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					Differences Between other Multi Level Marketing / Direct Sales And QuestNet

     Point to note                                                                            Most MLM               QUESTNET

                                                                                                                   can start with min
1)   Large Capital Outlay for Position or Level (More Discount)                                  Yes                   US$550
     eg: "Forever Living company" everymonth need to maintain minimum of US$50 or 1cc                                 ONE TIME
     (US$132)                                                                                                     PURCHASE ONLY

2)   Need to Buy & Sell (become stockist at home)                                                Most                     No

3)   Need to Deliever product (many times deliver cost become higher than profit)                Most                     No

4)   Compulsory Comsumption / Monthly
     Maintenance -
     a) Personal Quota / Comsumption                                                             Yes                      No
     b) Group Sales Volume -                                                                     Yes                      No
        Monthly Quota - if not meet, CANNOT overide the sales commission.

5)   The Higher your Position the Higher the volume/Quota you need to achieve.                   Yes                      No

a)   (If you cannot hit your group or personal quota, you cannot get your commission.)           Yes                      No
     So in order to get your commission you tend to top up to the required quota or
     pressure your downline to make sales or purchases.

b)   Disadvantage is that by topping up every now and then, the person end up with a             Yes                      No
     lot of products in the store room.
     Then because many direct sales products have expiry date. So HOW? Upline then
     will sell at huge discount to clear their stocks

c)   This huge discount trigger a wave to undercut your prospect and compete with you            Yes                      No
     even in the same tree / organisation / team

d)   Create Competition and Selfishness (because 1 distributor can open as many lines            Yes                     No
     as possible)                                                                                                 QuestNet only have
                                                                                                                       2 lines

6)   Company stockists does a yearly promotion to clear their stocks due to expiry of            Yes                      No
     products so bad for those who have a lot of stock

7)   NOT easy to duplicate network                                                               Yes                 Not Difficult
     a) Complicated plan                                                                         Yes                 Simple Plan
     b) Many condition                                                                           Yes                     No
     c) Break away after 6 or 7 levels                                                           Yes                     No
     d) Flush out of sales volume if quota for personal or qroup is not meet.                    Yes                     No
     e) Full Upline support not really there                                                     Yes                     No

8)   Transparency - whether you can checked information regarding your sales volume        Many companies          Very Transparent
     or transaction 24 hrs 7 days a week                                                 Lack of Transparency

9)   Whether is it Global & 24 hours Convenience of looking and checking any                 Most are Not                Yes
     information anyway where there is a internet facilities.

10) Time Frame to Stay Active                                                                      Yes                    No
                                                                                         (most distributor will
                                                                                          be terminated and
                                                                                          RESTART all over
                                                                                         again if they stop for
                                                                                           a period of time)

15) Difference Level / Position                                                                  Yes                      No
    a) Pay by level of commission (Different Level, Different Commission)                        Yes                      No
    ~ which will lead to certain level of unfairness in supporting their downlines
16) What is the possibilities of success if we compare the effort and time put into     Very Difficult       Not Difficult
    the business system                                                                                  Proven to be Faster

QuestNet covers many business industries which incudes Vacations, Telecommunications, Technology, Wellness, Numismatics, Fina
all these allow us to introduce to many people, even to the CEOs, Ambassadors of Countries, Big businessmen, housewifes, students
s, Finance, etc
udents, etc.

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