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            11 am–5 pm. You may also register by mail, phone (682-0896) or on the Internet with your VISA, MasterCard or American Express. A
            Liability Release Form must be signed prior to participating in any Aquatic activity. For AQUATICS information/registration, call 682-0896.
            Aquatic Refund Policy – The Pleasant Hill Recreation & Park District strives to provide the highest quality in programs and
            services. In accordance with the District’s “Satisfaction Guaranteed Policy,” all requests for credits/refunds must be requested by the
            second class meeting. For any concerns regarding the quality of our programs and/or instructors, please contact us immediately, 682-
            0896, so that we may work to resolve your concerns.
            If circumstances beyond your control impact your ability to participate in our programs and/or it becomes necessary for you to transfer
            to another date/time, transfers or credits on account will be assessed a $5 administration fee and a cash refund/credit to your charge
            card will be assessed a $10 processing fee (unless the activity is changed or canceled by the District.) With the exception of medical
            emergencies, all requests for transfers or credits on account must be received two weeks prior to the first class meeting. Credits/
            refunds for medical emergencies require a doctor’s/health plan documentation.

                                              Public Swimming                                                        Aquatic Rentals
           Pleasant Hill Aquatic Park Swim Punch Cards                                                          Reservation and $100 refundable security
                                                                                                                deposit, with use fees for pool picnics
           147 Gregory Lane, Pleasant Hill, 682-7830          Save money! Purchase a Swim Punch Card
           The facility includes:                             and enjoy use of the PH Aquatic Park dur-         and parties are required to confirm your
             • Medium-size training pool                      ing public swimming hours. Cards, valid           reservation. A MINIMUM OF TWO WEEKS
             • 25-yard pool with two diving boards            May 28–Sept.5 are available at the District       ADVANCE RESERVATION IS REQUIRED.
             • Sprayground                                    Office, 147 Gregory Lane, or call 682-0896.       Forms are available at the District Office,
             • Changing / locker rooms                        Punch cards are not transferrable.                147 Gregory Lane, call 682-0896.
             • Two picnic areas, with BBQ pit / two           v 2–6 yrs .................. 15 swims ... $45
                tables, on lawn area off the pool deck.       v 7–17 yrs ................ 15 swims ... $52.50   Aquatic Park Picnics
           ALL persons entering the pool must pay ad-                                                      Reserve the Aquatic Park picnic area for
                                                              v 18 yrs/older ........... 15 swims ... $52.50
           mission. Fifteen-minute rest breaks are ob-        v Seniors 55 yrs/older 15 swims ... $45      any special occasion. Rental fee includes
           served every hour. Attendance determines                                                        barbecue grill, two picnic tables, and admis-
           availability of the training pool. If attendance                                                sion for 20 persons maximum.
                                                              Season Swim Pass
           is low, the facility may be closed after 3 pm.     Save $$$!! Come play at the pool; it’s a     Spring May 28–June 12
           NO refunds if pool closes early.                   great way to spend the summer! Purchase      v Sat. & Sun., 1–5 pm
           Coast Guard approved flotation devices             a Season Swim Pass, valid from May 28        Summer June 13–Aug. 30
           allowed with Adult Supervision.                    through Sept. 5, for unlimited use of the PH v Mon–Th, 1:15–4:15 pm
           Training pool closed until July 1.                 Aquatic Park during public swimming hours. v Fri, Sat. & Sun., 1–5 pm*
                                                              Passes may be purchased at the District      *Fri., July 1, 1:15-4:15 pm
           Public Swimming Admission                          Office, 147 Gregory Lane. A Season Swim      Late Summer Sept. 3–Sept. 5
           v   Under 2 yrs...................... Free         Pass Liability Release Form must be signed v Sat. & Sun., 1–5 pm
           v   2–6 yrs ............................ $3.50     before participation.                        Holidays
           v   7–17 yrs .......................... $4.00      May 28–Sept. 5                               v May 30, Mon., 1–5 pm
           v   18 yrs/older ..................... $4.00       v 1 Person – $90                             v July 4, Mon., 1–5 pm
           v   Seniors 55 yrs/older ........ $3.50            v 2 Persons – $135                           v Sept. 5, Mon., 1–5 pm
           Children 8 yrs/under must be accompanied           v 3 Persons – $180                           v Fee: $150 / Dist. Res. $120
           in the water by a paying adult (18 yrs/older.)     v 4 Persons – $225
                                                              v 5 Persons – $260                           Private Aquatic Park Parties
           Public Swimming Hours                              Each add’l person over five; $45             Exclusive use of the diving pool and
           (Memorial Day to Labor Day)                         Note: Pools are subject to closure, without Sprayground, picnic area, barbecue grills,
           Spring May 28–June 12                               warning, based on attendance, weather,      locker rooms. Two-hour minimum rental.
           v Sat/Sun, 1–5 pm                                   emergencies, training, maintenance or       Training pool use requires an additional fee.
                                                               safety issues.
           Summer June 13–Aug. 30                                                                          Spring Apr. 30–Sept. 5
           v Mon–Th, 1:15–4:15 pm                                                                          v Fri., Sat. & Sun., 5:30–7:30 pm
           v Fri, Sat & Sun, 1–5 pm*                                                                       v Attendance Fee             Dist. Res.
           *Fri., July 1, 1:15-4:15 pm                                                                         1–30            $290       $260
           Late Summer Sept. 3–Sept. 5                                                                         31–60           $320       $290
           v Sat/Sun, 1–5 pm                                                                                   61–90           $350       $320
           Holidays Mon., May 30, July 4, Sept. 5                                                              91–120          $380       $350
           v 1–5 pm;                                                                                       Sprayground-ONLY Parties for up to 50
           Friday Night Family Swimming                                                                    persons include exclusive use of the
           June 24, July 22, Aug. 19                                                                       Sprayground, picnic area, barbecue grills,
           v 6–9 pm                                                                                        locker rooms. Two-hour minimum rental.
                                                                                                           See dates/times above. No pool use.
                                                                                                           v Fee: $205 / Dist. Res. $175
                                                                                                                Note: (Private/Sprayground)
                                                                                                                Extended-use hours may be available upon
                                                                 Join Derby Day fun! Details page 12.           request / availability.

 10                    Register Online NOW! – or by phone (925) 682-0896
                                                    Classes & Clinics
              All clAsses on this pAge Are held At: ph Aquatic park, 147 gregory lane.

Junior Lifeguards:                               Lifeguard Training Challenge Spring Swim Clinics
Back to the Pool!                                (15 yrs & up)
                                                 For students who have taken a lifeguard
                                                                                                  (6–13 yrs) (3 weeks)
                                                                                                  For the summer recreation swimmer. Focus
(12–14 yrs)
                                                 training course within the last four years       is on basic concepts involved in competi-
For returning junior guards who have taken
                                                 and want to renew their certifications.          tive swimming. They are NOT TRAINING
Junior Lifeguard Camp within the past two
                                                 Participants must bring their most recent        SESSIONS. All swimmers must have prior
years. Review your junior lifeguard material
                                                 certification cards, current ARC Lifeguard       competitive experience. This clinic does not
and discuss summer volunteer availability/
                                                 Manual, pocket mask, and swimsuit to             conflict with County guidelines for Recre-
commitments. Participants will receive a
                                                 class. A challenge is testing only; there will   ation Swim Teams. PH Dolfins automatically
Junior Lifeguard T-shirt. Snacks provided,
                                                 be NO instruction. Lifeguard Manuals and         get the resident rate when registering.
bring swim suit.
                                                 pocket masks are available for an additional     Instructor: Talli Pitcher
Instructor: Aquatics Staff                       fee when registering.
                                                                                                  8727.203 Apr. 5–Apr. 21
8720.201 May 25                                  Instructor: Aquatics Staff
v	 Wed., 3:30-6:30 pm                                                                             v	 Tue/Th., 6–6:45 pm
v	 Fee: $42 / Dist. Res. $34                     Full Lifeguard Training Challenge                v	 Fee: $89 / Dist. Res. $74
                                                 (includes First Aid & CPR/AED for Lifeguards)
Lifeguard Training
                                                 8715.205 Apr. 22–Apr. 23                         Pre-Swim Team Clinic
                                                 v	 Fri., 4–8 pm & Sat., 9–1 pm                 (4-5 yrs) (6-8 yrs) (9-13 yrs) (4 weeks)
(15 yrs & up)                                                                                   Swim with outstanding Dolfin coaches who
                                                 8715.206 May 23–May 25
Become an American Red Cross certified                                                          have extensive experience in develop-
                                                 v	 Mon/Wed, 4–8 pm
Lifeguard! After successful completion, the                                                     ing young swimmers. Clinics designed for
                                                 v	 Fee: $99 / Dist. Res. $84
American Red Cross will issue certificates                                                      swimmers who are “water safe”, want to
                                                     ($8 materials fee included)
in Lifeguard Training, CPR/AED for Life-                                                        progress to a higher level of swimming,
guards and Administering Emergency Oxy-                                                         and/or want to join a swim team. This is
gen. PRE-REQUISITES: Swim 300 yards              CPR/AED for
                                                 Lifeguards Challenge Only                      NOT a “learn-to-swim” clinic. This clinic is
continuously, retrieve a 10-lb. brick from 7’
to 10’ of water, and return it to a designated   Did you know your Lifeguard Training certifi- not affiliated with the PH Dolfin Swim Team.
starting point within a given time period on     cation is not valid unless you have a current Repeat students welcome. Note: Try-outs
                                                 CPR/AED for Lifeguards certificate? Ad-        on the first day.
first day. Bring lunch Sat.; 1/2-hour break.
                                                 ministering Emergency Oxygen Challenge         Instructor: Talli Pitcher
Instructor: Aquatics Staff                       is available to those with previous training/  8208.201 Mar. 28–Apr. 22
8715.201 Apr. 1–Apr. 16                          certification in oxygen administration.        v	 Mon/Wed/Fri, 4–4:30 pm / 4-5 yrs
8715.203 May 6–May 21                            8715.207 Apr. 22                               v	 Fee: $99 / Dist. Res. $84
v Fri., 5–8:30 pm & Sat., 9 am–5:30 pm*          8715.209 May 27                                8209.201 Mar. 28–Apr. 22
8715.202 Apr. 25–Apr. 29                         v Fri., 4–8 pm                                 v	 Mon/Wed/Fri, 4:30–5:15 pm / 6-8 yrs
v	 Mon–Fri., 9 am–5 pm*                          8715.208 May 23                                v	 Fee: $124 / Dist. Res. $109
v	 Fee: $204 / Dist. Res. $189                   v Mon., 4–8 pm                                 8210.201 Mar. 28–Apr. 22
     ($50 materials fee included)                v	 Fee: $49 / Dist. Res. $39                   For swimmers who want to join a swim team
                                                     ($8 materials fee included)                or improve their swimming skills in the four
Water Safety Instructor                          v	 PH Aquatic Park: 147 Gregory Ln.            competitive strokes, starts, and turns. Class
(16 yrs & up)                                                                                   is for students without swim team experience.
The American Red Cross WSI Course                Splashball                                     v	 Mon/Wed/Fri, 5:15–6 pm / 9-13 yrs
provides training to teach courses in the        (6–10 yrs) (7 weeks)                           v	 Fee: $124 / Dist. Res. $109
ARC Swimming and Water Safety Program.           Splashball is a “T-ball” version of water polo
After successful completion, you will be         designed to introduce the sport of water       Spring Swim Practice
able to teach swimming and water safety          polo to children. This fun, dynamic class will (4-8 yrs) (9-10 yrs) (11-18 yrs) (3 weeks)
classes and receive certification in FIT and     give basic skills and understanding of the     An opportunity for youth 18 and under to
WSI. Pre-requisite test first day: Swim 25       sport of water polo in a recreational format   swim in the Spring. This non-competitive
yards each of crawl stroke, back stroke,         while providing social development through program focuses on stroke development
breaststroke, elementary back stroke and         participation in a team sport. Students        and conditioning. Children will be swimming
side stroke; 15 yards butterfly; tread water     should be comfortable in the water. Strong     with the Dolfins Swim Team.
for one minute; and float or scull on back in    swimming skills a plus!                        Coach: Dolfins Swim Team Coaching Staff
deep water for one minute. Note: Home-
                                                 Instructor: Aquatics Staff                     8211.201 May 2–May 19
work is assigned and is required for suc-
cessful completion of the course.                8750.201 Apr. 3–May 22*                        v Mon–Th, 4:15–5 pm / 4-8 yrs
                                                 v	 Sun., 10–11 am                              v Fee: $154 / Dist. Res. $139
Instructor: Korey Riley
                                                     *No class Apr. 24                          8212.201 May 2–May 19
8715.204 Apr. 4–May 16*                          v	 Fee: $84 / Dist. Res. $69                   v Mon-Th, 5– 6pm / 9-10 yrs
v	 Mon/Wed, 5:30–8:30 pm
                                                                                                8213.201 May 2–May 19
    * No Class Apr. 25, Apr. 27
                                                                                                v Mon-Th, 6–7 pm / 11-18 yrs
v	 Fee: $190 / Dist. Res. $175
                                                                                                v Fee: $142 / Dist. Res. $127
    ($55 materials fee included)

               For construction updates and class locations –                                                              11
                Aquatic Camps                                                           Special Events
           Junior Lifeguard Camp                          Family Fun Triathlon                           Friday Night Family Swim
           (11–14 yrs)                                    (8 yrs through Adult)                          June 24, July 22, Aug. 19
           Build a valuable foundation to becoming        Join Pleasant Hill Recreation for a non-       v 6–9 pm
           a lifeguard and swim instructor! Learn         competitive, family-fun, fitness triathlon     Swim Punch Cards and Season Swim Passes
           basic water safety skills, how to prevent      event which incorporates swimming, bi-         are valid for entry. See Public Swim Section
           aquatic accidents and how to recognize         cycling, and running! 14 yrs & under race      on page 10 for drop-in admission and
           hazards. Participants must be able to          is 250-yard swim, 5-mile bike, and 2-mile      additional information.
           swim 50 yards crawl stroke with face in        run. 15 yrs & over race is 500-yard swim,
           the water and rhythmic breathing. After
           completing the course, you will be eli-
                                                          10-mile bike, and 4-mile run. Pre-register
                                                          by April 1 and get a free T-shirt. Race day
                                                                                                         Derby Day
                                                                                                         (All ages are welcome!)
           gible to provide volunteer assistance as       check-in begins at 8 am.                       Test your engineering skills and design a
           a swim lesson aide and Junior Lifeguard        8251.201 Apr. 17                               boat out of cardboard, recyclables, and duct
           during recreation swim throughout the          v	 Sun., 9 am start time                       tape. All boats will compete in races across
           summer (details provided during class).        v	 Fee: $44 / Pre-Reg (by Apr. 1)              the pool. Wear your swimsuit and prepare to
           All participants will receive a Junior Life-              $54 / Apr. 2 to race day            get wet! Preregistration required by July 13.
           guard T-shirt.                                 v	 PH Education Ctr.:                          For rules or information, call 682-0896.
           Instructor: Aquatics Staff                         1 Santa Barbara Rd.
                                                                                                         8780.301 July 15
           8720.301 June 13–June 17                                                                      v	 Fri., 2 pm (race start time)
           8720.302 June 20-June 24                                                                      v	 Entry fee: $5/boater
           v	 Mon–Fri, 9 am–1 pm                                                                         v	 PH Aquatic Park: 147 Gregory Ln.
           v	 Fee: $154 / Dist. Res. $139
           v	 PH Aquatic Park: 147 Gregory Ln.

           Summer High School
                                                                                        Water Exercise
           Water Polo Camps
           (Entering Grades 9-12) (Co-ed)                 Water Aerobics                                 Water Blast
           New students are introduced to the sport       (Year-round AM & PM classes)                   Join us for a true blast! Get as much aero-
           and returning students prepare for the         The ultimate in low-impact aerobics! All the   bics and strength as from other land-based
           upcoming season. Focus is on physical          benefits of land aerobics while cushioning     aerobic classes and leave the sweat with
           conditioning and basic skills, including       the body from impact and providing resis-      them! The water is warmer than you keep
           passing, shooting, counter attacks, of-        tance. Emphasis is on cardiovascular work-     your house! Swimming skills not required.
           fense and defense. Open to students            out while toning muscles and slimming the      Instructor: Tracy Scrimshaw
           entering high school in Fall 2011.             body. Swimming skills are not required.        …water exercise / fitness instructor, 12+ yrs.
           Coach: Steven Mayers                           Instructor: Jeaneen Cowen                      v	   Mon/Wed/Fri, 8:30–10 am*
           …College Park HS Water Polo Coach              AM / PM (Mar. 29–Nov.)                         v	   Drop-in fee: $8
           8750.301 June 14–July 28 (7 weeks)             v	 Tue/Th, 8:30–9:30 am                        	    $70 (10 classes) Water Blast Punch Card
           v Tue/Th, 5-7 pm                               v	 Tue/Th, 7–8 pm                              v	   PH Education Ctr.: 1 Santa Barbara Rd.
           v Fee: $164 / Dist. Res. $149                  v	 Wed, 7:30–8:30 am                           *Class moves to PH Aquatic Park:
           8750.302 Aug 1–11 (2 weeks)                    v	 PH Aquatic Park: 147 Gregory Ln.            147 Gregory Lane, May 16-July 29. Returns
           v Mon–Th, 5–7 pm                               v	 Drop-in fee: $6                             to PH Education Center Aug. 1.
           v Fee: $104 / Dist. Res. $89                   	 $40 (8 classes) H20 Punch Card
           v College Park H.S.: 201 Viking Dr.            NOTE: No class on legal holidays Nov. / Dec. break and instructor-scheduled vacations.
           Enroll in both 8750.301 & 8750.302 and
           receive a $39 discount.
                                                          Swim for Fitness (16 yrs & up) (12 weeks)
                                                          Swim your way to a healthier life! Stay fit, work on your stroke technique, and endurance;
           Youth Water Polo Camp                          rejuvenate and energize your mind/body. Each class includes a workout and instruction;
           (Entering Grades 4-8) (Co-ed) (3 Weeks)        basic swimming skills required.
           Program introduces basic skills to stu-        Instructors: Carol Madsen, Staci Lindsay
           dents new to the sport, including pass-
           ing, shooting, offense, defense, the rules     Morning Classes (Madsen)               Evening Classes (Lindsay)
           of the game and physical conditioning.         8203.301 Mar. 28–June 17*              8204.301 Mar. 28-June 16*
           Class is held in deep water.                   8203.302 June 20–Sept. 9**             8204.302 June 20-Sept. 8**
                                                          v	 Mon/Wed/Fri, 6–7 am                 v	 Mon/Tue/Th, 7–8 pm
           Instructor: Brandon Brown
                                                          Noon Classes (Madsen)                     *No class Apr. 25–Apr. 29, May 30
           8750.303 June 21–July 7                                                                  **No class July 4, Sept. 5
                                                          8205.301 Mar. 28–June 17*
           8750.304 July 12–July 28                                                              v	 Fee: $104 / Dist. Res. $99
                                                             *No class May 20
           v Tues/Wed/Th, 10:30–11:30 am                                                                  $40 (8 swims) Swim for Fitness “Anytime”
           v Fee: $78 / Dist. Res. $63                    8205.302 June 20–Sept. 9**
                                                                                                          Punch Card
           v College Park H.S.: 201 Viking Dr.            v	 Mon/Wed/Fri, 12:05–1:05 pm
                                                                                                 v	 PH Education Ctr.: 1 Santa Barbara Rd.
                                                                                                    PH Aquatic Park: 147 Gregory Ln. (8205.301)

 12                 Register Online NOW! – or by phone (925) 682-0896
                                       Pleasant Hill Dolfins Swim Team
      2 DAYS Only! All-In-One Sign-Ups! (Except Mini-Dolfins)
    Tuesday, March 1, 7-9 pm & Saturday, March 26, noon-2 pm
                            Winslow Center, 2590 Pleasant Hill Road
 Have Fun! Swim Fast! One of the county’s top recreational swim teams offering competi-
 tive swimming in an atmosphere of fun. Parents/families play a vital role in the success
 of this program and PARENT PARTICIPATION IS REQUIRED. For information on parent
 work fees* see below.
 Instruction in racing dives and all four competitive strokes and turns. Conditioning/self-
 improvement are stressed. Includes daily practice in all phases of competitive swimming
 and weekly swim meets in the summer (held on Wednesday evenings and Saturday
 mornings.) The team also offers special activities (waterslides, pizza nights, age-group
 parties) for swimmers and their families. Swimmers must be able to swim 15 yards of
 freestyle (face in the water with rhythmic breathing.) Call 682-0896.
 Coaches: Alexis Irion, Head Coach/15-18 yrs
              Devon Flaskerud, Assistant Head Coach/13-14 yrs
              Talli Pitcher, 11-12 yrs
              Brandon Brown, 9-10 yrs
                                                                                                      A program for those seven years and
              Beth Heinen, 7-8 yrs
                                                                                                      under and not quite ready for the Dolfins
              Kaley Hayhurst, 6 yrs & Under
                                                                                                      Swim Team. Swimmers will be instructed
              Carol Madsen, Mini Dolfins
                                                                                                      in all competitive skills. Depending on
 May 2–Aug. 1                                                                                         progress/ability, participants may join the
 v	 Fee: $295* / Dist. Res. $280* (includes team T-shirt) Payment plan will be available.             Dolfins. Summer Mini-Dolfins participate
 v	 Late Registration Fee: Additional $50/swimmer (no discounts), based on availability               in end-of-season and age-group parties
     until May 23.                                                                                    and receive a team T-shirt. Get $40 off
 *Refundable Work Fee: $100 additional fee per family must be paid at registration (to PH             summer registration when you also reg-
 Dolfins Parent Club). Parent “Work Fees” will be reimbursed if parents complete all of               ister for spring.
 the required “Parent Work Duty Assignments.” Information on work duty assignments is
 included in the parent “Blue Book.” A $100 check will be mailed to you in the fall if all work       SPRING
 assignments were completed.                                                                          8200.201 May 3–June 9*
                                                                                                      TRY-OUTS: Th., Apr. 21, 4 pm

  Practice Schedule                                   Special Discounts                               Registration DEADLINE: Mon., May 2
                                                                                                      v	 Tue/Th, 3:45–4:15 pm
                                                      1. High School Athlete Special (must cur-
  (No Practice June 30-July 4)                                                                        v	 Fee: $104 / Dist. Res. $89
                                                      rently be participating in a Spring High
                                                                                                      v	 PH Aquatic Park: 147 Gregory Ln.
  Spring Practice                                     School Sport.) Swim from May 23–Aug.
  May 2–June 9*, Mon–Th                               1. Must register at one of two registration     *Practice moves to PH Education Ctr.
                                                      dates listed. Fee is $244 / Dist. Res. $229.    May 24.
  4-8 yrs ........................4:15–5 pm
  9-10 yrs .....................5–6 pm                2. Swimmers, 13–18 yrs, bring a new             SUMMER
  11-18 yrs ................. 6–7 pm                  swimmer, 13–18 yrs, to the Dolfins and          8200.301 June 13–Aug. 1*
  v	 PH Aquatic Park: 147 Gregory Ln.                 receive $40 discount per swimmer. Regis-        TRY-OUTS: Fri., June 3, 4 pm
  Summer Practice                                     tration forms/payment for both swimmers         Registration DEADLINE: Fri., June 10
  June 13–Aug. 1**, Mon/Tu/Th/Fri                     must be provided concurrently at one of two     v	 Mon/Tue/Th/Fri, 1:30–2 pm
  6 yrs/under ................. 2–2:45 pm             registration dates listed.                         *No practice June 30–July 4
  7-8 yrs......................2:45–3:45 pm           3.	Sibling Discount: $25 off registration fee   v	 Fee*: $184 / Dist. Res. $169
  9-10 yrs....................4–5:15 pm               for each add’l swimmer in the same family.         $40 off when you also register for Spring
                                                                                                      v	 PH Education Ctr.: 1 Santa Barbara Rd
  11-18 yrs ..................5–6:30 pm
  13-18 yrs ................... 8–9:15 am (Mon-Fri)
                                                      Dolfins Team Meeting
                                                      A mandatory informational meeting for all
  v	 PH Education Ctr.: 1 Santa Barbara Rd.
                                                      Dolfins Parents to attend.
   *Practice moves to PH Education Ctr.               v	 May 19, Th., 7 pm
   May 23.
                                                      v	 PH Education Ctr.: 1 Santa Barbara Rd.
   **No practice June 30-July 4. Practice for
   County meet qualifying swimmers,
   Aug. 2–Aug. 12.
                                                      Time Trials
                                                      May 22–All swimmers should attend.
                                                      v	 Sun., Noon–3 pm (warm-ups at 11 am)
                                                      v	 PH Education Ctr.: 1 Santa Barbara Rd.

Junior Coaches Wanted! Are you interested in learning how to help younger Dolfin swimmers succeed? Volunteer
positions are available for current swimmers, 12 yrs and older. Attend this FREE training to learn the skills to help you as a junior coach
and apply them hands on. Information regarding volunteer commitments with Dolfins will be distributed at the meeting. Pre-registration
is required.
8230.201 Apr. 15             v		Fri., 3:30–6:30 pm    v		PH Aquatic Park.: 147 Gregory Ln.

               For construction updates and class locations –                                                                 13
                                                       Swim Lesson Descriptions
            The Pleasant Hill Recreation & Park District is a proud provider of the American Red Cross Swimming and Water Safety Program! The
            program features six levels of learn-to-swim instruction to help swimmers of all ages and abilities develop their swimming and water
            safety skills. It is designed to give students a positive learning experience as they progress through all six levels, and to help ensure
            that they truly master swimming skills.
            Lessons are taught in a continuous series
            for the number of classes as indicated.
            Classes with insufficient enrollment are
                                                                                           SPRING Swim Lessons
            subject to CHANGE or CANCELLATION.                 All classes are held at PH Aquatic Park; 147 Gregory Lane. Please plan your schedule
            NOTE: AN AQUATIC WAIVER OF                         carefully; there are NO make-ups or refunds for missed classes.
            ANY CLASS PARTICIPATION.                           TUE/TH Private - Afternoons & Evenings (Four 20-minute classes) (2 weeks)
                                                               .201 Mar. 29–Apr. 7         .204 May 17–May 26*
            PLEASE PLAN YOUR SCHEDULE                          .202 Apr. 12–Apr. 21        .205 May 31–June 9
            CAREFULLY; THERE ARE NO MAKE-                      .203 May 3–May 12*
            UPS OR REFUNDS FOR MISSED                          *6:00, 6:20, 6:40 ONLY
            CLASSES. Please speak to the lesson                v	 Fee: $72 / Dist. Res. $58 (Tue/Th Private)
            manager on the first day of the session
            if you have any special requests or                Tue/Th Private – Afternoons (.205 no afternoon lessons)
            information regarding your child’s swim            Time:        1:00           1:20           1:40
            lessons. Lesson managers supervise                 Class:       8619           8620           8621
            lessons on the pool deck, and they are
            there to assist with any concerns you              Tue/Th Private – Evenings
            may have.                                          Time:           5:00                5:20           5:40           6:00          6:20     6:40
           Parent/Tot (8 mos–4 yrs)                            Class:          8613                8614           8615           8616          8617     8618
              Parent/child participate together with
              the help of a staff instructor in this water     Saturday- Group & Private
                                                               (4 weeks)                                                 Sunday - Group & Private
              adjustment class. Parent/child will receive                                              (4 weeks)
              instruction in water adjustment, swim            .201 Apr. 2–Apr. 23
                                                               .203 Apr. 30–May 21                     .202 Apr. 3–May 1 (No class Apr. 24)
              readiness skills, and water safety. Swim                                                 .204 May 8–May 29
              attire: Tight fitting “Swim Pants” and           .205 May 28–June 25 (No class June 11)
                                                                                                       .206 June 5–June 26
              swimsuit. No disposable or cloth diapers.        Saturday or Sunday Group (4 classes, 28 minutes)
           Tiny Tot (3–4 yrs) ONLY 3 PER CLASS
              Child must be ready to learn without             Time:               10:00      10:30          11:00       11:30      Noon
              parent participation. Skills: Water              Parent/Tot                                                               8510
              adjustment, elementary aquatic skills            Tiny Tot                                                  8526
              and water safety.                                Pre-Sch.                                      8656
           Pre-School (4–6 yrs) ONLY 4 PER CLASS               Youth                              8570
              Child must be ready to learn without
              parent participation. Skills: Water              Adult/Teen           8590
              adjustment, elementary aquatic skills,
              stroke development and water safety.              Saturday or Sunday Private (4 classes, 20 minutes)
              Abilities may vary.                              Time:        10:00          10:20          10:40      11:00         11:20        11:40   12:00
           Youth (7–12 yrs) (student max 6)                    Class:        8626           8627          8628       8629          8630          8631   8632
              Students will learn a variety of strokes,
              personal safety skills and diving                Weekend Fees:
              techniques. Beginning students will              Parent/Tot $41 / Dist. Res. $33
              learn elementary aquatic skills and              Pre-School $50 / Dist. Res. $40
              water adjustment. More advanced                  Tiny Tot $61 / Dist. Res. $49
              students will refine their skills and learn      Adult/Teen, Youth $39 / Dist. Res. $31
              how to incorporate swimming into a               Private $72 / Dist. Res. $58
              lifelong fitness program.
           Adult / Teen (13 yrs/over) (student max 6)
              New strokes and techniques for
              stroke improvement will be taught.
              Skills: floating, kicking, crawl stroke,
              backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly,
              sidestroke, elementary backstroke,
              diving, and turns.
           Private (4 yrs through Adult)
              One-on-one instruction for all ability levels.

 14                   Register Online NOW! – or by phone (925) 682-0896
                                             SummER Swim Lessons
Weekday GROUP and PRIvATE
.301June 13–June 23
.302June 27–July 7 (Mon-Fri, Tue-Th)
.303July 11–July 21
.304July 25–Aug. 4
   Aug. 8–Aug. 18
Weekday GROUP (Mon–Th, 8 classes, 28 minutes)
Classes          10:00       10:30       11:00   11:30      Noon           12:30          4:30      5:00     5:30      6:00       6:30    7:00
Parent/Tot        8500                                       8501                                   8502               8503
Tiny Tot          8530                   8531     8532                     8533           8534               8535      8536       8538
Pre-School        8542       8543        8544               8545                          8546      8547     8548                 8549
Youth                        8570                 8571                     8572                     8573               8574
Adult/Teen                                                                                                                               8590

Weekday PRIvATE (Mon–Th, 8 classes, 20 minutes)
 Private Day         10:00           10:20       10:40        11:00               11:20            11:40       12:00           12:20     12:40
 Private             8600            8601         8602            8603             8604            8605        8606            8607      8608
 Private Night       4:30            4:50         5:10            5:30             5:50            6:10        6:30            6:50      7:10
 Private             8615            8616         8617            8618             8619            8620        8621            8622      8623

Saturday (GROUP and PRIvATE, 4 weeks)                     SUNDAY (GROUP and PRIvATE, 4 weeks)
.301 July 2–July 30 (No class July 23)                    .302 July 10–July 31
.303 Aug. 6–Aug. 27                                       .304 Aug. 7–Aug. 28
Saturday or Sunday Group (4 classes, 28 minutes)                                            Summer Weekday Fees (8 classes):
Time:         10:00   10:30     11:00    11:30           Noon                               Parent/Tot, Adult/Teen, Youth $73 / Dist. Res. $60
                                                                                            Pre-School $89 / Dist. Res. $76
Parent/Tot                                                8510                              Tiny Tot $107 / Dist. Res. $94
Tiny Tot                                  8526                                              Private $124 / Dist. Res. $109
Pre-Sch.                         8656                                                       Weekend Fees (4 classes):
Youth                  8575                                                                 Parent/Tot $41 / Dist. Res. $33
Adult/Teen     8591
                                                                                            Pre-School $50 / Dist. Res. $40
                                                                                            Tiny Tot $61 / Dist. Res. $49
                                                                                            Adult/Teen, Youth $39 / Dist. Res. $31
Saturday or Sunday Private (4 classes, 20 minutes)
                                                                                            Private $72 / Dist. Res. $58
Time:    10:00   10:20     10:40     11:00     11:20          11:40         12:00
Class:    8626    8627      8628      8629      8630              8631       8632

Summer Competitive                                SUMMER                   10:00          10:20     10:40    11:00     11:20
Stroke Instruction                                Devon Flaskerud           8270           8271      8272
(Four 20-minute classes)                          Alexis Irion              8290           8291      8292
(No online registration)                          Carol Madsen                                               8280      8281
One-on-one instruction in the latest stroke,
turn, and starting techniques to help im-         SUMMER                   12:40           1:00
prove ability in competitive swimming. For
details and to register, call (925) 682-0896.     Brandon Brown             8260           8261

.301 June 13–June 17                              Kaley Hayhurst            8265           8266
.302 June 20–June 24
.303 July 5–July 8 (Tue-Fri)
                                                  SUMMER            3:40      4:00          4:20      4:40
.304 July 11–July 15
.305 July 18–July 22                              Beth Heinen                 8240          8241      8242
.306 July 25–July 29                              Rob Kern                    8244          8245      8246
.307 Aug. 1–Aug. 5                                Talli Pitcher     8255      8256          8257
.308 Aug. 8-Aug. 12
v Mon/Tue/Th/Fri                                 Madsen: No .307, .308
v Fee: $86 / Dist. Res $76                       Pitcher: No .301, .303
v PH Education Ctr. Pool:                        Kern: ONLY .301, .302 & .307
    1 Santa Barbara Road

               For construction updates and class locations –                                                             15