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Missouri Substitute Teaching Certificate - PDF by qpt10304


Missouri Substitute Teaching Certificate document sample

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									   Working Together To Provide


Missouri Department of Elementary
    and Secondary Education
         November 2010
Types of Certificates Available On-line
Each             to t
E h requires you t set up your educator profile!
        i                       d   t      fil !

• Substitute Certificate of License to Teach
  available since July 2010
   – Three types of certificates
• College Recommended Initial Professional
  License to Teach available December
  2010 - Complete your profile and application, choose
  the college and submit Colleges recommend for
  professional areas such as math, art, elementary,
  special ed., science, English, social studies, etc.
 3 Types of Substitute Licenses
1. Regular classroom substitutes (60 semester
   hours from academic degree g
                            g                g
                                  granting program  g
   on USDOE accredited list)
2. Career/technical classroom substitutes
   a. (may have 60 semester hours of liberal arts
      or technical coursework) AND/OR
   b. (may have work experience -- alone or in
      combination with college credit)
3. Missouri certified educators who are working as
   hired substitute teachers (new hire requires fingerprint)
         Application Process is “On-line!”
1.                     fingerprints.
1 L1 captures your fingerprints             Call for appointment
2. Applicant sets up educator profile and applies for
    pp               p              p               pp
   certificate on-line under Web
   Applications (lower left corner of page)
3. Mail i i l transcripts t DESE ( it in educator ID
3 M il original t         i t to            (write i d     t
   or SSN -- if applicant is mailing) Colleges will send
    transcripts for recommended new graduates.
        Send to DESE, Attn: Certification, PO Box 480,
                Jefferson City, MO 65102-0480
4 Certificate will be “issued” – not mailed.
4.                      issued         mailed
5. Check your educator profile’s blue menu item (left of the
   p      )                               p
   profile) “Certification Status” to see/print certificate.
Start the certification process by going to:
                p            g

             HERE IT IS!

                           Here too, in
         Create “User Name” & Password @ from Web Applications (left side)

                                           applicant must
                                           set up his/her
Menu h has                                 User ID – click
                                           U           li k
many                                       on the “Need
choices                                    a user ID” line.
including a
way to
reset your
if you
forget it!
  User ID (set up page)

                   PLEASE use
                    pp p
                   appropriate email

                   School districts will see

Click the
“create” b tt !
“    t ” button!
    On Web Applications
New Site for Educator Security
                Under Teacher
                Quality and Urban
                1st Choose
                “Licensure System
                Educator Record
                Ed     t R       d
                Access” – to ensure
                you gain access to your
                record.      d Choose
                          2nd Ch
                          “Licensure” to
                          create your profile,
                          enter your address
                          and contact
                          information and
                          submit your
                              li ti
Licensure System Educator Record Access will
   “submit”           t for t     /       d
   “ b it” your request f entrance/password

                              Click Submit to
                              enter or cancel to
                              get out
  Web Applications

          After your “User ID” is set up,
          you can routinely enter the
          Licensure system and apply
          for an additional license or
          change your address!
Profile Screen and Menu

                      Be sure to complete the
                      Education information on
                      the colleges attended.

          When your certificate is issued,
          you will view/print it from
          Certificate Status.
              Select “Profile” and begin!
                                            Please fill out your
                                            entire legal name,
                                            birth-date, social
                                            security number,
                                            Notify DESE to
                                            change name.
                                             You will be able
                                            to change only
the                                         your address and
MENU                                        phone information
                                            without notifying
                                            DESE Remember
                                            email address!

 If correct, SAVE!
              Education Form
                                     Your profile
                                     information should
                                     appear “attached”
                                     to form.

Go back to
the menu,               You choose the type
select                  of application from the
“Education”             blue menu!
   d i
and fill in
the form.
Application Checklist will “pop” up – you may
         i t th information or delete it!
      print the i f    ti      d l t
 Application form – Complete all information and submit application on-line
 Transcripts – Original transcripts (no photocopies) from ALL institutions must
 be provided. Please be sure your SSN or educator ID is listed. A minimum
     d     i t           f25       4.0     l is    i d
 grade point average of 2.5 on a 4 0 scale i required. If you are a new
 graduate, the recommending institution will provide/send the transcripts
 directly to: Educator Certification, P.O. Box 480, Jefferson City, MO 65102
 Background check – A criminal background check must be completed
 Please contact L-1 Enrollment Services Division to schedule an appointment
 by calling 866/522-7067 or online at The
 current fee is $52.20 and you will need to know your county/district code
      b     Y       tifi ti    t t    for b tit t is            tifi d
 number. Your certification status: f substitutes i (S) or certified
 professional educator is (E). DESE’s ORI (originating agency) number is
 Processing fee – (information provided, if applicable)
                         Print                  Delete
                   Go back to MENU
Under Applications click on the BLACK triangle and select
                 the correct Application
Questions must be answered and explanations given to any marked “yes.”

       The Department has access
       to ALL records – no matter
         h t th tt           !
       what the attorney says!
Choose One Type of Substitute
        Initial Application
     or I iti l A li ti
                                 Individuals ill bt i
                                 I di id l will obtain
                                 additional “forms” if they
                                 choose career/technical
                                 to report work

                                 “Lifetime” certificate
                                 holders do not have to
 Choose only one application     apply for a substitute
 type and submit only ONE        certificate, but they can!
   pp                 g yp
 application for a single type
 of certificate.
      Career/Technical Substitutes (only)

                                                           Add more
                                                           lines on

1. Bachelor’s* plus 4,000 hours of locally approved, related occupational
   experience, or
2. Associate’s* plus 5,000 hours of locally approved, related occupational
   experience, or
    ,                   y pp      ,              p          p       ,
3. 6,000 hours of locally approved, related occupational experience, or
4. Approved by the Commissioner of Education and possesses good moral

* Education should be listed under the “Education” section and transcripts sent!
  “Sign” & Submit” – Substitute Application

                                 Read the sworn
                                 statement and
                                 “accept!” This is
                                 your “signature.”

Submit or Cancel
      Initial Professional Application
   The top part of your application will include information from your educator
   fil Please enter th d t under “Ed
profile. Pl        t the data d “Education” (f            the blue          the left
                                               ti ” (from th bl menu on th l ft
     side of the page) – then it will show on your profile/application request.
Answer the professional conduct questions

                        Professional certificates = art,
                         g         , p             ,
                        agriculture, sp. education, social
                        studies, languages, science, etc.
                        Administrators and student
                        services will be available later.

                                             After you
                                             accept, you
                                             will then
                                             choose the
                                             where you
                                             will send the
                                                  li ti
  After you send the application form to the college, you will see the
college p               pp                  g        pp
     g portion of the application. The college will approve and submit
     your application to DESE or contact you for more information.

                                                               Your college
                                                               or university y
                                                               will “verify” the
                                                               type of
                                                               certificate to
                                                               be issued.

                                                       When “issued” you
                                                       can look in the blue
                                                       menu under
                                                       “Certification Status”
                                                       to see your license.



                    Type of cert
                                                        Work experience,
                                                        if appropriate


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