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									                          2010-2011 7th Grade Science Syllabus
                                  Foley Middle School

                                      Shea Hinson
                            School Telephone (251)943-1255
                              Teacher Planning 3rd period

Introduction: Seventh grade science is devoted entirely to life science and all the
concepts that are involved in the growth and development of living organisms. I have
been teaching life science for 11 years. Life science is studied through observations and
labs that are centered on the students seeing and doing instead of reading and memorizing
the ideas. I love teaching, and I hope the students leave with a love for it as well.

Course Description: In this class, first hand observations of the concepts will be
emphasized through lab investigations, problem solving, and the use of technology. My
classroom is an AMSTI classroom (Alabama Math and Science Technology Initiative),
which means it is primarily hands-on. The supplies that are used are provided by the
state at no cost to the school. The first semester will focus on the Human Body and all its
systems. The second semester will deal with macro and microscopic organisms and their
life cycles as they grow develop and adapt. The objectives studied this year will not only
prepare them for Biology in their 9th grade year, but it will also help them to prepare for
the high school graduation exam.

Texts: AMSTI student guides and lab notebooks

Grading Policy: Grades are determined on the percentage earned in a total point system.
Possible points will be given at the time of the assignment. Assessments make up 60 % of
the grade, while the remaining 40% comes from daily work and bell ringers.
Grading Scale: 90-100 A, 89-80 B, 70-79 C, 60-69 D, 50-59 F

Homework: Due to the fact that this is a hands-on science class, the only homework will
be to study for assessments at the end of each unit.

Tests: Tests are used to assess a students understanding of the state objectives. Tests will
be given at the end of each unit and several quizzes will be given through out the
discussions. The quizzes will cover vocabulary, sample problems and help to reinforce
the objectives. Students are given several days notice before a test. It will be posted on
the agenda and on STI home.

Make-up work and Re-Testing Policy:
Students will be allowed to make-up work each quarter at any time before the grades
have ended for that grading period. It will be the student’s responsibility to come to me if
they are missing assignments. Students will also be given the opportunity to improve
their grades through re-testing and other forms of evaluation.
Projects: Most of the projects done in this subject area are done as in class assignments.

Late Work: Late work will be accepted throughout the entire quarter. I will give the
students their averages and missing work periodically so that they have the opportunity to
eliminate any zeros they have received during the grading period.

Attendance and Tardy Policy: In order for the student to get the most out of the class
they should be there each day to do and complete the labs. Being tardy is also considered
distractions and can cause the students to miss valuable data. Tardies are handled through
the office and are dealt with through county policy.

Classroom Rules and Procedures:

   1. Get to class on time.
   2. A raised hand symbolizes that the students are to raise their hands and stop
   3. When seated chairs must remain on all four legs and feet in front. Pencils are
       sharpened before class and trash is thrown away when class ends. There will be
       time in the class opening and closing procedures for all things to be taken care of
       each day.
   4. Be respectful to fellow students as well as the teacher.
   5. Bring agenda and supplies daily.
   6. No food, drinks, candy or gum allowed in class.
   7. No cell phones or book bags are permitted in the classrooms.
   8. Respect all school property.
   9. Work from bell to bell. We do not stop class early.
   10. The teacher dismisses you- not the bell. And finally….
   11. Keep an open mind and smile- it is contagious.

In addition, all lab rules must be followed. Students and parents must sign a lab safety
contract before a student may participate in any labs. The contract is then kept on file
with the teacher. Failure to follow lab rules may result in those privileges being revoked.

I look forward to having a great year

Shea Hinson
7th grade science
Room 19
Foley Middle School

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