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					CENTER FOR VETERINARY MEDICINE MAILING ADDRESS:                                                                                          3/24/2011

FDA, Center for Veterinary Medicine

                                              Telephone Are Code: 240 (unless otherwise noted)

Mailroom: Ms. Jackson (Supervisor) 240-276-8364
Security Guard: 240-276-9111 (MPN4)
MPN2 Health Unit                           Hours: 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM                        276-8240
MOD II Health Unit                         Hours: 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM                        301-594-5851
List Maintenance: Chris Louviere

OFFICE OF THE CENTER DIRECTOR (HFV-1)                                                       Telephone #    Email Address
                                           Fax # 240-276-9001/240-276-9030
Dr. Bernadette M. Dunham                   Center Director                                  276-9000
Ms. Tracey Forfa                           Deputy Director                                  276-9006
Dr. William T. Flynn                       Deputy Director for Science Policy               276-9084
Mrs. Susan Dewitt                          Executive Secretariat                            276-9008
Ms. Kristina Goddard                       Executive Assistant                              276-9000
Ms. Kelly Covington                        Staff Specialist                                 276-9339
Ms. Kathie Foley                           Management Officer                               276-9806

International Programs
Dr. Merton Smith                           Special Assistant for International Activities   276-9025
Dr. Michael Oehlsen                        Consumer Safety Officer                          276-8611
Dr. Bettye Walters                         Policy Analyst                                   276-9148
Mr. Jon Scheid                             Health Communications Program Manager            276-9110
Ms. Linda Hukle                            Program Support Specialist                       276-8633

CVM OD Conference Room                                                                      276-9002

Policy & Communications (HFV-3)            Fax # 240-276-9030                               Telephone #    Email Address
Ms. Catherine P. Beck                      Associate Director for Policy & Communications   276-9012
Ms. Aleta Sindelar                         Science Policy Analyst                           276-9004
Dr. Marcia K. Larkins                      Ombudsman                                        276-9015
Project Management Staff (HFV-3)                                                           Telephone #    Email Address
Ms. Madeline Van Hoose                Director, Project Management Staff                   276-9028
Ms. Pamela Esposito                   Project Manager                                      276-9007

Office of Animal Care & Use (HFV-4)
                                      Veterinary Medical Officer, Dir., Office of Animal
Dr. Mack A. Holt                      Care & Use                                           276-9003
Ms. Patricia E. Long-Bradley          White Oak Animal Program Manager                     301-796-0205
Ms. Jacintha Tolson                   Program Specialist                                   301-796-0206

Policy & Regulations Team (HFV-6)     Main Phone Number: 240-276-9100                      Telephone #    Email Address
                                      Fax # 240-276-9101
Dr. Diane Heinz                        Director, Policy and Regulations Staff              276-9031
Dr. Cathie Marshall                   Regulatory Policy Analyst                            276-9024
Dr. George K. Haibel                  Veterinary Medical Officer                           276-9019
Mrs. Judith M. O'Haro                 Industry Compliance Analyst                          276-9021
Ms. Corinne Howley                    Regulatory Counsel                                   276-9017
Dr. Jeffrey Punderson                 Senior Policy Analyst                                276-9018
Mr. James A. Delaney                  Regulatory Policy Analyst                            276-9774
Mr. Richard L. Arkin                  Regulatory Counsel                                   276-9147

Communications Staff (HFV-12)         Main Phone Number: 240-276-9300                      Telephone #    Email Address
                                      Fax # 240-276-9115
Ms. Laura Bradbard                    Director                                             276-9109
Ms. Laura Alvey                       Deputy Director, Press Contact                       276-9119
Mr. Alfan Dangin                      Paralegal Specialist                                 276-9131
Ms. Joanne M. Kla                     Consumer Safety Officer                              276-9129
Ms. Denise Benton                     CVM Web Manager                                      276-9116
Dr. Carmela Stamper                   Management Analyst                                   276-9108
Ms. Shannon Cameron                   Health Communications Specialist                     276-9134
Mrs. Chandra Smith-Collier            Health Communications Specialist                     276-9107
Dr. Melanie McLean                    FDA Veterinarian Writer/Editor                       276-8745
Ms. Kelly Roy                         Public Affairs Assistant                             276-8684
Ms. Sandra McGeehan                   FOI Contact/Paralegal Specialist                     276-9120
Ms. Ashley Steel                      Health Communications Specialist                     276-9709

Office of the Director (HFV-10)          Main Phone Number: 240-276-9700     Telephone #   Email Address
                                         Fax # 240-276-9744
Mr. David Wardrop Jr.                    Associate Director of Management    276-9711
Mrs. Roxanne K. Schweitzer               Deputy Director                     276-9705
Dr. Margaret Zabriski                    Business Process Manager            276-9143
Dr. Eric Dubbin                          Management Consultant               276-9240
Ms. Susan Banks                          Management Analyst                  276-9727
Dr. April Jones-Tate                     Organizational Development          276-9576
Ms. Sharon Tarbell                       Executive Assistant                 276-9701

Management & Logistics Staff (HFV1-10)   Main Phone Number: 240-276-9700
                                         Fax # 240-276-9744
Mr. Gary Claywell                        Director                            276-9707
Mrs. Jennifer Leo                        Lead Program Analyst                276-9706
Ms. Holly Ballance                       Management Officer                  276-9742
Mr. Scott Strunk                         Program Analyst                     276-9011
Mr. Jeff Byers                           Management Analyst/IT Liaison       276-9132
Mr. Mike Deyo                            Program Analyst                     276-8696
Mr. Desmond Abrokwa                      Safety Officer                      276-8683
Mr. Christopher Louviere                 Office Automation Clerk (Student)   276-9128

Financial Resources Staff (HFV-10)       Main Phone Number: 240-276-9700     Telephone #   Email Address
                                         Fax # 240-276-9744
Ms. Ann Norris                           Director                            276-9535
Mrs. Lisa McGee                          Program Analyst                     276-9738
Ms. Jessica Stine                        Program Analyst                     276-9716
Mrs. Lisa Kable                          Program Analyst                     276-9718
Mr. Sean Kaurup                          Program Analyst                     276-9732
Mrs. Michelle Fuller                     Program Analyst                     276-9736
Mrs. Heidi Jackson                       Program Analyst                     276-9739
Ms. Patricia Arnwine                     Program Analyst                     276-9724
Ms. Jacqueline Farmer                    Program Analyst                     276-8695
Ms. Yanming Chae                         Program Analyst                     276-8686
Ms. Marisha Foreman                      Program Analyst                     276-9730
Ms. Kimberly Sanders                     IT Specialist                       276-8664
Ms. Abena Apau                           Operations Research Analyst         276-9739
Mr. Alex Scalera                         Office Automation Clerk (Student)       
Human Capital Staff (HFV-15)          Main Phone Number: 240-276-9700     Telephone #   Email Address
                                      Fax # 240-276-9744
Mrs. Jacqueline Salter                Director                            276-9703
Ms. Laura Bow                         Program Analyst                     276-9144
Ms. Arleen Wang                       Program Analyst                     276-9737
Mrs. Trudie Willis                    Program Analyst                     276-9704
Mrs. Kathy Eberhart                   Program Management Analyst          276-9715
Ms. Shannon Bradbury                  Program Analyst                     276-9345
Ms. Heather Weiser                    Program Analyst                     276-9719
Mrs. Maria Colby                      Program Analyst                     276-9035
Mr. Grant LaGasse                     Program Analyst                     276-8640
Ms. Nicole Waskin                     Program Analyst                     276-9142
Ms. Brooke Mulkins                    Office Automation Clerk (Student)   276-9734

Learning Management Staff (HFV-15)                                        Telephone #   Email Address
Mrs. Roxanne K. Schweitzer            Director (Acting)                   276-9705
Ms. Sherri Stephenson-Washington      Training Officer                    276-9740
Ms.Karyn Johnstone                    Education Program Specialist        276-9138
Ms.Dorothy Ballmann                   Education Program Specialist        276-9746
Ms. Amy Mason                         Education Program Specialist        276-9714
Vacant                                Logistics Assistant                 276-9710
Ms. Karen Alexander                   Office Automation Clerk             276-9713

( HFV-50)                                                                 Telephone #
Dr. Meg R. Oeller                     Director                            276-9005
Dr. Joan Gotthardt                    Indexing Program Director           276-9331
Dr. Dorothy Bailey                    Veterinary Medical Officer          276-9337
Dr. Andrew J. Beaulieu                Consultant                          276-9338
Dr. Stuart Jeffrey                    Veterinary Medical Officer          276-8604

EVALUATION (HFV-100)                                                      Telephone #   E-mail Address
                                      Fax# 276-9538                       276-8300
Dr. Steven D. Vaughn             Director                               276-8300
Vacant                           Deputy Director for Administration     276-8307
Dr. Elizabeth A. Luddy           Deputy Director for Science Policy     276-8312
Dr. Kevin Greenlees              Senior Advisor for Science Policy      276-8214
Dr. Laura Hungerford             Senior Advisor for Science Policy      276-8232
Mrs. Brandi Robinson             Biologist                              276-8359
Dr. Samuel L. Hansard II         Quality Control Specialist             276-8129
Dr. Charles J. Andres            Business Process Improvement Manager   276-8229
Dr. Jason Smith                  Consumer Safety Officer                276-9341
Ms. Marcia Sheets                Staff Specialist                       276-8305
Mrs. Petra Garosi                Lead Program Analyst                   276-8292
Dr. Scott Fontana                Regulatory Information Specialist      276-8259
Ms. Kathleen Smith               Program Support Specialist             276-8201

Bio Technology Staff
Dr. Larisa Rudenko               Senior Advisor for Biotechnology       276-8245
Dr. Eric Schulze                 Staff Fellow                           276-9531
Dr. Jeffery S. Jones             Veterinary Medical Officer             276-8246
Adrianne Jacobs                  Consumer Safety Officer                276-8733
Dr. Evgenij A. Evdokimov         Staff Fellow                           276-8738
Dr. Kathleen Jones               Staff Fellow                           276-8243
Brinda Dass                      Staff Fellow                           276-8732
Dr. Harlan J. Howard             Biologist                              276-8111

Policy Team (HFV-108)
Vacant                           Supervisory Regulatory Counsel         276-8304
Dr. Janis R. Messenheimer        Supervisory VMO (Team Leader)          276-8348
Dr. Herman M. Schoenemann III    Policy Analyst                         276-8302
Ms. Elizabeth Canter             Information Management Specialist      276-8244
Mrs. Urvi P. Desai               Regulatory Counsel                     276-8297
Vacant                           Writer/Editor

Administrative Staff (HFV-106)
Ms. Charis M. Miller             Management Officer                     276-8298
Mrs. Marjorie Lidard             Management Specialist                  276-8281

ADUFA Team (HFV-106)             Fax#276-8242
Quality Assurance Team (HFV-107)             Fax#276-8242                 Telephone #    Email Address
Dr. Mary Allen                               Supervisory Team Leader      276-8128
Dr. Robin Keyser                             Team Leader                  276-8130
Ms. Bonnie Bodo                              Biologist                    276-8198
Dr. Mohammad Sharar                          Special Assistant            276-9179

Project Management Team (HFV-109)

Ms. Aila Albrecht                            Lead Project Specialist      276-8349
Mr. Gregory Shaw                             Project Manager              276-8289
Ms. Jennifer S. Love                         Project Manager              276-8358
Ms. Anoushah Shokouhi                        Project Manager              276-8587
Vacant                                       Project Manager

NON-FOOD ANIMALS (HFV-110)                                                Telephone #    Email Address

Dr. John Mussman                             Director (Acting)            276-8354
Ms. Barbara Hamilton                         Consumer Safety Officer      276-8313
Mrs. Robin Nguyen                            Consumer Safety Officer      301-251-2355
Dr. Francis Pelsor                           Pharmacologist               276-8320
Mrs. Rosalind Price                          Legal Instruments Examiner   276-8241
Dr. Anna O'Brien                             Veterinary Medical Officer   276-8343

Team 1 Canine and Feline (HFV-112)                                        Telephone #    Email Address
Dr. Angela Clarke                            Supervisory Team Leader      276-8318
Dr. Lynn Walker                              Veterinary Medical Officer   276-8316
Dr. M. Cacia Masser                          Veterinary Medical Officer   276-8324
Dr. Edward Chen                              Veterinary Medical Officer   276-8327
Dr. Ann Stohlman                             Veterinary Medical Officer   276-8314
Dr. A'ndrea VanSchoick                       Veterinary Medical Officer   276-8328       a'

Team 2 Canine, Feline and Equine (HFV-114)                                Telephone #    Email Address
Dr. Amy Omer                               Supervisory Team Leader        276-8336
Dr. Michele Sharkey                        Veterinary Medical Officer     276-8360
Dr. Barbara M. Leotta                        Veterinary Medical Officer                  276-8262
Dr. Lynne Oliver                             Veterinary Medical Officer                  276-8321
Dr. Marshall Gagne                           Staff Fellow                                276-8315
Dr. Sharon Chase                             Staff Fellow (Veterinary Medical Officer)   276-8326
Dr. Aimee M. Phillippi-Taylor                Staff Fellow                                276-8335
Vacant                                       Veterinary Medical Officer

Team 3 Canine, Feline and Equine (HFV-116)
Dr. Lisa Troutman                            Supervisory Team Leader                     276-8322
Dr. Germaine Connolly                        Veterinary Medical Officer                  276-8331
Dr. Jocelyn Crawford                         Veterinary Medical Officer                  276-8332
Dr. Christopher Loss                         Veterinary Medical Officer                  276-8319
Dr. Lea McNutt Cranford                      Staff Fellow                                276-8184

DIVISION OF PRODUCTION DRUGS (HFV-120)                                                   Telephone #   Email Address
                                             Fax#276-8110                                276-8100
Dr. Linda Wilmot                             Director                                    276-8101
Ms. Leslie J. Groves                         Regulatory Information Specialist           276-8107
Ms. Angelica M. Moreno                       Consumer Safety Technician                  276-8744
Ms. Patricia A. Ryan                         Consumer Safety Officer                     276-8104

Ruminant Drugs Team (HFV-126)                                                            Telephone #   Email Address
Dr. Suzanne J. Sechen                        Team Leader                                 276-8105
Dr. Daniel A. Benz                           Animal Scientist                            276-8228
Dr. Amey L. Adams                            Biologist                                   276-8108

Swine and Poultry Drugs Team (HFV-128)                                                   Telephone #   Email Address
Dr. Matthew Lucia                            Team Leader                                 276-8116
Dr. Danielle M. Sholly                       Staff Fellow (Animal Scientist)             276-8115
Dr. Crystal Groesbeck                        Staff Fellow                                276-8103
Dr. Ashley Shaw                              Staff Fellow                                276-9392
Vacant                                       Veterinary Medical Officer

FOOD ANIMALS (HFV-130)                                                                   Telephone #   Email Address
                                             Fax #276-8350
Dr. Cindy L. Burnsteel                       Director                                    276-8341
Dr. Marilyn N. Martinez Pelsor               Pharmacologist                          276-8357
Ms. Irma M. Carpenter                        Legal Instrument Examiner               276-8333
Dr. Lepa Antonovic                           Commissioner's Fellow                   276-8945
Ms. Tiffany Hall                             Consumer Safety Officer (FCIP)          276-8342
Dr. Anna O'Brien                             Veterinary Medical Officer              276-8343

Aquaculture Drugs Team (HFV-131)                                                     Telephone #   Email Address
Dr. Jennifer Matysczak                       Supervisory Team Leader                 276-8338
Dr. Stacey R. Gore                           Veterinary Medical Officer              276-8283
Dr. Susan Storey                             Veterinary Medical Officer              276-8352
Dr. David Rotstein                           Veterinary Medical Officer              276-9391
Dr. Eric Landis                              Commissioner's Fellow                   276-8945
Ms. Sarah Bembe                              Consumer Safety Officer (FCIP)          276-8346
Ms. Adrienne Kurtz                           Biologist                               276-9185

Antimicrobial Drugs Team (HFV-133)                                                   Telephone #   Email Address
                                             Supervisory VMO (Team Leader)
Dr. Christina Edwards                        Animal Scientist (Acting Team Leader)   276.8114
Dr. Laurie Hanna                             Veterinary Medical Officer              276-8330
Dr. Michelle Stull                           Veterinary Medical Officer              276-8351
Dr. Joshua R. Hayes                          Microbiologist                          276-8345
Dr. Chad Hamel                               Veterinary Medical Officer              276-8235
Dr. Phillip G. Turfle                        Veterinary Medical Officer              276-8616

Antiparasitic & Physiologic Drugs Team (HFV-135)                                     Telephone #   Email Address
Dr. Michelle Kornele                        VMO (Acting Team Leader)                 276-8355
Dr. Sanja Modric                            Staff Fellow (VMO)                       276-8339
Dr. Emily R. Smith                          Veterinary Medical Officer               276-8344

TECHNOLOGIES       (HFV-140)                                                         Telephone #   Email Address
                                             Fax# 827-4178                           827-6969
Dr. Dennis M. Bensley Jr.                    Director                                276-8268
Ms. Robin M. Stone                           Regulatory Information Specialist       276-8261
Dr. Raafat Fahmy                             Physical Scientist                      276-8251
Mr. Daniel Burnette                          Consumer Safety Officer                 276-8264
Feed/Topical Team (HFV-141)
Dr. Rebecca Owen                   Supervisory Team Leader                      276-9842
Mrs. Kalatu Kamara                 Chemist                                      276-8255
Jason Dreabit                      Staff Fellow (Chemist)                       276-8257
Dr. Faye Wei                       Chemist                                      276-8250
Dr. Charli Long                    Chemist                                      276-8280
Dr. Asif Rasheed                   Staff Fellow (Chemist)                       276-8729
Dr. Koji Hiratsuka                 Microbiologist                               276-8252

Antimicrobial Team (HFV-142)                                                    Telephone #   Email Address
Mrs. Mai Xuan Huynh                Supervisory Team Leader                      276-8273
Dr. Gregory Hunter                 Chemist                                      276-8263
Dr. Kristen Anderson               Microbiologist                               276-8275      kristen.anderson@fda.hhs,gov
Ms. Renee Blosser                  Microbiologist                               276-8274
Ms Laura Huffman                   Microbiologist                               276-8277
Dr. James (Kevin) Rice             Chemist                                      276-8265
Dr. Cory D. Evans                  Chemist                                      276-8258
Dr. Bryan Ericksen                 Staff Fellow (Microbiologist)                276-8256

Chemotherapeutics Team (HFV-143)                                                Telephone #   Email Address
Dr. Charles O'Brien                Supervisory Team Leader                      276-8272
Dr. Alem Ghiorghis                 Chemist                                      276-8266
Mr. Norman R. Gregory              Chemist                                      276-8253
Dr. June Liang                     Chemist                                      276-8286
Dr. Matthew Anderson               Microbiologist                               276-9843
Dr. Elizabeth Cormier              Chemist                                      276-8285
Dr. Michael Kerrigan               Chemist                                      276-8220

Biotherapeutics Team (HFV-144)
Mr. Michael Popek                  Supervisory Team Leader                      276-8269
Dr. James Nitao                    Chemist                                      276-8248
Dr. Bharati R. Dhruva              Microbiologist                               276-8284
Dr. Heather Gennadios              Interdisciplinary Scientist (Chemist)        276-8155

Generic Review Team (HFV-145)
Dr. Julie Bailey                   Supervisory Team Leader                      276-8270
Dr. Sudesh Kamath                  Staff Fellow (Interdisciplinary Scientist)   276-8260
Ms. Heather D. Longstaff                Microbiologist                         276-8276
Dr. Catherine Finnegan                  Microbiologist                         276-8396
Ms. Andrea K. Kerrigan                  Chemist                                276-8602
Ms. Karen Wheless                       Chemist                                276-8288
Dr. Laura Moussa                        Staff Fellow                           276-8267
Dr. Noel Ellis                          Staff Fellow                           276-8739

Generic Review Team 2 (HFV-146)
Dr. Stephanie Bowman                    Supervisory Team Leader                276-8278
Dr. Amy Simms                           Microbiologist                         276-8200
Dr. David Longstaff                     Staff Fellow (Microbiologist)          276-8730
Dr. Sarai Obando                        Chemist                                276-8395
Dr. Warren Nesbitt                      Microbiologist                         276-8159
Dr. David Cooper                        Chemist                                276-8279
Dr. Michael R. Brent                    Chemist                                276-8734

DIVISION OF HUMAN FOOD SAFETY (HFV-150)                                        Telephone #   Email Address
                                      Fax # 276-8118                           276-8211
Dr. Karen Ekelman                     Director                                 276-8225
Elizabeth A. Vandeck                  Consumer Safety Technician               276-8208
Emilda Greenidge-Blake                Consumer Safety Officer                  276-8213
Dr. Li You                            Staff Fellow                             276-9584

Residue Chemistry Team (HFV-151)                                               Telephone #   Email Address
Dr. Lynn G. Friedlander                 Supervisory Team Leader                276-8226
Dr. Julia A. Oriani                     Physical Scientist                     276-8204
Ms. Valerie B. Reeves                   Chemist                                276-8207
Dr. Dong Yan                            Biologist                              276-8117
Dr. Olutosin R. Idowu                   Chemist                                276-8215
Dr. Holly A. Erdely                     Pharmacologist                         276-8205
Dr. Clint Mitchell                      Staff Fellow                           276-8219
Ms. Amy Frankshun                       Staff Fellow (Animal Scientist)        276-8121
Dr. John Kadavil                        Pharmacologist                         276-9589

Toxicology Team (HFV-153)                                                      Telephone #   Email Address
Dr. Kevin Gaido                         Supervisory Toxicologist Team Leader   276-8212
Dr. Miriam Cecilia Aguila               Toxicologist                           276-8125
Dr. Devaraya R. Jagannath                  Toxicologist                            276-8217
Dr. Tong Zhou                              Suov. Toxicologist/Team Leader-Acting   276-8120
Dr. Kimon Kanelakis                        Staff Fellow                            276-8222
Dr. Yin Guo                                Staff Fellow                            301-251-3315
Vacant                                     Interdisciplinary Scientist
Vacant                                     Interdisciplinary Scientist

Microbial Food Safety Team (HFV-157)                                               Telephone #    Email Address
Dr. Jeffrey M. Gilbert                     Supervisory Team Leader                 276-8174
Dr. Karen Lampe                            Microbiologist                          276-8218
Dr. S. Steve Yan                           Microbiologist                          276-8202
Dr. Ruby Singh                             Microbiologist                          276-8209
Dr. Ron A. Miller                          Microbiologist                          276-8216
Dr. Silvia Pineiro                         Staff Fellow (Microbiologist)           276-8227
Dr. Brooke Whitney                         Commissioner's Fellow                   276-9390
Dr. Heather Harbottle                      Research Microbiologist                 276-8122

Division of Scientific Support (HFV-160)   Fax# 276-8175                           Telephone #    Email Address
Dr. Anna B. Nevius                         Director (Acting)                       276-8177
Dr. Donal Prater                           Detail in Italy                              
Ms. Carol E. Goolsby                       Consumer Safety Technician              276-8167
Mr. William Tai                            Mathematical Statistician               667-7851

Risk Analysis Team (HFV-161)
Vacant                                     Risk Assessment Staff
Vacant                                     Risk Assessment Staff
Vacant                                     Risk Assessment Staff

Environmental Safety Team (HFV-162)                                                Telephone #    Email Address
Mr. Charles E. Eirkson III                 Supervisory Team Leader                 276-8173
Dr. Eric Silberhorn                        Toxicologist                            276-8224
Dr. Holly M. Zahner                        Staff Fellow                            276-8181
Dr. Wesley Hunter                          Staff Fellow                            276-9548
Dr. Kristen Beckhorn                       Staff Fellow (Toxicologist)             276-8126

Biostatistics Team 1 (HFV-163)                                                     Telephone #    Email Address
                                           Supervisory Mathematical Statistician   276-8170
Ms. Yoko Adachi                  Mathematical Statistician                  276-8156
Dr. Jing Han                     Staff Fellow (Mathematical Statistician)   276-8736
Dr. Vicki Ann Lancaster          Mathematical Statistician                  276-8163
Dr. Judy Li                      Mathematical Statistician                  276-8613
Dr. Jesse Meneses                Mathematical Statistician                  276-8164
Dr. Junshan Qiu                  Mathematical Statistician                  276-8737

Biostatistics Team 2 (HFV-164)
Dr. Veronica Taylor              Supervisory Mathematical Statistician      276-8169
Mr. Eric Backlund                Mathematical Statistician                  276-8171
Dr. Virginia Recta               Mathematical Statistician                  276-8160
Ms. Laura Stets                  Mathematical Statistician                  276-8165
Dr. Wei Zhang                    Staff Fellow (Mathematical Statistician)   276-8161

Generic Animal Drug (HFV-170)    Fax# 276-8199                              Telephone #   Email Address
Dr. John K. Harshman             Director                                   276-8197

Team 1 (HFV-171)
Dr. Katherine Weld               Team Leader                                276-8196
Dr. Courtney Shaw                Veterinary Medical Officer                 276-8109
Dr. Tami Cloyd                   Veterinary Medical Officer                 276-8127
Dr. Karla Antonio                Veterinary Medical Officer                 276-8634
Dr. Lauren (Gypsi) Feeney        Veterinary Medical Officer                 276-8187

Team 2 (HF-172)
Vacant                           Team Leader
Dr. Achintya Pal                 Microbiologist                             276-9808
Dr. Ian Hendricks                Veterinary Medical Officer                 276-8192
Dr. Hui Zheng                    Pharmacologist                             276-8735
Vacant                           Reviewer

CSO Team (HF-173)
Ms. Sharon Ricciardo             Supervisory Consumer Safety Officer        276-9186
Mrs. Jennifer Kodak              Consumer Safety Officer                    276-8186
Ms. Elizabeth A. Kadavil         Consumer Safety Officer                    276-9187
Ms. Christine Brancusi           Consumer Safety Officer (FCIP)             276-8192
Mr. Josue Vega                       Project Manager                     276-8140
Mr. Mark Lysher                      Documentation Specialist            276-8145

COMPLIANCE (HFV-200)                                                     Telephone#    E-mail Address
                                     Fax #453-6880
Dr. Daniel G. McChesney              Director                            453-6831
Dr. Martine Hartogensis              Deputy Director                     453-6833
Dr. Alfred W. Montgomery             Counterterrorism Coordinator        453-6836
Dr. Barry Hooberman                  Regulatory Policy Analyst           453-6835
Dr. Glenn A. Peterson                Special Assistant to the Director   453-6876
Dr. Arnel Peralta                    Veterinary Medical Officer          276-9066
Mrs. Maureen Majors                  Management Officer                  453-6837
Ms. Teresa R. Thomas                 Management Specialist               453-6839
Mrs. Nadine Steinberg                Supervisory Regulatory Counsel      453-6846
Ms. Nanette Milton                   Office Secretary                    453-6840
Mr. Tesfahun K. Kidanu               Business & Science Analyst          453-6859
Mr. Mark Kerr                        Management and Program Analyst      276-9297
Ms. Zoe Gill                         Project Manager                     453-6867
Ms. Janice Steinschneider            Regulatory Counsel                  276-8689
Ms. Quynh H. Nguyen                  Regulatory Counsel                  276-8609
Mr. Lee D. Korb                      Regulatory Counsel                  276-9258
Dr. Mary J. Bartholomew              Mathematical Statistician           276-8172
Ms. Sonia Gallagher                  Supervisory Program Analyst         276-8947
Ms. Dianne V. Woods                  Program Support Specialist          276-8949

OSC OD Conference Room                                                   276-9070
OSC Meeting Room                                                         276-8651

DIVISION OF SURVEILLANCE (HFV-210)                                       Telephone #   Email Address
                                     Fax #276-9193                       276-9191
Dr. Neal Bataller                    Director                            276-9062
Dr. Vitolis E. Vengris               Deputy Director                     276-9063
Dr. Gabriel Davila                   Staff Fellow                        276-9145
Ms. Sonya Barbee                     Program Support Specialist          276-9061
Ms. Hazel Mann                            Program Support Specialist                 276-8594
Ms. Shannon Tarbell                       Program Support Assistant (Student)        Pending

Marketed Product Information Team (HFV-
212)                                      Fax #276-9193                              Telephone #     Email Address
Sujaya (Sue) Dessai                       Team Leader                                276-9075
John Bartkowiak                           Consumer Safety Officer                    276-9079
Dr. Charise Kasser                        Consumer Safety Officer                    276-9069
Christina Wilkes                          Consumer Safety Officer                    276-9077
Dr. Alice Weiss                           Veterinary Medical Officer                 276-9565
Dr. Jinhee Lee                            Senior Regulatory Review Officer           276-9065
 David Alterman                           Consumer Safety Officer                    453-6843
Dr. Kristin Henslee                       Pharmacist                                 276-9083

Medical Review & Pharmacovigilance Team   **Please note that the main line for the
(HFV-214)                                 Reviewer's is 240-276-9055**               Telephone #     Email Address
Dr. Vitolis E. Vengris                    Team Leader                                276-9063
Beth Anne Grove                           Supervisor, Microbiologist                 265-9076
Dr. Vito Del Vento                        Staff Fellow, Veterinary Medical Officer   276-9064
Dr. Lynn O. Post                          Veterinary Medical Officer                 381-7178 (BB)
Dr. Michael J. Murphy                     Veterinary Medical Officer                 453-6874

Post-Approval Review Team (HFV-216)                                                  Telephone #     Email Address
Dr. Dorothy R. McAdams                    Team Leader                                453-6802
Dr. Julie Garnier                         Veterinary Medical Officer                 453-6878
Dr. Tomislav Modric                       Veterinary Medical Officer                 276-9078
Dr. Loretta (Antoinette) Walker           Veterinary Medical Officer                 276-9053
Dr. Stacey S. Wilford                     Veterinary Medical Officer                 276-9072
Dr. Rosilend A. Lawson                    Veterinary Medical Officer                 276-9575
Dr. Thomas Moskal                         Consumer Safety Officer                    276-9242

DIVISION OF ANIMAL FEEDS (HFV-220)                                                   Telephone #     Email Address
                                          Fax #453-6882                              453-6848
Dr. Sharon Benz                           Director                                   453-6864
Dr. Timothy Schell                        Deputy Director                            276-9568
Vacant                                    Special Assistant to the Director          453-6847
Mr. David S. Conklin                      Secretary                                  453-6849
Feed Safety Team (HFV- 222)                                                        Telephone #   Email Address
Dr. Terry Proescholdt                   Supervisor, Veterinary Medical Officer     453-6851
Dr. Xin Li                              Staff Fellow, Veterinary Medical Officer   453-6863
Dr. Michael Henry                       Biologist                                  453-6861
Dr. Randall A. Lovell                   Veterinary Medical Officer                 453-6857
Dr. John (Dennis) McCurdy               Chemist/Toxiologist                        453-6852
Dr. Burt Pritchett                      Veterinary Medical Officer                 453-6860
Dr. Krisztina Atkinson                  Veterinary Medical Officer                 276-9769
Dr. Lei Tang                            Chemist                                    276-8648

Ingredient Safety Team (HFV-224)                                                   Telephone #   Email Address
Mr. Geoffrey Wong                       Supervisor                                 453-6879
Dr. Thomas Hendricks                    Biologist                                  453-6869
Dr. George Ching-Jey Chang              Biologist                                  453-6868
Dr. Becky Muir                          Staff Fellow                               276-8693
Dr. Marla Luther                        Staff Fellow Biologist                     276-8692
Ms. Rebecca Cluster                     Consumer Safety Officer                    453-6873

Medicated Feeds Team (HFV-226)                                                     Telephone #   Email Address
Ms. Jo W. Gulley                        Supervisor                                 453-6858
Dr. Dragan Momcilovic                   Medicated Feed Specialist                  453-6856
Dr. Phares Okelo                        Biologist                                  453-6862
Vacant                                  Industry Compliance Analyst
Ms. Isabel W. Pocurull                  Consumer Safety Officer                    453-6853
Mrs. Carla C. Tuite                     Consumer Safety Officer                    276-9768
Mr. Jason K. Smith                      Biologist                                  276-8690

Nutrition and Labeling Team (HFV-228)                                              Telephone #   Email Address
Dr. Michaela (Mika) G. Alewynse         Supervisor                                 453-6866
Dr. William Burkholder                  Veterinary Medical Officer                 453-6865
Dr. John P. Machado                     Veterinary Medical Officer                 453-6854
Dr. Rial Christensen                    Ruminant Nutritionist                      453-6872
Ms. Jeanette Murphy                     Biologist                                  453-6845
Dr. Padmakumar (Padma) B. Pillai        Visiting Scientist                         453-6875
Dr. Charlotte Conway                    Veterinary Medical Officer                 276-8649
Dr. Adam Orr                            Staff Fellow                               276-8694
DIVISION OF COMPLIANCE (HFV-230)                                               Telephone      Email Address
                                            Fax # 240-276-9241
Mr. Eric Nelson                             Director (Acting)                  276-9201
Mr. Kim Young                               Deputy Director                    276-9207
Ms. Ruth Adamson                            Program Support Assistant          276-9342

Complaint/Emergency/Recall Team (HFV-231)
Mr. Dillard Woody                           Supervisory Team Leader            276-9237
Dr. Annamaria Castiglia                     Veterinary Medical Officer         276-9059
Mr. Jack Geltman                            Consumer Safety Officer            276-9203
Mrs. Kathy Hemming-Thompson                 Consumer Safety Officer            276-9216
Dr. Christopher Melluso                     Consumer Safety Officer            276-9215
Ms. Jackie Queen                            Consumer Safety Officer            276-9217
Ms. Ying Johnston                           Consumer Safety Officer            276-8347
Dr. April Hodges                            Consumer Safety Officer            276-9233

Post-Market Compliance Team (HFV-232)                                          Telephone      Email Address
Dr. Linda Benjamin                          Supervisory Team Leader (Acting)   453-6855
Ms. Judy Baron                              Consumer Safety Officer            276-9771
Dr. Jean Bowman                             Consumer Safety Officer            276-9772
Mr. Jonathan Bray                           Consumer Safety Officer            276-9228
Ms. Marea Harmon                            Consumer Safety Officer            276-9239
Mr. Shannon Jordre                          Consumer Safety Officer            276-9229
Dr. (Gerald) Scott Melton                   Consumer Safety Officer            276-8666
Ms. Sandra Washington                       Industry Compliance Specialist     276-9219
Ms. Meagan Davis                            Consumer Safety Officer            276-9230

Drug Residue Compliance Team (HFV-233)                                         Telephone      Email Address
Ms. Deborah Cera                            Supervisory Team Leader            276-9209
Mr. Randy Arbaugh                           Consumer Safety Officer            276-9213
Mr. Paul Bachman                            Consumer Safety Officer            301-642-6582
Mr. Ray Niles                               Biologist                          540-265-6037
Ms. Lydia Rosas-Marty                       Consumer Safety Officer            276-9232
Dr. Michael Talley                          Consumer Safety Officer            865-919-5407
Mr. Stephen Trostle                         Biologist                          276-9206
Mr. Kevin Yowell                            Industry Compliance Specialist     276-9221
Mr. Mike Zimmerman                           Consumer Safety Officer                    276-9202

Pre-Market Compliance and Administrative Actions Team (HFV-234)                         Telephone   Email Address
Dr. Vernon Toelle                           Supervisory Team Leader                     276-9238
Kevin Hopson                                Consumer Safety Officer                     276-9205
Joseph Matthews                             Consumer Safety Officer                     276-9235
Lynette Salisbury                           Consumer Safety Officer                     276-9234
Fredda Shere-Valenti                        Consumer Safety Officer                     276-9236
Dr. Jeanne Herring                          Consumer Safety Officer                     276-9211

Programs and Operations Support Team (HFV-235)                                          Telephone   Email Address
Mr. Jeremy Robbi                          Supervisory Team Leader                       276-9227
Kim Bell                                  Consumer Safety Officer                       276-9212
Mr. Jeffrey Carroll                       Office Automation Clerk                       276-9218
Ms. Jessica Lawrence                      Industry Compliance Specialist                276-8646    jessica.lawrence
Mr. Edward Rangel                         Statistician                                  276-9214
Ms. Toni Wooten                           Regulatory Information Specialist             276-9220
Ms. Katherine Sherman                     Project Manager                               276-8645

DIVISION OF VETERINARY PRODUCT SAFETY (HFV-240)                                         Telephone   Email Address
Dr. John D. Baker                    Acting Division Director                           453-6844

Adverse Drug Event Review Team (HFV-241)                                                Telephone   Email Address
Dr. Linda Walter-Grimm                       Acting Team Leader                         276-9068
Dr. Priscilla (Mickey) Batten                Staff Fellow, Veterinary Medical Officer   276-9049
Dr. Roderick Hudson                          Staff Fellow, Veterinary Medical Officer   276-9051
Dr. Teresa L. Koogler                        Staff Fellow, Veterinary Medical Officer   276-9054
Dr. Jennifer D. Smith                        Veterinary Medical Officer                 276-8656

Adverse Event Review Team (HFV-242)                                                     Telephone   Email Address
Dr. Lee Anne Palmer                          Acting Team Leader                         276-9056
Dr. Tina M. Burgess                          Staff Fellow, Veterinary Medical Officer   276-9052
Dr. Sandra J. Ehnen                          Staff Fellow, Veterinary Medical Officer   276-9767    sandra.ehnen@fda,
Dr. Tanya Martof                             Veterinary Medical Officer                 276-9374
Dr. Amy Neal                                 Veterinary Medical Officer                 276-0131

Data Management & Analysis Team (HFV-243)                                               Telephone   Email Address
Dr. Susan Bright                          Acting Team Leader                         276-9071
Dr. Margarita A. Brown                    Staff Fellow, Veterinary Medical Officer   276-9048
Dr. Renee Shibukawa-Kent                  Epidemiologist                             276-8592
Dr. Linda Kim-Jung                        Consumer Safety Officer                    276-9047

OFFICE OF THE DIRECTOR (HFV-500)                                                     Telephone #    Email Address
                                          Fax# 301-210-4685
Dr. David G. White                        Director                                   301-210-4187
Dr. Patrick F. McDermott                  Deputy Director                            301-210-4213
Mr. Bruce D. Bradley                      Facility Manager, Safety Manager           301-210-4687
Ms. Carol V. Cope                         Consumer Safety Officer                    301-210-4243
Mr. Michael Grabenstein                   Regulatory Information Specialist
Mr. David N. Heller                       Business Process Improvement Manager       301-210-4579
Mr. Steven Rill                           Maintenance Mechanic                       301-210-7380
Mr. John V. Schrider                      Model Maker                                301-210-7853
Mr. Stephen Pratt                         Consumer Safety Officer                    301-210-4264

CVM Veterinary Laboratory Response Network                                           Telephone #    Email Address
Dr. Renate Reimschuessel                  Program Director                           301-210-4024
Dr. Andriy Tkachenko                      ORAU Contractor                            301-210-4683
Ms. Sarah Yachetti                        Chemist                                    301-210-4681

Business Management and Operations Team                                              Telephone #    Email Address
Ms. Vivian G. Vontress                    Team Leader                                301-210-4153
Ms. Robin Wilson                          Management Officer                         301-210-4183
Mrs. Denise B. Durham                     Program Support Specialist                 301-210-4186
Ms. Tonya Mozingo                         Staff Specialist                           301-210-4152
Ms. Karen Taylor                          Program Support Assistant                  301-210-4760
Mrs. Gina Weems                           Program Support Assistant                  301-210-4138

Office of Research                        Swing office - 7519 Standish Place         240-276-9016

DIVISION OF RESIDUE CHEMISTRY (HFV-510)                                              Telephone #    Email Address
                                          Fax# 301-210-4653
Dr. Philip J. Kijak                       Director                                   301-210-4589
Analytical Methods Team (HFV-511)                                                   Telephone #    Email Address
Vacant                                     Team Leader
Dr. Mary C. Carson                         Chemist                                  301-210-4652
Ms. Chaitali Chattopadhaya                 Chemist                                  301-210-4188
Dr. Hemakanthi de Alwis                    Staff Fellow                             301-210-4581
Dr. Shixia Feng                            Chemist                                  301-210-0065
Ms. Lauren Girard                          Chemist (ORAU Contractor)                301-210-8886
Dr. Hui Li                                 Staff Fellow (Chemist)                   301-210-4271
Ms. Cristina Nochetto                      Chemist                                  301-210-4184
Ms. Shani Smith (Commissioned Corps)       Chemist                                  301-210-4242

Metabolism and Diagnostic Team (HFV-512)                                            Telephone #    Email Address
Vacant                                     Team Leader
Dr. Kande Amaransighe                      Commissioner's Fellow                    301-210-8889
Dr. Pak S. Chu                             Research Chemist                         301-210-4583
Ms. Tricia Johnson                         Chemist                                  301-210-4651
Dr. Hiranthi Jayasuriya                    Staff Fellow (Chemist)                   301-210-4023
Mr. Nathan G. Rummel                       Chemist                                  301-210-4289
Dr. Badaruddin Shaikh                      Research Chemist                         301-210-4654
Dr. Wei Song                               Commissioner's Fellow (Microbiologist)   301-210-4761
Dr. Donglei Yu                             Staff Fellow (Chemist)                   301-210-4263

DIVISION OF ANIMAL RESEARCH (HFV-520)                                               Telephone #    Email Address
                                           Fax# 301-210-4685
Dr. Jeffrey Ward                           Division Director                        301-210-4216
Dr. Jamie Boehmer                          Research Biologist                       301-210-4281
Dr. O. Alberto Chiesa                      VMO                                      301-210-4248
Ms. Tina Crosby                            Biologist (ORAU Contractor)              301-210-4761
Ms. Christine Deaver                       Staff Fellow                             301-210-4094
Mr. Eric R. Evans                          Biologist                                301-210-4181
Mr. Charles Gieseker                       Biologist                                301-210-4217
Mr. Nicholas Hasbrouck                     Biologist                                240-264-8405
Ms. Karyn D. Howard                        Biologist                                301-210-4244
Dr. Peter Jeanettes                        Commissioner's Fellow                    301-210-8885
Ms. Yolanda Jones                          Biologist                                301-210-4135
Dr. Joseph C. Kawalek                      Research Chemist                         301-210-4296
Ms. Elizabeth Kenyon                       Biologist (ORAU Contractor)              301-210-4265
Dr. Michael J. Myers                         Senior Biological Research Scientist   301-210-4355
Dr. Zohra Olumee-Shabon                      Commissioner's Fellow                  301-210-4253
Ms. Krystyna Orzechowski                     Biologist (ORAU Contractor)            301-210-4262
Ms. Sharla Peters                            Biologist (ORAU Contractor)            301-210-4261
Mrs. Sharon Rasmussen                        Microbiologist                         301-210-4218
Ms. Rudell Screven                           Biologist (ORAU Contractor)            301-210-0066
Ms. Elizabeth A. Smith                       Biologist (ORAU Contractor)            301-210-4097
Dr. Cynthia Stine                            Biologist (Commissioner's Fellow)      301-210-4658
Ms. Heidi Swaim                              Biologist                              301-210-6455
Dr. Marla Swain                              Commissioner's Fellow                  301-210-8878
Mr. Trevon Swain                             Chemist                                301-210-4470
Ms. Elizabeth Tall                           Staff Fellow                           301-210-4245
Dr. Haile Yancy                              Research Biologist                     301-210-4096
Dr. Min Zhu                                  Visiting Scientist                     301-210-8883

Animal Care and Use Staff (HFV-521)                                                 Telephone #    Email Address
Mr. Scott Frobish                            Animal Caretaker/Work Leader           301-210-7380
Mr. Steven V. Matthews                       Animal Caretaker                       301-210-7380
Mr. Mark W. McDonald                         Animal Scientist                       301-210-7380
Ms. Andrea Kouneski                          Animal Caretaker                       301-210-7381

DIVISION OF ANIMAL AND FOOD MICROBIOLOGY (HFV-530)                                  Telephone #    Email Address
                                     Fax# 301-210-4685
Dr. Mark Rasmussen                   Division Director                              301-210-4255

Animal and Molecular Microbiology Team (HFV-531)
Mr. Jason W. Abbott                        Microbiologist                           301-210-4185
Dr. Faiza Benahmed                         Microbiologist                           301-210-4214
Mrs. Sonya M. Bodeis-Jones                 Microbiologist                           301-210-4251
Mrs. Karen Blickenstaff                    Microbiologist                           301-210-4473
Dr. Maria Cruz-Fisher                      Commissioner's Fellow (Microbiologist)   301-210-0066
Dr. Maureen Davidson                       Research Microbiologist                  301-210-4585
Dr. Johnnie Davis                          Staff Fellow                             301-210-4136
Mrs. Sharon L. Friedman                    Microbiologist                           301-210-4249
Dr. Heather Green-Tate                     Epidemiologist / NARMS Coordinator       301-210-4095
Mr. Shawn D. McDermott                     Microbiologist                           301-210-4267
Ms. Sampa Mukherjee                        Microbiologist                           301-210-4132
Ms. Carol Pugh                               Microbiologist                             301-210-4256
Mr. Jonathan Sabo                            Microbiologist                             301-210-4133
Ms. Thu-Thuy Tran                            Staff Fellow                               301-210-4264
Ms Shenia Young                              Microbiologist                             301-210-4021

National Antimicrobial Resistance Monitoring System (HFV-532)
Dr. Shaohua Zhao                             Team Leader                                301-210-4472
Mrs. Sherry L. Ayers                         Microbiologist                             301-210-4268
Ms. Kristin Cameron                          Microbiologist                             301-210-4350
Mr. Stuart A. Gaines                         Microbiologist                             301-210-4294
Ms. Claudine Kabera                          Epidemiologist (ORAU Contractor)           301-210-8888
Ms. Claudia Lam                              Microbiologist                             301-210-4269
Dr. Aparna Singh                             Epidemiologist (ORAU Contractor)           301-210-4763
Dr. Daniel Tadesse                           Staff Fellow (Microbiologist)              301-210-8884
Ms. Emily Tong                               Epidemiologist                             301-210-4762
Ms. Niketta Womack                           Researcher (ORAU Contractor)               301-210-4214

Computer Support
Mr. Paul Heidenreich                         Scientific Computer Support (Contractor)   301-210-4134
Mr. Paul Merrell                             Computer Support (Contractor)              301-210-4254

Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH)
                                             Fax 301-210-4279
Dr. John W. Karanian                         Director                                   301-210-4247
Dr. Nelva Bryant                             Contractor                                 240-264-8412
Dr. Mark Kreitz                              Commissioner's Fellow                      240-264-8414
Dr. Orlando Lopez                            Commissioner's Fellow                      240-264-8415
Dr. William F. Pritchard                     Medical Officer                            301-210-4247

Center for Veterinary Medicine's Conference Rooms
OD Conference Room                                                                      Telephone #
ONADE Conference Room                                                                   276-9002
ONADE Conference Room                                                                   276-8308
ONADE Meeting Room B                                                                    276-8131
CVM Conference Room                                                                     276-8243
S&C Conference Room                                                                     276-9231
S&C Meeting Room                                                                        276-9070
IRM Training Room
OR Conference Room   310-210-4154
OR Meeting Room      301-210-4502