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  Vol. 123 - No. 184
                                                                 Purdue’s Independent Daily Student Newspaper
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Dec. 9, 2009

University announces formation of steering committee
BY ANDREA HAMMER                             general fund, which is largely            and treasurer Al Diaz as well as     addressing the                         best universities in the world,”      and should be concerned about,
Assistant Campus Editor                      made up of state appropria-               executive vice president for aca-    governor’s                             Córdova wrote in the letter.          doing nothing, or as little as
                                             tions and student fees. Then on           demic affairs and provost Randy      announcement                              Howard Zelaznik, professor         possible to reduce the quality of
   On      Tuesday,      Purdue              Friday, Gov. Mitch Daniels                Woodson.                             and how Pur-                           of health and kinesiology and         a Purdue education,” he wrote
announced 14 people from vari-               announced state appropria-                   According to a press release      due will be                            chair of the University Senate,       in an e-mail.
ous areas of the University who              tions for Indiana’s seven public          from the University, the com-        dealing      with                      said his appointment to the              Student body president Adam
will sit on a steering committee             institutions of higher educa-             mittee is composed of members        that in the com-                       committee will allow him to           Kline, a senior in the College of
for University budget analysis.              tion would be cut an additional           from all groups within the           ing months.       FRANCE CORDOVA       enthusiastically represent the        Agriculture, was appointed by
                                                                                                                                               Purdue President
   In November, the University               $150 million, about 6 percent             University - graduate and              “The changes                         faculty.                              the committee along with stu-
announced it would look for                  of their collective general fund          undergraduate students as well       that we make                              “As faculty are the primary        dent body vice president Kristin
ways to cut $30 million. This                budgets.                                  as faculty and staff.                will be done thoughtfully, trans-      vehicle to deliver education and      Shrack. Kline said the involve-
would represent 8 to 10 percent                 The steering committee is                 University president France       parently and with concern and          our no. 1 priority is the educa-      ment of students shows the
of a portion of the expenditures             headed by executive vice presi-           Córdova sent a letter Tuesday        respect for the people that have       tion of our undergraduate and
covered by the University’s                  dent for business and finance             morning to faculty and staff         made this institution one of the       graduate students, the Senate is,            See COMMITTEE | Page 4

                                 SPEECH                                                                                                                CAMPUS

                                                                                                                                                                                                         AMPBELL | G
                                                                                                                                                                                                   CHAD C

                                           BRET LANGHAM | STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER
Herman Boone, known for Disney’s portrayal of his struggle in the
movie “Remember the Titans” speaks to Purdue students about
respect, teamwork and the importance of character at Loeb
Playhouse on Tuesday night.

         ‘Remember the
          Titans’ coach
        inspires students                                                                                        RISKY BUSINESS,
                                                                                                                  BUT WORTH IT?
BY VERONICA APPLETON                         awareness, innovation and social
Staff Reporter                               responsibility, which the sorority aims
                                             to instill in each member.
   The legendary high school football           “Coach Boone mentioned team-
coach from the film “Remember the            work and struggles, which is imple-
Titans” engaged students and faculty
in a discussion based on respect, team-
                                             mented in everyday lifestyles,” said
                                             Kristen Burkett, Delta Gamma direc-
                                                                                                                    Campus bars rife with fake IDs
work, community involvement and              tor of lectureship.
the importance of character Tuesday             The film, in which Boone was por-               BY RACHEL SPENCER                           best friend’s girlfriend who I knew        caught it.”
night.                                       trayed by Denzel Washington, reflect-              Staff Reporter                              was only 20. She would show me her            Purdue Police Lt. Fred Davis of the
   Herman Boone, coach of the 1971           ed his leadership in encouraging a                                                             ID and I would let her on in,” he said.    criminal investigations division said that
T.C. Williams High School team in            newly integrated football team to com-                On a college campus, using fraudu-          Jessica, a student in the College of    there have been arrests made in the past
Alexandria, Va., gave a presentation in      mitment in respect for others and to               lent forms of identification can be a       Agriculture who requested to remain        for manufacturing fake IDs.
Loeb Playhouse as part of the Delta          win a state championship.                          problem.                                    anonymous, said she has used a false          “Over the years–I’ve been here for
Gamma sorority lecture series on val-           Boone says in 1971, social and                     According to, under Indi-         form of identification to get into bars    33 of them– there were cases of per-
ues and ethics.                                                                                 ana Code, false statements of age are       near Purdue. In one night, Jessica         sons traveling the campuses and
   The series focuses on community                         See COACH | Page 4                   Class C misdemeanors potentially            went to four local bars and was never      making false IDs.”
                                                                                                punishable by jail time, probation,         questioned about her identification           Purdue Police Chief John Cox said
                                                                                                $500 fines and a suspended drivers          even though she wasn’t 21.                 despite the existence of fake IDs,
                                 PROFILE                                                        license for up to one year. Despite            “I got the ID from my roommate;         “We have not seen a lot of fake ID
                                                                                                the negative consequences, fake IDs         she’s used it before, but I don’t even     cases lately.”

         Couple manages                                                                         are still used on Purdue’s campus.
                                                                                                   The Campus Community Bar
                                                                                                Retail Coalition is an organization
                                                                                                                                            know the girl on it,” she said. “I was
                                                                                                                                            nervous to show my ID at the bars,
                                                                                                                                            but I probably wouldn’t have tried it
                                                                                                                                                                                          Typically, when an ID is taken by a
                                                                                                                                                                                       bouncer, it is procedure for the ID to
                                                                                                                                                                                       be turned into the manager. As long
          family, school                                                                        comprising members from the Stu-
                                                                                                dent Wellness Office, the West
                                                                                                                                            if I didn’t know a bouncer.”
                                                                                                                                               After getting into several area
                                                                                                                                                                                       as the ID is an authentic state-issued
                                                                                                                                                                                       form of identification, the owner can
                                                                                                Lafayette community, campus bar             bars, Jessica said her confidence was      show verification and reclaim the ID
BY JOANNE NORELL                             With only $300 in their pockets, they              owners and the local police depart-         boosted and she wasn’t nervous at          the following day.
Staff Reporter                               moved to Indianapolis.                             ments. In 2003, a report by the Coali-      the following bars.                           However, it seems there may be
                                                Two years later, Clampitt and                   tion showed that 30 percent of                 “It was probably risky,” she said of    alternatives to regaining possession
   Working toward a college degree           Morales-Serrano moved to the                       underage students frequented bars.          using another person’s ID, “but I don’t    of a false ID. According to the bounc-
can be hard enough. Imagine doing so         Lafayette area from Indianapolis.                     Although bouncers have undergone         think I would get arrested at Purdue.”     er, a coworker accepted money in
with a spouse and two children.              Clampitt began working as a chef in                training to identify fake IDs, students        However, not everyone who attempts      exchange for returning a counterfeit
   That’s exactly what Tony                  Earhart Dining Court and taking                    are still gaining entry to bars by using    to fool a bouncer is successful.           ID he had taken.
Clampitt and Soledad Morales-Ser-            classes at Purdue part-time. After                 IDs other than their own. A report by the      Former Purdue student Laura                “The guy offered $50, then $100
rano, seniors in the College of Con-         another two years, Morales-Serrano                 Coalition in 2004 stated that 80 percent    Magliozzi doesn’t think using false        and finally $200 to get it back; he
sumer and Family Sciences, are               started taking full-time classes and               of confiscated IDs on campus were real      identification to get into West            agreed and made $200 in cash on the
doing. The two, who have been mar-           Clampitt went from a part-time to a                forms of identification presented by a      Lafayette bars is easy. After three        spot,” the bouncer said.
ried for eight years, will graduate this     full-time student. Though they                     different person than portrayed on the      years of using a friend’s New York ID         Although campus bars may be
December with degrees in Hospitali-          already had associate’s degrees from               ID.                                         at bars in Las Vegas, Atlantic City        lenient with rules concerning the use
ty and Tourism Management.                   Ivy Tech, they decided a better degree                A former local bouncer said that         and South Bend, Magliozzi had hers         of false identification, the possible
   The events of Sept. 11, 2001, pro-        from Purdue’s No. 1 HTM program                    fake IDs are usually easy to spot, but      confiscated at Jake’s Roadhouse last       consequences should not be forgot-
pelled Clampitt and Morales-Serrano          would give them better opportunities               employees who are indifferent to the        year.                                      ten.
to begin searching for better oppor-         in life.                                           rules let underage people in. On               “I am proof they catch you,”               “The moral of the story is that no
tunities. The devastation of the                Just as Morales-Serrano began                   occasion, he said he would let in stu-      Magliozzi said. “I had used the NY         matter how good your fake ID is,
World Trade Center caused Clampitt           taking classes, she gave birth to the              dents who he knew weren’t 21.               one so many times I was in shock           you’re probably going to get caught,”
to lose his job as a sous chef at a                                                                “It was always a friend; usually my      when they took it. No one ever             the bouncer said.
WTC-owned restaurant in Hawaii.                          See PROFILE | Page 4

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