Heirship Affidavit for Alabama by ega15544


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                                                           --Above this line reserved for official use only--

The Heirship Affidavit must not be signed by a beneficiary or other person who has an interest in the estate of the
the Deceased.
                                     HEIRSHIP AFFIDAVIT
COUNTY OF _________________________

INFORMATION CONCERNING ________________________________________ [name of the Deceased
person], DECEASED.

BEFORE        ME,   the     undersigned      authority,     on   this    day     personally    appeared
________________________________________, the Affiant, who is personally known to me (or, if not
personally      known       to      me,       did       confirm     his/her      identity     presenting
________________________________________________________ as identification), and appearing to be
fully competent and of sufficient age, being first duly sworn according to law, stated upon the Affiant’s
oath the following:

A.      My     name    is   ________________________________________                    and      I     reside     at
        ___________________________________________________________                                        [address],
        _____________________ [city], State of __________________.

B.      I was personally well acquainted with the Deceased during his/her lifetime, having known
        him/her for ________ years. My relationship with the Deceased was as follows:
        _______________________________. [Indicate the relationship, e.g. friend, cousin, etc.]

C.      I am personally familiar with the family and marital history of the Deceased and have personal
        knowledge of the facts stated in this Affidavit.

D.      The Deceased passed away at _______________________ [city/town] in _____________________
        County/Parish, State of __________________________, on or about _________________, 20_____
        [date of death], being ___________ years old at the date of his/her death.

E.      At     the     time     of       his/her   death,   the     Deceased     resided      at
        ________________________________________________________________________       [address],
        _________________________ [city], Alabama.

F.      I was well acquainted with the family and nearest relatives of the Deceased, and with all those
        persons who would be his/her heirs under the laws of the State of Alabama.

Affiant further states that the statements hereinafter set forth, including answers to questions posed, are
based upon the Affiant’s personal knowledge and are true and correct.

1.      Did the Deceased leave a Will? __________

2.      If the Deceased left a Will, has the Will been admitted to probate? If yes, give the date and the
location of the court:

Date: _____________________________ Cause Number:___________________________

Location: __________________________________________ County, Alabama

3.     If the Deceased did not leave a Will, has an administrator or personal representative been
appointed for the estate of the Deceased? ____________________________

4.      If an administrator or personal representative has been appointed, give his/her name and
address, and state the County in which the proceedings are pending:

Name: __________________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________

Cause Number: ____________________________ County: ________________________________________


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