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									                                              AREAS OF EXPERTISE
                                                 Highly motivated with goal-directed/
                                                  results-oriented work ethic; possess well-
                                                  defined business acumen and
                                                  commitment to bottom line results.
Catherine                                         Consistently exceeded established sales
                                                  quotas in all sales positions.
BROWNLEE                                         Achiever of Top Sales within 1st year in
                                                  every role.
                                                 Articulate communicator, with excellent
600, 205 – 5 Ave. S.W.                            presentation, organizational and
Calgary, Alberta T2P 2V7                          interpersonal skills; able to effectively
403 861 2001                                      delegate authority, motivate staff and
                                                  interact with all professional levels.                Motivational team player with ability to
                                                  stimulate staff development, build
                                                  productive teams and command
                                                  respect through positive leadership.
PROFILE                                          Effective strategic planning and sound
                                                  decision making is based on market
                                                  analysis, industry experience and
Dynamic, results-oriented professional with       seasoned professional judgment.
over 25 years experience and ability to          Establishes and fosters long term business
develop effective management and                  relationships on a domestic and global
marketing strategies to maintain and              level.
increase an expanding global client base.        Knowledge of information technology
                                                  and personal computer applications.
Promotes a philosophy of personalized
service and relationship building to          ACCOMPLISHMENTS / AWARDS
generate a large repeat and referral
business. Strong ability to motivate and         Women of Influence: Nominated and
supervise employees in creating a                 awarded in the top five, 2009, 2010
productive team environment.                     #1 Book in Calgary: “Want to Work in Oil
                                                  and Gas” by C. Brownlee and H.
Extensive travel experience and knowledge         Johnson, 2007; as published in Calgary
of international markets and business             Herald
climates.                                        Energy TV Award for “Top Human
                                                  Resources Company 2007”; televised
                                                  January 2008
                                                 Calgary Herald interviews: Energy TV,
                                                  Energy News, Calgary Inc. and Western
                                                  Producer with interest in experience of
                                                  the “India Oil Show” and “#1 Book”
                                                  selling accomplishment
                                                 Alberta Bodybuilding Gold Medal
                                                  Champion, 1991
CAREER PROFILE                                    Business Development Leader
                                                  Oil and Gas Sector            2009 - 2010
                                                  Golder Associates Ltd, Calgary, AB
Assistant Campaign Manager           Sept. 2010    Contract – 1.5 years
VP of Operations                                   Researched, developed, populated
Wayne Stewart's Campaign for Mayor                    and maintained a global oil and gas
Calgary, Alberta                                      CRM system for increased
 Served under the direction of the                   communication, tracking and strategic
    campaign manager supporting the                   planning.
    campaign by ensuring effective results in      Developed the “top line” with 15 global
    media, field, and coordination of most            oil and gas companies; through
    campaign units; areas included                    introductions at executive levels,
    coordination of fundraising, volunteers,          development of technical presentations
    events, and canvasser management.                 and introducing technical teams from
 Developed complimentary business                    Golder to client teams.
    relationships in support of campaign           Created first ever internal communications
    initiatives.                                      network in collaboration with selected
 Organized database with appropriate                 staff members connecting entire
    staff in place and oversaw website                company through the “Vision Gang”
    content and update.                               project to serve clients on a global level.
 Participated in strategic meetings.              Generated $5.5 million of business in first
 Provided overall administrative support             11 months with $10 million projected
    and follow up.                                    before October, 2010.
 Ensured that all mails and newsletters
    were sent and received by the                 Director / Co-Founder              2007-2009
    recipients on time.                           Capital Specialists Inc., Calgary, AB
 Facilitated all activities and programs to        Introduced capital for opportunities in
    ensure all information was sent out               various industries in the Calgary market.
    accordingly.                                   Created and implemented more
 Maintained records of all campaign                  efficient processes for database
    materials used and coordinated                    management, accounting, and project
    updated recipient lists.                          management.
 Made recommendations for campaign
    materials and programs appropriate for        President                     1998 - 2009
    the ad campaign.                              Prominent Personnel Ltd., Calgary, AB
                                                   Developed and serviced over 350 client
 Maintained data and records from
                                                      companies within the O&G Industry
    managers to ensure that the campaign
    is hitting the right recipients.
                                                   Identified 27,000 professional candidates
 Organized the supporting materials for
                                                      throughout the world in O&G; maintain
    the campaign to increase marketing
                                                      52,000 database contacts.
                                                   Created unique and lucrative processes
 Developed creative techniques to                    for a contingency firm concept, i.e.
    improve the execution of the campaign             “Twomanaga News”.
 Campaign staff moved one week
    before election to support winning
    candidate Naheed Nenshi.
Sales Manager                       1996 – 1998   Morrison Petroleum Ltd., Calgary, Alberta
Dynafrac Well Services Ltd., Calgary, AB
 Participated in company’s original/initial      EDUCATION & PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT
    marketing and promotional concept.
 Developed, maintained and expanded
                                                     Alberta Choices Seminars
    initial client base for fracturing,
    cementing and acidizing.
                                                     Certificate: Power Interviewing, Dr. Mary
 Recommended and cultivated
    partnerships with other beneficial frac          Dale Carnegie: Human Resources
    companies to enhance field output.               Personal Best Series
 Created a complete database of entire              Dale Carnegie: Sales Training
    client base for data management                  Xerox: Professional Sales Training
    reporting system.                                Mount Royal University: Marketing

Technical Sales                  Calgary, AB
                                                  VOLUNTEER / COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT
Fracmaster Ltd.,                  1994-1996
                                                     United Way Women’s Initiatives: Cabinet
 As first woman in Technical Sales sold
                                                     Committee Member: Adopt a Hospital:
    fracturing, acidizing, cementing and coil
    tubing services.
 Revitalized “no-revenue” client                    The Learning Partnership: Advisory
    accounts into $1.5 million monthly sales.         Committee
                                                     Calgary Business Enterprise Forum: Board
Northland Energy Services         1993-1994           Member
 Sold production testing, wireline and              University of Calgary, Career Services:
   under-balanced drilling products.                  Seminar “How to get the Job of their
 Revived no-revenue client accounts to               Dreams”
   qualify for top sales category within final       Hockey for the Homeless: NHL Alumni
   3 months.                                          and Media Liaison – raised $100,000
                                                      every year since 2008
Solid Energy Services              1992-1993         Magician’s Assistant for children’s groups
 Developed new business with initial no-             – “Grizalda”
    revenue client companies into top sales          Rotary, Downtown Club “Stay in School”
    accounts in final 4 months, selling              Twomanaga Group: “Kids to Kamp”
    wireline and production testing.                 Oil and Gas Seminar: Facilitator “How to
                                                      get the Job of your Dreams”
AGAT Laboratories                 1990-1992          Cornerstone of Hope: Facilitate healing
 Cultivated a client base establishing               for families of death, divorce or abusive
  relationships based on trust and quality            situation
  service in the core, special core,                 SPE Committee,1998 SPE Gas
  tribilogy, and lab services to O&G                  Symposium: Public Relations Chair
                                                     Calgary Women in Energy: Co-Founder
                                                     YMCA: Preschool “Gym and Swim”
Sales Representative             1987 – 1990
McGavin Foods Ltd., Calgary, Alberta
 Developed and maintained bread sales            PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS
    to restaurants and retail businesses in
    Calgary and Banff.                            CSPG / PSAC / SPE / AFP (Alberta
                                                  Fundraising Professionals) / HRAC
Receptionist                     1985 - 1987
Horseback riding, hiking, golf, different
cultures and diversity through travel

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