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									Ac ere ditatio n llis it in IVIarch,,,

Law School Preps forABA Team
      A promise of increased faculty salaries             resignation by Dean L€igh H. Taylor, is
   and a university commitrnent to the pettit                                                                            attitude from facnlty, students, everybody
                                                          optimistic about the approaching visit and                     connected with the school, we will be all
   College of Law cruld serve as a sound                  reeommmds any ABA findings be usedas
   foundation for an ABA reaccreditation                                                                                right.
                                                          constructive criticism upon whictr to base                       We can't have disunity or a lot of rdt,
   inspectiononly six weeks away.                         future law sdrool planning.
   - An inspection team will visit the Claude                                                                           picldng.Ttratwillhrutw. firere is no need
                                                            Pluses Guy sees in anticipation of'the                      to throw in the towel... to be pessimlstic.
  W. Pettit College of Law the week of                    inspection are a university proposal to
  Mareh 26 for a scheduled oncrcvery-                                                                                   firey are not coming here to work us over.
                                                          dramatically increase law faculty salaries                    TheseABA people won't throw la a curye.
  seven-years evaluation of the school's                  in an attempt to cut down on faculty turn-
  legal education program.                                                                                              But they aren't coming here for a tea party
                                                          oyer and a general Ohio Northern                              either," says Guy.
     Interim Dean Daniel S. Guy has termed "              University dedaration to enlarge a g{ year
  the inspection "important," noting that                                                                                  The inspection team wiU be very ir
                                                          old law school tradition of quality legal                     terested in student-faculty ratio, salaries,
  the university can ill-afford to be scrat-              education.
  ched'from the ABA's list of aCcreditcd                                                                                law library resources, currlculum and
                                                            "Some of the happeningsaround here in                       even avail,able clerical help.
  law sdrools.                                            the last few years have not been real
     But the interim dean, named last                                                                                      Improving the        rqtio         is a
                                                          good," Gry adnits candidly.
  sunrmer to fill the vacency left by the                   "But if we keep cool and have the right                     Contlnuedon p.E

                                  - OHIO NORTHERN UNIVERSITY - THE PETTIT
                                                                          COLLEGE OF LAW                                        February     5, 1979

                                                                                 Mirto riqr f),oy P ro gram

                                                                                 Features JuliunBond
                                                                                    Two prominent black Ameriearii;              judged the CelebrEzzeMoot Court cuur
                                                                                  Georgia State Senator Julian Bond, a           petition. He will also spea! to the minorlty
                                                                                  nationally known political figure, and Ttre    applicants.
                                                                                 Hon. Robert M. Duncan, distinguished               According to Joseph Pachura, prorect
                                                                                 mernber of the federal bench, wiU               dridrperson, and David Bowets, pttblictty
                                                                                 highliCht a day to be devoted to minority       director, the minority recrultment
                                                                                 recruihnent to be held at the Pettit Cone4i     progrsm is designed to increas6 black
                                                                                 of Law on Tuesday March 20.                     enrollment in the Petdt College of Law.
                                                                                   It is estimated that more tban lfll           Visiting minority applicants, as well as
                                                                                 prospective minority applicants will at-        minority Pettit alumni, trill be invited to
                                                                                 tenda workshopto be conductedhere. fire         Join in tlre day's activities.
                                                                                 proJect is being funded by the ABA-ISD,            hospective apflicarts wil be $ven a
                                                                                the SBA, and from the general law sctrool        tonr of the law dchool and asslgned ad-
                                                                                fund.                                            visors on an individual basis to enoourage
                                                                                   Bond, a noted legislator and orator,          the applicant to attend the Pettit Collegeof
                                                                                hailed by many as the "Apotheosis of the         law and to answer questlotts about
                                                                                New Politics," will be the featrned              financial aid and social, housing, end

                                                    il"            t.{          speaker. He will address minority ap
                                                                                plicants and the Pettit student body, and a
                                                                                                                                 employment opportunities within the
                                                    t                           university gathering at Mclntosh Center             hofessor Linda Brown, faculty advisor

                                                                                later on.                                        for the proJect, wiU be assisted by Mlke
                                                                                                                                 Murphy, who will handle alumni reliations,
                                                                                   Project Director and BALSA membef             and Pam Lambert, Jeff Ross, and Bill Orr,
                                                                                 Jim Banks had hinted last year that h visit      wbo will handle orientation.
                                                                                 was in the offing. Banks worked last year          According to a tentative sdtedule of
                                                                                 with the SBA's Committee on Legal                events, the prospective students are
                                                                                 Education t_obring Judge Duncan to the           Sdreduled arrive on campusat 9:fl) a.m.
                     Julian Bond set ttl speak...                                law school.                                      on March 20. Judge Duncan will speah to
                                                                                   Duncansits onthe U.S.District Courtfor
                                                                                 the Southern District of Ohio,and recently      Contlnuedon p.10

Ohio Northern
Collcge of hw
                UnivcrdtY                                                        Inside                        Editarinls
                                                                                                                                    p. 7      Moot Court          P'3
Adr. Ohio {trr0
                                                                                                                                    p.4       Temorism            p.6
                                                                                                                                    p.2       .Essoys
                                                                                 @\, @rtt ?,"*i:::r"'                               p.2       Briefs
                                                                                                               Barristers           p. 7      A l unrni           p.2
        ^Ess Writing Guid,e
           a3,            s
       Dkcuss ed byFacu,Ity                                                                                                               ByPsmchit.L@bcrt

       -Aecurate islue perception, logtcal                bb Federal Incme Tar I final should                   '  SprhgCoderencc
     orgppizadra and legible penmansltp                   ou0lne an anEper at the very bednning                                                            Nadonsl Officeru frm tbe Nadonal
     were qitaltdes mod often stresEedby the              and thcn metbodically wo* tbrougb tbe           Tbe Slrtt Chqdt AAA-IIID Srbg
                                                                                                                                                         Assoc. of Student Bar Assodadoru
     f8ilulty et.the.inttial meeting of whai tas         poHern prescrtbd. Rougll.y {0 percant of       Conlercuce will bG beld on lllarch $11,           vtcr{hairperson for Blaek Amerlcan
            dubbed en .,essay mifing s€mlnar,,           hts shd€nts totally disregarded          1979, Clevelend, Ohio. Tbe bost schoob
                                                                                                             ln                                          Law Student Associradon
    rcceotly organlzed for those. who hffe                                                              are Cleyelan&'Marsball and CriseWeEt€rn
                                                         Euggettion, Chapman lamented, in.             'Res€rve.                                           Nadonal Cmrdnator for Womeo In tbe
    erperienced dlfficnlty with essay style              dcating that their failure to do so rnade                                                       Law
    eraminatioru.                                        grading the papers even bor€ dlfficult.                                                           Eections
        Morc than fm Pettit students gatbered               Constitudonal law Prdessor George                                                              Plans for the Annrul Convention and
    !o listal to the suggesdonsmade by seven             Vaubel predicted ^that students ,,are                                                           Sensinars, and MUCIL.MU.CH MORE.
    members of the l,aw fecutty. Ttre                                                                      The Natlonal Appcllate Advoceey
                                                         pnobably Colng to write a bad enswer if
    polessors not only commented on essey - (they) don't have                                            Compeddonc (NAAC) and the'Cllent-
                                                                           anytlrlng to say," hindng     Couse||ng Compefldons wlll be held in
    wrf{49 techniques in general, but also               tlat a poor understanding of tbe rnatertal
   speeilied particular ,,dos and don'ts,'                                                               cnnJunctlon with the conference. Case
                                                         will leed to a poor result.                     Western Reserve is resporuible for the           II you have any questionsconcrernlng
   whidr students should bear in mind.                      Vaubel, wbo uually requests a nrleorl.       Client4ounseling competitions and you          above events, you may contaet your ISD
       hofessor Phil Closins,for example, who            thecase or. decidethe-result type of an-        rnay contact Dan ltimble for any in-           Representatlves Heidi Damrners'or
   taught a section of tsusinessAssociationg' , swer, enc.ourages            students to wort with       for:mation.                                    Midael Johnson or any of tlte following:
   last quarter and who is curren0y teaching , the casesand pnactice writing by hiefing
   a section of Civil hocedure, stat€d that             cases.
   altbongh there is no real way to teach issue          '
                                                            "If you practice it (putting tbe court's
   perception, tbere is an ,,art and skifl ls i[."      word.sinto your own) 200times druing the                                                          Terrie Isaac, Lt. Governor ABA-LSD,
       Closinspartieularly discouragedthe use                                                             Clevelan&Marshall is responsible for
                                                        course of a quarter, you can do it another      the National Appeltate Advocaey corn-           Chairperson NAAC and Spring Con-
   of the "shotgun" approach to essay                   four or five tirnes" at the end of the                                                          ference, University of Kentucky, College
   writing, and suggested that test ta&ers                                                              petitions and if you have any questionsyou
                                                        quarter furlng finals, he suggests.             may contact either Jerry Walton or Terie        of law, l.exington, Ky. 40li0d,6{F3SS{996.
   read the entire test first, outline an an-               kofessor Llnda Brown warned students                                                          Dan Trimble, IAD Representative, Case
   swer, and deal with each issue fully.                                                                Isaac.
                                                        against antlcipating exam questlorubased                                                        Western Reserve, 110?b East Blvd.,
       Oosiru suggestedthat sfudents will lme           ontheamountof time the professrif     spends                                                    C'leveland,OhIo 4,11ffi 216-36&3281.
  that "crucial benefft of the doubt" if their ' on the subJectmatter during the cturse of
  papers are c:onsistenuybad in lerms of                the quarter. She also enrphadcally urged          fire Client&unseling rnaterial was
  granunar, spelling, and sEucture.                     sMents not to insult a professor by             released late in 19/8 and the NAAC
       Although there bas to b€ a' quallty of           writing 'thls questionls confusing, so my       materlal was rcleased Jan. 10,19/9. firere       Jerry Wdltor\ I-SD Represcntative,
  writing thatlaw schoolcan't teac[ Closius             snswer will necessarily be confirslng."                                                         Cleveland-Marshall College of Law,
                                                                                                        areapprodrnatelyhro to three mont}s of
  feels that "prirnal level writing pnoblerns"                                                          preparation time. Other activities for the '   Cleveland, Ohio 4l1l{, Zlffiil-i8fU,.
  wiU atrect the waluation of the exam                     Along tbose same lines, AssiistantDean                                                        Pamela A. Lambert, Governoi, Sirtr
                                                                                                        conlerenee lnclude$ut not lhlted to:
  paper and hut grade3.                                Janice Bernard suggestcd tbat it was                                                            Circuit ABA-ISD, Ohio Northern
                                                                                                          Banquet with widely known speakers
       C:losins suggested,that shdents who           . uselessfor sMents to drop such hints as,           National Officers from the Law Student       University, College of Law, _Ada, Ohio
  have renedat wrifttg deficlendes cnuld r "I'm a graduatint Benior, give me a                          Division                                       {5E10,{19{:14'9921, 352.
  seek help from tlte university's Corr                heah," at the bottom of a bluebook.
  municatlon SHlls Center                                  Professor Mark Rothstein, who taught
      Professor Davld trlarner, who teaches            legal writing during'the 19/7-?8sclrool
  Contracts and Addrinisirative Law,                   y€tr, stated that- there ls a dose
 suggests that students should ,,read the              correl,ation between the desired answer
 question... resppnd to what you've been               anil the facts given in a question.Students
 asked to do."
      In addition !o warnirg against verboslty
                                                       should identify relevant facts and
                                                       disregard irrelevant information, he
                                                                                                                         Alumni Column
 and illegible penmanship, Warner                      suggested /                          \\
 s"ggested that studentsshould not atteurpt                Rotbstein looks for a student's un-
 to dlscern faculty personalities when                                                                    fire editors of lle Wrtt are pleased to        If you're not too bashful, pleasesendus a
                                                       derstanding of the facts, knowledgeof the
 writfurg essays. "Structural legal analfals                                                           see that the aluuri are respondlng to our       current photograph so we can run it with
                                                       law, and good reasoning when he grades                                                          your story.
 doesn't vary from teacher to-tcacher."                                                                call for informatlon
                                                       essay er8IN.
     In additlon to stre*sing legble pen-                                                                Thus far, Gary Fletcher, Douglas
                                                           Based on the interest duironstrated by
 manship, Assistant' Dean Douglas                                                                      MacGilliway, Danlel L.Frlzzf,, and Gregg            All alumni.are cordlally lnvlted to attend
                                                      student participation at the initial
 Chapman, who teaches all of the tar                                                                   Cunningham have responded with very              the 1979Barrister's Ball, which wil be
                                                      me€tlng, it appears likely that there will
 courses,adrnontshedstudentsto follow the                                                              interesting stories about what they hqve         held at the Lima Best Western Motpl on
                                                      be additional sesdons. Althougb essay
 suggestiorx of the pofessor when wrldng                                                               been up !o slnce graduadon.                      April 7. fire evening includes dinner,
                                                      writing for bar examinatioru was only
 a final exam.                                                                                                                                          breatfast, dancing to a great local band,
                                                   ,' hiefly discrsse{ suchwould be an area of            Fletcher srccesdully defendeda wornan        and an open bar all evenlng.
     Chaprnan suggested that tbose taHng              cucentration in the future.                      who was charged with the murder of hr              If youire interested in se€ing some of
                                                                                                       hubend, MacGilltvray was insrumental            younold cronles and meeting the culent
                                                                                                       in secuing an $ff! milllon bsck tar set-        dass of f,uture bdrristens, please cuntact

    GradWinsHouse Seat                                                                                 tlernent hom Penn C€nhal, Frlzzi cu'
                                                                                                       autborcda Lew Revlew attde which Ohlo
                                                                                                       lawmaters seized rpon, and Cunningbdn
                                                                                                                                                       the Barrister's Ball Committee of the
                                                                                                                                                       S.ts.A. at the Petdt College of Law.
                                                                                                                                                          fickets are $18.50 sirgle, |37.00 per
                                                                                                       ran suceessfirlly for the Pennsylvuia           cluple. Fu:rther informadon _and tickets
      Gregg L. Cunnlngbam,who recetved hts                                                             House of. Repe*ntadves.                         can be oHained tbrough the l,aw scttoot
                                                     Whlle a law shdent here at Ohlo Nor-               . Pleasetell us what yol have been dolng
   J.D. degree ftom the petdt Collegeof Lcw        thern Untversity, he served as Erectdve                                                                Additional informatlon will be plnted in
   in 19i76, recan0y sworn in as a member
           was                                                                                         tbese past few years. Ife'd llte to lnow.       the nert issue of lte Wrtt"
                                                   Edtor of the taw ReVlewand tbe Editor-
   of the Pennsylvania House of Represerr          in{tlef of Ile Wrtt
  tatives.                                                                         'wbo
                                                     Alorg with Robert R. Cupp,          atso
     Cunringhan, e pettler in the State
  College, Pennsylvania, hw flrni of Novak,
                                                   received his J.D. in 1970,Cunninghamce
                                                   authored Ethlcs and Dlcclpllne, I
                                                                                                                   LondonProgranr                                 Opens
  Donovan, and CruurfuUhan, wlll take a            reference book concerning proiessional
  lesve of abs€nc€ for the dura$on of trls                                                                A summer program offering shrdy in           International lnegls11ss, and tar on In-
                                                   ethics and attorney mlqronduct, wtrlch has           law relatlng to internadonal buslnesswill      ternational Transactlorx.
  tweyear term of offlce.                          been published by the\hio Stat€ Bar                 openJuly l ln London England. Sporsored
     One of the youngest members of the            Foudadon                                            by the University ofSan Dlego, a feature of       The outstendlng faculty includes Warren
  Pennsylvania Leglslature, the pettit               Prior to hls elecdon to the Legislature,          the orogram will be dinic internstripswith      Sctrwartr. of Georgetown and Virglnia,
  alurnnu has been assigned to the                 Cumtngham served as Distrlct Court
'                                                                                                      london flims.                                   Detlev Vagts of Harvard, Ian Kenn@ and
  Educadon, F*ral-Stale      Reliadons, and        Adminishalor and law Clerk for Centre                  Both internslrips and the ooursesoffered     Clive Schmitthoff of King'e College lnrr
             Conmittees.                           Coruty, Pennsylvania.
  T**                                                                                                  relate to internadonal business produc'ts.      don, Ridrard Roddis of Washington, and
                                                                                                       fire courses are: Comparative Antitnrst,        Charles lr|sh of Wiscusin.
                                                                                                       Comparatlve Buslness . Enterprlses,               USD also . spohsors summer law
THE WRIT           February 5, l9E                                                                     Comparatlve Froducts Llablllty, In-             progrrqul in Gwdalatara, fford, Parls,
                                              4sez                                                     ternatlonal Commerelal Arbltration,             and San Dlego.
 Successful Response to WRIT Story

 Twenty Volunteer .fo, Committee
  Morc tbon n Petttt taw Sdbool            would loo& tb appndmat€ly l,?O atumni                  Of tbe !l early volunleeri rbo reaporded      pactlcel appocdr ln some oth€tr aroe."
gfedutes have to datc vohrnteercd to       of tlre law Scbool for asddance.                     toa story wtrl& appeared lart falt In ItG
                                             Grry, fittlngly the f,rtt Pet6t alumnur !o                                                           "Ther? ls 8ko rpcrulhent...        tbe
s€Fye on a spectal law sdrool eluurt                                                                                                            alumnt conld be very hclpfnl |b€retao'. We
committee.                                 occtpy the dean's office, f,rrt made bts             Wrlt, Gtty say! tl€y hsll hm s€r€ral
  Interln Dean Daniel S. Grfy he s         calllast falllor alumnl volunteers !o sctTc          adlolnlng stat6.                                 heve to increare the vistbilfty of the Lrr
amrouncedCanE to inifiate an lnnorndve     on the poposed Stiruember corrmittee                - lte Visltors Commitseefrmcrlionwould            Schmh make peoplemone awariewe heve
ahrmnt Vldtors Corunitlee !o help trr      wbldr Gny hpes can schedule tts                      lnclude m'cempus lrisits and help wtth           a rcally good law school.
creasethe visitility of the Petdt Collegeoflnaugural meedng tlid sprlng.                        qrricnlum plannftU, ftunctal progrrmEr             "We hsve !o heve a vehlcle," adds Grry.
Lew and !o spur on one of the dean'stop      "What we want ls a crcs€€ction of                  ud pl,aceoant.                                   "Ih Wrlt is a Vebicle for us to keep In
prlorities-law sdrool placrement.          alumni," Gry added" "We don't want all                 "An alumDi cuunlttee goutd glve trg I         touch wlth tle alumni, but we need some
                                           the members from Ada, Kento4 Lima,                   heck of a lot of help findtng avallable ,ob.    vehlcle for the alumni to keep ru Informed.
  "Ore god of my tenure in thk office,',
Guy indicated, "is to try to developa more and Findlay. We want some hom thls                   We need a lot more scbolar:hip help bere        Weneedmore $rangth, a brcader rcaeh to
o$imistic and positive attitude about the area, but I would like to heve members                at Northern; whether they are srtrolar.         the Hgger cldes at a dlstance."
                                          from New York and Oricago. We _want                   ships or loans, we need morc financial             Gqy satd last week tbat he hopesto host
law school.
                                          some from urban areas, suburban areas,                aid," figures Grry.                             the Visi0ors Commtttee sometime after
                                          general practitioners, specialists, some
                                                                                                  "I'd also like input Into our currlculum;     mi&Aprll. By that tlme he says he also
 "We have to count our many assets...r'   from the top of their class and some from             a practical approach. Maybe we need             hopes to have a stsndtg cornmittee
 And to get the word out Guy said he
                                        - the bottom, and a geographic mix."                    another drafting cturse and a more              numberlng app.rodmately B0 to iF.

               Frofernity News
              Pht Alphe Delta                                  DELTNEWS

             ByBarbara Lamb                                  By DaveBowers

   Members of Phi Alpha Delta and their            The Delts this fall initiated the largest
 guests_threw successful
               a           Christnlasparty      number of new members in the district.
 at Professor and Mrs. Benson'shome in          The twenty-four new members include:
 December. There were over 60 people            Debbie Sheeskin,Robert Waspe, Eileen
 there, eating up the ham, turkey, cookies,     Wires, Robert Taylor, Susan Burley,
 salads, beer, wine, etc. Everyone had a        Jeanne Holmes, Jeryl Nemarow, Judson
 good time, wift the evening ending with        Shutt, Steve Henderson,Randy Missimer,
'one group watching Saturday Night Uve
                                                Ray Rizzi, Deb Sperling, RussellWarren,
 and the others singing Christmas carols        James Contino, James Franchi, John                                   Sp"ing fever? Give it time.
 with Dena playing the piano. Wewould like      Hoopingarner, Jeff Hudson, Zac Isaae,
 to thank the Bensons again for their           Mike Johnson,David Ray, Nancy Rice,
 hospitality (especiallyDaw and Bonnie).        Rick Summers, David Warren, and Art
   P.A.D.'s sponsorcdthe annual evening _ Williams. A rece$ion was held following
 with Santa Claus for student and faculty       the initiation.
                                                                                                  Longenhagen Named
children in conjunction with Iaw Wives.            Several weelcsago, the Delts and SBA
The evening started with cartoons cn-sponsorcdthe second annual halfway
featuring Roadrunner. Santa Claus then
appeared (alias Mike Hynak) to listen to
                                               party at the conservation club. During
                                               spring quarter, our activities will be
                                                                                                 Celebrezze Chief Jus tic e
the Christnas wishes and to give out           direc'tedtoward involving the faculty. The
treats.                                        annual Delt-Faculty Basketball Game will                                                          Reserve Justice Jeffrey Ross is the son
                                               be a fund raiser with the proceedsgorngto                                                       of Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick Ross, Reese,
   Santa Claus then appeared as Ctrief the Eric Spellerburg Scholarstrip Fund.                                                                 Middgan. He graduted with honors from
Justice S. Claus in one of the Celebrezze Warm weather will be celebrated by the                                                               Grand Valley StNte College, Allendale,
rounds. For pictures of Santa Claus with       Delt Spring Picnic in Ada Park. The ae-                                                         Middgan.
the Hds and as Chief Justice, see the          tivities will be highlighted by a softball
P.A.D. board. Pictures by Mike Szoke.          game with the faculty. There are also
                                               plans for a banquet sometime in spring                                                            Robert J. Fil,       a nedve of W.
   ths grmral District Conclave (com-          quarter.                                                                                        Homestead, Pennsylvania, will serve as
prising all of fte P.A.D. chaptersin Ohio)                                                       Scheduledto slt as Celebnezze                 administrative Jusdce.He is the sgn of Mr.
                                                  fire officers for 1979are: Dean, David                                         Jusflces
wiU be held March 2SB0 on Lake Erie.                                                           are Plattsburgh State University graduate       and Mrs. Philip Fall. Fall graduated from
                                               Bowers; Vice Dean, Marttra T,elglet;
Slated to attend are international Justice                                                     Joseph Lavorando and Thomas J.                  St. Joseph's College, Rensselaer. Indlana.
                                               Tribune, Joe Pachura; Trcasurer, Jerry
Frank McCowen, International Treasurer        Felt; Vice-President of Prgfessional             Broschak, a secnnd year student from
Jack Miller, International Marshall James     Activities, Zac Isaac; VicePresident of          Whitehall, Pennsylvania.
Bierce, Associate Tribune Homd Taft,          GeneralActivities, JeanneHolmes; Clerk                                                             Carol Ann Hoffnran, a graduate of
and District Justice Dan Gehres. Any          of ttre Rolli, Gary Kenworthy; Master of                                                         Miarni University, holds e bachelors
member in good standing is welcome to         the Ritual, Robert Taylor; Bailiff, Randy          Lavorandoreceiveda bachelorsdegree            degree in home econot4icsand educadon.
attend.                                       Missimer; Director of Alumni and Special         from Plattsburgh in lg7?, graduating with       She will serve as finance jutige.
                                              Programs, Sue Burley; and Athletic               high honors.Broschak,the son of Mr. and
  Election of Officers for tre lg/gg0 year    Director, Deb Sheeskin.                          Mrs. Michael Broschak, graduated in lgz
                                                                         Anyoneinterested                                                         Iangenhagen, the daughter of Dr. and
will be held this week, Initiation and In-    in joining the Delts should contact one of       from WestChester   StateCollege with a BA
stallation of Officers will be held in March. the officers or any member. There will be        in political science, Broschak submitted        \frr. Jgtrn B. Longenhagen, Allento*n,
Any person interested in joinjng please anotler initiation                                                                                     Pennsylvania, graduated with honorr
                                                                   in the spring. fire Delts   the best respondent's brief in this year's      from Lehigh. She maJoredin government
eontaetBarbara lamb or any otlrer officer     wish everyone good luck on exams and a           CelebrezzeMoot Court competition.
or leave a note in the P.A.D. mailbox.                                                                                                         and psychology.
                                              great vacation.

                                                                                                                                     THEWR|T           February 1979
                                                                                                                                                              5,                pageg
                 Editorinls                                                                                   Law Revlew Mystlque

                              No SourGrapes
    come next month whenthe ABA reaccreditation     committeepulls
  into Ada, the four or five membersof the'inspectionteam will be
  looting to meetand speakwith pettit co[ege lairy
                                                 students, as an
  old algebrateacherusedto muse,I'll bet douarsto donutsthat some
  ol'them can't wait to rub mud on a law'schoolfouridedway backin
    Not that g4yearsof legal teachingor eontinued
                                                ABA accreditation
  spellsnirvana, but I imagine that somestutlentswho wouldlike to         Headquarters, located between the lounge and the restrooms. It is
  bendan inspector's wouldn'thavebeen
                     ear                   happyin f)den.                 there they spend the next two or three years.
                                                                             Somewhere between the time the Law Review members are
    Are there more eynicsaroundhere tran at other schools?    That's      chosen,and their ETG (Estimated fime of Graduation), a change
  hard to tell, but from this vantagepoint there shouldbe less.F.ora      occurs. Having reached the pinnacle of successwithin tre law school
  numberof students, letter from this admissions
                        the                          committeewas         early in their career, it apparently becomes quite difficult for many
  theonly onethalproduceda smil*or for some,ecstasy.                      members of the Lbw Review to once again associate with non-
                                                                          members, to rub elbows with the riff-raff, so to speak.
    Maybe that's what it is: acceptedat only one law school,some            On an individual level, it fs no great loss. One gets used to blank
  studentsmay t'eeltbreedhere,down-trodden  from dayone,and like         stares in thehalls, hushed tones in the corner of the lounge and the
  a woundedanimalstrike out at jdst aboutanythingtiat moves.             slam of rHE DooR as a member disappears into the conclave of
                                                                         wisdom. /
    As Interim Dean Daniel S. Guy candidly admits: .,The ABA                What baffles many unfortunates like myself is, WHAT GOES ON
  council on,LegalEducationcouldreview all of the facts and figures      IN THERE? After all, most of the schools' sctrolarship money does
  at their officein Indianapolis;they don't haveto comeall theway 0o     go IN there. With some persistent observation, I have been able to
  Ada to pick them up."                                                  come up with some definite clues.
                                                                            Firsfly, their work MUST be important. Headquarters is larger
    The accreditation team wantsto sample-in fact is very interested     than every tenured professor's office. (However, none of them are
  in-the demeanorand attitude of the studentbody.of course,faculty       aware of the fact, having never beeh invited into the sanctuary.)
  and. administration outlook is'also'impoitant, but don't ui-              liecondly, having been seated in the library, witlin 100feet of the
  derestimate ttre role of the student voice.                            office, I do know for sure that they are engaged in exciting work,
                                                                         having been starUed by shouts, cheers, insults and guffaws
    "If there are nothing but negative comments, then tlese in:          emanating from the Fortress of lblitude
  spectorsare going to wonderjust what kind of an operationwe have          Most prominent, of course, is the quarterly publication of the
  bere," says Guy.                                                       oracle. Every three montls, the law sctrool dutifully lines up in the
                                                                         lounge to receive notice as !o what makes the law sdrool in-
  . A plea for a white.wash?No way.                                      telligencia tick.....There must be a better way.
                                                                            The Law Review represents the law school as a whole, not merely
    'fblg before they arrlve hiene week of Marctr 26, the ABA in-
                                  tlte                                   the members. One coutd ilever e:rpect the'student borly to be con-
  spectorswill have an idea of what to e:rpeet:some problems with        sulted when determinihg tfie Jocus of the law R€view or the
  faculty turnover, a recent &wn-swing in Ohio Bar ll*am'results,        relevance of issues to be researched and discussed.
  and a parade of dearu.                                                    We have apparently delegated such high-brow consideratiorN to
                                                                         law Review members. However, how about a newsletter once in a
    firey-already are aware of problems. Notiing but favorable          fifle, or a periodic update of projects posted on the bulletin ,board, or
  feedbackfrom students,obviotrsly,wouldappearasoutof-placeas a          even a meeting for sttftlents from time to tirhe?
  Hardin Courty mountain. But unwarranted gfumbling-not just                Why.not formalize tlte whole communication process and set up
  conStructivecriticism-as some of our colleaguesare prone to er-       anottrer "liaison coinmittee?" fie SBA has liaison committees for
  1nund,can be costly.                                                  practically all those "bard-to-reach" groups, like the faculty and the
                                                                        administrationiWhy       not ttie law Review?
    When tlte most recent bar results were posted people bitched.
  They bitchqd agein when grades were scptctred-taped the office
                                                       on                                                                                         HowardW. Glick
  windows.It is all the fault of the school, curriculum, the faculty,
  the dean,the SBA,maybeeventhe fault of ttre matted-hairedGoltlen
  Retriever that wanders campus. But ironicalty the thonght of self-
  blame is never considered.
     When I come out of a course lamenting the amourt of material
 - absorbed,I can only blame myself. Like most of you, I teft behind
   the days of force'fededucation year or two beforeI "flagged"'an
  tsxamination that testdtl my knowledgeof fractions. The material
   had been presented; I simply hadn't fulfiled my part of the
   firis schoolhas tredition of hevingeducated
                    a                              quality legalminG,
 ahd annually more are packingtheir ba$sand departing Ada !o tAf,e                                                                   Rlchsrd B. Henry
 their positionin the legal world. Weare next ih line.                                                                               Mlehael A. Pollng

     fire plusescannot.beforgotten-neither can.thenegativefactors.
  But aiy of us who are presently "sharpening" our tonguesin                                                                                    Stall
  pneparitionfor the ABAcould be doingdl of us a gfavg disservice
  by ieginning to carve up the schoolwithout first savoringsory9of                                                   Heidi Demmers                   Je'Anne longenhagen
  tf,e hardearagOsP,igQs ggln*e.$ ngarly a century of legal cooking.-
                                in                                                                                   John Fgr, Jr.                   Marilyn Malerba
                                                                                                                     Lynn Isaac                      Nancy G. Rice
                                                               RBH                                                   Fetty JosePhson                 David E. 1'lrcmas
                                                                           rtc wrrr, bG dncl.| rrtscr$n     ofta                  clF c oa rrr, rr prbrbh.d rrrdou,       b Adr, otl'
                                                                        l5u0' Edtrd.brcpcrrrlli:      vlurrlalc  Eolrbl      rod ud domtnccclrrliy    rcrlocrrbc oglilo   rr.1 v1'rr d
                                                                        llc rdnbblnllr    c lrcrly of Oib Nr|lcn       Urlvenhy Orrdc W. pctttt Colbgc ol trr.
THEWRTT      rebruWi, i97ii       frgpi
  Goy calls for unity in Face of ABA rnspeetion
Contlnged from P.r

recent university authorizaHon to add one    trustees this weekend in Columbus.               'This
new faculty mernber.                         Promotions and tenure wiU also be on the                  schoolhas turned out a
  Faculty salaries are also erpectcd to      agenda of what Guy calls "budget one."
increase, says Guy, an advent wtrlch         "Budget two" will be cunsideredlast ttris
should help reduce the pesky turnover        spring when the law library, law dinic,
rate.                                        law Review and financial aid-are all                        heck o.fa lot o.f the top peoplc
  "firis will be a twostep proc€ss,', Guy    covered by the board in a meeting here in
related. "And thls should help rs irnprove   Ada.
the faculty and the faculty morale and         "The top administration of th_e
attract and retain faculty."                 University has beenquite supportive of the .                                                 in the realworld...)
        oThe top
                        administration              o.f the
                                                                                                                                             Another pdsitlve aspect the team will
                                                                                               "firey will be talking with students,       certalnly be made aware of is the ,,long
                                                                                            members of organizations, and leaders of       and disttnguished history of the law
                  Ilniaersity hrrsbeen quite                                                student organizations. This is the thing       sdtool," says Guy.
                                                                                            they can't get from files and reports. We        "firis sehoolhas turned out a heck of a
                                                                                            have to get our act together; put up a very   lotof toppeoplein the real world... tuining
                                                                                            strong front for the ABA and show them        out toplrotch law5nrs, Judges, and law
                       supportiae o.f the Law School...'                                    thatwe have a very goodquality operatlon      pfofessors.
                                                                                            here," Guy believes.                            Some of the interim dean,s comments
                                                                                              "If they find that the studentg-a           also surfaced at his ennual meet-withthe-
  The initial step is described'as vefy      law schoQl,,'Guysaid last week.,,Andby         significant percentage-are dissatisfled       dean sessionslast week.
encouraging by Guy and the-spcond year       that I mean president (Ray) toeschnei          with the edueationthCyare receiving here        Guy addressed some remarks to
pnoposalwillbringPettitfacultymernbers       Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr.         they are going to worry about the school,"    grading, curriculum, scheduling, and
tothenationallawfacultysalarymedium,         DaIe Wilhelm, and Vice president of            Guy added.                                    budgeting. Presently he is trying to in-
basedon figur€s supplied by the American     Financial/Affairs Dr. George llsssell."          Guy will attend the ABA mi&winter           crease the law sdrool's share (ap
Bar Association.                                But a good deat of whaf the ABA in-         cronvention Atlanta this week for a fiial     proximately gl million out of a total fiscal
  The salary hcreases were sdreduled to      spection ieam will focrls on is local at-      preview of the pending inspeefion             package of 9f0.3 million this year) in the
be discussed the University's board of
             b,y                             titude.                                        sehedule.                                     1979{0 spending plan.

                                                                                                           In-between classes or even during

                                                                                                          classes law students enjoy


      Keeping seats warrn are Maddux,

     Lutz rPa gano, McCreary,

     Melling, Paehura, ete...

                                                                                                                                THEWRIT           February 5, 1979         Page 5

                 Terroriim Sy*posium a Success
                              ByRobertWaspe                                     parent that many governments, 8lld             develop a United States capability to
                                                                                certalnly the United States, are ready to      respond to terrorist acts.
                                                                                take firm measures within our existing           A Working Group under the Cabinet
                                                                                laws to deal with terrorist crime and to      C-ommitteewas set up in the Departnent
                                                                                examineother legal remedies whictr might      of State to cnordinate our efforts and
                                                                                app"opri'rtply be adopted, the                proSrams.
                                                                               speaker erplained.                                President Cartbr has since bansferred
                                                                                                                              the oversight responsibility to the Special
     "          .Robert Friedlander, faculty mernber and                                                                      Coordinating Committee of the National
                international authority on terrorism                            A eontemporary example of ex-
                                                                                                                             Security Qouncil.
                moderated the symposium sessions.-                            traordinary legislation to deal with
                                                                                                                                 Many governments today have sirnil,ar
                                                                              terrorism is that enactedby Great Britain,
                                                                                                                             high level entities .to implernent their
                                                                              to meet the escalation of violence related
                                                                                                                             counter-terrorism policies. firere is a
                                                                              to the northern Ireland problem.
                                                                                                                             growing network of cooperation among
                                                                              Parliament respondedto this violence by
                                                                                                                             cnnggrned governments to develop a
                                                                              the enaetment of the prevention of
                                                                                                                             multil,ateral response to internatibnal
                                                                              Terrrorisur (Tecrporary provisions) Act
                                                                              197{, wbich it renewed in lg76.
         _ ternaflonal law. Mr. Fields summed rp the ,
           purpose of the sumpodum when he sald:
         '"We                                                                   In his elcellent review of the Acts, lord      "We have also seenthe creation of elite
                 must be innovadve in our thinting .                         Sctuckleton noted that they provide
          and persisturt in oru efforts to attain the
          goal of total reJection of terrorlm. as an                         "powens, whicb are not available uder
                                                                             the general law, to arrcst and to detain for
          in*rusi'€nt of polidcal cbange."                                   a specifiedpertod in circumstances where
             Aftcr the keynote address commeds                               there ls a reasonable srspldon of in-
          rene given by the otbenpanelists followed                          volvement in terrorism, which may
          by questtonshm tbe audience.Lster, the                             however fall sbort of a reasonable
          lively dsassion cutinued lnformally.                               snspicionof the crmrnission of a particular       the past ten years have witrresseda shift
          orrcr cpffee and dor4hnuts in the lou4ge.                          criminal oftense."                              in the ganeral atihrde of many goveni-
             Saturday's s€ssion cmtered on the
          pesentation of papers W tle 6ther
          panelis-ts.they were: Dr. Alfred Ru![n,                     tAn imperative of our
          formcrly with the U.S. D€pt of Statc and
                                                                                            time is to restore reason to the fabrie of
          currently pdessor of internadonal la* at
          Flcteier Schoolof law, Trt'ts Univeraity;
          Ih. AbrabamMiller, spectalist in polideal
          violence and prdessor of political science
          at the Univerdty of Clncinnad; Dr. Frank
     ,    Osanka,professorat Lewis University and
                                                                 soeial order... in whieh terrorism can no longer suryive...,
          autbor of Modern fterllb Warlare; and
          Dr. Balttt Singb, Asdrtant Dean, Collqe
                                                                                                                              r:aentstoward terrorisn, and proposalsfor
          of Soclal Sclences, Mlchlgan State
       , University. the panelists seemedto be in                              International oons€nsusof how to deal          international ctoperadon that wene once
                                                                             with t€rrorim       is an elwlve goal,           unrealistic have cither been adopted or
          rlrentnity nhem they epresred tbelr
                                                                             espectally in the field of prccrtbfurg and       become realisti-c possibilities.
         appreciadon fon the opporhutty to par-
                                                                             purishLrg criminal ofienses. A variety of           lite Tokyo, fire llague          and Mon-
         ticipate in a crosE-Epeciallzatlon
                                                                             political preiudices and perceptlons             heal      Conventions,  while not univerually
         dscrtssion of tbts mounting threat toworld
                                                                             perslstently thwart well intentlonerl            adbercd to,do establistr an important body
                                                                             desires to proscribe crertaln crnduct            of internadonal hw crncerning crimes
             fire qmpodum was dosed with a
                                                                                            :internadonal consequenoes.       against civil aviadon that only recently
         lucheon and preas cpnferemce at the                                 laving grave                               -
                                                                             Terrorim is a subJectof diverse opinion_         came into existence.
         Ramada Inn. Ib€ papers are to be
                                                                             as reflected in the geviously AteO ctiOe:           fi€ wide -acceptance of tltese con-
                                                                                                                              ventions dramatically restricts the
                                                                                                                              mobility of the teitorist who employs
                6For mort of our                                                                                              tacties denounccdunder tlese conventions
                                 reeent history our eoeieties have dealt                                                      and enhancestheability of society tc bning
                                                                                                                              such terrorists to jrstice for their crimes.
                                                                                                                                 "fiius, the real agenda for this syrn-
                                                                                                                              posiunr-as indeed for the world at largr
                                                                                                                              is to pressaheadto find new approachesto
                         with temorism as a variation of eommon crime...?                                                     deal with an old, but frightening, problern.
                                                                                                                                 "IiYe must be innovative in our thinking
                                                                                                                              and persistent in our efforts to attain the
                                                                                                                             goal of total rejection of terrorism as an
                  published in an upcoming edition of the                    "One man's terrorlsm is another men's           instrunent of political change or peri
                  Ohio Northern University lew Review.                       heroism."                                       srrasisll. We cannot let our failures mAke
                  Insbumental in the,success of the slm-                       firus, as vicions an act as was the           us tirnid nor shouldwe let our zeal to attain
 '                posium were: Janet Williamson, Deb                         massacreof Israeli atbletes on Septernber       this goal make us blind to the rule of law
                                                                --:          6,1n2, it was viewedby many as a bnave          whidr is fundamental to a free society,',
                 Sperling, Nate firompson, Art Wilhms,
                 Joe Pachura, and Jirn Ross.                                 act whidr served as the turning point in        added Fields.
                    "For most of our recent history our                     foosing world attention on the pdestipian           Terrorisrn is, after all, tlte antithesis of
                 societies have been able to deal with                      struggle to regain its homeland.                 reason. Adolph'Hitler, the suprerne 'ar-
                 terrorisrn as a variation of common                           firis dreadful act was the culmination of     chitect of state terror in moilern history,
                 crime," noted Field.g."Yle have-reliedon                   several years of palestinian terrorlsn,          obsewed in Meln Kampl that his ad-
                 our existng laws !o proseeuteand prurish                   uually taking the forms of aircraft              veisaries 'applied the onemearu that wins'
                 terrorists for their criminal acts; we have                hijacking or selective assassination,            the easiestvictory over reason: terror and
                 acted with the assumption that ttrls                       Fields suggested.                                force.'fiurs, an imperative of our time is
                                                                               orr the other hand, the Munich nrassacre      to restore reason to the fabric of soclal
              i prosecution and punlshment would deter                _
                                                                                                                             order and develop a climate within the
                 others from committing similar crimes."                    dramatically demonstrated. the terrible
             ',' Whatever the accuracy                                      lenglhs to which terrorists will go to           community of nations in which terrorisn
                                            of the concluslon
                 tbet the pnl problem is the lack of a #ll                  ar:hievetheir ends. New awarenessof this         can no longer survive.                  i ,
                 and not the l,ack d a way, it is now ap,                   dimension oI terrorism led to action by             "This is the challenge of the law and tre
                                                                            rnany concerned governments. president           political process. Ttre alternative is not
                                                                            Niron crcated a Cabinet Comsrittee to            wortry of civilized nations," the U.S..State
THEWRIT                 FebruaryS, tgp             tuge6                    sfidy ways to combat terrorim and to             Department legal adnisor cpncluded.
                                                                                                                                             3 Sp"akers

                                                                                                                                             Legislation I
                                                                                                                                                 firee distinguished speakers will be
                                                                                                                                             included in the study program of Frofessor
                                                                                                                                             Bruce French's Legislation I class thirj
                                                                                                                                                 fire innovative class was added to the
                                                                                                                                             Pettit College of law curriculum last fall
                                                                                                                                             and will . be folowed during the spring
                                                                                                                                             quarter by Legislation tr. Freneh most
                                                                                                                                             recently praeticed law in WashingtonD.C.
                                                                                                                                                 "I extend a-cordial invltation to you to
                                                                                                                                             attend and meet several outside speakers
                                                                                                                                             during sessionsof my Legislgtion I class,"
                                                                                                                                             French said in a mernorandum to the
                                                                                                                                             faculty and student bo{y.
                                                                                                                                               , On,Friday, Fehuary 2, at 2:fl) p.m.,
                                                                                                                                             Richard Weingarten, Esquire, Securides
                                                                                                                                             and Erchange Cornnission, Washington,
                                                                                                                                             D.C., will discnss the national'rnarket
                                                                                                                                             system for seeurities and the ac{ivities of
                                                                                                                                             the SEC to carry out and interpret the
                                                                                                                                                 OnFrtdey, February 9, at {:31}p.m", the
                                                                                                                                             Honorable Arrington Diron, Cbaitman,
                                                                                                                                             Council of the Dishict of Columbia,
               Pettit students Jeff Ross (L), SBA President Ron Pagano, and SBA lbeasurer John                                               Washingto4 D.C., will speat cuncrrnlng
                                                                  -                                                                          the relationsbip of the local Distrlct d
               Fox (R) gather around newly purchased copier.
                                                                                                                                             ColumHa legislature with the Congrcss,
                                                                                                                                             legislative proeedures, and legislative
                                                                                                                                             piorities in the Nation's Capital. Mr.
                                                                                                                                             Dilon'g position is comparable to tlut of
                                                                                                                                             the Speaker of the House of Represer
                                                                                                                                             tatirrcs in the Ohio Legislature.
                                                                                                                                                 On Tuesday,Fehuary l{, at 8:fl) a.m.,
                                                                                                                                             the Honorable Robert Boggs, State
Iceland Visit Reviewed, Recounted                                                                                                             Representative, Jefferson, Ohio, will
                                                                                                                                             speak concerning legislative procedures
                                                                                                                                              and policies within the Ohio Legislature.
                                                                                                                                              Mr. Boggs is the chairpemon of the
                                                                                                                                              Cornnittee on Educadon, and will serve as
                                                                                                                                              the principal spotunr for the law School's
                                               this source," he said.                            "fiiere is no l,anguagebarrier because       I*gislation tr Clinic program in Columbus
   firee Ohio Norttrern University law
                                                   "Energt is not really a maJor problem      English is the secondlanguage. fite people      durfurgthe Sprtng Quarter.
students heve returned from a trip to          in lceland. Most heat is generatedthroqb       treated us with srch respect that it was
Iceland as part of a student erchange          geothermal methods. The buildings are          almost embarassing at times;" he added.
program. Nate Ttrompsoq$t. Paris, Ohio,
Roger Sarton, Clevel,and,and Jim Ross,
                                               mide of concreteand they last a long time.        fire students all felt that lceland bas a    Bamister BaII
                                               They regulate their heat by opening a          good standard of living compared !o tlte
Mansfield, all third year students at          window when it gets too hot in the house,"     standard in the United States. However,
ONU's Pettit Collegeof [aw, partieipated
in the program whidr links ONU with the
                                               he said.
                                                  The three ONU students got more tlan
                                                                                              Iceland faces an annual inflation rate of
                                                                                              about 35 pereent and this creates some
                                                                                                                                               Set .fo, April
University of lceland.
                                               they bargained for when they went to sea       serious economic problems. fite nation
   The students attended classes at
                                               on an Icelandic fishing boat. A Norttr         maintained an isoladonist policy until                       BySue Burley
Ingberg, the law sctrool of the University
                                               Atlantic storm surprised the crew of the       World Srar fI but recently has taken steps
of Icelan4 and were honoredat a reeep          fishing boat as they cast their lines. fire    to merge into the mainstream of global           fire Barrister's Ball has beenscheduled
tion hosted by the ctrief justice of the       boat beganits voyageat midnight one day       'politics.                                      for April ?. Make sure to keep the dat€ in
nation's supreme court. Tlrey also toured
                                              and was not able to reach a port until {           Students in Iceland mtut attend law         mind.
Icel,and's parliament building to learn       p.m. the next day. All three studentshave       schoolfor five years before being eligible       fire Committee is looking for candid
about' the country's governmentali                                                                                                           photographs-social, - academic or
                                              tales to tell about walls of water battering    for law practice, as opposed the three
proceduresand visited the national poliee
                                              the boat throughout their night and day at      year programs at colleges in the United        otherwis*suitable for publication in the
                                              sea.                                            States.Further academic work beyondthe         law schoolsectionof the yearbook.Anyone
   Ttre exchange program is intended to
                                                  The students dso noted an important          initial law degree is strongly encouraged     with picturec or anyone intere$ed in
allow ONU students to visit a foreign
                                              differencebetween U.S. and lceland in
                                                                   the                         in Iceland. Many shrdents travel to the       working on the sec'tion,shouldcontact any
country to study law systems different
                                              tlte area of mass communications. A             United States for ftrther study and par-       committee member.
from the type r.rsedin the United States.
                                              nationally owned television station is the       ticipate  programslike the one      fire weekly calendar of eventswill soon
The United States primarily unes a
                                              only source of television programming in         betweenOhio Norttrern and the University      be up on the bulletin board acrossfrom the
cofilmon law system; Ieeland's system is
                                              Iceland. The station operates only four          of lceland.                                   Moot Court room. Any organization with
similar to most European code systerns.
                                              hours per day on sir days each week.                "fire whole eperience of going to          dates of interest should contact any
   "Besides our official learning ex-
periences in Iceland, we also had a chance        "As a reSult, books are very important       IcelandwaSfantastic.It's the nicest thing     member of the committee,so tlnt we may
                                              in lceland. Every housecontains a library        ['ve done since coming here to Ohio           convey the information to the student
to experiencethe country first-hand and to
                                              and just about the nicest gift you can give      Norttrern.I learneda lot aboutthe specific    body. The event neednot be SBA-related.
learn a lot about lceland and its people,"
                                              to someone a new book.There are book
                                                            is                                 legal area which I'd like to pursue...          Each SBA committee now has a rnail
according to Jim Ross.
                                              stores on many, nrany street corners in          marine Law," Ross said.                       bor in ttre refreshmentarea of tlte lobby.
   "For example, we visited an offshore
island which was partially covered by lava
                                              Iceland," Ross said.                                "Primarily, though, what I brought back    Studentsare urgedto make useof the mail
from a volcanoabout four years ago. The           "Actually, Iceland spoils you. The           were some great fripndships. I met many       boxes to convey messeges.Anyone with
                                              students there took us everywhere and            peoplewhom I think will be my friends for     information for the communications
people on the island currently are heating
                                              paid for everything. We had dinners in           a long time. I'm definitely going back to     committee may deposit it in the com
their homes by running hot water pipes
                                              many private homes. The lcelandic                Iceliand," he said.                           mittee's mailbor.
down into the Lava and then forcing the
                                              studentsrenteda car and drove us all over
water into tbeir houses. firey figue that
                                              their coutry," he said.
they'll have at least 1) years of heat from                                                                                         THEWRIT           February5,lgQ           fuge7
                LAW ---- The Great Equalizer...
                                                                                                                   There ie no advant a1eto the
                                                                                                                               disadvaritage to the

                                                                                                                - weak... the law makes no meagure
                                                                                                                  of physical statur.e... wealth...

                                                                                                                  intelligene e... raee...

                                                                                                                                           I '

                                                                                                                  Epitom izing that theory,
                                                                                                                            John F. Fox Jr. is a.n equal

                                                                                                                  match for'Sho"tj               Mr"t ha Zeigler
                                                                                                                                 Moot Court competition

          :f                  lstSeoslon
          Tuesday, IVIay29tbrougb Tuesday,July
          Course Schedule:
          Estate and Gift Tax (3 hours) (8:fl)-9:50
       A.M. Monday,Weds.,&Frlday).
          Decedent's       Estatesand Tnrsts (4 hours)
       (10:00-11:50         A.M. Monday, Tuesday,
       Wednesday,         and T\ursday)
          Real Estate Trans & Finance (4 hours)
       ( 1 : 0 0 - 2 : 5 0P . M . ) M o n d a y , T u e s d a y ,
       Wednesday,         and Ttr.rusday.
          Fiam Schedule:
          Estate & Gift Tax Monday, July 2 9:00
          Decedent'sEstates & Trusts Tuesday,
       Jdy 3 9:00A.M.
          Real Estate Trans. & Finance Tuesday,
       July 3 2:00P.M.

         Monday,July 9 through Friday, Augnst
          Comrnercial Transaction II Sales (3
        hours) (8:fiF9:50 A.M. Monday,.Wed-
        nesday, Friday)
   '      Conflictof Laws (3 hours) (10:flFll:50
        A.M. Tuesday,Thursday, Friday)
          Exam Schedule:
          CommercialTfans. II Monday, Augnst                                   PRAC"TICECOURT                                be eligible for Practice Court II in the
        139:ffi A.M.                                                  Practice Court II will be offered lst                  Summer Session.
          Conflictof laws Tuesday,Augr:st149:00                     Session Summer,192g. rqpetingtime
                                                                            of               Its                                               NOTE
        A.M.                                                        will be arranged by Profe-sor .Traster.                    In additionto the scheduled codrses,498
                                                                    Only Accelerators graduating in                          Independent  Study for 3 hours and Extern
                                                                    November of 1979  who are registeredfor                  Clinic for 2 hours will be available in
THE WRIT            February 5, 1979                 page 8         Practice Court I Spring Quarter, 1979will                Sumrner, 1979.
   Eqoal Justice F oundation outlined                                                                                                                         ... qrtrf        E55t
                                                                                                                                                        E:iDa.m,,Tctr tr; l:$ p.m., Con-
    Ihe Equal Justtce Foundafioq Inc. ls a         interest lawyers. Mor€over, tbe lCI6         Assodation; James lanrnz, E]lrcctdr,
 new nationwide grassoots publtc lnterest          hrtget of dl rnaJor publtc tnteret law       Councll for hrblle Interest law; Ralph
 organization. Ita purpose is to lmpove            c€ritem througbout the 50 inateg totalled    Nader; Alerander Pollhoff, Erecrdve
 citlzen acoess to justice. Funded by its          less than the comblned Fevenuesof two        Director, Buslness and Profesdonal
 membership of law sttdents and larryers          maJor Wall Street firrns.                     People for the Public Interest; Riclanl
 from throughout the Uiited States, EJF ts           fithlng by mernbers of the legal          Spobn,Director, California Deparfurentot
 basedon the pninciple of voluntary ttttring      pnofessionis a long-recogntzeddevice for      Consumer Affairs; Laurence Trlbe,
 for the public interest.                         underwriting the costs of public interest     hofessor, Ilarvard Iaw School; and
    fire formation of the Eqrul Justice           advocacy. First advocated by legal aid       Sidney Wolinsky, Attorney, RrbUc A&
 Foundation, Inc. is predicated on the            pioneer Reginald Heber Smith in 1912,        vocates,Inc.
 special ethical obligation of members of         tithing was also proposedby Jotn Gardner        EJFIs work will include research,
 the bar to insure citizen accessto jrstice       in the late 1960's. few law schoolsand
                                                                      A                        education,.litigation, and drafting
 and the adequaterepresentationof.public          progressive bar groups have more             legislation, all aimed at the broad goal of
 interests before legislative, ad-                recently implemented local varients of the   removing procedural, representatlorul,
 ministrative, and judicial forums. Canon2       national tithing idea.                        and organizational barriers to cltizen and
 of the American Bar Association Code of             The Equal Justice Foundation              pnbllc interest group participatlon in the
 Professional Responsibility mandatesthat        Organizaing Project was started by law        American legal and governmental
 "a lawyer should assist the legal               studentsin the fall of 1977,with generous     systems. Specific policies and program
profession in fulfilling its duty to make        supportfrom Ralph Nader's Public Citizen      priorities are set by EJF members and by
legal counsel availabie." More bnoadly,          and from the Council for Public Interest      the Board of Directors whom they elec{.
Canon8 statesthat f'a lawyer shouldassist        Iaw. To date, approxirnately lbO lg78           EJF is committed to an organizattonal
in improving the legal system":                  graduates of 17 law schools across tbe        approach which emphasizes local
     ...8y reason of education and ex-           United States have pledged to crntribute      grassroots drapters llnked to a natlonal
  perience, lawyers are especially              at least 1 percent of their gross annual       office, with tithed montes allocatcd bel:
  qualified to recognizedeficienclesin the      income, beginning in January, lg79, to         ween local and nadonal proJects.
  legal systerrnand to initiate corrective      support the Equal Justice Foundadon.
  mealrures therein. fiurs they should          Organizing on theseand a growing number
  porticipate in proposing and suppordng        of other canpwes is now beginning anew.
  legislation and pograms to improve the            Tbe Equal Jrstice Foundation's efforts
  system, without regard to the general         have been endorgedby a growlng number
  interests or deslres of cllents or former     of leaders of the bar and of tbe publlc ir
  clients. E$ical Consideratloru &1.            terest conmunity: Ransey Oart, Fon
   These prdesdonal obligadons welgh            mer Attorney; Ganeral of the Untt€d
heavily, given the current crisb in the         States;- Sandra DeMent, Erecutlve
frmdng of pnblic int€rest law. A 1970           Ditrctor, Nadonal Resource Canter for
report of the Corurcll for Publlc Interest      Con$rners of Lcgal Servlces; Ctarles

                                                                                                            WILL STAND.
Law, Balanchg t[e Scdec ol Jurtce,
revealed that only a tlny perrcentageof
members of the hr worted as publlc
                                                Ilalpern, Cofounder, Center for Law and
                                                Sodal Policy; Law Shdent lXvtsion of the
                                                Board of Governors of the American Bar                         YOU
            SPR^IIIGCALE]VDAR                                                                                ON ]IIBE?
    February 16                                Iast day for paymant of fees (Fri.)
                                                                                                              The one trook that'can make
                                                                                                            the difference between aucce!8
                                               t -st day io cnmplete reqriircrnants fon
    Febnury 23                                                                                                  and falture on the nnBf t
                                                    a&nisdon or readmlssion (Fri.)                      Brron'r How to prrprru tor thr ilulbht.              Brr grrmtnrilon (fgg
                                                                                                               by Victor E. Schwartz. prolessor ol Lew. llni,{,tsttt
                                                                                                                                                                     ol Cincinnati
    Mardt {                                    ResidenceHalls open,8:ll0 a.m. (Stut.)                                    (Authot ot ,.C€sos€nd Metaiets o,{
    Mardt 5                                    Registratlon of new and rc-entry dudents,               ll".p--"1"0
                                                                                                                   by a noted law professor, Brnon,r Hor lo pnprn
                                                                                                                                                                      for thr
                                                  8:fl10:(X)a.m. (Mon.)                                llultlrtrto Brr Eremlnrilon contalns a ZOOqueifion
                                                                                                                                                             rhutatod MgE
                                                                                                       coverlng.ths3lx corc Eubleors:  constllutlonailaw, contrrctr, crlmlnal
                                                                                                       law, evldence, teal properly, end torls. All an8worr
                                                                                                                                                             are complotgly
    Mardr 5                                    Classes begrn'(Mon.)                                    analyzed, wlth cltations plovlded for further rsferenc€.
                                                                                                                                                                    Even lhe
    Mardr 9                                    Iast day to add a courseor section(Frl.)
    Mardr 19                                   Beginning of,"W" period for withdrawalc                 The book atso Inctudesi
                                                                                                         o yalu_ableguidelines lor answerlng
                                                                                                           MBE questlons successtully
                                                                                                         r subiect oullin€{r and blbllographies
    April 5                                    Founders Day (Tturs.)                                     . Informatlon on the nature
    April 17                                                                                                                               end
                                               Iast day to withdraw (Tues.)                                scofing of the MBE
    April 2&May 2                              Advance registration for fall qrnrter                     . a compl€t€ llsllng of indlvldual
                                                                                                           stat€ bar requlrements

                                                                                                       Blrron'3 How to preparc tor the
    April 13-16                                Easter Recess                                           Multlotato Bar Exrmlnatlon (MBe is
    April'17                                   Classesresurne (Tues,)                                  probably the single most lmportant
                                                                                                       book you can read In preperailon for
                                                                                                       thls cruclal exam.
   May I                                       Iast day to remove ,,I" (incomplete)mark                OBTAINYOURCOPYTOOAYI
   May I                                       Honors Day (Tues.) - classesdigniss at                                        NOW ON SALE AT:
                                                   ll:fl) a.m.                                               OHIOI{-ORTHERN UNIV.                 WALDEN EOOK STORE T{El
                                                                                                                  BOoKSToRE                       r_imaMariSnopfin!'Cenre,
                                                                                                               Maclntosh Cent€r                         Zl0O errbi nE.
                                                                                                                Ada, Ohto 45810
   May l#18                                    Final Exams (Mon.-Fri.)                                                                                t_rmi, Or,io lbeOS
                                                                                                              BEE GEE BOOK STORE            B. DALTON Bookr.ile?ilEz
                                                                                                                 1424 E. Wooster                     lS8 t_tmaMitt
                                                                                                               Bowting creon, Ohio                 elOO EriOi noaO

   May 20                                      Corru:encem€nt,
                                                             2.3e p.m. (Srur.)

   J u n e8 , 9 , l 0                               Alumni Weekend                                                                       THEWNN                   Februaryt t9E                 toge9
  Bond,I)unean Se for
                 t                                                                                      Shortsooo
  Minority Recruitmint                                                                           .pr, F tn vear the ar- Jfffilt"E,,
                                                                                                              of tar                                       * formbreak, tarbrcat,
                                                                                               altbough some tarpayers may have that, 0oo.

 Contlued frum p.t                            denled bk seat He eventually served four
                                              terms ln the Houe and ras dcctcd
 the appllcants at l0:fl1 a.m. end Senator                                      b tre
                                              Ssute In 1S7{.
 Bond wiU address the pettit gatbertrg at
 2:CI p.m. Bond will speat io a hrler
                                                                                                 lbe colors will even be the sane, blue stradin! for the long 1fi0 fonn" and pfu* for
 rydversity group at {:O p.m. lbere illl
 also be a lunchbon and dlnner banquet for       Senator Bond was receo0y named to             the short 1fi0A.
 the appllcants.                              'Ilme mngezine's p00                               fite forrns were reeeivedby most tarpayers ln the last week of Dectftrber, and tley
                                                                    leeders llst. He
                                              seryes on the Boards of Directors of the         wlll be dueon Aprll 16,since the lSth falts on a Sundayttrts year.
                                              Delta Minisky hoJect of tre Natiorul
    Bon4 who was born in Nashville,          ggrurctl of Churdres; Robert F. Kennedy
 Tennessee, became active in the civil       Memorial Fund; Martin Luther Klng, Jr.,
 rights morrcment while a student at         Center for Social Change; Centei for
 Morehouse College in Ailanta. He helped     Community       Change;      Highlander
 found the Committee on Appeal for Human     Researchand Education Center; National
 Rights and the Student Non-Violent          Sharecropper's Fund; Southern Regional             A brief,3&yearold rawil"S*n:"Ttiftrters
                                                                                                                state                       frombeing
 Coordinating Committee.                     Council; New Dernocratic Coalition; and          r"fusrlg 4isclose news
                                                                                                      to     their    sourcesieg"fp"ocei&nis.
                                             the Voter EducationhoJect. He is Board                But Rep. Dean conley, rlcolumbus; reeGttrat statute,"knownas a shield
                                                                                                                                                                                  law, is no
                                             Chairperson of the Soutlern Elections              longer adequatedueto recent U.S. SuprerneCourt rulings
                                             Fund, and the President of the Southern               last week, the fieshrnan legislator introduced              he says would extend the
  He was elected to the Georgia Howe of      Poverty Law Center.                                                                                  "."rI*
                                                                                               marimum shield privilege to the media while meeting *u.t ,uqui"*rents
Representatives in 1965,but was barred                                                                                                                                            to protect
                                                                                               the right of criminally accused.
from taking his seat by legislators who                                                            Also containedin the bill, however, are new requirernents for disclosure
objected to his statements on the war in                                                                                                                                         of sourcrj
                                                                                               to Judgesthat could rankle some reporters.
Vietnam. Despite winning hro special           Furtler details of the day's activities             "To protect a defendant in a case, and really to protect the reporter broadcaster,
elections in 1966,he did not take his seat   will be published in 1he tyrlt. Additional        too, we mwt have a law that conformsto the SupromeCourt guide'lines," Conleysaid.
until1967 after the Unitsd States Supreme    information ean be obtained from the              "Ohio law does not meet those court tests."
Court ruled he had been erroneowly           students assisting in the proJect.             - Conley, a commudcations consultant for Ohio Bell before becoming
                                                                                                                                                                                 a full time
                                                                                             =legslator this month, said ohio's shield law is similar to New Je"sey;s, wtrich aia not
                                                                                               pnwent NewYork rimes rgporter Myrori Farber from being jailed iast year
                                                                                                                                                                                   when he
                                                                                              refused to diselosehis sourcesin a criminal trial

              SBA Committees...                                                                   fite curent statute, enactedin 1941 print reporters and extendedin lgbg
                                                                                                                sirnplysaysthat no reporter "iha[ beiequired to disclosethe sourceof
                                                                                              any information the courseof his employmentin any legal
                                                                                              proceeding..."                                                     '
                                                                                                  Conley's seeksto changethe law in severalareas:
         ABA.ACCREDITATION                                FTJNDRAISING                            -Instead of coveringonly the sources information,
                                                                                                                                         of              the shield wouldalsoapply to
   Co-Chairpersons-Brian M. Fisher,            Chairperson-Nancy Rice,-- Co-                  the actual information itself.
 Marc Stec; Members-Michael Hynak,           Chairperson-Richard Summers;                        -The use of search warrants by law enforcement
                                                                                          -                                                              officials to search radio and
 Tom Broschak, Barbara Krier, Barbara        Members-Jeanne Holmes, phil Herr,                televisionstationsand4ewspaper pressassociation
                                                                                                                                  and                    officeswouldbe'limited.
 Lamb, Clifford Rhoades,Nancy Rice, S.       lnnnie Kern, M. J. Branz.                           A judge could issuea-searchwarrant only if the news ouilet itself is suspected           of
 Foster.                                             HONOR'SDAY.B'ROASIT                      criminal involvement,if the propertysoughtis an actual ,,toolof the crime" luch as a
             ADJI.JDICATION                    Co-Chairpersons-Richard enryH                  weaponor if there is evldencethat suchproperty will be destroyedor removed.
   Co-Chairpersons-Don Berno, Jeff           (B'roast), Tom Broschak(Honor'sDay);                -Procedures are establishedto guarantee Sixth Amendment
                                                                                                                                                                   fair trial rights to the
 Ross; Members-Frank Evans, Holly            Members-John LaMancuso, Scott                    criminally accused.
Franklin, Bev Moede,Barry Cooper,Betty       Fellmeth, Jack lowe, Michael poling,
Josephson,  Denise Matthews.                 Dave firomas, Richard Summers.
              ADMISSIONS                                    I.JIWDAY
   CoChairpersons-larry Gregor, Steve
Campbell; Members-Chip Smith, Dawn
Serio, Steve Brooks, Howie Glick, Sue
                                               Chairperson-Dqve Gedrock; Mem-
                                             bers-David Cory, Mary Fox, Andy
                                             Coleman, Jeanne Holmes, JeAnne
                                                                                              7979                              Barcister Ball
Camelli, Bill McQuire, Richard Piccola.      Longenhagen, Schoenberger.
   ChairpersorrDebbie    Moots.Drexler;                   ORIENTATION
Members-Martha Zeigler, lnnnie Kern,
G. Grimslid, Don Wietmarschen.
   Chairperson-4erald Felt; Member:s-
                                               Chairperson-JeAnne Ircngenhagen,
                                             Chairperson-Tom Lundstrom; Mem-

                                             bers-Bob Whitlatch, Ctrip Smith, Carol
                                             Hotfrnan, Rachael Belenker, Julie longo,
                                                                                                      BEST VESTER,ry
Kelly Gilmore, SusanBurley, AI Whitted,      Jack [owe, George Herz, J. Field, Troy
Irigh Refrnon, Andy Coleman, John            Skeens, Keith Abbott, DebbieSheeshin, Al
Hazard.                                      Tribby, Marshall Buck, Scott llines.
   Chairperson-Richard Summers
Members-Seth Weinstein, Jeanne
                                               Chairperson-John Spataro; Mem-
                                             bers-.Steve Harper, Doug Dougherty,
Holmes, Geoff Cashew, Gerald Felt,           Greg Donohue, Danny Carducci, Tom
Mitchell Falber.                             Devlin, Diedre O'Brien.
             CURRICULT.'M                        TASKFORCEONCHANGEOVER
   Co-Chairpersons-DaveCherundolo,                 TOSEMESTERCALENDAR
Zac Issac; Members--Doug Dougherty,
SueDavis, Cliff Rhoades, Candler,Jim
Lyon, Rich Hart.
                                               Chairperson-Carol Suter; Members-
                                             Mike Franklin, Lonnie Kern, Dave
                                                                                                     Soturd,ay April 7
                                             Cherundolo, Debbie Moots-Drexler.
                 FILMS                                       v.I.T.A.
   Chairperson-Mark      Sommerville;.        Director-Brian         Fisher;      Co-
Members-Stu Schoenberger, Jeff               Ordinators-Marcu Wolf, Joe Rueth,
Winegard,DeniseMattews,Chris Holmes.         Mike Murphy.
                                                                                             Be there-,oooo,
THE WRIT        February 5, t979        page t0
     tawyens Briefs...
                                    Dceegregedonphn                                                                           FHeudllcr lltvorece
                                                                                                  Willdlvorcesbyftiendlterinfggthaninlg[?.                           ..  .. :'
  A limite4 volrurtary desegregadonprogram involving experlments with returnlng                   Yes; says chicago attorney Herbert A. Glieberman, ard for
                                                                                                                                                            orc orredn;rmtg .
!othe basicsandopen errollment has beenadopteduyttre cteveuna schoolboard.                      reason-inf,adon.
  Tbe plan was unanknously approved Monday ntglL Just two weekgafter a federal
Tpeals corut delayed the start of a swebplng courtordered desegregadonplan for
Ohio's largest publlc school slatem.
  If preparatioru are cmplded on sehedule,the program will be tnplemcnted Feb.
26.It will involve up to 3,0flt of the ctty's tvz,wt p,pG. sir out of wory t0
public sdrool students are nrin-white.
  fire program substitutes for a court-approved plan for desegregatlng
                                                                              Junior higb
scboolsthat would have affected 20,000      studentsin Febnrary, ana an oroer io ugsuplo
5}ffi prplls nert Septemberunder a systeinwide integration effort.
  on Jan. 8, the 6th u.s. circuit court of Appeals delayedthe start of a lower eourt's
desegregationplan until the u.s. supreme court resolvesappeals of casesin Dayton
and Columbus.
                                                                                                 Anotler item adding to the cost of divorce is profeisronar
                                                                                                _ "l!*y   couples, reluctant to seek professional help driring tt--rnarriage, often
                                                                                               decide to get outside help after the divorce to flnd oirt *tai*ent    ,o,u,-;rrv   ur.
                                                                                               marriage failed" Although heqeqdorslv helpful to most people, postdtvore
                                                                                               seling is not ine4ensive," said Glieberman.


                                                                                                   ,                        ,.)
                                                                                                       ,                                       t                 i \

  -fire seller must be age bbor older beforethe date of the sale
                                                                  or erchange.                                                      StoleuSllvcr
  -The home must have been the
                                       nlincipal residence of the seller durirtg at !94pt        John cl Moore wants to sell a sllvorware.set that reportedly crce belonged to
three of the five years prior to the sale.
  -fite benefit must not have beenprevlously claimed by either                                 AdolphHitler, but Germanattorneln tuve filed suit, saylng the ltems were stolen and
                                                                     the sellei or his or      should be returned"
her spousefor a housesold after July 26,1978.
                                                                                                 fire set, engraved with ssastikas and the lntdals A. H., is valued at f26,0fl), but
  Anyone who is entitled to cLaim the benefit should fill out form 2llp, which can be
                                                                                               Moore says he'll keep lt until the sutt ls rettled. Attorne!ry for Frlestaal Bayern, a
obtained from the IR.S,and file it with the regular 1il0.
                                                                                               state in the Republlc of Germany, say the ltsns were stolen from Hifler's home and
                                                                                               th9 -{azi Patty headquartersend stpuld be returned or paid for. Moorc's attorney
                                                                                               said ruesday that the silver was "liberated" by the l0lst Alrborne Divijlon and tlat
                                                                                               Moore bought it 28 years ago.

-ass-istant City Manager Dale Helling has said ttret if Miss E;ton continuesto violate
Fire Chief Robert Keating's orders not to nurse her baby, she will eventually be fired.

                                    Bores of DmumeNrts
  Tbe Clncinnati Board of Educadon's suit to overturn the state sdrool frurding fon
mula arrivedatthe OhioSupremeCourtWednesday-all {0 boxesof it.
  The bulky bores contained 18I)-volume sets of documentsdetailing the history of
the case: onefor eech of the seven justices; one for each of the Justices'law clerks;
one to be filed witr tlte clerk's office; two spares and one whidr was stamped and
returned to cincinnati as the board's @px, according to deputy clerk sam F. Adkins.
  The state's side of tlre issue is expected to arrive tater this week. It is tlre state, in
the person of superintendent of Public Instruction Franklin walt€r, which is ap
pealing the case.
  Tlp suit, whidt claims the state's method of funding education is unconstitutional,
was filed Dec. 6, 1976in Hamilton corurty common Ple-c court and visiting Judge.
PauI E. Riley ruled in favor of the sehoolboard. fire county appealscuurt agreed. Ttre
SupremeCourt agreed to hear the caseDec. 15.

                                                                                                                                   THEWRIT           February1,
                                                                                                                                                              t9E             hee tl

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