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Asia's                   Payments
                         Presents                                                            Conference | 20 – 23 April 2010
                                                                                               Exhibition | 21 – 23 April 2010
   5 days superior content                                      SUNTEC Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre

  3 specialised conferences
  3 days comprehensive
    payments showcase                                                                  Get smart
  2 industry focused workshops
 60 high level speakers
450 conference attendees
                                                                  Cards & Payments Asia 2010 speakers

                                  Nitin Chittal                 Srinivas Nidugondi         Oliver Yu                    Ali Al Meshal
                                  Vice President, Alternate     Head of B2 – Direct        Chairman                     Head of IT and Projects,
                                  Channels                      Banking                    Chunghwa Post, Taiwan        Merchant Department
                                  Axis Bank, India              ICICI Bank, India                                       Credimax, Bahrain

                                                                     Prepaid Cards Asia 2010 speakers

                                  Grant Johnstone               Vineet Katial              Peter Lewis                  Elena Naumchik
                                  Head of Prepaid Cards,        Chairman and Managing      Oyster Development           Head of marketing
                                  Macquarie Consumer            Director                   Manager                      service unit, DBS, Dept of
                                  Finance Team                  Krores, United Kingdom     Transport For London,        operation and marketing
                                  Macquarie Direct,                                        UK                           X5 Retail Group N.V.
                                  Australia                                                                             Russia

                                                                 Mobile Money World Asia 2010 speakers

                                  Rohit Dadwal                  Sukanta Dey                Satish Menon                 Aline Rutily
                                  Managing Director             President                  Executive Vice President &   Chief Executive Officer
                                  Mobile Marketing              Tata Teleservices, India   Venture Leader               A Bridge Consulting,
                                  Association, Singapore                                   Citi Growth Ventures,        France

         Supported by:                           Produced by:                                              Held in:

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                            The downturn is over, and Asia is poised to             the entire value chain. Seize this exceptional
                            grow significantly in 2010. Spending is up,              opportunity to position your business and yourself
                            payment delinquency rates are down, and                 as a leader in the industry.
 “Conference                payments technology adoption is at a high.
                            Debit, mobile and prepaid usage is on the rise,         These 3 conferences are co-located with the
 was up to my                                                                       region’s largest smart cards exhibition. Featuring
 expectations”              and consumers increasingly value convenience
                            and efficiency in making their payments.                 over 250 of the top solutions providers to the
 Jeni Suriadinato                                                                   financial industry and hosting an expected 6,000
 Financial Services         2010 presents many opportunities to profit from          attendees from all over the world, Cards Asia 2010
     Manager                Asia’s booming market – and Cards Asia 2010             is the one-stop venue for all your business needs.
Carrefour Indonesia         responds to the need of payments professionals
                            to gain knowledge of the region, learn the best         No other event in the region brings you this
                            strategies to maximise their revenues in this           level of education from leading executives in the
                            increasingly significant market.                         payments arena. Make Cards Asia 2010 your must
                                                                                    attend event for the year!
     "We gained             Whether you’re from a retail bank, a
 some significant            telecommunications operator, a retailer or a
insights from the           solutions provider, Cards Asia 2010 is the event
  topics. In fact,          for you! Held from 19-23 April 2010 in the city-
                            state of Singapore, Cards Asia 2010 promises to
right after one of
                            be the biggest and best payments event that will
the presentation,           have the answers to maximise your ROI in 2010.
  I took the idea           With established and brand new conferences –
  straight to my            15th Cards and Payments Asia, 3rd Prepaid Cards
   partners and             Asia and the inaugural Mobile Money World Asia
                            – the event offers even more content and greater
  we are now in
                            opportunities to meet with over 250 of the top
    the midst of            decision makers in the payments industry across         Learn from the market experts
implementing it."
    Philip Law
   Senior Market
 China Unionpay,
Representative Office
                                                      Cards issuers        Retail banks
                                                      and acquirers                                 Payments

                                        regulators and                                                            Solution
                                      trade associations                                                         providers

                                Money transfer                          Who’s                                           Card
                                  operators                           attending?

                                        Travel and
                                                                                                             Retailers and
                                                        operators                                     Telecom
                                                                               Retailers             operators

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 Conference Day One Tuesday 20 April 2010                                                    Conference Day Two Wednesday 21 April 2010

Growth strategies in a more confident 2010                                        Reinventing business models through innovative product
9:30     Keynote Pan-Asian Banking Panel: Positioning your retail bank
         for the upswing: 2010 outlook for the Asian cards and payments          9:00    Keynote panel: Building the optimal business model in the
         market                                                                          upstream economy
10:10    Keynote address: Introducing innovative cards and payments              9:40    Case study: Winning market share and growing revenues through
         solutions to grow retail banking profits                                         the introduction of mobile payments products
10:40    Morning refreshments                                                    10:10   Morning refreshments
11:10    Launching new cards and payments products to grow revenues              10:40   Case study: Utilising contactless technology in partnering with
         and reduce customer churn                                                       transit ticketing to encourage customer card take-up
11:40    Building Indonesia’s cards industry: Capitalising on opportunities in   Cards marketing and loyalty
         changing consumer and market dynamics
                                                                                 11:10   Case study: Redefining the loyalty program: Creating meaningful
12:10    Indonesia Leadership Panel: Building profitability and achieving                 relationships through customised loyalty solutions
         success in Southeast Asia’s fastest growing retail banking market
                                                                                 11:40   Case study: Promoting one-to-one marketing through advanced
Outsourcing: Strategies in improving your bottom line                                    and personalised payment cards
12:50    Improving business performance through outsourcing: Is this a           13:40   Case study: Building a compelling and competitive rewards
         sustainable trend in the retail banking industry?                               program to engage customer loyalty
13:20    Networking luncheon                                                     14:10   Merchant panel: Building your brand - Aligning strategies in
                                                                                         retailer-bank partnerships for increased revenues
14:20    Making the business case for outsourcing in the recovery market
                                                                                 15:00   Afternoon refreshments
Regulating the payment market in asia
                                                                                 Reinventing business models through innovative product
14:50    Rolling out new products in a regulatory environment
                                                                                 offerings 2
15:20    Regulatory Panel: Payment system regulation, innovation and
                                                                                 15:30   Case study: Promoting debit cards to drive profits
         competition: Can all three co-exist?
                                                                                 16:00   Investing for future growth: Enhancing transaction value through
15:50    Afternoon refreshments
                                                                                         new innovations
Mitigating risk & combating rising card fraud
                                                                                 16:30   Case study: Launching remittance services to increase customer
16:20    Developing a cohesive approach to fraud prevention                              card take up and usage
16:50    Balancing innovation and risk control: Reinventing your business        17:00   Case study: How innovation can help drive business growth
         with ground-breaking risk analytics practices and tools
                                                                                 17:30   Panel discussion: Positioning for future growth: Capitalising on
17:20    Assesing the effectiveness of payment fraud prevention strategies               opportunities in new and innovative payment methods
17:50    Chairperson’s closing remarks and end of conference day one             18:10   Chairperson’s closing remarks and close of conference

        Conference Day One Thursday 22 April 2010                                             Conference Day Two Friday 23 April 2010

9:15     Opening keynote address: Identifying the key strategies for             Prepaid business models
         making your prepaid program a huge success
                                                                                 9:15    Opening keynote panel: How to make money from prepaid -
Successfully making prepaid a profitable business                                         global success stories
9:45     Tapping into the huge potential of prepaid programs                     10:00   Open loop business cards - a business model for the future
10:15    Morning refreshments                                                    10:30   Morning refreshments
11:00    Case study: Examining the key drivers for a prepaid cards               Effective prepaid distribution channels
         program at the Youth Olympics
                                                                                 11:00   Panel discussion: Tailoring an effective distribution strategy for
Mobile & contactless: Future of prepaid without a card?                                  each prepaid program
11:30    Developing an effective mobile money transfer product                   11:45   Driving consumer adoption of prepaid through effective distribution
Emerging prepaid applications and case studies
                                                                                 12:30   Networking luncheon and exhibition viewing
12:00    Travel cards: Successfully utilising prepaid programs
                                                                                 Security and regulatory challenges
12:30    Networking luncheon and exhibition viewing
                                                                                 14:00   Developing a different set of regulation for different groups of
14:00    Government/disbursement: Can prepaid systems become the
                                                                                         prepaid users - corporate vs. the consumer
         next income management service delivery option?
                                                                                 14:30   Combating prepaid fraud successfully
14:30    Youth segment: Successfully capturing a huge share of the
         generation Z market using reloadable prepaid cards                      15:00   Afternoon refreshments
15:00    Afternoon refreshments                                                  Global prepaid case studies
15:30    Remittance and money transfers: Revolutionising the money               15:30   Case study: Winn-Dixie reloadable prepaid debit card, USA
         transfer model through prepaid
                                                                                 16:00   Case study: Australia Post Prepaid
16:00    Transport Panel: Contrasting and evaluating the benefits and
                                                                                 16:30   Case study: PEX prepaid card, USA
         differences of various transportation cards
                                                                                 17:00   Chairperson’s closing remarks and close of conference
16:30    Leisure and travel: Understanding the value proposition of
         prepaid cards in the leisure/travel segment
17:00    Chairperson’s closing remarks and close of conference

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         Conference Day One                                                                         Networking activities
         Thursday 22 April 2010
                                     nt f mobil mone in
                                      t    mobile money
Highlighting the growth and development of mobile money in
09:15   Opening keynote: Successfully capturing the opportunities and
                                                                             Cards Asia Party
        trends of Mobile Money in Asia                                                                                         We turn 15 this April!

09:45   Keynote panel: Key success factors in creating reliable and                                                            And we are going all out
        safe mobile money transfers for financial payments and retail                                                           to celebrate!!
        purchases in Asia                                                                                                      Expect the unexpected on
10:30   Morning refreshments                                                                                                   21 April 5.30pm – 7.30
Capitalising on the revenue opportunities in mobile money                                                                      Mark your calendar
11:15   Successfully connecting the bank, the merchant and the payment
        platforms through mobile commerce for enhanced revenue                                                                 Cards Asia party is open to
        opportunities                                                                                                          all exhibitors & guests only
Business models and mobile money applications
11:45   Developing successful framework for mobile money transfer             5th annual
12:15   Case study: Mobile applications for retailers beyond payments
12:45   Networking luncheon and exhibition viewing                           Bankers’ Salute
14:00   Mobile bridging
14:30   Successfully using mobile advertising to drive m-commerce
        revenue generation
15:00   Afternoon refreshments
15:30   Case study: Understanding the mobile banking and payments
        landscape in India
16:00   Uncovering the value proposition for mobile money transfer in
        emerging markets
Security & regulatory issues
                                                                             Hosted by
16:30   Understanding regulatory issues and its impact on mobile banking
        and payments
                                                                             21 April 2010, Pan Pacific Hotel, 6.30 – 9pm
17:00   Chairman’s closing remarks & close of conference                     An exclusive dinner & wine pairing in honour of
                                                                             Asia’s top retail bankers


Re-evaluating your brand and building strong customer
R      l ti        b                                                                                              d
                                                                             Commercialising open-loop prepaid cards
loyalty through more responsive product offerings                            Maximising opportunities in mobile, remittances, travel and corporate cards
19 April 2010, Monday, 9.00am                                                21 April 2010, Wednesday, 9.00am

With the positive outlook for the Asian cards and payments industry          With the recent economic slowdown, government initiatives and changing
in 2010, retail banks are set to launch new products and services for        consumer preferences, prepaid cards have become widespread in Asia.
their consumers to maximising their profits in the growing economy.           Closed-loop applications are most popular, and open-loop prepaid – though
However, will these up-and-coming products attract new customers and         it has the potential for huge profits – has yet to gain critical mass in the
build loyalty? How do they tie in with the current offerings and, more       region. Serious industry players need to build solid business models
importantly, the overall image of the bank?                                  and launch consumer-focused products to maximise their profits. This
                                                                             workshop presents an unrivalled opportunity for you to learn firsthand
This workshop will address the following issues:                             from the experts in the industry.
• Understanding changing consumer demands and assessing the
    viability of new product launches                                        This workshop will address the following issues:
• Positioning your portfolio to optimize opportunities in the upswing        • Opportunities and pitfalls in implementing different prepaid programs
    economy                                                                  • Key prepaid functionalities for different players in the business
• Innovative customer loyalty practices                                      • Future trends, innovations and key factors for success

Benefits of attending:                                                        Benefits of attending:
• Learn strategic market positioning and customer segmentation               • Understanding the role of different players in the industry to create
• Increase your branding and awareness by learning how to create                effective partnerships
   effective marketing campaigns                                             • Learn strategic market positioning and customer segmentation for
                                                                                your different products
Who should attend?                                                           • Develop profitable relationships and network with other industry
Retail banks                                                                    professionals
• Heads of Retail/Consumer Banking
• Heads of Cards                                                             Who should attend?
• Heads of Marketing                                                         • Retail banks
                                                                             • Retailers
                                                                             • Telecommunications providers

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book early and save                                                                                                                                                     Cards Asia 2010

                                                                               Event at a glance
                        19 APRIL 2010                         20 APRIL 2010                        21 APRIL 2010                       22 APRIL 2010                         23 APRIL 2010

                 Workshop                              • Innovative product launches to    • Reinventing business models:
                 Re-evaluating your brand and building   grow profits in 2010                 mobile, transport, debit and
                 strong customer loyalty through more • Country focus: Indonesia’s massive   remittance applications
                 responsive product offerings            opportunities                     • Combating fraud in payments
                                                       • Outsourcing strategies to improve • Loyalty and customer retention
                                                         the bottom line
                                                       • Understanding payment regulation

                                                         and reform

                                                                                            Workshop                            • The prepaid card market – State of • Prepaid business models
                                                                                            Commercialising open-loop prepaid     play                               • Prepaid marketing, distribution
                                                                                            cards: Maximising opportunities     • Monetising the prepaid               and consumer adoption
                                                                                            in mobile, remittances, travel &      opportunity                        • Payment fraud - A review of the
                                                                                            corporate cards                     • Emerging prepaid applications        landscape

                                                                                           • Capitalising on the revenue
                                                                                             opportunities in mobile money
                                                                                           • Business models and mobile
                                                                                             money applications
                                                                                           • Security & regulatory issues

Network-                                              Bankers' Salute                       Cards Asia exhibition party

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                                                                                                          Why you need to be at
Our sponsors for 2010
                                                                                                          Cards Asia 2010 conferences
                                                                                                          1) Because Cards Asia 2010 conferences will be attended by senior
                                                                                                             executives and decision makers from key verticals like retail banks,
                                                                                                             government, mobile operators, and transportation operators and many
                                                                                                          2) Because Cards Asia 2010 is Asia Pacific's most successful cards and
                                                                                                             payments event. In its 15th annual year, Cards Asia 2010, being Asia’s
                                                                                                             most established and leading smart card technology conference and
                                                                                                             exhibition, will continue to help you keep your business ahead of your
                                                                                                          3) Because over 250 international companies will showcase their solutions
                                                                                                             and technologies and launch new products at the 6,500sqm exhibit
                                                                                                             hall. Together with the on-floor educational seminars, the Cards Asia
                                                                                                             exhibition and conference will provide visitors with the latest updates
                                                                                                             on smart cards and payments.

                                                                                                          We offer customised sponsorship packages to meet your unique
                                                                                                          requirements. Opportunities include:
                                                                                                          • Individual presentation or case studies from your senior executive
                                                                                                          • Participation of a senior executive in a panel discussion
                                                                                                          • Exhibition space
                                                                                                          • Hosting a high profile networking function
                                                                                                          • Branding at the event brochure, website and other collaterals
                                                                                                          • Inclusion in the extensive pre-event marketing campaigns
                                                                                                          • Branding onsite of conference and exhibition

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