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					WRDSB Student Email

       A guide
      Accessing WRDSB email
   At school using Waterworks icon

   At home using Internet browser
              Logging In

-enter your current SchoolConnect user name
-the password for WaterWorks is the same as your School
Connect password
   accessible anytime, anyplace
   yours as long as you are a WRDSB student
   accept terms of agreement
   connection time limit of 4 hours per day
   logged off after 10 minutes of inactivity
   ability to see the account names for all other
    student users within WRDSB
   You are given 25MB of storage within
    What level of privacy will I have?
 email is monitored
 instant messaging is recorded

What does the desktop look like?
            You have mail
 By default, messages in your mailbox will
  expire and be deleted after 90 days (Date
  can be changed in properties of message)
 A red flag means the message has not
  been read
 Use the history feature to see whether or
  not the mail has been read, forwarded or
          Saving documents
 You can save documents that you work on
  at home or at school, but keep in mind
  there is a limited file size of 25 MB for all
  mail and documents combined.
 Google Docs is now open and is highly
  recommended for saving and collaborating
  on documents.
       Acceptable Use Policy
Unacceptable conduct includes:
 Illegal activities
 Acts of vandalism
 Inappropriate personal use
 Abuses of privacy and personal information
 Abusive behaviour and defamatory activities
 Circumventing security and integrity of
           Illegal Activities
 Distributing hate literature                                 Art of a Hacker by Marc Loney is licensed under a
                                                               Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 Australia License.

 Plagiarism or copyright violation
 Developing or accessing programs that
  harass other users, infiltrate a computer
  system or alter the software components
  of a system
 Hacking

          Acts of Vandalism
 Introducing viruses to network (resulting in
  slow network or loss of another person’s
 Sending chain letters/spamming

    Inappropriate Personal Use
 Downloading files that are not for
  educational purposes (i.e., games, movies
  and music)
 Using Board technological property for
  personal, political, financial or commercial
    Abuses of privacy and personal
 Invading the privacy of individuals,
  harassing others or personally attacking
 Giving out personal information such as
  home addresses, telephone numbers or
  credit card numbers
 Sharing or using others’ accounts and
 Emailing anonymously
Abusive behaviour and defamatory
   Downloading or posting inappropriate
    comments, defamatory remarks or pictures
   Using abusive, offensive, degrading or
    objectionable language in public or private
   Authoring messages which imply a connection to
    the School Board and are criminal, degrading,
    defamatory or inappropriate
   Sending or receiving messages and/or images
    which are racist, pornographic, dangerous,
    obscene or contain threats of violence
   Posting anonymous messages
      Going around security
 Gaining unauthorized access to resources,
  files, programs, other computer systems
 Purposely bypassing or attempting to
  bypass content filter, firewall, etc