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					                                                               Technical specifications

                                                               Universal Driver with pneumatic gas blender for Oxygen and Air
                                                               Setting range 21 % step less to 100 % of Oxygen.
                                                               Automatic alarm system for Air or Oxygen drop down
                                                               Pressure supply for oxygen and air 3,5 to 6 bar.
                                                               Pressure difference < 1 bar
                                                               Integrated flow meter with needle valve, Range 0 to 16 L per min.
                                                               Flow outlet connector universal standard with adaptors for 15 and 22 mm
                                                               Integrated oxygen sensor for FIO2 measurement
                                                               Type of sensor is MO102 (galvanic), easy to exchange
                                                               Mixer solid compact block, easy for service or exchange (no tubes inside)

                                                               The electronic system is complete battery driven and recharge with ext. power supply
                                                               Running time without mains is approx. 5 hours (for transportation…)
                                                               Internal Battery 9 Volt NiCd recharge, easy to exchange
                                                               Continuous running for ICU with ext. power supply (automatic 100 to 230 V AC /12 V DC))
                                                               External Data communication RS 232

                                                               Monitor with 96 x 61 mm e mbedded LCD display
                                                               Resolution 240 x 128 dots B/W
                                                               Back ground illumination with automatic power off.
                                                               Microprocessor controlled data scanning system with EEPROM (update possibility)

                                                               Display and Functions:
                                                               Monitor unit ON and OFF switch on front
                                                               Display of nCPAP pressure in analogue curve and digital form
                                                               Display of oxygen concentration in barograph and digital form
                                                               Display spontaneous breathing frequency in blinking and digital form
                                                               Display of flexible setting upper and lower alarm for nCPAP pressure
                                                               Reset for alarms - mute 2 minutes or quit
                                                               Confirm nCPAP alarm level setting
                                                               Confirm FIO2 concentration setting for automatic alarm control (+/- 10% of O2 )
                                                               Disconnection alarm for nCPAP (if P patient is lower than 1,5 cm H 2 O)

                                                               Easy to mount the driver on standard hospital rail (10x25 cm) with integrated clamps
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                                                               Pole mounting with rail clamp converter, very easy to handle (need no tools)

                                                               Physical Data:

                                                                        Medical Innovations GmbH               Lindberghstrasse 1  D-82178 Puchheim
                                                                        +4989 89670950  +4989 80048476  

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