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One of my favorite things about my computer is how it opens. I've got a PC that I've
built and modified on my own over the period of time I have owned it. I can control
what parts it uses, what stuff goes on it (software), and how that all looks.

If I didn't, I have the choice of replacing it or even picking up a manual and doing it
myself. It really takes an investment of knowledge to harness the capabilities to the
fullest, but what doesn't? Though I am not an expert in it but yes, till now I have did
managed my system on my own. I find myself often getting into topics I never
thought of before, simply because I ran into a problem or limitation. It's really like a
bonded relationship for me, just as much as someone who modifies and takes care of
their car or truck.

The only limit I have with my computer is me; my time, money, and interest.
Everything else is so open, more than ever. Oh and then there are the late nights
powered by mountain dew, which I spent on learning my computer inside out.

I could very easily turn into a recluse and live on benefits and spend my life on a
computer. It's a mixture of gaming, watching films, listening to music, communicating
on Facebook/ messenger/ etc, and sometimes just general reading and surfing. Most of
my time is spent in my bedroom where my pc is and I only leave the room to go the
toilet or eat with family at dinner time. Is this addiction harmful? Some people like to
spend money and time on other things like cars, mine is my computer. It's not a top of
the range computer but it's a mid/high end, my most recent purchase.

This other weekend I was about to watch a movie which I planned a week before. It
was one of the collections of classic movies. And I suddenly see this popping up error
message showing drivers cannot be detected. I ignored it and went ahead with my
movie. And then I see that my computer wasnt able to detect CD drive in my system.
That was strange!!

I used my complete knowledge and used my manual too to get this fixed. I fiddled the
wires went on to settings control panel etc. but nothing worked. That was stranger to
me. I am not one of those who accept defeat so easily. I was on my computer almost
set it apart for like about one n half hours but still hard luck to me.

I then called my friend who was always mentioning about a company who provides
amazing tech support. I thought when my knowledge didnt work I can then try what
he is saying. The company was iYogi. I called them up to which I got connected to a
technician. I explained him the whole situation. Also mentioned that I worked a little
bit on my machine but nothing worked.

He asked me to restart the machine once. After doing that he used the tool that took a
remote session of my computer. Now he could see my computer from his screen. This
is an amazing technology Anyways, he took more or less an hour to update my drivers
and then asked me check if its running fine or not. I did, and Wao!!

Technicians are actually technicians. I now know that, whatever knowledge you have.
There are few things that one technician can only solve. Great job iYogi!!

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