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									                         Heart's Desire Community Association

                        Heart's Desire Community
                       Minutes for the March 22, 2006
                    Land Development Committee Meeting


This meeting was held to allow the Hearts Desire Land Development Committee to present the
status of the Draft Plan of Subdivision for the lands to the north of Hearts Desire and south of
Strandherd to the community and to solicit feedback on it.

   - App. 75 community members.
   - Land Development Committee (LDC)
          o Mac Prescott
          o Jerry Corush
          o Mike Cotter
   - Minto
          o Jack Sterling Vice President
          o Marcel Dennome Senior Project Manager
   - Steve from an Engineering Firm engaged by Minto.
   - Court Curry formerly from Jan Harder’s office.

1. Introduction

The LDC has met with Minto over the past 6 months in a very constructive format regarding the
development of the adjacent lands.
The LDC requested this forum in order to inform the community of the details of the Draft Plan of
Subdivision for lands north of Bren Maur and how it would affect this community and to solicit

Minto is targeting to receive city approval of their Draft Plan of Subdivison by mid June thus
allowing commencement of the development in the late summer time frame.

To date the City Of Ottawa has refused all invites from the LDC to participate in these discussions.
The Hearts Desire Community Association will continue its attempts to meet with the planning
department and once this is done it will be share it findings with the membership by a posting on
the community website.

2. Minto Presentation
Minto (Marcel) made the first presentation of the night.
Marcel walked the audience through their presentation that included diagrams of their planned

G Knowles - Secretary                           1                                                Final
                         Heart's Desire Community Association

Minto’s development on the lands east of Woodroffe Ave are nearing completion with development
in the south east corner of Standherd / Woodroffe Ave now well underway.

The City’s schedule for the Light Rail has it reaching the Woodroffe Ave station by 2009. Various
parties (including Jan harder) are pushing to have it extended to the Greenbank Transit way
terminal at the same time.

Bren Maur
   • Bren Maur will be terminated with cul-de-sac approximately where the current farm house
      is located.
   • The Storm Water Catch basin will be built between the end of Bren Maur and Jockvale road.
   • There will be a connection to Jockvale Road via the new development.
   • Draft plans indicate a total of 5 connections between Bren Maur and the new subdivision.
   • Minto stated they were very flexible in how many road connections should be implemented.
   • Minto claims a connection to Greenback must be provided.
   • The road plan is designed to make the Bren Maur route less attractive to the cut through
      traffic from the surrounding neighbourhoods.

Barcham Park
   • Minto has indicated in their Draft Plan that this would be park land but they have been
      informed that the City has expressed their dissatisfaction of retaining the current Barcham
      green space as a park.
   • Minto has stated they are not interested in developing this piece of land in light of honouring
      previous discussions with the City Of Nepean and Hearts Desire.

Northern Land Development
   • Lots abutting on the current Hearts Desire Community will be of 40 m depth. The last 10
       meters will be designated “buffer”
   • The definition of the “buffer” zone has been determined and will be enforced through city
       by laws. However, the exact configuration of the buffer cannot be determined until the
       drainage plans for these lots have been finalized. Once this is done Minto plans to meet
       with the LDC to work out the exact details of the composition of the buffer. Minto plans to
       arrange a similar arrangement here as they did for Morgan’s Grant.
   • At this point in time, the lots facing Bren Maur will be of a smaller width. Suggestion by the
       audience was these lots should also respect the “transition zone” specifications. E.g. as per
       the Woodroffe Ave lots. Minto takes the position that Bren Maur acts as the buffer zone as
       Woodroffe Avenue did for the development on the east side of Woodroffe. In addition they
       argue that the Barcham Park serves as a much larger buffer than that provided to the rest of
       the community. This issue will be further discussed with the City and Minto by the LDC.
   • The City has expressed a desire to include walk way connections from Hearts Desire into
       the new community thus providing access to the future parks and schools. These proposed
       path connections would be at the northern ends of Newland and Kelowna. General
       consensus within the audience was that this was not a desirable feature for Hearts Desire.
   • Minto presented a map of the sanitary and water mains. All sanity and storm sewers will
       drain to the Jockvale – Bren Maur corner. This will involve some construction on Bren
   • The Storm Watch basin will service all lands north and east of this point.
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                         Heart's Desire Community Association

    •   Minto stated there will be extensive landscaping around the pond though they did not have
        further details. The expectation is that the storm pond will become a park with pathways and
        benches around its perimeter.

Minto’s Development Sequence Strategy
   • Minto has assembled a “sequence of development” based on input from the LDC.
   • Stage 1A north of Bren Maur
          - Will involve building the east-west road connection between Woodroffe Ave and
             Jockvale road.
          - Bren Maur connection to Jockvale Road will be severed and the Storm Watch pond
             built (late 2006).
          - Housing construction on the north side of Hearts Desire to commence in the fall of
   • Stage 1B west end of Bren Maur
          - This will include the lands to the west of Kelowna.
          - Development to commence in the fall of 2007.

Closure of Woodroffe.
   • The city plan indicates Standherd will be extended to Price Of Wales Drive in 2008
   • Minto will then close off Woodroffe Ave and develop the lands abutting it on the east side
       of Woodroffe.

Jockvale Road Realignment
   - At some point in the future, Jockvale road will be disconnected from Greenbank and re-
       routed to connect to the market Square Shopping centre near the movie theatre.

This concluded the Minto Presentation.

3. LDC Review of the Plans
Mac Prescott presented the LDC’s view of the development plans

Mac made note that the City of Ottawa Planning Dept has not replied to any contacts made by the
LDC and were also invited to tonight’s meeting. Thus their perspective on the draft development
plan remains unknown although a meeting between the LDC and the Planning Department is
expected shortly.

The LDC’s Items of Concern are to which they were requesting input from the community: ( the
complete LDC is also available as a separate document on the Hearts Desire web site
   1. Road connections to Bren Maur
      - LDC believes five roads onto Bren-Maur is too many.
      - Two, perhaps three is the preferred quantity.
   2. Road alignment with existing HD roads.
      - Concern was raised regarding development of the lands surrounding the cul-de-dac.
   3. Terminating Bren-Maur with a cul-de-sac.
      - LDC believes this to be the safest arrangement to minimize traffic flow.
      - The proposed connecting roadway(s) will retain the connection to Greenbank, etc
      - Completion of the Cresthaven extension is the critical path for removing the traffic from
          Bren Maur.
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                          Heart's Desire Community Association

    4. Building lots backing onto Hearts Desire
       - The LDC is in support of developing the lots adjacent lots to Hearts Desire as soon as
          possible. This will get the community out of the “construction” zone as soon as possible
          and allow return to normalcy.
       - Houses on these properties will be in the higher price range with two car garages.
    5. Buffer zone on bordering lands
       - Identifying and enforcing the buffer zones has been an on going issue.
       - Buffer zone will have a 10m width and to be on all lands bordering Hearts Desire. E.g.
          as per the Borello lands.
       - The buffer zone will be used as a screen with new City By Laws in place to protect how
          it will be used.
    6. Storm Pond
       - LDC would like assurances that the run off will not be of a toxic naturec. This
          requirement will apply more to the City than to Minto’s area of responsibility.
       - The Rideau Valley Conservation Association is deeply involved.
    7. Surface Water Flow
       - The LDC has concerns that with the redirecting the surface waters, current vegetation
          and the water table may be adversely impacted.
       - with reduced surface water flow may impact the current vegetation and water table.
       - LDC will pressure the City to provide a guarantee.
    8. Sub Surface Water Flow (Wells)
       - Concerns that this development may have an negative impact on the neighbourhood
       - Some studies have indicated there will not be any impacts as the subterranean water
          flows north east from Richmond.
       - LDC wants to have a guarantee from the City regarding well water quality and quantity.
    9. Newland Drive and Kelowna
       - These roads will not be connected to the new community. Minto is supportive of this
       - Pedestrian access via one of these streets is under consideration. Concern has been
          raised regarding potential to increase vandalism. What is the community interested in?

4. Cell Tower
The LDC also noted they have received (informally) notice that the church on Woodroffe Ave is
planning to install a 150 ft Cell tower on their property.
The LDC has stated they are totally against this and has asked Minto to follow a similar stance due
to the impact on their lands.
The LDC is also working with Jan Harder’s office to prevent this from taking place.
Minto has not seen an official submission for this tower.

5. Open Discussion
At this point, the floor was turned over to the audience for questions.

Buffer Lands Fencing

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                         Heart's Desire Community Association

    -   Question was raised regarding what type of fencing will be installed on the lands bordering
        the new developments.
    -   Minto does not have anything planned at this time.

Minto has assured there will not be any construction traffic through Hearts Desire that would be
associated with the development of their lands.

April 6th Public Information Meeting
   - There will be a public meeting held by Minto to solicit input from the public on their plans..
   - Residents will then have 30 days to provide input.
   - Residents are encouraged to attend this meeting and where they feel comfortable indicate
        that they support the position of the LDC and that their understanding is that this position
        has been shared with the Planning Department.

Barcham Crescent Green Space
   - Hearts Desire residents do not want it developed into houses.
   - LDC wants this to stay as open land.
   - Minto is not including this as part of their land swaps with the City.

Lots fronting onto Bren Maur
   - There will be housing lots fronting on to Bren Maur. Final quantity to be determined.
   - There is no standards set regarding lot sizes at this time.
   - Residents expressed concern on this matter and recommend these be subject to the same
        guidelines as per those lots on the east side of Woodroffe Ave.

Pedestrian connection to the Shopping Centre
   - Question was raised regarding the establishment of pathway connections on the western end
       of Bren Maur to the shopping centre.
   - Nothing has been decided with pathways outside that offered on the roadways.

Pedestrian access via Newland Drive and Kelowna
   - Many comments on this topic, many members need to be convinced why this would be in
       the interests of the community.,

Grant Knowles
Hearts Desire Community Secretary
825 - 5438

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