LESSON PLAN PROJECT Title of this lesson project “Mmm Cookies” Sequencing Your name Linda Riley Your Email address RileyL mail santarosa k12 fl us Complete

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					                            LESSON PLAN/PROJECT

Title of this lesson/project:
“Mmm Cookies”-Sequencing

Your name: Linda Riley

Your Email address: RileyL@mail.santarosa.k12.fl.us

Complete school name: East Milton Elementary

Sunshine State Standards to be addressed and assessed (Cross check your GLE's to
verify if you are aligned):
LA. The student uses prior knowledge, illustrations , and text to make
LA. The student develops vocabulary by listening and discussion
LA.C. The student uses basic conversation strategies (asking questions, taking

L.A.A.1.1.4 The student increases comprehension by retelling and discussion
L.A.C.1.1.4 The student retells specific details, including sequence of events

Short description of lesson/project (255 character limit):
Students will listen to a story. The story will be followed up with
Discussion. Students will do a sequence of events assessment.

Materials Needed (If you are using copyrighted materials, you must include title, author,
date, city, and publisher.)
Audible story downloaded from Official Robert Munsch website.”Mmm Cookies”
Printed cookies-sequence of events sheet
18x20 manilla sheet of paper
glue stick

Procedures (Enter the step-by-step procedures. These steps should provide enough
information for the activity or project to be replicated in another classroom with the
same/similar results. Remember to use active voice.):
1. Tell students that we will be listening to the story “Mmm Cookies”
2. Prior to listening to story I will ask students “Can you tell by the title of this story
    what the story is going to be about?
3. I will instruct students to close their eyes and listen to “Mmm Cookies” by R.Munsch
4. Following the auditory activity the students will engage in a whole class discussion.
    a) What the story was about
    b) How would you go about making your favorite cookies

The following vocabulary terms will be introduced
 Ordinal Positions, first, second, third, fourth
5. Students will return to their seat and do the story sequence cards and glue to manilla
paper in the correct order.

Activity Length: Story time: 15 minutes
Group discussion time : 15 minutes
Cut and Paste sequence activity: 20 minutes

Teacher Preparation—What Must Be Done in Advance of Teaching the Lesson or
Using the Project. (Sequential steps that are numbered in list form):
To be done in advance:
1. Download “Mmm Cookies”
      *go to http://www.robertmunsch.com
      *click on “Story time with Robert Munsch”
      *scroll to “Mmm Cookies”, download and save to desktop
2. Copy story sequence cards.
      *go to http://www.dltk-teach.com/alphabuddies/index.html
 click on story sequencing
 scroll to make cookies, click on “Color” for template

3. Cut 18x20 sheets of manilla paper

Assessment (How will you know that students have learned? What do performance
levels look like? This section should contain a description of the assessment, and the
criteria for achievement, and performance levels. The criteria should directly align to
selected standards and instruction. Cross check your GLE's to pinpoint the specific
criteria to be mastered.):

Story sequencing worksheet

Web links (Optional) (List the name of the Web site and the complete URL):
For additional Robert Munsch stories and information go to

File (Include paper copies and electronic files that support instruction or assessment as
presented in this lesson or project. Include files such as teacher presentation materials
and spreadsheets, student activity sheets, or samples of student work.):

Description of the file to be attached. List type of document and type of file. (e.g.,
The attached document is a chart to help with assessment of the project. It is an Excel
spreadsheet.) No copyrighted materials!


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