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									        TACFIT Commando Review: Navy SEAL
       & Special Ops Training For The Rest Of Us
Any TACFIT Commando review must begin with admiration for the superb physical
conditioning of our elite military units. If you were asked to name the toughest guys and
gals in the world wouldn't you think of our Navy SEALS, special ops and Israeli
counter-terrorism units? The very lives of these people depend upon being in top
physical condition. They not only need to be strong and fit, they also need extremely fast
reflexes, perfect co-ordination and the ability to react in a lightning fast way without
stopping to think.

But what about 'ordinary' people who don't have the good fortune of receiving the
teaching of the elite military and para-military units? The good news is that it's possible
for anybody to get this kind of training. And that reason is: Scott Sonnon.

Sonnon spent six years training in the "old" Soviet Union with characters made famous
in spy novels and movies: Spetsnaz (Russian special forces), the secret police, Olympic
trainers and even members of the Russian cosmonaut program. His training included
martial arts, as well as grueling physical conditioning that most of us would have
quickly given up due to its difficulty and intensity. But it paid off because when Scott
returned to the US he became one of the most sought-after military trainers in this

                7 Reasons Why TACFIT Commando
                Training Just Might Be Right For You
1. Scott's clients read like a Who's-Who of the tough and fit:
* Navy SEALS
* Marines
* Real-life secret agents
* U.S. Army Combatives
* US Border Patrol
* Firemen
* Law enforcement personnel
* Israeli counter-terrorism
* Secret Service
* American special ops
* Bodyguards to the Italian Prime Minister
* US federal agents
* MMA fighters
2. When writing this TACFIT Commando review we decided that one of the best features is
that you need no equipment. You use only your own body weight and so therefore you need
very little space and your workouts are portable (you always have your body with you, right?)
Forget gym memberships and expensive home fitness equipment.
3. A full session requires only 20 minutes. Heck, I spend more time walking and I'm not nearly
as physically fit as Sonnon.
4. There's no boredom because the movements are unique, unconventional and constantly
vary. Nothing kills the exercise motivation of the human species faster than boredom but
TACFIT Commando workouts can even be considered "fun" (at times).
5. As you get stronger and more fit, the exercises become more sophisticated. Lots of serious
athletes reach the limits of a particular program and have to start with another one. Sonnon
makes sure that doesn't happen.
6. I knew a bodybuilder in high school whose body was definitely strong - but he was so rigid
that he couldn't lift his arms over his shoulders. His sister or mother had to help him put on his
shirt in the morning! With TACFIT Commando that won't happen because Sonnon
knows that flexibility is critical. He insists that a TACFIT athlete will have the flexibility
that comes from gymnastics and yoga.
7. Rapid recovery is another priority and you'll develop an almost "superhuman" ability to
quickly recover from exertion. If you've ever had the horrid experience of gasping desperately
for air, hoping to inhale enough oxygen to keep from passing out, you will know how
incredibly important this skill is. The guys and gals who voluntarily insert themselves into
dangerous situations know how critical quick recovery can be. If someone is shooting at you or
there is a blazing fire nearing your position, you've got to move rapidly, no matter how tired
you are.

       Who Doesn't Need TACFIT Commando Training
1. Reading this TACFIT Commando review is a waste of your time if you think that the only
way to get fit is through "no pain, no gain". Yes, there is effort involved but your training time
is minimal, though intense.
2. If you need to schmooze with the guys at the gym or flirt with the girls, forget TACFIT
Commando. You don't need to pay for a gym membership so you won't be meeting other
3. If you like the trainer you've been working with and you don't want to give him up, don't
bother with TACFIT. Serious athletes would love to train with a real-life hero like Sonnon but
he charges $300+ per hour so that isn't practical for most of us. This is the next-best thing to
having Scott in our homes, but some folks prefer a "live" teacher, which is understandable.
Choosing a fitness program is an important decision that must be made with thought and
care. Hopefully this TACFIT Commando review will help you decide if this training
will help you to reach your goals. Just be sure and take the time to figure out what those
goals are before committing to anything.

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