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Introduction & Scope of Work

In April of 2002, Chandler, Brooks        implement to further increase tour-        gauge perceptions and knowledge
& Donahoe, Inc., of Olympia,              ism spending, the region’s primary         of Lake County. Additionally, Lake
Washington, and partnering firm           industry. Lake County lags behind          County’s Visitor Information Center
Chabin Concepts, Inc. of Chico,           the surrounding counties in terms of       was secretly shopped, materials re-
California, were selected from among      tourism revenues.                          quested and reviewed along with the
eleven firms who responded to a           3. To create a targeted list of eco-       County’s website to gauge whether or
request for professional services, to     nomic development projects that            not the marketing effort was effective
develop an economic development           can and should be attracted to Lake        in “closing the sale:” getting visitors
plan with a tourism element, and          County: projects that are economi-         to actually visit the County.
a marketing plan for both tourism         cally viable, will create full-time fam-
promotion and the recruitment of          ily wage jobs, and will not reduce or      The Visitor Assessments and prelimi-
targeted economic development             harm the exceptionally high quality        nary recommendations were pre-
projects.                                 of life the residents of Lake County       sented in a series of public meetings
                                          have come to enjoy.                        around the county (nearly a dozen
Because tourism is an element of an                                                  workshops and meetings) to gather
overall economic development pro-         4. To develop a marketing action           feedback from interested residents
gram, the two have been dovetailed        plan that will effectively promote         and businesses.
into this single Economic Develop-        tourism spending in the county, and
ment Strategic Marketing Plan.            will encourage targeted economic           A series of public forums was
                                          development investment in Lake             also hosted by Audrey Taylor of
The majority of funding for this          County - both tourism and non-             Chabin Concepts, to develop a list
effort was provided by a Jobs-Hous-       tourism projects.                          of industries that could be success-
ing Balance Improvement Program                                                      fully attracted to Lake County while
grant from the State of California.       To begin the process, a “Visitor           maintaining the County’s high qual-
The County provided most of the           Assessment” was performed. This            ity of life.
remaining balance from transient          element included a first-hand look at
occupancy taxes generated from the        the community through the eyes of          Chabin’s work included an assess-
unincorporated area and a small           a first-time visitor. It included a look   ment of the region’s readiness for
amount from Community Develop-            at the various communities through-        new business investment, based on
ment Block Grant (CDBG) program           out the county (including the two          the location needs of a corporation
income. The City of Lakeport also         incorporated cities): signage (both        seeking to locate to a new area.
contributed a nominal amount.             public and private), wayfinding (ease
                                          of getting around), general appeal,        The scope of work also included the
The scope of work in development of       beautification, things to see and do,      review of existing plans, research, and
the plan has four primary elements:       visitor amenities, retail mix (shop-       public outreach efforts to make sure
                                          ping & dining), lodging facilities,        that initial recommendations would
1. To assess the opportunities for        availability of information, etc.          fit within the county or individual
new business investment and job                                                      community’s plans or long range
creation and to document strate-          A “Marketing Assessment” was also          goals.
gic actions that will improve Lake        facilitated: Twenty-five visitor infor-
County’s competitiveness in attract-      mation centers and chambers of com-        We interviewed dozens of Lake
ing business.                             merce from around the region were          County residents, including County
                                          interviewed, along with 120 random         employees in various departments,
2. To develop a tourism development       regional residents (from Redding to        elected officials, local business owners
action plan - projects the County can     Modesto and west to the Coast), to         and managers, retired and semi-re-

3 • Lake County, California • July 2002

tired residents, and not-for-profit       has been elected to provide services
organizations - both staff and board      for the residents of the County, while
members, for their input.                 protecting or improving the quality
                                          of life within the county.
Because this plan will help shape the
future of Lake County for the next        With that in mind, we have taken
several generations, more than 70%        great pains in creating this plan to
of the total effort in developing the     incorporate elements that will:
plan was spent gathering input from
within the county and individual          1. Improve the quality of life for
communities.                              County residents.

The remaining 30% of the effort           2. Allow existing small businesses,
was spent in reviewing ideas, recom-      particularly those where visitor
mendations, developing budgets,           spending is important, to succeed
re-thinking and developing recom-         and grow.
mendations and concepts, and in
writing this final plan.                  3. Assist the county in improving its
                                          infrastructure: additional funding for
One point that is very important to       the clean-up of Clear Lake, roadway
make: both the Chabin and CB&D            improvements and the funding for
team received a wide variety of           improving other basic services.
input, and as in most areas across the
country, there are differing opinions.    4. Attract new investment into the
Therefore, it would be impossible         community, and thus create new
to create a program that will please      sustainable jobs.
every resident of Lake County.
                                          5. Allow for the removal and clean
Our goal in developing this plan is to    up of blighted properties and areas
provide solutions to help the com-        - improving property values.
munity make something happen, not
simply developing another “plan”          6. Help establish partnerships be-
which might gather dust on a shelf in     tween the two cities and the county,
the County offices.                       between individual communities,
                                          and between local non-profit organi-
Of course, creating an “Action Plan”      zations.
means telling it like it is, getting to
the bottom line. Moving forward           7. Help restore community pride,
often means change and, as is true        something we found currently lack-
of most rural areas, change is some-      ing throughout the county.
thing residents may need to get used
to, and many will not want change,        8. And finally, also encourage extend-
at all. They moved to the county          ed visitor stays in Lake County. After
because of the way it is, and simply      all, overnight visitors spend nearly
want it to stay that way.                 three times more than day visitors.

The County Board of Supervisors

4 • Lake County, California • July 2002

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