Marketing Strategies of Etisalat Training Department by nkd11118


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									                                                                          Training Department
                                                                                    Training Schedule

                                                                     1st February 2010             To 28th February 2010


                                             Who should Attend                                                                                     COURSE
            COURSE TITLE                                                               Purpose of the Course
                                                                                                                                        Instructor  CODE
                                                                                                                                                                          START   END

                                                                          Implement different motivational techniques at work place
 1    Team Working for Positive Result            All Departments                                                                         Dr. Khan        HRM-13   3       01     03     10
                                                                                    for working in team for positive result.
          T3 – Maintaining Financial                                         To learn preparation of final accounting partnership
 2                                              Finance Department                                                                        Dr. Khan          T3     4       01     22     15
               Records / CAT                                                   accounts, company accounts and consolidation
                                                                           To improve the effective presentation skills for Present
 3       Effective Presentation Skills             All Department                                                                        Mr. Qureshi      SLS-11   3       02     04     10
                                                                                              Business Reports
       F5 - Performance Management /
 4                                              Finance Department        To understand the financial performance of the company         Mr. Qamar          T3     4       02     23     15
                                                                            To improve the Business English skills concerning to
 5    Professional English for Sales Staff        Sales Department                                                                        Mr. Zeer        COM-15   3       02     04     10
                                                                                               language function,
                                                                           To learn the effective , fast and technical application of
 6            User support in XP                   All Department                                                                         Mr. Manoj       ITX-11   3       02     04     10
                                                                                         Window XP operating system
                                                                               To learn and practice cost accounting tools and
 7      T4- Accounting for Costs / CAT          Finance Department                                                                       Mr. Qamar          T4     4       03     24     15
                                                                          To learn international taxation produce, process and their
 8           F6 -Taxation / ACCA                Finance Department                                                                        Mr. Mehta         F6     4       04     25     15
      F4 - Corporate and Business Law /                                    To learn understand international law, commercial law,
 9                                              Finance Department                                                                      Still searching     F4     4       07     28     15
                    ACCA                                                                          company law.
                                                                          To expand their Business Letter writing skills and espouse
         Professional Business Letter        HR/Finance/Admin/Marketing
10                                                                         effective strategies in enthusiastic specialized business      Mr. Zeer        COM-20   3       07     09     10
                 writing skills                     Departments
                                                                                                  letter Writing.
            Risk Assessment and                                            To analysis the potential risk to IT infrastructure and to
11                                                 IT Department                                                                          Mr. Manoj       ITR-11   3       09     11     10
             Management in IT                                                            mitigate them to the minimum.
                                                                              Develop effective managerial skills by Creating an
                                             Supervisors and Manager of
12        Effective Managerial Skills                                     alertness of skills and approaches required by successful      Mr. Qureshi      MGT-64   3       09     11     10
                                                   All Department
                                                                            A diversity of English language leaning strategies and
13       Advanced English Speaking                All Departments                                                                         Mr. Zeer        COM-32   3       15     17     10
                                                                                                  mastery skills
                                             Supervisors and Manager of
14            Sales Management                                             Manipulate Decision and Exceed the Customers need.            Mr. Qureshi      SLS-15   3       16     18     10
                                                 Sales Department
                                                              To learn the available technologies and algorithms for
15   Data Encryption Technologies       IT Department                                                                  Mr. Manoj     ITD-11   3   16   18   10
                                                                                    data encryption
                                                                Implement appropriate skills to improve call Centre
16    Advance Call Center Skills    Call centre Department                                                             Mr. Qureshi   SLS-13   3   23   25   10
                                                                              Customer service quality
        Specialized Marketing                                To enable participant to develop marketing language and
17                                  Marketing Department                                                                Mr. Zeer     COM-33   3   23   25   10
        Communication Skills                                                 skills of punchy to the point
                                                              Will be able to develop Newsletters, Banners, Business
                                    Marketing/Admin/IT/ HR
18      MS PUBLISHER -2007                                         cards, catalogs, Email, Envelopes, letterhead,      Mr. Manoj     ITP-11   3   23   25   10
                                                                               advertisements, menus

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