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                                                        RESEARCH TOPICS IN MARKETING

                                                                     FALL 2009

Professor                       Garrett Sonnier, PhD.
Office                          CBA 7.256
Office Hours                    By appointment
Phone                           (512) 471-9197

Classroom                       Marketing Conference Room
Course Web Page                 Blackboard
Section Times                   F 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Course Overview and Learning Objectives
The purpose of this course is to discuss current research papers in the academic marketing
literature. Your coursework to date has given you the foundation of knowledge required to
succeed as marketing academics. The primary objective of the course is to prepare you to
become a critical consumer of academic papers in marketing.

The seminar will focus heavily on the papers presented by invited speakers from top academic
institutions. On the week of the seminar, we will meet to discuss and critique the paper,
typically presented to the Marketing Department on Fridays. The meeting times are to be
determined. Your grade in this seminar will be determined by your class participation at the
meeting as well as your participation in the seminar. In addition, you will be required to write a
1-2- page critical review for one of the seminar papers (as though you are writing a review for
a journal). The review is due on the last day of the semester.

Your grade in this course will be determined as follows:
Class Participation 75%
Review Paper         25%
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Seminar Schedule
                     Date                            Speaker                    Academic Institution
                   18-Sep                   Nita Umashankar                        University of Texas
                   21-Sep                       Morgan Ward                        University of Texas
                    2-Oct                      Raji Srinivasan                     University of Texas
                    9-Oct                                 TBD                                        ---
                   16-Oct                          Ken Wilbur                          Duke University
                   23-Oct                                 TBD                                        ---
                   30-Oct                          Lopo Rego                         University of Iowa
                    6-Nov                           Gita Johar                    New York University
                   13-Nov                        Dina Mayzlin                           Yale University
                   20-Nov           Christophe Van den Bulte                University of Pennsylvania
                    4-Dec                    Ayelet Fishbach                     University of Chicago

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