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									                      An Invitation to
Nov 28 - Dec 5,2010   the World of
Creating value through competence

        When it comes to the housing finance      A senior executive of HDFC was the
        sector in India, one name stands out      former President of the International
        distinctively: HDFC - a market leader     Union for Housing Finance (IUHF), which
        and an innovator. We have consistently    is a non-profit trade association, with
        revised the benchmarks of housing         members from 60 countries worldwide.
        finance products and services.            The objective of IUHF is to make housing
                                                  credit affordable and more available
        Being a pioneer and leader in a nascent
                                                  around the world.
        market has not stopped us from aspiring
        for challenging goals. The World Bank     On the domestic front, our executives
        considers us a model private sector       help formulate national housing policies
        housing finance company in developing     and strategies. In fact, we have been
        countries. We provide consultancy         invited by the Government of India to
        services and technical assistance for     join a number of committees and task
        new and existing institutions. Our        forces related to housing finance, urban
        executives undertake consultancy          development and capital markets – a
        assignments related to housing finance    task that we are proud to be part of.
        and urban development directly or
        on behalf of international agencies

        We also share our expertise through
        Training Programmes at our own
        Training Centre in Lonavla, India or at
        the client’s location. Delegates from
        several countries have benefited from
        participating in these programmes.
                                                       for Housing Finance

Our training facility, Centre for Housing    •	 Well-equipped library
Finance (CHF), is located 120 kms from
                                             •	 Residential accommodation
Mumbai, in the tranquil environs of
                                                that provides comfort and
Lonavla, a hill station, 2,000 feet above
sea level.
                                             •	 Dining facilities offering a
Some of the key features of our Centre          variety of cuisine
                                             •	 Indoor     and        outdoor
•	 State-of-the-art technology in the           recreation facilities
   training rooms
•	 Syndicate rooms for group work

                                             Technical Assistance (TA)
The objective of the TA is to offer          who would review and advise the Client
specific deliverables and support the        on products, systems and procedures,
Client in all aspects relating to mortgage   including developing new products and
finance operations which include loan        designing marketing strategies.
origination and recoveries, marketing
                                             These experts would visit the Client
and distribution strategies, accounting
                                             and work closely with its officials to
and management information systems,
                                             understand the external environment
resource mobilisation and information
                                             in which the Client functions and
technology support.
                                             thereafter make recommendations vis-a-
Under the TA programme, HDFC deputes         vis strategies, products, policies, systems
experts in the identified operating areas    and procedures.
Our experience
makes the difference
         Training Programmes                          •	 Building High
                                                         Performance Teams
         Our training programmes are specially
         designed to be a blend of learning and       •	 Resource
         practical experience. We offer a variety        Mobilisation - Issues
         of training courses for senior and middle-      in Managing and
         level management executives and line            Marketing
         staff. Some key programmes offered
         are:                                         •	 Training The
                                                         Trainers - A Multi
         •	 Housing Finance Management                   Dimensional
         •	 Loan Origination and Credit Risk
            Management                                We     also    custom-design     training
                                                      programmes       based    on     specific
         •	 Managing Customer Service in              organisational needs.
            Financial Organisations

Current Programme
         Housing Finance Management - 2010            focus on various housing finance systems
         (HFM-2010)                                   and best practices, credit evaluation,
         November 28 - December 5, 2010               emphasis on customer needs, product
         at CHF, Lonavla, India.                      development, marketing, managing
                                                      competition and distribution channels,
         The       week      long      residential    effective internal control systems and
         programme on Housing Finance                 mechanisms, resource mobilisation and
         Management encompasses all the               risk management systems. In addition,
         prime functions of a specialised             a field visit to an HDFC office will also
         Housing Finance Institution. Through         give participants a practical perspective
         specialised modules, the programme will      of the housing finance business.
Programme Outline
            Day 1: Sunday, November 28, 2010
                   w  Assembling & Bonding
            Day 2: Monday, November 29, 2010
                   w Introduction to the programme
                   w Overview of Housing Finance Systems
                   w Loan Origination and Assessment of Risk
            Day 3: Tuesday, November 30, 2010
                   w  Product Development, Marketing and Distribution
                   w  Legal and Technical Appraisal
                   w  Developer/Builder Relationships and Products
            Day 4: Wednesday, December 01, 2010
                   w Loan Accounting Practices – Systems and Controls
                   w Credit Risk Management
                   w Process Development for Efficient Credit Risk
            Day 5: Thursday, December 02, 2010
                   w  Day visit to an HDFC office
            Day 6: Friday, December 03, 2010                            Fees:
                   w   Corporate Functions – Management Information     US $ 3,000* for first participant.
                       Systems                                          US $ 2,750* from second participant onwards from the
                                                                        same institution.
                   w   Business Strategy and Budgeting
                                                                        *Plus Service Tax @ 10.30%
                   w   Managing Service Delivery Processes              The fees are inclusive of accommodation, refreshments
            Day 7: Saturday, December 04, 2010                          during breaks, meals, training costs, course material
                                                                        and to and fro airport transfer.
                   w  Resource Mobilisation
                   w  Risk Management Systems and Development of        Note:
                      Secondary Mortgage Markets                        Accommodation will be on a double occupancy basis.
                                                                        For single occupancy** an additional amount of US$
                   w  Open House Session
                                                                        750 plus service tax @ 10.30% will be charged.
            Day 8: Sunday, December 05, 2010
                   w  Departure from CHF, Lonavla                       ** Subject to availability
            v Subject to change
         What our participants said...
         Feedback from Housing Finance Management Programmes

The classroom experience was invaluable in opening up all aspects of
Housing Finance Management. I have taken with me many insights
that I intend to apply to what I hope will be a long career in Housing
Finance. The free flow of ideas from participants representing 15
countries and 17 organisations also added immensely to the richness
of the programme.

Cynthia Kantai,
Housing Finance,
Kenya (HFM 2007)

It was a very wonderful experience at the HDFC Training Centre,
where there was an optimal combination of knowledge gaining,             My experience exceeded my expectations. I am
sharing of experiences and recreational activities all in the perfect    really touched by the level of knowledge, passion,
environment. The content of the programmes was so fruitful and           commitment and insight of the people at HDFC,
have surely added value to our products and services, not forgetting     and the opportunity to share experience with
the delicious meals and accommodation.                                   other participants.
Jackson Alfred Lohay
                                                                         Islam Mominul
Azania Bank Ltd,
                                                                         IPDC of Bangladesh Ltd.
Tanzania (HFM 2008)
                                                                         Bangladesh (HFM 2009)

I have attended similar programmes where the tuition cost is             The course was an eye opener in terms of mortgage
more than the entire programme at HFM but in many cases those            lending. It gave me a broader understanding of
programmes were a mere rehearsal of academic notes of the                the various aspects of housing finance. Interacting
Presenter. HFM 2008 was different in content and methodology;            and learning from various participants showed
it was very practical in every respect and my reality on housing         me that we all had a similar goal/objective that is
finance has since changed positively.                                    providing shelter to everyone.
Joseph Alphons Torku                                                     Margaret Musheke
Ecobank,                                                                 Zambia National Building Society
Lome Togo (HFM 2008)                                                     Zambia (HFM 2009)

It was a great pleasure to visit India for the first time                The training was an experience of a life time. I
– an experience I’ll never forget. The programme                         learnt a lot during my interaction with the experts
was successful. We shared our experience,                                and participants from different countries. Apart
knowledge and ideas with each other.                                     from that the network of friends that I made will
                                                                         be cherished for life time.
Amr Abdelhady
Egypt Housing Finance Company                                            Shafeeq Mohamed
Egypt (HFM 2009)                                                         HDFC
                                                                         Maldives (HFM 2009)
                                                                                                                                       Some Organisations that
                                                                                                                                       have participated in our

                                                                                                                                                   D   IPDC of Bangladesh Limited,
                                                                                                  D   Domenia Credit,                              D   Mauritius Housing Company Limited,
                                                                                                      Romania                                          Mauritius
                                                                                                  D   East African Building Society,               D   National Development Bank,
                                                                                                      Kenya                                            Sri Lanka
                      agement programme -                                                         D   Ecobank,                                     D   National Social Security Fund,
Housing   Finance Man                                                                                 Ghana                                            Tanzania
                                                                                                  D   Ecobank Transnational Incorporated (ETI),    D   Pt Sarana Multigriya Finansial,
                                             D     Alexander Forbes Tanzania Ltd,                     Lomo Togo                                        Indonesia
                                                   Tanzania                                       D   Egyptian Housing Finance Company,            D   PT. Bank Central Asia, Tbk,
                                             D     Alliance Housing Bank,                             Egypt                                            Indonesia
                                                   Sultanate of Oman                              D   Federal Ministry of Environment & Housing,   D   PT. Bank DKI,
                                             D     Aso Savings & Loans Ltd,                           Nigeria                                          Indonesia
                                                   Nigeria                                        D   Government Housing Bank,                     D   PT. Bank Mandiri (Persero), Tbk,
                                             D     Azania Bank Ltd,                                   Thailand                                         Indonesia
                                                   Tanzania                                       D   Habib Bank,                                  D   PT. Bank Permata,
                                             D     Bank of Zambia,                                    Pakistan                                         Indonesia
                                                   Zambia                                         D   Home Finance Company Limited,                D   RAKBANK,
                                             D     Bank Soyuz,                                        Fiji Island                                      Dubai
                                                   Russia                                         D   Home Finance Company,                        D   Rakiyat Bank,
                                             D     Banque Commercial Du Rwanda,                       Ghana                                            Indonesia
                                                   Rwanda                                         D   Housing Development Finance Corp. Plc,       D   Shamballa Finance S.A.,
                                             D     British American Mortgage Finance House            Maldives                                         Benin
                                                   Company Ltd,                                   D   Housing Development Finance Corporation,     D   Shivcom Group of Companies Ltd,
                                                   Mauritius                                          Sri Lanka                                        Tanzania
                                             D     BTN Bank,                                      D   Housing Finance,                             D   State Mortgage & Investment Bank,
                                                   Indonesia                                          Kenya                                            Sri Lanka
                                             D     Delta Brac Housing Finance Corporation Ltd.,   D   INDEBANK,                                    D   TAH Capital,
                                                   Bangladesh                                         Malawi                                           South Africa
                                             D     Development Finance Corp. of Uganda,           D   Industrial Development Leasing Company,      D   Zambia National Building Society,
                                                   Uganda                                             Bangladesh                                       Zambia
                                          For more details please contact:
                            Mr Conrad D’ Souza                                    Mr S K Vasant
                           Senior General Manager                       General Manager & Head HRD & CHF
                             Tel: 91-22-22873123                                Tel: 91-22-66316438
                           email:                             email:

          Regd. Office: Ramon House, 169, Backbay Reclamation, H T Parekh Marg, Churchgate, Mumbai - 400 020. India
                               Phone: 91 (022) 6631 6000, 2282 0282. website:

                                          Contact: Mr Beeyo Isaac / Mr Thomas Menezes
Plot No. 167A, TPS No.1, Tungarli Road, Lonavla 410 401. India. Phones: 91(02114) 273812, 273820, 275012. Fax: 91(02114) 273303.

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