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“Any Jewish person who doesn’t believe in
      miracles isn’t being realistic.”
                        Paraphrased comment of David Ben-Gurion,
                              the first Prime Minister of Israel
                Mission Statement
To support and enrich the continuity of Jewish life and
  values in our community, in Israel and worldwide.

      To be a unifying force for Jewish activity in
   Tampa Jewish Community Center and Federation is
    the heart of a vibrant, harmonious and connected
    community that embraces everyone.
   We provide a warm, welcoming atmosphere for
    community gatherings and activities. We reach out to
    encompass all Jewish constituencies and we are the
    first stop for newcomers.
   We actively support and build our connection with
    Israel and world Jewry.
   We fund current needs for our community and our
    world and, through endowment, provide for the future.
   We provide a work environment that recognizes and
    rewards excellence in staff and volunteers.

                 Values & Guiding Principles
     Tzedakah and caring for Jewish causes.
     Commitment to the survival of world Jewry.
     Love for Jewish culture, traditions and learning.
     Respect for others
     Communication that is truthful and open.


   This document contains a summary of the goals of the Tampa Jewish Community Center
   and Federation for the 2009-2010 program/fiscal year. It was put together with input from
   several individuals and stakeholder groups and developed in concert with the
   organization‘s Mission, Vision and Values and Guiding Principles presented on the
   previous page.

   The goals are outlined within the framework of the organization‘s different departments.

A. Office of the Chief Executive Officer


   1. The most important goal of the CEO is to work closely with the organization‘s Board
      of Directors (Jonathan Ellis, President), other lay leaders and staff to ensure that all of
      the goals outlined in the following pages of this document are achieved or at least
      meaningful progress is made on them. This includes a special focus on the
      fundraising goals, working aggressively to stay within the budget approved by the
      board and striving to pay down a significant portion of the organization‘s mortgage.
      In addition, the CEO will strive to ensure that all efforts undertaken to move the
      Tampa Jewish Community Center and Federation forward in achieving these goals
      adhere to the Mission, Vision and Values and Guiding Principles of the organization.

   2. Continue to work closely with the Board of Managers (Steve Weinberg, President and
      Barbara Gerson, Executive Director) of the Harry and Jeannette Weinberg Assisted
      Living Facility to ensure the organization provides the highest possible quality of life
      for the residents as well as continues to make significant progress on becoming
      financially self-sufficient.

   3. Continue to serve in a leadership capacity on the board of Jewish Center Towers and
      work with the other board members and some key stakeholders in the community to
      help make the facility more of a hub for programming and services for Jewish

   4. Continue to work with the Federation‘s Board of Directors to ensure that their
      participation on the board as well as the participation of the organization‘s large
      number of other volunteers is as meaningful as possible for both the organization and
      the volunteers. The organization is extremely fortunate to have so many dedicated,
      talented and generous volunteers and it‘s critical that their experience be extremely
      satisfying to them on several different levels.

   5. Work to enhance communication between the Federation and all of its different
      constituencies, including donors, volunteers and other local and national Jewish
      organizations as well as the community-at-large.

   6. Continue to represent the Federation on the national level and in Israel by actively
      participating in initiatives sponsored by the United Jewish Communities (the umbrella

Office of the Chief Executive Officer (continued)
   group for the 157-city federation system) or other voluntary sector organizations in
   the United States and Israel.

7. Continue to work closely with and support all of the local beneficiary and other
   Jewish agencies in as many ways as possible to help strengthen the Jewish
   community. One of the greatest accomplishments of the previous year was the work
   done to assist the Federation‘s three major beneficiary agencies. To demonstrate the
   results of that work and also provide a sense of possibilities for the future a summary
   of those efforts is provided here:
   Tampa Jewish Family Services (TJFS)
   The Federation played a key role in helping TJFS and past Federation president,
   David Scher, to get the Hebrew Loan Program (HeLP) off the ground. The program
   now has more than 20 loan guarantors of $50,000 each to secure what will ultimately
   be a $1 million line of credit from BB&T Bank. The money is being used in a micro-
   loan program that offers assistance to those individuals who are in financial distress.
   The Federation developed the original written proposal for the project; participated in
   helping to secure the line of credit from the bank; and assisted in securing some of the
   guarantors. In addition, as an ongoing junior partner on the project, the Federation has
   primary responsibility for marketing the program.

   Hillel School of Tampa
   The Federation assisted in raising $100,000 of scholarship money for the school. The
   funds were generously donated by Marshall and Ida Raye Chernin and were given to
   the Federation which in turn delivered a check to the school within 24 hours of
   receiving the money.
   The Hillels of the Florida Suncoast
   The Federation played a major role in helping to recruit Hillel‘s new chairperson of
   the board, Alice Rosenthal, and also loaned a JCC staff member, Lisa Robbins, to the
   organization for approximately eight months to serve as the interim executive
   director. In addition, the Federation assisted in recruiting other board members for
   Hillel. Furthermore, the Federation helped the organization write a grant application
   that was funded ($75,000) by the Department of Homeland Security to make Hillel‘s
   building much more secure. Finally, the Federation loaned the organization money
   last year.

8. Continue to create partnerships with all of the local synagogues. The Federation has
   worked closely with the synagogues for the past four years on an individual and
   collective basis. In addition, the CEO is a guest at the meetings of the Tampa
   Rabbinical Association (TRA) and through that affiliation a great deal of information
   is exchanged that contributes to build our local community in a coordinated and
   cooperative manner.

Office of the Chief Executive Officer (continued)

      Endeavor at all times to act with honesty, integrity and with the best interests of the
       Tampa Jewish Community Center and Federation and the local and worldwide Jewish

    Communicate, communicate, communicate and then communicate some more.

B.     Development/External Relations

     1. Complete the year with a Tampa Federation record of $2.565 million of total FRD
        (financial resource development). This will be a 20 per cent increase from the
        previous year, but only a one per cent increase from 2007-2008. This goal includes
        the annual campaign (unrestricted as well as designated gifts), corporate
        sponsorships, and grant monies. It does not include any potential gifts given to name
        parts of the campus. It also doesn‘t include any funds raised with assistance from the
        Federation that go directly to our beneficiary agencies or Israel.

        In 2007-2008 the total FRD was $2,561,642 and the Tampa Federation stood first
        among the 157 federations in the United States in terms of percentage increase in the
        annual campaign. The 2008-2009 total FRD is currently at $2,123,895 million (the
        campaign is currently in its closing stage). This 17 per cent decline is due to the
        economy and was consistent with what most other federations experienced.

     2. Close the 2009-2010 campaign at least 200 new donors.

     3. Continue to strive to secure ‗Legacy Gifts‘ for the naming rights for both the Jewish
        Community Center ($2 million) and the preschools ($2 million). These funds will be
        used primarily to pay down the organization‘s mortgage.

     4. Secure three new Lion of Judah gifts (women, $5000 plus); five new Morasha gifts
        (women, $1000 plus); and five new Ben-Gurion Society gifts (young adults, $1000

     5. Offer several ‗flawlessly executed‘ campaign-related and awareness-building events.
        These activities help raise money, say thank you to donors and honor key people in
        our region. They also contribute to building a strong sense of community spirit and
        several of the events educate the attendees about Israel as well as Jewish and other
        important issues. Furthermore, many of them help to engage our donors and
        strengthen their bond to the community and the organization. Some of the activities
        include the following: Campaign Opener/Leadership Recognition Event; Lion of
        Judah Opening Event; Women of Distinction Event; The Annual President‘s Dinner;
        several Young Adult Division (YAD) programs; and the Campaign Closing/Thank
        You Event.

        This year there will also be a special ceremony and event to commemorate the
        naming of the Maureen and Douglas Cohn Jewish Community Campus and,
        hopefully, other Legacy Initiative contributions. At this time, the plan is to link this
        event with the annual Israel Independence Day program.

        Development/External Relations (continued)


   Continued personal contact with and cultivation of our major donors and potential
    major donors.

   Continued awareness-building/outreach in the community through strategic and
    creative use of the Jewish Press, the e-Newsletter, the website and mailings.

   Continue to form positive partnerships with the synagogues and beneficiary

   Continue to make professional presentations for all sponsorship opportunities to
    the business community as well as private individuals. We will also continue to
    work aggressively to ensure the quality of the events so our sponsors are proud of
    their association with the organization. In addition, we will continue to
    communicate with them on an ongoing basis and work with them to make sure
    they receive the appropriate ‗recognition benefits‘ for their support.

   Continue to submit grant applications appropriate to foundations, different levels
    of government and the corporate sector to secure support for the JCC/Federation,
    Weinberg Village, local synagogues and other Jewish organizations. We
    anticipate developing at least 25 grant applications this year.

C.     The Young Adult Division (YAD)


     1. Offer another comprehensive Jewish Leadership Training Institute (JLTI) for 15
        young adults. This program is offered over a five-month period and includes a series
        of stimulating classes, mentorships, planning and executing an optional group
        mitzvah project as well as some social activities. The purpose of the program to help
        prepare young adults for meaningful leadership opportunities. After the successful
        completion of the course, we work with the graduates and local agencies and
        synagogues to place them in volunteer roles on various boards and committees.

        There have been three previous classes and many of the participants are currently
        serving the community in significant leadership capacities.

     2. Increase the YAD email list by 20 per cent (175 names). Sending direct email
        messages and Facebook have been very successful strategies for promoting YAD
        events. The most recent activity, a social day at the training camp of the Tampa Bay
        Buccaneers football team, attracted more than 250 participants.

     3. Continue to offer a variety of social, educational, cultural and mitzvah opportunity
        events for the division. These activities serve to cultivate this population as donors,
        but more importantly engage them in the Jewish community in wide-ranging ways.
        (There have even been a few married or engaged couples who met through YAD

     One of the most exciting YAD projects for this year is CHAI IMPACT. This initiative
     will involve approximately 100 young adults in monthly mitzvah projects and will
     provide this population with an opportunity to participate in an integrated combination of
     social action and social networking activities.

     CHAI IMPACT events will touch the lives of children, the elderly, hungry families and
     young adults themselves. Current projects underway include: Wii Care Game Day
     (benefiting Weinberg Village Assisted Living Facility); Summer Fun Day (benefiting Big
     Brothers Big Sisters); Arts, Crafts and Kids (benefiting Shriners Hospital); Pick up the
     Pantry (benefiting Tampa Jewish Family Services); Furry Friends (benefiting the
     Humane Society of Tampa Bay); and Holiday with Heart (benefiting Every Day
     Blessings). Future programs will include training programs for CPR certification,
     environmental fundraising and community construction themes.

     We are planning on promoting the success of this project on a national basis. This type
     of recognition contributes to building up our ‗organizational résumé‘ and makes it easier
     to secure foundation grants and corporate sponsorships.

D. The Community Outreach and Engagement Initiative:
   Let My People Know


     This project was generously funded by the Schoenbaum family and will include
     several components to assist in reaching out to affiliated and unaffiliated Jewish
     people and help to build and strengthen our local community as well as promote


  1. Produce approximately 40 videos for the Federation, JCC and all interested local
     Jewish agencies and synagogues. The videos will help to recruit members, publicize
     events and engage, educate and entertain viewers. Many of them will be shown on
     the Federation website and its e-Newsletter as well as made available to each agency
     and synagogue to use as they see fit. In addition, most of them will be put on

  2. Revamp and rename our e-Newsletter to include videos, more local news, guest
     bloggers and v-loggers (video blogs), more interviews and links to other dynamic
     Jewish websites. We expect the e-Newsletter will also gain national recognition and
     be used as a national model. The current e-Newsletter is sent to 3,500 email
     addresses. We anticipate that by end of the year a minimum of 5,500 people will
     receive it.

     Throughout the year, we will be trying to secure funding to continue the project when
     the current funding expires as well as exploring ways to potentially make the
     initiative generate revenue for the organization.

E.    TOP (Tampa, Pinellas, Orlando Jewish Foundation)


        TOP (Three-city President, Carl Zielonka and Tampa Chair, Saul Rachelson)
        represents great potential for our community. The Tampa section of the foundation
        has made many important gains in the past three years. Of the three cities, Tampa
        ranked third in terms of total assets for several years. It now ranks first and for the
        first time the Tampa assets recently topped $12 million.


     1. The assets for the Tampa section of TOP finished the 2008-09 year at $11,641,154.
        The goal for the coming year is to end the year with a minimum of $500,000 more
        (excluding any investment income gains). This will mean a large number of
        contributions because this past year $1.5 million was allocated from the foundation.

     2. Help establish a minimum of two new endowments that will support the JCC or


           Continue to offer ‗white glove service‘ to all TOP donors as well as intelligent,
            value-added and resourceful philanthropic advice to all donors and potential

           Implement the new TOP website and new TOP electronic newsletter and conduct
            several meetings per month with donors and potential donors.

           Offer two or more workshops or information sessions for groups that have the
            potential to make referrals to TOP.

           Continue to explore the possibility of offering different investment opportunities
            for donors who desire little or no risk whatsoever.

F. The Jewish Community Center


  1. Continue to offer high-quality social, educational, cultural, recreational and fitness
     programming for all age groups. A partial list of the programs includes the

       - JCC Afternoons (North and South) – South has doubled in size for this year
          opening a second classroom.
       - Camp JCC – Added a drama component to camp this year.
       - PJ Library – increased registration from 300 children to over 400 children for this
          year and growing. (Additional fundraising is needed).
       - Health & Fitness – Swim Lessons, CPR, First Aid, AED & Lifeguard Training
          Classes, Softball Tournament, Year-Round JCC Softball League, Fitness Classes,
          Personal Training, Adding Babysitting Training Classes and Junior Lifeguarding
          Classes (Guard Start).
       - Senior Programming – JetSetters, Silver Sneakers and Senior Network, Senior
          Day Trips. Work in conjunction with USF Osher Lifelong Learning Institute to
          provide Art Classes at the JCC. Develop a computer lab for senior development
          on campus.
       - Film Festival – Expansion of festival to provide programming through the year.
          (see separate set of goals)
       - 92nd Street Y – Three live broadcasts scheduled for the month of October.
       - Jewish Book Month – Five events scheduled for the month of November.
       - Chanukah Celebration
       - Israel Independence Day Celebration
       - Louise Eatroff Memorial Lecture Series (most likely will not be offered this year).
       - Night in Vegas
       - Teen JAM (Jewish Activism & Mitzvah) Program. (This initiative replaces Berger

         This list of programs is slightly more than what as offered last year despite the
         staff reductions that have been made.

  2. Strive to increase total participation in JCC programs by a minimum of 15 per cent
     through creative marketing and promotional efforts.

  3. Continue to offer programs at the JCC as well as other locations throughout the
     region, including synagogues, public venues and restaurants. This satellite/JCC
     With-and-Without Walls strategy helps serve the largest number of people. This
     approach includes partnering with local agencies and synagogues.

  4. Increase revenue from the aquatics and fitness departments and from corporate

     The Jewish Community Center (continued)
     5. Enhance member satisfaction through ongoing and strong customer service. A
        member satisfaction general study will be undertaken this year as well as continuing
        to evaluate each individual program upon its completion.


               Utilize the JCC Management Council to help identify new programming
                opportunities and evaluate and modify existing programs.

G.     JCC Preschools


     1. Continue to consistently offer an excellent educational experience at all three JCC
        preschools (North Branch-on campus; South Branch-at Congregation Rodeph Shalom
        in south Tampa; and in Brandon-at Congregation Beth Shalom). Four years ago the
        St. Petersburg Times published a story that said the JCC preschool is ―the gold
        standard‖ in early childhood education in the entire Tampa Bay region. Since that
        time many others have made similar statements, including representatives from
        Hillsborough County and the United Way as well as a large number of the parents of
        children attending the schools.

     2. The work we do with the children enrolled in the preschools is the most important
        activity of the JCC. A great deal of scientific literature has confirmed that the early
        years are the most important in terms of ‗hard-wiring‘ children‘s brains, preparing
        them for continuous learning and helping to shape their values. This is a
        responsibility our preschool staff takes very seriously.

     3. Continue to strive to ensure the preschools cover all of their costs through tuition
        (including scholarship monies). An important part of this goal is to work towards the
        schools operating at full capacity. Currently, the enrollments at the North Branch and
        South Branch schools are very high, however, the Brandon school has a large number
        of openings. During this year the organization will explore several strategies to
        address this problem.


                Continue to seek and receive input from the Parent‘s Associations at each of the
                 three preschools to ensure the schools are operating as effectively as possible.

                Continue to support the Parent‘s Associations in their fundraising efforts. These
                 activities generate additional financial support for the schools.

                Continue to offer professional development opportunities for the preschool staff
                 so they will continue to be able to offer a unique educational experience for all

H.        Tampa Bay Jewish Film Festival


     1. Offer a first-class film festival funded completely through corporate sponsorships and
        private donations. The 2009-2010 film festival will be the first one to offer film
        presentations throughout the year in addition to the traditional two-week festival
        period. The films shown during the year will be screened at a variety of venues,
        including several synagogues in the Tampa Bay area. The films (and discussions
        following many of them) will engage, educate and entertain the viewers and also help
        to build a sense of community and belonging for all participants.

           As a result of the extensive use of the Internet planned to market this year‘s festival,
           it‘s anticipated it will receive considerable national exposure.

     2.        Increase the number of participants from 3,500 to a minimum of 5,500 people.

     3. Reintroduce the Holocaust Educational Film Series to the Hillsborough County
        Board of Education and introduce it to the Pinellas County school system as well.

     4.     Launch the first Annual Tampa Bay Short Film Contest (with two different themes
           and three age categories). This initiative will be supported by the Louis Orloff family
           and will engage filmmakers of all ages. The winning films will be shown at the
           festival, on the festival website, on YouTube and promoted in the Federation‘s Let
           My People Know e-Newsletter as well as sent to other Jewish film festivals across
           North America.


                Work closely with the Film Festival Committee, which will participate in all
                 aspects of planning and administering the festival including screening more than
                 200 films and assisting in securing donations and sponsorships.

                Market the Film Festival through a dynamic new website; the use of Facebook,
                 YouTube and Twitter; press releases; advertising in the Jewish Press and
                 synagogue bulletins; and creating an effective brochure among other strategies.

I.    The Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC)


     1. Continue to respond to local, national and international issues as they arise on behalf
        of the Jewish community with input from all key constituency groups. Some of the
        matters the JCRC focused on in the previous year included the Hillsborough County
        Board of Education school calendar issue; the burial versus cremation of Jewish
        indigents in Hillsborough County; the Mayor‘s proclamation in support of the
        Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR); and the relationship of the local
        Jewish community with the local chapter of Christians United for Israel and our
        support of its rally in Lakeland this past spring. The JCRC also played the lead role in
        coordinating the community rally to demonstrate support of Israel during the conflict
        in Gaza. Seven hundred people attended the event held at Congregation Schaarai

     2. Offer one educational and intellectually stimulating speaker or panel discussion per
        quarter funded through sponsorships or designated gifts.

     3. Continue to provide input as appropriate to the Jewish Council for Public Affairs
        (JCPA) and other national organizations charged with advocating on behalf of Jewish
        people and/or Israel.

     4. Help promote Israel-related events held by the local chapters of AIPAC, Israel Bonds
        and the Jewish National Fund.


             Keep the JCRC members and other community organizations informed of all
              the local, national and international issues pertinent to the council.

             Participate in securing corporate sponsorship and donations.

J.    Accounting/Finance


     1. Work with the Board of Directors, the Finance Committee, the CEO and all
        department heads as well as the organization‘s auditor to ensure the fiscal integrity of
        the organization, including staying within the approved budget and paying down debt.


              Consolidate monthly reports, including Weinberg Village, to ensure they are
               useful (and user-friendly) in setting board policy and managing the
               organization—by 10/01/09.

              Update accounting system software; integrate it with fundraising software and
               Weinberg Village‘s system—by 01/01/10.

              Ensure accurate and timely reporting to all stakeholders including the Board,
               Finance Committee, management and the Bank of Tampa.

            Address all internal control issues as outlined in the auditor‘s management letter
             as effectively as possible.

K.        Human Resources


     1. Participate with the CEO and department heads to offer professional development
        training as needed for skills development as well as building morale.

     2. Complete a comprehensive review of all employee benefits and make changes to the
        plans as appropriate to optimize the benefit packages and stay within the budget.

     3.     Review all external /outsource human resource opportunities to improve service and
           save money.

L.    Campus Operations


     1. Continue to ensure that all campus operations efforts provide a clean, pleasant, safe
        and secure environment for the almost 1,000 people who are on campus most

     2. Continue to work closely with the Sheriff‘s Department to ensure all reasonable
        security precautions are in place and that the planned improvements from the
        Homeland Security grant are implemented and operate in an optimal fashion.

     3. Continue to search for ways to reduce energy costs and all other campus operations


             Continue to closely monitor all aspects of campus operations, including services
              provided by outside providers, and make changes as appropriate to enhance the
              campus environment and reduce costs.

             Implement a new purchase order system and integrate it with our new work
              order system—by 11/01/09.


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