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									Information Systems Services

                                             Application for MIS Username
To Be Completed By Applicant (Please use BLOCK CAPITALS). Guidance notes can be found on page 3.

 Applicant Details

 Family name                                                                           First name(s)

 University E-mail address                                                            Telephone

 Department                                                                           Payroll ID number

 Computer usernames currently allocated to you

 Reason for application                 Replacement user - Name of person replacing

                                        New user                        Other (please state)

 Computer Details (Please visit web page http://www.leeds.ac.uk/iss/rmas/ for details of external off-campus access to MIS)

 Is the SAP system                                        Please contact ISS Helpdesk on helpdesk@leeds.ac.uk, Ext 33333 to arrange SAP
 installed on your PC?            Yes              No

 Please supply all IP addresses of machines used for MIS. Visit web page http://mypc.leeds.ac.uk to find your individual computer’s IP address.
 Note: This is only required if you are not an active SAP user, you have a new PC or you have moved your PC to another location.

 Computer IP addresses

 MIS role(s) to be performed 1

     CO Reports           FI HESA Reports                   HR Reports                  MM reports                 MM KPI Reports

     FI Reports           HR KPI / KETI                     KTSU Reports                Other (please state)

     GM/FEC Reports Faculty/Research Administrators, please visit web page http://www.leeds.ac.uk/infosystems/mis/sap_org_structure.pdf
                             for a list of valid organisational unit codes.

     Type of          Investigator - Access to own grants
                      Administrator - Access to grants in specified department/s:
                      Highest level of Org unit
                      access required. E.g.
                      50000032 Faculty of Arts
                      for Faculty of Arts.

                      University Wide – Access to all grants
 For GM reports you will not see Professorial Annual salary details unless you complete an “Application for Access to
 Payroll Data” form. This can be found at web page

     MIS RAE Reports           Please see page 4 for a list of active Unit Of Assessment codes.

      Unit Of Assessment/s
      E.g. 18 Chemistry for Chemistry UOA or

          Access to All UOAs

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 MIS Training Details2

 Attendance at a training session is a prerequisite for gaining MIS access. Please state the details of your informal training
 session or fill in the name and date of the MIS training course/s you have been booked on to.

 Have you received training from your Super-user / Line Manager?

 Yes       Please enter description of training received _____________________________________________________________


           Related MIS Role/s (if known) _________________________________________________________________________

          Date _________________________________                       Time __________________________                    Duration ________________

          Trainer Name ____________________________________________                                 Trainer MIS Username ____________________

          Trainer Department _________________________________________________________________________________

                                                                                                            Note: By signing this you are verifying that you
          Trainer Signature _______________________________________________                                 have trained the MIS Applicant.

 No       Please enter details of the MIS Training courses you are booked on. You can search for MIS courses via the web page:
          https://uolr3.leeds.ac.uk/temcatsearch/initial.htm. Search for keywords of: MIS, BW, Management, Information, System.

          Course Code                  Course Title                                                       Date                             Time

 MIS Conditions Of Use3

 I understand that as a condition of being allocated a University of Leeds computer username that I have to read and agree to
 comply with the Use of Computer Systems Policy and all other relevant Information Security Policies which are found at web page
 http://campus.leeds.ac.uk/isms/. I understand that these documents will be reviewed and updated from time to time and that it is
 my responsibility to familiarise myself with the changes. (Please see guideline 3 over the page for further details).

 Applicant Signature                                                                                Date

To Be Completed By Authorised Signatory 4
I wish the above named applicant to be granted a MIS username to perform the roles described:

                                                                                      Faculty/Head of
 Name                                                                                 Service

 Signed                                                                               Date

Please return the completed form to the Help Desk in Information Systems Services (ISS) Ext 33333.
For Office Use Only:
To be completed by Username Administration Team
 Username                                                    BQA Password                                                     Created By
 Date Created                                                BPD Password

To be completed by the MIS Authorisations Team
 Role code(s) allocated                                               BPD               BQA          Allocated by                 Date allocated

\\ds.leeds.ac.uk\shared\Academic-Services\ISS\SAP\Shared\SAP\Support\Training\USERS\USERNAME\MIS Application.DOC                             Page 2 of 4
                           Guidelines for application for a MIS username
Completing the Application Form                                                      When will I receive my username and password?
Please complete all relevant sections of the form in full. Failure to                New usernames are usually generated within a few working days
do so will result in the form being returned and a subsequent delay                  of receipt of the application form at the ISS Help Desk, except in
to the application.                                                                  the following circumstances:
If the personal details given here change, in particular your name                   • Where SAP has not been installed on the applicant's PC and a
or department, you should inform the ISS Help Desk without                                member of ISS staff has to visit the applicant to do this.
delay.                                                                               • Where the User does not have a payroll ID set up in the HR
1. MIS role(s) to be performed
Please tick the relevant role(s) to be performed. If you are unsure
                                                                                     • Where the User’s IP address has not yet been registered on
                                                                                          the SAP firewall.
of the role you are applying for, please consult your Super-user or
Line Manager. Roles such as GM and RAE reporting require extra                       • Where the ISS MIS security team have not received
security parameters.                                                                      confirmation that the user has been trained, i.e. the informal
If the role you are applying for is not on the list, please provide                       training details section has not been completed or the
details in the space provided.                                                            applicant did not sign the attendee list at a MIS training
2. MIS Training
The MIS team is unable to provide training on a one-to-one basis.                    You will be informed of your username and password in writing.
Please contact your Super-user / Line Manager to arrange one-to-                     There is one password for the MIS Production (BPD) or live
one training. A list of Super-users can be found on the ISS website                  system, and another for the MIS Quality Assurance (BQA) system
at http://www.leeds.ac.uk/infosystems/training/superuser.html.                       (used for training and practice purposes). The same username is
                                                                                     valid for both systems.
Alternatively MIS training courses can be viewed and booked
online at web page:                                                                  On accessing the above areas of the MIS system for the first time
                                                                                     you will be prompted to change the initial password allocated to
https://uolr3.leeds.ac.uk/temcatsearch/initial.htm                                   you. Passwords can be a mixture of letters and numbers between
                                                                                     six and eight characters.
Search for keywords of: MIS, OSCAR, BW, Management,
Information, System                                                                  Security
                                                                                     Once you are assigned a username and password you must make
If there are any difficulties arranging training with your Super-user                intelligent use of the password system to prevent unauthorised
/ Line Manager or via the training website, please contact Tim                       access to your user account.
Hunnybun, ISS IT/IS Training Service Leader. (Tel: 31396, email                      You must not disclose your password to any third party, or allow
t.hunnybun@leeds.ac.uk)                                                              any third party to operate the MIS system using your username and
                                                                                     password. Contravention of these terms and conditions may result
3. MIS Conditions Of Use                                                             in the suspension or withdrawal of your access to the system.
Signing this section constitutes your written acceptance of the
conditions of use of the MIS system. No username will be                             For details on how to select and protect your passwords please visit
generated without this undertaking.                                                  the web page
As a MIS user you will have access to information on individuals
and sensitive commercial information regarding the University.                       What to do if you forget your password.
You must not disclose this information to anyone within or outside                   It is possible to enter your password incorrectly into the MIS
the University, who do not have a legitimate need to access such                     Production (BPD) or MIS Quality Assurance (BQA) system up to
information. If you are in any doubt as to the kind of information                   six times before your account is locked and access to the system
covered or wish to know when, or to whom you may disclose                            denied. In the event that you forget your password or are locked
confidential information, please contact the SAP office.                             out of the system, you should follow the procedures set out on the
                                                                                     ISS website:
As a MIS user you are subject to and must comply with the                            http://www.leeds.ac.uk/infosystems/hr_finance/password.html
relevant University of Leeds Information Security Policies and the
Data Protection Act, details of which can be found at web page                       What to do if you need to change your user profile.
http://campus.leeds.ac.uk/isms.                                                      To add or delete a MIS role from your profile, please complete the
                                                                                     "Change User Profile" form available on the ISS website.
4. Authorised Signatory
Please ensure that the signature of your Faculty’s Authorised                        MIS queries / problems
Signatory is obtained as authorisation that you may perform the                      Problems relating to your username, password or level of access to
roles stated on the form. Signatures of other central administration                 the system should be logged with the ISS Help Desk (tel. 33333 or
personnel cannot be accepted. Please see the authorised signatories                  email helpdesk@leeds.ac.uk).
section of the web page
http://www.leeds.ac.uk/iss/infosystems/hr_finance/Support/SAP_T                      Other queries or problems should be directed to your local MIS
raining/sap_applications.html for the authorised signatories in your                 Super-user in the first instance. If your Super-user is unable to
area.                                                                                solve the query, you should log it with the ISS Help Desk. Please
                                                                                     state the system as being MIS and that the problem should be
                                                                                     assigned to the MIS team. Please provide as much information as
                                                                                     possible about the problem, and your MIS username, to ensure that
                                                                                     your query is directed to the appropriate area of the MIS team and
                                                                                     is dealt with quickly.

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List of Active Units of Assessment (UOA) for RAE 2008
List of Active Unit of Assessments (UOA) available for MIS RAE reporting access.

     UoA id     Panel       Unit Of Assessment (UoA)

           1    A           Cardiovascular Medicine
           2    A           Cancer Studies
           4    A           Other Hospital Based Clinical Subjects
           5    A           Other Laboratory Based Clinical Subjects
           6    B           Epidemiology and Public Health
           7    B           Health Services Research
           8    B           Primary Care and Other Community Based Clinical Subjects
           9    B           Psychiatry, Neuroscience and Clinical Psychology
          10    C           Dentistry
          11    C           Nursing and Midwifery
          14    D           Biological Sciences
          16    D           Agriculture, Veterinary and Food Science
          17    E           Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences
          18    E           Chemistry
          19    E           Physics
          20    F           Pure Mathematics
          21    F           Applied Mathematics
          22    F           Statistics and Operational Research
          23    F           Computer Science and Informatics
          24    G           Electrical and Electronic Engineering
          25    G           General Engineering and Mineral & Mining Engineering
          27    G           Civil Engineering
          28    G           Mechanical, Aeronautical and Manufacturing Engineering
          31    H           Town and Country Planning
          32    H           Geography and Environmental Studies
          36    I           Business and Management Studies
          38    J           Law
          39    J           Politics and International Studies
          40    J           Social Work and Social Policy & Administration
          44    K           Psychology
          45    K           Education
          46    K           Sports-Related Studies
          48    L           Middle Eastern and African Studies
          49    L           Asian Studies
          51    M           Russian, Slavonic and East European Languages
          52    M           French
          53    M           German, Dutch and Scandinavian Languages
          54    M           Italian
          55    M           Iberian and Latin American Languages
          57    M           English Language and Literature
          58    M           Linguistics
          59    N           Classics, Ancient History, Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies
          60    N           Philosophy
          61    N           Theology, Divinity and Religious Studies
          62    N           History
          63    O           Art and Design
          64    O           History of Art, Architecture and Design
          65    O           Drama, Dance and Performing Arts
          66    O           Communication, Cultural and Media Studies
          67    O           Music

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