Marketing Strategies of Maruti Suzuki

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					a million                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Our Steer Leaders

Mr. M. M. Singh                                      Mr. I. V. Rao                                    Mr. S. Maitra                                           Mr. S. Y. Siddiqui                                 Mr. Mayank Pareek
Managing Executive Officer (Production)              Managing Executive Officer (Engineering)         Managing Executive Officer (Supply Chain)               Managing Executive Officer (Administration)        Executive Officer (Marketing & Sales)
Mr. T. Ohashi                                        Mr. K. Asai                                      Mr. N. Fujita                                                                                              Mr. S. Oishi
Director and Managing Executive Officer              Director & Managing Executive Officer            Executive Officer (Supply Chain)                                                                           Director & Managing Executive Officer
(Production)                                         (Engineering)                                                                                                                                               (Marketing & Sales)

“We aspire to make cars that are consistently        “Maruti Suzuki has successfully leveraged the    “Our suppliers make more than 70 percent by             “In pursuit of our ambitious growth &              “ A million promises, to us, is about delighting
world class in terms of quality and cost, built by   strengths of Suzuki Motor Corporation in the     value of a Maruti Suzuki car. They have a               expansion plans amidst a competitive & tough       the customer. We have the support of high
a strong, highly motivated & committed team.         areas of technology, design and quality. We      critical role in ensuring that our customers get        business environment, our talent pool is going     quality people and systems of Maruti Suzuki,
Maruti Suzuki is currently scaling up capacities     have now developed capabilities in design and    global quality and design, like customers in the        to be a key strength. We have made consistent      all of whom are converging to the cause of the
by installing world-class equipment and              development, and collaborated with Suzuki        developed countries. We will continue                   efforts to create a positive, enabling and high    customer. Our vast and growing network of
machines for cars and engines. At the same           engineers in designing world strategic models    collaborating with our suppliers, as we always          performance work environment at Maruti             dealers enables us to reach customers in the
time, with the blend of Japanese fundamentals        like Swift and SX4. Going forward, Maruti        have, to reduce cost and enhance quality. But           Suzuki as a pre-requisite towards talent           farthest corners. We will continue to expand
& locally built new techniques, we build             Suzuki will rapidly scale up capability and      this partnership will now do more. As Maruti            acquisition, talent nurturing and talent           this network, and also enhance the quality of
flexibility in our operations that allows quick      infrastructure in R & D, so we can continue to   Suzuki develops R & D capabilities, our                 management. The people development                 customer experience with Maruti Suzuki.
product mix changes to meet changing                 offer customers many more new models, with       suppliers will also build design and                    roadmap at Maruti Suzuki also entails to build     Fulfilling a million promises is about
customer requirements. Our success has               the same bold and aggressive design, loaded      development capability in their own areas.              the leadership pipeline facilitating the high      understanding the needs of the customer,
always been due to our people who have               with features and priced attractively. We will   Together, we will fulfil the promise of more            potentials to take up senior & top management      stated and unstated, and designing our
shown outstanding commitment, team work              continue to apply Japanese-style attention to    models, more upgrades, more features -- at              roles, envision the future, define business        products and services around them. As India
and a never ending urge to improve. The man          quality and processes, both within the company   attractive prices ”                                     innovation & strategies and lead high              prospers, transforms, aspires and grows
on the shop floor will continue to lead us in our    and at our suppliers. Our service network,                                                               performing teams for us to achieve customer        younger, we will remain sensitive to change,
journey of a million promises.”                      widely acknowledged for its reach and quality,                                                           delight, organizational growth & strongly retain   keep pace and meet commitments like we first
                                                     will expand further and touch many more                                                                  the leadership position in the Auto Industry in    did 25 years ago.”
                                                     Indian customers as we move forward to fulfill                                                           India.”
                                                     a million promises.”

                                                                                                                                       58    Maruti Suzuki India Limited ANNUAL REPORT 2007-08
Our Management Team                          a million

                      MANAGEMENT TEAM   59

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