Vocabulary by pengtt


   Unit 6
    If you don’t have a
 vocabulary book, get out
  your warm-ups to copy
down the following words.
   Condone (Kun doen) - v.
     to forgive or overlook an offense
syn: pardon; excuse            ant: condemn
    Nuance (new          ahns) – n.
a slight or subtle degree of difference
          syn: gradation; shade
Connoisseur (con eh surr) – n.
an expert in matters of culture, food, or wine
          ant: tyro; novice; neophyte
  Enigma ( ih nig mah) - n.
a mystery; something seemingly inexplicable
            syn: riddle; puzzle
   Apathy (ap uh thee) - n.
   lack of interest; state of not caring
syn: indifference    ant: interest; eagerness
Officious (eh fish ehs) -adj.
excessively eager to deliver unasked-for or
               unwanted help
        syn: meddlesome; interfering
  Credence (creed ns) - n.
             belief or trust
syn: faith; confidence     ant: disbelief
I’m sooooo

    Jaunty (jon tee) - adj.
having a buoyant, self–confident air; brisk and crisp
               syn: confident; poised

Dilettante (dil ih taunt) – n.
one who merely dabbles in an art or science
syn: amateur; trifler   ant: expert; professional
          Cult (kult) - n.
an organized group of people with an obsessive
  devotion to a person or a set of principles
                syn: sect
                    Exercise 1A
    condone      nuance      connoisseur apathy
   officious      cult        credence  dilettante
  The chef, tuck away in the kitchen, nervously awaited
the report from the latest critic. Knowing that Mr.
Tahoma was a[n] ____ of Peruvian cuisine and a weekly
newspaper columnist with a[n] ____ following, the chef
hoped that the waiters refrained from the ____ behavior
that well-known critics must often endure from servers.
The chef had run the restaurant for twenty-eight years;
he was certainly not a[n] ____ in matters or cooking, but
owing to a decline in customers, he worried about the fate
of the business. He could only hope that Mr. Tahoma
would rave about the many subtle ____ of flavor in the
meal. A positive review, combined with the ____ accorded
to the column, might be all that the chef needed to save
the restaurant.
                   Exercise 1B
credence condone nuance enigma apathy jaunty
  Though she was a hostess at the restaurant, Rolinda
remained seated even as customers entered the
waiting area. Quietly expressing her ____ about
hungry suburbanites, Rolinda confined herself to a sigh
and let younger servers greet the new potential
tippers at the door. She knew that no manager could
be expected to ____ such behavior. Rolinda also
wondered why, even though she hadn’t been sick, she
had been so tired for the last month. If she didn’t
solve this ____ soon, she would more than likely lose
her job. For another day, she would just have to put
on a fake smile and affect a[n] ____ manner until the
end of her shift.

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