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					                     Diploma in Tourism & Travel Management
                   Diploma in Business Management & Marketing
Course Overview                                                  Qualifications

These courses prepare people to work in management roles in            going places Diploma in Business Management & Marketing
small businesses, especially in the field of tourism & travel.           (includes National Diploma in Business Level 5)
                                                                       going places Diploma in Tourism & Travel Management
Both 33-week courses contain a core of skills required for any           (includes National Diploma in Tourism Level 5)
business including marketing, staff management and legal
issues.                                                          Pathways to further study

The Diploma in Tourism & Travel Management focuses on the        Going Places Education: 6 papers credit to NZDB.
special issues that arise in the marketing and management of     AUT: 3-5 papers credit to Diploma in Travel and
tourism businesses.                                                 Tourism IELTS 5.5 or 6.0 required
                                                                 AIS: 7 papers credit to Bachelor of TM
The Diploma in Business Management and Marketing                 Massey: 2-3 papers credit to Bachelor of Business
concentrates more on general issues in managing small            CPIT: 6 papers credit to NZDB L6 or Degree
businesses.                                                      University of Ballarat: one years credit to Degree

                                                                 2010 Duration and Start Dates
Entry requirements
                                                                 The Diploma course consists of three 10-week training blocks
One of:                                                          with a study break between each.
 NCEA Level 3
 National Certificate in Travel, Level 3                        Course start date:               Course finish date:
 National Certificate in Tourism, Level 3                       25 January 2010                  10 September 2010
 Or an equivalent qualification.                                12 April 2010                    26 November 2010
                                                                 05 July 2010                    01 April 2011
In addition, students whose native language is not English are   20 September 2010                17 June 2011
recommended to have an IELTS score of 5.5 on the general
scale. Students applying in New Zealand without this may be      Fees
accepted subject to passing an internal language competency
test and attending an interview.                                 International students (incl. GST)      NZ$13,950
                                                                 NZ Student                                        NZ$6,500
More information                                                 Plus: $500 course related fees & $200 registration
                                                                 Fees are held in trust by Taylor Welsford Limited
For more information or enrolment enquiries
                                                                  Double Diploma available 5 Jul 2010–17 Jun 2011
03     365     1650      or    email
                                                                 NZ Student $8,495, International student $17,500
Programme Content

                     Tourism & Travel Management                                             Business Management & Marketing
 Business                    Plan for small business                       Business                  Plan for small business
 Communication               Manage meetings                               Communication             Manage meetings
                             Prepare business information                                            Prepare business information
                             Oral presentation                                                       Oral presentation
                             Feedback                                                                Feedback
 Accounting                  Accounting principles and financial           Accounting                Accounting principles and financial analysis
 Principles                  analysis                                      Principles
 Human Resources             New Zealand HRM                               Human Resources           New Zealand HRM
 Management                  Recruiting & appointing staff                 Management                Recruiting & appointing staff
                             Conflict management                                                     Conflict management
                             HRM for small businesses                                                HRM for small businesses
 Tourism Marketing &         Staff supervision                             Business Law              New Zealand legal system
 Travel Management           Destination marketing                                                   Contract law
                             Tourism supply and demand                                               Consumer law
                             Travel management services                                              Employment law
                             Tourism systems and structures                Economics                 Supply & demand
 Tourism                     State and impacts on NZ tourism                                         Consumer & firms behaviour
 Management                  Impacts of tourism                                                      Market failure & exchange rates
                             Customer service strategies for the                                     Fiscal and monetary policy
                             tourism industry                                                        Economic instability
 Business                    Research establishing and operating a small   Marketing                 Marketing for small businesses
 Establishment and           to medium tourism enterprise                                            Marketing principles
 Marketing                   Marketing mix                                                           Marketing Mix
About going places education

Going places education is a private training establishment registered & accredited by the NZ Qualifications Authority. It is a
signatory to the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students.

Our advantages

       Skilled & experienced staff                                   Emphasis on student needs and student success
       Commitment to educational excellence                          Central city location
       No extra costs for fees protection                            High-quality learning environment including latest technology
                                                                       and high-speed internet access

                                              Level 2, 249 Madras Street, Christchurch
                                                Phone 03 365 1650 Fax 03 365 1652
                              0800 246 448  

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