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									                                           BOARD SUMMARY
                                            APRIL 7, 2010
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1. Approved the agenda as submitted.
2. Approved the minutes of the regular 03/17/10 board meeting, as submitted.
3. Approved payment of the bills and auditor’s warrants for 03/19, 03/26 and 04/01/10, as submitted
   including the payment to MARCO, Bemidji, MN for sales tax in the amount of $ 393.94 for the copy
   machine purchase approved on 03/17/10.
4. Reported results of the “Passport Day in the USA” held on 03/27/10: completed 43 passports and
   booklets along with taking 44 pictures. The Recorder issued several birth certificates also.
5. Approved payment of final assessment in connection with the 2008 – 2009 IRS payroll audit in the
   amount of $2,202.09, by auditor’s warrant.
6. Approved the following license applications, upon completion of proper paperwork: 3.2 Non-
   Intoxicating License (Beer) – Fair Haven’s Golf Course, Straight River Township; Liquor/Wine/Sunday
   Liquor Licenses – North Point Lodge, LLC dba North Point Lodge, Henrietta Township and Bad 2 the
   Bone BBQ, Lake Alice Township; Off Sale Liquor License – Bad 2 the Bone BBQ, Lake Alice,
   Township and Set-up & Display: The Barn, Henrietta Township and The Hilltop Inn, Hubbard
7. Presented the General Revenue Cash Balance Report, Revenue and Expenditure Reports effective
                                            PUBLIC WORKS
8. Approved payment of the following, by auditor’s warrant per board action on 02/03/10: Thielen
   Motors, Park Rapids, MN in the amount of $27,695 for NRM Sheriff’s vehicle for trail patrol; Park
   Rapids Ford, Park Rapids, MN in the amount of $22,393 for NRM vehicle; and to Motor Vehicle for
   $20 for documentation fee and $1,505.55 for sales tax and license on purchases listed above
9. Approved timber sale parcels, as presented and recommended by the Land Commissioner,
   scheduled for 05/04/10.
10. Approved transfer of cabin lease #35 located in Section 13, T142N, R35W, Clover Township from
    Dale Grover to Kevin and Tom Grover, as recommended by the Land Commissioner.
11. Approved Forest Riders Snowmobile Club landowner permission form for grant in aid snowmobile
    trail on tax forfeited land, as recommended by the Land Commissioner and authorized the Land
    Commissioner to sign same.
12. Approved Amendment #1 to Grant Agreement for Farris Park NR 96-016, as recommended by the
    Land Commissioner and authorized the signature of same by the Chair.
13. Accepted low quote of M R Sign Company, Inc. Fergus Falls, MN. in the amount of $19,645.10 for
    signs and posts that meets specifications and low quote of Knife River Materials, Bemidji, MN in the
    amount of $19,637.25, plus tax for culverts, bands and end sections, as recommended by the Public
    Works Coordinator, to be paid from budgeted monies.
14. Approved Arago Township utilization of the county’s ground concrete as parking lot base in
    consideration for Recycling Shed placement, as discussed.
15. Authorized filling of three temporary, non-certified solid waste positions for up to six months, per
    proper procedure, as presented.
                                           BOARD SUMMARY
                                            APRIL 7, 2010
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16. Reviewed transfer station maintenance issues that will need to be addressed in the near future and
    MPCA Stormwater Rule changes and the effects on Hubbard County facilities.
17. Approved payment to DLT Solutions in the amount of $833.60, by auditor’s warrant, representing
    sales tax on purchase of AutoCad software authorized on 03/03/10, to be paid from the Recorder’s
    Compliance fund.
18. Authorized NRM personnel overtime, as needed during the tree planting and site preparation
19. Reported Highway Department, comp time accrual in the amount of 1090.35 hours.
20. Accepted the LEC donations, as presented.
21. Approved 2010 B & W Safety Grant in the amount of $25,601, as recommended by the Sheriff.
22. Adopted resolution recognizing National Telecommunicator’s Week, April 11 – 17, 2010.
23. Adopted a resolution approving the changes to the Northwest Regional Radio Board Joint Powers
    Agreement, as presented and recommended by the Sheriff.
24. Approved B&W purchase of NRM ATV pickup (2006 Chevrolet Silverado 1500, extended cab 61/2’)
    in an amount of $7,150 per Kelly Blue Book to be paid from designated departmental funds.
25. Approved purchase of 1 Motorola P25 digital compatible mobile radio from Roger’s Two Way Radio,
    Inc., Bemidji, MN (state bid) in the amount of $2,841.24 for NRM ATV pickup to be paid from
    designated department funds.
26. Approved purchase of 2010 Chevrolet pickup stripe package for ATV officer vehicle from Grafix
    Shoppe, Eagan, MN in the amount of $400 including S & H, to be paid from designated departmental
27. Approved purchase of 1 Stiga STS275 table tennis table, by low quote, from in the
    amount of 599.00 plus sales tax to be paid from inmate canteen account.
28. Informed the Board of Road Deputy, J. T. Harris resignation effective 03/31/10 with position to be
    filled per proper procedure.
                                          C OMMUNITY HEALTH
29. Chris Broeker, Director of Community Health reported that the H1N1 vaccine continues to be
    available and presented information regarding the number of county vaccinations completed and the
    county’s ranking within the state and country for vaccinations completed.
30. Reviewed County Health Ranking Study results provided by the University of Wisconsin.
31. Reported Assessor’s Office personnel utilization of 57 hours of overtime for period of 01/01/10 to
32. Approved purchase of 2 replacement desktop PC towers in the amount of $764 each plus sales tax,
    as recommended by the Technology Coordinator and the purchase of three wireless office headset
    systems with lifter jack sets, by low quote, for the assessor, auditor/treasurer and recorder, in the
    amount of $219.99 each plus sales tax and no shipping recorder’s to be paid from the Recorder’s
    Compliance Fund.
33. Distributed the local Township Board of Appeal & Equalization meeting schedule.
                                            BOARD SUMMARY
                                             APRIL 7, 2010
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34. Approved payment to North American Salt Company in the amount of $56,405.97 by commissioner’s
35. Approved addition of the Emergency Management Officer to the Safety, Emergency Management
    and Technology Committees.
36. Approved Environmental Services purchase of three PC’s, as recommended by the Technology
    Coordinator, to be paid from the Recorder’s Compliance Fund.
37. Approved purchase of service (POS) agreement with Michael Plante to complete the Law Librarian
    services for the period of 04/01 to 12/31/10, as presented.
38. Approved the social services bills, as presented.
39. Authorized the Recorder’s attendance of Fidlar Technologies 3rd Annual National User Group
    Meeting in Rock Island, IL 05/18 to 05/20/10 with meals and transportation in Rock Island provided by
    Fidlar and minimal expenses to be paid by the county from tech fund monies, as presented.
                                             PUBLIC HEARING
40. At 12:42 p.m. a public hearing was held regarding the reinstatement/adoption of the Septic System
    Standards Ordinance #28. The public hearing was closed at 12:46 p.m.
41. Rescinded Ordinance #38 and approved the reinstatement of Ordinance #28, as presented to be
    effective upon publication.
                                       ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES
42. Approved the 2010 Natural Resource Block Grant - SSTS funds grant agreement, as presented and
    authorized the Chairman to sign same.
43. Approved POS contracts with SSTS inspectors, Bruce Otto and Al Winterberger for period of
    01/01/10 to 12/31/10, as recommended by the ESO, and authorized the Chairman to sign same.
44. Reported the annual SSTS contractor meeting is scheduled for 04/22/10 at 6:00 p.m. in the
    courthouse basement meeting room.
                                          COMMITTEE REPORTS
45. Provided AMC Legislative Conference report and a Historical Society update was presented.
46. The meeting was adjourned at 1:22 p.m.

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