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Summer Bridge Flyer 2011


									                                                FCAT Boot Camp                                         Penling
                                                Students learn test taking strategies and review       Combining penmanship and spelling, students
                                                basic skills. What does FCAT stand for? Fun and        learn cursive and perfect printing skills, as their
                                                Cool ways to Attack the Test!                          developmental spelling abilities increase. Not just
                                                $125 per session                                       for the struggling learner, this program helps
                                                                                                       average and above average children to excel in
                                                Speech! Speech!                                        reading, writing, and spelling. Based upon the
                                                Public Speaking for Kids                               popular Spell to Write and Read Program.
                                                Students develop speaking and leadership skills        $125 per session
                                                as they learn the how to's of oral presentations. A
                                                perfect way to prepare for speech events and fu-       Writing Like a Scientist
                                                ture roles as school and community leaders.            Using a field notes journal and the inquiry
                                                $125 per session                                       process, students will explore topics in science
 It's more than a hunch,                                                                               while honing expository writing skills. Great
                                                Amazing Authors                                        practice and preparation for FCAT Writes, FCAT
 kids lose learning skills over summer break.
                                                Students will learn the Four Square Method of          Science, and Core K-12. Get a head start on
                                                writing. This visual and kinesthetic, step-by-step     science fair projects, too!
                                                approach can be applied to any form of writing         $150 per session
                                                and prepares students for the demand/prompt
                                                draft writing assessments that have become com-        Nutrition for a Healthy Me
                                                monplace in our schools. More than just a course       Kids learn about nutrition, proper food handling
                                                in the basics, this program will give students the     guidelines, and how to make several yummy,
                                                tools they need to break out of troublesome writing    healthy dishes. Culminates with a dinner that
                                                habits, and improve their writing portfolio.           students prepare for their families.
       with our academically enriched,
                                                $125 per session.                                      $150 per session (plus $15 supply fee)
   fun inspired, and kid friendly programs.
                                                Book Club                                              Pizza Garden
                                                Weekly gatherings to enjoy favorite stories and re-    Learn about nutrition while practicing language
                                                lated activities. Builds comprehension skills and      arts skills with a kid's food favorite - PIZZA! This
                                                fosters a love for great books and authors.            session concludes with a make your own pizza
                                                $125 per session                                       party. What could be yummier?
                                                                                                       $150 per session (plus $15 supply fee)
                                                Where's Winston?
                                                Students follow Winston, the puggle, around the
                                                globe as they learn about culture, weather, cli-
                                                mate, and major attractions of select locations on
Summer Enrichment Programs, 2011                different continents. Incorporates writing, re-
                                                search, map skills, literature, presentation skills,
Transitional / Intermediate                     and art.                                                        Summer Bridge Enrichment.
for ages 7 -11                                  $150 per session                                         Bridging the gap from one grade to the next.

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