valve for pulmonologists,
       respiratory therapists, nurses and SLPs 9/24/93, MGH. Currently inservice nursing and
      other non-physician staff on various topics related to speech pathology, several times per

     Guest Lectures: presented 60-90 minute lecture on voice disorders and laryngectomy for
      Diane Bahr once per semester in undergraduate SLP course at Loyola College from
      1995-2000. Presented similar lecture in graduate SLP course for Jackie Neckrich at
      Loyola College twice per year from 1995-1997. Additionally, assisted Ms. Neckrich with
      six lectures in graduate Intro. To Communication Disorders course in academic year ‟96-
      97. Lectures covered anatomy and physiology, neurogenic speech-language disorders,
      dysphagia and voice disorders.

     Supervision: Supervised Baltimore-D.C. area students in hospital externships at MGH
      and JHMI; 18 students in all from 1993-present. Also supervised clinical fellow during her
      CFY in school setting, through Berman, Peverley and Associates in ‟97-„98.


     Allied Team Training for Parkinson: An interdisciplinary training program for allied health
      practitioners. 2/23-2/27, 2005, National Rehabilitation Hospital, Wadhington, D.C.

     ACE Awards for Continuing Education 1994, 2002, 2005, 2007 (Awarded for earning 7
      ASHA CEUs in a 36 month period)

     The Spectrum of Developmental Disabilities XXIV: Early Intervention: Neuroscience and
      Clinical Issues Confronting the New Millenium, 4/8-4/10, 2002

     The Spectrum of Developmental Disabilities XXIII: Disorders of Language Development-
      Stages or Continuum?, 3/26-3/28, 2001

     The Professional Update Series: Applied Research, by Lisa Schoenbrodt, Ed.D., Loyola
      College, 3/25/00

     Eighth Multidisciplinary Symposium on Dysphagia, JHU Swallowing Center, 3/23-24/00

     Millennium Symposium of the American Laryngological Voice Research and Education
      Foundation, 1/22/00

     Orofacial Anomalies and Their Effects on Oral-Motor Development by Pat Landis, M.S.,
      CCC-SLP, 5/9/97

     Assessment and Treatment of Verbal Dyspraxia in Children by Judy Michels Jelm, M.S.,
      CCC-SLP, 10/26/95

     Myofunctional Therapy Intensive Workshop by Daniel Garliner, 6/19-23/97

     Mild Traumatic Brain Injury by National Rehab Hospital staff, 12/2/94

     Perception, Movement, and Dentition in Articulation Disorders by Marvin Hanson, PhD,

     Psycholinguistic Aspects of Foreign Accents by Daniel Dato, PhD, 4/23-24/94

     Fiberoptic Endoscopic Examination of Swallowing (FEES) by Susan Langmore, PhD,
   Tracheoesophageal Puncture Workshop by Manhattan Eye, Ear &Throat Hospital SLP
    and ENT staff, 11/24/93

   Dysphagia Patients with Tracheostomy and Ventilators by Jeri Logemann, PhD et. al.,

   Understanding the Nervous System by Baltimore School of Massage, 7/17-18/93

   Pacific Voice Conference on Neurogenic vs. Psychogenic Dysphonias, 10/9-11/92


   Starmer, H., Tippet, D.C., & Webster, K. Evaluation and treatment of voice and
    swallowing in laryngeal cancer, Otolaryngology Clinics of North America. (in press).
   Farrag TY, Koch WM, Cummings CW, Goldenberg D, Abou-Jaoude PM, Califano JA,
    Flint PW, Webster, K, Tufano RT. Supracricoid laryngectomy outcomes: the Johns
    Hopkins experience. The Laryngoscope 2007; 117: 129-132.
   Webster,K. Current Topics in Head & Neck Cancers, CD Audio Program Tracks, audio
    commentary on H & N cancer patient with dysphagia, tracks 29-31; Institute for Medical
    Education & Research, Continuing Nursing Education program for Oncology nurses;
    November, 2004.
   Webster, KT & Raymond, GV, 22q13 Deletion Syndrome: A Report of the Language
    Function in Two Cases, The Journal of Medical Speech Pathology, 2004, March, 12(1),
   Samlan,RA & Webster, KT, Speech and Swallowing Therapy Post-Definitive Treatment
    for Laryngeal Cancer, Otolaryngology Clinics of North America, 2002,October, 35(5),
   Faculty Peer Reviewer (current, ongoing) Dyspagia journal, Bronwyn Jones, M.D., Editor
   Co-wrote article with Susan Constantine, M.A., CCC-SLP laryngectomy rehabilitation for
    MSHA‟s INTERCOM 1994
   Mayfield Home & Garden Tour, June, 2003-2005, write-ups of inclusive homes and
    gardens for tour booklet
   Writer (restaurant, art gallery reviews) for What’s Happening, a Baltimore arts and
    entertainment magazine, 9/94-5/95
   Photographs published in Baltimore Baseball Gazette 8/18/94 and Vegetarian Journal
    Jan/Feb 1997


   American Speech-Language and Hearing Association (ASHA) 2007 annual convention,
    Boston, MA: Poster presentation: A Custom-Made Interface for Stoma Care Products for
    Total Laryngectomees, Kimberly Webster, Heather Starmer & Juan Garcia.
   ASHA 2007 annual convention, Boston, MA: Poster presentation: Supracricoid
    Laryngectomy & Functional Outcomes, Kimberly Webster, Robin Samlan, Tarik Farrag,
    Bronwyn Jones & Ralph Tufano.
   ASHA 2007 annual convention, Boston, MA: seminar presentation: Management of
    Dysphonia and Dysphagia in Organ PreservationTreatment, Heather Starmer, Donna
    Tippett and Kimberly Webster.
   Johns Hopkins Annual Patient Head & Neck cancer Education Day, April 21, 2007:
    Speech and Swallowing Problems of head & Neck cancer Patients. On organizing
    committee for conference.
   State of the Art Concepts in Laryngeal Conservation Surgery, Loma Linda University
    School of Medicine, Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery Dept., November 3, 2006;
    distinguished faculty/invited speaker, Voice and Swallowing Rehabilitation after
    Conservation Surgery with expanded talk to dept. of SLPs in afternoon session.
   Johns Hopkins Head and Neck Cancer Conference: Innovative Care of the Whole
    Person, April 21, 2006; Co-director of conference and speaker, “Can‟t Eat? Can‟t
    Swallow? Who Ya Gonna Call?”
   Johns Hopkins Head and Neck Cancer Patient Education Day, April 22, 2006;
    conference committee member and panel speaker, “Ancillary Caregiver panel.”
   Maryland Speech-Language-Hearing Association (MSHA) annual meeting 4/15/05,
    Presented with Joseph Stigora,PhD on the SpeechEasy®, fluency enhancing device.
   Pediatrics for the Practitioner Update 2004, 9/23/04 and JHBV Pediatrics Dept. monthly
    inservice 12/16/04: Pediatric Speech-Language Disorders.
   National Stuttering Association‟s Conferecne June 24, 2004; Presented with Joseph
    Stigora,PhD on the SpeechEasy®, fluency enhancing device.
   Guest speaker, Kennedy‟s Disease Association Conference, October 15, 2002; co-
    presented lecture with Dr. William Ravich entitled: Dysphagia Management.
   Association of Baltimore City Speech Pathologists March 2002 meeting, poster
    presentation:Otitis Media and Language Development.
   Faculty presenter for Head and Neck Cancer 2001(Conference held at JHU), March 9-10,
    2001; presented lecture entitled Post-Therapy Dysphagia
   ASHA 2000 Annual Convention, Washington,DC, poster presentation: Communication
    Profile of a Child with 22q13 chromosome deletion
   Presented to Berman, Peverley and Associates staff: a “Voice Screening Tutorial” with
    colleagues Cara Erskine, M.Ed., SLP-A and Maureen Stone, PhD on 2/27/97 for 2.5
    CEUs. Explained use of a pediatric voice screening tool developed by the presenters.
    Also discussed incidence, prevalence, general diagnostic and treatment
    recommendations for working with pediatric voice patients in school vs. hospital settings.

 The Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins Medical
   Institutions, Clinical Grant of $88,741 for “Functional voice and swallowing outcomes after
   supracricoid laryngectomy.” Investigators: Robin A. Samlan, Kim T. Webster, Bronwyn
   Jones, Ralph Tufano. 2003-2005.
 Participant in Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group (ECOG) study E2399, A Phase II
   Trial of Chemoradiation for Organ Preservation in Resectable Stage III or IV Squamous
   Cell Carcinomas of the Larynx or Oropharynx. Perform swallowing studies on patients
   participating in study. March 16, 2001-2004.

 Marlyand state licensure board of audiolgists, speech-language pathologists and hearing
   aid dealers, member, 4-year term, appointed 10/03
 ASHA Certificate of Clinical Competence, 6/92;
 Current Maryland State License
 American Speech-Language Hearing Association, 7/91-present
 Maryland Speech-Language Hearing Association, current member
 Lost Cord Club of Maryland, Baltimore, branch, consulting SLP
 American Heart Association, C.P.R. certified since 1990
 Screen Actor‟s Guild, member since 1972

 Proficiency in French, Spanish, Japanese
 Training in massage therapy, martial arts, Kripalu yoga
 Proficiency with Macintosh and PC formats
   Coursework and training in oral myofunctional therapy
   Coursework and training in accent reduction therapy
   Proficiency with Visipitch and CSL (Computerized Speech Lab)
   Class mother and volunteer at St. Francis of Assisi (SFA) elementary school and church
   Elected President of Parent-Teacher Association, SFA elementary school, 2006-2008
   Co-coordinator of the annual Mayfield Home & Garden Tour 2003-2005

 Examining environmental and sociocultural influences on child speech-language
 Describing characteristics and appropriate dysphagia therapy following supracricoid
 Determining communication impairment and treatment strategies of children with 22q13
   chromosome deletion
 Exploring adult abilities to acquire native-like pronunciation of second languages
 Developing intelligibility scales for laryngectomees using esophageal, electrolaryngeal
   and T-E speech
 Examining efficacy of oral-motor exercises for improved speech and swallowing

                          References available upon request