Mississippi Sale Tax Exemption Form

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                                  FAX COVER SHEET
                 Please fax this cover sheet along with your
           re-sale/tax exemption documentation to 480-609-5840

Buyers must submit re-sale/tax-exemption documentation from the state in which they are
doing business as well as the state(s) where they are purchasing property. Submission of all
appropriate tax exemption form(s) must be received by GL before 5:00 p.m. ET on the date
the sales event in which the Buyer is participating closes.

 Number of pages including cover ____________

 Customer Name                 _______________________________________

 Company Name                  _______________________________________

 Fax Number                    _______________________________________

*Customer Number               _______________________________________

                          Please indicate which state’s tax forms you are submitting

  q   Alabama              q   Illinois              q   Montana                       q   Puerto Rico
  q   Alaska               q   Indiana               q   Nebraska                      q   Rhode Island
  q   Arizona              q   Iowa                  q   Nevada                        q   South Carolina
  q   Arkansas             q   Kansas                q   New Hampshire                 q   South Dakota
  q   California           q   Kentucky              q   New Jersey                    q   Tennessee
  q   Colorado             q   Louisiana             q   New Mexico                    q   Texas
  q   Connecticut          q   Maine                 q   New York                      q   Utah
  q   Delaware             q   Maryland              q   North Carolina                q   Vermont
  q   Florida              q   Massachusetts         q   North Dakota                  q   Virginia
  q   Georgia              q   Michigan              q   Ohio                          q   Washington
  q   Guam                 q   Minnesota             q   Oklahoma                      q   West Virginia
  q   Hawaii               q   Mississippi           q   Oregon                        q   Wisconsin
  q   Idaho                q   Missouri              q   Pennsylvania                  q   Wyoming

*Your customer number is an eight-digit number starting with 770…and is available on the top left corner of
your invoice as well as at the top of the page on your “Profile” tab.

                                        Scottsdale Support Office
                      15051 N Kierland Blvd. s 3rd Floor s Scottsdale, Arizona 85254
                      Fax: (480) 609-5840 s Customer Service Hotline: (480) 367-1300
                                   Website: www.govliquidation.com

The Mississippi Department of Revenue has no prescribed sales tax
exemption form for nonresident or out-of-state buyers. The
following information is required for tax exemption within the state of
for non-resident buyers:

   • A statement (preferably on letterhead) indicating the intent to
     resale merchandise outside the state of Mississippi.

   • The tax exemption number and the name of your home state.

   • Please provide your company name and telephone number

   •   The form must be signed and dated.

Once we have this statement in your file, you do NOT have to
resubmit it again with future sales.

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