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									Mulch: What Is It And What Does It Do?

Mulch is a protective cover to retain moisture, reduce erosion, provide nutrients, and reduces weed
growth and seed germination. mulch is placed over soil and the mulch used in gardens to imitate leaf
cover that is found on forests found on the forest floors.

Mulch is derived from many materials and the types of mulch depend on a number of factors. One
choosing to use mulch in their outdoor landscape takes many factors into consideration. A factor in mulch
material production considers the availability of the mulch, the cost of the mulch, how the mulch will look
within the landscape beds, and how the mulch will affect soil. Some of the effects mulch can have on soil
are chemical reactions and pH, the durability of the mulch, the combustibility of the mulch, the rate at
which the mulch will decompose, and the cleanliness of the mulch.

Materials used as mulch include organic residues, compost, rubber, plastic, and rocks and gravel. Mulch
made of organic residue include grass clippings, leaves, hay, straw, shredded bark, bark nuggets.
Organic residue mulch acts as a direct composting system. This type of mulch is very eco-friendly. A
compost mulch should be fully composted to avoid any type of weed breeding problem that may occur in
this mulch. Rubber mulch is usually made from recycled tires. The plastic mulch is a actually a plastic
sheet acting as a mulch. This type of mulch causes concern when disposing for the environment. Rock or
gravel mulch may extend the growing season in cooler climates because rock mulch retains heat.

Applying mulch is one of the best things you can do from your landscaping. Mulch benefits all types of
landscaping. Mulch benefits flower and plant beds, trees, and gardens. When mulch is spread over the
top of soil it protects against erosion and preserves moisture within the soil. There are many benefits to
using organic mulch and inorganic mulch. Organic mulch tends to be the more beneficial of the two
mulches as this mulch provides nutrients to the soil. Mulch helps plants, flowers, vegetables, and tree soil
to maintain its temperature. Mulch is great for improving your landscape because mulch reduces, if not,
eliminate weed growth. Mulch application reduces garden maintenance.

Why would someone decide to use mulch in his or her outdoor landscape? That all depends on your
landscaping needs. Before buying mulch, one must ask a number of questions to determine which mulch
is for them. Are you looking to reduce weed growth? Is mulch needed to improve soil? Should I use fabric
as a mulch? How much wood mulch should be purchased when using a wood mulch? How long do you
want the mulch to last? After answering your own mulch question, the mulch-buying process will become
much easier. Sometimes the most important question to people is how the mulch will accent their outdoor

Mulching is the most important way to maintain healthy landscape plants. No one can argue this point
about mulch, which is why so many people decide to use mulch over their plants. Mulch is any material
applied to the soil surface for protection or improvement of the area in which the mulch covers. Mulch is
really all due to nature. Mulch is created by nature and humans just try to effectively recreate the positive
effects of this material. When one fully understands the idea of mulch and its purpose, mulch can be used
effectively and beautifully to enhance anyone’s landscape. Mulch is extremely beneficial to a garden and
looks great. Consider all aspects of mulch and you should not have a problem purchasing the right mulch
for you.

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