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									 Advanced Marketing Applications Certificate Program 19-104-5

 Lakeshore Technical College’s Marketing Program is proud to create an innovative and progressive certificate in the
 marketing industry. The second part in a series of two certificate programs is offered to meet the needs of marketing
 participants in the business community. Participants will be encouraged to improve their Quality of Work and Quality of
 Life in utilizing marketing skills in today’s workplace. Classes will be beginning in Fall of 2007 on various evenings from
 5:30 – 9:30 p.m. and are subject to change dependent upon scheduling. You can call (920) 693-1162 or (920) 693-1295 for
 more information.

                                                   COURSE DESCRIPTIONS
 10-104-110 Marketing Spreadsheet Applications (3 credits)
 ...provides the student with the ability to apply technology in solving marketing math problems. Student will also plan,
 develop and maintain a merchandising plan for a business. PREREQUISITE: 10103158 Intro to Microsoft Office or
 10103158MS Intro to Microsoft Office or 10103141 Excel 2002-Level 1or 10103102 Intro Excel or 1003102BO Beg Excel

 10104172            Marketing Analysis (3 credits)
 … ...expands the student's ability to analyze the impact of the external marketing environment, including demographic trends, competitive
 strategies, political/legal marketing factors, social/cultural marketing factors, economic marketing factors, and technological marketing
 factors, and global markets. COREQUISITES: 10104102 Principles of Marketing; 10104103 Applied Marketing. (Blended Class)

 10104106           E-Commerce (3 credits)
 ...provides the student with both an operational and strategic perspective of electronic commerce. Students will review technology trends
 such as internet infrastructure, web site usability, web server hardware and software, and security issues. Web marketing topics will
 include branding, relationship marketing, and positioning strategies of web sites. (Online Class)

 10105132        Small Business Operations (3 credits)
 …...provides the student with the skills to prepare the components of a business plan, including product/service plan,
 management team, marketing analysis, operational analysis, operational plan, legal structure, marketing plan, and financial
 plan. The student will prepare and deliver a written/oral business plan.

 10104105         Advanced Sales (3 credits)
 ...enhances the student's ability to develop a customer profile; design tables, charts, and graphs; identify market potential
 through sales forecasting using technology; and plan and prepare a sales strategy presentation. COREQUISITE: 10104104
 Selling Principles

 10104160         Marketing Management (3 credits)
 ...provides the student with the skills to select target markets, develop a marketing plan and pricing strategies, manage
 product lines, brands, and services, design marketing channels of distribution, manage marketing communications, use
 technology to research and report marketing information, forecast a vision for a business, develop motivational strategies for
 employees, implement strategies to manage sales force, and manage direct and on-line marketing. COREQUISITES:
 10104012 Principles of Marketing; 10104103 Applied Marketing
                           Advanced Marketing Applications Certificate Program
                               Classes scheduled to meet on various evenings, 5:30 – 9:30 p.m.
 Principles of Marketing          Monday, January 21 – March 10, 2008                          (10-104-102) Class # 20362 Amy Gehrig

 Marketing Analysis offered online January 14, 2008 – May 12, 2008                             (10-104-172) Class # 20331 Mike Reisenauer

 Advanced Sales                   (Tuesday) March 4, 2008 – April 22, 2008                     (10-104-105) Class # 20359 Amy Gehrig

 E-Commerce (offered online)               January 17, 2008 – May 9, 2008                      (10-104-103) Class # 20327 Mike Reisenauer

 Marketing Spreadsheet            Thursday, March 6 – May 1, 2008 (skip 3/20/08) (10-104-110) Class # 20323 Mike Reisenauer
 Applications                      (Must have Math w/Business Applications and Excel-Level I completed prior to class start)

 Marketing Management             (Tuesday) April 29, 2008 – June 17, 2008                     (10-104-160) Class # 20360 Mike Reisenauer

 Market Research                  to be scheduled in Spring 2009                               (10-104-173) Class #

 Small Business Operations        to be announced                                              (10-105-132) Class #

       You will need to complete an LTC application form and $10 to apply for the certificate program.

                                        For questions or detailed information, call Carol Meyer at
                                             1.888.GO TO LTC (1.888.468.6582), Ext. 1295
                                                  or e-mail at

1.888.GO TO LTC                                                                          
                        Advanced Marketing Applications Certificate
               The Advanced Marketing Application certificate program, is part two in a series of two
               certificates, is designed to give participants first-hand experience to learn the basis
               used in the marketing mix, to apply consumer behavior to marketing strategies, apply
               technology utilizing Microsoft Spreadsheets in solving math problems, apply the
               concepts of service quality, and have the ability to use data in various research
               methodologies to be successful in the workplace. It is recommended that participants
               take classes in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel classes either before or
               concurrently with the following program classes. A test out is also available for the

               Microsoft classes.

                         o   Marketing Spreadsheet Applications

 Marketing               o   E-Commerce

                         o   Small Business Operations

                         o   Marketing Analysis

 Certificate             o   Marketing Management

                         o   Advanced Sales


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