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Strategi Ltd is the most respected supplier of Best Practice and compliance services to
financial advisers in New Zealand. Both companies are 'best of breed' in their respective
markets. Moonstone is the largest supplier of compliance services to the South African
financial services industry, with over 1,500 financial services provider businesses per annum
regularly utilising its services. Moonstone also provides patented practice management
software to selected partners.

Strategi and Moonstone have signed a memorandum of understanding and are working
closely to further refine and develop innovative, effective and cost efficient Best Practice
and compliance services that can be utilised in South Africa, New Zealand and exported to

The relationship between both companies ensures that their respective clients know they
are dealing with world class compliance training and review organisations, and know that
the compliance officers are fully informed and trained on not only the legislation relating to
their respective jurisdictions, but also comprehend the trends involved in world wide
financial services compliance. This means Strategi and Moonstone clients can be ready for
marketing opportunities and the next wave of regulatory reform that will shortly be rolled out
around the world.

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