The Mini Me by pengtt



    The Mini Me

    Creating a symbolic representation of yourself.

        Due Monday, August 16, 2010
                           The Purpose

        In order for all of us to get to know each other on a new level,
        you are being asked to create a Mini Me that is a symbolic
        representation of your personality, personal values and
        beliefs, motto, and likes/dislikes. Then explain what these
        preferences say about you, your dreams, your goals, and
        your personal point of view or perspective.

       Have fun being creative with this project and show your
        divergent thinking. Let your originality, uniqueness,
        cleverness, and artistic self show!

       Each doll should include a picture of you for the face or
        elsewhere on the body.

       The Rules: There are no rules! Just be creative. CUT
        OUT your doll and put your name on the back.

       Each doll will need to be able to be posted on the bulletin

       Make your doll strong enough so it will last all semester.

       The more symbolism you show, the better your grade
        will be.

       Make a Mini Me out of paper and other items that you
        collage. Include pictures of friends and families, single
        words, etc. Add a placard for the Mini Me to hold, a hat to
        wear, a college banner representing your future, a poster
        for it to hold, and/or thought bubbles.

       Use paint, markers, crayons, colored pencil, dried pasta,
        yarn, wire, beads, newspaper, magazine, photographs,
        and rocks. Cut paper, confetti, sequins, glitter,
        words/phrases, felt, fabric, lace, ribbon, or anything else
        you may have lying around your house.
               Metaphorically Speaking

       Think of objects that represent your emotions, beliefs, values,
        and thoughts.

       A soccer ball, for example can represent your determination
        to succeed at meeting your goals.

       A daisy may represent resilience because it is a weed that
        grows under any circumstance.

       A yin/yang symbol to represent the two sides of your
        personality, two sides that help you find balance.

       What else could be a symbol/metaphor?
                What about the writing?

       As you put your Mini Me together, you have hopefully thought
        deeply as to what it says about you. Write a piece that is a
        typed page that analyzes the symbolism found in your
        project. The writing may be done as a poem or prose.
        Choose your words carefully to be concise and clear. The
        writing piece must be typed or produced in a creative
        manner. Organization, style, grammar and all other elements
        of strong writing apply. MLA style, please.

       Go beyond just saying how much you enjoy a sport or a
        favorite color. Show your inner self as shown through your
    Using household items as symbols
    Using monotone colors to show
    depth of character
    Using fantasy as self-expression
    Using 3-D and fantasy mixed
    Exploring cultural roots
    Providing a wardrobe change adds
    Play with shapes to show
    Using animal shapes as symbols
    Using more than just paper

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