Answers to Commonly Asked Questions Can I speak with a live person when I call the Benefits Line Yes The Enrollment Services Center has licensed benefit counselors available from 8am ET to 8pm

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Answers to Commonly Asked Questions Can I speak with a live person when I call the Benefits Line Yes The Enrollment Services Center has licensed benefit counselors available from 8am ET to 8pm Powered By Docstoc
					Answers to Commonly Asked Questions:

Can I speak with a live person when I call the Benefits Line?
Yes. The Enrollment Services Center has licensed benefit counselors available from 8am ET to 8pm ET. If your call is
received after business hours, a voicemail can be left and the call will be returned the following business day.

What if I make a mistake while trying to enroll?
While still within your eligibility period, you can log onto or contact the Enrollment Services
Center for enrollment updates.

Can I sign up for the other plans without signing up for a medical plan?

Can I enroll at any time?
No. Eligible employees may only enroll during the annual open enrollment period or within 60 days of their first paycheck.
You must experience a Qualifying Life Event if you want to enroll outside of these enrollment periods.

What is the coverage for maternity care?
Limited maternity services may be covered under the categories, up to the annual limit per category:
    • Doctor’s’ Office Visits
    • Diagnostic Services
    • Hospital Care (inpatient)

How will I know if my elections have been processed?
At the end of every enrollment, a confirmation statement is available to you. If you are enrolling over the phone, this
confirmation statement will be mailed to your residence. If you are enrolling over the web, you have the ability to save and/or
print your confirmation statement at the time of enrollment.

When will my coverage begin?
Your coverage is effective the first date of the pay period (Monday) following the issue date (pay date) of your paycheck.
Coverage is based on your payroll frequency, e.g., weekly payroll has weekly coverage; biweekly payroll has biweekly

Once I enroll, when will I receive my ID Cards?
After Open Enrollment you can expect to receive your ID cards by the second or third week of January, 2009. For those who
join during 2009, your ID cards will arrive seven to ten business days after the first payroll date for which you are effective.

What if I need to see a provider before my ID cards arrive?
In the event of an emergency, the member should call the Enrollment Services Center at 866-868-8216.

What if I miss a weekly deduction?
It is your responsibility to make up the premium payment. Once your coverage has begun and you are receiving active
payroll deductions, if you do not have a deduction, you may pay your premium by completing a Missed Premium Payment
Form. Payment may not be submitted for missed coverage periods prior to your first payroll deduction. The Missed Premium
Payment Form will be available at
Note: Temporary employees have 42 days to make up the missed premium payment.

How do I access my insurance forms?
All administrative forms may be found in the Useful Forms at            In addition to this site, after
enrollment occurs they can be accessed at

Primary Contact:         Enrollment Services Center
Telephone:               (866) 868-8216
Whom do I contact with benefit coverage questions, e.g., date of birth updates, prescription coverage questions?
You must contact Enrollment Services Center at 866-868-8216. From the Main Menu, you can choose the appropriate
telephonic prompt to fit your needs.

What will happen to my insurance coverage if I do not have a payroll deduction for premium? Coverage cannot
remain in force if no premium is paid. If a deduction for premium is not made, you will have no coverage for the period for
which the missed deduction was meant to fund.

Can I make up missed deductions in order to continue my coverage? Yes. Please refer to the Missed Premium
Payment form available at for instructions.

If I stop working for the Company, when do my benefits terminate and can I continue my benefits?
Your benefits will terminate 42 days after your last payroll deduction. You may send in missed premiums up until Enrollment
Services receives the stop date, at which time, you will automatically be sent a COBRA continuation election form for
continuation of current coverage.

What if I want to cancel coverage after I have enrolled?
If your elections are taken on a post-tax basis, you must contact the Enrollment Services Center to cancel your benefit
elections by going online and following the online instructions or calling the automated telephone system and following the
voice prompts. It may take approximately two pay periods for cancellations to be passed to your employer and no refunds
will be issued for benefit deductions taken before the cancellation is passed to your employer.

If you cancel your coverage, the only time you may re-enter the program is at annual open enrollment or if you have a valid
Qualifying Life Event. You must apply within either 31 or 60 days of the event, depending on the type of event.

Can I get a refund of my premiums if I drop coverage after a deduction has been taken?
No. Premiums paid are non-refundable.

Do the plans provide major medical coverage?
No, the plans don’t provide major medical coverage. They offer limited benefits with annual caps on the amounts that will be
paid. Importantly, even if you reach the annual cap, enrolled members can still take advantage of significant discounts offered
by providers within the network.

How do I provide proof of credible coverage for Dental to eliminate the waiting period?
The following documentation must be submitted when requesting that the dental period be waived:
   • Certificate of Coverage (COC)
   • Summary Plan Description (SPD)
   • ID Card
   • Explanation of Benefits
   • Prior dental carrier bill (if there is an effective date to show 12 consecutive months of coverage for an Enrollee or
   • Or any other similar document from the prior carrier that describes which Class III or Class IV services were covered

If the documentation submitted meets the criteria required to waive the waiting period by answering the following questions,
then it can be considered acceptable forms of documentation:
     • Did the Enrollee or Group have 12 consecutive months of coverage prior to the effective date with UnitedHealthcare
     • Did the prior coverage include Major Services (Class III or Class IV, if applicable)?

Please send the documentation to:
Ms. Rhonda Butler
United Healthcare Specialty Benefits
Liberty 6 Suite 200
6220 Old Dobbin Lane
Columbia, MD 21045

Who is the health care company?
UnitedHealthcare is the health care company.

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