Leadership Martial Arts Warning_ Waiver_ Release of Liability by niusheng11


									                      Sparrows Point Martial Arts Academy, LLC
                            Karate Tournament Registration
  Warning, Waiver, Release of Liability, Assumption of Risk and Agreement to Participate
                                                    Tournament Rules
    1.   Competitors must wear a clean, complete karate uniform.
    2.   Competitors may perform any recognized (official) form.
    3.   If contestant does an incomplete form, contestant may restart but will receive the basic low score only from all Judges.
    4.   Judges’ scores will be added together for the final score.
    5.   In case of a tie the judges may either vote for the higher place or ask the competitors to perform a different form of their choice.
         Advanced White Belts may perform the same form in the event of a tie.
    6.   Both technical and non-technical aspects of the student’s performance are considered in scoring. Non-technical aspects of a
         form are non form-specific and include courtesy, confidence, focus, smoothness of techniques, and overall difficulty of the form.
         The technical aspects of a form are form specific. The technical aspects are objective and relate to whether or not a specific form
         is being performed correctly in all technical aspects of the form including: type of technique being performed, the performance
         of the technique, type of stance being performed, the performance of the stance, movement between stances, speed of techniques
         and stances being performed, and where a competitor is looking during the performance of the form.

    1.   MANDATORY SAFETY EQUIPMENT: Clean complete uniform, mouth guard, hand pads, foot pads, and head pad. Groin
         protection MUST be worn by all male competitors. No jewelry.
    2.   Sparring matches will run for two minutes.
    3.   Target Areas: The front and sides of the body above the belt are a legal area for both hand and foot attacks.
    4.   Points will be awarded by a simple majority of the judges seeing the scoring technique.
    5.   For orange belt and above - techniques to the sides or top of the head guard are to be made only with a controlled light tapping
         sufficient to indicate a point but insufficient to cause the recipient's head to move in any way.
    6.   Any excessive contact will result in a WARNING. Two warnings result in an automatic disqualification.
    7.   No spine or groin strikes allowed in any division. No inside sweeps, spinning back fist strikes, neck chops or elbow strikes.

Note: A parent or other legal guardian must remain on-site and available for the duration of their child’s participation in the tournament.

Last Name                           First Name                   Middle Name                  Suffix

Age: ______        Sex:  Male        Female          Height _______ Weight _______ Current Rank: _______________________

Competitions conducted by the Sparrows Point Martial Arts Academy, LLC (SPMAA) through the Edgemere/Sparrows Point Recreation
Council are supervised by qualified instructors, and reasonable care is taken to prevent serious injuries and to minimize accidents. The
strenuous nature of Karate and combative activities is such that no one can positively assure the student, member, or instructor that injury
will not result even during properly supervised practice sessions, instructional periods, and contests. No student is allowed to practice free
sparring until he has been approved by the instructor.

I, ________________________________, do hereby voluntarily submit my application for attendance and participation in the SPMAA
Karate Tournament at Edgemere Elementary School in the City of Edgemere Maryland on Thursday, March 17th, 2011. I do hereby,
assume full responsibility for any and all damages, injuries, or losses that I may sustain or incur while attending or participating; and
hereby waive all claims against Sparrows Point Martial Arts Academy, LLC, it’s instructors, judges, or affiliated associations of said
karate tournament for injuries that I may sustain.

_________________________________________              ________________________________________________________________
Date                                                   Student Member’s Signature

The undersigned, the parents or the legal guardians of the above mentioned Student, have read the foregoing, understand the same, and do
hereby accept and agree to the terms, conditions and provisions of the foregoing agreement.

_________________________________________              ________________________________________________________________
Date                                                   Parent or Legal Guardian’s Signature

Cost for Tournament Participation - $25 if preregistered 30-days prior to the event. $35 registration at the door.


The student or parent must provide his/her own medical, health and accident insurance. Sparrows Point Martial Arts Academy, LLC does
not provide any of these coverages. It is the student’s responsibility or student’s parent’s/guardian’s responsibility to do so.

Safety is not the sole responsibility of instructors and staff. Everyone in class is responsible for their own safety and the safety of those
around them.

All students have the responsibility to train and conduct themselves in a manner that helps all students and instructors remain safe.
Students must give those who are training enough room to avoid interfering and avoid being accidentally struck by someone else
practicing, which is especially important when others are practicing with weapons.

In the event of an injury, students have the right and responsibility to evaluate the extent of harm, stopping what they are doing even if it
includes a partner, and determining if it is safe to continue. Unless a student is certain that further practice will not create or worsen a
problem, all students are encouraged to stop what they are doing and inform the instructor. In the event of a serious injury or the
appearance of a serious injury, all students, instructors, staff and visitors (notably parents), have the right to call a stop to a particular
training exercise.

If a student notes an unsafe training situation, which may include a student performing a skill incorrectly, a student not showing due
regard for the safety of others, a defective piece of training equipment, a potentially dangerous obstacle or condition on the floor, or
anything else that may cause or lead to harm of the students, instructors, visitors or guests, then the student is expected to correct the
situation if it is within his ability or to notify an instructor or staff member immediately. If something is simple to correct, such as
removing an obstacle from the floor, the student should correct the situation. If the situation may require the authority of the instructor or
staff, or if it is not a simple matter, then the instructor or staff member should be notified immediately. Initials: _________


Martial Arts training is a potentially dangerous activity. Bumps, bruises, scrapes, scratches and soreness are commonplace, and most
students will encounter this sort of minor injury from time to time in their training. More serious injuries are possible, including sprains,
strains, twists, cramps, and injuries of similar magnitude, and the student can be expected to encounter these injuries. The possibility of
more serious injuries exists, including broken bones, torn ligaments, though not all students encounter such serious injuries. There
remains, despite safety precautions, the remote possibility of crippling or death, though this is certainly not expected in this martial arts

I understand the above statement of risk, and I understand the rights and responsibilities of students. I assume responsibility for my own
safety (or the safety of my child), understanding and accepting the risks involved with martial arts training. Even if the instructor has
informed me that no serious injuries have ever happened in this school or with any of the instructors, I understand that this does not mean
that there is not possibility of harm. By assuming this risk, I completely absolve all instructors, staff, guests, students, landlords,
associations, management companies and any and all other parties of liability for my harm, unless intentionally caused in criminal
conduct. Initials: _________


If any clause, sentence, phrase or statement is found unenforceable or invalid by any Court of Law, the remainder of the document shall
remain valid enforceable and the invalid clause, sentence, phrase or statement shall be struck from the document. Initials: _________

                                                         Tournament Introduction

When doing your form you should approach the judges, bow, and get into a ready stance. Be crisp and powerful! This is your time to
shine! Loudly and proudly introduce yourself by saying: Judges, my name is _________________________. My school is Sparrows
Point Martial Arts Academy. My instructor is John McConnell. The form I will be doing is __________. With your permission I
will step back and begin. (Wait for judges to say yes) Thank you judges. (Bow to the judges, step back, get into ready stance, take a
deep breath, and then begin!) At the end of your form come into ready position and stand proudly in front of the judges and await their


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