Providing Excellence In Quality Care

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					Providing Excellence   In Quality Care
Come visit
Rehabilitation and
Health Care Center.
Our caring team
of professionals is
proud to provide
outstanding care to
residents every day.
   Conveniently located in a quiet neighborhood of lovely homes and huge trees in this
   suburban Bronx setting, Eastchester Rehabilitation and Health Care Center offers
    the desired setting for rehabilitative and long term care. Our dedicated staff and
  intimate atmosphere offer residents the personalized care and attention they deserve.

With a reputation for excellence in patient care, Eastchester           The success of our aggressive
Rehabilitation and Health Care Center is proud to offer intensive       weaning program has
programs for residents with a range of complex medical needs. Our       enabled many residents to
specialized 40-bed subacute unit is supervised daily by our on-site     breathe spontaneously on
Medical Director and a team of rehabilitation professionals.            their own. Our innovative
                                                                        approach to individualized
                           Promoting Rehabilitation and                 weaning identifies potential
                           Recovery                                     candidates for the program.
                           The short term rehabilitation unit offers    Many residents have been
                           physical, occupational and speech therapy    weaned from ventilator
                           utilizing the latest in technology and       dependency to trach collars
                           equipment to provide residents with the      in a matter of a few weeks.
                           optimum opportunity for a successful and     A number of these patients
                           swift recovery. Our team will also make      have been decannulated
                           home visits to ensure the resident will be   and placed on oxygen via
                           in a safe environment upon their return      nasal cannula and have improved their quality of life.
                           Our restorative dining program, following    Enjoying Quality of Life
                           intensive speech therapy and dysphasia       Residents enjoy a wide variety of activities and recreational
                           management, enables residents recovering     programs including ethnic clubs, baking classes, pet therapy,
from strokes and other medical conditions to eat safely and decrease    exercise groups, crafts, intergenerational programs and family
risk of choking. Rehabilitation nurses are certified and trained by     dinners. Our lovely garden patio offers residents a setting for
physical and occupational therapists to utilize treatments and          socializing, reading, walking or just enjoying the beautiful flowers
principles of rehabilitation which supplement the rehab program.        and fresh air. Residents enjoy appetizing and nutritious meals
                                                                        prepared under the supervision of our registered dietician.
Specialized Ventilator Care
The dedicated 40 bed subacute unit features chronic care and
weaning for ventilator dependent residents, along with tracheostomy
care, CPAP, BPAP and 24 hour respiratory therapy. These residents
receive care from a staff of primary care physicians, pulmonologists,
RNs, LPNs, respiratory therapists and a 24-hour nurse manager.
The unit is very family-oriented, with its own attached outdoor
terrace for visiting.
Specialized Services:
Alzheimer’s Disease/Dementia Care
Hemodialysis — On-Site
Intensive Rehabilitation Services —
Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy
IV Therapy — Nutrition, Hydration and Medication Administration
Pain Management
Peritoneal Dialysis
Respite Care
Respiratory Therapy
Short Term Rehabilitation
Skilled Nursing Care
Subacute Care
Total Parenteral Nutrition
Tracheostomy Care
Ventilator Dependent Unit — Chronic/Weaning
Wound Care

       Phone: (718) 231-5550
            Fax: (718) 231-5268
  2700 Eastchester Road, Bronx, NY 10469

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                                                             Allerton Ave.

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                                                                        REHABILITATION AND
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We accept most major insurance plans.
Eastchester Rehabilitation and Health Care Center is conveniently located with ample parking.