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									                              Short-Term Mission Application
Please send completed applications to Christopher Jahng at chris@youthjourney.org (preferred)
 or 2610 Ruhland Ave #3, Redondo Beach, Ca. 90278, and (310) 877-3148. Please pray about
 this process and ask God to give you (and us) direction on whether you should go on this trip!

    All applications must be submitted RIGHT AWAY!!! COMPLETE ALL PAGES!!!
     These questions will help us to get to know you better and formulate a great team!
 TURN IN: 1. Application 2. Parent/Guardian Questionnaire 3. Support Letter 4. Supporter List

   1. Your name and contact info, including mailing & email addresses and phone numbers.
   2. Age, occupation and highest education level completed (or your current grade in school).
   3. When did you begin a personal relationship with Jesus Christ? How did it begin?
       Describe your relationship with Him now.
   4. Where do you attend church? How have you been involved in that church?
   5. Why are you interested in this short-term mission?
   6. Have you ever gone on a mission before? If so, what did you do? How did it go?
   7. What are your skills, talents or spiritual gifts? Please describe them.
   8. Do you work better alone, in a small group, or a big group?
   9. When you are really upset with someone, how do you typically handle it?
   10. When someone is upset with you, how you usually react?
   11. Please have the pastor or ministry leader with whom you are most familiar give his or
       her thoughts on your involvement with a short-term mission team. It can be very brief.
       Please have him or her email this statement to Christopher Jahng at
       chris@youthjourney.org or call at (310) 877-3148.

         The following Section must be completed by your parent/legal guardian
                             (If you are under the age of 18)

Parents/Guardians/Authorized Personnel, please complete the following:
   1. Your name and contact info, including mailing & email addresses and phone numbers.
   2. Are you supportive of your son or daughter going on this mission? Why or why not?
   3. What medication or medical requirements of any kind does your son/daughter have?
          a. If there are medications, please provide a complete and detailed list of what they
             are, how often they must be taken, and your opinion on how they could affect
             your son/daughter’s mission trip.
   4. Does your son/daughter have any other requirements that must be taken into
      consideration to allow his/her participation? Court requirements, legal, medical…etc.
          a. If so, what are they? You are responsible for providing these requirements,
             including contact information to verify. Please note that all such instances will be
             verified by the team leaders before your son/daughter will be allowed to join us.
   5. Please include any other information/thoughts that you would like to share with us to
      help make the decision on including your son/daughter.

 Please turn in or email your responses to Christopher Jahng at chris@youthjourney.org or call
at (310) 877-3148. You may fax to 661-761-8818. After receiving your application, the missions
committee will contact you to set up a brief interview. Afterwards, we will contact you to give you
                               the result of the application process.
                            WRITING YOUR SUPPORT LETTER!
             Required with your application is your letter of support and sharing.

Your support letters will be the primary source of raised donations for our mission's trip! Once
completed, we will email and mail and hand them out to everyone we know! I will also be compiling
them all for a submission to multiple corporations and media outlets for awareness and hopes of
sponsorships and more! So how do you write one?

Some quick tips:
1. Keep it simple - get to the point!
2. Be yourself - share your heart!
3. Invite everyone & anyone - Just getting the letter and reading it, makes someone a supporter!
4. Pray for it - Pray for everyone you share your letters with!

Remember this "formula" - ME, WE, GOD, YOU, WE. A 5 point formula that can help you write your
letter! Keeping the quick tips above in mind, try this:

* ME - Introduce yourself and tell them why you're writing!
* WE - Why are you writing to them and what do you want them to know!
* GOD - What this trip is all about! How that empowers you, motivates you, and makes you feel!
* YOU - So how can YOU help? How can you be part of the trip?
* WE - With all that said, what can WE do together, as spiritual partners in Christ, on this Mission Trip?

Some additional tips:
a) If you want to add a photo, it really helps remind them what you're all about. Make ir personal! If you
need a photo scanned or help adding it to your letter, let me help!
b) Share your letter before finishing it with someone else. Let them be part of your heart and give you
feedback, and even help with small things such as spelling and grammer!
c) Type it up! Don't let it be something that is difficult to read. Sign it yourself at the bottom of it in your
own hand.
d) Use my support letter as an example for you... you can also contact me for the Word Document so
you can copy and paste the cutoff template. Use that!

Questions: Call or email me ANY time. Day or night...

God Bless you!

P.S. See a copy of my support letter included in this packet. You can see what I’m talking about! Use my
letter as a template for yourself! Just edit over it and add your own photos!
(SAMPLE SUPPORT LETTER – Feel free to use as your template or just to get ideas)
Dear Friend,

I hope this letter finds you well. This letter is intended to inform you of an incredible opportunity to help
others and be a part of something very special and blessed by God! This Holiday season, Youth Journey
(teen ministry of Journey Covenant Church) will be leading a Missions Trip to Baja Mexico. From Sunday,
December 26th, 2010 through Saturday, January 1st of 2011, this team of teenagers and adult volunteers
will take a road trip together through San Diego, past Tijuana and Ensenada into the Baja region of
Mexico to share the love of God with those in tremendous need. We go to specifically build up to 4
homes for 7 combined families that are desperately in need of shelter for the winter, especially children.

Photos from left to right: Site of high priority double house build; Lupita's friend, also named Lupita is 14 yrs old
  and has autism. She and her mother are being kicked out of their current home in November, and are our first
                              priority; Dinner with Lupita and family in the village.

For my part, I have chosen to return to and celebrate New Year’s Eve by serving a greater need in
Mexico. I have chosen to trade in the party hats, fireworks and countdown fever for work gloves,
construction and playing with children in the orphanage we will be serving. I have chosen to give my
time and hands and efforts to this cause.

I have been a part of Journey Covenant Church as
the Youth Director since October of 2007, and it has
been my greatest blessing. We have learned a lot
together and one thing we will never forget, is
serving others in Mexico. The last two years, we
created a journey with team of 62 and then 82 teens
and adults and built 2 and then 4 homes, while
completing 24 additional projects. This year, our goal
is to take a team of 100 and build at least 3 homes,
God willing. I urge you to consider joining my
mission’s trip as a prayer partner and if you feel led,
a financial donor to the cause. The costs of the                     Completed Blue Home from 2008-09 Trip!
homes and supplies are $10,500 per home!

We need to raise over $50,000.00 the entire trip including the team of up to 100+ teens and adults,
transportation by rented vans, food and especially, all the building materials for all four new homes! If
each of us can raise $400-$500, we can make this happen! We will also be teaching Vocational Bible
School to the children at a local orphanage and of the family we will be serving, while reaching out and
delivering and distributing food to the local communities. We will lift them up with music as we sing
songs of praise in their own languages! And we will not leave, until all the houses are completed.
            Sunday, 12/26/10 - Saturday, 01/01/11
             Baja Mexico
          Any teens/ adults willing to serve Christ.
           We will bring the love of God to those in need! Our
goal is to build 4 homes for families in desperate need. We'll be
teaching Vocational Bible School (VBS) at a local Children's
Home/Orphanage while playing with the kids, and serving the
community with love. We will also be distributing food to the
local neighborhoods!
          To help share Christ with so many who do not know
Him. We expect God to stretch us as we serve cross-culturally!      Completed Green Home from 2008-09 Trip!

Complete details about the trip, and all documentation, including photos from the preview trip we took
down there to meet the families and get to know the area can be found at www.youthjourney.org, our
Youth Journey web site. Click on the “Missions” link and you can read the blog, find the step by step
process we are taking to prepare for the trip, learn about the team and much more!

We urge you to prayerfully consider partnering with us on this tremendous journey and effort. Every
single penny donated will be allocated to the mission’s trip and the families in need, as well as the
orphanage. Not one cent will be kept by Youth Journey. All checks should be written out to Journey
Covenant Church. You may donate online at www.youthjourney.org/missions.html or please fill out the
below form and hand it to any of our youth or volunteers or mail it to: Christopher Jahng, 2610 Ruhland
Ave #3, Redondo Beach, CA. 90278. All donations are tax deductable. Thank you for your time and
consideration. May God bless you, so that you may continue to be a blessing to others (Gen 12:1-3).

Your fellow servant,

Christopher Jahng – Youth Director of Journey Covenant Church

  It's time to serve others, this New Year's Eve! THANK YOU for your support! Be a partner!
 How I can pray for you while on this trip? ________________________________________________________
               I would like to receive email updates about the mission’s trip! YES * ] NO [ ]
                I would like to be a prayerful supporter of the mission’s trip! YES * ] NO [ ]
                I would like to donate financially to the mission’s trip! Donation amount:________
  Individual(s) you are sponsoring: _______________________________________________________________
Your Name:______________________________ Phone:________________ Email:_________________________
Address:________________________________________ City/State/Zip:__________________________________

  Please make checks payable to Journey Covenant Church with “Baja Bound Missions Trip” in the memo section.
                You can send to Chris Jahng at 2610 Ruhland Ave #3, Redondo Beach, CA. 90278
On this page, write out and list the names of your friends and family, to whom you will send your
support letter! School teachers, work associates, class mates, relatives, social workers, church members,
mentors, grandparents, neighbors, coaches…etc. Everyone is your neighbor. Share with them the
opportunity to join you, and our whole team, on this great adventure! An extra page is included for you
to keep listing and sending out via email, facebook, myspace, phone, fax, US mail… everything! Check off
the person(s) on the “Sent?” Column after you get your letter to them!

Name            Address                         City              St/Zip        Email              Sent?
Name   Address   City   St/Zip   Email   Sent?

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