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									                                                                          Email: troyriso@gmail.com
                                                                          Website: www.troyriso.com

Troy Riso      User Experience Designer

Objective      To further develop my skills and understanding of human-computer interaction
               while building associated business experience in UX design.

Professional   Promotions.com                                                       New York, NY
Experience     Senior Front-End Developer                                                  1 year

               Promotions.com specializes in delivering consumer entry promotions for large brand
               companies - including sweepstakes, contests and instant win games - that compel
               consumers to care about a brand, participate in offers, and purchase more, more often.

               My role at promotions.com is to work closely with designers and project managers to
               create pixel-perfect renditions of designs using hand-crafted standards-compliant
               HTML, CSS and Javascript that works across all major browsers.

               Responsibilities overview:

                      Work with designers and project managers to ensure designs can be
                       accomplished within technical specifications and deadlines, and present
                       ideas and solutions based on technical requirements.
                      Solve technical problems and develop reusable, portable and sustainable
                      ability to define best practices for the team
                      Meet with clients to plan projects, answer questions and resolve issues

               Corsis Technology Services                                           New York, NY
               User Experience Designer                                                  5 years

               Corsis provides technology solutions for marketers, content publishers, and agencies.
               They solve specific challenges for large companies, venture companies, start-ups, and
               even other service providers.

               My role at Corsis was to provide interface/interaction design for large online
               promotions, custom website solutions, and large-scale online business systems.

               Responsibilities overview:

                      Storyboards, page layouts, site grids, wireframe mockups, interface
                       demos, and prototyping.
                      Expert knowledge of web presentation layer technologies and their
                      The ability to balance technical, functional, and business requirements.
                      Helped create and maintain User Experience Guidelines documents to
                       ensure consistency for the customer and faster development cycles for the
                  Created large scale interactive prototypes according to business, brand,
                   and user requirements.

            SAC Capital, LLP                                                        Stamford, CT
            User Interface Designer                                                      2 years

            SAC is a private hedge fund based in CT with offices in NY and SF. The IT
            department creates customized software solutions on behalf of a number of internal
            departments including: front office, middle office, back office, compliance,
            accounting, risk, research, human resources and legal.

            As an entry level UI designer, my role in the company was to design and develop web
            interfaces for database-centric web applications and the company intranet.

            Responsibilities Overview:

                  Developed prototypes to evaluate navigational structure, appearance of
                   screens, and effectiveness of tools for day traders
                  Involved in administering and evaluating user studies for optimal design,
                   layout, and interactivity.
                  Created and updated Technical documentation to assist the application
                   support team, server team, development team, and development managers.

Skill Set   UI/UX Designer Skills:
             Ability to collaborate with client teams, creative directors, designers and developers
              to envision and iterate concepts
             Brainstorm, research, wireframe, design and refine user experiences - all within
              specified product requirements and deadlines.
             Refresh/update existing designs, working within existing templates and conventions
              but also exploring new solutions.
             Create site flows, wireframes, diagrams, and mockups to illustrate an intended
             Lead internal and client-facing presentations

            Front-End Development Skills:
             Translating graphical designs from Photoshop into functional, production-ready
              prototypes (static HTML builds).
             Establish and implement front-end architecture and standards
             Work closely with back-end developers to ensure the integrity of the UI throughout
              the development life cycle.
             Identify and address cross-browser issues during planning and development phases
             Expert knowledge of hand-coded HTML, XHTML, CSS (including HTML5 and
             Knowledge of Javascript/UI libraries and their use in implementing AJAX solutions
              (jQuery , jQuery UI, etc).
             Extensive knowledge of Facebook and Mobile applications as it pertains to UI
             Solid understanding of SEO and accessibility issues as they relate to the front-end.
               Strong organizational and estimation skills
               Ability to thrive under tight deadlines
               The ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously requiring stringent attention
                to detail and excellent time-management capabilities.
               Experience working on large branded websites
               Experience working with CMS and/or backend frameworks (Java, .NET)
               Experience working with version control programs such as CVS, SVN, GitHub.
              Chubb Institute                                              New Brunswick, NJ
               Web Development, Business Programming.
               Graduated Summa Cum Laude.
               13 hours a semester as an active tutor.
              Wagner College                                                 Staten Island, NY
               Computer Science Major.
               Minor in Business.
               Attended numerous seminars on business and information technology.

References    Carolyn Boschi – Sudler & Hennessy
              carolynboschi@gmail.com – 917.699.7733

Recent Work   Promotions:
              Littlest Pet Shop - http://littlestpetshop.promotions.com/petsittersclub/home.do?
              Capri Sun - http://kraft.promotions.com/capridisres/front.do?
              Nascar - http://kraft.promotions.com/nascar2011/splash.do

              C-SPAN Whitehouse Week - http://whitehouse.c-span.org/
              Templeton Foundation - http://www.templeton.org/
              New Aging - http://www.new-aging.com/

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