Computer Hardware Drivers - 3 of the Most Important Times to Update Computer Hardware Drivers

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Why do my computer hardware drivers need to be updated?

Drivers for your computer hardware need to be periodically updated to ensure that the
hardware and operating system are communicating properly.

There are several factors that can attribute to your old drivers and the operating
system not seeing eye to eye no longer, such as updates performed to the operating
system (including automatic updates), installing other programs may effect the way
the operating system handles certain drivers and old drivers may also just become

One of the leading causes of computer problems can be attributed to the drivers being
outdated because most people never think about it, or do not know how to update their

Technically, you are never updating your old drivers.

In saying this, what I mean is that you are not adding anything or taking anything
away from the driver that is in your computer, instead you are removing that driver
completely and replacing it with a newer version. Removing the old driver completely
is necessary to ensure that the new driver is installed correctly and that there will be
no future conflicts with the operating system.

3 of the most important times to update your drivers.

 1. Anytime you buy or build a new computer you should update your chipset drivers
for your motherboard and video card by connecting to the internet and searching for
updated drivers. Even if you have a driver cd that came with your new computer or
hardware, the disc may have been created months earlier and updated drivers may be
available to download and install.
 2. Anytime you are having video problems or errors known as the blue screen of
death (bsod) as this is going to be one of the first questions that the technical support
person will ask you on the phone.
 3. Another really good time is if you performed a huge operating system update such
as with windows update (manually or automatic) or if you have performed a major
system restore.

These are only a few of the tips about keeping your computer hardware drivers
updated but there are also other ways to help in keeping your computer running
smooth and without errors.

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