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 CONTENTS                  Message from the Chair
Chair’s Message      1     It has been a good - and busy - year.                We were successful
New Faculty          1     Our student groups are very active and               in filling several
Spotlight: Minier    2     successful, we have terrific new faculty             faculty positions for
Kaikati Reflects     3     members, and we continue to work with                this year and are
Awards               3     many students to help them achieve their             happy to have three
Organizations        4     academic goals.                                      new faculty members
                                                                                in the department.
                           The student groups that call the                     After several years at
                           Management and Marketing Department                  Rensselaer Polytechnic
 CALENDAR                  home – American Marketing Association                Institute, Robyn
 OF EVENTS                 (AMA), Collegiate Entrepreneurs                      Berkley has joined our
                           Organization (CEO), Master of Marketing              department. Janice            Dr. Joseph F. Michlitsch
Monday, April 2            Research Student Association (MMRSA),                Joplin has returned
School of Business         and The Society for Human Resource                   to the department after six years at the
Scholarship &              Management (SHRM) – all have been very               University of Texas-El Paso. She was in the
Awards Program             active. The AMA, in particular, has “kicked          department previously from 1994-2000.
11:00 a.m.                 it up a notch” this year. You will see their         Ram Madupalli joins us from Georgia State
Morris University Center   achievements highlighted in this newsletter.         University where he is completing a doctorate
                                                                                in marketing. More information regarding
Saturday, May 5            The MMR (Master of Marketing Research)               these new faculty is included below.
Commencement               Program celebrated its 20th anniversary this
Vadalabene Center          year, and Dr. Madhav Segal, Director and             As always, I appreciate the comments and
                           founder of the degree program, organized             suggestions that we receive. Please continue
                           a great celebration. Thanks to the Advisory          to stay in touch.
                           Board and alumni who contributed in many                                            Dr. Joe Michlitsch,
                           ways to this event.                                                           Chair, Management and
                                                                                                          Marketing Department

                           New Faculty
                           Robyn Berkley, assistant             Janice Joplin, associate           the International Journal of
                           professor, received her             professor, received her             Cross Cultural Management
                           doctorate in Human                  doctorate in Organizational         and had three papers
                           Resource Management from            Behavior and Organizational         accepted at the 2006
                           the University of Wisconsin-        Theory from the University          Academy of Management’s
                           Madison. Berkley’s interests        of Texas at Arlington.              annual meeting.
                           include organizational              Joplin is a returning faculty
                           behavior and human                  member; she previously              Ramana Madupalli,
                           resource management. In             taught in the SIUE School           instructor, will receive his
                           2006, Berkley was published         of Business from 1994-              doctorate in Marketing from
                           in the Employee Right &             2000 before joining the             Georgia State University.
                           Responsibilities Handbook           faculty at the University of        Madupalli’s teaching interests
                           and presented at                    Texas-El Paso. This year,           include marketing research
                           several conferences.                Joplin was published in             and product management.

                           Visit the Management & Marketing Department at
                           Newsletter Editor: Theresa Denten
  2                      SIUE School      of   BUSInESS

                         Alumni Success Story: Jeff Minier
                         Director of Global Research and Business Intelligence, Merial Corporation

                         To look at Jeff Minier (MMR ’98) today,             I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I
                         it is hard to imagine him as a floundering          ‘grew up’. The MMR program opened the door
                         undergraduate struggling to make ends meet.         for me to succeed.”
                         These days, he exudes an air of success—a
                         success that he has worked hard to achieve          Looking back on his years at SIUE, Minier
                         and one that he directly attributes to his time     notes that the program’s personalized attention
                         spent at SIUE.                                      from professors like Dr. Ralph Giacobbe and
                                                                             Dr. Madhav Segal helped motivate, encourage,
                         Today, Minier works as the director of Global       and challenge him. Minier explained that
                         Research and Business Intelligence at the           “these professors have a passion for what they
                         Merial Corporation, a $2.2 billion dollar global    are doing. They have a grander purpose in
                         animal health company. His position in the          life—to educate and encourage their students.”
                         Atlanta, Ga., office is an international one that
        Jeff Minier      has him traveling around the world meeting          Minier’s passion toward the MMR program
                         with global brand directors.                        is evident when one looks at his continued
                                                                             involvement at SIUE. Since his graduation
                         Minier’s remarkable story, however, begins far      in 1998, Minier has stepped in to help teach
                         from the exhilarating life of having lunch in       when professors have gone on sabbatical,
                         Paris with his wife whom he, coincidentally,        participated in the MMR speaker series, and
                         met at SIUE. Rather, it starts in Georgia           has worked with other MMR alumni to create
                         where he studied as an undergraduate. A             the Frank Staggers Award of Excellence.
“When I came to SIUE,    self-proclaimed “average student,” Minier
I was floundering. I     struggled financially and academically              More recently, Minier helped create the
                         throughout college.                                 MMR Advisory Board, which is comprised
didn’t know what I                                                           of marketing research industry leaders
wanted to do when I      After graduating from the University of Georgia     from several leading research agencies and
                         in 1988, Minier ventured into the world of          Fortune 500 client organizations. Minier is
‘grew up’. The MMR       sales. For three years, he traveled the Midwest     currently one of two MMR alumni on that
program opened           as a sales representative. As Minier explains,      board. “The creation of this board is evidence
                         “It didn’t take long for me to realize that being   that marketing research executives see and
the door for me          a salesman wasn’t the life that I wanted. I         recognize that the MMR program plays a
to succeed.”             decided that if I didn’t want to stay in sales, I   crucial role in industry,” he explained.
                         had to make a change.”
           Jeff Minier                                                       This past fall, despite his global role at
                         Hoping that going back to school would help         the Merial Corporation, Minier found time
                         him make that change, Minier quit his job as a      to be an integral member of the Event
                         sales rep and relocated to Alton, Ill., in 1995.    Planning Committee for the 20th Anniversary
                         He enrolled in SIUE’s MBA program and soon          Celebration of the MMR program. Perhaps the
                         found himself in Dr. Jack Kaikati’s marketing       best evidence of his commitment to the MMR
                         research class. Over the course of the semester,    program is the fact that at the 20th Anniversary
                         Minier realized he had a knack for marketing        Celebration, Minier received the “Distinguished
                         research and learned of SIUE’s Master of            Service Award” for his continued contributions
                         Marketing Research Program (MMR).                   to the program.

                         It wasn’t long before Minier left the MBA           Minier said it best, “All you need is that one
                         program and started working on his MMR              person to push you, to challenge you, and that
                         degree. The MMR program turned out to be            makes all the difference. Enrolling in SIUE’s
                         just the change Minier was looking for. He          MMR Program is absolutely the best decision I
                         said, “When I came to SIUE, I was floundering.      have ever made in my life.”
                                                                                             SIUE                            3

Dr. Jack Kaikati Reflects on SIUE
Dr. Jack Kaikati may have retired, but he         published several times in the Journal of             “Being a
certainly isn’t slowing down. After teaching      Marketing, Kaikati contacted Netemeyer
at SIUE for more than 25 years, Kaikati retired   to congratulate him on a successful career.           professor is
in 2003 following several bouts with cancer.      Netemeyer’s response was simply, “I’ve had            about more than
“Cancer is a very scary wakeup call,” Kaikati     some good teachers.”
explains. “I decided that I needed to take                                                              research and
some time for myself.”                            In addition to teaching, Kaikati travels              getting published,
                                                  with this wife of nearly 35 years to exotic
The teacher in him wouldn’t stay idle for         destinations around the world, including              it’s about seeing
long, however. Once he was able to get his        Australia and Italy, where his mother-in-law          students learn
health under control, Dr. Kaikati returned        resides. Despite the thrill of his travels, Kaikati
to SIUE as a professor emeritus. These            says there is no place like home.                     and grow.”
days, Kaikati teaches one or two classes a                                                                Dr. Jack Kaikati
semester, including the Advanced Marketing        Kaikati’s research continues to influence
Management class, which is the last class         the marketing field. His current interest is
marketing students take before graduation.        “undercover marketing,” a discipline that has
                                                  recently gained popularity.
The soft-spoken professor, beloved by
students, says that the greatest gift for a       Kaikati says that being a professor is about
professor is to see his students succeed. One     more than research and getting published, it’s
student in particular stands out in Kaikati’s     about seeing students learn and grow. Kaikati
mind. Richard G. Netemeyer (BS ’79,               says, “If I had to do it all again, I would still
MBA ’81), has gone on to be a successful          be a teacher.”
marketing professor himself. After being

Marketing Students Take Home Two
Awards at International Conference
Last March, the SIUE chapter of the American      “The awards we received were well deserved.
Marketing Association (AMA) attended the          We worked diligently to rebuild our chapter,
association’s annual International Collegiate     and we put a lot of hard work and dedication
Conference in Orlando, Fla. In attendance         into making it the success it is today,”
were then president Molly Anderson (BSBA          explains Hertenstein.
’06), current president Hilary Hertenstein,
current vice president Kelly Leifer, and          The SIUE chapter also participated in the
members Jessica Arview (BSBA ’06) and             marketing case competition, an annual event
Katie Eckley.                                     pitting the best students from each school
                                                  against one another in a competition to solve
The SIUE chapter received two awards at           a company’s marketing problems.
the conference. First was the Revitalized
Chapter Award for meeting requirements            The AMA International Collegiate Conference
that includes a chapter plan, annual report,      is the largest collegiate marketing conference
and participation in the annual case study.       in the world and is attended each year by
The second award was the Outstanding              more than 1,000 undergraduate marketing
Membership Activities Award, given to the         students from dozens of colleges and
chapter in recognition of its exceptional         universities around the world.
events such as Trivia Night and the
Anheuser-Busch tour.
   4                        SIUE School      of   BUSInESS

   Management & Marketing Student Organizations
   American Marketing Association (AMA). SIUE hosts a             Master of Marketing Research Student Association
   student chapter of this national association. The mission      (MMRSA) provides graduate students in the MMR
   of the AMA is to expose students to the environment            Program the opportunity to participate in an organization
   of marketing and sales professions. Through the AMA,           dedicated to the promotion and advancement of marketing
   students have an opportunity to make contact with              research. The MMRSA strives to improve MMR students’
   professionals working in their field. Chapter activities       marketability in the job market via guest speakers and
   include hosting guest speakers from the field of marketing,    specialized workshops on emerging topics and trends in
   attending the St. Louis Student AMA Conference, and            marketing research. Additionally, the MMRSA provides an
   attending the National Student AMA Conference.                 informal venue for MMR students to interact socially.

   Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO).                   The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is
   Members of CEO learn about helpful resources for               the leading voice of the human resource profession. SHRM
   entrepreneurial research, local entrepreneurial successes,     provides education and information services, conferences
   the start-up process, and opportunities available to           and seminars, government and media representation,
   young entrepreneurs. Members are exposed to networks           online services and publications to more than 165,000
   of young entrepreneurs, opportunities to participate           professional and student members throughout the world.
   in entrepreneurship competitions, resources for small          The Society is a founding member of the North American
   business assistance, and general business skills.              Human Resource Management Association as well as
                                                                  founding member of the World Federation of Personnel
                                                                  Management Associations.

                                                                 Management & Marketing Faculty

                                                                  Dr. Robyn Berkley, Asst. Prof.            Dr. Joseph Michlitsch, Chair,
                                                                                  Assoc. Professor
                                                                  Mr. Joseph Denneny, Lecturer
                                                                   St. Louis Post-Dispatch                  Ms. Donna Mickens, Instructor
                                                                  Dr. Tom Douglas, Asst. Professor
                                                                                  Dr. A.G. Monaco, Lecturer
                                                                  Dr. Ralph Giacobbe, Assoc. Professor
                                                                                  Mr. Neil Neunaber, Lecturer
                                                                  Mr. John Gilbert, Lecturer
                                                                   Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP                 Dr. Gertrude Pannirselvam,
                                                                                                            Assoc. Professor
                                                                  Mr. Gregory Gomez, Lecturer       
                                                                                                            Ms. Karen Schoenthal, Lecturer
                                                                  Ms. Ann Gorman, Instructor       
                                                                                                            Dr. Madhav Segal, Professor
                                                                  Dr. Marko Grunhagen, Asst. Professor
                                                                                                            Ms. Sherrie Senkfor, Lecturer
                                                                  Ms. Sandra Haynes, Lecturer                Bunge Corporation
                                                                   A.G. Edwards
                                                                                                            Dr. Donald Strickland, Professor
                                                                  Dr. Edmund Hershberger, Asst. Professor
                                    Change Service requested                                                Dr. Laura Swanson, Assoc. Professor
                                                                  Dr. Jancie Joplin, Assoc. Prof.   
                                                                                                            Dr. John Sterling, Lecturer
                     Edwardsville, IL 62026-1051                  Mr. Paul Jinks, Lecturer                    Ralcorp
                                                                   Retired Instructor
                     School of Business                                                                     Ms. Silvia Torres Bowman, Lecturer
                                                                  Dr. Jack Kaikati, Professor Emeritus
                     Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
                                                                                                            Dr. John Virgo, Professor Emeritus
                                                                  Dr. Max Lorenz, Lecturer          
                                                                    Life & Career Works, L.L.C.
                                                                                                            Dr. George Watson, Assoc. Professor
EDWARDSVILLE, IL                                                  Dr. Mary Sue Love, Asst. Professor
  PERMIT No. 68                                                                                             Mr. Thomas Werner, Lecturer
                                                                  Mr. Jim Mager, Lecturer                    Retired, Maritz Corporation
      PAID                                                         Beale Manufacturing
    POSTAGE                                                                                                 Ms. Chris Winter, Lecturer
                                                                  Mr. Ramana Madupalli, Instructor           Bunn Winter Associates, Inc.

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