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					                                                        Biology 1544 Schedule

                                    Mader Introductory Biology, 7th Edition "Lab Packet in Bookstore.
                                       Mader home page:

           This is tentative. Changes may have to be made to meet class goals.
  Note:    Pop quizzes may be expected over previous work and readings.
    *      Represents assignment which will count as a grade.

Week of:   Schedule, Topics, Goals:

Aug. 25    Introductions: Students, teacher, materials?
           Thinking about life. Writing about life. Turn in paragraph.*
           Video on Living Systems: Note taking pointers.
           Assignment: Read Chapter 1. Safety Video

Sept. 1    Review characteristics of life and group work on
           scientific method. End of chapter questions in class.    *
           Assignment: Read Chapter 2.

Sept. 8    Organisms need both inorganic and organic compounds.
           Video on Basic Chemistry; worksheets.                 *
           Read Basic Chemistry Lab in packet before class.
           Recycling talk by Marcia Schoonert; Service Learning Intro. Video on Modern Marvel, Garbage *

Sept. 15   Lab on Organic Chemistry. * Assignment: Read Chapter 3 and answer questions at end.
           Discuss organic compounds: structure, function, how to recognize.
           Read Chapter 4, The Cell.

Sept. 22   Discuss Chapter 4, The Cell. Worksheet*
           Microscope Lab. * Read Microscope lab before class.
           Bring in pond water for examination under microscope.
           Read Chapter 5, Membrane Structure and Function.

Sept. 29   Discuss the Cell Membrane, Chapter 5. Group work on Cell Membrane worksheet.
           Lab on Diffusion and Osmosis. Video on transport in cells. *
           Review the steps in writing a lab report. First Lab Report due Feb. 26th. Review for Test #1.

Oct. 6     Test #1, Chs. 1- 5
           Read Chapter 6, Metabolism, Energy, Enzymes. Discuss Chapter 6.
           Group work on Cell Energy Worksheets. If weather permits, trip to Tanyard Creek with worksheets.   *

Oct. 13    Review Test #1. Finish discussing Chapter 6. Review worksheets.
           Read Chapter 7, Photosynthesis.
           Review Flow Chart on Photosynthesis. Photosynthesis Lab.* Second lab report due March 24th.
           Photosynthesis Worksheets by groups.                  *

Oct. 20    Read Chapter 8, Cellular Respiration
           Flow Chart review. Worksheet. Videos.                     *
           Review for second test, Chapters 5 - 8. Test #2, Mar. 12th.

Oct. 27    Read Chapter 9, Cell Division, Cellular Reproduction.
           Mitosis Lab in packet. * Worksheet on Mitosis.        *
           Read Chapter 10, Meiosis and Sexual Reproduction.

Nov. 3     Discuss process of Meiosis. Worksheet on Meiosis.   *
           Read Chapter 11, Mendelian Patterns of Inheritance.

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           and Chapter 12, Chromosomes and Genes.

Nov. 10    Discuss Ch. 11 - 12. Chapter 13 (students may volunteer to report on disorders).
           Video, student reports, genetics problems and worksheet on genetics.     *
           Genetics Lab. Review for Test #3, Ch. 9 - 13, plus condensed notes Chs. 14 - 17

Nov. 17    Test #3, Chapters 9 - 14 plus notes over 15 - 17, including DNA, the gene, and evolution. *

Nov. 24    Review Test # 3.      *
           Begin discussion of populations and communities.
           Discuss Ecosystems present in Northwest Arkansas.
           Group activity on knowing one's own region, ecologically.   *

Dec. 1     Finish discussion of ecology; use Tanyard Creek and Back Forty information.    *
           Videos on biodiversity.

Dec. 8     Finish special topics reports and review for final exam.
           Research papers are due no later than December 8/9 for full credit.

Dec.15/16 Final exam at regular time.

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