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					                                                          Wisdom Lovers
ORGASM MASTERSHIP                                         1. Being able to bring your long
                                                             term relationship partner to all
      Becoming a Wisdom Lover                                twelve orgasms for women or
                                                             all six for men.
                                                          2. Being able to read sexual
   The Road Map to                                           partners and bring them to at
  Unlimited Pleasure                                         least three or four kinds of
                                                          3. Goal is not longer orgasm, but
                                                             more kinds of sensation and
                                                             experience though creative

Reading Your Sexual Partner                               Review - Same Tissue, Same
Average Sex Drives                                        Nerves Different Locations
  •   Women                 • Men
  •   Open to consider      • Thinking about it, body
  •   Interested in it        erection cycles
  •   Agreeing to do it     • Desire to do it
  •   Want to do it         • Need to do it
  •   Enjoying doing it     • Want to do it
  •   Need to do it         • Desperate to do it
  •   Desperate to do it    • Find Substitution,
                                                         Both become erect and more sensitive, and
                              distraction or numbing        change color, shapes are same both
                                                                 arranged in mirror reverse

  What is an Orgasm?                                      Orgasm is created by stimulation

• A release of self                                     • Mental (fantasy,
  generated electrical                                    excitement,
  system impulses by                                      anticipation) not
  nerves that usually can                                 thinking.
  only carry impulses.                                  • Physical.
• An emotional, and                                     • Part of arousal cycle
  physical release of                                     which releases
  pleasure.                                               specific body
• Suspension of thinking                                  chemicals.
  mind for sensation.                                   • Multi Sensory.

                                  Hands, Feet,
   Shutting down thinking ……
                                  Face, Genitals
• Music, Comedy, Art,
                                   •The Hands, Feet,
  Nudity, Bathing, Wine,
                                   Face and Genitals
  Nature, Scent, Taste,            have the most blood
  Textures, Lighting,              supply and most
  Dance, Physical                  nerves in the body.
  Activity, Meditation,
  Massage                          •To shut off thinking
                                   brush hair, take
• Remove Distractions              baths, foot massage,
  and Mental Concerns              body massage, or
                                   hand massage are

New Combinations of Stimulation    Timing is the key
                                   skill of Master Lovers
 • Not just genital to
                                      Knowing How and When
   genital stimulation
                                    Changes Occur in the Mental,
   any more.                           Physical, Emotional and
 • Water, hands,                    Spiritual Aspects of Your Lover
   mouth and toys.                  Create the Opportunity for Your
                                       Lovemaking to Become
 • Pain and other                              Legendary.
   variations with
   power.                            Above all other skills the Art of
                                    Timing is most critical in life and
 • New exploration                               in love.
   creates new kinds of

 Moving Female
                                   Male - Female Touch Points
• Move Mental Focus
  to Body and Present
• Use Touch, Smell,
  Taste, Sensation,
  Sound, etc.
• Move Body Focus
  from Outer
  Extremities to Torso
  and Then Pelvis.
• Watch for breathing

 Inverse Male
                                                                                                Inverse Male Female Blood Pool
  Body Focus
• Move Mental Focus                                                                         • Orgasm Mastership
  to Body and Present                                                                         involves moving the
  Moment.                                                                                     pools of body fluids in
• Touch Home Base!                                                                            males and females in
• Use Touch, Smell,                                                                           reverse.
  Taste, Sensation,                                                                         • Moving Males from
  Sound, etc.                                                                                 pelvis to torso and
• Move Body Focus                                                                             body.
  from Pelvis/Torso to                                                                      • Moving Females from
  Extremities.                                                                                extremities, to torso
.                                                                                             and then to pelvis.

    Male Orgasm                          End Spot-7b           M Spot-7a
                                                                                              Sexual Response Cycle Observation Skills
     Mastership                                                                            • Eyes, Mouth, Breathing, Body
                                                                      Post. Deep             Posture, Voice Tone.
         Orgasm Delivery                      Ant. Deep                 Spot-5
   Combination to open up all                  Spot-4
                                                                                           • Eyes do not divert, connect 2 sec.
    nerve pathways to fullest
  powerful orgasm cycle. 1, 1,                                               Vaginal-3       or longer shows non fear.
                                          G-Spot -2
  3, 2, 1, 4, 2, 3, 5, 6, 2, 3, 7a, 1,                                       Clitoral -1   • Mouth opens to sigh or breath,
              2, 5, 6, 7b                                 U Spot -6                          shows body perfusion shift to
                                                                                           • What they say or are doing is not
                                                                                             reliable as it comes from thinking
                                                                                             mind which has goals and fears.
                                                                                           • Warning – non fear eye contact
                                                                                             and open mouth breathing also in
                                                                                             states of anger and confidence.

   Reading the Eyes                                                                         Reading the Body Language
                                                                                            • Relaxed not just
                                                                                            • Breathing though
• Dilated
                                                                                              mouth can be sign
• Looking directly                                                                            of arousal.
• Confident or                                                                              • Moving, touching,
  expectant                                                                                   leaning towards you.
• Matches Body
• Not looking

Women Can Have 12 Kinds of Orgasms                          Men Can Have Six Kinds
                                                        •   Penis Based
•   Clitoral                 •   Multiple Sequential
                                                        •   Prostate Based
•   Vaginal                  •   Multiple Varied
                                                        •   Vagus Based (Anal)
•   Anal                     •   Psychogenic
                                                        •   Extended
•   Mixed / Blended          •   G Spot Orgasm
                                                        •   Expanded
•   Extended                 •   Deep Spot Orgasm
                                                        •   Non Ejaculating
•   Expanded                 •   Ejaculation Orgasm

    Stimulation Tool Box                                   Mastership
                                                         Technique Skills
    •   Hands
    •   Mouth
    •   Genitals                                        •    Speed               Hands
    •   Toys                                            •    Depth               Where they are
    •   Textures                                        •    Spin                When they are there
    •   Temperature                                     •    Tongue/teeth        What they push
    •   Other parts of
                                                        •    Suction             Speed - Motion
        your body.
                                                        •    Hands usage         Twist Direction

    108 Possible Orgasm Combinations                        New types need to be learned
    • Now sex can be                                   • Cannot rely on trial
      creative, expressive                               and error or
      and non repetitive.                                experience alone.
    • Lovers can now                                   • Specific locations of
      have as many                                       pleasure centers.
      orgasm experiences                               • Timing is crucial as
      as there are sexual                                well as understanding
      positions.                                         partner pleasure
    • Era of unlimited                                   cycles.
      pleasure has

#1 Complaint of Women           Female Hydraulics
                                 •    Many Factors Change Speed of
                                      Fluid Shift, from Eating, to Bath,
 • Penetration too early!                  To Dancing, Massage,
 • Not just a foreplay issue                 Medications, etc.
   but a physical one.               • Techniques to speed it up.

 • It is the same body
   changes as a man’s
 • A woman's sexual
   organs rotate for
   penetration internally.

                                 Female Sexual
 Vagina Has Internal Erection
                                 Response Cycle

 Female Erection                 Penetrate After Clitoris is Erect
 • Like a man’s erection         • Even under the hood
   dilates and swells sex          the Clitoris shaft can be
   organs which change             felt.
   their orientation and         • Use external stimulation
   allows pleasure                 with shallow vulva
   sensations.                     penetration until it
 • Can be judged by                becomes firm.
   erection of Clitoris and      • This allows the Vagina
   color changes as well           to become inflated,
   as lubrication.                 plump, wet, and
 • Women sometimes can             doubles the pleasure.
   feel this movement as a       • Women can start the
   “letting down.”                 process.

 Understanding a Clitoris      Vulvas are like Flower Varieties

  Blood Flow Follows Arousal   Outer Changes
  • Causes Erection of
  • Causes realignment of
  • Releases Lubrication
  • Enlargement of sexual
  • Increases Nerve

  Also changes Breast Shape    Non Aroused State vs. Aroused
• Breasts become               • Breasts are less
  firmer.                        firm, less tight, less
• Nipples change                 sensitive.
  color.                       • Shape is different no
• Facial changes.                matter what the
• Sensation                      size.
  increases in all             • Good indication of
  pleasure areas.                sexual organ
• Pain signals are               position.
  reduced.                     • Fluid is retained.

Breast Stimulation Helps Erection     Color Changes
                                      Depends upon the woman!

To Become a Master of Female
                                      Secrets of an Orgasm Master
• You have to                       • Remember the right
  understand where                    side contains the
  the nerves are and                  best nerves for the
  how and when to                     clitoris and the left
  stimulate them for                  side for the vagina.
  best effect.                      • Leg position and
• The hidden ones are                 hand stretching
  the most powerful!                  increases sensitivity.

The Female
                                      Vagina has little sensation
Backup System
• Women have twice                    • Like a penis turned
                                        inside out a vagina has
  as many sexual                        pleasure spots in very
  nerves as men.                        limited areas.
• Primary and backup                  • Nerves of pleasure are
                                        lumped into three
  system.                               pleasure areas.
• Nerves are needed                   • Most areas of pleasure
  for a more                            at the first inch so
  complicated sexual                    control of Kegel’s can
                                        double orgasm
  system.                               intensity.

                                               Like a sock, Vagina is normally
Drum and Drumstick….
                                               folded and closed.

                                                                             Non Aroused

                                               Aroused and Open

Pleasure Points   Find right position for
                  Penis Size, and state       Position and Stroke
In Vagina         of female internal
                  erection by changing
                  positions. Mapping.

                                                G Spot
                           • Have to know
                             where spots
                           • How to hit.
                           • When to hit.
                           • What Positions
                             to use.
                           • Penis Size
                           • Compensation


                                       Rear Entry or Up on
                                                             Position Assistance

           G Spot

            Front Entry

Positions determine what gets                                Women need to direct – based on
stimulated – Find Female Spots                               penis size and response cycle.

Or are you in a Sexual Rut?                                  The Secret Pleasure System
                                                             • Body has two
                                                               nervous systems.
                                                               One is like a gas
                                                               pedal and one is a
                                                             • Sympathetic and

               Or Ladies, have you been with an expert?

                                     Primary System
 What Orgasms Use Which System
                                     is Sympathetic
Sympathetic   Parasympathetic        • Stimulation
• Clitoris    • Deep Spot              historically was
                                       brain, emotions,
• Vulva       • Anal Orgasms
                                       kissing, breasts,
• G Spot      • Ejaculation            then vulva, then
• Vaginal     • Psychogenic          • Stimulate Clitoris
• Multiple    • Multiple             • Then Vagina
• Extended    • Expanded             • Then G Spot
                                     • Then Deep Spot
                                     • Then Others

                                     What a Woman
 A Wisdom Lover uses all the Tools
                                     MUST Learn
 1. Visual, emotional,               • To stop cutting off and
    touching, massage,                 shortening her sexual
                                       response cycle early.
    kissing, vulva massage.
                                     • To allow ebb and flow
 2. Oral sex, first orgasm.            waves of pleasure.
 3. Then G Spot orgasm.              • She is not a teenager
 4. Then deep spot.                    anymore, she can have
                                       more pleasure from her
 5. Then intercourse.                  lover.
 6. More oral and perhaps            • To let go and explore
    anal.                              and enjoy being a
                                       woman with a sexual

 Learn in Private
                                     Clitoral Orgasm
 & with Partners
                                     • Easiest nerves to
                                     • Same number of
                                       nerves as a penis
                                       has in 20% of area.
                                     • Most of clitoris is
                                       hidden like an
                                     • Need to stimulate
                                       entire clitoris.

         Stimulating the
                                                                        Where is the Pleasure Center
    • Depending on size of                                            Right Side

      Clitoris, Sex Position                                           Pleasure
      changes give variety of                                        G Spot Same
      Clitoral Sensations.                                            Nerve but
                                                                      under the
    • Roots provide vibration                                        pubis bone.
      during sex.

                                                                                          Clitoris Roots are Longer Than Penis
                                                                                        attached to bone for vibration sensation.

 Clitoris stimulation during intercourse                                Labia Pull Penis to Clitoris

         Clitoris Stimulation Model                                    Clitoris Stimulation Model
                Side View
                     Direction that            Looking Inward View   Find the Music
                     Lips Pull firm
                     Clitoris down                                   Notes by clock
                                         Clitoris                       position
                                      Clitoris Hood                  11, 11, 12, 1,
                                         Labia                       6, 6, 1, 1, 1 6,          6
                                                                     11, 11, 1, 6, 6
                                         Penis                                                                             Clitoris
G Spot                                                                                                                     Vagina

  Use Hands, Then Mouth, Then Penis             Clitoris Enjoys Variety

Venus Butterfly & Others                        No Penis? No Problem!!
                                                                               First use thumb making a
                                                                               circle around “rim” of vagina
                                                                               and finger pressure on the
                                                                               pubis bone mons above the

                                                 Then after fullness of her
                                                 sexual response cycle or
                                                 clitoral orgasm, then use G
Holding one finger in the base                   spot stimulation.
of Vagina, stroke the right side
of Clitoris like you were petting
a butterfly wing.

                                                Changing Angle to produce specific
  Mouth Anchor over Clitoris
                                                Clitoral contact

  Press mouth over U Spot and above clitoris
  and then apply light suction while stroking
  the area with your tongue. Breathing is
  maintained by anchor hand pulling upward.

M Spot Stimulation                          Vaginal Orgasm
                                            • The second phase
                                              of orgasm
                                            • Most women stop
                                              their sexual cycle
                                              after this occurs.
                                            • However this opens
                                              up the next levels of

Opening the full
                                            Achieving the full Potential
Sexual Cycle
                                          • G Spot
                                          • Ejaculation
                                          • Opening
                                          • Three

Anal Orgasm                                 G Spot Orgasm
• Deeper, Fuller, Unconscious             • Pea sized nerve
  Release, Leaves a feeling of rapture.     plumped to the
• Must have training to achieve.            surface AFTER a
                                            clitoris based orgasm.
                                          • Fat injection now
                                            available to triple the
                                          • Like having a clitoris
                                            inside the vagina.
                                                       G Spot

First Photos of G Spot Arousal Cycle                        Buttons or Raspberries
                                    Is not present until
                                    after first orgasm.
                                    Gets larger and
                                    more sensitive
                                    after each orgasm
                                    similar to clitoris.

 The G Spot Stimulation                                    Deep Spot Orgasm
                                                            • Located on vaginal
                                                              wall above the
                                                            • Stimulated with a
                                                              circular scooping
                                                            • Strong vaginal
                                                            • Fingers, Penis, Toy.

 Fornix is the Deep Spot                                    Female Ejaculation
                                                            •   Several Types
                                                            •   Internal
                                                            •   External
                                                            •   Retrograde
                                                            •   Combined
                                                            •   Some can learn to
                                                                do without orgasm.

          Choose what level to go
           to by outer first, and
               deeper last.

Female Ejaculation Orgasm                       Female Prostate
• Occurs in most
  women with every                              • Relatively New
• Most are shot into                              Information.
  the bladder or                                • Ejaculation is normal,
• Comes from                                      mostly internal.
  female prostate
  (milky) or skenes
  glands (clear).

                                                Partner Guided Psychogenic
Psychogenic Orgasms
• Not available to male body.                   • Tantra Technique.
• Orgasm released by non                        • Use Thumb or
  genital touch or non touch.                     Fingers to open up
  i.e. Nipples, Feet, Kiss.                       intimacy and trust
• Self Generated release.                         pathway.
• Non Touch or Touch                            • Synchronize
• Erotic or Romantic Books
                                                • Guided Imagery.
  and videos.

                                  Right Side
                                Only between
The “Take Me” Nerve               shoulder
                                  blade and
                                                From the Back
                                 spine down
                                 about six to
                                eight inches
                                 from top of
                                 blade or at
                                base of neck.                     Use
                                                                  Mouth like
                                                                  leaving a

   Multiple, Expanded, Extended           Male Orgasms
• Combines all of the                 • Simpler.
  various other singular              • Faster.
  orgasms.                            • But can be varied.
• Capable of an hour of               • Must learn how not to
  continuous orgasm                     ejaculate.
                                      • Push navel out during
• Rotating stimulation                  orgasm.
  with orgasm pleasure
  waves.                              • Hands, mouth, genitals
                                        or any kind of
• Shaky legs.                           stimulation.

   Nerve Locations and Anchor Point       Understanding Penis Nerves
   • Stretching nerve                     • Need more pressure
     tension increases                      as penis gets
     pleasure.                              harder, Penis soft,
   • Numbing issue.                         touch soft, penis
   • Most of penis is                       hard, touch hard.
     insensitive.                         • Lower 2/3rds only
   • Male can have                          feels pressure top
     orgasm without                         third feels pleasure.

   Longer Sex Life                        Stretching Out the Cycle
   • Viagra Generation.               • Skill is in riding
   • More Intimacy less                 the wave of
     urgency.                           pleasure.
   • More Play.                       • Being able to
   • Better Health.                     switch brains.
   • Less Stressful.                  • Pre Release.
   • Living Longer.

Male Orgasms                                 Orgasm    Male Tantric Orgasm
Routine                                               Sexual Ritual, Arousal, Massage
        Coming Off                     Recovery                     Sex Begins
About Sex                                                                          Controlled

  Male G Spot                                             More ways for the Male
  • Nerve Connection
  • Cowpers Glands
  • Guitar String
  • Using External Point
  • More Info in next

                                                                      See our CD or Course
                                                                      Materials for complete Oral
                                                                      and Manual Sex Instructions

  Learn to vary your music                                Teach an Old Dog – New Tricks
  •   Penis Based
  •   Prostate Based
  •   Vagus Based (Anal)
  •   Extended
  •   Expanded
  •   Non Ejaculating


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