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									                Caring People
                                                                                                        March 2010
                                Quality Programs
          Exceptional Service

  City Side                      10 Questions, 10 Minutes;
                                 Claim Ames in Census 2010
 Inside                          When your census form arrives in the mail, remember these short, easy-to-complete
                                 forms are vitally important to ensuring Ames receives its fair share of federal funding.

     Stash the Trash             Additionally, census data determines boundaries for state and local legislative and
                                 congressional districts.
     Needs Volunteers

 2   New Outdoor
     Warning Sirens
                                 “The 2010 Census is important to Ames because it
                                 directly affects the amount of funding Ames receives for
                                 schools, highways, health care, economic development,

     Hydrant Flushing
                                 and many other essential public needs,” emphasized
     Begins in March

                                 Mayor Ann Campbell. “More than $400 billion in
     Energy Fair                 federal funding is distributed annually.”                        The Ames Public Library, 515
     on March 27                                                                                  Douglas, has partnered with

                                 Census 2010 will provide the opportunity for many
     Space Heater                                                                                 the 2010 Census, to serve as
     Safety                      part-time jobs, and census officials continue to accept
                                 applications. Those interested may call the U.S. Census          an authorized Questionnaire

 4   The Energy Guy              Bureau at 1-866-861-2010.

                                 “The 2010 Census is a huge undertaking that provides
                                                                                                  Assistance Center (QAC).
                                                                                                  Census staff will be located
                                                                                                  in the large study room
                                 temporary employment opportunities for local residents           across from the Circulation
                                 interested in working on the census. Census jobs offer
Final Budget Hearing                                                                              Desk.
                                 good pay, flexible hours, and paid training while you
Like all Iowa cities, the        perform an important public service,” said Emmett                The center will operate
City of Ames must submit         Morris, Partnership Coordinator, U.S. Census Bureau,             from 1 to 4 p.m. on
its final budget for fiscal      Kansas City.                                                     Mondays, Wednesdays, and
year 2009-2010 to the
                                                                                                  Fridays from March 19
State of Iowa by March 15.       The 2010 Census will be one of the shortest in
The final budget hearing                                                                          through April 19.
                                 our nation’s history. It is only 10 questions, and it
(and regular City Council        should only take about 10 minutes to complete. The
meeting) will be held at 7       information collected is kept strictly confidential and is only used for statistical purposes.
p.m. Tuesday, March 2.           The Census Bureau is prohibited by federal law from sharing anyone’s personal
                                 information with any other federal agency or law enforcement.

                                 Students attending Iowa State University are reminded that for the purposes of the
                                 2010 Census, residency is defined as where a person lives and sleeps a majority of the
                                 year. Also, the census form directs parents not to claim students attending school in
                                 other communities.

     AM E S                      The first census was performed in 1790 and counted 3.2 million people. More than 130
                                 million addresses throughout the nation will receive a census form in March. In just a
                                 few minutes, you can complete and return your form. Claim Ames!
                                                           Help Keep Ames Clean;
Calendar                                                   Join Stash the Trash
                                                           The City of Ames is proud to be a sponsor of the annual Stash the Trash/
 City Council Meetings                                     VEISHEA Service Day 2010. This year’s event will be held on Saturday,

                                    Keep Ames Beautiful!
 The following meetings will be                            March 27. “Stash the Trash” uses volunteer labor to pick up litter and other
 held in the Council Chambers,                             debris in Ames. It is a collaboration between VEISHEA, Keep Iowa State
 515 Clark Ave.:                                                                Beautiful, and Stash the Trash.
    7 p.m. March 2                                                                    Volunteers can work alone, participate with a
       Final Budget Hearing                                                           club or organization, or get friends and family
    7 p.m. March 23                                                                   involved. Trash bags and gloves are available
                                                                                      on the day of the event in the Reiman Gardens
 The City Council will hold a                                                         parking lot. A free lunch is provided and Reiman
 workshop at 7 p.m. March                                                             Gardens offers free admission to volunteers.
 16. For the most up-to-date
 information on City Council                                                        Other sponsors of Stash the Trash include
 meetings, agendas, and                                                 Wheatsfield Cooperative, Reiman Gardens, Ames Morning
 supporting documents, go to:                              Rotary, Chitty Garbage, Iowa Home Consulting, Keep Iowa Beautiful, and                                       ISU Facilities Planning and Management.

                                                           Online pre-registration is appreciated at
Help Firefighters
Locate Hydrants                     Outdoor Warning System Upgraded
                                    Upgrades to Ames’ outdoor warning system will increase each siren’s range
As snow piles up along the
                                    and system reliability. The sirens, purchased in partnership between the City of
curb, it does more than hamper      Ames and Iowa State University Department should be
visibility for drivers. Mounds      completely installed by April.
of snow can                         Ames’ outdoor warning system is designed to alert people
obscure locations                   who are outside of approaching severe weather. All Ames
                                    residents are encouraged to get a weather alert radio for
of fire hydrants.
                                    home use. In an emergency situation, the new sirens will
Ames firefighters                   be sounded for three minutes. The City of Ames does
are requesting                      not sound an “all clear.” If you hear the sirens sound a second time or more, that
                                    indicates a new warning has been issued. Please stay in a safe place until severe
residents check                     weather has passed.
the hydrant
                                    The new system consists of 15 sirens and replaces a system installed in 1974 and
located near their
                                    supplemented in 1980. The new sirens have two-way communications, will be silent
home or place of business to        tested, and can self-report problems.
ensure it is visible.
                                    Hydrant Flushing Begins in March
If the hydrant is covered,          The Ames Public Works Department will begin to flush rust from city water mains
                                    beginning the end of March and continuing for six weeks. During the flushing
your help is requested in
                                    process, Ames residents may experience rust in the water, even when crews are
clearing a three-foot wide area     not working in the immediate area. To avoid rust, follow these tips:
around the hydrant to ensure                      w
                                                           Turn on cold water first to check for rust to avoid drawing it into the hot
firefighters can locate it during
                                                           water heater.
an emergency. If you need                         w        If the water looks rusty, run the tap for one to two minutes until it clears.
                                                  w        If rust discolors clothing in a wash machine, rust remover is available at
assistance clearing the hydrant,
                                                           the City Hall information desk, 515 Clark Ave., Ames fire stations, or by
call Fire Station No. 1 between                            calling (515) 239-5550.
8 a.m. and 5 p.m. at 239-5108.
                                    Specific information about the times, dates, and locations of the crews will be
                                    released to the local media prior to beginning the flushing or check the City’s Web
Page 2                              site at
Mark Your Calendar:
Energy Fair Set for March 27
When the temperatures begin to warm and spring is just around the corner, it’s
time for the City of Ames Electric Services annual Energy Fair.

This year’s event will be held from 10                                                   City of Ames Electric Services
a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, March 27 at
the Community Center Gym, 515 Clark
Ave. Come and see many interesting
displays, register for door prizes, play
                                                                                        Call Before You Dig
games, and join us for lunch. You’ll
even get a free gift just for attending!                                                Spring planting season will be
(Consider volunteering at Stash the                                                     here soon. It won’t be long
Trash and attending the Energy Fair!)                                                   before the temperature warms

At the Energy Fair, you’ll learn more                                                   and you’ll be outdoors digging
about Smart Energy, our electric                                                        up the yard and planting gardens,
                                       Learn more about City of Ames’ EcoSmart
education and rebate program. Smart
                                       programs at the annual Energy Fair               shrubs, flowers, and trees. Ames
Energy is one component of the
                                       on March 27. The event is held in the            Electric Services wants you to
City of Ames’ EcoSmart programs.
                                       Community Center Gym.
EcoSmart is the City’s comprehensive                                                    be safe and be aware of the
strategy to reduce energy consumption and conserve natural resources, and
                                                                                        dangers lurking underground.
includes programs such as Smart Water, Smart Trash, and Smart Watersheds.

There’s family fun for everyone, and you’ll get answers to your energy questions        Be careful and call Iowa One
and information on where to purchase related products and services. Local               Call at 1-800-292-8989 before
businesses will be available to showcase their products and services. Be sure           you dig. They will arrange
you mark your calendar and join us for our annual City of Ames Electric Services
Energy Fair.                                                                            to have your yard marked
                                                                                        free of charge. Colors of the
Compact Fluorescent Lights                                                              flags or paint you’ll see and
                                                                                        corresponding underground
Compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) can improve the lighting in your home and
save you money. Most CFLs last longer than incandescents, have good color               services are:
and brightness, and use about 70% less energy. With a standard incandescent
bulb, only 10% of the energy used contributes to light; the other 90% is wasted as          u Red – Electric
heat. Fluorescents are much more efficient. For example, a 14-watt compact
fluorescent lamp has the same light output as a 60-watt incandescent bulb and               u Yellow – Gas, oil, steam
a 26-watt compact fluorescent lamp has the same light output as a 100-watt
incandescent.                                                                               u Orange –

                  According to the Rocky Mountain Institute, not only can you                   Communication, CATV
                   save $25 to $45 over the life of the bulb, but if everyone in
                           Ames replaced five incandescent bulbs with compact               u Blue – Water
                                fluoresecents, 40 million pounds of CO2 could be
                                         eliminated from the atmosphere.                    u Green – Sewer

                                            City of Ames Electric Services has a            u Pink – Temporary survey
                                             rebate for the installation of efficient           markings
                                              lighting through the Smart Energy
                                               program. For more information                u White – Proposed
                                                visit, or call
                                                 239-5177.                                      excavation

                                                                                                                Page 3
                      Ask the Energy Guy                                                                 Steve Wilson
                                                                                                         “The Energy Guy”
                   Q: Does playing video games on my television use a lot of
                                                                                                         Energy Services Coordinator
                   A: According to the Natural Resources Defense Council
                  (NRDC), people playing video games on consoles like the Wii,
the XBox 360 and the Playstation 3 consume 16 billion kilowatt hours (kWh) of                            Free Energy
energy every year. That’s about the same as the annual energy used in the city of                        Conservation Packet
San Diego. Although it may seem as if the gamer in your home plays all the time,
much of the energy consumed is while the unit is sitting idle or turned off. In the                      Need to improve your home’s
average home, approximately 40% of the electricity used to power home electronics
is consumed while the products are turned off.                                                           efficiency? Call 239-5177 for a
                                                                                                         free energy conservation packet.
Not all game consoles are created equal. The NRDC report indicated there are
differences in energy use between the most popular systems: The Wii used one-
seventh as much power as the Playstation 3, and one-ninth as much energy as the
Xbox during gaming. The differences are attributed to high-end, 3-D graphics                             Prime Time Power
used by the Xbox and Playstation, which require more power to generate. The
good news is that both of these manufacturers have taken steps in the last two
years to reduce energy use in their systems.
                                                                                                         You can sign up for the Prime
Part of the problem is our habit of not turning game consoles off after use.                             Time Power program at any
The NRDC study also discovered that an estimated 50% of users do not turn their                          time. Help reduce summer
consoles off after playing. Whether we just forget or we’re trying to save a game,
                                                                                                         peak electric use and receive a
the result is higher energy use and costs. As an example, Sony Playstation 3 users
who leave their consoles on 24/7 would pay about $160 in electricity costs over the                      summertime credit of $20 on
course of a year, compared to $15 if they turn off the console off after play.                           your electric bill. To sign up or

Some game consoles now allow you to play movies or connect to the Internet. A                            receive additional information
game console playing a DVD uses about five times as much power as stand-alone                            about the program, call Utility
Blu-ray disc players, and as much as 24 times the power of a stand-alone DVD                             Customer Service at 239-5120 or
player. The good news is that we can cut electric bills and still chase that next level.
Game manufacturers are stepping up with a number of power-saving strategies,                             239-5177.
including an auto power-down feature for next-generation consoles, standard
auto-save features for games, a “sleep” button on controllers, and more efficient
processors and power supplies.                                                                           City Side is a
                                                                                                         publication of the City
   Numbers to Know                          Heating Degree Days                                          of Ames, Iowa

                                             December          27-year          Season to date           Editor
 Power out ...................239-5240        2009    2008    Average 08/09 08/09          Average       Susan Gwiasda
 Street light out ...........239-5500         1354	 1408	 1250	           	2531	 	2635						2574         Public Relations Officer
 Utility bill question ....239-5120
 Renting security lights 239-5207           Cooling Degree Days
 Energy questions .........239-5177           December                          Season to date
                                                      2008 Average        2009    2008 Average
                                                                                                         515 Clark Ave.
                                                                                                         Ames, IA 50010
 Tree growing too close to an                 0       0       0           744     935      1015
                                                                                                         Phone: 239-5204
 electric line ................239-5500      Degree Days are tabulated from hourly temperature data
                                             compiled by the Electric Services Power Plant. Monthly
                                             and seasonal degree days are averages since 1982.
 Going to be digging?

                                                                                                            AM E S
                                             More degree day information is available on our Web site:
 Iowa One Call: ..... 800-292-8989 

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