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					2010-2011 cactus yearbook
staff application

Dear Prospective Cacti,

Let me start off by saying how much I appreciate your interest in working on the Cactus. It is
only through the incredible dedication of students like you that Cactus has enjoyed such
recent success. It is my sincerest hope that the next generation of Cacti will help keep the
spirit of tradition, dedication and progress alive.

Before you apply for a position at Cactus, there are a few things you should know. Working
for Cactus is a significant and sometimes unpredictable time commitment. Staff members are
expected to meet absolutely every deadline, which may require long hours and late nights
during deadline weeks. The benefits, however, are numerous. If you love yearbooking as
much as we do, I know you will find this an incredibly rewarding and gratifying project. You
will gain valuable experience and have the opportunity to have your photos, stories and
spreads published in a nationally competitive publication. Many staff members have
received prestigious national awards for their work on the Cactus. All positions are paid—
editors on a monthly salary and photographers and writers per assignment.

The application is simple. Fill out the enclosed information sheet, and return it to me, along
with a resume, a portfolio of your relevant work, and a letter telling me precisely why you
would make a fantastic Cactus staff member. Please keep your letter to one page, but do not
feel constrained by any font or formatting conventions. Return your application to HSM
2.114C (if the office is locked, just slip it under the door) or email them to me
( by noon on Tuesday, May 18th.

All applicants will be notified of their application status by June 1st. Interviews may or may
not be arranged at that time. Staffing decisions will be announced by mid-June.

I look forward to reading your applications! Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have
any questions.

Peace, love and all things Cactus,

Irene Farrimond
Editor in Chief, Cactus
2010-2011 cactus yearbook
prospective staff information sheet

Name: _____________________________________________________________________________

Classification (in fall 2010): ________________________________ GPA:_________________

Major: ______________________________________________________________________________

Email Address: _______________________________________________________________________

Phone Number: ___________________________________

Positions you are applying for:

Please rank any of the following positions you are interested in, in order of preference, with 1
being the most desired.

_________ Assistant Editor

_________ Student Life Editor

_________ Sports Editor

_________ Academics Editor

_________ Organizations Editor

_________ Photo Editor

_________ Assistant Photo Editor

_________ Marketing Director

_________ Staff Writer

_________ Staff Photographer
2010-2011 cactus yearbook
positions available

assistant editor (15 hours/week)
The Assistant Editor serves a supportive role to the Editor in Chief and Section editors and will
perform duties at the discretion of the Editor in Chief. This may include duties such as copyediting,
leading writer’s meetings, planning coverage, making design decisions and serving as a liaison
between section and photo editors. Previous yearbook experience is required.

section editors (4 editors, 10 hours/week)
Section editors are responsible for the production of each section of the book. With the guidance of
the editorial staff, section editors will coordinate stories and photos for the pages within their
sections. They will be responsible for the design of their section, and should have a strong background
in design. Prior experience in yearbook production is highly recommended. Section editors should
have strong organizational skills, resourcefulness and an ability to communicate ideas effectively.
There are four positions available:

        student life covers a huge range of University life. It includes pages on student living,
        religion, politics, music and entertainment. The editor of this section will select events
        throughout Austin to cover for this section.
        athletics includes coverage of all of UT's varsity sports. The editor of this section will work
        closely with Texas Sports to cover everything from the Red River Rivalry game to swimming
        and golf.
        academics includes all of the interesting things going on inside the classes at UT. Previous
        editors have covered science projects, art classes and geology cave field trips. The possibilities
        are limitless.
        organizations are the backbone of many events the Cactus yearbook covers. This section
        includes all the fraternities, sororities, spirit groups, cultural organizations and other student
        groups at UT.

marketing director (12 hours/week)
The Marketing Director is primarily responsible for creating and executing a marketing campaign for
the 2010-2011 school year. With the help of a committee, the Marketing Manager will coordinate
efforts to increase awareness and book sales of the 2010-2011 Cactus. He or she will be required to
attend staff meetings each week. He or she must have a strong business perspective and excellent
communication skills.
Other duties:
         Maintain a committee of at least 3 other members.
         Lead weekly meetings with the marketing committee.
         Plan and execute at least one event per month that will directly generate sales for the Cactus

photo editors (2 editors, 12 hours/week)
The Photography Editor works closely with the photography staff to ensure that the pictorial record of
the University includes a wide range of the best photographs depicting the year at UT and must have
good communication skills. The photography editor is responsible for maintaining a staff of
photographers, leading weekly photography meetings and editing all photos for the yearbook.

staff writer (time commitment varies)
Writers get first hand experience with various events and interesting profiles of the University
through interviews and hands-on research. Time commitment is flexible – stories are available on a
weekly basis and writers choose the number of assignments he or she would like to take on at one
time. Writers are encouraged to attend one meeting per week. This is a great way to get clips for your
portfolio! Writers will be paid on a per-assignment basis.

staff photographer (time commitment varies)
Photographers play the crucial role of providing many of the visual aspects of the entire book. Daily
assignments are made for specific events or subjects including sports games and exclusive local events.
Time commitments are flexible, depending on the staff member’s availability and skill level. All
photography equipment is provided by the Cactus yearbook, but photographers are welcome to use
their own digital SLR cameras. Photographers are paid per assignment. Previous experience is
preferred, but not required.

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