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									KonaRed™ and XOWii Announce Exclusive Agreement

Kona, Hawai'i and Newport Beach, California (October 6, 2009) - KonaRed and XOWii have
announced a multi-year agreement to market ready-to-drink beverages featuring KonaRed. The
coffee fruit ingredient, called KonaRed, represents the only US-grown product of its kind.

Under the terms of the agreement, XOWii will obtain exclusive rights to distribute KonaRed for
ready-to-drink beverage use in the United States in the network marketing channel and will be
responsible for manufacturing, sales and marketing. KonaRed will be responsible for
registration and supply. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Sourced from Kona Coffee, KonaRed offers more than 175 years of history. The Hawaiian
coffee trees thrive in a unique environment only available in Kona to create award-winning Kona
coffees and the super-antioxidant powers of KonaRed (the fruit surrounding each coffee bean).
It is a perfect situation - the rocky volcano slopes nurture the coffee cherry, the sun-drenched
mornings ripen the fruit, the misty afternoons refresh it and Kona Coffee farmers meticulously
handpick each cherry. Because of the rocky location and the fact that the coffee cherries don't
ripen all at the same time, farmers can't mechanically harvest the trees. Therefore, KonaRed
consumers are assured a ripe "red" fruit, and not a combination of immature and overripe
cherries. KonaRed offers pure antioxidants, energy and phenolic attributes - naturally.

KonaRed™ and XOWii Announce Exclusive Agreement

The launch into ready-to-drink beverages offers a strong focal point to XOWii's product lines,
which will include a weight-loss product in January 2010. "There are significant unmet needs in
this market, which is why XOWii is entering the multi-level marketing industry," said James
Christiansen, executive vice president and co-founder of XOWii. "KonaRed is a unique
ingredient due to its extremely high antioxidant content and because it is virtually unknown in
the marketplace."

"XOWii was founded on the need for a new business model within the direct sales industry,"
explains Christiansen. "After examining the industry's top compensation plan, my partner,
Richard Kelly, and I crafted the most distributor-friendly plan available today. As word of our
new venture spread, numerous industry icons and leaders committed to joining our attractive
compensation model, our remarkable and category-creating product, our commitment to
distributors, and our company's youthful brand and energy."

"Today is an extraordinary day for KonaRed Coffee Fruit, its employees and suppliers, as we
enter into a long-term supply agreement with XOWii, LLC, an innovative networking marketing
company with tremendous industry experience and knowledge in the MLM channel," states
Shaun Roberts, founder and CEO of KonaRed. "In October 2009, XOWii's industry icons will
launch their first product, XOWii Energy, enriched with the antioxidant power of KonaRed
Coffee Fruit. KonaRed Coffee Fruit is looking forward to supplying XOWii, a company with the
potential for immediate explosive growth, for their initial product launch and with further products
slated for the beginning of 2010 and beyond."

About KonaRed
  KonaRed was established in 2008 and is headquartered in Kalaheo, Hawai'i. KonaRed's core
focus is bringing the health-promoting superfruits of Hawai'i to the dietary supplement,
functional food and personal care markets. KonaRed can be reached at 808.634.6072 or

About XOWii, LLC
  XOWii is a network marketing company that sells nutrition products intended to support a
healthy lifestyle. XOWii develops and markets scientifically formulated, premium quality
products. Developed with a philosophy to allow distributors to manage and drive the effort
through unbridled levels of customer support and distributor-enhanced programs, XOWii brand
products deliver super-antioxidants to promote and maintain vitality, health and energy. For
more information on XOWii brand products, visit About B&D Nutritional

KonaRed™ and XOWii Announce Exclusive Agreement

Ingredients, Inc.

Founded in 1993 and based in Vista, California, B&D Nutritional Ingredients, Inc.
(, is KonaRed's distributor and a national leader in sales and marketing
of premier raw materials essential to the dietary supplement, functional food and personal care
industries. B&D has a portfolio of products from leading manufacturers. These products are
primarily natural antioxidants. B&D is active in several industry organizations representing the
dietary supplement and personal care industries. Memberships include the Council for
Responsible Nutrition and the Drug, Chemical and Allied Trades Association, Inc.


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